Putting A Wedding Ring On Her Finger While She’s Asleep.. *Cute Reaction*

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Hey Addicts! In this video, I saw this trend on Youtube where boyfriends put wedding rings on their girlfriends while they are still asleep! I decided to do that on Emily and it was well worth it.. Her reaction was priceless! Watch to see what went down..


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2,873 responses to “Putting A Wedding Ring On Her Finger While She’s Asleep.. *Cute Reaction*”

  1. kiwiwoody 06 says:

    Mate you should ask her for real though

  2. Tristynn DeBell says:

    Aww poor Emily she was so happy and planned everything.

  3. jaida currie says:

    Emily: -sniffes roses- mmm smells like MaRrIAgE… :DDDD

  4. Hannah Arn says:

    She is good at acting.

  5. Jaleea 103 says:

    This is just mean she was so excited

  6. Matthew Sheikowitz says:

    Stop going through his closet

  7. Summer #53 says:

    AWWWEEE hes soooo mean for making her think he was actually doing it.💕💞 Shes so into it. Nvm 😄 I love how she knew.

  8. Adam Ramm23 says:

    Adi starting to get dumb and annoying like couple YouTubers😡

  9. It’s Matt says:

    Adi- You smell like corn


  10. Shelby Bellis says:

    **Attacks him with blanket** I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!!!

  11. leilani jones says:


  12. Marshall Yee Yee says:

    When she first saw the ring I watched him devour her arm while making bear sounds

  13. J Robert Thompson says:

    Hi baby good morning,you smell like corn 🌽 ME:hahahahaha😂😂

  14. Seton says:

    this gives me severe anxiety

  15. Emmanuel Nwokedi says:

    I feel so bad because it was just a prank and Emily was soooo exited

  16. Hailey Oliver says:

    Do it you got 73k likes

  17. Cupcake Lyna says:

    Emily is so extra 😂 if it was me i would just be like ” Why did you put a ring on me while i’m sleeping u weirdo 🤨 ”

  18. Prisha D says:

    emily sounds so happy

  19. Christina Rai says:

    72K likes and where’s the surprise, Adi? I’m waiting!

  20. SkrymNV says:

    Emily’s acting is insane. Adi must have felt so bad that he had to tell her it’s a prank. If she didn’t know that would have been really mean but Emily kinda assumed a lot.

  21. L0XER ASHER says:

    emily is so so so happy and i like REEEEEEEE

  22. Brad Cox says:

    This is messed up xD

  23. nobil ahamhed says:

    Ace family.. Austen daughter, Eill & Emliy same look like that….look like sister

  24. Shakyra Carnadi says:

    im crying

  25. Erin Reese Ramos says:

    I can’t wait for the day that they actually get married

  26. Arnoldology says:

    Adi:Hi guys I’m adi fishman and your watching adi fishman
    Me:No I’m watching the ceiling

  27. • Theory Brooke • says:

    I think she knew the whole time and was just playing with- oh I guess I was right XD

  28. Bullgamer 720 says:


  29. Bullgamer 720 says:

    The girl got dropped!!!!!!!!!😘💕😍❤😊😂🤣😁🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️😎😉😢💖💋👏🎉😜🤞✌

  30. Inside World says:

    Where’s the ring?

  31. Fernando Rosales says:

    I am getting a vibe that they are engaged or about to be soon.

  32. Sherrell Frazier says:

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  33. Sherrell Frazier says:


  34. ZOEY SADRIEH says:

    Adi *trys to get his prank moving*
    Emily: * under covers* Shtapppppp

  35. Ginger Demetrick says:

    You should of put the ring on and then pretend that you proposed the night before

  36. Mason Games says:

    You should have done this but actually proposed.

  37. eben abraham says:

    Jus noticed that their clock isn’t working 🤣🤣

  38. Anime_watcher says:

    Man:propose to a woman

    Woman:I already have plans for tge wedding and we will have 2 kids and live in a modern house with 4 bedrooms 2 pools
    A gaming room ect….

