Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange wedding rings

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40 responses to “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange wedding rings”

  1. Lorisa214 says:

    You know the wedding is shaddy McShade when your own father is reading while you take your vows! Harry kept spinning the ring before putting it on, then he helped pushed it on. And gave an tight lipped smile.

  2. The Cyber Team says:

    Now of the royals looked happy or interested in the nuptials.

  3. E B says:

    She pushed that ring on!!!! Hehehaha

  4. zoeteapples says:

    that wink!

  5. April T says:

    She pushed the ring on. LOL!!!

    • Priscila M says:

      And H face while she was doing that, totally shocked!! Nobody does that in their wedding 😂, only a gold digger and a user as M, and H fell for it.

  6. Emma G says:

    What a fantastic actress…….

  7. emily cathcart says:

    My cousin in England showed the ring exchange to his five-year-old son; his reaction? “That looks tight”. LOL Too cute!

  8. Kim Sum says:

    Please exchange sub kim sum thank you

  9. Olivia Mufida says:

    At 0:18 everyone was like “this book is more interesting” lol

  10. Trevor G Welch says:

    What Know Big Kiss ?

  11. Nikhitha Yeturu says:

    May God bless you guys

  12. Roy Jayaneththi says:

    Oh poor Harry. He did not want to hold her hand after that rushing ring moment.

  13. Sarah Hibo says:

    Why didn’t they ever show Meghan putting the ring on Harry I found this quiet odd!!

  14. Alcina Melicio says:


  15. cultfan 52 says:

    Am I seeing things, or did Harry have trouble getting it over her knuckle?

  16. Mirquella Santos says:

    Envious ugly females: You can take a break now cause she is already royalty and nothing you can do about it. Yeah, I’ll send you some tissues cause I know you are in pain.

  17. Florida D.Hyuga says:

    Awwwww so beautiful😍😍💖😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  18. Terri theintrovert says:

    Lol the royals didn’t look too happy

  19. Princess Queen says:

    funny how meghan helped harry put on the ring . its like saying hurry up harry put a ring on that finger and yes yes he did ! you’re mine now hmmmm . at last the precious gold is mine !! mission accomplished 😅😅😅😂😂😂

  20. NihilSineDeo says:


  21. Harini N says:

    Your will be blessed with a lot of happiness and sunshine in your life… Hope to see the next lil Prince/princess soon….

  22. Lak Mak says:

    You can feel all the negative energy there

    • eleni Kominos says:

      ohwell94 Valium😂

    • ohwell94 says:

      eleni Kominos that minister from the US? he was just….different
      still it just felt a bit off to me in alot of places…Harry was emotional but she didn’t look nervous or scared or anything…I don’t know I can’t explain it…she just seemed much too calm

    • eleni Kominos says:

      ohwell94 Which Priest?Both had a Joke with the Bride and Groom?What Broadcast where you watching?🤔

    • eleni Kominos says:

      Oh YES…That’s why Prince Charles walked her into the Nave..and when she took his Arm he placed his hand on top if hers,as if to say You’re a Brave WOMAN to have walked down that Aisle on your own..Maybe you were watching a Bad Broadcast..The Royals have Rallied around Meghan and her Mother..I think it turned out Best..For Mother and Daughter to Enjoy the Day without the “Extended” Family.

    • LMichael A says:

      ohwell94 it’s funny because it you watch the footage of when they leave the chapel everyone, including the Queen was all smiles and waving them off. Something trying make something out of nothing.

  23. 334代 ニコラエチャウシェスク ルーマニア大統領 says:

    Prince Henry is dead.Prince Henry is a tax thief who lives in style on taxpayers’ money.

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