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Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel! Today, i am so excited to show you my new rings! Thank you to Everly Rings for sending such a beautiful set. If you would like to customize your own set, go to Let me know in the comments down below what you think! xo

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  1. Diedra Fritzges says:

    Actually, cubic zirconia is one of the most common diamond simulants. I highly doubt they are using moissanites, because these would have been advertised as such, not to mention the price would have been much higher. The price is just too low for the stone to be anything else than a CZ. I think you might have confused “simulated diamonds” with “synthetic diamonds” – the difference is explained well on GIA website 🙂

  2. M Watts- Riley says:

    “Stunning” said 7x with in the first 4m. Ahhh. M. IL.

  3. M Watts- Riley says:

    Your hands will fly off your wrist is you cant stop flopping them around. M. IL.

  4. Gantsilyo Baguio Yarns says:

    Watch the review from All These Things TV too. She shared her own experience with the Everly Rings.

  5. sugarplumfairy20101 says:

    For long were you using them before recommend them? I would love to know if they tarnish after 3 or 6 months or regular use.

    • Ling says:

      sugarplumfairy20101 Mine started looking like cheap jewelry after 3 months of regular use. I never got it wet, never got products on it, etc. I took great care of it but the quality definitely diminishes after a short period of time. It hasn’t tarnished however or turned my finger green which is good.

  6. sugarplumfairy20101 says:

    Or if you just can/want invest in a 10,000 diamond ring…..just saying.

  7. M Watts- Riley says:

    Is she in the bathroom?

  8. joym824 says:

    What a great set!

  9. Anj Cone says:

    How are the rings holding up? I see a lot of reviews that they tarnish quickly

    • ILove Diamonds says:

      Any fake stones that is not diamond will tarnish. Yes diamond gets dirty from daily wear but you can wash it as much as you like and it will shine bright and new. Try doing that with the fake and you’ll have a piece of junk tossed in the garbage after a few washes.

    • Ashhhhhhhhhhh86 says:

      @Joy Munro This is very interesting news…So I bought a ring from them and the stones fell out literally like day that I got it in the mail. I was so sad about it, but quickly contact Everly and they were not able to refund me and or exchange the ring because it was “on sale” at that current moment. I will never purchase from this company again. Glad you had a great experience, as I did not.

    • Joy Munro says:

      Anj Cone they do have instructions for daily care and a cleaner to use. It will only tarnish quickly if people are not properly taking care of them! The same goes with my real diamond ring, it’s gets dirty not as shined when I don’t take them off when cleaning/cooking/etc. Everly rings hold up really well!

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