Our Ethical Wedding Rings (I surprised her!)

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Leah and I got married and knew right away that we didn’t want typical rings. In the end, we found a unique way to create something meaningful, that’s ethical too.

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  1. Levi Hildebrand says:

    Leah and I are super lucky to have jewellery that was passed down to us, but there’s lots of ways to upcycle your rings. If you have any ideas or solutions that you’ve used comment them below!

    • redwindow says:

      Are you in YYJ? So am I. Who is the artist who did this for you. I would love to do the same and support someone local.

    • Lovely Laura says:

      I could hardly see the screen my eyes are so blurry with tears Ahh I’m so happy for you two!! I’ve only recently discovered your channel but oh my goodness i love this!! I love what you are doing! ❤


    • Will says:

      Might we ask who the local artist is? Would love to see more of her stuff!

    • Hacker 101 says:

      The best couple of 2018 ❤️

  2. minhster says:

    Old video but still so priceless!

  3. Zuriel García says:

    That’s real love right there!!! Hope you guys stay happy forever!!

  4. Hala Rahman says:

    This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen get rid of it immediately

  5. Owlmoon says:

    Leah & Levi are actual couple goals. You guys are the cutest 💖

  6. Keith Garcia says:

    This was a great video. Belated congratulation to both of you. It was pleasant diversion on a hectic day.

  7. HeyItsKJ says:


  8. Tam McPhail says:

    Too cute. But not fair, they’re trying not to do the ugly cry 😆

  9. Llama Sugar says:

    He’s right. It was awesome. ❤️

  10. Lok Yee See says:

    Love this do much! This idea has been my dream since I watched blood diamond when I was a kid!

  11. solopaty Lopez says:

    Couple goals 💜👏

  12. Donna Forward-Houriet says:

    Doh, you two are adorable 🙂

  13. Crystal Wisdom says:

    Would love to know who the local artist is who you worked with❤️such a beautiful story!!!!

  14. K. L. says:

    Aaaawww ♥️♥️😍

    We did something similar for my wedding. We had gotten gold jewellry from my mother in law before she passed away in cancer. She told us specifically to make something else out of them. So we got that gold recykled into wedding rings ☺️ At a local place. We felt that she would have really loved that.

    You two are so sweet ♥️ I wish you joy and happy long lives together ♥️♥️♥️

  15. Agnė Zolubaitė says:

    This is a super great idea. Tbh me and my fiancee decided to do a similar thing just influenced by your story. Thanks for sharing it ♥️

  16. Kaitlyn Busey says:

    My husband got my engagement ring from a local family owned pawn shop whom we have known for a long time. The ring is absolutely beautiful and the diamonds are incredible. After having it appraised they told us we got a fantastic deal. Now for our 5th year anniversary this year he got me a gorgeous upgrade from the same pawn shop, Same deal got it appraised and got a fantastic deal on the ring! So if you’re like us and didn’t have beautiful heirlooms passed down maybe you could check out local shops like we did. Especially if you don’t want to buy from big name jewelers. Just a thought ☺️

  17. RetroZ says:

    Dude is wearing vans though

  18. Jessica G. says:

    So funny to hear you say your name. Hildebrand is a common last name here in Germany and of course it sounds a bit different when Germans say it.

  19. Tweetie Bird says:

    My grandma (now 94 years old) misplaced her wedding ring less than 2 years into her marriage. Gramps was like “Tough Luck, I’m not replacing it.”
    So for their many, many years of marriage, Gramps wore his ring and Grandma had her hand bare. It was, apparently, mortifying on many occasions when they’d need a hotel room during a trip or even when out on a date night together. Looots of presumptions that she must be “the Other Woman”! But they’re both stubborn, so no replacement was ever purchased and I couldn’t inherit a ring even if I wanted.

    And given I’ve got 5 siblings+cousins older than me, the chances of being gifted a family ring even if one did exist are pretty nil.
    Were I to be wed, I’d probably get a silicone band for daily wear. Maybe a simple, thin gold or silver band for special occasions. I’d never want a brand-new diamond ring.

