People are ditching diamonds and seeking these 7 wedding rings

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14 responses to “People are ditching diamonds and seeking these 7 wedding rings”

  1. james P says:

    Diamonds were never the “classic”.

  2. Michael Isidro-Hernandez says:

    Don’t fall for the diamond scam.

  3. Elizabeth Wright says:

    You can shop together, chose a few & then the groom can purchase it later.

  4. CoolBreeze Sounds says:

    What do u do if u dont like the engagement ring? My, now, fiance gave me an silver, emerald (very green) stoned ring. First off, I wear gold… I like the color green but not like that… of course Im acting like I like it but it looks like something off the QVC site… do I jus not say anything? I wanna switch the green out.

    • CoolBreeze Sounds says:

      @Relatively Presentable omg… those rings, in those links u provided, were gorgeous😍😍😍 I wish mine looked like them. I recently got it resized… and got it appraised🧐 which I shouldn’t have done… (it’s like finding out the sex of the 👶baby when you really rather had been surprised) but… I did it. And now my question is $400 a reasonable price for a ring? He makes really really good money and I was just shocked at the price. Heck, his rental car (for the weekend he visited) cost more than the ring. Perhaps I’m being a bit petty, but now that I saw the examples u provided I can definitely see me adding to the ring later on. I guess I’ll jus be thankful for how things are and the fact he tried.💍

    • Relatively Presentable says:

      Sabrina Parker On another note, I honestly think him going with the emerald is much nicer than doing something like a cluster of diamonds that gives the illusion of one larger diamond. Because everyone is going to look at your ring close up. That’s just my opinion though. I would rather have all those tiny rocks smashed together for one small rock alone on a plain band then the illusion of a larger rock until someone grabs your hand to get a closer look. Sorry for all the messages I just wanted to see if you liked any of those ideas. 🙈

    • Relatively Presentable says:

      Sabrina Parker what if you put diamonds around the emerald to bring the silver in with the green. Then you have your diamonds and the ring he got you. And then make sure that your wedding band is a diamond band so it pulls it all together. What is the shape of the emerald?
      I think this way you have a large stone and diamonds to go along with it. If adding this many diamonds is to costly I know that there’s another stone that looks just like a diamond but it’s not as strong. Still strong but maybe a good idea to add those in place of the diamonds until you either want upgrade for your 5 year anniversary so it doesn’t hurt him. That way you can have both his original ring and you get your diamond.

      Maybe like these two 👇👇

    • Random Username says:

      I’m sure the emerald will look stunning on a beautiful young lady like you, especially with your gorgeous skin tone! Hope you find a design you love 🙂

    • CoolBreeze Sounds says:

      @Random Username I do want more bling… I may have to enhance it a bit like u said. Rght now, I’m slightly embarrassed to show it off. Thanks for the advice. 🤗

  5. Victoria F. says:

    Loved this segment! Loved the rings, so much fun, so different! And, Tracy, you are a great hostess 💕

  6. Mondial says:

    I would pick the Sugarplum Morganite

  7. 4themotherload says:

    I was lucky my husband has amazing taste, tricked me into getting my fingered sized, and what he gave me was beautiful and hes added to it over the years. We had a private time when he proposed and put a ring on my finger, and I always say that was the moment we married and truly committed to each other; everything that came after was just fun.

  8. Sandy G. says:

    Diamonds are a must, the moment must be private and know what I like, classic elegance!
    If you’re not sure ask my daughters… I want to be surprised!

  9. louise says:

    Sapphires are superb

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