Shopping For Our Wedding Rings!

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We visit a jeweler to try different wedding bands. Shane learns lots of new information about diamonds and rings.

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Shane was born with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that requires him to use an electric wheelchair. He is the author of several award-winning books, the President of a nonprofit organization called Laughing At My Nightmare, and a renowned public speaker who has performed across the country at places such as Harvard University, The University of Florida, The University of Connecticut, Princeton University, and many more.

Hannah just graduated from Carleton College, where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. Her future aspirations include attending graduate school and owning a goat sanctuary. She films and edits the “Squirmy and Grubs” vlog.

Shane and Hannah have been dating for 4+ years and living together in Minneapolis for 2 years. On June 15th, 2019 they got engaged!!!! Their interabled relationship often confuses people, because much of society still cannot fathom people with disabilities being involved in loving, intimate relationships. Anyone who watches these episodes will quickly see their relationship is just as “normal” as any other. Sure, Hannah helps Shane use the bathroom and brush his teeth, but those activities do not detract from the emotional, intellectual, and physical connection they experience together.

1,028 responses to “Shopping For Our Wedding Rings!”

  1. Cat B says:

    How did you decide on your wedding dress? You picked the one you fell in love with, that you knew you just had to have. I think you’ll do the same with your wedding ring. You’ll know it’s the one when you love it.

  2. Lady Fae says:

    I really think about the practicality of everyday life. Beautiful yet simple. Best of luck

  3. Micaela Maidana says:

    My advice would we… Expand your mind! The ones that you showed on the video where tradicional for me. Maybe you shouldn’t look for a wedding ring, just a ring! You might be surprised. Good luck!

  4. Barbara Dunleavy says:

    I hope Shane is all right did the spider get him

  5. Barbara Dunleavy says:

    The first ring wrap you showed is the one just Absolutely lovely lovely

  6. Barbara Dunleavy says:

    Just like anything in life when you see it you’ll know it’s the one!

  7. Fanta Zongo says:

    I love her very much. She is such an angel.

  8. Silvia Ceron says:

    Expectations * lol

  9. JuJu P. says:

    My personal preference is a simple band not welded together so you can take off your engagement ring when your doing things with your hands that might damage your engagement ring. Why couldn’t Shane wear his ring on his middle finger so it shows,then he can see his reflection haha

  10. ovoxo says:

    Shane is hilarious 😂

  11. Toni C. says:

    Hannah, I think you’ll be happy with many different things. Don’t overthink it sis!

  12. Barbara Dunleavy says:

    A ring wrap

  13. justbeehappy says:

    Contour band Hannah!

  14. justbeehappy says:

    “despair” hahaha

  15. Marla Hülsmann says:

    The first ring Hannah showed was amazing!

  16. Eden Bar-Lev says:

    you guys should really get a microphone! LOL

  17. Luminita Popa says:

    Don’t take something with rough edges. Flowerish like….it will annoy you.

  18. Maria Lopez says:


  19. Tarin Flyte says:

    Ps. The ring will just call out to you…..pick me, pick me! Lol

  20. Momma Bierman says:

    Keep this in mind Hannah – and this comes from decades of experience wearing a wedding ring. The dainty skinny solitaire bands are beautiful but over time & with wear, that skinny band will bed to form to the back of your finger. Make sure your band(s) are hefty and on the thicker side so they keep your engagement ring round …if that makes sense. Then have the rings soddered together for extra strength. Believe me, the heat in your hands and constant use will cause a thin band to mold to the shape of your finger instead of staying round. Lastly, good for u choosing yellow gold. I think it makes the diamonds sparkle more and u can see them!

  21. B. says:

    Specifications? But all those other words worked, too!😆

  22. Louise Hustek says:

    It’s called a ring enhancer

  23. Tarin Flyte says:

    Sunlight shining down on a precious couple who’s love for each other is unending. You both are so happy and blessed to have each other.

  24. Laura Lockman says:

    All are gorgeous my favorite is the first one

  25. Erin Pierce says:

    The second one was STUNNING!!!

  26. Beth Ruf says:

    My only suggestion would be to get something that looks nice by itself as well as with your engagement ring. There will be many times where you may be more comfortable just wearing a band and not your engagement ring- especially if you plan to have children; it so much easier to just wear your band than worry about scratching the baby with your diamond. You could still do two bands, but I wouldn’t have them soldered so you have some versatility in style!

  27. Mary Ann Anderson says:

    I followed him when he was summarizing. No advice. Endless possibilities. You just pick one and go with it.

  28. Hope Carr says:

    Or of the 3 you showed for Hannah number 2 was my fav.
    I got lucky that my wedding rings were passed down to me so I didn’t have to go through the dilemma of picking it out! (Because I’m so much like Hannah & would’ve taken forever to make my mind up!)

  29. Angie MaKarrall says:

    I haven’t watched in a while, but man I love Shanes haircut. Nicely done!

  30. Thomas Devine says:

    Get a ring with no sharp edges I think you will slice him up.

  31. sara parrish says:

    Loved the second ring you showed, Hannah! 💍

  32. Kylie T says:

    I personally loved the first one you showed! It was simple enough to really compliment your engagement ring without pulling focus from it. I’m also 24 though, so I’m not sure that you’re looking for opinions from someone your own age lol

  33. rae gruder says:

    Been married for 6 years love it. You guys are the perfect couple.

  34. Danae Zevely says:

    Hannah— it was initially really hard for me to choose, too, so what I did was basically let my husband pick it out. Once he saw one that he thought was great for me (based on what he knew I like, of course) I immediately loved the ring he found for me. It made it more special and way easier to accept that I’d be wearing it forever.

  35. Liana Burless says:

    I don’t know my fiance picked mine. Lol personally i wouldn’t get a ring like my man got me, size wise, but it is a beautiful ring and he did listen to what I like, looks wise. I don’t like to have a big diamond on my hand. Rather a silicon ring. I can work out do whatever and not think of it. I also do martial arts and don’t want to have to remember to take it of and on. To be honest I barely even wear jewelry but because it is coming from the man i love and he put so much hard work behind it i will love it even if i didn’t like it.

  36. Thomas says:

    Imagine being a professional ring welder🤣

  37. Lady James says:

    Halo 3 stone

  38. mike manjo says:

    I had already noticed Shane’s tan before you mentioned it. It looks really good. Hannah, you’ve got some sun, too. You both look great. The rings were beautiful. What a fun day!

  39. Annie Fly says:

    I chose my rings over 35 years ago and here’s what I know. I still adore my rings every single time I look at them but I really really adore the man who gave them to me. You will love whatever rings you choose darling because you are marrying the man of your dreams. ❤️❤️

  40. VreetAap says:

    Shane you look sickly. Get away from her. She’s
    poisoning you!

  41. Stephanie Pakdel says:

    Simply hilarious!

  42. Yolanda Rankin says:


  43. christine cervantes says:

    When you know, you know.

  44. Alex Hood says:

    Hannah instinctively reaching out to hold Shane’s head during a big turn in the car, is the sweetest thing I’ve seen.

  45. Collector of Everything Cool says:

    Look for one with a “comfort band”. It makes a difference.

  46. Jayne Scott says:

    LOL is Shane turning into a bit of a diva

  47. Bee says:

    My husband’s ring has three diamonds on it. My wedding ring is pretty blingy! Ours are both white gold. I wanted his to have a few diamonds, to kiiiind of match mine lol 😂 we picked each others out, so I didn’t know what he got me, and he didn’t know what I got him. ♥️

  48. Brooklyn Valentin says:

    I feel like Shane is a cowboi

  49. McChrister says:

    The Gold price is pretty high at the moment…..Hopefully you didn’t pay to much! Did you negotiate with the jewleSoooo happy for you both.😊 Can’t wait for the actual day! 🤗 Congrats on buying a ring Shane, don’t let her get away…LoL😂🏃🏼‍♀️ God Bless and I am praying that there is not much going on in terms of the riots and such……Be safe🙏🏼🍀♥️👋🏼🤮

  50. Mark Hershberger says:


  51. Cheryl Reuter says:


  52. Trail of Ruin 2018 says:

    Ooohhhh. I liked the sparkly one! Pick the sparkly one!

  53. christine riche says:

    I liked number 2 because it showcased the engagement ring without taking away from it 🥰

  54. Amanda Greenwood says:

    I love Hannah’s reactions 😂😂 I love watching you guys 😁 ❤

  55. Gina Crea says:

    So glad I came across your videos because I absolutely love you both and of course your gorgeous dog

  56. Femke Borcheld says:

    Very shiny is brilliant!

  57. A.J. Steinbring says:

    My wife and I also got our rings at Continental Diamond! Such a wonderful store with outstanding customer service.

  58. Debra Bargerhuff says:

    Hannah you’ll know when you’ve found the right ring. Just ask yourself does this ring spark joy? The one that sparks joy in your heart is your wedding ring.

  59. Brenda Kay Shelby says:

    Usually you buy a ring that goes with your engagement ring because it’s the first symbol of his love

  60. Grace's World says:

    I habe been married for 28 years and i have rings handed down maybe there is something from someone else or look at what you parents and grandparents have

  61. Lorraine Dennis says:

    Love you guys … your banter is the best … makes me laugh out loud 🤣🤣

  62. JasperisCasper says:

    The rings you like I’ve always heard be called nested rings. They’re my favorites as well. Good luck!

  63. Kristian says:

    When you ran out of ideas for during your outro.
    HEEEEY there is a spider gotta go!

  64. Tanya Volk says:

    When my hubs picked out my engagement ring, the wedding band came as a set since they weave together and overlap/interlock. So I didn’t have to make this decision. I’m indecisive too, so I’m SUPER thankful he picked the ring he did. Don’t envy the hard choice ahead of you! Good luck! 💍 (But, really, anything you pick will be gorgeous, and you’ll love it in 50 years because of what it represents and not for what it looks like.)

  65. Kiara Pillay says:

    Now I’m curious about word you were thinking of…specifications?😂

  66. Heather K says:

    Hannah-I’ve been married 26 years-you’re going to be wearing your ring for a long time. Go “timeless” like the second ring jacket in this video.

  67. Redina Bloogs says:

    Get a pen and paper And design your own Ring … . just doddle and play around.,.see what you come up with., let your imagination fly! 😁.. .

  68. Lovey Stanton says:

    Vintage round is a pretty style.

  69. Yolanda Maphoyi says:

    Shane is so funny 😂😂😂 Hannah you compliment him so much 😆 love you guys all the way for South Africa ❤️

  70. Lovey Stanton says:

    Hannah, are you using your engagement ring and the getting a wrap to go around it?

  71. Dolores Hart says:

    Maybe the word is “What are your wishes in a ring?”.

