Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are From Etsy – CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Mila & Ashton didn’t want to break the bank with their rings, so they found some a great deal online.

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658 responses to “Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are From Etsy – CONAN on TBS”

  1. Pac says:

    Bruh she even hotter known she not materialistic.
    Mila is the complete opposite of Jackie

  2. Kool Burn says:

    I didn’t even know they got married. I thought Ashton was dating Demi Moore still lol

  3. BigDaddyCool42 says:

    They are divorced now. Typical Hollywood. All a scripted act. Not real

  4. ANDY KERI says:

    Who is the fat dude next to Mila ?
    can you loose him ?

  5. MyessYallyah Americus says:

    If you’d just give me my dam money then I could show you how to make your lifes better then this spy network everboredom

  6. MrBurns says:

    Typical immigrant couple

  7. Србомбоница says:

    Lol well she is a Ukrainian Jew ,they are very cheap

  8. D Z says:

    Mila Kunis “Meg” The Legend

  9. D Z says:

    Conan The Legend

  10. Bryant Granville says:

    I’m here Mila. Bye 2019 Nov 16 like always .. hmm … I love you.. Kool YEA BYE KIDS .. LOVE YOU TOO.

  11. Frederikke McIntee says:

    my wedding ring is from amazon, for like 90$ too and its amazing! i love it. much rather save that money and do other cool stuff than having a ring for 30.000$

  12. Velpoem says:

    It’s called save, save, save

  13. Nikolay Shvachev says:

    She’s Slavic we’re all cheep

  14. Pwn Business says:


  15. lar says:

    Jackie would have forced Kelso to buy like THE most expensive rings

  16. RobertDawg says:

    Shut up meg

  17. Ebony Fergusson says:

    why wouldn’t she wear her engagement ring it’s stunning

  18. bourdie1979 says:

    I still cant believe jackie and kelso ended up together 💜💜💜💜. Makes me very happy. For some odd reason

    • Niccolo Vanible says:

      Makes me wonder how Fez is. He eventually manages to date Jackie only for Kelso to get her back anyway 🤣

  19. Ebony Fergusson says:

    Why doesn’t she wear her engagement ring it’s stunning show it off! 😻

  20. Lifted Seven says:


  21. Eva Fava-Rodrigues says:

    I can still hear MICHAEL!!! Jackie and Kelso are married! Lol. I love Mila and Ashton sm and I idol them. They are amazing.

  22. Yoga Mokalu says:

    my lady

  23. Hannah B. says:

    I’m really glad that Jackie has changed❤️

  24. AS says:

    Tfw you consider $90 expensive …and you don’t have a fiance…

  25. Lester Gomez says:

    So they are multi millionaires and their wedding rings are $90

  26. Mathias Fröhling says:

    OMFG…. Those legs…

  27. Jenni C. says:

    Good for her! I love Etsy…..

  28. Maryam Hamid says:

    Love her ❤️

  29. Ro Andereggen says:

    Wow… so now Jackie is cheap? I thought that was Hyde

  30. Sel B says:

    You can find gorgeous fine jewelry on Etsy. Not only handmade, but also unique vintage pieces.

  31. Orange Cloud says:

    Meg got married? When? To whom? Quagmire?

  32. Qorry 'Aina says:

    Same here, ordered wedding rings for my wedding from etsy and they are georgeous but still below the budget.

  33. T.S. M.L says:

    If lebanese girls heard that they would die😂

  34. Genesis H says:

    10x hotter than jennifer aniston

  35. Alaylah J Honey says:

    Etsy has some talented jewelers that make gorgeous rings so. Hers was cheap but some can be a few thousands dollars. I will be getting my engagement ring and wedding band from a particular jeweler on Etsy.

  36. Sandy Sandoval says:

    What Etsy shop!!!!!?????? Tell us Mila!!!!!

  37. sbristol873 says:

    i’m not sure why people think that getting a wedding band from etsy is a bad thing lmao. it’s actually really cool. you have a one of a kind handmade or vintage item and you’re supporting an independent artist.

  38. Sierra Winfrey says:

    Honestly Mila is so beautiful and I really respect her. Even if she didn’t have any acting background i think anyone deserves to have a happy life. But it’s so inspirational that she came from the Ukraine and was able to make something of herself. I say this because she was so young yet so talented; and I’m so happy to see her succeed.

  39. xman870096 says:

    I’ve always liked her; she’s funny, and extremely personable, she is also very family oriented and now the fact that she’s not one of those divas that need the million dollar ring and the ten thousand dollar designer purse and four thousand dollar shoes that  shout ‘LOOK AT ME!!!’ is just the ‘icing on the cake’……. She’s beautiful and ‘frugal’, what more could a guy ask for!!!

  40. xmrgx says:

    ok so where’s the link to this ring? 😂😂😂

  41. I am thr lorax I speak for the trees says:

    I though kelso and Jackie broke up why kelso always lying he says hes gonna break up whit her every day

  42. Charity Saxum says:

    This is why I admire Mila & Ashton

  43. Shukria Apso says:

    So Down on earth. Thumbs up Mila. I hate people from Eastern Europe but she is beautiful and really nice and honest and impossible not to like

  44. Rutuja Sasankar says:

    She’s one of the few celebrities that has all it all but doesn’t shove it down people’s throats.

  45. Pappalapapp HochZehn says:

    I never understood why wedding rings are so expensive

  46. Sky Mallory says:

    this legit sounds like something I would do tbh, haha

  47. Shelley Goodwin says:

    I’m pretty frugal myself but I’m a girly girl too. I want a pretty ring and a nice wedding. I hope they can both be on the cheaper side but you couldn’t get me to wear a ring I didn’t like lol

  48. Brianna Bush says:

    I aspire to be like her someday.

  49. Mingakinsgi Bayuxds says:

    That moment when you realize your wedding ring was 300 dollars more expensive than that of Milka kuni’s and you don’t even have a job🙇🏽‍♀️

  50. Spark 515 says:

    So awesome Guess ill grab a bottle of Jim beam ton

  51. Larisa Bracamontes says:


  52. S K says:

    19 or 90 dollars?

