My dream wedding ring! Jeulia Ring Unboxing

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Hey Jedi! Love ya and MTFBWY… always!

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21 responses to “My dream wedding ring! Jeulia Ring Unboxing”

  1. cosa linda says:

    what happend to your lips!!!!!!?????

  2. Kat H says:

    I Wanna get My girlfriend a Promise Ring

  3. Barbiee Gal says:

    Hey what size are u mamas? And does it hurt your other fingers when it’s on ?

    • Ashleigh C says:

      I’m a 9. It doesn’t hurt my other fingers. It feels a little bulky when I first put it on but after a few mins I completely forget about it.

  4. TJ's chat box says:

    I just ordered a ring I wear a size 9 should I get my correct size or size up?

  5. Charles Marshall says:

    Lovely ring!!! It glistens with shine!! Ur nails r ssoo long & pretty!! Keep looking at Jeulia jewelry!! Plan ahead for that special day with yo man!! I hope u continue to b the sweet peach that u r!!! Beautiful jewelry!!! Wish it was mine!!

  6. ggg hhh says:

    I bought 2 necklaces from them after watching your review ♥️!! #ice ice ice 💍💎♥️

  7. NeverPerfectByK!dult says:

    That’s a beautiful ring girl!!!

  8. ms.Cadi says:

    Love it!!

  9. Krystie Erickson says:

    Beautiful ring

  10. shadow-enigma says:

    You look too cute here love the half up hair and robe and nails issa mood 😍😍😍😍. Hope you had a great vaca

  11. David Summers says:

    Love your nails so so much. Merry Christmas!

  12. cici30love says:

    Wow that is beautiful 😍

  13. Lesley H says:

    That ring is stunning! It looks beautiful on your hand ♥️💍

  14. helloMEpink says:

    Also if you add them on messanger you’ll get and extra 5% off I was gonna buy it and it came out to $140

  15. Suz What says:

    Obsessed! Thanks for sharing! Peace and love…Suz What 🌻🌼🌻🌼

  16. CAFFEINE QUEEN ☕️💕 says:

    Hey beautiful

  17. Aly says:

    It’s your ring, wear it how you want. I wear my solitaire on the inside and my wedding band on the outside. People gripe, but it’s my damn ring and I’ll wear it how I want.🤷‍♀️

    • Liz0803 says:

      Exactly! It’s your hand and your ring lol I wear my band on the outside because it sits better on my finger 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • lillinsey100 says:

      Aly do people have nothing better to do……good grief. and yes-your ring ,; yours to wear as you wish.
      a girl i work with told another girl she can’t wear her wedding ring before the wedding.
      i pulled her aside and said it’s your ring-wear it if you want.

  18. FABIO MATTISON says:

    Omg I collabed with Jeulia too! Amazing company!! 💗 I would love if you could check my channel out! Been watching you for years!!!

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