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MY NEW ENGAGEMENT RING 💍 – Let Me Explain!!!
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Linnaen –
ByTerry Hyaluronic Primer –
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Foreo UFO –
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Pandora ring –
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Wearing (US):
Shell necklace – (similar)
White linen dress – (similar)
High neck jumper – (similar)
Gold chain necklace –
White dress –
Appliqué shirt –

Mentioned (US):
Linnaen –
ByTerry Hyaluronic Primer –
ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation –
Benefit brow spoolie –
ByTerry face powders –
Glossier Boy Brow –
Chantecaille Highlighter –
Corkcicle glass canteen –
Neutrogena Moisturiser –
Dune mules –
Broderie dress –
Zara broderie dress –
Foreo UFO –
Foreo Acai Berry mask –
Pandora ring –
Pandora ring with bigger stone –
Pandora complementary ring –
Zimmerman skirt –
Edge of Ember bracelet –
Edge of Ember necklaces –
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422 responses to “MY NEW ENGAGEMENT RING 💍 – Let Me Explain!!! // Fashion Mumblr Vlog”

  1. Juanita Mullen says:


  2. Abrakadeborah says:

    I’d like to see your favorite lipsticks and or lip combinations of lip liners, lipsticks and lip glosses.

  3. Jill Jackson says:

    i noticed that you had another mulberry belted bayswater in the background. is it the same size? do you have two?

  4. Ashleigh Thomas says:

    Your bank account must be: ∞
    Happy for you though, more dachshund clips!

  5. Shoshana Bloom says:

    Lovely ring. WhT about wedding ring. Are you engaged or also married.

  6. Come Out Of Her My People says:

    Josie: the Corona Virus is FAKE. 🙂 Yes, the powers-that-be are acting like it’s real by shutting things down, news footage is fake. Doctors are in on it. The world elite are trying to restructure the culture and economy like they did after 9/11. It’s just a big bank holiday, and the only way to get everyone to cooperate is to put people in fear for their lives. I remember you saying you are the conspiracy theory type – me too, I “wear the tin foil hat” as I invest lots of study in it. This “pandemic” is one conspiracy of many. Much love to you.

  7. Silje Hasund says:

    Would love to see a video on nice loungewear to buy now. Feels like we are stuck at home for the rest of the year, så would be nice witch some nice looking soft lounge- or athleisurewear to feel a little bit nicer these days! Would love for it to be affordable international stores like H&M, Zara etc. Love from Norway

  8. Jan Marie Brunette-Hunyady says:

    I always travel with a dupe of my rings (engagement and wedding band) so that if I am robbed, lose it, or drop it in the ocean I won’t be too sad. I call them me travel rings and it is actually a relief not to worry about my ring especially in the water when your fingers shrink.

  9. Jac smith says:

    Im a frontline worker as I work on a corona ward,please dont go out unless you have to,Ps could you pls do a clothing haul that is within an Nhs workers budget,I could never afford anything you wear.Stay safe.x

  10. LIDIA STARR says:

    Josie, I want to buy the pandora rings using your link, but they did not work when I clicked on them here in the US. If you or someone who is reading this knows how to use the links, please let me know! I’d love for Josie to get something for introducing me to them.

  11. Joe Heller says:

    Which stone is on the new ring?

  12. Betty Camacho says:

    Your video on the trip to Dubai is how I found you. April 2019, my husband was offered a job in Dubai and we went for it. That’s when I started researching Dubai and found you googling what to wear in Dubai! My husband moved in July, I followed in October. We love living in Dubai and was just starting to get settled and making new friends when this all hit. The UAE Govt has been really careful and implemented strict measures early on. We are all ok with that and feel very safe here. Cheers!

  13. Jenna Lake says:

    You are stunning without make-up!!! You are also so Grace Kelly like and lovely!!! You and Freddy are girly girl fashion goals!!! You both remind me NOT to be a lazy yoga pants sporting America!!

  14. Joy Holway says:

    AM LOVING spending my shelter-in-place (in Georgia, US) with your videos! I feel less lonely and isolated – so thank you for continuing to upload such wonderful content. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for over 6 months and look forward to a new video every time it pops up! All the love and health.. .-Joy <3

  15. Jaci Rogers says:

    Shoes would be good.

  16. Jaci Rogers says:

    When is you wedding?

  17. Jaci Rogers says:

    We need more to watch. So great that you did this lovely video. We are having to stay at home in Oklahoma,too. Thank you sweetie.

  18. theresa schuebel says:

    That little dress that you said had cut-outs in actuality has what is called an Eyelet pattern

  19. iann ivy says:

    Hi Josie, I was looking at your Be My Bride channel and saw your last update was 9 months ago. Are you still doing wedding planning content? Is the wedding this year? Asking since I’m getting married too and would love your tips 🙂

  20. Madeleine L. says:

    Seeing we can’t go out shopping, a fun video I would enjoy watching would be maybe how to re-style or alter old and less worn wardrobe items to give them new life in the new season. Thanks for posting so much, I enjoy all the content!

  21. Julie Smith says:

    Hi I am working from home. Could you do 10 outfits with one blazer please a couple of other you tubers have done it and it’s really helped me creat new outfits with what I have at home. The upside being when we are allowed out again I will have a wonderfully co-ordinated wardrobe. Stay safe xx

  22. Carole Buckle says:

    Gladys My wired hair red Daschund loves the sun as well 🥰 love your engagement ring & clothing pieces xx

  23. Olrla says:

    “Rueternity ring” boasts a sophisticated form and outstanding brightness, so that you can not take your eyes off once you see it,

  24. Reva Conescu says:

    that top in the background- the white with pink bows- is so cute!! where is it from?

  25. Sugar Spice says:

    Shoes Collection please Josie!

  26. Kathye Sargent says:

    Be careful with Tik Tok i have been told.

  27. Angela Litterio says:

    Are you guys not in self isolation? Crazy to see everyone about. The US is in self quarantine with many states in mandatory lockdown. Cannot believe all the people out where you are? Scary. Stay safe.