  53. Evan Price says:

    Wow i wonder if this will end in divorce…


    It will!

  54. Alex says:

    all i hear is meg

  55. Jaana Syme says:

    she wears black in every interview, and honestly, i would too. she looks gorgeous in it

  56. Melissa Young says:

    Etsy is the best 😀I know, I sell on it

  57. Vamanos Ninja says:

    I love Etsy!

  58. The Zucc says:

    Wow she looks older these days

  59. Platinumhits123 says:

    She looks like meg from family guy

  60. coffeekupp says:

    watching this with your eyes closed just sounds like Meg if she was actually succesful

  61. Umar Rizwan says:

    she has an amazing personality and is drop dead gorgeous

  62. ruben alvarado says:

    Both Mila and Ashton are so down to earth. They’re gonna raise the greatest children!

  63. Salvatore Andretti says:

    90$ everybodyyy👰😅😅😅

  64. Yo Momma says:

    $90 dollars for some wire??? Wtf.

  65. Sebaschankun Kun says:

    shut up meg

  66. Adward smith says:


  67. Lord Cutich says:

    shut up meg

  68. Kobayashi King says:

    Shut up meg.

  69. Last Gaurdian says:

    I don’t find her attractive because every time I hear her voice, I picture meg griffin

  70. Guilherme Soares says:

    shut up meg

  71. Lopertiu YT says:


  72. kittendivine1 says:

    I can really appreciate this. It’s often so shocking, ridiculous and wasteful if you hear how much rich people spend on things.

  73. Aaron's Ghost says:

    Shut up Meg.

  74. Nicholas Dickens says:

    Sensible lady. Better than some vacuous, shallow, gold digger. The commitment they make is not measured by how much the ring cost. I’m glad she’s so down to earth and her husband too.

  75. Gwen Stacy says:


  76. Francisco Delarosa says:

    Mila Kunis is The One who does meg’s voice in Family guy.

  77. WrittenInBlood Gaming says:

    Shut up meg

  78. Jacob says:

    no one cares

  79. Cindy Liu says:

    Ok I think this is super cool and down to earth but isn’t there something about how a cheaper ring can’t withstand daily wear for like 70 years?

  80. photondance says:

    There’s still time to change your mind, Mila. I would make you a ring, for zero dollars.

  81. Jennifer Garcia says:

    love her wedding band.. my wedding ring broke … and it was from Kay Jewlers.. my husband wanted to get me another one from kay and I said no too expensive. I went on etsy and I saw the Mila kunis ring but it doesnt cost 90 bucks and now it cost 130.. 😕 wish etsy change the prices.. I found the right ring simple band ..especially being mommy of 3.. wished mila kunis can talk to etsy to bring down the price I’m sure every mila kunis fan would love to get a wedding band.

  82. a d says:

    you are angel

  83. Gabriel Moline says:

    Conan always trying to make it about himself. You wouldn’t see Fallon being so desperate.

  84. Eli Trixx says:

    Can’t stop thinking of Meg while she’s talking

  85. Brista says:

    She got hers from etsy and mine are from amazon😂

  86. Ataur Rahman says:

    milia you are so cute and beautiful

  87. Krystle Matos says:


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  90. Michael Briggs II says:

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  95. Maddie BLove says:

    She’s amazing beautiful inside and out so humble and down to earth 👏🏼 price should matter at all my ring set was 125 dollars and I love it so much more people like you please 🙌🏼❤️️😩 amazing woman

  96. Adline Writes says:

    So down to Earth – love this couple!

  97. Yagami Girl_20 says:

    Mila Kunis is waifu love her ❤️.

  98. oh yeah yeah says:

    oooooohhhhhhh lele pons vest freinds

  99. Nezzy Wu says:

    Our wedding ring is $100 in total. Lol super cheap… btw we’re 7 years now and counting 🙂

  100. Ryan says:

    Wonder how fez feels

  101. Lizibeth Jansen says:

    fair play to her! Me and my husband also got wedding rings that cost for both £180,mine is similar to mila’s just a tad bit thicker and also from Etsy 😀 glad that she did it because people were looking at us like we were crazy! My engagement ring which i dont wear was so expensive,i wouldnt dream of wearing it lol

  102. Erica Harper says:

    Mila is perfect tbh

  103. Ultra unboxer 350 Tor-browser says:

    Mila is an absolute angle .

  104. Stjepan Vlašić says:

    Love you Mila. Love you

  105. Madison St. Claire says:

    *scrolls into comments* *sees every top comment is a man saying how she’s a keeper; having a beautiful face and wanting cheap stuff* lmao my love language isn’t gifts at all and I’d probably do it Mila’s way and just get a camera instead of an expensive wedding band so I can document the memories but ya’ll… forreal? Like I get the economy is bad and all but it’s not like just a random necklace. It’s a wedding ring.

  106. Bruce hulk74 Dryver says:

    Tis is mila

  107. moon ar says:


  108. SuperPacked Films says:

    Meg Griffin

  109. Peter Griffin says:

    Shut up Meg.

  110. Kras Ozbourne says:

    she sounds meg of family guy

  111. Jskoov says:

    she’s meg from family guy

  112. LazarJovanović says:

    poor hyde 😓

  113. P N says:

    where did you buy this?

  114. chillin w says:

    Why is it so frowned upon to have a ring that isn’t overly expensive? I mean it’s the marriage that counts not something materialistic and hugely over rated. Wedding rings are a huge scam tbh, who cares if a ring has 18 karats? It’s not gonna save a life or make life better for the person wearing it. Money isn’t everything. Mila Kunis is LOADED, the fact that she didn’t feel like she needed to have an overly expensive ring to show off to everyone makes her such a role model to women everywhere.👏

  115. 1777 says:

    Hers mate dicko is geting marryed soon

  116. Marie C says:

    Wow so Mila a big time Actress was happy and only wanted a $90 ring mean while fake plastice IG models want a $100-200 dollar date and $100,000 dollar ring like bitch you ain’t nothing special

  117. Daniel Clarke says:

    wow great commercial for etsy is there not product placement in every interview

  118. PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR says:

    I just found out she makes the voice for Meg

  119. ChefDomH says:

    I wonder if the person who made their rings has seen this

  120. Boco Corwin says:

    I hope in the future, the fallacy of gems will be known to everyone. So much death just so some horrible woman can feel superior.