  72. Lovey Stanton says:

    My Precious….Smeagol

  73. Tym Renae says:

    I adore the first that you showed! I would suggest making a list of things you’d like and things that Would make wearing it unbearable. I know how you feel though. I got mine off of Overstock. My husband and I were too picky and lazy (and broke) to go to a jewlery store, so we picked our own and emailed then to each Other to be ordered LOL. I have a titanium band ring with pink pearl in the middle. I knew that I wanted something non-traditional, pink, easy to take on and off, and I didn’t want it to be noticeable or get snagged on things easily.

  74. iwasalllikeomg says:

    I’m really appreciating that you added subtitles to your videos, YouTube’s captions were doing nothing for me on your videos.

  75. Marlene Richardson says:

    My mum never took off her wedding ring which my dad placed on her finger. I buried my mum with her ring on which was her wish. They were married for 56 years and loved each other very much. God Bless you both with an eternity of love and happiness x

  76. Louise Brown says:

    I much prefer these spontaneous conversations about life stuff rather than the more scripted videos. When you said you were getting married low key now made me feel a bit sad. What’s the rush? Have the all in one wedding and celebrations in a year or two.

  77. Julia H says:

    A friend of mine couldn’t decide on a ring style so she bought a bunch of really cheap costume rings on eBay (for about $3 each) and wore each one for a few days to get a feel for the style. Definitely helped her choose in the end! 😊

  78. Pau martin says:

    The first ring was 😍😍😍😍

  79. ntamny says:

    The second wedding bands ( white gold) make your diamond appear larger and brighter.

  80. Nikki Rodriguez says:

    Just start trying different rings on. See which style vibes with you more.🖤

  81. Lucy Rojas says:

    Hannah, when I was looking at wedding bands last year I also was looking at what looked best with my engagement ring like the ones that go around the center diamond, however, when I was asking for advice cause I am also picky lol people told me to pick a band that compliments my engagement ring but ALSO looks good on it’s own. So that when I have kids or do something where I don’t want my engagement ring to get snagged (because I also have solitaire), I can still wear my wedding band alone and it would look great! 🙂 Not like it’s meant to frame something else or is missing something lol

  82. S White says:

    It’s not that serious 😂

  83. Jacqueline Leubin says:

    Hannah, that decision you have to make for yourself, as every person has a different taste. Just pick the one ring that you like best and that speaks to you. It’s as easy as that.

  84. Captain Sam says:

    Okkk Shane I see you, my man lookin fresh with that cut

  85. erikshappywife says:

    How about a plastic spider ring in honor of Shane’s apparent dislike of spiders (they freak me OUT!!! So you know I’m just kidding). I liked the first one in the video A LOT, it looked like it was meant to be on YOUR finger, Hanna 😄❤

  86. Maria Young says:

    Hi Guys, my favorite You-Tubers. The same happened to my nephew. Had to postpone his wedding from May to September. I feel so bad for them, because I believe it just won’t be the same. I love how you are handling having to push your wedding back. Shane, I love the haircut!

  87. Jesse Key says:

    Yall are not already married wow that’s messed up

  88. Jade Nikole says:

    In the most respectful way possible, I find most wedding rings so ugly 😂like idk I just look at these clumps of diamonds and I don’t find it attractive. That’s just a personal opinion though. It’s just funny because it’s like which one do you like? Uh none but that’s just me

  89. rebecca tibbetts says:

    When u see it you will know.

  90. Julia Egartner says:

    The first ring was gorgeous! <3 Good luck!

  91. Pinupgirl says:

    Hannah, when you see it, you’ll know. 😉

  92. Katharine Ingalls says:

    #2!!! I love #2!!! I got my engagement ring but it wasn’t sold as a set, therefore, I had to find a band to go with it. I decided to go with a guard or some call it a jacket. My engagement ring just slid down into the guard and then there was a row of diamonds on the top and bottom. Then they soldered them together for me. The second one you showed is what I like the best. I take my set in every 6 months for an inspection. If they find any issues they fix it for me for nothing. If I were to lose a diamond, as long as I keep up with the inspections, they replace it free of charge. I am sure you will get a warranty close to that I would think. Now then Hannah! As far as worrying if you will like it in 50 years? I have the answer to that. You simply ask for a larger diamond every 5 to 10 years of marriage! LOL LOL I am sure you will love what you pick out and you will know if it’s for you. The light that shines from the love you have for each other is enough for me! I love watching you grow as a couple, and I have learned so much from you! I had an uncle that passed away years ago with ALS, so I now the struggles and others asking questions. The two of you offering the information and education that you do is incredible! It has truly been a blessing watching you and I look forward to many more years! Give each other a big hug from me!

  93. Ziuta Sow says:

    Why is Shane going to wear his ring on his right hand? And Hannah is wearing on the left hand. Typically wedding rings are worn on the left hand in america.

  94. Kimberly Reynolds says:

    Which ever ring you pick now, and wear through your life with Shane will grow more dear over time due to memories of joys and worries and triumphs you faced together. You will always be emotionally attached to that ring because it will remind you of so much over time. When rings wear thin or need resizing due to age you may need a new band to reset your diamonds in, but you’ll still recognize the glimmers you saw in your diamond as still being the ring you have loved is there. Life is overlapping layers of lovely moments, and even rough moments that become lovely because it helped you both be your future you, together!

  95. Lisa Tice says:

    I really liked the first ring you showed for Hannah. Its only got one side but it was the most flattering to your hand.

  96. life is everything for fun Ishmail says:


  97. K. DMomma says:

    1st one!!! Or third one would be second choice.

  98. wingsonwater says:

    I think you should look around more! The ones you showed were nice but I feel like they didn’t complement your engagement ring well enough.

  99. Eva Adams says:

    Love the traditional slim shiny gold wedding band on a man. Very classy! Just like those old retro watches without all the bells and whistles 😃

  100. Wildflower says:

    Choose something unique! Look at as many types of rings as possible, including online, vintage or antique stores, and at museums and art galleries. If you can’t find the right one, have one made. Don’t settle until you find the one that makes your heart sing. 💕💖

  101. kristinpeterson says:

    I likes the sleek one you showed with the band of diamonds on each side. 2nd one you showed us i believe. Its classic. Very stunning.

  102. Debbie Ring says:

    People ,especially women upgrade their wedding rings through the years. That’s normal too.

  103. Monique Matice says:

    I really liked the 3rd ring you showed

  104. Karma Hill says:

    I have two sets of rings; my original set in yellow gold and my newer set in white gold. (We’ve been married almost 35 years.) Both have thin bands which is so much more comfortable than thicker bands on my other fine jewelry. After wearing rings for a while they are itchy and uncomfortable. So adding a band to either side of an engagement sounds so thick and uncomfortable to me. But that’s just me!

  105. Monique Matice says:

    Um, doesn’t the ring go on the left hand? Or can Shane not wear a ring on his left hand 🤔

  106. Tegan Rae says:

    My dads ring has diamonds and my brothers has emeralds. Both beautiful rings!
    You both are so cute. I really liked the second setting of Hannah’s choices

  107. Bill Curry says:

    Don’t worry you are not going to be Dazzled when you walk in and tell him what you want and what for he will be dazzled

  108. AngieSTYLES 4U says:

    Desire…is that the word?

  109. TheMrKristens says:

    Lol…my husband took me to so many ring shops and I didn’t like a single one. 😬😬😬 He thought it was bc I wanted something more, but I actually wanted less. 🤯🤣🤣 I found a $500 Titanium Ring that I wear to this day…15 years later. For me it was knowing how I use my hands (I talk with them… seriously, if I sit on them I can’t talk…best mute button ever! 🤣🤣🤣) so I required something that wasn’t going to gouge me or anyone else. Thankfully, I did this bc I have bopped so many people (unintentionally) over the years, myself included. My kids should probably be happy about this, but they are oblivious. 🤣🤣🤣 Basically Hannah, you will know what you want when you see it. It may take a second glance, but trust yourself. My ring reminds me of my husband. (He is on his 5th ring… literally worn through every. Single. One. 🤯🤷🤷 His poor hands! I swear he works on a computer all day…I still don’t know how one literally wears through a ring?!?! 5 in 15 years. 🤷)

  110. Green Lean says:

    Hannah, I really liked the first ring you showed, at 4:41. I love the look of them together and this one matches your engagement ring very well! I also like how it isn’t symmetric on both sides of your engagement ring, I think the extra detail of the ring with your engagement ring adds fresh elegance, and they look like they came together!
    The other two ring options you show look very separate from your engagement ring. Not just because of the difference in metal, but in the differences in style and form.

  111. Chloe says:

    The first one was SO beautiful and sparkly!

  112. Jaime Paquette says:

    The third band set you showed was my favorite

  113. Leanne Paxton says:

    Hannah, I think it was the 2nd one you showed with the band of diamonds on either side of your engagement ring. I thought it was stunning. Really beautiful! But that is just my humble opinion!
    If you aren’t sure about any of the rings that you have seen so far, I’m sure you will find one that is right for you. Just keep searching online for something you like, maybe you will find it!

  114. It Be that Way says:

    Your videos really are the best you guys are so funny and warm and soothing, I’m really greatful for your channel during all the craziness in the world. Congrats on the rings btw!

  115. Carl's Brother says:

    Oh I thought it was going to be another video of Hannah proving how amazing their sex life is, or her in a bikini, or her in the shower… just a regular ol’ video this time…

  116. Rosie88 says:

    Criteria is the word .

  117. matt barker says:

    Sometimes the husband gets the wife a new Ring on anniversarys

  118. Nancy VanBrundt says:

    We got married in 2014 when same sex marriage was finally legal. We got married in the courthouse, then later that summer in the Japanese Garden at Como Park with a few family and friends. Our rings are matching gold bands. We have been together almost 22 years. Good choice to get married now and celebrate next year. Well, celebrate every day!!

  119. Alexis Jaycox says:

    Our wedding is postponed due to Covid too 🙁 I’m glad you’re still finding joy in planning! It’s hard and disappointing at times. But you guys always cheer me up. Sending my love!

  120. Donna Griffith says:

    The first ring just caught my eye. It was beautiful!

  121. Katherine Kroll says:

    I’ve only been married 5 years, but I honestly believe you’ll love the ring you picked in 50 years not because it was the “right” one and you still love everything about the style of it, but because it will remind you of this time in your life and the love you and Shane share. So for that reason, I say go with what you like right now, there’s just no way to predict how your taste might change in the future.

  122. Teresa Gould says:

    Just go with what you want NOW honey xxxx later, whatever 😂

  123. C Miller says:

    3rd ring is prettiest on you

  124. J Wicks says:

    I thought the very first ring that you showed us …. was the prettiest… if I was choosing for myself…. that answer probably won’t help you at all with your own decision…. so maybe check out some different designs of rings on line and maybe that will help you decide what style you like. …. Good Luck…. and have fun choosing…. cant wait to see what you decide on…. Thanks for sharing your lives …. 🙏❤️😊

  125. Shoshi Klein says:

    I got a regular band for my wedding ring silver. My engagement ring was Rose Gold with Gems. Sometimes simpler is better.