  28. Irene Clark says:

    Your dogs are beautiful👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  29. Johanna Shea says:

    You’re fur babies are beyond adorable 😍

  30. Alexane Desaulniers says:

    Maybe you could do smaller video/vlog in order to post more regularly 🥰 As for video ideas you could give tips and tricks on how to work/study from home like what schedule you recommend, your favorite apps to do so, etc. You could also put more home wellness content like recipes, home workout, what you do with your dogs while in quarantine, etc. Love💋

  31. Joye Smith says:

    Hi from California…we are 7 days into our 15 day quarantine… it’s like a ghost town around here,, hope you are staying well. I am fighting a cough but no fever… prayers for all.

  32. Misty Leccese says:

    Thank you so much for reintroducing me to Pandora. I’ve had their bracelets, as well as my daughter has one as well. I have to send my wedding set out to have repairs done also. So I ordered a set from your links. Thank you again for sharing.

  33. Lauren Blogs says:

    I follow you on Tik Tok, great content xxx

  34. Mo Neta says:

    Too shallow.

  35. Anne Asta says:

    I’m sorry did you say “Coronavirus conspiracy theories”?!?! (timestamp 24:48-24:53) I love you Josie but the coronavirus is very, very real. People are DYING! I am glad you are finally taking this seriously before you or someone you love get infected. But please shop online or get take out food to limit exposure and quarantine yourself.

    • Judy K says:

      there are conspiracy therories about the virus where it originated from how it came about you need to check that out Anne Asta . It has been all over the news

  36. AB FAB says:

    Yes please be careful! I work in a hospital and the 3 people I saw the other day were under 40 and all 3 were really really sick! Stay indoors and please do not order too much because yes those delivery people are put in danger even when you think that you might be helping out! Stay safe and stay indoors and if you have to go out stay away from your Mom so you don’t put her at risk! Sending you virtual hugs from Canada 🇨🇦!

  37. Bre Roz says:

    26:38 are those holes in your sweater or is it built in ventilation?

  38. Tonia Coward says:

    Hi Josie, what is your tik tok name? it isn’t linked. xx

  39. Angella Walker says:

    I only go to work and then home. No reason to shop as im not going anywhere any time soon. Video idea; since u have sun maybe you could do some spring gardening and spring cleaning and organizing❤

  40. Sandra Diedrichs says:

    Thank you so much for explaining your ring!! And as always enjoy seeing your dogs in the video. They are truly family!

  41. prettybird367 says:

    I follow you on TikTok 😊 Also for future content, how about a workout from home video? Since all the gyms are closed (at least for me) I’m very interested to see how people are exercising from home

  42. Victoria Woodrow says:

    Stay safe x

  43. Courtney F says:

    What travel steamer do you use?

  44. Sally Gardiner says:

    Am I the only one who finds this inappropriate? I can’t get any fresh food, locked in my house on my own with leukaemia. Happy for her to be happy and look at a nice engagement ring. Why out having meetings?

  45. Isabel Herrera says:

    Have you ever considered to stop dyeing your hair and keep your natural hair colour? 💆 Surely you look great! Stay safe Jodie, don’t go out, stay at home and post videos about whatever you want, surely you have loads of things to tell us without shopping 😊😷

  46. Susana says:

    Loungewear haul.
    More about your day with your 2 angels☺
    Workout ideas
    New morning routine
    I feel you would be the best doing a podcast. ☺

  47. Mackenzie Mitchel says:

    Stay safe! Sorry to hear that everything is getting cancelled ☹ I’m a consultant dietitian for several nursing homes and most of my buildings want me to work from home for awhile, which is good and bad for me. Good, in the fact that my one building that I go to once a week is an hour drive away, so that saves me a two hour drive and bad in the fact that it’s been difficult to try to get people to respond to my emails with information that I need. Also, I have a difficult time staying on task when working from home. Do you have any tips? I was thinking maybe you could do an at home beauty video or go over some of the face masks that you use at home. Or maybe a “what I eat in a week” video showing some of the meals you are making from home 🙂

  48. Jules F. says:

    Video Ideas:
    Declutterings (Wardrobe, Kitchen etc.)
    Stay fit @Home (your sport activities while staying at home)
    Daily Vlog during Corona
    Weekly Vlog during Corona
    Gardening Vlog
    Things you can do @Home
    … and so on 🙂

  49. Alexandra Smith says:

    I was thinking of video ideas and your outfits are fab but what about opposite week or opposite looks or like in an alternate land?? So instead of the blush it’s a black skirt and how you would style it. And you’ve been doing denim lately so different occasions… casual, smart casual, cocktail, date night. Even with just your current pieces…. ie White midi dress, how you would style it for brunch, meet his family, date night, in the office.
    Or in 2020, outfits and styles for different roles/ job interviews.

  50. Jess Jackson says:

    Stay safe . ❤️

  51. Bessie Gal says:

    We live in the middle of nowhere and have a few delivery vans that depend on us and neighbours to keep their business going. We all have to be sensible and not go mad ordering stuff but if deliveries are stopped then my chaps will have no money to feed their families, it’s as simple as that. When deliveries arrive they are put in a special place so that the delivery driver or myself do not have to meet. If signed for is needed it works just like the postman at the moment, they stand outside see you have the parcel and sign or mark for you. How would you feel if you didn’t have post for months on end? So if it is as safe as it can be for the normal postman it can work the same way for delivery drivers. We have to be sensible while keeping safe. There will be enough businesses failing as it is.

  52. Grumpy Old Man says:

    Stay single Lads don’t get Married it’s not worth it…. women are now empowered so fine let them feel that way … Equality well when you get a Divorce there is no such thing they get your House Kids Money… And they wear so much make up to pretend they are something they are not.
    I’m single have Two homes Two of my favourite Cars and sleep with who I want when I want ….

  53. Catch a paperboy says:

    Even without make-up you look gorgeous. Sunshine and strokes from mommy – puppy heaven. Some distraction would be nice and your videos are always a source of joy for me. I’m sorry that a lot of your collaborations are canceled and I hope you will find ways to get by during the time we stay at home a lot. I’m looking forward to more of your videos. Didn’t get home office so far and it’s a weird feeling to use public transport on my way to work but I have no other option.

  54. Jackline Mugo says:

    Nail polish collection, the colours you wear are so pretty!