  20. Pepper & Lime says:

    Oh my God, this is one of the purest emotion I witnessed today(it’s quite late though) so congratulations 😻🤩🤗😹😹😹

  21. Marggie Pisacano says:


  22. Jessica Setter says:

    So amazing! My wedding ring was made from my grandmother’s wedding ring too 🙂

  23. Radha Das333 says:

    Those are so beautiful and with so much meaning. I never thought of this at all. Thank you❤

  24. Emma Callery says:

    Both of you are adorable!

  25. lifeasaDIAMOND says:

    3:55 I literally lost it 😭 – such a beautiful story.

  26. PJ Lacey says:

    I have always wanted a Canadian Diamond…when my parents both passed away, I wanted to do something special with their rings but they would not fit me. A few years ago my local jewellery store hosted a day where you could trade in your gold for more than the usual market price and get something from their store. I did this and got a lovely Canadian Diamond ring that I wear every single day. It reminds me of them every time I look at it.

  27. Epiha says:

    Just discovered your channel through your Allbirds review, then Birks and now this. I really love and enjoy your meaningful content. My second Canadian Youtuber subscription.

    I must say it is refreshing to not hear you ask me to subscribe to your channel, maybe you have some where but not in the last 4 videos I’ve watched. It’s not a big deal I know but it was refreshing.

  28. Summer Leigh Miller says:


  29. Elizabeth says:

    My SIL is wearing my grandmothers wedding ring. 🥰

  30. Idk says:

    I thought it was gonna be made of plants

  31. Susie says:

    At one point I felt like I was intruding on your private moment but I liked what you had to SAY about the ring industry and how to address that (I’m really not into these ppl who go on and on about what’s wrong with this, or that, without offering any solutions – anyone can see that this world has problems but complaining about it actually makes things worse)

  32. AnonNonnyMouse says:

    I’m not crying. I have allergies.

  33. Milica Marsha Stefanovich says:

    While I applaud you both for your commitment to the planet, the actual meaning behind the rings is really the story!! Absolute perfection 💗

  34. Lisa Greene says:

    This is way to friggen cute… Love and best wishes from Dublin Ireland x p.s I totally cried ❤️

  35. The Simple Environmentalist says:

    This is such an awesome idea and it is so unique and special!

  36. Amber Lu says:

    omg the way they look at each other!!! I love this and you guys and everything about this channel 🙂

  37. Katerina Kossler says:

    I’m crying, you’re crying, this is so sweet especially after watching your wedding video!!

  38. YR says:

    The rings are beautiful and maybe one day you will pass them on as well and that is just amazing. I loved the pictures of your great grandma Harris’ wedding, too! Need to get one of those for your place. Congratulations to you both, you knew exactly how Leah would react!

  39. Elisabeth Is Me says:

    you guys are the best :’)

  40. Giselle Glover says:

    Does this jeweller have any contact info? I absolutely adore the rings, and would love to see if I can do this for my partner!!

  41. madi martin says:

    I love you guys wow

  42. Teresa Ramirez says:

    She’s going to cry and it’s going to be super awesome. Haha love it.

  43. Mikaela Emily (sapphira31) says:

    I love vintage rings. I have a small collection, and keep them repaired. I also love using family pieces to recreate new beautiful ones, with all the treasured memories.

  44. Mizo666 says:

    Best reactions ever lol xd lmfao

  45. Betty and Benny says:

    We brought our wedding rings secondhand- we couldn’t find the weight of gold brand new for the price as we didn’t have much money but I am so glad we did! Xx

  46. valerie gonzales says:

    FANTASTIC video. Subscribed. I cried, thank you for sharing this intimate and beautiful part of your life, especially love seeing your wife. We felt the same way you did, weren’t sure what to do, my husband got a second hand ring for me, and I love it. Can’t wait to see more of your journey!

  47. Mahmoud Osman says:

    I wish you have long happy loving live together. it is nice to have memories past to you from family’s. They wear the ring for a long time I hope that to you both to keep it and pass it to your grandchildren.

  48. Deo Vindice says:

    Wow. Beautiful video. Bless you two.