  126. anne kennedy says:

    i thought the first ring you showed was beautiful

  127. summer m says:

    One of my other favorite YouTubers Leighannsays got rings like that, the ones where they go on each side of the main ring…it was so pretty. I can’t remember what it was called.

  128. Brandy H.2426 says:

    I think the response “dazzle me” is an appropriate answer for a lot of things!! And ring guard is what it’s called i have one too

  129. Aunja says:

    To narrow it down, think about things you do often with your hands and how your options would feel doing that thing? Ex: My ring is annoying when I wear winter gloves. You can also think about other jewelry you frequently wear or like.

  130. Linda Pulizzi says:

    Don’t have the Rings soldered together, if it will make it hard to clean.

  131. Mindy Bruns says:

    I love option 2 that you showed!!

  132. Loohna says:

    Buy her 2 rings❤️❤️😂😂

  133. Kim Patterson says:

    Shane you are so funny. You could be a comedian

  134. BergletteMom says:

    This is a boringly practical piece of advice, but here goes. If you are planning on having children, try to avoid rings that could potentially scratch or poke them. A smooth wedding ring is probably a better choice than something with lots of points and prongs. You’d be surprised how easy it is to scratch a baby’s face if you aren’t being careful. Also, if you’re a busy wife and mother, you don’t really want a complicated ring that is hard to keep clean. Like, pie dough, play dough, dirt, etc. getting in it. Just my two cents after three kids, multiple pets, and 25 years of marriage.

  135. Brienne Robles says:

    Your happy makes me happy!! Thank u for sharing!!

  136. Wendy Stephan says:

    Pick the most classic so in 20 years it isn’t dated.

  137. ckalnicki says:

    Great Video Guys!
    Hanna, pick simple. You want your engagement diamond to be the main focus… Love you both!

  138. Adriana Munoz says:

    u guys are so cute 🥺🥺

  139. Theresa Chulich says:

    U both are such an amazing people. Amazing. And he is sooooo funny!

  140. Brooke Robinson says:

    Look for inspiration on Pinterest !

  141. Ali A says:

    I’m in loooove with that first ring you showed ❤️

  142. guis corriveau says:

    hope she picks the 2nd one!!! the others look cheap.

  143. Melanie Butler says:

    shane’s joke made me like the video 2:15

  144. Lauren Godin says:

    I really like the one that looked kinda like a crown over your engagement ring. I think it really made it pop

  145. Figfromathistle says:

    Shane: My precious

  146. KIWI RYKER says:

    Your love is old and true , tattoo the bands on your hands

  147. Pat Fluegel says:

    In some areas of Africa, children make up more than a small part of the workforce. One survey of diamond miners in the Lunda Norte province of Angola found that 46% of miners were between the ages of 5 and 16.

  148. Pat Fluegel says:

    Hanna, if you feel like “well they’re fine” you need to shop some more girl. Dont bother to buy a wedding ring you think is “ok”
    At that point you can spare the child laborers in the african diamond mines and go without.

  149. Melissa Cramer says:

    I like more white gold 😄 and without shimmer. I just think if I want to wear that in the future. I find matte rings more elegant I don’t know. My advise 💜💜

  150. dian Iron Feather says:

    I really do like the first one, but then, it is not my ring. You honestly have to make that choice from your own heart. Btw, when you are married your wedding ring will be first on your finger, and then your engagement ring. Trying them on that way will give you the best idea as to how they will look. Love you guys

  151. Pat Fluegel says:

    I hope you are only looking at ethically sourced diamonds.

  152. Melissa Cramer says:

    You are the cutest. So sweet to see your videos. I really see you are in love. I hope I will be in love again like you are. So beautiful. And beautiful rings too 😄🌈

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    I definitely think a civil ceremony, courthouse marriage, whatever it’s called, would be the easiest and safest way to do it so you can at least have the benefits of being married and do the big party some other time.

  159. Stacey Cortina says:

    An enhancer

  160. Karen Sheridan says:

    my engagement dropped into the center of my wedding band. it was an antique repro . I would advise ask your mom, my mom always knew what I liked better than I did

  161. David Gabrie says:

    When I first got married, I was out of work and had to borrow money from my brother to buy my wife’s wedding ring. After ten years of marriage, I took her to Tiffany’s and she picked out a beautiful 1/3 Stone. She could have gotten a larger stone, but instead she chose Color, or Size. When she goes out and people notice her all the time because it is simply brilliant. Get what you can afford, you could go big, or smaller with quality stones.

    My wife is very happy with her ring now, as for myself…I gained too much weight and can’t fit the gold ring she surprised me with on our Wedding Day. I prefer a plain Platinum band, don’t know if I’ll ever get it…all the best.

  162. Kris O'Connor says:

    What editing software do you guys use? Hopefully you guys will respond!

  163. kathleen beaman says:

    Wait until something you see makes your heart skip a beat. You may have to visit more than one jewelry store. You won’t make a mistake, I’m sure of that.
    Peace and blessings

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    Hey Squirmy! Go online to one of the companies that you can design your own ring. It actually makes the ring so you can see what it will look like. Only advice.. find an engagement that looks as close to yours, before you go all ham on ring guards and lose ring bands and such. Oh wait! Buy one side for your civil marriage. Then when you have your celebration, have a recommitment ceremony and exchange rings! Then give Grubs a diamond band that matches with his {Shimmery round ring) lol. Hugs from Kentucky 💕 Tere

  169. GreenPenguin82 says:

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  170. K Beetison says:

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  172. Tammy Wojsiat says:

    I designed my own ring. I hate yellow gold anything, so I went with white told. I don’t like gaudy or flashy, and my favorite stone is a black onyx. And I don’t like round stones.
    So, I had a white gold band with a black onyx in the shape of a teardrop (small to medium size), and very small diamonds around the onyx. My husband had to go to 7 jewellers before someone would agree to make it. The others kept saying that they didn’t believe I would want something like that (even though I had drawn a picture of it for him to take with him), so they wouldn’t make it. It cost a little extra, because it was custom made, but it wasn’t unreasonable.
    Btw, I like Shane’s hair cut short. He looks nice with it like that.
    P.S. that was actually my engagement ring. For the wedding ring it was just a plain white gold band that I had welded to the engagement ring. It fit like puzzle pieces. Ya know?
    P.S.S. I did like the first one you showed the best.

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    Hannah, just go for a simple 2-3 millimeter platinum band. It’s okay to mix metals (colors). Your engagement ring looks like it’s yellow gold. I think a platinum band (which looks like white gold) would be a classy and TIMELESS touch. Also, it would serve VERY nicely when you want to only wear a band, instead of with the engagement ring. Lots of ladies do that, especially when they travel. Also, when you’re cleaning or doing gardening, you can take off the engagement ring and just wear the band. If you can’t get to the point where you think you want to mix metals, getting a simple yellow gold band works just as well. I’m a bit of a jewelry aficionado – I mix my metals all the time. I used to be a purist where everything had to be the same, or match, but as I’ve matured (aged) I’m liking the mix. One of the things I do is on my right hand, I wear, stacked together, a 14 karat yellow gold thin band my mother gave me, with an 8 karat (ordered from India) white gold 3 millimeter band, AND a 10 karat gold 2 millimeter rose gold band that I bought from someone. It looks great!

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    Advice: have one custom-made with all of your favorite aspects of the ones you like in one perfect ring! Or try two matching bands stacked on either side (maybe one for the marriage this year and one for the wedding next year). I prefer that look to a guard or enhancer personally. Love your videos!

  184. Ceci Schaeffer says:

    I would do matching plain gold bands, except maybe your band be slightly thinner. The engagement ring is already so blingy and beautiful, you don’t want to distract from it. I think you’d be happy to do the gold band and upgrade for each anniversary…getting an “anniversary” ring. Look up “anniversary” rings. They’re gorgeous.

  185. Derk Muldoon says:

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  186. partywoodchuck says:

    I love a good art-deco style ring that looks like a piece of modern art. There’s a jewelry shop called “Fiat Lux” in San Francisco that does engagement rings with lots of unique architectural details.

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    Yeah men’s can have diamonds! My dads wedding ring has them (: he demanded to have his own pizzazz since guys don’t usually have engagement rings to be all special.

  192. Brenda lee akaabouch says:

  193. Jean Fish says:

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  194. Jean Fish says:

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    Advice for Hannah- don’t worry about whether you’re going to like it in 50 years! Choose something you love right now. You will like it because it’s your wedding ring 🙂 and if you truly find that you want to change it in the future, you can worry about that in the future!
    Good luck!

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    • JamaicanRain says:

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  218. Dianne Weber says:

    I looked at thousands of rings online, I had ring burn out. My husband showed me his mom’s rings and I was like, “Ohhhh why don’t we design them ourselves and use your mom’s stones!” So that’s what we did, we took the rings to a great jeweler and and sat down and designed them. It’s not as hard as you think. I wound up with an engagement ring and wedding band fit for Tatianna the queen of Fairies. 🙂

  219. Lisa angela Griffith says:


  220. Phoenix Angel Woods says:

    I say you should go with the 2nd one it looks really pretty on you that’s my suggestion since you where asking

  221. Amanda Z says:

    Don’t stress. It’s completely okay to get a new ring later in your life. My parents got married right after they immigrated to the US and had little money. On their 20th anniversary my dad got her a new ring which made it even more special.

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  224. Diana Regan says:

    I have worn the same ring for 50 years. We live in a small town in SD and it cost $200. Choose the one that is just right for you 🤗❤️

  225. Shamelslife says:

    Is that what they call a ring jacket?? And the diamonds on the sides are called baguettes I believe.

    Also, my parents are married 49 years in September. They don’t wear the original rings they bought anymore and have each changed size/shape of their hands. They have each picked out something else that means something to them instead.

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    You have to pick what you love. Because you wear forever. I had my ring re set. And I regret it. I wish I would have left it. It’s a personal choice.🇨🇦

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  230. Bo Bryant says:

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  231. Suzanne Melvin says:


  232. Andrea Devan says:

    Get married now and then have a “Cerefony” next year where you say the vows and stuff in front of fam but since you all would be married already it would be a CEREFONY

  233. Barbara Blanco says:

    Hannah, my mom always told me: “If you don’t LOVE it, don’t buy it”.It’s your wedding ring, try to focus on how you feel wearing it. You’ll know when you find the perfect ring for you, just like Shane did (I love that his ring reminds him of his dad’s). Take your time, dear. Congratulations and thank you guys for always making me smile 🙂

  234. Area 51 Farms with Dr Beth says:

    I got an Asher cut ring. Because it is so nice, I rarely wear it because I don’t want to get robbed so I also have a plain band I wear.