    Man:😐😐😶😶…. Let’s just focus that is ahead of us😅

  39. Tomas Lambros says:

    Now u got to propose

  40. Random Playz says:

    Adi I love your vids but this was to far she was so happy then u just do that

  41. Jaiden_Fam Vlogz Gacha says:

    Adi you should actually propose

  42. Karen Baker says:

    If I was adi I would say yes

  43. Kelvin Ling says:

    nonononono lokl

  44. Leenah Ragabi says:

    Hi baby good morning you smell like corn 🌽 I’m dying 😂 😂 😂

  45. Shin Chan says:

    Please don’t break up with Emily she is soo cute I can’t wait when r u going to propose her😍😍😍🥰

  46. Kate OBrien says:

    Who do you love more Adi Emily or us subscribers ??? 🤗😂😂

  47. AspectFox says:


  48. AspectFox says:


  49. 1 million subscribers says:

    wreck it Ralph

  50. Vonna Gainor says:

    They so cute

  51. Vonna Gainor says:

    Dam she had it all planned out

  52. Lily Wildaue1 says:

    I felt bad for her…

    Before I realized she knew

  53. felix burman says:

    1:33 when the clock doesnt move during the timelapse

  54. Empress says:


  55. Morgan N says:

    Bro… 3 minutes after he “Proposed“ she has already finished the wedding plans LOL… I CANT

  56. *Girl Gamer Only* Army says:

    Aww she’s so precious she looks so excited I really thought he was gonna propose

  57. xx_Maura_xx says:

    She had EVERYTHING planned out…hate to pop her bubble

  58. Lydia Ehijene says:

    I really do hope they get married one day and stay together forever. I love this couple ❤️

  59. B00M_Baby_jr says:

    lol they should get marred thou

  60. shaswat kashyap says:

    That clock 😶

  61. Necker Hunted Fishy Army says:

    He hearing aid cough me be like wait what?

  62. JKplays ._. says:

    Yo the fact that he scratched his back with the flowers and she didn’t care and still kept talking and eventually grabbed them like-

  63. Chaos_Rayz says:

    Honestly I feel bad for Emily she really was waiting for this day her whole life

  64. Vlogging with joe says:

    your are so evil fr doing this lol

  65. Stephen Kirkham says:

    her heart must of been really shattered 🙁 oof

  66. Allyraplayz says:

    Poor Emily. ADI has to break the news XD

  67. Eve Anderson says:

    Adi I hope you see this comment. It is important. Like a legal matter. FRICKN’ HURRY UP AND GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!!

  68. Nagas8 says:

    clock is broken 1:30

  69. im obsessesed with jace norman says:

    Ok its nootttttt 10pm rn and imm nooottttt supost to be asleep 😆

  70. Josh Morrison says:

    you should actually propose

  71. • e c c e d x n t e s i i a s t • says:


  72. Plazma says:

    This is so fake

  73. 1k Subs with no video Challenge!! says:

    Going to my girlfreind room (EPIC)
    Puting a wedding ring on my girlfreind (SO EPIC)
    Cutting my girlfreind’s finger (SUPER EPIC)

  74. Sarah says:

    No one:

    Adi: you smell like corn 2:32 😂😂😂

  75. builder bro challenges says:


  76. R H says:

    Adi: “You smell like corn hehehe”

  77. Drew Dykes says:

    Ooh harsh

  78. Braeden Morales says:

    When is this gonna happen

  79. Fx.sarada says:

    Plz just marry her, take ur time about it

  80. Raizel Luna says:

    she looks right at the camera at 3:57 lol

  81. Swippermilly 819 says:

    Awww pls get married one day!!!!

