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Today I´m going to craft a solitaire engagement ring in platinum 950 with 1,05 Ct main diamond.


Thanks to:

BUSCH & CO 04:37 ►
Carbide burs and cutters, diamond instruments, polishers, abrasives and steel instruments.

Harrope 03:45 – Motorized camera slider

S1-Slider ►
S1-Controller ►
S1-Motor ►

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I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things.


DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this.

208 responses to “PLATINUM 1 CARAT DIAMOND RING”

  1. Pablo Cimadevila says:

    If you like the channel please, subscribe and ring the bell notifications to not miss anything. I also have INSTAGRAM . It would be great if you also follow my work there !! Thank you so much for all your nice comments!! LOVE

    • Karen Lynch says:

      It’s a genuine pleasure to watch you work.
      Cheers K

    • 쿠쿠맨 says:

      Handsome guy

    • pereyra cracks says:

      Buenas tardes paublo
      😯vi como voz teneias el anillo
      y savez mi nombre inpiesa asi +o. cruz olivia . para serverte pablo ..
      espero que voz estes bien . tu y familia . 😇
      realmente almiro tu travajo . sus integrida y sus persona . es exente . atta Elio 😇oli
      desde Guadalajara jal
      pais mexico

    • J Cornwell says:


    • Kylie Knight says:

      Pablo Cimadevila you have eyes that are like the most beautiful watery Ceylon sapphires! Your designs and craftsmanship is amazing! 👍love from 🇦🇺

  2. Tasnim Rubaba says:

    0:38 looks like pouring the sun



  4. Wilku says:

    3:50 😮

  5. Rosangela Garcia says:


  6. Cali Kvistad says:


  7. SäñthøSH ÇruZz. says:

    Big fan off you and your creations

  8. SäñthøSH ÇruZz. says:

    Nice pablo ji🙏🙏🙏

  9. Ralph Urias United We Stand One Nation One God says:

    You need to include the price of the Ring and yes it’s a master piece just to watch you go from scratch to that F——- beautiful

  10. Magdalene Henricus says:

    Beautiful precious

  11. Md Bazir says:

    Awesome nice creation, a real crafts man.

  12. Elegant Victory says:


  13. Roger Santos Caber says:

    i want to ask how much diamond machine settings this one available online im jeweler operator

  14. Александр Кр-ко says:

    Только всегда мучает один вопрос. Как опилки с драг металла собирают ювелиры?
    И на наждачке и на напильнике остаётся и Т. П.

  15. Messiah says:


  16. Achref Ben Soltana says:


  17. Irene Shafer says:

    Amazing! Beautifully done and the diamond ring just made quite the statement. 👍💯

  18. jeweleratlarge says:

    Fusing Platinum without googles?

  19. Deepak Duduskar says:

    What will be price on today’s date ? For that ring ???

  20. Wilson Roberto Latorre says:

    boa noite vc é muito competente parabéns

  21. Pamela Lamon says:

    Absolutely incredible! What a marvelous gift if you could make it for your fiancé!

  22. bleeka325 says:

    I didn’t expect this artistry for the video editing

  23. boltsdluna says:

    Was made with patience and love 💘

  24. Ashish kumar Verma says:

    Indian goldsmith is here 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  25. Connie Cooley says:

    So pretty

  26. Charger kun says:

    White fires are beautiful and satisfying to look at

  27. Martha Angeles says:

    Amigo cuándo fui adolescente trabaje en una joyeria. Y hoy en dia veo tus videos recordé esos momentos cuando veia trabajar a mi jefe. El ya era una persona mayor.
    Pero tus trabajos son excelentes
    Tu amor y dedicación se notan en cada trabajo .
    Y admirable que ningún obstáculo te detuvo.

  28. Eman Hassan says:

    What a beautiful cinematic video Pablo and the most exquisite ring !!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. мила лопина says:

    Такой грустный взгляд?!