  121. Dan Wood says:

    it’s not about the ring it’s about the person you love that wears it.Fact101

  122. CA Sofe says:

    She’s so beautiful

  123. Monika Jagusiak says:

    No ‘shut up Meg’ comments yet??

  124. michale cinquina says:

    I hate to see her when she gets anger

  125. Meg Griffin 666 says:

    I Shouldn’t Have Watched This

  126. AlmanJohn1 says:


  127. Tb21 says:

    grade A anyone ?

  128. Bao Bao says:

    Who’s here after watching GradeAunderA

  129. kelly Brown says:

    Lol I got me hand me down wedding bands and my husband bought a 500 ring for himself lol

  130. LauravanKessel says:

    The rings are now on etsy as; “Mila Kunis Wedding Ring” … subtle…

  131. adlwin reich says:

    shut up Meg.

  132. adlwin reich says:

    MEG !

  133. xPhantomBear V says:


  134. SangIn Jung says:


  135. Meg Griffin 666 says:

    Hello Everyone
    I Hope You Have A Great And Demonic Day

  136. Julia Locatelli says:

    Love when she says “these poor people at etsy didn’t know whose wedding ring they were making” and tries to cover that with “polite, generous…” ahah, still love her.

  137. TheMaulex says:

    Shut up Meg

  138. Mandy says:

    omg!!!!!!!! i can’t beleive she bought the ring i made for her.

  139. Above the Clouds says:

    etsy has legit pricey nice jewellery… it just means you’re buying directly from the maker. i’m surprised i was only 90$

  140. Botshapa says:

    She’s the type of wife that’ll give you a blowie and get up and make you breakfast. A keeper

  141. TugaPT says:

    Shut up Meg.

  142. Walter V says:

    wow bro she is the perfect woman. my xgirl and I once talked about marriage I told her I wasn’t rich but that the ring wouldn’t matter as long as we loved each other.
    she said this.
    “the day that I get married my husband better buy me a nice diamond ring”.
    my heart was broken and still is.

  143. Kali Herandy says:

    My wedding ring was on sale for $25 my husbands was like $100.

  144. Heather Malin says:

    Hell!!! For me grab any ol’ rock from the yard, glue on some glitter and super glue it to any one ring and I’m yours. LOL

  145. WeirdMatty says:

    Shut up Meg….

  146. Viswa Virinchi says:

    Shut up meg!

  147. Stephanie Caporaso says:

    Similar story for me. My engagement ring was a couple hundred bucks because my husband wanted to get me the best ring he could afford, but the total cost of our wedding bands was $30 from Amazon. Wedding rings are supposed to be symbols of love and devotion, it shouldnt matter how much you spend on them.

  148. GothEvilButterfly91 says:

    Honestly, Etsy is a pretty cool place to buy jewelry.

  149. Ivelina Kr says:

    There are pretty AND expensive rings on etsy as well

  150. Jennifer Bell says:

    Mila Kunis is a jewish princess

  151. HODOR HODOR says:

    Shut up Meg

  152. Chels T says:

    I just went to the court house. Lol! My ring was only 15 bucks because it’s sterling silver! BEAT THAT!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!

  153. Elina Leskinen says:

    That’s amazing! I’ve never understood the girls who want the biggest rocks that cost a fortune as if that’s the only reason for them to get married…

  154. Annyong Rings says:

    Mila is great, always a fun guest; funny, genuine, energetic

  155. Madi's cool tips says:

    I shipped them in that 70s show I ship them even more in real life

  156. Sean says:

    I was in the audience for this 🙂

  157. xtafpfhr says:

    would have been cool if she’d mentioned the name of the Etsy seller t give them some business since she likes their product so much

  158. torikelly4131 says:

    she is literally me in not married but i personaly would hav use for a ostentatious ring id rather use the money for a trip or something

  159. click bait says:


  160. MyNameIsJeff says:

    meg is hot

  161. Penguin Lives Matter says:

    TRUMP for 2016

  162. Approvedpants says:

    now if that was jackie there she would’ve probably slapped michael and tell him to go get a more expensive ring

  163. Shanella Akhtar says:

    This is cute

  164. AirlessMICRO says:

    Everyone realizes that this isn’t her engagement ring, right?

  165. tkmaz says:

    I love Etsy.

  166. Malkawi 2068 says:

    She is si beautiful

  167. Lance Goodthrust says:

    I think the divorce rings sell a lot more.

  168. Lerry Ocean says:

    Point of this is… Don’t get sucked into the “American stereotype” where you have to damn near go broke trying to buy a big expensive ring to show you care and love your mate. It’s about your love and passion for one another.

    You could give me a damn ring made out of tree bark and I’d love you to the moon and back because you’re symbolizing your love for me without the need for the big spending. The money takes away from the true meaning of way people get married in the first place.

  169. Phil Bear says:

    QALO rings are the way to go, hands down.

  170. Dominique Porchi says:

    You know someone is really humbled when they make millions every year and think Tiffany’s is crazy expensive. Meanwhile some celebrities buy like 5 cartier rings at a time and they’re almost $2000 each lol

  171. VS9050909 says:

    I love how happy the two of them make each other.👪💯👌🏽

  172. ThisGuy Here says:

    Well, I’m not surprised Mila paid $90 for a wedding ring on Etsy! What can I expect? She’s Jewish! And Jewish folks love to spend cheap! It’s what they do!

  173. The Guardian says:

    That’s awesome.

  174. gallowspole says:

    Mila’s looking chubby.


    Weren’t those 2 siblings in The 70s Show or something?

  176. Joanna R says:

    Where did she find anything platinum on Etsy for less than $3000? I want the name of that seller because I smell bullshit.