  82. dev editz says:

    Emily is so me lmao

  83. A Girl Named Tristian says:

    Just casually watching his girlfriend sleep, in the beginning

  84. NEMISIS GAMING says:

    Adi:time laps
    Me : theres a clock next to him😂😂😂

  85. jojo beaudion says:

    Was I the only one watching the clock during the timelapse!?!?😅

  86. Jenell Moldenhauer says:

    “your gonna break my heart like that”

  87. Heather Myhre says:

    We stand Emily

  88. Judith Bravo says:

    I love how adorable and playful Emily is! <3

  89. Edrianne Amanda Bathan says:

    Emily is so cute hahahaha

  90. Alaña says:

    Adi: You smell like corn❤️
    Me: sooooo romantic 😂

  91. Shariar Nafis says:

    1.26 see the watch lmao

  92. Ana Whatley says:

    You two are so cute you are great together

  93. TypicalDark says:

    Poor Emily she was so excited

  94. Gabby says:

    I feel so bad for Emily she was like really excited and wanted to get married

  95. Kathleen Learn says:


  96. Kathleen Learn says:

    I feel so bad for emily

  97. Galaxy Wolf says:

    Omg I thought he actually broke her heart 💔 I was legit about to cry!

  98. Tails the Fox says:

    I’ve been a sub to ur brother for a LONG TIME

  99. Robert Menzing says:

    Aww she was so happy!! But then he said it is a prank! He ruined it

  100. Frank Hernandez says:

    She was very happy but adi was just kidding

  101. Giulia Violante says:

    45k likes?…. Its 70k now sooooooooooo………

  102. Fatihamoody Vlogs says:


  103. Fatihamoody Vlogs says:

    Emily :i want to get married

  104. Justalazypotato UwU says:

    “Smells like marriage”
    Me- Sniff Sniff* I smell pizza

  105. Little Cookie says:

    Emily: *talking about everything planning everything* Adi: ummm….soooooo… *plays along nervous*

  106. Gerianne Joyce says:

    But when are you gonna be proposing to her tho fr?

  107. Donuts Drama says:

    How come everyone gets likes on there comments and then there is me I get 2 at most

  108. Dracxvil Helphraenyx says:

    Just get married for real already!

  109. Ariel Burke says:


  110. Ariel Burke says:

    I feel so bad for Emily!! Aid was just trying to pull a prank! 🤣

  111. Gaming with Abby says:

    She’s preganant

  112. Serrina Garcia says:

    Poor thing

  113. Princess Snow Flake says:

    I can tell she is gonna be a great wife 💜

  114. Skizzy says:

    5:37 i think adi started to forget the camera was on 😬😐

  115. Toby Hazel says:

    Why do they have a train station clock😂😂😂

  116. Amber Kirbitz says:

    My question is how long has he had dat ring?? 🤨

  117. Dolphino Chan says:

    oh i feel bad cause she was waiting to get mad

  118. Dolphino Chan says:

    thats actually real mean SO MEAN but nice vid Adi! Love ya

  119. BORING GAMER says:

    Try locking your closet the next time

  120. Iselin Haugs Jorde says:

    I feel bad for that this is a prank I’m littery crying he broke her heart aldmoust but I am happy that she forgive him :ppppppp

  121. Nadha Mir says:


  122. Harry English says:

    yooo the likes are at 69 lol

  123. Pa Chang says:

    “You smell like corn” that’s cute lol

  124. Electra Myrtoglou says:

    Adi: ~faking to prepose~
    Adi: YoU sMeLl LiKe CoRn


    i also love how he dident even prapose yet and shes like ALREADY PLANING LIKE:
    ok i know my wedding dress

    Im going to look beautiful

    ~5 mins later~


    Boiiiji ik its a prank i aint DuMb

  125. muntboss flash says:

    Why in all the videos there are some unlikers. Why you need to unlike if u dislike just leave and dont click the any button. This is not kind.

  126. Tokage YT says:

    3:32 what i wish my gf would do instead of pinching my face and kiss me

  127. Jilian Judono says:


  128. ツ음식iibxrrq says:

    I cringed so much and and laughed and felt so bad at the end

  129. Abhi Abraham says:

    69k bro

  130. Drxtyy says:

    Adi you’re past 45K likes so you gotta propose 🙂

  131. Drxtyy says:

    Emily: “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life” OMG I feel so bad for her

