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STOP Putting Up With Excess Body Fat, Sluggish Energy 

Levels And Low Energy Once And For All.

If You’re Ready To Claim Your Life Back,

Then Read This ENTIRE PAGE.

It will be worth your while!

Hey there, I’m Brad Collins! 

I’m a “No B.S.” fitness trainer, weight loss consultant, and all-around health expert.

If you’re ready to transform your body in the next 21 days into a super-efficient, lean-and-mean fat-burning machine, rest assured that you’re at the right place at the right time.

See, even though I don’t know anything about you (yet), rest assured that your arriving at this page tells me a lot about you:

  • It tells me that you’re probably unhappy with your current health and body weight.
  • It tells me that you’re most likely frustrated, because nothing that you’ve tried up to now has given lasting results.
  • It tells me that you’re clearly not happy with what you see in the mirror each morning.
  • It tells me that you’re tired of having little-or-no energy and feeling miserable all the time.


Am I Close?

Here’s the thing…

Over the last 12+ years that I’ve worked as a highly-sought trainer and weight loss consultant, I find myself hearing the same things again and again from my clients.

In all of its different versions, the main point that I hear over and over basically boils down to this…

“It just seems like I can’t lose weight no matter what

I do or how hard I try. What am I doing wrong???”

Sound familiar? 

You probably can tell by now that your body doesn’t act and function the way it did five or 10 years ago.

Back then, you probably used to be able to eat pretty much anything you wanted. You probably never had to limit yourself or hold back on certain foods.

And yet, almost magically, your body would just burn it all off.

You would never end up gaining much weight no matter how much you ate, am I right?

Things change over the years…

You’ve probably noticed that as you get older, the process of burning fat starts slowing down more and more.

Eventually, your body falls more and more behind. You start noticing stored fat accumulating everywhere around your body.  (Women tend to gain weight around the pelvis, buttocks, and thighs and men in there bellies.)

Then… you’ll notice that you start to gain weight at a faster rate, even if you’re dieting!

By now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s now virtually impossible to get rid of that excess fat, no matter what you do!

And trust me, I know that totally sucks!

But I’m here today to tell you that there is a solution.

And no… it’s not some pie-in-the-sky fad diet, overpriced supplements, or anything like that at all.

Just stick with me here.

Because over the next few minutes you’re going to discover an INCREDIBLY effective, fat-decimating system that is 100% scientifically PROVEN!

I’m Going To Show You Exactly How You Can Turn Your

Body Into A Super-Efficient Fat-Burning Machine. 

And… I’m Going To Show You How You Can

Do It In As Little As 21-Days!

This proven strategy is based on a plainly simple scientific fact:

Your body follows a programmed cycle of burning the fat and calories that you eat, thus converting it into energy.

That’s called: METABOLISM.

Now simply put, the better and more efficiently that your body’s metabolism works, the more fat and calories you burn, in less time.

And the more that you burn, the less fat your body will need to store. 

Are you getting it yet?

The Solution To Losing Those Unwanted Pounds

Due To Stored Fat and Calories Is Jacking Up

Your Metabolism To Higher Levels.

Your body’s metabolic rate is 100% responsible for how well your body processes food, retains the needed nutrition, and burns excess fat and calories.

Without delving too deeply into the science of it all, here’s the main takeaway:

If you optimize your body’s metabolic system, then your

body becomes much more efficient in burning fat.

The result?

You lose more weight, while boosting your energy to whole new levels.

I’m talking levels that you probably haven’t seen since your teens. 

If you’ve ever read up on how athletes optimize their bodies for the sports that they’re competing in, then you probably know that their bodies’ metabolism plays a huge role.

It’s the secret to higher energy levels, solid/leaner muscle mass, and total body weight optimization.

Now, if you can find a way to tune and optimize your body’s metabolic rate so it runs SUPER-efficiently…

…then it becomes easier for your body to shed all that extra weight.


…it can do it all while running more efficiently THAN EVER BEFORE!

And see, that’s the hard part!

For most people, it’s difficult if not impossible to figure out how to consistently boost their metabolism without insane levels of work, trial, and error.

That is, until NOW!

No matter what level your body is currently working at, this proven system will get your metabolism fully-optimized and burning fat like a fine-tuned machine – GUARANTEED!