  55. Celeste K says:

    Josie, my favorite videos you make are ones when you are living your life – cooking, exercising, home spa, dogs. Since you can’t do much outside, maybe do some more of those. Also, how to get yourself out of a slump when you are stuck in life or stuck at home.

  56. Sasha Dacua says:

    What do you wear as loungwear? 🤔

  57. Mandie Redfern says:

    Video idea Josie. I have mentioned this before. BODY GEOMETRY Josie! This is really interesting and would give you a lot to investigate. Look into Kibbe Body Geometry and what about colour analysis?
    How to stay focused
    and productive when working from home.
    Keep positive Josie. Stay safe. X

  58. Cristina Coj says:

    I love seeing your cooking creations 🙂 and your puppies helping you around

  59. Posh S. says:

    Nailcare video too!!!!

  60. Sharnjit Bola says:

    Josie how do you stay motivated when it comes to fitness? Please make a video of what you eat in a week a real one please not healthy focused and sorting out your wardrobe x

  61. Posh S. says:

    Need a real makeup collection. Sit down old school. Do it

  62. Posh S. says:

    You calmed me so much. Luv from NYC. I luv u

  63. kate forsyth says:

    That shirt! Timeless. Beautiful

  64. speshul says:

    Congrats, I am so happy for you too

  65. kate forsyth says:

    Love the shirt

  66. Monique Tamang says:

    Would love to watch some cooking videos 💞

  67. Anežka Wijsman says:

    It so nice to have a break without yet another corona interruption.Regarding content, I love to see just calm, happy vlogs, maybe even some cooking videos? Anything to keep our minds of the reality kind of and what is going on. Or some challenges, to do 10 things you newer had time for, but now due to the social distancing you have, like drawing, learning new language etc, even videos with your dogs would be appreciated :3 they are the cutes. And they would make me really happy! since my fiancé lost his job today, as many other people in my country. And we will have to cancel our wedding, and use our wedding budget to support us until he is employed again. I am sadly still a student and my income is not enough to support us both, plus I left my part time job a month ago since I was supposed to have my semester abroad, which got canceled.. But worst of all … we are almost out of toilet paper 😀 … and its sold out everywhere, the same goes for eggs, meat, feminine products, and a lot more other stuff. . I really hope some good news our coming our way! For now we can just stay strong and help others. sending love from Prague <3

  68. Olivia Stahl says:

    Self isolating ?

  69. dace says:

    Just curious – is that ring comfortable? I used to have a somewhat similar ring and ended up selling it because it would catch up on everything

  70. Liz Osborne says:

    Make up and hair videos, and videos with the gorgeous pups, like can dexter or dickie do any tricks? Xx

  71. Ilce Mendoza says:

    Please do a shoe and jewelry collection

  72. Lee McCray says:

    Always love your vids, but don’t always have much time to view all those I follow. Ahem…I really hate to be the one to mention this (I looked back into the other comments & didn’t see anyone else mention it). You had what looked like a hole in the armpit of your taupe colored knit top (I saw it when u were putting your hair up approximately 3/4 thru the video). I hope I’m wrong & it was just the lighting, because that top is gorgeous…seriously! Btw…the temporary ring set you’re wearing is delish! You really do have great taste! Please stay safe in these trying times!! Video suggestion: relationship Q & A w/ Charlie & the furbabies? I’m sure that It could be hilarious 🤩😘❣

  73. Viajando Y Aprendiendo says:

    Whats your tik tok handle?

  74. Orit 1 says:

    Really? Now that people dont have jobs and home you showing off your ring …

  75. Sallie Lebert says:

    I really enjoy watching you and Charlie cook in the kitchen making healthy drinks and meals ❤️

  76. ORMORPHIA says:

    Hello, my current situation is my work has shut down but we can work from home or work (still distancing from each colleague) but without customers, connecting digitally. Social distancing is the best thing we can all do and washing hands like a surgeon. Be careful with your packages maybe Glen20 them as the virus can stay on things. Anyway I enjoy watching even if it is boring , I might get inspiration to Autumn clean my house. This isolation may also force us to rethink and recharge our way of future lifestyle. 🤷‍♀️😘🇦🇺

  77. Marianna Gortsila says:

    Any home videos are perfect. I also love the idea of a shoe collection video. Honestly anything to keep us positive through these tough times is welcome. Take care and stay positive!

  78. Sucre says:

    Hi Josie, it must be difficult for you and other influencers, having contracts and all cancelled. Hopefully this situation will pass soon and we can all thank God and go back to normality.
    In the mean time, I’d like to see the following, if you don’t mind:
    – How you found your style and colours that suits you (you fashion style has evolved since the past say 5 years)
    – Who your style icons are and why
    – How you decided to become more feminine
    – Q&A about Josie before and after you met Charlie (you’ve spoken about this previously but maybe an update?)
    – Shoes collection
    – How you pick your high street pieces and what you look for in terms of style and fit

    Hope this isn’t too long 😊

  79. Diane Laurin says:

    You have a beautiful classic style. How about this video idea. What about styling ideas for the 50 and over using your clothes. I feel that sometimes, when you have worn it in your 20’s or 30’s it does not work for you again. It ages you. Such is the case for midi length floral skirts or dresses. Beautiful on young woman. Not so much on more mature ladies. Is your mother stylish? She could possibly help. ❤️

  80. Watermelon Gal says:

    Thanks for a great vlog! I work from home so I am super glad. I know a lot of people are told to work from home and it’s hard for them. I hope you are doing well and having a great day.

  81. Jana no Lastivka says:


  82. Elisabeth St. Claire says:

    Fur baby content please…..

  83. Belle Stein says:

    Josie I could hear the sadness in your voice when you were mentioning all the cancellations etc because of the virus. We have been in isolation for 7 days now, (here in Boston US). It is difficult to come to terms with all these changes and it just doesn’t seem real and that all this is happening. Thank you for continuing to post and trying to stay upbeat. Would love to see a video on shoes! And yes to spring edit. Stay safe xxxx

  84. Lisa A says:

    I am in the middle of a mandatory work from home here. We live in Minnesota. It is scary and almost unbelievable! Wishing everyone to stay safe and healthy! I was wondering about your ring…noticed in another video. 😁 love it when you speak to your little boys…so cute! Take care!