  132. David Figueroa says:

    Who else feels bad for emily

  133. Noah Quesnelle says:

    Emily is so cute

  134. Tailor Brewer says:

    Also i feel bad for emily :{

  135. PK Tube_Scootz says:

    Honestly you need to propose in some really cute way like this but not be all cameras up in the face Obvi record it but you guys are so cute together ❤️

  136. Tailor Brewer says:

    OMG even before i wathed this i saw the title i thought they were gonna get maried lol -w- also like if u agree they would be cute wife and husband 😀

  137. •Carah Jayne• says:

    when he said you smell like corn: I’m EaTiNg cOrN

  138. Eric Bodie says:

    I feel so bad for Emily you should really propose

  139. C h e r r y• L e a f s says:

    Awwww Emily…….

  140. Loloy Hamano says:

    When you wake up and see this:

    Ow im dreaming let me enjoy this

  141. Hamilton GLMV says:


  142. Hamilton GLMV says:


  143. Bloobidy says:

    Emily: plans the whole wedding day
    Adi: so how am I gunna break it to her…
    Emily: I knew all along
    Adi: *sighs in relief* 😂

  144. toxiQ says:


  145. •Daisy Donuts :3• says:

    I low key feel bad for Emily cuz she was like ‘I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life!!!’ god poor Emily

  146. Dij M says:

    IT’S JUNE 6TH IT’S JUNE 6THIT’S JUNE 6THIT’S JUNE 6THIT’S JUNE 6TH I don’t care if it’s like 4 am

  147. Addison Plays-Roblox says:

    Ado you’re mean lol 😂😢

  148. Til Turk says:

    What a Timelapse. Its the same time

  149. Doody Key says:

    Not cool dude NOT COOL

  150. Luke cristantiello says:

    Time lapse: clock: doesn’t move at all

  151. DaddyCaddy says:

    She was so sad

  152. DaddyCaddy says:

    Omg you should actually propose she was so happy

  153. Rachel Henninger says:

    Hi my name is adi Fishman and your watching infinite lists

  154. Zoey Cahill says:

    SHE SOUNDED SO CUTE AND EXCITED why you gotta do her like that man

  155. ThatOneCatNamed Emily says:

    Noo poor Emily! She actually took it seriously!

  156. Leyla Ouro-Koura says:

    The whole video I was like: omg, she is so excited I feel so bad for her why is he doing this to her she is gonna get sooo disapoitend, aaaaah

  157. Mia Pou says:

    Looks like there getting married

  158. Jacky A. says:

    This is embarrassing but this is still one of my favorite couple here in youtube <3

  159. Smith Kids says:

    Dude you need to actually propose or she is not going to believe you when you do.

  160. I Dont Know IDK says:

    You’re proposing
    You’re proposing?
    You’re proposing
    You’re proposing.

  161. Ironbark Timbers says:

    Hey I think that was a bad idea

  162. antonia mendoza says:

    Omg the video has 60k tour getting emily a ring!

  163. Maria Smith says:

    it is past 50k likes

  164. Maria Smith says:

    she has the cutest personality

  165. Jennifer McDowell says:

    So fake lol

  166. Chelcie Mueller says:

    Afk you messed up big time now if you actually propose she might say no sorry but it’s true

  167. Kiki Brawl Stars says:

    I feel soo bad for Emily

  168. The Łęgęñd says:

    MARRY HER!!!!!

  169. DoDos way says:

    Aww I feel bad for Emily

  170. Ryan Mejia says:

    Is this a prank or it’s legit

  171. XxRainy_ SundayxX says:

    Emily* Already getting ahead with getting married
    Adi:heheheh maybe oneday it will happen!!!