  177. bornpaid says:

    Jackie and Hyde

  178. Emma says:

    That’s really nice to see that she is not one of these exentric celebrities and that she’s very chill and down-to-earth 🙂 She and Ashton are probably going to last longer that most of the “classic” celebrity couples. Good for them, they’re good people 🙂

  179. Ignited Fury says:

    i need her to sit on my face

  180. Slavik B says:

    2:22 minute ad. best part was at 2:22

  181. Max Borton says:

    Donald on youtube

  182. pls dont says:

    great ad

  183. Stacy Con says:

    I love Mila Kunis

  184. Captain Limabean says:

    Wish she shouted out the creators name

  185. Grigoryev Mihail says:

    she is from Ukraine and has a different mentality. That is why she feels different to you, mainly. Quite possibly she was never a spoiled child and earned her way up by working a lot.

  186. David Cendana says:

    Etsy business owners… Here comes your orders!

  187. m says:

    someone should make a movie about ashton and mila’s love story ASAP

  188. Ce Ce says:

    Theyre multi millionaires and she doesn’t want to spend the money on a ring… Why

  189. David Jaipersaud says:


  190. Daniela João says:

    I just love her! It’s impossible not to

  191. Vainth says:

    Jackie and Kelso!!!

  192. dee says:

    didn’t think it was possible to love her any more than i already do, turns out I was wrong 😂😭

  193. triad6425 says:

    Any other guys here ridiculously turned on? And she isn’t just frugal with others but herself to is the most important part. I have met frugal girls before but they were only frugal with me never themselves.

  194. Fvu31 says:

    Close your eyes and imagine Meg Griffin…

    Sorry… Stupid Meg

  195. Ryan Staudacher says:

    Shut up Meg….

  196. anthonyprieto09 says:

    she didn’t mention the jeweler’s name

  197. Im Thrillz says:

    Biggest forehead ever

  198. John Smith says:

    Shut up, Meg.

  199. Ramon Turner says:

    i thought she was with aaron rodgers ?

  200. Aaron Gi27 says:

    in minute 2:14 you can hear “safe me”.

  201. Yasmin Mohamud says:

    legit easy bands went from $10-100 to $2,000

  202. punxie89 says:

    Funny they make Etsy seem so cheap, but there’s actually a lot of really unique and nice stuff that’s hand crafted by artists on there, and it can be way pricier than $100.

  203. Pumpkin ♡ says:

    So beautiful inside and out. My dream ring is this rose gold vintage ring going for like $300 and the band is like $50 and my boyfriend thinks I’m nuts for wanting something so cheap (compared to most girls). I don’t want anything flashy though, just subtle and sweet.

  204. Elizabeth Knaus says:

    For their children, I hope they check out my family tree charts at

  205. SuperByrio says:

    Shut up Meg.

  206. Phuong Pham says:

    Mila Kunis should’ve stayed with Macualey Culkin. Home Alone is one my favorite movies. Ashton Kutcher is not funny, not cool, not tough, not anything. He can’t even dunk a basketball. How lame.

    • Andriana Zakharko says:

      1. Ew. no! 2. Culkin isn’t cool, funny or tough, not anything. He used to be, not anymore! 3. What she should’ve done is what she did. Followed her heart and ended up with a man that she loves without listening to peoples dumb opinions.

  207. blizzaroxxx says:

    Shut up, Meg

  208. Joe Shaloom says:

    Shut up Meg

  209. Lincoln Riddle says:

    I wish That 70’s Show was still on the air.

    • Latissimus65 says:

      Technically the show’s internal time span was shorter than the real life time span (3.5 years in the show’s timeline and 7.75 years in real life) so it’d be about 1985 in the show right now, lol. But if going by real years since the finale then we would’ve just hit 1990 which is definitely weird to think about.

    • Lincoln Riddle says:

      +Carlo Von Sexron yeah that is crazy lol

    • Carlo Von Sexron says:

      I thought about that the other day, you realize it would be That Early 90’s Show now, though. Weird.

  210. TheDayman says:

    Can I please see them re-enact any scene when Kelso says “Well, damn Jackie!”

  211. Michael Denny says:

    Another reason to love Mila ! So tired of selfish, self-centered bitches in the entertainment industry! Mila is a breath of fresh air!

  212. Dan Henderson says:

    We’ve seen you without war paint. You’re effin fugly as hell

  213. FRSUPRA says:

    She use to be hot

  214. Flinchey says:

    Shut up Ron

  215. neotechblink x says:

    Mila’s super chill

  216. Sandy Leon says:

    Rings from etsy? Saaaaaame

  217. plasmathunderdx says:

    So Kelso and Jackie actually got hitched!?

  218. Harvester of sorrow Harvester of sorrow says:

    wow someone in Hollywood with common sense. she’s great I have respect for her

  219. Alexander Lively says:

    Conan should have the tonight show. It’s a damn shame. Oh well. He’s killing it on his show and no one can replace him.

  220. Tap Out says:

    whoo-aah…who-rah! love it Jesus Christ…..4evr.

  221. Christian Rankin says:

    Cheap and likes video games? She must be a government plant designed to convince young white males that…

    I forgot what I was saying.

  222. Neaple Pinchy says:

    Shut up Meg!

  223. jaafar kassim says:

    That’s why she was okay with cleaning toilets, when you learn you are Queen and Own Earth.

  224. William Porter says:

    Nice that they are supporting small business owners

  225. Rob Cor says:

    kelso and jackie

  226. J L says:

    She’s amazing and so down to earth .Dream woman

  227. Den says:

    Crazy to see Mila now, when I grew up on That 70’s Show.

  228. Yasir Zafar says:

    I wonder how long their marriage will last.

  229. Ms. Hazel says:

    conan 😂😂😂😂

  230. Kay Kayyy says:

    props…considering ashton is ballin with his VC fund

  231. Douglas Machado says:


  232. ceracen says:

    Shut up Meg….

  233. Mel says:

    I love that idea of the simple ring!

  234. Jomanro says:

    Wise decision to get an awesome deal. Just because a lot of people can buy a lot of things doesn’t automatically mean that they should. It’s ALWAYS good to be cost effective whenever and wherever possible.

