Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?

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24 responses to “Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?”

  1. Puppycute288 says:

    Her: Transport them in to the unknown

    Me: *iNtO tHe uNkNoWN*

  2. Jolina Dilan says:

    Israel? What’s that

  3. Waranle says:

    Another fake story by fox lies

  4. Wesley Thiessen says:

    You did not answer your own question. Why do you make a video with the title being a question and then not answer it? Is that because you don’t know?

  5. James Watson says:

    Interesting, especially the bit about the Crown Jewels. Still, providing any affirmation to the female who calls herself something like Beyond Sane is disgraceful, especially in this context. The sexually trashy behaviour of ‘entertainers’ like her cheapens sex itself, resulting in the weakening of marriage. (This is fairly obvious, but a recent news article goes into a bit more detail: .)

  6. Conservative Minuteman says:

    She talked about why it goes on third finger but didn’t say why it’s on the left hand. This story just BS. I expect this from all the no name youtube channels, but not Fox News. Did the person responsible for writing the title even watch the video?

  7. ipressedabutton says:

    if your right handed and you go in for the ass-finger-bang, it’s a lot safer.

  8. Robert Stingley says:

    I’ve heard, it’s because your left hand is closer to your heart?

  9. Randall Hayden says:

    Insufficient explanation.
    What does the nonsense Chinese story have to do with The West?

  10. DLAnder says:

    Mrs used to mean property of Mr.

  11. Lee Fraug says:

    tell us more about gay weddings.

  12. queenjazz1 says:

    People have been “putting rings on it” way longer than Beyoncé has been around.

  13. Sean Wardman says:

    Worst, most factually inaccurate story fox has done in a long time.

  14. LovedByTheMostHigh YHWH says:

    It’s pagan…origins go much deeper than this

  15. Jim BobbleHead says:

    What a crock of sh!t.
    How about the majority of humans are right handed?
    Wouldn’t want that big rock getting knocked off doing the dishes or making me a sandwich.

  16. RAMAN RAZROLA says:

    No dont put any ring on it … You fell in love or getting married its your life why to pay these idiots any money .. Marry as cheap as possible with Legal Documents In court with pure instincts .. thats whats all count … fuck Rings .. Cant Afford them even if your are a Billionaire and not marring A gold digger .. Simple as fuck yep the fuck is the only thing thats needed in honeymoon not a million dollar Yacht with a floppy dick XD

  17. Macs M. says:

    News Flash! history flunkies, the ring is placed on the RIGHT hand in all Roman Catholic cultures EXCEPT the U.S. Even in South America it goes on the right hand. In the Catholic faith, nuns have a gold ring representative of becoming the “bride of Christ” when they take their final vows which is placed on the LEFT hand. Haven’t we had enough of ignorant people who rattle off whatever is floating around in their vacuous skulls trying to pass it off as “wisdom”?

  18. Angel c says:

    Why are they trying to bring religions together or cultures?

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