  172. Clara Amir says:

    The video has 68k PLEAS 😃😄

  173. Daniel's Portal says:

    Hey adi you should prank youre roomates that you proposed to emily and she will say yes

  174. Joanna's Vlogs says:


  175. morgan moses says:

    the bride came out in emily

  176. Donut-Chan says:


  177. Soph Carter says:

    Emily”smells like marriage”😂 5:24

  178. Hayley_ playzzz says:


  179. Alan Valencia says:

    Well Adi you’re well over 45k likes

  180. Houseful of Harkins says:

    “ I already have a whole Pinterest board of how I want the wedding “ me…. and I’m not even dating 😂

  181. Bailey Greer says:

    lol im waiting for the day he posts another one of these and were all gonna be like “this again” and hes actually gonna propose

  182. Savage TV says:

    Adi: sucking on Emily’s arm
    Emily: not thinking it’s weird, just looking at the ring, confused as hell

  183. Savage TV says:

    Adi: Hey baby, good morning! Ha, you smell like corn, haha

  184. Savage TV says:

    Adi: I think you’re getting ahead of yourself!
    Emily not getting it
    Emily: What do you mean, you proposed.

  185. eunice soralbo says:

    you should prank freetime members that you and emily are engaged

  186. Isla Mccready says:

    When his girlfriend is so tiered at first but she is so so awake

  187. Bunny Queen says:

    Me: i just realized that adis voice is PERFECT for asmr😂😂😂😂
    Anyone else?—>

  188. AstrlPlysツ says:

    Emily really wants to be married and i feel sad for her

  189. AstrlPlysツ says:

    Imagine tal walking in

  190. AstrlPlysツ says:

    Emily: Finally you proposed!! **Happy noises intensifies**
    Adi: wh- wha- what did i get my self into

  191. Egla Zuniga says:

    No one:
    Adi:you smell like corn

  192. Olivia Pass says:

    Adi’s whispering sounds so bloody loud

  193. Corniel Apex says:

    How does Emily get that excited then decides to go back to bed when she found out it was fake.

  194. Destiny Davila says:

    She gets breakfast in bed I wish

  195. Emma Robinson says:

    Aww she had her Hopes so high I feel bad

  196. Altuna Ameti says:

    What are you waiting for? Propose to her. She is waiting for you to PROPOSE

  197. Blue Legend says:


  198. DreameR says:

    emily is funny

  199. Cute rose says:

    I feel so bad ):

  200. marissa gamboa says:

    The way she was like “I already have my Pinterest board ready “ 😭knowing it’s a prank hurts my heartttt. Her voice when she goes “we’re getting MARRIEDDDD”

  201. Aaron LFC*YNWA* says:

    Big Oof for emily though

  202. cassidy hatch says:

    Broooooooo at first I was like “what a jerk”

  203. Julia Dean says:

    Propose to her

  204. Matthew Believer says:

    At 5:30 you could tell he was thinking of what to do


    Air-“these fake roses remind me of you”

  206. Moonshadow_Wolfie :D says:

    Adi: umm…
    Emily: so i already prepped my outfit, thought what i would look like….

  207. Makayla Perteet says:

    She sounds is cute

  208. Aroha Dolby says:

    Adi: “YoU sMeLl LiKe CoRn”

    Me: 😂😂💀💀

  209. Choekyi Dolma Bhutia says:

    Yo bro… u already got 66k likes… not even 45k! PLZ do give her the ring fast!!

  210. Elizabeth Guadarrama says:

    Certain date——Clock set at a certain time?

  211. Bibha Kumari says:

    I think Emily wasn’t acting

  212. Athena Elmer says:

    I wonder if the surprise is them combining into one channel. It would be super cool! Also I loved this video probably my favorite one.

  213. Andrea Batocanin says:

    I literally hope u get married love u guysss

  214. Lashley Gutierrez says:

    She’s so cute

  215. aaliyah Williams says:

    He started stressing when she already had the plans for the wedding

  216. li barber says:

    Em is literally me😂😂😂

  217. Freeze Shifty says:

    Emily: r u proposing?!
    Adi: no
    adi: wait no..

  218. mina barton says:

    marry the poor girl. you have been together so long

  219. *.:Gacha Wolfey:.* says:

    Damn, she was ready to get married.

  220. Wlof_ Life says:

    You broke here heart ❤️

  221. Lukas Chachich says:

    How does she not suspect a prank when he’s pranked her over and over

  222. Feistea says:

    wait…am i the only one wondering how she could wake up and kiss him without brushing her teeth?

