Men’s Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring

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Until recently men didn’t talk about wedding rings that much. But now more men are taking an interest in their wedding bands. In this video I share 6 things every future groom should know before picking out their wedding band.

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6 Tips to Know Before Wedding Band Shopping:

0:53 Wedding Band Traditions
2:33 Common Metals for Rings
4:47 Basic Terms to Know
6:35 Finding a Ring You Connect With Personally
8:42 How to Get Sized Correctly
10:22 Ring Care Tips

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60 responses to “Men’s Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring”

  1. khurram waqas says:


  2. 001 says:

    I don’t want to be married, but I do like diamond rings. Whay do women only need diamond rings?

  3. يوسف الدواس Yusuf Aldawas says:

    on 6:59 could any one tell me where to find a two tone ring ? thank you.

  4. classiccarz says:

    You didn’t have to be so politically correct. This isn’t Hollywood. You also didn’t mention the huge difference between platinum and white gold.. weight. Platinum is very heavy and not popular with men’s rings.

  5. Stu says:

    who else has been dragged here

  6. Todd Hobza says:

    Im an industrial Electrician and im looking for a non conductive wedding band i can where while working.

  7. Rome Gutierre says:

    Good tipz bro

  8. Henry Cruz says:

    Platinum is not more expensive than gold, please know your stuff before “teaching”.
    The reason the rings cost more is because Platinum is denser than gold so the same size ring will weigh more and therefore you are paying more. But ounce per ounce gold is more expensive.

  9. snarfbot says:

    damn son, thought u might just show some actual rings and put em on and shit and let us see the difference, instead you stood there and talked for over 11 minutes.

  10. Sarah says:

    I mean, I guess it’s a little weird that you weren’t interested but to each their own. My Fiancee has a $200 ring, and the the one I’d like turns out to be $9,000.

  11. Bacchanalia says:

    Edit: his information pertaining to black diamonds is a erroneous. Black diamonds are naturally black known as carbonanados that are conglomerates of microscopic nano diamonds naturally bonded together with graphite inclusions, and are not fully crystallized crystal structures pertaining to clarity. Most of them are irradiated (color treated) to enhance the blackness since their mined color is a dark brown. Finally, black rhodium plating is used in gold, or other metals, and not diamonds.

  12. James Pollowitz says:

    It’s too bad that this video wasn’t inclusive to use partner rather than just the traditional heterosexual model. Guess what, gay marriage is a reality. Too bad you didn’t acknowledge that fact.

    • Bacchanalia says:

      @James Pollowitz Lol, I am, how so. He still is a man, and wants some sort of special ring. Kind if like transmales (biological females) that claim to he men yet advertise, and want to he treated differently, and wear any type of tranny regalia to point out their biological gender. Totally logic.

    • Bacchanalia says:

      @Anthony Valentino The party is down there.

    • James Pollowitz says:

      Anthony Valentino if bigoted morons like you ever enter heaven, I consider Hell an upgrade! Lol

    • Anthony Valentino says:

      No gay.. Will enter the kingdom of heaven…. Just saying….

    • James Pollowitz says:

      Bacchanalia you are a moron!

  13. I WANT MY SLAW!! says:

    I’m getting a silicone ring, bc it’s safer than a metal ring.

  14. Kezia Jiao says:

    Poor man platinum hehehe nice i ll take note of that

  15. dood poop says:

    We’re not girls, dude.. we’re not fascinated by the metals. We want something cool or somehow useful, like a tool.

    • Bacchanalia says:

      buu Ho Women, all they have to offer is their p-ussy. Sad to think about it.

    • Hayden Ho says:

      @Humaima 0torigo yeah, keep deluding your mind like that, expect any simp taking care of your old ass.Its female nature to never be satisfied. Hypergamy never lies gents she will always want more.

    • Humaima 0torigo says:

      buu Ho wrong question for topic at hand which is men’s rings. My fiancé knows what I bring to the table. It is the order for a MAN to take care of his lady either way.

    • Hayden Ho says:

      @Humaima 0torigo so what do you bring on the table? Why would you expect a men investing ton of resource on you?

    • sylky says:

      So you don’t think watches are fascinating?

  16. PK Cazadores says:

    Tungsten, titanium, and some steels are extremely difficult for hospitals to remove in time to save your finger, if it is injured. If you work with your hands or are physically active, strong metals are a bad idea. Gold is more expensive by weight (2018-2019), but platinum rings often cost more because of density. If you spend more than around $1,000 on his or hers, you’re probably just paying for the brand name stamped on the inside where no one can see it or cares. Don’t be a sucker. The intrinsic value of a ring is far less than what you’re paying. The gold and platinum rings around $300-$800 are going to have the highest intrinsic value vs what you’re paying. Most articles that express what people spend on average for rings, are sponsored/owned by large jewelers, and are completely false. If what you’re spending stresses you, then you’re either marrying the wrong person or spending too much. Find nice rings, spend enough that they feel like they hold some value to you. But don’t walk away with a sinking feeling in your gut, its a bad start to a long term relationship. The key to a happy marriage, don’t spend much on getting married.