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  239. Dark Cloud says:

    You can get a new one after so many years.. theres no rule that says you have to keep it for 50 yrs. Maybe if you stop focusing on that it will be easier..

  240. gail little says:

    I asked for a plain gold band to ware behind my diamond wedding band and engagement ring. Mom was told by her grandmother that it’s unlucky to take off your ring, even over the knuckle so my gold band never comes off and I am married 33 years.

  241. Candace Ortiz says:

    Hannah you’ll know it when you see it. For real I had no idea what I wanted and then BAM. I saw it and I was like omg, that’s the one. That’s my ring.

  242. Marco Rose says:

    My advice is to print a tournament template and use that to decide. This makes you focus on the fundamentals. If choosing between two is difficult, have a 4-5 second timer. In the end the important part of the ring is the emotional aspect to it. The ring represents your relationship, eventually you’ll get used to it and it will be right, even if it’s not perfect.

  243. Lisa Lewis says:

    Glad you guys went for your rings, that’s awesome! …..When you see it, you’ll know it’s the one!!! so, just roll with that in mind. :)…..Stay safe & much love from Ohio 🙂

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  252. Lauren Cliver says:

    The way Shane’s jokes make Hannah beam is amazing.

  253. Kathy Kaylor says:

    My dad has diamond chips in his. But in almost 60 years he’s never taken his ring off. Not even during surgeries. And some of the diamond chips have fallen out but he won’t get it fixed because he said that it showed how his life has gone. Not a bad thing.!

  254. Dave T says:


  255. Cinde Molin says:

    No! Not a small rubber band Shane…lol

  256. iquivalent badness says:

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  257. Monica MacNeille says:

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  258. Craig Lewis says:

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  259. Kathy Kaylor says:

    The first one.!!!I didn’t get to pick mine out they were heirloom! And then they were stolen later….

  260. Kathy Kaylor says:

    I wanted a wide gold band. But my fingers are way to short. So I got a thinner gold band…. We’re at 30 years this year so maybe this year I’ll get something else that I want!
    I’m so happy to hear you say you may not be waiting!!!!!!lo lololol.

  261. Monica MacNeille says:

    YES! So glad you’re going to get married now, and celebrating next year. Waiting to get married it just too hard!!! And this way you get two anniversaries! My parents always have celebrated their engagement instead of their wedding because the engagement was the meaningful part between them, wheras the wedding was more about logistics and other people. They also celebrate their wedding anniversary, but theyre WAY more excited about the engagement. They always go back to the waterfall where my dad proposed and everything. And they’ve been married for over 50 years!

  262. Christina Dvorak says:

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    connection doesnt seem genuine

  264. Merry Boudreaux says:

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  265. M Mom says:

    Just make sure it’s something you will be comfortable wearing while working out, doing dishes, making beds… otherwise you won’t wear it. You can also do what my hubby has done. I’ve had four wedding sets in 32 years. He has just periodically upgraded my rings as he’s made more money since we couldn’t afford anything but gold bands when we got married. I still wear the original gold band on my right hand though. Cuz it’s the original.

  266. Cynthia Jones says:

    aSomething else for you. If you die today will you go to heaven? Have you ever lied, stolen, used God’s name as a curse word (O-M-G)? According to God’s law, you’re guilty, your headed for hell, ignorance will not be an excuse… But wait, God loves you, he made a way out for you, God’s son Jesus died paying for your sin. God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life. John 3:16
    God is warning the world. End Time prophesies are jumping off the pages of the Bible, plagues, government control, earthquakes, fires, floods, people will be lovers of themselves, money, lovers of pleasure rather than God, evil will be called good and good called evil, sexual immorality rampant adultery, fornication, abuse… mommies killing their babies in child sacrifice, World leaders are prepping for a One-World order, government, religion (please don’t take a number on your forehead or right hand, read Revelation a number means no heaven, and there’s only one alternative) The government is also prepping to have you believe that UFO’s are real… Soon the antichrist will come and fix everything, everyone will love him, he will deceive many… then the tribulation will start, life on earth will be horrific. Today if you hear God whispering to your heart please respond before it’s too late. Say a humble prayer, pour your heart out to God, he loves you, open your heart take a chance receive Jesus as your savior.

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  270. Trisha Templer says:

    My husband surprised me when we were in Cozemel celebrating our anniversary, he said I want to replace your diamond. I was shocked! Of course I said yes so we replaced the center round diamond with a marquis diamond. We had our wedding rings custom made so we kept the original band. We have been married 31 years.

  271. myfamilyismyworld says:

    It’s called an insert

  272. Kelly Perna says:

    My advice – go with something simple! I have a small white gold band, the point is to be married and love each other not to worry about shape and diamonds 💍

  273. Redstargems Co says:


  274. Rachel Zammit says:

    Love the first band that you tried on! 🥰

  275. Rebecca Stratton says:

    You’ll know when you see it. We had matching bands, no stones, too young and broke, lol. 25 years later we got new rings BOTH with diamonds. So, go with what makes you feel the love you have with Shane.

  276. Quan Luong says:

    Go with your heart or just let Shane pick the ring 😂

  277. Jacqueline Johnson says:

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  278. Victoria Fox says:

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  279. Miss Daisy says:

    My advice is either get a larger solitary with the wraparound diamonds on each side or get a bigger solitary diamond with a gold band and a single solitary diamonds all the way around band you know what I mean it looks gorgeous but I think you need a little more with then there’s diamonds and I think they would make you happier because the width is really cool looking and you have such pretty long fingers I really think you’d like it better try it and see don’t mean to mix you up but you will feel the love when you find the right one just like you did the wedding dress I’m serious

  280. Ian W says:

    You both might like to get a silicone ring. There’s a bunch of brands that sell them like groove life. I find its way comfy to wear on the day to day compared to my normal metal ring.

  281. Bobbie Abbott says:

    For a wedding ring I always thought a heart-shaped diamond would be pretty.

  282. Cheyenne Quinn says:

    The second ring looks beautiful, not too busy and it’s more elegant .

  283. Brad Taylor says:

    You kids are so funny. You can’t afford Shane’s medication… but you can afford rings, you guys crack me up. OMG, when will you stop being funny

  284. Nicole Dawn says:

    I got 2 small bands that were each a different color than my engagement ring. So my engagement ring is white gold, so I got 1 small yellow gold ring on one side and one rose gold ring on the other. And the jeweler was able to weld them together to make 1 solid ring.

    Also if you have kids, you can give your original wedding ring to them and get another one later! Just a thought!

  285. Sarah Hannaway says:

    the ring that looked like s crown on top was really nice

  286. K Hamilton says:

    Hannah try googling vintage inspired ring enhancer. I find that vintage inspired ring tend to have more interesting details on the sides of the ring as well as the top.

  287. Lynn Morin says:

    Are you speaking of a ring-jacket

  288. sionandjess says:

    Oh ring shopping is so fun! I got to have a new wedding and engagement ring as when I got Ill with crohns I was on steroids and put on soooooo much weight that my original ones didn’t fit. Hopefully I will get back in them one day soon. So yes you can change them or alter them. I think anything on that finger represents your continued love. Got hubby to put them on me for the first time and redo a few vows just us in our living room xx

  289. Lindsey Hatch says:

    Don’t focus too much on the ring but what it represents . I think this will make your decision easier. Good luck!

  290. jC3drums says:

    If you already have a fancy diamond engagement ring, I’d suggest a simple band. I don’t know about you, but I prefer something modern. Try Jerry Spaulding’s website.

  291. keypenny53 says:

    It’s not the ring , it what’s behind that ring that counts, it could be a twig but if Shawn gives it to you anything should do ! That ring is only a material thing that may not last forever, where love should last forever !

  292. Brett Morrison says:

    It’s always good to see a bit of you guys. Just wholesome love and understanding. And as a bonus, we haven’t ever seen a single blackface photo or video of either of you guys!

  293. Heather Aka gamer mom says:

    Do it. Get married still and have the big party next year. You won’t regret it. Omg, I’m more excited about that now lol. I remember when I went shopping with my husband for our rings. When we left we both looked at each other and said yep we are doing this lol. It had such an impact on us. It’s a hell of a special memory. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  294. Marilyn Martin says:

    I really liked the first one. It’s perfect. In 15 years Shane can get you an anniversary ring.

  295. Valerie Goodwin says:

    I think the first ring is beautiful! 💞 It complemented your skin tone well. I cannot with Shane’s remarks🤣

  296. Robin Donohue says:

    So I’ve worked out (and so has the rest of the world) that Hannah is obviously making a lot of money out of this, but how much of his benefits do you want to have saved up until you finish with him? Or are you waiting until he dies so you inherit everything he has got? Well whatever the answer I think you definitely deserve it. You deserve a medal too. You’re the bravest and hottest girl I’ve seen who obviously doesn’t mind washing boney little asses and tiny peckers.

  297. keypenny53 says:

    I think the first ring set you showed is really gorgeous , that would be the winner of all , beautiful, I love em ! ❤️

  298. Sharney Savage says:

    Wow you guys are fun!!!! Your love is glowing. put a ring on it!💑

  299. SEJ3333 says:


  300. Jessica Tortora says:

    Poor Shane…spiders love him! Haha

  301. Dully Noted says:

    Hey guys, my first engagement ring had mounted diamonds and once when I was wearing it, I accidentally pierced the skin of someone I was caring for/carrying! Something to keep in mind, some cut diamonds styles can really do a number on soft skin. Happy hunting Hannah xxx my advice: practicality is an important consideration when you are a carer. This way, you won’t have to remove your ring on the regular X and make sure it’s DAZZLING ♥️

  302. Eduardo Padilla says:

    Hahaha this was funny! XD

  303. Susan Clow says:

    I loved the first ring that was shown. But you need to decide and you will.

  304. Love Life says:

    The third one was so beautiful 😍

  305. Framma Zuleger says:

    When you first showed the photos, that very first one was my favorite!
    So what did the man say when you walked in? What was THE WORD?? haha

  306. Kristine Sansone says:

    “Do I get one? That’s where Shane is” 🤣
    Congrats you guys! Enjoy every moment of the wedding planning 🥰

  307. Elizabeth at Home says:

    If you have pictures, pick the one you stare at the most!

  308. hiswife2002 says:

    I did the same thing and totally mangled a really sentimental ring reaching into a patient’s wheelchair for the safety belt 🤦. Advice: The whole Rest of Your Life thing really freaked me out when we were engaged. Somebody gave me the advice to “take it one day at a time”, which I realize is incredibly cliche, but I just went forward with “what do I like TODAY?”. It worked great and it made the planni g so much more fun and a lot less stressful, although not less expensive, unfortunately….🙄. We’re both still happy with our rings almost 20 years later 🌷

  309. Elizabeth Harttley says:

    I had a carved band no solitary. I used my mom’s band during the ceremony.
    My SIL had a solitary engagement ring with a custom carved band. Then she got a thin band for pregnancy cause her hands were swollen. The symbolism
    of the unending circle is what i liked.
    The silicon bands are so comfortable and safe. I also love the wood and stone bands.