  223. Feistea says:

    adi fishman: ceo of asmr

  224. Odudoo lolol says:


  225. Glactical Rebel says:

    I would probably not notice lol

  226. Jazel Hubbard says:

    The things he does when she’s asleep tho

  227. David Flores says:

    Bruh at 3:58 she looks at the camera… but good video!!

  228. Sherlyn Chavez says:

    IG now he has to put a ring on it since this video has 65k like! XD

  229. karina the Gucci queen says:

    Tal and Adi should get married the same day

  230. Dangerpff 7 says:

    I knw u said emilly wont break up with u but come on at least prank her 3 times a week not every day ….she doesnt deserve most of it

  231. Mary-Jane Pegram says:

    I feel sooooo bad for her

  232. Janay Davies says:

    He should propose like for real after this

  233. Andrew Erholtz says:

    When are you actually gonna propose? You two are so cute together!

  234. Cobus van Dyk says:

    You better get shopping bro

  235. Kellan Highful says:

    Bro y don’t you just propose

  236. lego Roblox says:

    She was ready to get married XD

  237. team Druce says:

    so is this a prank or not

  238. It’s ya girl says:


  239. Faze Rattlesnake says:

    Is tal fishman your brother

  240. Rodolfo Chavez says:

    ok now u have to marry her. She was so excited

  241. Felicity Peterson says:

    Emily is the most adorable thing ever 😊🥺

  242. XxDire WolfiexX says:


  243. XxDire WolfiexX says:


  244. Genesis Barrera says:

    They are getting married for 24 hours

  245. Emma Brown says:

    It has 65k Adi…

  246. Tullip Z says:

    I’m actually sad bc she want to get married and she has plans and all that and she’s so happy and he’s just gonna brake her heart 💔 and it’s sad he just plays with her emotions I feel he should be real with her and actually propose I’m just sad

  247. Sam Aitken says:

    Bruh she has her whole wedding planned out

  248. Yahya Yaseen Vlogs says:

    3:57 she looks in the camera

  249. SonTEM Hydradon says:


  250. ZoeyMia Strickler says:

    I kinda think this is fake😳😳

  251. It's Related to Minecraft says:

    “We’re getting married!”

    Oh no this is gonna hurt 😂

  252. J.T SQUAD says:

    You better propose to that girl she is to cute 🥰

  253. JP N says:

    just realized adi’s wall clock isn’t working

  254. Brooklyn Phillips says:

    It got to 45k likes

  255. Joel Bass says:

    Adi even if this is not real she is obviously exited and you ruined that

  256. tricky hacker says:

    Did anybody figure that the clock doesn’t work

  257. LifeWithChristina says:

    Love how he tried doing a time lapse yet the time on the clock was literally the same @ 1:25 😭😂

  258. Kelsey Renfro says:

    Me and my man is married

  259. Alondra Bravo says:

    Halfway through the video I think she’s pranking him. I think she already knows

  260. Charlotte Thorne says:

    “I want a cooler last name”

  261. Natilyn Volatile says:

    Bro u got more then 45k likes so u better get that AWSOME girl a ring

  262. Camille Gonzales says:

    the clock doesn’t move

  263. Julia Marie P. Pongos says:

    Just imagine:
    When Adi is REALLY proposing to emily..

    Emily: *ITS A PRANK* **bored look**

  264. GV Phoenix says:

    I love it how she was sleepy but then she got out of bed straight away when she said we’re proposing

  265. Catinthe Hat says:

    Emily: Moves her hand in the perfect position so Adi can put the ring on it

  266. LIfe says:

    Your watch is not working bro fix it.

  267. Amalia Harris says:

    He’s def gonna propose to her

  268. jandx_ plays says:


  269. Jessica Somto says:

    And at this moment he knew he was fucked

  270. Violet Taylor says:

    They should REALLY get married

  271. Tracker says:

    Tgats so mean

  272. Queen Dee says:

    Adi: *SNEEZE*
    Adi: Oh hey babe
    Emily: Why are you being so annoying?


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    I LOVE both of you. Cheers from Sri Lanka.
    **** *Adios* ****

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