  235. Victor U says:

    Mr krabs!

  236. Seamus Garland Lifting says:

    New channel here! Please check us out and click the subscribe button!

  237. Thugga Jackson says:

    Jackie and Kelso married lol

  238. jdwaynes1980 says:

    $90 wedding band, $35,000 engagement ring.

  239. instantsiv says:

    I’m not buying it. It’s trendy to not show off wealth… Hey look I’m a little person just like you! She does have a $250,000 engagement ring after all.

    • Dkdkxoskss Skdowiaksso says:

      instantsiv why do you feel the need to link irrelevant things you just show a bachelorette pad but who does it belong to

    • MAROON HAMSA says:

      Finally someone is saying the truth, I don’t hate Mila but Ashton and her has that weird obsession with showing how humble and down to earth they are. Like dude talking about how humble you’re is not humble. And I’m not even the type of person to think that everybody should be humble, I just think they’re kind of obsessed with themselves and their delusion that they are just like every other family in America, so average and normal. No wonder they are bffs with Jennifer Lawrence….

    • instantsiv says:

      +Matt Centeno $4,000,000 bachelorette pad ()/

    • Matt Centeno says:

      Usually the man buys the woman her engagement ring. It could be that she had no say in the matter, or she might have had some involvement in selecting it. Either way, it’s not like buying a $90 band makes her a fraud or a bad person. If she were to wear some flashy, over-the-top ring then people would complain that she loves to show off. There’s just no winning it seems like lol

    • instantsiv says:

      +shut your face! Bill’s house

  240. Jose Santos says:

    Mila kunis looks like pornstar charlie chase …. Just sayin….🤔🤔

  241. CARTELfromHELL says:

    Statue collection room tour anyone? Come check it out!

  242. Health Made Simple says:

    And her engagement ring was $250k. Enough said. 🖖

  243. M Corbs says:

    Etsy is awesome!

  244. Michael says:

    They’ve been going out since the 70’s and yet they still look so young.

  245. katariinas says:

    I hope who ever made the rigs sees this and realises who she made the rings for! And I just adore Mila even more now.

  246. DelfinManny says:

    I love that she supported a small business by buying her rings from Etsy.

  247. Gauss24 says:

    one ring to rule them all

  248. TrashPanda - says:

    Mila is just absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!! LOL. seriously though she has this exotic, timeless beauty. it doesn’t hurt that she like never ages either hahaha. definitely one of the Hollywood crowd that is real life matraige material. seems very intelligent, funny, down to earth. OK, enough day dreaming, let me get back to my mundane life, minus a mila kinus. lol

  249. MoB cLaN - Pubstomping Originals says:

    Love etsy bought from caligirlcustoms and it was high quality and great price.

  250. Restacced says:

    Mila: You are a smart fella Conan Conan: and your a fart smella Meg!

  251. donghyuque says:

    my favorite celebrity couple honestly

  252. Obinna says:

    Cute story and nice advertising for Etsy that Ashton is a shareholder of.

  253. Wayne Ray Chavis says:

    what! awesome!

  254. micky dee says:

    They’re so cute <3

  255. Midnight Boomerang says:

    The 2 from that 70s show got married?…. And all this time

  256. gupkets says:

    I did the same EXACT thing!!!

  257. steamyhotpoo says:

    Shut up Meg.

  258. Tony man says:

    Have You all accepted Jesus into your Hearts and Lifes? Got Jesus?

  259. Michael Rojas says:

    She’s so beautiful !

  260. Me Me says:

    she bad ashhh💯

  261. spongebob swag pants says:

    Mila: it cost $90
    Audience claps intensifies *

  262. Enrique Gazza says:

    Bruh she’s so fine😩😍😍

  263. Synyster Goose says:

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  264. Sam Farley says:

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  269. Francisco Sanchez says:

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  270. Daygo G says:

    Why get married, when you can just do it?

  271. Daniel Crosland says:

    Conans face at the end makes me cringe so hard…

  272. Cody Ellison says:

    Conan has it lucky. If he ever loses his ring he can just get one out of the coffee can

  273. callme zizou says:

    Am I the only one thinking 90 and 100 dollars for that tiny ring is still expensive??

  274. Shannon Wiedower says:

    mine is too!!!! support people who slave over their work of art, not sell a million of the same one

  275. FedorMachida Last says:

    They are doing so much for the community. Great couple here. They don’t even need all the millions of dollars that they have.

  276. Makaveli Dkg says:

    Who else watches this video and only hears jackie? 🤔

  277. Technus Knight says:

    shut up MEG!!

  278. Mlow44 says:

    I didn’t even know until now that Jackie and Kelso ended up together.

  279. Jared Boone says:

    Beautiful, unique, wedding bands and engagement rings on Etsy…. My wife loved the ring I got her.. and I like the fact you are supporting some small jeweler who you can exchange ideas with the whole time.

  280. Jaime Chavez says:

    she’s so hot

  281. dbreiden83080 says:

    Another stupid Hollywood marriage bound to fail.

  282. evil spoon says:

    I respect Mila and her husband, but this was the most boring Trending page title ever.

  283. fred linne says:

    is she the coolest star in the world? and cutest?

  284. 72vince27 says:

    Kobe’s wife is somewhere hyperventilating

  285. Hero Of The Moon says:

    lol shut up meg

  286. Hero Of The Moon says:

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  287. sayonara chinkoes says:

    a jew who’s a cheapskate?! that’s crazy talk ;p

  288. Antech says:

    Hello there

  289. Sir Monkey says:

    her hands are orange or i’m seeing too much? 🙈

  290. Ayoade says:


  291. Matt D says:

    I think she has grown into a very mature person and I believe that she is an awesome mom

  292. marco polo says:

    Wait she’s married to ashton kutcher ? mind blown

  293. Daily Foodie says:

    Good plug for Etsy. I wonder if she will be in a commercial for them. Seems like a no brainer

  294. Jessica Paczkowska says:

    shut up meg

  295. Jordan Landin says:

    Wedding rings are a scam anyway.