  85. Shu Huss says:

    Daily wear makeup

  86. Shu Huss says:

    Jewellry collection video

  87. Natalie Dube says:

    i would like you to do a video on stuff that i could do from home, I have no school and very little work and i need ideas of productive things to do at home.

  88. Tree Flan says:

    Josie, day in the life…spring edit doesn’t matter. Your positive vibes help brighten the day🥰❣️🧸

  89. Maidacrazy21 Ryan says:

    Would love to see you batch cooking healthy meals as we are all at home and don’t want to reach for the cookie jar also keep fit at home and clear out of clothes for sale jewellery cleaning and storage of fashion pieces so as not to tarnish few ideas might be useful

  90. Lukas Wallner says:

    Dear Josie ,hmm my video ideas,…how you are spending your time together in quarantine 😣 fitness ideas? maybe recept ideas..maybe your jewelry collection.All the best!Greetings from Vienna

  91. Ellie P says:

    There’s nothing wrong with ‘chemicals’ – water is a chemical after all

    • Kristine Stocker says:

      H and O are molecules, and H2O is a compound. Naturally occurring. Not made in a lab. Quite different than the chemicals in makeup and lotions, etc.

  92. Zak Skandami says:

    Please style for home.

  93. Jane Seemann says:

    Well… I’m a teacher in Australia, so it’s full steam ahead for me! Wishing you well in England. Stay safe.

  94. Eyla Fareyla says:

    Her voice is so calming! Im subscribing! 💍❤️

  95. Die Fluse says:

    well anti bacterial stuff does not work on viruses …dont feel too secure with those

  96. molly j says:

    I’m sorry you’re getting so many cancellations. Interesting as I think people are consuming more YouTube videos than normal. I love the shop your closet type videos. I also like the videos that you and Charlie do together. It could be fun for you two to style one another. Xoxo

  97. thinlizzie101 says:

    Thanks for helping to keep us entertained at the moment! I would love to see a shoe collection or a hair care/self care routine. Stay safe Josie xx

  98. Tam says:

    Hello Josie, l loved freddy’s “wardrobe challenge putting outfits in 2 minutes”, and would love to see it from you

  99. Sabrina At home says:

    Hey beautiful, how about video of your best lounge wear 💋 thanks

  100. Lia says:

    The woman on facial should wear a face mask I think, especially now …

  101. Merry says:

    I must have missed what you said about your new ring!

  102. Colin Butterfield says:

    I have got the liz early set stay safe 💋

  103. jacqueline mclaughlin says:

    I’m on day 7 quarantine in Spain & see this vid this am. I’m beyond disappointed. You’ve lost a follower. Cannot believe your behavior.

    • Emma Bee says:

      Not sure if this is helpful–but this was filmed at least a week before she posted it.
      Hope all is well for you in Spain!

  104. Chelsea Nicole says:

    I think a home beauty/ relaxation video would be so fun! Home facials, hair masks, pedicures. It would be extra cute if you did some with Charlie like a finance does bloggers make up. Anything that can bring a smile and a laugh. Keep your spirits up & I appreciate all the extra content 😍

  105. Liza Vandamme says:

    I see you still have the ASOS cashmere sweater from a previous season. I also still wear it, such good quality!

  106. Maureen Edwards says:

    Just started social distancing in the U.S. And self isolation because I had to fly back from a ski trip to home. Yes to lots of videos! I love when you try new recipes. Stay well.

  107. Jules mck says:

    Hi Josie, sorry to hear upcoming jobs are being cancelled. Video ideas… how to choose lipstick/eye shadow shades to match you colouring or outfit. Tips on organising your wardrobe to help pull together a look quickly and get the most wear out of your clothes. How you wash and take care of your clothes, which fabrics to look for when buying certain items and why they’re good. At home self-care ideas when you can’t get to beautician, hairdresser etc. Thanks 😊 x

  108. SleeplessInOhio1 says:

    Can’t believe you missed the holes in the underarm of your cashmere sweater. Might want to do a bit of mending.

  109. EmiliaL says:

    I would also like some kind of lounge wear haul. Love to watch your videos like always. ❤️

  110. Elizabeth Camping says:

    PLease don’t worry, we are all in this together! Anything you film we would love. How about a shop my wardrobe, a my favourite things I own, 💕

  111. Bonnie Bryant says:

    Hi Josie I know you love him. But please never wear jewelry when working out. It is so hard on it especially rings. I never wear my rings when working out.

  112. Bianca Gosselin says:

    Thank you for the video Josie! I would love extra content! Maybe something on how you organise your clothes? Closet tours and when you bring spring/ summer clothes down from your loft 💖

  113. Petra van Rijsewijk says:

    Why you have these fake eyelashes! You are prettig from yourself. It looks cheaps😕

  114. Isidora Randjelovic says:

    I would love to see your shoe collection

  115. natalia herzanych says:

    thank you)

  116. L A says:

    Yes please I would love to see the spring edit (and shoe collection and wardrobe clearout) 🙂

  117. Zaynab Shabir says:

    Well done for keeping yourself up to date with all the latest information in regards to the growing Coronavirus pandemic and for taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. <3

  118. Doaa Nasser says:

    Shoe collection video and jewelry collection video and positive videos also and some crafts at home and some cooking also might be useful ❤❤

  119. Erana Breitmeyer says:

    Josie, I’d love to do some baking or cooking with you!! I’m not sure what your access to the shops is like, in New Zealand everything is fine, although a few empty shelves for odd bits and pieces (nothing to panic about), but instead of purchasing pre-packaged food, I’d love to do some baking with the kids. Keep your chin up lovely…xxx

  120. Marie Kristine Bontuyan says:

    Old fashion Daily Vlogs😊. They are the best to watch.

  121. Ainoha EA says:

    Josie, could you please tell us where the beautiful soft blue dress is from (its hanging on your wardrobe towards the end of your video)? I have a wedding in a few months (if coronavirus allows it) and think would look lovely. I write from Spain and we are in quarantine, only allowed to leave our houses to go to the supermarket, pharmacy or GP / hospital. Most of us are not working as businesses are closed. I honestly don’t know when this will end… Thank you!