  310. Stephanie Marvon says:

    I highly suggest a wedding ring that you like by itself! I sometimes just wear it by itself when I’m outdoors, at an amusement park, etc. Just nice to not always have to worry about the diamond on the engagement ring poking out.

  311. Char Covelesky says:

    This old lady says…. keep it low and simple. Lots of stones and prongs collect all kinds of gunk and are a pain to clean all the time, and high settings snag on everything, including body parts! So glad you noticed your bent prong… I didn’t apparently… and lost my diamond after 35 years!

  312. Stephanie Cullen says:

    I just love watching you guys Your friendship, humor and love just shines 🥰

  313. gialicegarcia says:

    Hannah go with a classic and elegant look on your ring. That would never go wrong and you will love it forever.
    I got a plain engagement ring with a round diamond and a plain wedding band to go with it, that’s what I wanted because I was in the military. Years after I though I want it a very expensive with a lot of stones and big diamond. My husband went and got me a beautiful one which I have used just a few times because it is too flashy. So, guess what??? I always wear my classic elegant one. It goes well with everything and I still love it.

  314. Suzanne says:

    My husband took me engagement ring shopping. (I’d been married before, he wanted to be sure he got me the ring I wanted.) I had a type of ring I wanted in mind, but I asked if he had any ideas about the kind of wedding bands he wanted. He’d already told me he intended on us wearing matching bands. He told me what his ideal ring was, and the first store we went into had that EXACT style (tricolor braided gold), so we bought our wedding bands before I tried on any engagement rings.
    For us, this worked, I was able to look at how the diamonds were mounted on the engagement rings to make sure it would lay flush against my wedding band. (That’s something that would have bothered me). So I got the exact diamond I wanted, he got the exact wedding band he wanted, everyone was happy.
    Hannah, like the makeup, and my mask clashed with my outfit today – it happens.

  315. Nova Johnson says:

    I have never laughed so much by one person in my entire life. Shane is seriously so funny, he should consider being a stand-up comedian or something

  316. Adam Guymon says:

    You could either go with a matching set/style or you could go with something that each of you like but at the same time even with the rings being different they both have at least something in common that match or somehow go together?

  317. Patti Hawks says:

    I love the second set, Hannah.
    Simple, graceful, brushed gold with simple diamond..
    Lovely like you!

  318. Susan Waltman says:

    Why are you picking out wedding rings after postponing your wedding?

  319. Phillip King says:

    Hannah needs a ring with Baguette DIAMONDS(GO FUND ME) that don’t stick out, don’t want to get stuck IN Shane’s HAIR.

  320. Jeremy Storm says:

    ring tattoo! Shane, when you go back in, you should tell them you’d like to see the ball & chain section.

  321. D P says:

    I love my vintage ring.High setting,one bigger diamond in middle and small ones in hearts long the side of band in rose gold..beautiiful and unique.

    Black alaskan diamonds are very beautiful as well:)

  322. From TheFosters says:

    Everyone in my family has gotten married before their big celebration. My older brother was married a year and a half before his big wedding. My husband and I were married a year and 3 months before our big wedding. And my younger brother and his wife have been married almost a year and their wedding was supposed to be this upcoming September but they are thinking about postponing. It just makes sense, for taxes and everything. PLUS, now we have 2 anniversaries instead of 1 ❤️🥰

  323. Pale Lion says:

    And one ring to rule them all…

  324. DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds says:

    Legit thought Shane said he wanted to be BEDAZZLED and I pictured him dressed in an Elvis outfit with shiny gems all over 😆 😆…

  325. Amy says:

    Hi Hannah,
    As a health care worker I would recommend a ring that lays flat and will not catch on things or scratch Shane. If you get a raised diamond you may end up taking the ring off more times than wearing it.

  326. N ST says:

    Shane: I have a lot to learn
    Hannah: I know

  327. Kathryn Hall says:

    Hannah? Take your time♥️ No rush, it’s your choice 🥰

  328. Cindy Wisdom says:

    The only thing I know, just celebrated 49 yrs, whatever you choose, you’ll think it’s the best there is. Even 50 yrs later. But you WILL have other rings for special occasions throughout your lives. So just choose the prettiest on your finger. Be blessed.

  329. M Z says:

    In Europe women just wear a golden band like the men.

  330. N ST says:

    I liked that first ring but I’m a guy who’s not a jeweler, so what do I know?

  331. Diane Narusberg says:

    You two are hilarious!! I love you. I like the first one you tried on Hannah. It looks gorgeous with your engagement ring!

  332. Kelly Matshoba says:

    Hannah u are a Lucky woman…pray about ur marriage so God can protect it…luv u guys a lot

  333. NayNaysMama says:

    They are possibly…wraps. They are meant to dress up your solitaire.

  334. Pocono Prepper says:

    Get the ring you like now. Don’t worry about 50 years from now. I have several wedding bands. My original, my 10 year anniversary, my 20 year anniversary and my work one. You don’t know if it will be damaged, lost, stolen, etc so buy the ring that you love now. Too much can change in the future.

  335. Priscilla Parkman says:

    What size ring are you guys.

  336. olliollioxinfree says:


  337. Corinne Ferrarin says:

    Hannah, I would recommend a band that you can wear on its own, not one that has to have your engagement ring with. As time goes on and life changes you may not want a diamond sticking up to get in the way. Good luck!

  338. Kathryn Hall says:

    Tattoo rings are forever ♥️💙

  339. Phillip King says:

    Congratulations !

  340. Priscilla Parkman says:

    I’m so happy for you both. Shane you are the most lucky guy in the world and Hanna you are the most luckiest girl. To see you both so bright of sunshine. Love you guys and don’t change for anyone.

  341. Flaming June says:

    I really like the first band you showed <3

  342. MissDaringStar says:

    Hannah I LOVED the second one

  343. Christine Smith says:

    Hannah love your eye makeup! This was totally funny about the description’s of rings by Shane .🤣😂 I hate spiders!! 😲

  344. sherri martin says:

    Here is what I think…. you want a ring that you LOVE….if they were all just “fine”, they weren’t the right ones. Keep looking until you see one you love and think ok, this is THE ring !

  345. TD McCoy says:

    I’m look at each component as a separate component, like diamond cuts what shape/cut of a diamond is ur fav? Type of medals, pick fav. Types of style (antique, modern, art deco, traditional, etc) pic fav. Wide vs slim pick fav. So on and so forth… Then see what you’ve got in the end!

  346. Bonita Jordan says:

    For my second marriage I choose a trinity engagement ring. Each diamond represented one of my daughters. It was set in white gold. My wedding bands sat on either side of my engagement ring. Set with small full cur diamonds, one band was pink gold and the other yellow gold. My husband designed all three rings which I cherish. For our 25th anniversary he chose a large blue sapphire with diamonds on each shoulder so I could mix and match to my hearts content. Now that he’s gone from me I don’t wear them anymore. Perhaps in time I will.

  347. Terena Cloud says:

    Was the word expectations?

  348. James Hatha says:

    You two are so funny! Your conversation is funny, really! In a good way! 🙂
    Advice for the ring to Hannah: How did you pick your previous once, the once you wear normally? Pick your wedding ring the same way 😉 I know it is forever, but I´m sure if you truly choose what you think is good you will not regret it 🙂

  349. Capt Necrophiliac says:

    i am so happy for the both of you

  350. lucenda amor says:

    god bless you both🙏❤️

  351. Sharon Ross says:

    I like a wedding band that surrounds the engagement ring. Sodered together after the wedding. Says your marriage is founded on love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  352. DJ L says:

    Try other jewelry stores. If you can’t decide, it means you haven’t found it yet. You will know when the right one is on your hand.

  353. Marcia Wright says:

    Did you try with the semi-circle halo band on both sides? That could look really nice.

  354. Sherri Key says:

    I love how she calls you Love. How romantic!! 😍

  355. amyelle smit says:

    How fun!!! Love you two. Get married this year if it suits you! ❤️

  356. Looking for Wyatte Earp says:

    You mean you are wearing your diaper at home. Does she change it?

  357. jiju john says:

    This is true love!! Today I just came to know about you guys. You both are cute and hilarious. Lots of love from India. Stay safe and God bless you both.

  358. Gabriela Parada Morose says:

    Maybe chat with Charisma and Cole? They are also choosing wedding stuff on their channel.

  359. Julie Cox says:

    I suggest a band that you like the looks of when it is worn without the engagement ring. That way you can wear it with or without. I found that when our babies were newborn I wore just my band alot so that my engagement ring did not scratch them. We have been married 17 years now and I still like the option depending on what I am doing or where we are going. Just a thought!

  360. Donna Ballance says:

    Anniversary Ring.. that’s what you get later

  361. Ferret Fairy Riddle says:

    Ok first what happened to the spider? Then advice for ring maybe look at square setting they are easier for everyday life less snags. Also as long as you like it now you’ll like it later . it becomes more about the meaning to you than the actual ring . and you just wont part from it.

  362. Jessica Wright says:

    Love your haircut Shane!

  363. Yitzak Moshe-Goldblatt says:

    LOL AT 9:13 … What will I think in 50 years?

  364. ApresCafe says:

    The second one with the matching top and bottom band is gorgeous. It really shows off your engagement ring!

  365. Rogers Baby Grand Piano says:

    I think it’s best to get married next year so all your family and friends can be there to share in the magic moment when you both say ‘I do!’ My friends eloped to Scotland to get married to save the hassle and expense then had a party one year later – but it just wasn’t the same – not the excitement and enthusiasm. Their photographs were lovely but everyone missed out on the big day. The wedding ceremony is a very important public milestone of a fundamental change in your lives which affects everyone you know. Your loved ones want to share in all the excitement and joy. You got engaged with your family there to celebrate as they mean so much to you. So even though it’s a bit annoying it’s better to wait and have a really fabulous wedding next year. If you try and celebrate New Year’s Eve in August it’s not the same – a bit flat. That’s what happened with my friends. So enjoy all the anticipation and planning. Take your time over the wedding ring Hannah – you’ll know the one you want when you see it. There are a few moments in life that are truly ‘Wow!’ and your wedding day should be one of them. So don’t worry about changing plans to next year. Thank you for your vlogs!