  296. aimee o' donnell says:

    Love how she always says “my husband ” so. Cute

  297. Sturzam The Saiyan Demon says:

    shut up Meg

  298. Arabella Onasis says:

    when will you wear your better rings? are they not to show off? save the simple for odd jobs at home, simple stuff, wear the fancier ones when you go out to meet with people…Hint….conan

  299. JediMindTricks183 says:

    Can’t wait for the divorce

  300. True Story says:

    shut up meg

  301. gucci lame says:

    I love watching Conan but, because I don’t live in America , I can’t watch most of his videos

  302. M says:

    Everyone saying she’s hot or whatever. The youth is gone everybody, seriously. She looks like a thirty year old

  303. Just Peelin' The Onion says:


  304. Xyrius D says:

    wow the girl that made that must feel so special

  305. D Lux says:

    So Jackie and Kelso finally got hitched eh?

  306. 永遠に高いTEKKTORI says:

    when actors/actresses get married xD i mean it makes sense to buy a ring you dont spend a lot of money on if you’re just gunna eventually get divorced

  307. Kokopelli says:

    Shut up, Chris.

  308. RM W. says:

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  309. iaint sorry says:

    Leo and aquarius couple thel probably be together forever in Wonder what the zodiac sign of there baby will be..

  310. james hundley says:

    I miss that 70’s show.

  311. Coffin Feeder says:

    I wish conan still had his beard…

  312. Blink xo says:

    she is totally me I love elegant refine rings ! love it

  313. Blue Barash says:

    Ashton Jewtcher won the lotery with Mila

  314. 9252Jake says:

    trump vid went down Hella quick

  315. Patrick Star says:

    Marriage is for suckers.

  316. Gus P says:

    Mila Kunis is awesome!!

  317. Zeanna Nguyen says:

    Shut tf up Meg

  318. Blablabla says:

    I want to be married to her…

  319. Tommy 2Toes says:

    I like this milf. She’s hot

  320. DamerocksFul says:

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  321. Garrett Cook says:

    Mila kunis is bae

  322. rpaul247 says:

    I like her personality… but she has a debilitating disease called “Noassatall”… it’s genetic.

  323. Andiez Nutz says:

    the realest

  324. Amirol_XI says:

    If other girls are like this, life of men would be much simpler

  325. TI Pilot says:

    I was expecting them to say like 20$. 90$ is way to much for that ring.

  326. Okik E. says:

    she’s my kind of woman

  327. Drednok says:

    Damn she is such a babe, Kelso you lucky sob.

  328. dxkumar8 says:

    Jackie and Kelso forever!

  329. 204863 says:

    I love you Jackie

  330. Tommyr says:

    Meg is hot. Just saying.

  331. Emil says:

    But they have a golden toilet.

  332. tribute2fashion says:

    This girl’s etsy is gonna blow up now

  333. mike hunt says:

    Mila is just an actor…she plays make believe for a living. Not that important imo…she just has a lot of money.

  334. EliteMusikRU says:

    omg shes so russian lmao

  335. indicat says:

    Well damn, Jackie!

  336. cocomoonlight says:

    She’s Okay, but the fans are really annoying, putting someone in a pedestal like that, it must be really weird to live like that.

  337. Kasia Luna says:

    I love their relationship. She’s so beautiful and chill too :’) ,which makes her even more likeable.

  338. KaoruKat says:

    All the people who make bands like that on etsy are now like “IamtheonewhomadeMilaKunis’ sweddingbandholyshit”

  339. RYNO_vc says:

    I just love her voice.

  340. fla la says:


  341. frankinsane and myrrh says:

    I have high hopes for this couple. Hopefully I don’t eat my words in the future!

  342. Kleio Kour says:

    joe sugg would not be happy…

  343. angry carrot says:


  344. Rudy Cruz says:

    I bought mines in walmart for 45 total 🤔

  345. Yassine Eagle says:

    Shut up Meg

  346. Kickex says:

    In put plug

  347. Irrational Man says:

    And this is how you stay rich!

  348. Josh Howe says:

    Girls, take notes, this is how a beautiful woman behaves. She is physically beautiful, down to earth and she isn’t materialistic.

  349. -INVICTUS- says:

    The only ring I have is suffering..

    • -INVICTUS- says:

      Ok.. But What has trolling got to do with being cool and most importantly, what has it got to do with my comment? 😐
      Anyway, thanks for thinking trolls were cool..Much appreciated..

    • CStubbsSubs says:

      Trolling stopped being cool 3 years ago

  350. waqqashanafi says:

    Conan’s ring comes off pretty easily… a little TOO easily, I’d say.

  351. Contraband says:

    When they divorce, they should get married.

  352. Margarita M. says:

    Ashton: Check. It. Out. The most expensive ring on Etsy, bitches!

  353. Christian Rodriguez says:

    Thafak is Etsy?

    Nevermind, I dont even care.

  354. I ate your keys And your wallet says:


  355. instantsurgery says:

    It’s a little sad the day we applaud celebrities for not splashing money.

  356. Sid Cannon says:

    I refuse to believe that. She could probably wipe her ass and find enough on the paper towel for a million dollar ring.

  357. L1ghTx says:

    – Could buy the whole jewelry store
    – buys 90$ ring

  358. Johhny depp says:

    -Could you please pass the potatos?
    *Punches Mila Kunis in the face*

  359. max playne says:

    That’s the kind of chick you want . 90$ wedding ring doesn’t bother her..

    • Nicky Williams says:

      @Jamie Purtteman not if you’re loaded imo ..

    • Simon says:

      Катя Ятак $90 for a wedding ring is basically free. It’s a saying one should buy a ring worth several months worth of rent ($5000+) which is normal, sadly.

    • Jojo Jo says:

      max playne As long as you bring the 1 Mil dollar house.

    • Kuhaku says:

      Ibrahem Aseri, if you think spending money on someone is showing them love.. you are a really superficial person. A hand crafted ring crafter by you that at 40$ would show your love at lot more. If she think spending 10 000 is showing more love, she is a bitch.
      I would rather go around the world than pay for a stupid marriage so she can feel a princess for a couple of hours.