A Revolutionary Step-by-Step & Easy-to-Implement

Weight Loss and Health Optimization System

This is a brand-new, out-of-the-box weight loss method that’s laid out in a “do-this-do-that” fashion. The method contained in this program is going to transform your body — and help YOU to quickly and easily get rid of your unwanted pounds.

  • 1

    Boost Your Metabolism by 77%: You’ll discover critical factors in your metabolism that you can turn to YOUR advantage for maximum weight loss.

  • 2

    Burn Fat and Increase Energy LEVELS: Achieve a total positive transformation, and once you do this, keep the extra weight at bay!

  • 3

    Get Long-Lasting Results Without Insane Diets or Grueling Workouts – FAST: You’ll find BS-free information that will help you achieve the results you want, feel great about yourself, and create a lifestyle around food and fitness you actually enjoy.

Now it’s easier than EVER to transform your body while getting rid of all those unwanted pounds – quickly and easily!

WARNING: This is NOT another typical diet book or theory-based

weight-loss gimmick like what you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

    Unlike all that useless junk, this system is PROVEN to work.


The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System’ shows you EXACTLY how you can give your metabolism that critical jump-start.

So you can start losing weight and burning fat, while boosting energy levels through the roof!

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • 7 KEY things that you need to know and understand about your body and metabolism (This is the stuff they didn’t teach you in health class!)
  • The EASY way to start making the critical lifestyle choices needed to improve your metabolism and without failure.
  • How to dramatically boost your body’s energy-burning efficiency in a few simple steps.
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly about how your body deals with calories – HINT: It doesn’t know the difference between calories from an apple or a bowl of ice cream!
  • The key nutrients that your body needs to accelerate fat burning.
  • How a simple adjustment of your mealtimes can dramatically boost metabolism.
  • Easy strength that will mega-charge your body’s metabolism – and without weights!
  • The SECRET formula that will dramatically speed up your metabolism so you can burn unwanted fat and calories even faster!
  • How stress affects your body’s metabolism and how to manage it better.
  • What most people get WRONG about calories. 
  • And so much more!

It Was The Best Thing I Have Done…”

“Hi Brad,

A nutritionist said something about Metabolic balance so decided to buy your book when I found it searching online. It was the best thing I have done it gave me so much information about why I wasn’t losing weight no matter what I ate or how much I exercised.

I can honestly say it has changed my life as I have lost 13 pounds in 21 days. I’m so glad I found this!”


Hartford, Connecticut

If You Want To Lose Weight Fast And Feel Better Than You Ever Have Before, My Program Will Help You Get There!

This is a step-by-step plan that’s super-easy to follow.

It includes highly-effective and powerful tips, as well as a 100% PROVEN unique “fat melting” system that’s not available anywhere else!

In just a few minutes from now, you can be well on your way to accelerating your metabolism and start burning fat in a way that you never could before – SERIOUSLY!

This is a proven system that weight loss and fitness centers can EASILY charge a small fortune for. And those are just the ones that even know that this system even exists – (spoiler alert: most of them don’t!)

Get the no-nonsense information that you need to implement this system, while not paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for it!

Plus the system is backed by my RISK-FREE 60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 

21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System

Plus FREE Bonuses!

Today Only $19 – For A Limited Time!

Lost 11 Pounds In 21 Days…”

Hey Brad,

Excellent diet program. Lost 11 pounds in 21 days. Started my second round of 21 days today.


Kevin Stewart

Clearwater, Florida

Your Book Is Marvelous…

“Hi Brad,

Your book is marvelous. I would highly recommend it. So much so that l told my my sister and my friends in the gym about your website as they have seen my transformation.  



London, England

Start losing weight and feeling better without:

  • Endless hours at the gym…
  • Any fad “yo-yo” diets that just drain your energy and endanger your health…
  • All the frustration and waste of effort, without any real results!

Click The Order Button And

Get Instant Access For
Only $19!

Your Purchase is GUARANTEED for 60 FULL DAYS

You’re covered by my IRON-CLAD 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident that “The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System” will deliver the results I say they will, that I’ll take ALL the risk. 

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever, simply send me an email and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose –

Other Than All Of Those Unwanted Pounds!

Raves From More Happy Clients:

So Much More Energy and I Lost Weight…


After reading your book I have so much more energy and I lost weight! I would recommend anyone to BUY YOUR BOOKIt changed my life!

Thanks man!”


Cleveland, Ohio

I Feel The Healthiest I Ever Been

“Hi Brad,

I struggled to lose weight for over 2 decades, I finally found your program and trimmed over 6 lbs off my waist in 3 weeks while building new muscle. I feel the healthiest I ever been.