  366. Mechelle Coble says:

    You two are just too cute…

  367. douglas welp says:

    What happens when Hannah leaves him? She is the liar

  368. ossy shaz says:

    There’s one out there just waiting for you to choose it Hannah

  369. Hope Tate says:

    Lol @ “you want 2 rings? *despair*

  370. Vernon Wright says:

    Richard Burton gave something like Hannah is describing to Elizabeth Taylor at one time I think it was called the Hope Diamond. I am sure whatever you pick will represent your desires for the future with Shane.

  371. Nancy Cowan says:

    Pick one your daughter can wear. Lol. I now wear my mom’s ring from the 30’s. I love it. ❤️ Good luck.

  372. Cat Swenson says:

    I thought the first one was the most beautiful and looked lovely on your hand.

  373. Vernon Wright says:

    What do you want your rings to say about or symbolize about the two of you?

  374. JP unhinged says:

    My mom changes her ring every 10 years anniversaries sometimes special occasions so it doesn’t have to be set in stone

  375. theoto15 says:


  376. Autumn Winter says:

    I love the second ring you chose with the 2 bands in gold so pretty

  377. Jessie Mackesy says:

    I liked the 1st or 2nd ring you showed us.

  378. jessica metzger says:

    Hannah- You’ll know when you find the ring you want. And You’ll love it forever. Don’t settle…. I love my rings 18 years later and I know I always will. You’ve got time to look around. Best of luck!

  379. Dori Coldwell says:

    We had my engagement ring and wedding ring bonded together in gold after we married. It’s still fused 49 years later!!! Ours are a combo of gold and white gold.
    So glad as my taste in jewelry have changed over the years and it goes with either silver or gold.

  380. Shelly B says:

    The 1st one you showed just seemed so right it was beautiful I’m shocked shane didnt actually get one of the rimubner rings guys wear when working out or at work they make them maybe he could wear it for comfort daily wear and his gold band for fancy outings

  381. Pippi Long says:

    I picked a plain band that fit (formed) around my engagement ring 💍. The reason was to show (off) the engagement ring.

  382. Brittany says:

    The first band that was gold, with an arch of diamonds, and sat above your engagement ring (I’m terrible at describing haha) was stunning.

  383. Kimberly Christine says:


  384. jamie hall says:

    Love you guy

  385. Petersen says:

    I hope Shane got the comfort fit type band they are the best! You don’t know until you try it but it is so much more comfortable. My husband had diamonds on his first wedding ring but when I got him a new one for our 20th that one doesn’t have diamonds. Hannah I think they are going to have to custom make you a wrap, then they could work on making them more safe for how you use your hands and if they could make it more durable for you so you don’t worry constantly.

  386. Lets Be Real says:

    I always like the video before I even press play lmao never a bad video – love them and their humor SO much 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🌸❤️❤️❤️

  387. Pamela Kanoski says:

    I loved the first one that looks like it’s 3 pieces. Beautiful on your hand

  388. Kimberly Febo says:

    Awesome. I saw one you tried on I Loved

  389. easyMEDIA says:

    Pablo on YouTube makes some amazing jewellery!

  390. kaydee1959 says:

    After you get married they bond the two rings together but I like them separated

  391. kaydee1959 says:

    Do you want a wedding showy or splashy or you want beginning of a marriage that’s what I always said

  392. Manson Chambers says:

    Go classic and I’m not so sure about the 2 bands WITH the ring as well. That’s alot of hardware. And would that be comfortable wearing it every day? Especially with all of the care giving you do on a daily basis. I know as a caregiver myself I don’t even wear mine to because I’m always taking gloves off and on. Nothing that sticks up far for sure. Just get a tattoo ring lol! (Tommylee and Pam Anderson!) 😂😂once you scratch shane you’ll die and never wear it. Seriously rethink the 3 rings welded together. I hate wearing my band with my ring. It’s too thick even then.

  393. Jordyn K says:

    Hannah, I sent you a message on IG for wedding ring ideas. I haven’t been able to find the one I want either. The struggle 😆. Good luck!!

  394. Robert Anstey says:

    My wedding band is a textured white gold style with 5 diamonds set in it. Yes, guys can have diamonds too. My wife and I picked rings based on personal style BUT a big part of the purchase was the story behind it. My wife and I met Gabriel Tolkowsky and he cut her diamonds and made the rings she has (engagement, wedding and 1st year anniversary). The story makes it worth more to us (mind you…. still expensive!!!)

  395. Nerissa Staley says:

    My husband has diamonds in his band and they fall out all the time

  396. Katherine the elder says:

    Seriously like the hair Shane

  397. Kristi Guise says:


  398. Cricketkage says:

    I had mine made to save trying to find the perfect ring to match my engagement ring and it turned out absolutely perfect. If you go to a good jewellery maker, they can help design one for you with all of the things that you like! You won’t ever regret it! 🥰

  399. Justin Renaud says:

    Hannah look at every ring u can. Cuz when u finally find that one special ring that u have been looking for u will know that u have found the one that u will wear for ever. So jus keep looking at every wedding ring that u can till u find what’s rite for u.

  400. Jennifer M says:

    I love the 2nd example you showed! Gorgeous!

  401. Mrs Kaa says:

    Currently on my second marriage with my second engagement ring/wedding band situation. In both marriages I have been bad about wearing my engagement ring, because, as Hannah is experiencing, it gets caught on stuff, the stones get loose, it gets dirty and is a potential germ carrier etc. I have horses, garden, am a nurse, my hands are made for loving and care, they get messy. The first marriage I never had the engagement ring and the wedding band fused, so I would often just wear the wedding band, but it was kind of odd looking because it was really designed to be worn with the engagement ring. Second marriage I decided to have the two of them fused, to kind of force me to wear them both, but it just resulted in me wearing neither. I would save the ring only for special occasions. Husband finally just got me a beautiful, plain, gold band. I wear it all the time except for special occasions where I trade it for my other ring. If we had this to do over again I would have started with just having my engagement set for special occasions and the thicker gold band for every day. There is no right way to do this.

  402. Robin Waddell Tull says:

    Insert or enhancer

  403. Vette Myers says:

    Last option was beautiful 💍

  404. Ashley Johnson says:

    I thought wedding rings were wore on the left hand?

  405. Montgomery's Garden says:

    You will know when you see it just like the dress. You won’t want to ever change it cause of the meaning behind that ring on your special day. You might add to it on your 25th maybe

  406. Amanda says:

    Sighh I wish I had more time to look at rings !! So you not knowing and waiting is a great idea.We went away and eloped the last min and we ended up at Zales and Kay’s..Both of the ones we have now are black..Mines a bridal set and his is just a black band BUT I’ve definitely put my foot day and for our 5yr anniversary we will get super nice rings 🤣😂😊 and tbh I have no clue what I would want ,thank god I have another 3yrs to think about it 🤣😂🤣

  407. Denise Uhlry says:

    😯 wow are you two ok? You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about today 😂😂😂…..Really excited,I guess.

  408. garland Fraley says:

    For comfort Shane might need a rubber one as a spare options. Lots of men wear them to work for safety…it’s soft too

  409. Alina Anderson says:

    I love you and your beautiful busy outfit 🙂

  410. Cathy Griffith says:


  411. 4shys2 says:

    I like the second ring Hannah had on ! And sorry Shane ,I know you need change but love your natural curly hair! I love how you two talk to each other!

  412. Katie Adams says:

    Specifications 🙂

  413. Azucena Varin says:

    The first band was so cute ! Cute design

  414. Debrah Harper Martin says:

    They’re all beautiful but liked the last ring you showed. Wasn’t it the 3rd one?

  415. Sharla Brown says:

    Let Shane pick it out for you.

  416. Tonya Tucci Clark says:

    It’s also called a “jacket”

  417. mjp2palmtree says:

    “you can go shimmery, you can go matte” excellent advice 😂

  418. Natalie Lomske says:

    Hannah, I love the second ring option you showed in the video! But they are all beautiful. I bet it is so difficult to decide.

  419. Robin Moka says:

    I liked the second ring pic in the video

  420. Alisaishere says:

    My mom’s engagement ring broke one day when it got caught on something and the diamond was never found. She was fine with just her wedding band, but my dad said it was about time for an upgrade and they picked out something similar to what she already had, but with a bit of a modern update. So yeah, updating rings is normal.

    My suggestion for Hannah is to just start looking at every ring website you can find. Even if you’re not buying from Tiffany’s why not get inspiration from them? I would also look on pinterest as a lot of people have created boards for their ideal wedding rings and you can go through those. I think the best tip I can give is to figure out what you don’t like first and start narrowing down that way.

  421. Marie Livingston says:

    Hannah decide whether you want ppl to notice your ring allot. My wedding ring was on purpose a center of conversation. Then pick your cut, Princess, Square, Round, Oval. You have small dainty hands so going large would be odd, cumbersome cuz it will spin.
    I see you in a Princess cut with a setting band that has diamonds midway around the ring on both sides.

  422. Brooke Payne says:

    Had you went with the matte gold, it would get scuffed up and take off the matte fairly easily. Shiny will stay looking nicer for a long while

  423. Azucena Varin says:

    Expectations? Lol 😆

  424. Amaal Ladha says:

    people of all genders can wear all types of rings!!! <3

  425. Amanda Conners says:

    “Everyone, we have eclectic at our house” 😂😂😂

  426. Laura L Vegan says:

    For what it’s worth….you have small or thin fingers. I picture a thinner band on either side with diamonds. The ones you showed just seemed a little big for your fingers. This is actually a compliment. Lol. I know it sounds negative but I don’t mean it that way. I think it’s like your dress. You’ll know when it’s the right one. Follow your gut.💕

  427. RawkerChick27 says:

    lol tell them you wanna be dazzled in diamonds Shane 🙂

  428. BloodRose123100 says:

    Ring jacket /ring guard for anyone else wondering

  429. Jean Starkey says:

    the interlocking ring is called a saddle.

  430. Kayla DeKraker says:

    The word is EXPECTATIONS

  431. rhonda sigg says:

    get a gold tattoo

  432. M Butwin says:

    My ring was matte and after 25 years, it’s become more on the shiny side. Just years of wear.

  433. Lindsey Rybicki says:

    I thought the first one you showed in the shots of examples was the prettiest 😊 I went with a straight diamond studded band that matched the band of my engagement ring and still to this day I admire it and love it and would not change it ever.

  434. Anna Cribbs says:

    I like the first two but really like the sec. God bless yall, And congrats….. 💯💯💯👍🙏

  435. Christina Chavez says:

    My aunt and uncle each had three sets of wedding rings. Whenever they wanted a different look they would go looking for a new set each. The picked them out together. It kept the concept of a wedding ring fresh because it wasn’t the same piece of jewelry every day but still the same thing. The point is the commitment, and since they did it together it didn’t matter if it was the same rings, because it still represented the two of them together forever.

  436. Carrie Rose says:

    My advice all diamonds. Bigger the better … boom … .