    • Kirstine Otte says:

      A chick who doesn’t care whether or not you put a ring on her finger is the kind of girl you want 🙂

  360. eric jacobs says:

    Love her

  361. The Antagonist says:

    Shut up Meg!

  362. Brett Hilbert says:

    I feel like if I didn’t hear Meg her voice would be hot

  363. Moki says:

    “Rest of your life”… thats cute.

  364. Fluff Dude says:

    dont talk about your wedding at talkshow dude. it jinxs it

  365. Guppusmaximus says:

    Well, when Hollywood marriages last only 5 minutes why spend a small fortune on something so meaningless?

  366. Daniel Porath says:

    Shut up MEG!

  367. TheSocialNetLurk says:

    I guarantee Ashton Kutcher is a part owner of Etsy

  368. sivx17 says:

    Gosh I love her personality. a girl like her is pretty rare.

  369. J R says:

    It kinda makes me happy to think that Kelso and Jackie are happily married

  370. Luke Donovan says:

    She didnot wash her face before coming here.. She still fuxking smexy

  371. Monika Wheeler says:

    Honestly I’d buy 90 ring over 9000 Tiffany and co

  372. Phil Lenan says:

    Conan STOP the masquerade. We all know that you don’t have a wife, but that secretly you are married to Andy!!!

  373. Sr Chalice says:

    Ha-ha, all the gold digging whores will just hate this story. You can tell they were in abundance in that audience. This lady is the last of the good ones. They will all hate on Mila Kunis now. Rub your 90 dollar ring in their faces Mila:)

  374. Monika Wheeler says:

    Love home made esty jewelry

  375. harshlens says:

    Saw her once in a restaurent when she was still dating kevin from home alone and yeah she’s stunning.

  376. HOMERTUBE says:

    shut up meg.

  377. Ho Lee Fok says:


  378. thomascampr says:

    Frugal? As she drives away in her $150 thousand dollar Mercedes to their $10 million dollar home. SOOooo frugal

    • priyanka choudhury says:


    • Lara Skye G. Baddour says:


    • kittendivine1 says:

      Well compared to other celebrities I guess who take pride in needlessly spending as much as they can to show off.

    • shanice b says:

      +Jason van agreed! ‘Celebrities’ get such a bad name, but they’re really entertainers and are really good at what they do, hence get the lifestyle they earned. Also they’re celebrities because of us loving what they do.

    • Jason van says:

      Hey, they earned it. They’ve done hard work and created something that others enjoy watching. It may not seem like much, but getting people to laugh or just having an emotional bond with the character they’re watching is something positive they’ve done to society. I know every time I watch the 70’s show I laugh and I’m grateful for them creating such great characters.

  379. Jiwan Gurung says:

    wait they were married?

  380. trippin916 says:

    God Ashton doesn’t deserve this queen…

  381. lshooterl says:

    She can do better than marrying this guy with tons of baggage no offense

  382. D C says:

    Shut up Meg…

  383. fish and banana says:

    She’s sweet.

  384. h20luli says:

    i love when she does press, she is hilarious

  385. Sacred Wahine says:

    She is me. I will most likely get my wedding dress and proper wedding ring off etsy or some cheap site 😂 with taste of course..

  386. Haytham Nawaz says:

    Mila was my stepdad in 1734 wow it’s great to see her so successful

  387. EROCK says:

    She is gorgeous.

  388. Some guy named Mike says:

    I love Mila Kunis, she just seems like such a fun interesting person & it’s great she went on Conan considering he barely gets top class guests

  389. CliveNBAParody says:

    lol I never knew she was meg from family guy

    • J Knox says:

      Why do you think people keep telling her to shut up? lol
      Go to her past videos. You’ll see a “shut up, Meg” in every one of those videos.

  390. G00R00 says:

    Etsy ad placement 🙁

  391. Asia Dorsey says:

    I love that

  392. Millennials Truth says:

    love should never ever ever ever cost a thing. 🙂

  393. Eder Lopez says:

    Mila, is Trizillion, Gazillion, Optimus Primezillion times better looking then the, Thotdashians/Vajenner COMBINED!

  394. Herbert Moon says:

    I love how scripted these conversations are. It’s actually cringeworthy.

  395. Onizen says:

    ladies take notes from Mila, she don’t need some expensive ring on her finger to say she loves her man

  396. Gustavo Barreda says:

    Ashton won the lottery marrying Kunis..! Lucky bastard..!

  397. Richard Lewis says:

    Every time she talks I just wanna say it…..

    *SHUT UP, MEG!!*

  398. Oh! says:

    Celebrities marry celebrities. Unless you’re Matt Damon

  399. 2v Pal says:

    Omg who thought Kelso and Jackie would actually marry each other. Lol that is so awesome.

  400. KING says:

    i love that Jackie married Kelso. Fez must be pissed.

    • Biboy 'JoJokestar' Odoño says:

      I know right. Because, Fez had already engaged to a 28 year old lady just recently. No offense that is my opinion though.

  401. Forst Efter says:

    shut up, meg!

  402. Babyfart Mcgee-zax says:

    I miss those kids…

  403. Gloria Young says:


  404. dumbbrowngirl says:

    I have a feeling that this frugality has to do with her being Ukranian. A lot of Asians/Europeans like to “cheap”

    • JoeKwonxD says:

      Her frugality has more to do with the fact that she grew up in a household that wasn’t insanely wealthy and she had parents who were extremely hard working. Even throughout her teen years, she worked hard, not only in acting, but also helping her mom at a riteaid ice cream store.

    • Vagiina Faber says:

      Europeans misleading,it’s not just one place,places like Poland and Greece are poor cheap counties but Germany Italy France and England are some of the most expensive places in the world especially London.probably the most expensive city in the world

    • Forst Efter says:

      potterbitch is begging for another wedgie

  405. Sanghera Namjeet says:

    Meg… who let you back in the house?

  406. Dagger 323 says:

    Man she’s like every guy’s dream girl… If only more women that gorgeous were actually that down to earth…

  407. Keem. says:

    Bae just got married 😛

  408. Jairo Jimenez says:

    Wow. What a product placement for Etsy. Great free marketing for them!!