  122. Claudia Ghartey says:

    Yes, please… I would love to see your daily video 🤗🤗🤗

  123. Tiffany Rodriguez says:

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    • eizhowa says:

      In my country we are encouraged to spend as much money as possible on items that can be delivered. If the businesses can’t keep open by delivering to peoples homes they won’t have a job.

    • arthurtheaardvark13 says:

      Elisa F my opinion is that our health is also very much linked to our economy. A poor economy leads to bad physical and mental health, so either way we’re screwed. We must find a way to improve both at the same time.

    • Amanda John says:

      @Jaana Garber Just wanted to say small world and love stumbling on a little hometown connection. I’m also in Atlanta xoxo

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    • Jackline Mugo says:

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      – If we don’t order, the company may not be able to pay the delivery guys so that they can get through this tough season

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  222. Heather Valentine says:

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  223. Alexandra Kloss says:

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  224. Odalys Alvarez says:

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    • Zara M says:

      Fashion Mumblr Thank you! ❤️ that means so much! Xx

    • Fashion Mumblr says:

      Zara M congratulations! I hope your plans don’t get disrupted with the virus! Head to one of the videos on my Be My Bride video, we filmed one with SJ – head makeup artist from bareMinerals with lots of wedding day makeup tips!

  236. Lana Del Slay says:

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    Josie 🌸 darling, Happy 1st day of Spring 💚… Acknowledging all that is simple & beautiful… Catching up w/a myriad of things… I enjoy spending time w/you… The River Island dress is lovely, I might try styling it as a tunic 🤗

  238. Vera Griffin says:

    It is great to see someone with a cheerful face amongst this gloom. You have so many beautiful things Josie, you don’t need to worry about buying anything new. Maybe you could film a daily clothing style video with all your existing clothes and accessories including bags and shoes. You could break it up into casual, formal, night time wear etc- also your little dogs are always a hit with many viewers, so more screen time with the doggies would be lovely.

  239. Dee Ann says:

    Josie, you are so adorable with your fur babies! You should write some children’s books staring Dexie and Dickens!

  240. Emily Gillett says:

    What about how you going to decorate your apartment.

  241. Alinka says:

    Hi Josie, would love to see your fine jewelry collection, please!

  242. Kerry Farrell says:

    A stylish lounge wear haul would be greatly appreciated.

    Also pamper sessions at home video would be good… as in what we can do without going spa/beautician xx

  243. Sadie O’Leary says:


  244. Miriam Maciel says:

    ❣ stay safe you and your Lovely family, and make sure your mom stays healthy and safe. See you soon.

  245. Julie Allan says:

    A tidy up the wardrobe video

  246. SNR says:

    Thanks for your cheerful and inspiring videos Josie ♥ Some possible videos i) how to style different hairstyles for work and events, how to actually do it step by step and the products to use, so we can practice if spending more time at home, and then will be ready for when things are back to normal ii) how to sell new/ nearly new clothes/ bags/ shoes online as there seem different places to do this but what is best for these, step by step, iii) an at home spa day, with a home work out, iv) maybe an updated how to start a blog, with things to consider, what to expect, whether to use a blogging website template positives and negatives, and whether you need to be specific in your niche or leave it more general eg fashion/ lifestyle to start with, as for some who will be at home this could be the ideal time to get started and keep occupied ♥

  247. Jake & Mandy says:

    Staple Shoe collection – yes please!!

  248. Caitlin Camody says:

    I don’t usually comment on videos but just a quick note from Canada to say thanks for continuing to create content. This is helping me get through so much stress right now.

  249. Emmy Patten says:

    Video Idea: You may remember I commented a while back about how I’d love to see a full video of “a day in the life of the Boys”, with full commentary by you and Charlie! Always cracks me up when the two of you speak on their behalf! Still very very keen to see this- would make us all smile!

  250. Brain Storm says:

    I’m in quarantine for 8 days now and already going crazy 🙁 I’ve been sick and am now recovering.
    Loving your video’s is a nice distraction! I would love to see:
    – shoe, handbag, jewelry collection
    -beauty tips and at home treatments with stuff you can get at the grocery store
    – beauty tips from your travels different cultures etc what the local women did
    – house tour
    – dog walk vlog tour of your local area nature and stuff
    – easy meal tips recepies

    stay safe everyone, sending out the highest intention for all of us, we will beat this <3

  251. Asma Al-Sammarraie says:

    More! And stay strong & classy 😉💪

  252. Ali Kovacs says:

    Thanks josie babe love you as well take care xxx

  253. Ali Kovacs says:

    Oh babe speaking of decluttering I have that to do this saturday

  254. Ali Kovacs says:

    Awwww josie I’m so glad you have your beautiful cream skirt babe

  255. Dr. Pamela Chollet says:

    You are the personification of a Disney Princess 🙂

  256. Ali Kovacs says:

    But babe before I had to be in lockdown I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a beautiful facial cleansing brush pale pink from tk max I love it it even oscilates

  257. Debby Townsend says:

    What would be nice Aswell is a giveaway of some of the beauty products you have when you do a beauty clearout….. That would cheer me up anyway to win a beauty gift

  258. Ali Kovacs says:

    But hopefully babe I rang my aunt in sheffield and she said I can go over to hers for easter so I’m just hoping

  259. Paula Alarcón says:

    Please! The more videos the better. I love your style and your spirit. It is very inspiring. I have chronic asthma so I am part of the risk population group so I have to self isolate to be safe. I understand and get you feeling sad because you can not see your mum, my parents live 1000km away and they were coming to visit this weekend because tomorrow is my birthday but everything got cancelled so I am really sad too. How are you coping with it?? 😔 Although it is better safe than sorry and it is better to stay at home.
    As video ideas, I would love to see how to style white boots, and white mules in different seasons. I would LOVE A SHOE COLLECTION. Maybe you could also do outfits to work from home. Sending you lots of love from Chile. Be safe ❤️

  260. Debby Townsend says:

    A home gym workout video maybe , receipes in the thermo mix with a few ingredients due to all the panic buying

  261. Linda Mai says:

    Do you have holes in your beige jumper underneath your armpits? 😲😱 Thought this only happens to me 😜😅

  262. Ali Kovacs says:

    Plus babe I cant go meet my best friend who is like a sister to me elaine who lives in derbyshire so I cant wait until things get back to normal I live in newark uk

  263. Jessica Simon says:

    Nothing makes me happier than Josie’s dog voice 😂😂

  264. Ali Kovacs says:

    Oh yes babe speaking of the coronavirus I had to have my four day trips cancelled so

  265. Alexandra Ariel says:

    Stay safe darling , you are so special and dear. Don’t want you to fall ill.