  437. Ana Paula Moraes says:

    Mine has a square shape diamond surrounded by small diamonds and my ring opens into 3 rolls of small diamonds holding the center piece. I love it…🥰🙏

  438. Jennifer Crowley says:

    Ring jacket

  439. Joy Law says:

    The second set of rings look beautiful x

  440. michelle parafinik says:

    Weddings are overrated. 4 daughters married. The simplest were my favorite.

  441. ignorance iseverywhere says:

    For some reason I liked the 2nd option on you, Hannah. I just put down the 1st payment on mine. Had to go for a yellow diamond.

  442. punxxi says:

    Desires? I have only heard a ring guard a ring guard. If you have such a hard time, let Shane pick out your ring guard.

  443. Amelia Mansfield says:

    Always love seeing Shane’s Safecampl tattoo. I’m in the safecamp fam too!

  444. Doggie Mama says:

    Your videos always brighten my day…love your humor! Shane, you are looking particularly handsome with your new haircut and tan. Hannah, you are beautiful as always. You make such a cute couple. 💑 Much love and happiness always!!

  445. Peggy Hess says:

    The second one they showed was so pretty.

  446. Amie Lawson says:

    My best advice, been married 17 years, pick something not trendy, more classic, because your style will change over the years. I choose a band with 7 prong set diamonds and I am glad I did something classic. All these years later I still love it, and will never change it.

  447. Fonda Sharkey-Wyatt says:

    If you get a simple band, it will never have to be reset. As a woman, I prefer a simple band. It never gets in my way and doesn’t need cleaning.

  448. Rhonda Metzgar says:

    I so enjoy Shane’s sense of humor

  449. Susan Chamberlin says:

    Hannah I liked the first one you were “modeling”

  450. William Carr says:

    Hannah, get the Husband of your dreams sooner, and have the Wedding of your dreams later.

  451. On Magnolia Lane — My Life - My Journey says:

    I liked the first one.

  452. George Dascalescu says:


  453. Erin says:

    Hubby gave me his grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding ring set 😍😍😍 he got his grandfather’s ring. So beautiful

  454. Brianna Briody says:

    I am so thankful that there are people in the world like you two! You make an adorable couple! It’s fantastic that you openly talk about hardships you face and are fighting against ignorance and stereotypes on disabilities. I wish there were more people in the world that understood this subject matter!

  455. Laurie E says:

    You need to use your braces,Shane.

    I know you said that the wrist braces hurt,but the braces will pay off.

    I like the first ring.

  456. Acorn Girl says:

    The mans wedding ring can have three diamonds set to represent past present and future

  457. Sally Thibodeaux says:

    It’s a Ring guard. Great video!

  458. EvilPeanut 1102 says:

    Specification? Preferences? Criteria? Requirements? x💜x

  459. Theresa Anzur says:

    They will say, what is your price point and do you want any specific style or color

  460. Linda Madden says:

    You are so darling you two. Brighten my day. Lol🦋🥰

  461. Hannah says:

    Did Shane pick out your engagement ring

  462. Marioanna Marioanna says:

    Did shane gain weight? He looks so good😍 (maybe it is the tan?)

  463. Tammy Martin says:

    We used to call them ring jackets

  464. Marioanna Marioanna says:

    I only know wedding rings who are kind of the same for wife and husband? Is that different in the rest of the world?

  465. Acorn Girl says:

    So you have engagement ring, wedding ring then eternity ring

  466. BOB P says:

    Hannah your face it’s perfect 👍and Shane you look handsome with that new hairstyle 💪 you should get Shane one of those neck pillows to support his head while driving.

  467. Amanda Raye says:

    go with something simple with the same look on both sides of the engagement ring!

  468. Acorn Girl says:

    An eternity ring is given on birth of first child

  469. Claudia Benham says:

    I liked the single band that has the part that wraps around the stone of the engagement stone.

  470. Becky Greene says:

    The ring at 4:47 is my favourite, guys, but I dunno if that matters. Look at a few online and/or narrow it down with an online poll and that’ll be our way (the fans) to be a part of your lives…..I dunno, maybe I’m just to sentimental 🙂

  471. Crissy Sims says:

    My ex got a tiny diamond embedded in the band like Hannah said.

  472. Rebecca Banks says:

    You crack me up Shane…
    I have all my fingers…
    I laughed the whole way through..
    I chose a plain Gold rounded band as my Engagement ring has diamonds and emerald…
    You will find the perfect one for you

  473. XB Rod says:

    Some times you have to design it as a couple and remember what it means to each for you which helped my wife decide

  474. Garet Krimes says:

    Oh what a beautiful picture of you two kissing in the email sent to all of us. The first ring I thought was the best, Hannah your beauty complements the beauty of the ring. Shane your one handsome looking man with your hair cut and all dressed up. Love you both…

  475. A W says:

    I have interesting ring facts! Diamonds are actually really common, but have had a long and bloody history with cartels driving their prices up. There’s a symbolic and practical significance to diamonds being the hardest gem (hardness 10). In recent years some people have opted for the more economical and in some cases more ethical option (there’s lab grown diamonds also, so it doesn’t all come through cartels) moissanite, which has hardness 9.5, and also has a different refractive index. This is actually a much rarer gem, so it’s usually lab grown, and imo it’s sparklier, but this is a matter of personal opinion. The two stones do throw light a bit differently, but to most people they’re pretty indistinguishable.

    I don’t know if you’re into the social/environmental factors behind your rings, but I thought it was interesting stuff!

  476. tesoroforever says:

    He likes high polish finish, and she wants a double ring guard style wedding band. There you go, lol

  477. Crissy Sims says:

    I love the first and third rings u showed. So beautiful and sparkly.

  478. Sheila Manalo says:

    My spouse and I have infinity rings❤

  479. M S says:

    My mom and dads wedding ring are both the same. A mix of white and yellow gold with a discreet diamond in it. Very beautiful.

  480. Sheila Manalo says:

    Love you guys!

  481. Ali Sparkle says:

    💍You could try to match it to your favourite necklace or earrings, that might help💍 Also get a couple matching silicone rings to wear around doing work etc, theyre more comfortable and you dont have to worry about scratching them up 💍👍 Just keep looking til you find one you like, there’s no rush 😊

  482. Patrick Mccarty says:

    The ones you had on you finger are very pretty

  483. Crissy Sims says:

    When did Shane get a neck tattoo near his right ear?
    And what is it?

  484. Toby Arcand says:

    Makes sense they love in Minnesota they should take that to Wisconsin tho 😂

  485. Chelsea Cardenas says:

    you guys are the sweetest I’m so happy to be a part of your story 💖

  486. Michaela Jordan says:

    The first ring was gorrrgeous Hannah!

  487. Tina Collins says:

    Hannah is an amazing lady to take on all the responsibilities of caring for Shane. What a hero.

  488. WheelinAndDealinWithWheely5 says:

    My brother in law has his ring tattooed on his finger. Hey, it’s an option😁

  489. Maddie Bee says:

    Lol Shane constantly trolling cracks me up

  490. Rebecca Green says:

    Love the vlog for wedding bands shopping lol…you both deserve are great together…hugzzzz

  491. Ashley Cohan says:

    My husband and I only wear our actual wedding rings now for special occasions, for practicality sake, mine was always getting caught on things and his wasn’t safe for his job, now we wear silicone Ensō rings on a daily basis.

  492. DM N says:

    The first option but with the same guard on both sides of ring!

  493. strgazr04 says:

    My best suggestion would be to look for inspiration on Pinterest. At least then you’ll get to see a wide variety of ideas and combinations.

  494. Jona M says:

    The first band choice was really pretty.

  495. pamela merfeld says:

    Shane has a tattoo on the back of his ear. What is it of ?

  496. ll kindness ll says:

    I personally would go with what instinctively feels right in the given moment. As others have stated, can always change it later if your instinct changes.

    I’m far from being engaged (single as can be lol). However, I have a ring that represents my two daughters (their birthstones in a heart shape and their names engraved). For the past five or so years, I’ve told myself that if I do ever marry, I’d want a similar style but with his and mine’s birth stones/names. It’s elegant yet simple (and very cheap [$150ish], which was another nice perk).

  497. Aya Yemi says:

    “Ma’am, I sell rings, I’m not a sorcerer.” I DIED.

  498. Ruby M. Kirsch says:

    I like the 2nd ring you showed bc it looked nice on your hand. First one was a nice princess fairytale design but the diamonds faded into each other, so you couldn’t see a focal point diamond. I really like the 2nd one bc the middle diamond stood out and the two bands around it complimented the diamond and the size of your finger aka circumfrenece. I have very thin fingers so more bigger looks better vs. Small accents look nicer on a thicker finger. Hopes this help.
    Oh, ya think do want something flashy(noticable design from far away) or simple(can see design of ring up close than afar)…

  499. Shel Bell says:

    The second one. Top and bottom band. I love that one. I wish you would have tried on more lol. I was enjoying it lol. Out of those though 2nd for sure. Third was too busy

  500. Kelly Salzwedel says:

    I would advise a plain ring guard. You do a lot of labor that could damage your ring. A lower profile solitaire might help too. Yours could be inset more toward the band.

  501. Tammy St Pierre says:

    Hanna, you will know the right ring as soon as you see it on your finger! It’s like your wedding dress, you will just know!

  502. anna_ t says:

    What’s the tattoo behind Shane’s ear and what does it mean?

  503. Bee says:


  504. Rachael Hollifield says:

    Can’t wait to see Hannah place the ring on Shane’s robotic arm

  505. Allissa Schiveley says:

    Hannah, I really liked the first and third options you showed. The three diamond tiara effect it gave your engagement ring was so simple and elegant. Whatever you decide though I know will be beautiful. Do what makes your heart happy! 😊

  506. shoney 57 says:

    Hannah, your diamond is gorgeous! And you have such long, lovely fingers and I think a wrap would be perfect for you. I can’t wait to see what you choose! Sending much love and many hugs to you both!

  507. MGS says:

    Shane is right, there are no hard & fast rules here…you do what makes it special for you. In my case we looked at engagement rings and my future husband surprised me and had one custom made that blew me away! The wedding band we picked out after we were engaged was also made by the same jeweler and it was a simple smaller band that hooked into the engagement ring. After ten years it just didn’t stay put and I didn’t want it permanently attached. For our 10th Anniversary we decided to have the wedding band melted and casted into a solid band with 10 small diamonds seated in the band all around . Yup, he surprised me again…it was double the height and had two rows of 5 diamonds seated on top. I have long fingers so the two looked great together plus it incorporated my original wedding band’s gold❣️. Point is it worked for us and is our story. Every couple has their own story. Hannah you may just know the ring you want when you see it or Shane will share insight about how a style reminds him of all the things he loves about you & that inspires ideas along with many other ways it can unfold❣️. No stress 😎. Happy for you two🤗

  508. H L says:

    Keep looking… You will know when you find it !!