  30. Dhhhdjdud Hrhdjrjj says:


  31. maquillartemas says:

    hermoso,bellísimo, perfecto

  32. Abraham Marcelo Said Garin says:

    No se como terminé ak

  33. Nancy Lam says:

    I want to buy a diamond ring for my birthday but i don’t know about diamond . Thanks for your video and you’re a art the ring so beautiful

  34. Soumyojyoti koley says:

    I like your eyes when reflection of burning glows out of it sir..🔥🔥

  35. Марат Набиев says:

    Только рукожопые и обиженные могут ставить дизлайки😏

  36. Listyarini Lilik says:

    Panjenengan ngerti opo ora basaku ….sing penting aku kagum marang kanisan panjenengan …..pancen CANTIIIIIK …..hasile .

  37. Heidi Dike Kingston says:

    OMG! Such beautiful work!

  38. Jorge Molina says:

    Chichipato busque que hacer

  39. Nhân Lê says:

    Video rất hay tôi rất thích nó cảm ơn bạn

  40. Татьяна Русская says:

    Прекрасное видео о интересной работе ювелира! Скрупулёзный труд, итогом которого являются красивые ювелирные изделия

  41. ChopsToChapo says:

    I have so much more of an appreciation for rings after watching this video. Amazing work.

  42. Floridaaa girl says:


  43. Luxeau Svay says:

    Amazing! 🥰. Pablo is a Jeweler, Scientist, Sculptor, Dentist and Nail Tech.

  44. Freedom Fighter says:

    I’m a jewellery artist

  45. Назира Нурмагамбетова says:

    Год блес ю!!!😍🙌💓👍

  46. MR INDIAN says:

    His dedication is more precious than the ring

  47. Zehrina BNĆ says:

    wow this is so awesome 😍 so beautiful 😍

  48. Rodrigo Schinor says:

    Parabéns lindo e perfeito trabalho…🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  49. Shkumbin Salihu says:

    This dude loves to light the torch

  50. Sneaky Somalia says:

    This is so dope

  51. Natalia Hurtdo says:

    Los Diamantes el Rubí los zafiros y el Oro blanco es mi combinación perfecta!!!

  52. Natalia Hurtdo says:

    Los Diamantes El Rubí los zafiros y el Oro blanco es la combinación perfecta !!!

    el Oro Blanco

  53. Jason Leigh says:

    I saw a smurf.

  54. s moon says:


  55. 해바라기 says:

    The BGM made me imagine that you’re making this engagement ring for the person you have always loved. So gentle and careful. Like you made yourself promise to make the best ring.. Even when you know.. your beloved won’t be yours at the end…..

  56. Salão Lírio VIPS says:

    Ola o valor de uma safira verdadeira

  57. Adrian Obregon says:

    Waaao espectacular!!!! que Dios te bendiga!!!

  58. The Legend of Gin Alley says:

    What is the retail price of a 1 carat diamond ring in overall good condition?

  59. Cicera Maria says:

    Vou dormir com esses olhos lindos

  60. Cicera Maria says:

    Vou dormir com esse olhos lindos

  61. Haydar Hannachi says:

    The choice of music is perfect 🤩
    Gavin Luke – spirit garden

  62. Balamir Karakumoğlu says:

    This is great

  63. atfinn says:

    I have gotten as far as learning how to start the blow torch in my jewelry career.

  64. Milena Sosa Schmidt says:

    Watching your video made my heart feel so full of joy, thank you for creating a beautiful moment in my life.

  65. Vaibhav Pawar says:

    Sir, if i want to order wherebi can contact you?

  66. Vaibhav Pawar says:

    Sir, i love your videos..i love you work too..please keep.posting..dont think i am drunk.

  67. Mohammad Deen Mohammad Jamaldeen says:


  68. bist khushal says:


  69. sophia stern says:

    When man created tools humanity began…..

  70. Cherrie Thrills says:

    I want one!!!! 😍😍😍😍. @Pablo Cimadevila

  71. Sharky's Machine says:

    Very beautiful work

  72. Maria Chiara De Pascalis says:

    Sono follemente strabiliata

  73. Voleab NewYork says:

    Already send to me love

  74. Jason Brown says:

    I seriously wanna be this guys apprentice just from watching these videos. His talent is amazing.