  266. Jeannee Waseck says:

    Josie, that’s actually a good idea! I had a mother-in-law who wore her “fake wedding ring” any place she was afraid it might be stolen – like in a hospital.

  267. Ali Kovacs says:

    Babe you are so fortunate having all these treatments I’m saving up myself

  268. Vicki Bell says:

    I like what I eat in a day videos.

  269. Lovely Places To Visit says:

    Take care, dear Josie! We will enjoy your videos anyway, let’s hope all these hard times will soon pass! Maybe try to film another q&a video with Charlie, how to cook something good, relaxing things to do at home and any kind of styling video for spring season. Big hugs! 🤗(greetings to Dexter and Dickens too!).

  270. Ali Kovacs says:

    Josie babe is ipl expensive ?

  271. Isabelle Fisher says:

    Night wear!!! Robes etc…. x

  272. Rachel Moseson says:

    Can’t wait for lots more videos to help us get through so much time away from the world. Would you share some of your tips on working from home?

  273. Abigail Franco says:

    Wow I wanted the pear ring and the links don’t work 😂😂 it’s a sign, I need to not shop

  274. Isabelle Fisher says:

    Please do fashion edit ASAP as online shopping is closing down!

  275. Ali Kovacs says:

    Josie babe your dogs are beautiful bless them

  276. Ali Kovacs says:

    Omg I forgot josie babe I cant go out to get them because I’m on lockdown

  277. Joan Walters says:

    Yes, Yes !!! ….from Mid-South, in U. S. A. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN😫.

  278. Ali Kovacs says:

    Oh josie babe thank you you have just reminded me I need more brow wax and bronzer

  279. JeSuisJusteMoi says:

    My uni has gone remote for the rest of the semester (approx 6 weeks) so I’m now working at home and teaching classes online. I’m staying home as much as possible, most of my weekly appointments are now moving to video conferencing. There’s a few things appointments I need to go out for that at the moment haven’t been cancelled, but we’ll see. Phoenix isn’t in total lock down (yet) but the number of cases is going up daily. I’m grateful to have content like your videos to watch while I’m at home, it makes being here feel a bit less lonely and less isolating. Would love to see your spring edit if you move that up. Also would love just about anything else you wanted to film lol. Routine videos, baking/cooking, working from home tips, mindfullness/relaxation tips or routine (if you have one), heck, you could just set a camera up at puppy level and let it run for an hour and upload that. 🙂

  280. Ali Kovacs says:

    Josie babe I’m so glad you are ok through all this madness in the world

  281. Lucy Campbell says:

    Love your phone case Josie! Where’s it from?

  282. Aurnee Rahman says:

    I would love an early start to the spring videos! And would love a shoe collection video. Stay safe, Josie!

  283. Amy says:

    So looking forward to your beauty collection/clearout and would love to see a shoe collection, any other clearouts, as well as a video on what to wear when working from home to feel comfy but put together 🙂

  284. k315189 says:

    loving the puppy content, yesss! haha 🙂

  285. Beverley Roberts says:

    You could do what I eat in a day. Or a Q&A with you and Charlie. Or at home vlog, yours are never boring Josie.x😊

  286. angel franco says:

    Your pajamas collection 😊💕

  287. Ali Kovacs says:

    Good morning josie babe you are so beautiful and congratulations on your engagement xxx

  288. Beverley Roberts says:

    I think we are all being affected in some way by the news at the moment. But watching interesting and upbeat videos like yours Josie is just what’s needed! I love your vlogs and catch ups, keep them coming! x 😊

  289. Amy says:

    Dear Josie, I ordered the beautiful straw bag with the pearl handles from Zara the day your haul went life and received it in the post today – along with a few more gorgeous finds 😉 I couldn’t be more pleased with my order, it really lifted my spirits in this difficult time. Thank you for keeping us up to date on the latest in fashion when we barely dare to leave the house anymore. Hugs from Germany xx

  290. Jane R says:

    Aww Josie, don’t worry, we will get through this, especially if you keep bringing sparks of joy to us. I always love your creativity in the kitchen, home, garden as well as your impeccable style & I’m always interested to hear what you are reading & listening to. You & Char stay safe & your boys too xx

  291. Raquel Aguilar says:

    I could relate when you talked about things getting serious and your events being canceled. I am from El Salvador (Central America) and here the whole country was shut down early on, the entry of foreign nationals was stopped quite some time ago (perhaps that is why we only have one case registered). As an interpreter who works with English speakers, obviously all my events have been canceled with all of the consequences that this will bring for me. Anyway, I very much appreciate your content because I enjoy it very much and it keeps my mind from all this messy situation. I hope we all try to stay at home so that all this goes away soon.

  292. Kari says:

    Thank u!🤩 i love it, looks amazing! Stay positive & safe💖✨

  293. Sara Ramalho says:

    I absolutely LOVE the blue dress on the background!!! Where is it from? <3

  294. L U C I says:

    You really do have a nice glow in this video. I’m sorry the plans you had fell through, it’s an uncertain time especially for vloggers. Let us know what else we can do to support? Vlog options?: A shoe collection, sit down make up tutorials, Q&A’s with Charlie (there are loads of options in that department such as how you met etc…), what’s in your pantry, kitchen setups and ideas, etc. There are so many ideas so try not to let it effect you too much and this to shall pass ☺️😃👍🏽 👋🏽

    • Fashion Mumblr says:

      L U C I Rhs k you so much – I’m just going to try to keep creating as much content as possible!