  49. Ally Michael says:

    I wear rings that I inherited from my grandmother’s family as well. I would love to have them updated. Can you provide a link to your jeweler?

  50. Dave Ozborne says:

    A couple of corny and ridiculous give them 3 years…

  51. olioliwoo says:

    We got our wedding rings and my engagement rings through a local jeweler. The two sapphires in my engagement ring were remnants of a larger stone that got resized by a large company. They couldn’t use the two stones since they only mass produce rings, so our jeweler was able to get them and recycle them into my ring. You don’t necessarily need to find the stones you want to use yourself, a local jeweler might have contacts like these.

  52. ewuniunia says:

    You are one if my favoritue peoples on the world 😊 it was beautiful what you did and how you did it 😁👏👏👏

  53. Br. Josh1198 says:

    I am a 30-year-old dude and I started crying when you gave her the ring.

    • Levi Hildebrand says:

      I’ve had guys my dads age say that. No judgement here friend. Thanks for the comment. 🙏🏼

  54. KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant says:

    That was such a beautiful story. I just loved Leah’s reaction too. FYI my engagement ring is an estate ring. I have imagined the love and memories that my ring holds. I love it. I’ve been wearing it now with much love and joy for just about 30 yrs. Many blessings to you both!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  55. Jeni Watkins says:

    Congrats! 😍

    I liked grandma’s ring as it was personally. But it’s great that you personalized it too

  56. Greta Kcomt says:

    My eyes burn so much from crying wtf

  57. nala says:

    i got an ad for silicone wedding bands prior to this

  58. Laura S. says:

    I love this story. I have a similar one but it’s not finished yet 🙂 We’re getting married in July in Vancouver, and I have my grandma’s ring, which has way more gold than I’ll need for just my ring, so we’re looking for someone who can make it into a ring for me using the gold and diamonds, and incorporate the rest of the gold into a ring for Adam. Choosing who to work with is a huge undertaking! How did you find your artist?

  59. alanidehmi says:

    Was a nice video , brilliant idea , keep it up

  60. Ana Lorenti says:

    Levy, thank you for sharing this very personal event, I cried too, it was so emotional and I’m so happy that you both not afraid to show how much you love each other.

  61. Annie Spillane says:

    Oh man, actual tears from my eyes! You’re too cute

  62. MotoJ90 says:

    So cool Levi! She was so surprised!

  63. Angelika Jones says:

    I had to write an essay on the topic of the blood diamond trade and it was heartbreaking to know how many children are being forced to mine them and then the diamonds are smuggled out of the home country and people are forced to cut them and smuggled into the diamond Industry.

  64. Kirsty T says:

    Lovely rings -lovely story- Congratulations

  65. Elysian S says:

    Thats a great idea of using the rings, congratulations you two!

  66. Andy P-A says:

    I have refused to watch this because I knew I would cry.

    Brb crying my eyes out.

  67. You Tube says:

    Mazal Tov Levi! I’m a fairly new sub and didn’t know you guys are married! Congratulations the rings are so creative and beautiful! I truly hope I will have success finding a creative solution too. I’ve learned about the ring industry only in a nutshell from Fair trade magazine here in Canada and also from a video by another Canadian, Verena Erin from My green closet. She has a great channel here on YouTube with a video that talks about ethical jewellery. I know that this next suggestion is one of the simplest ones, but even buying a new ring that is beautiful, using locally lab created stones, is still going to be easier on the industry than non local and mined stones. Thank you for a beautiful video!!!

  68. Kabilan Nedunchezian says:

    I am glad I watched this video!

  69. Portia Harrison says:

    Made me tear up! Amazing! Xxx

  70. Tranquility says:

    I’m grinning like the cat who ate the canary ha! Yall make a great couple. Congrats.

  71. mimprincesa says:

    I didn’t expect to tear up and sniffle like I did

  72. Andrea Young says:

    You two are absolutely adorable and I love your ring story, but, I think this is the second video with you wearing the most adorable t-shirt, bear wearing a zip sweater, I have to ask, who designed that shirt? I want to get a print of that bear!

  73. Jake Ryan says:

    I’m glad I subscribed…

  74. Esra Zora says:

    such a good idea !!