  75. fernando velasco says:

    Please make a cuban

  76. dale maki says:

    He’s like aragorn but a jewelry maker

  77. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro says:

    Tough metal. Beautiful work. 🙂

  78. Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro says:


  79. Ateliê Artes says:

    💍👏👏👏👏👏muito bonito!

  80. Fabian Guerrero says:

    El abuelo de mi esposa era joyero, hacia todo tipo de joyería fina, y lo hacía sin tanta tecnología; nuestros añillos de bodas fue su último trabajo.

  81. princy rawat says:

    Love the ring and the talent

  82. ANA CRISTINA says:

    Cómo ve qué talla de anillo tiene que hacer?

  83. Alma Jaramillo says:

    Remarkable guy he put his spirit and soul of what he make he enjoy everything about it. Awesomeness I do like every piece of”” em.

  84. EVERYDAY 11 says:

    True Artist I could enjoy this all day. Be neat to watch first hand.

  85. kathleen drummond says:

    I love your videos, just watching you create such beautiful art amazes me Thank you so much. You are a true gem pun intended

  86. cocaino de la nose says:

    Paris platynov

  87. Massabielle says:

    Pablo, you are a visual raconteur, and gifted artist!

  88. milind karlag says:

    What the price of this ring in india.
    The ring was awesome 👌👌

  89. Akhiruzzaman Habib says:

    Why did you add Bangla Captions?
    Do you have a lot of bengali viewers?

  90. charinee cover song says:

    So nice

  91. - KogenoDo - says:

    The cinematography deserves an Oscar

  92. Maria eugenia Barrera arredondo says:

    Maravilloso trabajo, preciosa música, y mucho talento. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  93. Poppy Philips says:

    Beautiful Pablo!

  94. Járisson Farid says:

    Hermano, saludo do Brasil
    Tu película merece prêmio por, fotografia, música e arte 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 abraço fraternal O Brasil te ama

  95. Pardeep Singh says:

    I love you pablo

  96. Traveling Kusinera says:


  97. Dale Burr says:

    How do I get you to make a ring for my fiancé man

  98. Luke Mullins2520 says:

    its crazy to me how people can dislike this video

  99. Lagla Ibragimova says:

    Как можно дизлайк ставить 😳😟Ведь такие изделия волшебные творит
    Руки золотые
    Здоровья тебе Мастер

  100. Roland Rodgz says:

    me encantan sus obras maestras

  101. Riaan says:

    My wife’s wedding ring is a platinum ring, with a flawless, D, diamond. Wanted a 1 carat, but when I saw how big it was on her tiny hands, I chose a smaller stone to match her hand. 7 years later, and she’s now my ex wife (you didn’t see that coming, huh…), but at least she left me the ring 😒 yay me. Not.

  102. Karma Bohlen says:

    five minute crafts been real quiet since this

  103. Sweet Av says:

    And if you burn

  104. Arthur Angelo Nascimento Bramont says:

    Jogadores de fre fire?

  105. socalisurfer13 says:

    Looks great but the music was depressing and hard to get through the video

  106. Osuka M'balali says:

    Your videos stopped appearing on my feed for some reason….

  107. Galkin Golyi says:

    Это восхитительно!

  108. Bluerosefire says:

    Thank you! ✌💚🌹

  109. PRASANJIT GHOSH says:

    I went agree thish larn

  110. Miroslava Escamilla says:

    ¿Cómo se mide el kiñataje de los diamantes?

  111. Maliha Aneeqa says:

    The whole process is like doing a conventional PCR in the lab. Everything has to be accurate and time consuming. I miss going to lab 😭. So, entertaining myself watching this relaxing and satisfying vdo.

  112. Sheena's keto weight journey with Reiki says:

    That was beautiful and amazing thank you

  113. Natasha Johnson says:

    The people that “thumbs down” this video or any of his videos, are those who play Candy Land.. Great work!

  114. Happy Days says:

    A classic.

  115. Quarantined Girl says:

    The music is too much dude

  116. Frank de Vries says:

    Nice work Pablo 👍

  117. Mikayla says:

    the attention to detail and patience it takes for this kind of work- wow. kudos, my friend, this is amazing

  118. Mamix forge says:

    Какой нужно бы́ть за тварью чтобы ставить ему дизлайки (what should be creature to put him dyslaike)

  119. せんスケッチ すげ says:

    I’m not engage but I’m wearing 1 carat ring

  120. dArK d0Ni says:

    Why the fuck is this so depressing play didfernt music

  121. Josephine Rose says:

    For those curious about the music, it’s called spirit garden by Gavin Luke.