  295. Natalia Jakubowska says:

    I love you and your videos. I’m watching you for last five years, but please don’t go in public places… It’s so unsafe for you and others… Uk gonna soon experience really huge spike…

  296. neitilusikka says:

    Thank you for the video. We are living partly in isolation. Outing can be done, but you have to avoid over 10 ppl meetings, buying groceries is acceptable. I would love to have a video of how to motivate yourself to be productive; closet tour, dress collection, bag collection, shoe collection etc. Also maybe clearout videos and switching your wardrobe from winter to spring, maybe some walks with dogs and your daily life in the house.

  297. Barwry Officials says:

    Yeah we have pretty much all the time immigration here mixed Rex with very

  298. Kiki Mercer says:

    I was just thinking about shoes and styling when you mentioned them. I so enjoy all of what you gift us with. In the US, Boston area, we are all in isolation. Your vlogs are a cheerful encouragement.

  299. Maria Attard says:

    Would love to know where the blue hanging dress is from ❤️

  300. Randi Conniffe says:

    I love your videos and know this was completely unintentional; however, the link for the foundation is redirecting to two servers in China and they attempted to exploit a browser bug to infect the visting pc. It seems to have been taken down but still need to remove it.

  301. Kelli DiFrancesco says:

    I have the ring that you are wearing while waiting for your engagement ring to be fixed. I bought it to wear when my wedding set is being cleaned etc. 🙂

    Bring on the spring edit. I’m losing my mind… Just about everything is shut down – even schools. I’m in the US.

  302. Maria Otrompke says:

    I have the same Pandora rings. I got them for Valentine’s Day last year, I love them!

  303. clairvoyance2 says:

    FYI the “crown” on the ring is a wedding band. A lot of people use this type of wedding band when they have elongated center stones. It is pretty though!

  304. ESTER BENJAMIN says:

    Love everything you do, I actually changed my style inspiered by you.
    P.S. need some steaching under arm on your lovely sweeter 😘

  305. Positivity And Grateful says:

    Last night I dreamed about getting ready for my wedding but my hairdresser didn’t want to do my hair because of covid pandemic 🤣

  306. ElizzabethHope says:

    Will you give us an update if you end up liking the Ren dark spot treatment?!

  307. Alexa Rickard says:

    Hi Josie! So happy to see your smiling face online today. I recently purchased some shoes from Dune London and am so glad to have heard about them from you. What is the long powder blue dress for? That’s not normally a color you’d wear – but I love it! I’d certainly give a watch to a beauty clear-out video (really any organizing, clean out topics), or loungewear haul, or what you eat in a day (from your cupboards, since the stores are near-empty), or doggie content! xo from SF.

  308. Andrea Pirringer says:

    Are there holes in your sweater?
    Such a beautiful lavender dress in the background.

  309. Robin McHardy says:

    what happened to your jumper OMG 😀 would not expected that from you lol

  310. Chrissy says:

    Since we’re all locked down… maybe a loungewear video…. or tips to make yourself feel better when you have ‘cabin fever’…. or oh, def the spring edit…. casual outfits to lift spirits while at home….

  311. Vivien Mcnaul says:

    Do it. Keep us up to date on fashion and tips.

  312. lischiAK says:

    Video ideas:
    – very indept closet tour like showing what you have and not timelaps (also shoes if you like)
    – “one hour” of just dexter and dickins playing (I need some happiness)
    – home workout?! (cause we can’t go to the gym)
    – spring cleaning
    – fun things to do at home

  313. Μαρια Μπουτελ says:


  314. joyce holmes says:

    yes please do a shoe collection!

  315. Kerishma Malik says:

    Video idea- Hi Josie, many of us are new to working from home while I see you do it quite a bit. Why not do a series of videos on things like tips to be productive, looking and feeling stylish, managing relationships in close quarters while working from home. I think it will be super interesting. Love you and your videos and hope this situation resolved soon. ❤️❤️

  316. Paola says:

    What do you tink about ig fashion video? Or new outfit idea like 1 pieces different look? 😉

  317. Mary Bissell says:

    Yes to spring edit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any content you want is great. Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable while doing it! I’d love to see your shoes to get ideas, since I definitely need some more.

    So nice to come home and relax with this after the battle I’ve just had getting food. You are a jewel on youtube.

  318. Maria Kowalska says:

    love from Poland ,
    I love your movies from cleaning and browsing your cosmetics or clothes collection, bags, shoes or accessories is very motivating and you can discover so many treasures. I would like to take a lot of things that you give away

  319. Michelle Goessling says:

    Can I ask which lip color you’re wearing in the cab scene after you drop off your ring?

  320. Vanessa Hart says:

    Hi Josie it was my daughters 22nd Birthday on Saturday and i bought her that ring from Pandora she was thrilled.I have blonde hair and have been seriously ill since February being hospitalised twice with pneumonia then gastroenteritis because i have low immune system my hairdresser can not come and do my roots for at least 12 weeks do you have any tips? I havent had my hair done since January 😱Keep well stay safe and thank you for your positivity xx

    • Vanessa Hart says:

      Fashion Mumblr thank you i will give it a try .Desperatly in need of feeling like me again 😘xx stay well

    • Fashion Mumblr says:

      Oh my goodness so sorry to hear about this – the only thing I could suggest is the Batiste Blonde spray – have you tried that? xxx

  321. Kirst says:

    Great video keep them coming. Where are the gorgeous hooped earrings from that you have on nearer the end of the video?!❤️

  322. Ai Sazara says:

    Josie, you have the loveliest jewellery pieces; a video on your collection would be very welcome. But definitely will watch anything you put up – you always do the best videos. Stay safe and looking forward to your next video!

  323. Elaine Kirk says:

    Josie you have a hole under you right arm of your camel coloured sweater x

  324. Mira Bhatt says:

    What do you wear underneath the riverisland dress? It looked see through in the shop? Xx

  325. Em Reardon says:

    How about some thermomix recipes?? Monthly favourites? Decluttering videos? Home workout routine? Stay safe Josie sending lots of love ❤️

  326. tuin says:

    I am obsessed with that red and white bow sweater behind you. The combination of that with the dotted skirt ❤

  327. Shannon Conway-Glenn says:

    Hi Josie! Looking gorgeous as always! I love your bow jumper and pink skirt hanging up in the background at the beginning of the video – could you tell me where they are from? x

  328. Semi Country Living says:

    Great vlog!!!! Can you tell us (or perhaps you have already) which brand of self tanner you use AND…do you use it on your face? It’s so natural!!! So needed your video since we’ve been in lockdown!!!