  409. AUGUSTUS CAESER says:

    shes a keeper

  410. Nicole says:

    She’s suuuuch a babe.

  411. LloydSkyLion says:

    holy sh** their kids’ll be gorgeous.

  412. Love Pitice says:

    arent celebrity’s supposed to be rich

  413. AmaZe says:

    I hope they make that 90’s show.

  414. Crimsonphilosophy says:

    ah, she must get to see the non-douchey side of him. We should be so lucky.

  415. IBAROBLOX says:

    Shut Up Meg.

  416. christam24 says:

    there’s a saying, “rich people stay rich by living like they’re poor while poor people stay poor by living like they are rich”. I think that saying is a bit of a stretch but economical awareness is definitely important

  417. Cujo says:

    What the hell is Etsy

  418. JJ K says:

    Family Guy made me hate her.

  419. ShadowBowser567 says:

    I bet Joe is crying right now!

  420. RyanNStuff says:

    I can hear the Meg in her

  421. Taylor Nickels says:

    I love her laugh.

  422. RHW Productions says:

    Everytime she’s interviewed she’s asked about Ashton. Jesus

    • laynebrock says:

      Before celebrities go on talk shows them and the producers plan out the interviews word by word…so it’s not like she’s being forced to talk about him. She actually wants to.

  423. Dankrupt says:

    shes so hot <3

  424. destinyawaitsx3 says:

    Conan dropping his wedding ring on the desk made me think of back in the day on his late show where he use to spin his wedding ring and time how long it would spin.

  425. vXViper says:

    that girl got hear head in the right place.

  426. Kavalan says:

    You know she’s a keeper when she doesn’t mind wearing a wedding ring from Etsy.

    • Lindsay E says:

      Thank you!! My both my engagement ring and wedding band are from Etsy!! And then we have another different matching wood and abalone shell wedding band set. It’s not about the ring or the wedding, (although I’m in love with my set it’s gorgeous) it’s about the marriage to your partner and best friend! We’ll be together 13 years this September 😊

    • Laura R says:

      My engagement and wedding band are from Etsy.

    • 02 Abeeha Muneeb says:

      She’s the opposite of Jackie 😂

    • Kai223noa says:

      Kavalan – I used to work with a woman who told she didn’t care about jewelry. She would take flowers over jewelry any day. If she weren’t already married I would have married her.

    • Nezzy Wu says:

      Kapsproductions but she didn’t name the etsy shop.. if she was paid she has to mention what etsy shop she exactly got it from

  427. Josh Abridged says:

    Kelso and Jackie finally got married

  428. David Uribe says:

    is funny, i was just watching That 70s show on netflix right before i watched this video haha how the years fly by

  429. Miko Philo says:

    Don’t boo, vote™

  430. Fred1022 says:

    based off the last few seconds; she has a real ring but wears the cheap one out so she can act like shes worried about money…

  431. TinOwl says:

    She married Ashton Kutcher? That’s just awful.

  432. KanzenSaimin says:

    i dated mila back in high school….glad shes doing great

  433. Alcoholrick says:

    Hangin out.

  434. Gabriel von Ronsen says:

    Were I straight, I’d plot to get married to Kunis. That’s my kind of person.

  435. Luis Escamilla says:

    Give me your ring…$90?, nvm keep it

  436. Robby Jenkins says:

    Mila is a real woman

  437. Louis Lee says:

    Marry me Milina

  438. Dudeonwheels says:

    Some Etsy shop owner somewhere that sells rings is freaking out right now.

  439. Karne Asada says:

    Now I want one even tho I’m not married

  440. Ali Ledesma says:

    Holy crap the first time I’m early to a video !

  441. firebaby7 says:

    i’d bet these types of marriages last, as opposed to the ones where the woman refuses to wear “anything less than X karats”….

    • Lachs geräuchert says:

      firebaby7 depends on how the husband acts…. if they both are that way I think it can last longer, even though it’s kind of silly

    • Patrick Jones says:

      @For the love of life It defines the type of person wearing the ring though.

    • KMichelle Argus says:

      I refuse to wear anything more than x karats. I dont want anything on my finger worth more than my finger.

    • Gio Simmer says:

      +whateverwhateverwhatever In many cultures there is no such thing as an “engagement ring”. You just wear your wedding band on the right hand to signal you’re ‘only’ engaged, than switch them to the left hand when you officialize the marriage. So wedding bands are a big deal. Though I’m 100% with her, I wouldn’t waste money on them.

    • wolf town says:

      i agree not frugal but smart. The rings are just for show, they can be symbolic but they’re mostly for show.

  442. SharpieSniffer663 says:

    As if she has to worry about money.

  443. Mister B says:

    Mila Kunis=Dreams

  444. Necramonium says:

    I never had a thing for her when she was on That 70’s Show, but she really turned into a gorgeous lady.

  445. Jacob Knighten says:

    shut up Meg

  446. ibrahim sembawa says:

    Damn she’s a cool chick

  447. Roogster says:

    She is so cold

  448. SauloZ Moraes says:

    Don’t mind me, just waiting for the real comments soon enough, after all the ‘firsts’ and ‘so early..’ bs

  449. How Well Do you Know? says:

    im no. 20th

  450. Party Raccoon says:

    yup….. 10:30pm ………….great 😀

  451. UnleashedPro926 says:


  452. Megan Lally says:

    I was on Etsy when I watched this😂

  453. Lord Tangy says:

    Damn she’s hot

  454. VevoKIlledUtube says:

    Gotta respect Mila, shes stayed gorgeous all these years and she doesn’t seek attention like most celebrities.

  455. Húginn says:

    6am here

  456. bobby solais says:


  457. whoreallycaresanyways says:


  458. Connor South says:

    man id ravage mila kunis

  459. Deflated Basketball says:

    Etsy? Damn

  460. Shiv Ramdhan says:


  461. ICU says:

    she is hot

  462. Reya K says:

    Oh my god. I want this kinda relationship so bad.

  463. Mahtab Hoque says:


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