  122. Shahin Portohfeh says:

    Thanks for great music too 👌🏻

  123. Alvar Gómez says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  124. Tia Kurama says:

    Essa é minha criação favorita, sem mas

  125. Michelle Maggi says:

    The vision, the beauty in his artistry. He is in every piece he designs.

  126. Afreen Zainab Walimohamed says:

    Hi I was wondering how to order a customised ring ?

  127. Its All Gone Mad! says:

    The combination of 3 incredible artisans… the Jeweller, the Filmmaker & the Musician. Beautifully filmed in such stunning clarity that leaves you hanging on every frame… wonderful.

  128. Punta in Altro 02 says:

    Perché ti è comparso nella home durante il covid?

  129. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

    This is the moment to see how beautiful the ring is.
    It makes more emotionally love to wear it.
    We love the rings!!!

  130. Lilia Chavez says:

    👁 👁. Bots

  131. Rose Bastos Sardinha says:


  132. hadsun droi says:

    Perfect job bravo

  133. Dale Matthews says:

    Really interesting, very talented, cheesy as fuck video though.

  134. julieta guadalupe espinoza castellanos says:

    Hooooooooo por dios mi favorito 👏👏👏👍🇲🇽🇲🇽

  135. Good Luck says:

    Нужно убрать лайк от дизлайк подальше друг от друга , а то рукожопы ставят неосознанно дизлайк .

  136. Mauro Martínez says:

    Porque te veias triste 🙁

  137. Kim Simpson says:

    I wonder if the music in the video is Ludovico Einaudi’s music! It totally sounds like it.

  138. NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM says:


  139. Ernie Smith says:

    Beautiful beautiful Ring

  140. Loanyde Perez says:

    Lindos anillos ases como qui diera q me dieras uno para mi boda buen trabajo son anillos únicos felicidades

  141. Kram says:

    This one by far is the best ring and video next to the saphire with the crown setting. I just can’t stop watching these over and over.

  142. Colorado Suns says:

    No se porque pero el cae muy bien jajaja se ve una energía de persona

  143. Baran Kilitcioglu says:

    Diamond ring iyi ama +3 olmadan iş yapmaz.

  144. Nicola Antonio Esposito says:

    if I want to buy it?🤗

  145. DJ Disleksik says:

    Never seen a man so sad creating something so beautiful

  146. Marco Fernandez says:

    Eres muy hábil saludos desde potosi Bolivia

  147. Vicki Marlene says:

    That’s so pretty.

  148. Vicki Marlene says:

    I love watching you create the most beautiful jewellery. It’s an art and I love it.

  149. Cecilia Bayarri says:

    Bellísimo en cada instante

  150. Ati Jain says:

    Jedi Jeweller

  151. Family Mall says:

    Good job

  152. Алишер мадаминов says:

    Супер слово нету

  153. Руслан Леурдо says:

    Платина не очень красивый металл Но носить изделие приятно.

  154. Marco Tetsuo says:

    Hey man, what an amazing ring you did! So beautiful job! Congrats from Brazil

  155. Barbara Nogueira says:

    Você é incrível!

  156. pak news says:

    Amazing work

  157. Javier Dominguez Vicente says:

    Joer tío ,que artista .
    Que manos ,que pulso ….que oficio tan bonito .

  158. music and whatsapp_status Lovers says:

    I love uu brother 👦

  159. Vadim Bakinec says:

    Beautifull ! High class !

  160. MA GO says:

    Que macizó!!