  329. Loreto Eche says:

    When are we going to see some wedding themed videos? I’m dying to see how your wedding is going to be; stunning for sure ❤️❤️

  330. Judith B says:

    You have holes in your armpit in 10:45 min check if you have moth at home 🏠😘

  331. Char N. says:

    Ur skin is gorgeous!

  332. Yvonne Bremberg says:


  333. Susan Tescione says:

    I was about to ask how you got these kinds of services at the Four Seasons. All personal services, barbershops, and salons are closed here. All non-essential services are closed. Schools are closed. We have over 1200 tested corona virus cases in this state with close to 70 deaths. I’m astounded that they actually had an event. Everyone over the age of 60 has been asked to self quarantine.

  334. currrvyldy says:

    Please be careful, and this is ment kindly, about touching your face! X

  335. Alexia Serra says:

    Where is your phone case from ??

  336. Taylor Morello says:

    Loved this video! Yes please do a shoe collection!! 🙂

  337. Emily says:

    Rings are stunning – it’d make for a lovely wedding band. Do you have any wedding plans? x

  338. vallebeth val hairston says:

    Working from home thankful that I can everyone stay healthy and safe

  339. Michele Lupe-Bowe says:

    Darling girl don’t be afraid. Very sensible not to visit mom or grandparents at this time. I had to put my business on hold, all my events canceled. We will get through this all together. Positive thoughts =positive life. Mwah.

  340. Chiara Cervo says:

    This is exactly what I need after 2 weeks in lockdown ❤️ stay safe everyone 🙏🏼

  341. vallebeth val hairston says:

    Bring on the Spring Edit and I love my Dyson Air wrap so worth the money

  342. NPC12345678 says:

    Revolve: 100% polyester or 100% rayon dress: $350

  343. Arabella Magnolia says:

    Don’t you know you are supposed to be self isolating….if you don’t care about yourself….(other than your vanity)….how about caring about others….

    • Fashion Mumblr says:

      Arabella Magnolia yes darling. As I said multiple times in this video, it was filmed over a week ago when there were NO talks of self isolation in london.

  344. Sara's_Secrets says:

    It’s really nice to have something positive to watch amid this general quarantine and virus situation, keep your spirits up Josie! Love your Pandora ring, but the De Beera one is still a favourite, hope you get it back soon! Thank you for keeping up with your schedule and giving us fun and relaxing content, it’s greatly appreciated! Be safe and keep your little dog chaps safe too!

  345. Catherine 7171 says:

    It would be lovely to see your jewellery collection 💕

  346. blueshoes915 says:

    Embarrassed of your perfect, non-blow dried hair!?! Ooooookkkaaayyy….🤔

  347. unacucciola says:

    Spring edit from home us brilliant as you will cheer us up everyday! We can’t wait to watch your videos as always nice to watch xx

  348. Amelie May says:

    josie you are a hero. i have been so bored, constantly refreshing my sub box and thank god you’ve uploaded haha

  349. Renske Klijn says:

    Needed the distraction today 💕

  350. unacucciola says:

    I am so happy for your new ring! I need new ring because my finger got too chubby …. but he says make your fingers skinnier again lol

  351. Roz hasan says:


  352. Fashion Mumblr says:

    Hi darlings! So this vlog was filmed a week ago, I just had to move some things around – but WOW how things have changed so much in a week! Anyway, I hope you enjoy a 30+ minute break from all the madness. Stay safe darlings xxxxx

    • Ellyn Waldman-Kaplan says:

      Josie, your videos are a much-needed break from the sad reality of the world’s challenges. I for one always enjoy them but now it’s a huge escape for me and many others…. KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE! Stay safe and healthy. xo

    • Kay Lang says:

      Love to see your sweet pups!  Would love to know what you feed them to keep them healthy–their coats look so healthy!  Stay well!

    • Cassidy93 says:

      Hi Josie,
      Totally not Corona related, but I’ve noticed that there are holes(?!) in the knit that you’re wearing (at 26:36)… So maybe it’s time to film a closet declutter??
      PS: I really love the way that you also share dupes when you come across them

    • Gayle Kertzman says:

      Fashion Mumblr thank you for this note. I was wondering why you were going out when we’ve been told to stay home. The reality is that most of our situations have changed in a week and we are worried about our health and loosing our jobs. While we need a distraction from the world outside, many of us will need to watch our discretionary spending and focus on the necessities. Please adjust your content accordingly. Hugs and kisses from Toronto, Canada

    • Kim Thomas says:

      You are a beacon of light in the darkness!

  353. Tanvi Chitre says:

    You look great even without makeup. 💕
    Edit: I had commented before finishing the video so probably there are going to be more edits. 😅 This one came after pausing for Dixie and Dexter. Make more videos with them. ❣️

    • Tanvi Chitre says:

      @Fashion Mumblr I got lazy with my edits but you looked like a doll in that dress with Dune sandals, so elegant at laser hair removal clinic, and just gorgeous throughout!
      Yes, shoe clear out would be a nice video idea. Also, spending a day at home with Charlie and the babies. ❤️ Or even a day in the dogs’ lives.😅

    • Fashion Mumblr says:

      Tanvi Chitre hehe my babies are the best!

  354. Nikita S says:

    Nice vlog! I always love the unboxings and “what’s in my bag”s

  355. ann hans says:

    🤣 You are like my daughter, she will get her eyes done and wear no other makeup.

  356. Gb Crowne says:

    Great to see your video today! The ring is stunning! 💖

  357. Unicorn Lala says:

    We schedule weather / blue skies too? 😄

  358. Naomi Delia says:

    OMG ❤

  359. Rabina Kashyap says:

    I never been this early for a video. Time’s been very bad these past few weeks. Thanks for keeping us happy with your hardwork. Love your video darling and stay safe 🤞 💕☀️

  360. Julia M says:

    First ??!♡♡♡

  361. Ivana D says:

    Bellaa primer comentario!!

  362. Nancy Foster says:

    Yay new vlog!!! Perfect inspiration for the morning

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