Thank you.”


Gary, Indiana

To My Surprise There Was So Much More…”

“I purchased your book because it looked interesting on your website and I mainly wanted to read it to learn how I can lose some weight. But to my surprise there was so much more! The bonus books you gave me were great also. There is so much information in this program.

Thank you so much!”


Columbia, Maryland

I’m Now Healthy, Fit And Toned…”

“Hi Brad,

I’ve been following your program to the finest detail over the past 21 days. It’s been an incredible experience thus far. My energy level has increased and I I’m now healthy, fit and toned. 

Keep up the good work you are doing to help people.”


Athens, Greece

The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 

21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System  

Can Work For YOU Too – Let Me Prove It!

  • The critical factors of your metabolism that you can leverage to achieve maximum weight loss.
  • A little-known stress-management “trick” that will help you improve your mindset while losing weight – practically on autopilot!
  • How to easily keep that lost weight off long after you lose it, by following some simple daily steps.
  • The so-called “healthy foods” that most weight loss gurus are promoting that you actually need to avoid like the plague – and why!
  • And a whole lot more!

And That’s Not All…

Take Action Today And I’ll Include

These Value-Packed Bonuses!

Supercharge Your Metabolism

($49 Value)


Learn and master key strategies that will have you turning your body into a veritable 

high-performance engine. This informative ebook will also help you better understand the

complexities and dramatic effects that your metabolism has on your daily life.

You will develop a highly-personalized action plan to better optimize your metabolism,

so it stays in tune with every facet of your everyday routine.

The Top Fat Loss Foods

On the Planet

($29 Value)

Want some extra help burning off that excess body fat? Here’s how you can do it without 

expensive shakes, pills, supplements, powders, or any other potentially-dangerous products.

This info-packed ebook walks you through the top fat-burning foods. 

Give your body the right fuel and it will kick-start your metabolism in ways that you can’t

imagine. You’ll burn off even more calories and fat – in far less time!

Aging Well: Hidden Secrets

to Healthy Aging

($39 Value)

Want to live a longer, happier and healthier life? Here are the secrets that can help! 

This knowledge-crammed ebook will walk you through the secrets to aging in the healthiest

way possible. This is by far the most comprehensive report that you’ll ever read on this subject! 

Even if you you’re relatively healthy now, you’ll pick up some interesting

tips that will help you even more!

The Total Value Of The Bonuses Alone Is Well Over 

$120 – Order TODAY And They’re Yours FREE!

(All bonuses will be immediately available for instant

download along with the main program itself!)

There Is Nothing Like… 

The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 

21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System  

On The Market.

Understand that the first step towards faster and more efficient metabolism is to learn about it.  

Once you understand the essentials of how your metabolic system works, you’ll be able to master the key steps to optimizing it. Do this and your body will burn fat and calories better and faster than ever before.

Rest assured that optimizing your metabolism is one of the best things that you can do to ensure better health and longevity.

It’s Now Or Never!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button RIGHT NOW, 

And Get Instant Access To…

The Metabolic Effect: 

Reboot Your Metabolism In 21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System 

Usually: $199


The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In

21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System

Plus FREE Bonuses!

Today Only $19 – For A Limited Time!

Give My Program An Honest Try For 21-Days

With Absolutely ZERO Risk!

Here’s your chance – right here, right now – to transform your body and change your life!

Make no mistake, this is a weight loss and health-optimization system that’s been proven to work time and time again.

The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System’ has changed the lives of countless people who have taken action with my system and now… it’s YOUR turn!

If you’re seriously ready to start making a positive and lasting change, 

this is the blueprint that will help you achieve your health and weight goals.

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION NOW.

Don’t wait another day!

Just click the “Add To Cart” button and get on board now – you will not regret it!

I’ll seeing on the inside!

To your health,

– Brad Collins

P.S.: The Metabolic Effect: Reboot Your Metabolism In 21-Days Advanced Fat-Burning System’ will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. You risk nothing. The system is not the original price of $199, but only $19. This is the lowest price you will ever see this system, so DO NOT wait. Also remember that you’re covered by my rock solid 60-Day money back guarantee.

P.S.S.: Also don’t forget about the value-packed bonuses that I’m including for a limited time. The bonuses alone make ordering my system a complete NO-BRAINER. Act now before it’s too late!

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