Pure white wedding jewelry set. Earrings, bracelet and ring. How to make beaded jewelry

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Pure white wedding jewelry set. Earrings, bracelet and ring. How to make beaded jewelry

– seed beads 11/0 (2 colors)
– pearls 3mm
– earring hooks
– lobster clasp
– extension tail chain
– jump rings
– beading needle #11
– beading thread

Materials information:


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64 responses to “Pure white wedding jewelry set. Earrings, bracelet and ring. How to make beaded jewelry”

  1. Nancy Cahuas says:

    Hola hermoso trabajo gracias por compartir, lluvia de bendiciones!!!

  2. Aicha Squalli Houssaïni says:

    جميل جدًا شكراً على كل الدروس

  3. RedButterfly says:

    Pls tell me the size of your Beading thread. This is a work of art, so pretty.

  4. Rocio Nuñez Marquez says:

    Hermoso diseño, gracias. Muchas Bendiciones

  5. Neha Neha says:

    Very nice

  6. Narasingh Gadtya says:

    Wow! great!

  7. Ana D. says:

    Lindo 👏👏👏👏👏😘

  8. agnes javier says:

    It is so nice to wear

  9. Gail Jones says:

    Beautiful !!!!!

  10. Komala Sudhindra says:

    Respected madam I liked so delicate work it is lovely

  11. Viktoria Bereshnaja says:

    Es ist geil, schön und zart! Mach mal weiter, super Job!👏👍

  12. Erzsébet Talmács says:

    Gyönyörůséges 😍❤😍

  13. orlando lopez says:

    Hola..desde Colombia, me encanta tu trabajo, excelente. Dios te bendiga. Y gracias por compartirlo.

  14. Ludmila Schreiber says:


  15. Lu moreira says:

    So sweet 🙏

  16. Seema Kharbade says:

    Very beautiful

  17. Roger Torres says:

    Hola saludos Cecy de Chihuahua Mex 🤗👵que bellos felicidades 🤗👍

  18. Marcela S. Ruelas says:

    Lindo coordinado Frozen

  19. Marcela S. Ruelas says:

    Gracias por compartir, lo qué hacen tus manitas qué Dios te Bendiga siempre por ser tan linda de compartir…

  20. Marcela Alvarez says:

    Bellos gracias !!

  21. marce sanjar says:

    Hermoso proyecto.gracias por compartir. Desde Colombia.

  22. Kandres Robles says:

    Muy bonito y la forma en la que lo explicas.
    Gracias 🌹

  23. Lou Igna Flores says:

    Genial genial gebial

  24. Neşe Öztürk says:

    Süper süper süper ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★★★★★★

  25. Lupita Mariscal says:

    Muchas gracias… está súper lindo me encantan sus trabajos.. saludos 🙋🌹

  26. Olga Kharchenko says:

    Такое нежное!!!!!!!

  27. Lucia Ribeiro says:


  28. Natalia Ries says:

    It is so fine and delicate, a very nice set! Thank you very much! 💕😘

  29. Khadja Almasabili says:


  30. Thomas Mathew says:

    Hello my dear.It is a very beautiful set as usual.I want to make it but bcas of lock down we cannot get the beads from on line.really sorry.thank u.

  31. Mahalakshmi S says:

    Wonderful tutorial!!! Simple and elegant design…

  32. Class Teacher says:

    Beautiful Jewellery Set 😍
    Is there any way to make this ring one size or adjustable?

  33. Designs With Creativity says:

    So nice

  34. KIMBERLY winters says:


  35. Abc Abc says:

    Wooo it’s great. very good

  36. Angela Perelli says:

    Beautiful set, using other colors may be a daily set for every outfit, love😘😘😘

  37. Montse Montelongo says:

    Muy bella, gracias por compartir😉

  38. Monica Cuevas says:

    Hermoso 😍 y delicado, me gustó mucho 🥰 gracias por compartir, Dios te bendiga 🙏🤗

  39. Гулрух Гулрух says:


  40. jofre ulda says:

    Muy lindo gracias por campartir

  41. Dulce Maria Sanchez says: encanto gracias

  42. Yazmin Landa says:

    Muy precioso me encantó bellísimo set🥰😊👏👍

  43. Ibrahem Dawoud says:


  44. Luz Cruz says:

    Precioso me gusto mucho

  45. jacinta chettiar says:

    So so so pretty. Wow. Awesome 😘🌹💖

  46. Ligia Cecilia Leal Duarte says:

    Muy lindo 😻. Gracias y felicitaciones. Desde Colombia

  47. Class Teacher says:

    Beautiful White flowers 😍😍😊😊

  48. Mã Kokoro says:

    What wedding? I am sure will never get married 😊 so, I can wear those any time I want to feel special ☺️

  49. Sündüzün Elinden says:

    very beatiful

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