  17. Kevin Higgenbottom says:

    She was a simple wedding rings but me I want a wedding ring that is totally different from what you’re showing right now I want a blue camouflage ring that I want her to have a pink camouflage rain but she wants a simple one but she’s not here yet she still in Philippines trying to get your paperwork done but she wants a simple ready but I want more like a camouflage rings for our wedding to be different and that’s okay I might have to put my foot down and said hey I want to be different I don’t want to be like she’s other people with just a gold ring silver ring or rose ring I want to be totally different and that’s okay so what you think

  18. J U says:

    Wait so we need an engagement AND wedding ring dam

    • Lunch Box says:

      i’m buying mine for under $13 from amazon. i literally do not care to spend a ton of money on something so dumb. i’m a man. i’m not trying to pretty up my hands. i think the gesture of wearing something to show you are married is more important than the object itself. If i lose it or damage it, i wont be sweating because it wont be that much to replace. And that peace of mind is priceless. Why people love to throw away money on things like this makes no sense to me.

  19. mike jones says:

    Sitting here with a big chunk of 24k gold on my finger as my wedding ring. Love it and everything less than 24k seems cheap to me now.

    • Pinoy Grower says:

      Theres a 24k jewelry, it is common here in the philippines because we only value gold. Diamonds and others precious stones doesnt have any value in our country…it is expensive when you buy diamond here in the phiippines but it doensnt have any value when you sell it

    • SnidelyToboggan says:

      Did it come with a box of tampons?

    • Anthony Valentino says:

      He could be telling the truth.. Ive personally seen 24k gold jewerly… I myself do not prefer 24k for personal jewerly.. But it does for sure exist… I am a jewerly demon… It is my weakness.. I own a beautiful solid heavy platium wedding band… No stones.. “Plain”… I adore it… An i wear a 14k 102 gram gold chain around my neck. An a 42 gram 14k gold bracelet around my wrist…. Enjoy your gold……….

    • mike jones says:

      @progg h I’ve heard that thinner pieces can get bent easily. I have the chunky signet ring and it is thick so I haven’t had any problems. So far I haven’t got many scratches, but I also heard that you can buff these out easy due to its softness. I am a big fan of this company and you cannot beat the prices. There is no other jeweller in the western world that I’ve found that has a lower markup. I recommend you try them out. And no I don’t represent or work for the company :-).

    • progg h says:

      Isn’t it less strong?the 24kt gold?

  20. Marie Hornung says:

    I’m a 20-year old woman trying to give my poor boyfriend hints! 😂😂 haha but I loved this! Wasn’t sure where to start and watching this is helpful for if I buy in the future! Thanks!

    • NIKKI STAHR says:

      @dood poop Works like a dam CHARM!!! Great advice..Yes, men are complex creatures but in the same breath men really are simple in many ways (at the base of what they want out of a partner..clearly they want more but staying hot and keeping him fed definitely doesn’t hurt)

    • Brandon Hopkins says:

      Marie Hornung my girlfriend asked when are you going to marry me be a little more bold haha

    • dood poop says:

      Keep turning him on, and make him food. He’ll want to live with you more urgently.

  21. Tim Silver says:

    Your metal value rankings are horribly wrong

  22. RedSoxBowHunter says:

    Fake news … got a hammered tungsten ring on eBay for 10 bucks free shipping … suck it soy boy

  23. Random Name says:

    @The Distilled Man – What Brand Shirt are you wearing here, looks very quality. 9:00

  24. Kenneth and Joyce says:

    Learned so much about rings, thank you for sharing

  25. Mr. HARYANA says:

    U seems hot…

  26. Yiannis Panagiotopoulos says:

    Wonderful person

  27. joelkennedy36 says:

    Some markets consider lab enhanced diamonds to be unethical. Any diamond of about .25 c or more should have supporting documents for its value. Black diamonds are not usually rhodium plated. In fact they are more likely lab enhanced using heat on a diamond with a lot of hematite imperfections in it. Same can be done with a diamond including boron which will change the diamond blue. It should have also been mentioned that most alternative rings cannot be changed once ordered. For example, tungsten, titanium, silicon, or carbon fiber rings are usually final sale.

  28. Deborah Francis says:

    Interesting video.I learnt something about gold I never knew before and always wanted to know.Whenever I saw 14 karat I always wondered what it meant.Thanks again…👌👍

  29. Thanos says:

    Why am I watching this I’m just 20.

    Great. Now I want a ring because of my newfound knowledge.

  30. Dania Asus says:


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