  75. Pannemat says:

    When you’re cutting onions, I’m cutting onions.
    Congratulations (from a dutchie), you beautiful people!
    It’s a special thing when a girl is able to laugh through her tears. You better hold on to her for dear life, bro.

  76. B says:

    How lovely!! My engagement ring is a family heirloom, resized. Will definitely look into sth like this for our wedding bands!

  77. Levi Simon says:

    you guys are awesome!

  78. Starlings murmuration says:

    I’m not crying, you are!

  79. Aileen Hughes says:

    Wow what an awesome story, CONGRATULATIONS! So much meaning in these rings and that’s why they’re round, it’s forever and now you two can add even more to these beautiful rings! 💖💖

  80. Joshua Davis says:

    That was really beautiful – thanks

  81. Geiger Farm says:

    I use my grandfather’s ring and my wife used her grandfather’s diamond in her ring. Keep up the good work!

  82. Susanna Hats says:

    Awe congratulations guys,that was beautiful,and rings are beautiful,ahhh who is cutting onions?!;)

  83. Jacob Pez says:

    You both, and this video, made me happy today. Y’all are precious people

  84. Kirsten's Creations says:

    I love it I used my great grandmother wedding ring and cut it in half we wear half each ….. congratulations

  85. Finco Coffee says:


  86. Gabriel McLeod-Kerr says:

    I am “like” 900!

  87. Michele Barbalet says:

    Awe. So sweet.

  88. Syamim H. says:

    Great to have a life partner that shares the same values with us. Wishing both of you more wonderful years to come.

  89. roiben issen says:

    You folks are cute! Congratulations! ❤

  90. John Wilkes Booth says:

    Your awesome

  91. Modern Gents Trading Co. says:

    Hey! awesome video. We are Modern Gents, an affordable ring company based out of California and i’m reaching out to see about partnering with you. If you’re interested feel free to send us a message.

  92. RikaPriyanti Panda says:

    Subcribe my channel in indonesia🙏😘

  93. Tim Miller Foster says:

    What the fuck is this! Fuck you JEW!

  94. Juan Molina says:

    BRO I just subbed to you about a week ago and now you’re a creator in the rise!!! That’s twice that’s happened to me I must be lucky 😂

  95. RoliePolieColie says:

    Wow! You two are so gonna be together forever.

  96. mn to agem says:


  97. Levi Palafox says:

    Live a happy life fellow Levi.

  98. Forrest Hildebrant says:

    excuse me but you have stolen my name

  99. Dohn Joe says:

    Say “jeweler”, Jew!

  100. Amanual Gafi says:

    Nice video, and congrats for being the creator of the rise. Keep up the great work!

  101. 650B_Gravelin_Ewok says:

    You pulled that off.. happy for you 🤙🏽👍🏽. The symbology behind those rings will last forever and ever.. best wishes… 🎤…..

  102. Alex Khalif says:

    Great to see 2 great people enjoying life & each others company…Mazel Tov!

  103. Adrianna H says:

    Congrats! Also are you two vegan?

  104. Gibsonsky says:

    I’m so happy for you two! 💗 I wish you every ounce of happiness.

    All of my best!

    Love from Canada 🇨🇦

  105. Anna says:

    That surprise is just so cute and funny! Also, that is a brilliant idea, I will try to find my family rings too, thanks guys 🙂

  106. Luz Angela Niuman says:

    B E A U T I F U L. WOW!

  107. Viviane Pham says:

    i’m not crying you’re crying

  108. Snaakie says:

    Hey Levi, first of all congrats!

    If you ever decide on revisiting the ethical ring ideas:
    Daniel Roosengaarde is a Dutch inventor with a studio that focuses on creating systems or installations that somehow have an environmental impact.

    One of this studios installations is a big tower that “vacuums” the open air to clean big cities of smog. There’s several of these installations in China and they seem to work well. Since this smog is mostly carbon particles they decided to use the residu that’s collected by the towers to make rings.

    The carbon is compressed and used to make the core of these “Smog Free Rings”…if you buy one you “donate” a 1000m3 of smog free air to the world.