  161. Дмитрий says:


  162. Linda l Workman says:

    You have a very good Talent. I in joy watching you work your hands around everything

  163. Jose luis Perez Campos says:

    Precioso todo

  164. Kawsar Ahmid says:


  165. Hui Ung Park says:

    This video is TOO CHEESY somehow. + cringeworthy

  166. rashika pandey says:

    Make one for me ♥️😂

  167. Maya Khaab says:

    amazing great work you did there… im amazing how you can make something beautiful using old item or nails

  168. Barbara Bates says:

    Beautiful just like you xx

  169. hicksy302 says:

    Very nice ring well made just one question you formed the ring and soldered it closed then cut out for the mount did you do this so it could be sized on the mandrel before cutting the mount in? Great video

  170. Vinicius Leal says:

    Smurf 😍😍😍😍

  171. Mina Giron says:

    No hablas español? Bueno… Igual te comento!! Hace 2 días descubrí tu canal y he visto videos en las que me he quedado maravillada de la edición, la música genial, y de tu arte… No sabes cuanta paz me transmites!!
    Pero sabes que es lo que más adoro de tu canal? Tu mirada… Me quedo esperando todo el vídeo hasta ver por sólo un instante a qué salga tú mirada… Es perfecta!!
    Lo tenía que decir ❤️

  172. Yes No says:

    You have a great taste in music, I too like Gavin Luke

  173. Green emerald says:

    Какое красивое кольцо ! Золотые руки у автора . 👐

  174. F V says:

    Hi . My boyfriend purchased allot of different gems in different cuts on action thinking that we could sell it, we did not. I now have no clue on what to do. I had idea of make it into jewelry. I was wondering is there a place I could buy gold or silver rings, bracelets or earrings that are without a stones and then put the stones ? Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  175. Bubba Sue 52 says:

    I subscribed! Thank you Pablo. Watching you work your craft is good medicine for me! Beautiful.

  176. КЕА says:

    Музыка завораживает.
    Очень сочетается с темой золота,платины и бриллиантов. Сапфиры тоже шикарные камни.

  177. Андрей Перевышин says:

    Судя по результату, мастер, конечно, “золотые руки”. НО! Откровенно говоря, совершенно неинформативное видео, так как не показана именно “ювелирная” работа.

  178. zeranzeran says:

    0:47 made me cry.. that was his beloved’s ring.. Now he is destroying it in a rage.

    Nah sorry lmao. That part looked like it was out of a movie or something. Ignoring my nonsense, this is seriously impressive and inspiring. I can’t wait to make my first ring, however horrible it may be. I can’t wait to start. Thanks for showing me why. You did a beautiful job.

  179. Rajkishan Jakkoju says:

    Hello sir I had a doubt. How to solder platinum. Pls say that

  180. Руслан Тоболин says:

    Молодец! Нет слов чтоб описать восторг от его работы…

  181. Darrin Lint says:

    Nice very Nice

  182. Omar Alvarez says:

    Music please

  183. Abdessettar BEN says:

    Respect DON Pablo 🙏🏻👌🏻❤️

  184. jonny68s says:


  185. Alessandro De Palma says:

    Non è platino puro, non dirlo a me. Bravo nella lavorazione del metallo, ascoltami puoi far di più, fallo….

  186. ahlam grain says:

    Beautiful work

  187. Hind Alotaibi says:

    Keep going ♥️

  188. Колхозник Жуткий says:

    What gas do you use to melt platinum?

  189. Craftycutie84 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous ❤️💖 and so relaxing to watch. Bless you.

  190. Эмма Оюн says:

    я поставил лайк видео класс и уроды хватит ставить дизлайки

  191. gamerpro 47 says:

    Im sorry for you 😢😭

  192. Artur M says:

    Diament to minerał, oszlifowany diament to jest brylant

  193. Jennifer 6strings says:

    I have instagram
    I will sub u!!
    Great videos. ..I love all rocks.

  194. Wade Mullis says:

    He won’t run out of girlfriends as long as he can make diamond rings like that by hand.

  195. Trygve Lied says:

    Excelente maestro, saludos desde Republica Dominicana.

  196. حسين 76 says:

    واو شى رائع

  197. Nicolas Armesto says:

    No entiendo como hay gente que le da dislike a este video ;-;

  198. Ashley Lewis says:

    This is beautiful, and the music set the mood for the work. Who is the pianist?

  199. Trancmissiya says:

    Золотые руки!

  200. Pietro Roveroni says:

    Complimenti sei un artista molto bravo.

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