    Pretty nice idea, isn’t it?

  109. Steve E says:

    Hell yeah Levi!

  110. Jordan Taylor says:

    I’m so glad you are happy together 💫

  111. Abbey Christine says:

    Though I don’t have any rings in the family that my boyfriend or I could use for one another, I truly do believe in conflict free rings. Whether it’s the diamond or just the recycled ring itself. It’s the one thing I’ve made very clear with my boyfriend- no real diamonds.

    • Jessica G. says:

      We don’t even have any expensive material. Our rings are made from steel. Yeah. They were not expensive, but they mean a lot to us because this region here has a long history in terms of coal and steel. And it’s also part of our family history. So no gold or diamond would have been able to have the same meaning. It’s not important to have any expensive status symbol.

    • Levi Hildebrand says:

      Great idea! However you can make it work!

  112. Chris Klappich says:


  113. ww3k says:

    Great story!

  114. Kristen Uy says:

    I tried not to cry…. i really tried! 😭😭😭😭

  115. Henri Lila says:

    you guys are so sweet <3

  116. Callie Daly says:

    This was so sweet! And what a lovely idea. You two are so sweet and I love this channel. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  117. Jonathan A says:

    You are so inspiring. I appreciate how you embody your vision and care for the environment in as many aspects of your life as you can. Thanks for sharing

  118. Manuella Frattini says:

    I am loving your channel content man! Wish u and Leah the best! Kisses from Brasil!

  119. thereyanigoes says:

    Congratulations! This is so lovely!

  120. nick. says:

    this made my heart so happy. congrats!

  121. Jordan Watts says:

    I got a little emotional on this one too. lol

  122. Phil Pap says:

    Who dislikes that?😭😍

  123. Nnete Bontsibokae says:

    I live in very hot Botswana, I wasn’t crying, my eyes were sweating 😭

  124. Nathan S says:

    You’re such a softy

  125. vivwangg says:

    Omg this is so cute, I can’t handle it.

  126. Padmashree Somanna says:

    Absolutely amazing Levi … Congratulations to the lovely couple…Loved the video…👌

  127. Srikanth Varma says:

    I subscribed liked literally 2 days ago I guess and I get to see this. EMOTIONALLLL!!! Anyways, you guys are lucky to have each other. All the best 👍

  128. Blind Hydra says:

    Congratulations!! I wish you have a lot of very happy years.

  129. Marco Tinoco says:

    This video shows so much honesty.

  130. Tearyatobitz says:


  131. Karen & Chuck Douglas says:

    Oh, Levi – cried buckets! I have a similar story, although not for the eco reason. When we married in 1972 we didn’t have a whole lot of bucks, just kids, we were. We bought simple wedding bands (which we still have, but they don’t fit any more – perhaps to pass on to granddaughters?) On our 25th anniversary Chuck took me out for dinner and presented me with a set of rings that our dear friend and artist/jewelry maker, Brian, made for me out one of Chuck’s rings, and Brian’s grandmother’s diamond wedding ring. It is very special and is unique in the world. It is a treasure. Hugs to you both.

  132. Logan Littlejohn says:

    Ya don’t have to be a hero to be a good person 😂

  133. Jill Stephenson says:

    Oh my gosh this is SO CUTE

  134. Smol Bean says:

    The people disliking this video be the diamond and jewelry companies LOL 🅱️😤🤠

  135. LunaMoon says:

    ❤️Beautiful, beautiful couple. The rings are gorgeous 👌

  136. KevInKobe says:

    Honestly more than anything having those memories included with those rings is worth more than even trying to save the world imo.

  137. Bryan Portillo says:

    I’m telling you right now, I’m subscribing before Levi becomes mainstream, he seems like a genuinely human being and I’m greatfull for founding his content and positive vibes here on YT, all the love to you and your wife!❤️🇸🇻

  138. MrZimma Frame says:

    Your ring was make from a few of my small rings which were mined for the mines in the heart of Africa by nothing but blind malnourished feet-less children. I tried to destroy the rings but they were taken from me and smelted to form one blood diamond to ruled them all!

  139. Jean Swann says:

    Well THAT was sweet!

  140. Carmen Garcia says:

    Congratulations you two!! 👏👏🎉🎉
    Update: I didn’t expect to cry but guess what?? 😂😂😭😭😭😭

  141. Quinton Huguley says:

    How could anyone dislike/thumbs down this vid? Smh. Some ppl are heartless. Such a beautiful video! Many blessings on your union and keep living your best lives together. Such an inspiration.

  142. FirstName LastName says:

    Even the wedding rings are recycled. Way to help the environment, Levi. 😄

  143. Jake's Channel says:

    Congratulations! This made me so emotional haha

  144. A P says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  145. Simon Liebentritt says:

    omg this is so cute :DD

  146. Stephanie Restless In Seattle says:

    who hit the dislike button yo????? THEY ARE FREAKING ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I showed all my coworkers this video WE LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

  147. Carlos moreno says:

    Buena campeón feliz matrimonio disfruta!!!

  148. Cameron Martindale says:

    Awesome job. Super cute!

  149. StijnRG says:

    Great video Levi! You made me cry and laugh and this made my day! Wish you all the best 😘 greetings from Utrecht!!

  150. Edith Marongwe says:

    Damn it Levi
    Now I’m crying
    I wish you both all the happiness you can get🙆🙏

  151. K D says:

    Awww, she’s adorable!

  152. Solveig St-Juste says:

    I wish you guys a long and happy relationship! You’re so cute together!

  153. Keagan Baymler says:

    This makes me so happy ☺️☺️☺️

  154. nhp says:

    i’m gonna go buy birks become vegan and find the loml brb

  155. Jacob Cox says:

    Got me fucked up right before work, thanks man 😂 keep up the good work

  156. dallas g says:

    Awesome video!

  157. F. Matsuda says:

    That is great! Congratulations! Beautiful rings and great idea. All the best in your marriage! Sappy but that is great too! I mean that in a good way! Nice to see such emotion. You are very lucky to have each other and such a caring family.

  158. Eric Lussiana says:

    Love that she’s singing aminé at 1:56

  159. Isadora Zampol says:

    Made my day!

  160. Hagar Tsesarsky says:

    congrats! so happy for you, such a good channel and couple!

  161. Kacey L says:

    That was the most ADORABLE reaction ever!! <3<3

  162. Marie-Josée Charette says:

    That was beautiful.

  163. Nurgul Quliyeva says:

    Oh okay I am gonna be honest with you guys. This actually made me cry. Loved the idea and everything about you guys. Be happy forever. 🙂

  164. Emma Kenyon says:

    I cried too watching this. My Grandmother when she was alive, got my grandad’s wring melted into a R pendant for my sister to wear. It adds even more meaning to jewellery. I hope to do this with my family rings. How did you find a willing jeweller?

    • Levi Hildebrand says:

      We emailed 4 or 5 before we found someone who was willing to do the work. I think it’s just easier to do it traditionally so people don’t do it. SO cool to hear your story, thanks for sharing.

  165. Liv Torto says:

    Congratulations to you and Leah!! Great video as always!

  166. Sara Cardoso says:

    I’m crying so much 😭 I’m so happy for you guys, i have been watching your channel quietly but this is so special!!! Congratulations to you both 💖💖💖

  167. Alisha Dsouza says:

    OMG. I love this.

  168. Magnus Offermanns says:

    So that’s probably the sweetest Video on Youtube now. You are such a sweet couple 🙂 It is also a great tradition to hand on rings. There is much too little that connects generations and it is wonderful to think not just of your significant other when you look at your ring but also of your relatives like your cool grandpa:)

  169. Eastowest Productions says:

    OMMMGGG my heart <3

  170. Caroline reilly says:

    She’s crying…..AND IM CRYING

  171. Dan L says:

    This is my favorite thing today. Congratulations!

  172. Gloria Gonzalez de la Torre says:

    This is so amazing, you get to uphold family heritage and give the rings a new life. Your adding more history to a family airloom. This video was so sweet❤️

  173. Nasim Ahmed says:

    My dudeee

  174. T S says:

    I’m so happy for you guy!

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