  509. Laurie Juli says:

    Smart move!!! I really think you are going to be happy you got married this year! Have your big celebration next year and you will get the best of both occasions. 🌹

  510. GiftSparks says:

    Just a note to Hannah-get a stand alone wedding ring that you can wear without the engagement ring. Given how active you are, you might wind up wearing the stand alone wedding ring a lot without the engagement ring. The wedding ring designed to hold the engagement ring is very impractical because you can’t wear it alone (but it was pretty).

    • GiftSparks says:

      Molly K. I never take off my wedding ring— it is simple and stand alone. When I come home from work, I immediately go to my bedroom and first thing I take off is my engagement ring so I can cook and clean, etc. I think I have taken off my wedding ring maybe twice— once for an MRI and one when I had minor surgery and they said no jewelry. My sister wore her engagement ring all the time and — guess what— the diamond fell out. She had no idea were it went for years. Hannah’s story about having to have the engagement ring fixed was fairly telling — she does a lot of strenuous work at home— just asking for the ring to get damaged.

    • Molly K. says:

      I completely agree. My mother had a stand alone wedding ring that she wore everyday. When she wasn’t busy chasing kids or doing busy “mom” stuff, she would wear her diamond engagement ring. She found that diamonds simply weren’t practical for day to day active life.

  511. Patti Johnson says:

    I couldn’t decide either so I got a band that matches my husband’s silver and gold one. Not a ring guard. 33 years later I’m still happy with the engagement ring and the band. But, just like with your dress, you’ll know when you see it. Best wishes!

  512. smonroeh says:

    I got to go with number two

  513. Ms Precious says:

    Hey 🙂
    So the halo is very pretty however the top prongs will get stuck in clothing and is a cream and soap collector , not to mention , cut baby skin 🙁
    Go with the plain round bands top and bottom , compliments and are very elegant 🙂

  514. dentednj says:

    My mother took her tiny diamond from her original ring and reused it on a larger ring when my parents had more $. Just select a ring that coordinates with how you like to dress most of the time if you plan on wearing it most of the time. I wore mine a lot when I was working in a professional setting. Now I’m older and have had both my engagement and wedding rings enlarged as my hands got thicker and knobbier. (sexy huh?) ha! I dress casually, garden a lot and am an artist and do DIY jobs on our house so I was so scared of losing my stone in the yard somewhere. I don’t wear the engagement ring at all anymore. I didn’t want to constantly clean gunk out of an inset stone wedding band so hubby and I got matching rounded gold shiny bands. The other thing that’s changed is that now I never wear gold anymore only silver. If I had gone platinum or white gold my band would coordinate more. I can change it and probably will. Styles change and your own preferences change throughout your life. I wouldn’t worry about making the wrong choice. That’s where the anxiety gets you. You can always change it in the future. I also selected a style without a lot of points to snag on things. Do they make bands or can you get a custom band in multiple metals? Sounds practical. Good luck! PS: my mom went with the frame around her new engagement ring making it a huge cocktail ring that she only wore when dressing formal.

  515. A C says:

    my rule of thumb for anything wedding related was asking myself ‘will I regret it and keep thinking about it if I don’t get this?’, if yes, that’s the right dress/ring/venue and so on. Usually if I think of something I saw for a few weeks, that’s the one I should get. I forget the other options like the day after 🙂

  516. Claire Carter says:

    Hannah I have 2 bands and my engagement ring (one band on top of and one band below the engagement ring) I wanted the bands to fit around the 3 diamonds on my engagement ring and it was difficult to find but I finally found it… I wish I could share a picture…. I would recommend not getting them soldered/welded together… My friend did it and regretted it because it ended up as this one big piece and it makes it more difficult to take off…. I have learnt that the bigger ring as one piece you need a bigger ring size… I would try it as 3 separate pieces before you get it soldered.

  517. Sophia Reedy says:

    I like the first option but like one on each side of your engagement ring

  518. Eric Herman says:

    I perform many weddings so here is my advice… First, having a separate reception is not uncommon so do not let anyone talk you out of it if that’s what you choose to do. Second, Hannah: when you see your ring, you’ll know. You will just know. Don’t let the ring become a source of stress for you. Just keep looking until you find it. While you want to patronize the same place where you got your engagement ring, maybe you’ll have to try other places. But the ring is a minor part of a marriage, so have fun with it and don’t let haters keep you from looking until the right one is in front of you. Blessings to you both.

  519. Linda Frederick says:

    Shane you look so good with your shorter hair and a little tan.

  520. Denise Daugherty says:

    I really liked the 2nd one. The stone in your engagement ring was still prominent and the wedding bands can be seen. Simple, classic and unique! Good luck with your decision!💍

  521. Katie M says:

    Dazzle me 😂. In regards to picking out any sort of wedding/engagement ring I heard someone say, “it doesn’t really matter if it’s ‘timeless’, it is for you and your love, to represent your story and will always remind you of the time in your life when you got married, and you should love it, but I get it I’m indecisive too. I guess my suggestion is to not over think it, you’ll know when you find the right one! Love you guys! 😊

  522. Shanny Rae says:

    Shane you are a good time😆

  523. Hanneninah says:

    My mom and dad have the same ring, just different sizes. I love their rings, the whole shape is a little curved, to match the fingers form, so if you look at the ring from the side, you can see a tiny little curve. They are the simplest gold, slightly shiny rings.
    When my youngest brother was born, my dad got a ring for my mom, with 3 little diamonds to the sides of an oval opal stone, so that way she got her sparkle, just not as a wedding ring.
    I think a simple gold ring does all the magic, you can always add sparkle and diamonds, but if one time, you want simplicity your ring will still match;)

  524. Molly Heeke says:

    Congratulations, you are halfway there. Xo

  525. Tellie Hack says:

    Me and the hubs married 24 years. Don’t waste money. I have a ring but it’s tiny. And means everything to me.

  526. Speaksofluid says:

    My mum and dad got new rings over the years just to update the look, or to match if one broke (dad’s were prone to breaking as he worked on the markets). They were simple gold ones, nothing fancy, and mum kept the old ones. When I got married, I chose to wear one of mum’s, and my sister got the other one to keep 🙂 So that was nice, feels sentimental. Also, my engagement ring was from an antique shop, so feels unique. All in all, much cheaper than buying new!

  527. Jo T says:

    You’ve got some time, so just keep looking until you see something that you keep going back to.

  528. MsJanet2352 says:

    My advice: design your own ring incorporating your favorite parts of the rings you’ve looked at into the design.

  529. Geoffrey Draws Comics says:

    Keep your eyes on swelling when wearing the ring Shane. With finger atrophy specifically. Nice choice in the ring design and congratulations.

  530. Justine Carlisle says:

    I went in asking for an art deco, rose gold, no halo simple piece. I came out with a cocktail ring (small), emerald, halo, double wedding band, white gold. It is a hard decision to make, I get it.

  531. Laura Elise says:

    Hannah are you getting all gold rings or mixing your gold engagement ring with silver bands? Xx 💗

  532. Denise Thames says:

    I liked the first one! You can double it for the other side !

  533. Amanda Garcia says:

    The 1st band is my favorite and the 3rd band is also really pretty

  534. Janet Harrison says:

    In jewelers terms matte=satin finish
    Shiny=mirror finish, you’ll know it when you see it Hannah!

  535. Yeny Ventura says:

    You guys are so funny! Hannah, so if you want a simple one, go with the 1st one u showed or something like that. If you want a little more, get something like the 2nd one. Both of those are super cute! But again whatever you decide will be great!! I actually did not pick my engagement ring, my husband did and I loved it! But I chose the wedding band that goes around it and I love it. My wedding band basically hugs my engagement ring. 😊

  536. Bob Larkin says:

    Keep,is simple and it will be beautiful/

  537. Can I get to 1K sub please I’ll sub back says:

    This is all cap 🧢

  538. Michelle Groombridge says:

    I would try different styles of rings. You might be surprised by what you fall in love with.

  539. Christy Birling says:

    I think the second one was stunning. My jaw dropped when that one came up. I also think a lower profile is more convenient (not catching it on stuff all the time).

  540. J Bolt says:

    This is the first time I’ve noticed Shane’s tattoo! What is it/what does it mean?

  541. Alastair Monk says:

    So Shane is going to be wearing The One Ring to Rule Them All …..

  542. Emma D says:

    You will love your ring when you find it. And trust me, you will love it in 50 years because of what it signifies and the love behind it.

  543. Michelle Kelly says:

    When I got married I knew I wanted a “traditional,” classic style wedding band like my grandmother had. My grandparents were married over 50 years, and she never took her wedding band off. I’m glad I made that choice because it is VERY comfortable to wear with the rounded edges. I don’t always wear my engagement ring, but I never take off my wedding band. When you’re choosing your wedding band, think about comfort first, and will you be okay wearing it when you’re cleaning, doing dishes, working in the garden, etc. I wouldn’t be comfortable if I only had a diamond wedding band. I’d be too worried about it getting damaged or losing a diamond if I never took it off. I know I would want to take it off all the time. That being said, I also chose a band with 4 diamonds (my husband’s birthstone in the middle) which hugged my engagement ring. When I wear all three rings together. I put my engagement ring on next to my wedding band and the “hugger” ring next. They all fit together perfectly. Maybe think about only getting one ring that fits next to your engagement ring. Most importantly, think about comfort! You’re going to be wearing these rings for a long time.

  544. sara says:

    You want a medium sized princess cut diamond in a small band of reflective gold.

  545. laurie stewart says:


  546. Elizabeth McKinley says:

    You’re a bronze god, Shane!

  547. Janet Harrison says:

    The second one in the vid was GORGEOUS!!!

  548. L Larsson says:

    I loved the first one you showed best. It highlights your engagement ring perfectly without taking the attention away from the engagement ring itself.

  549. Kayla Bruner says:

    “You want two rings?”

  550. Vicki Manning says:

    I just have to comment again. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  551. T A says:

    “Bedazzle me.” – Shane 😂🤣😂

  552. David Joyce says:

    Hannah, consider low profile bands that are less likely to get caught on things and be damaged. Also, sticking with yellow gold is a practical play, because white gold has rhodium plating and has to be re-plated every few years. If you and Shane intend to keep your wedding bands on all the time, keeping it simple makes it easier to sleep with them on.

    The message here is: “follow your heart!” 😉

  553. R Y says:

    You guys are so funny. I really enjoy your videos

  554. Jolie Sock says:

    What you want is called a wrap ring (I think)

  555. GARY SMITH says:

    ( insert joke here about getting to see shane’s ring)

  556. Mathias Smith says:

    She is so beautiful.

  557. Kate Paws says:

    How can anyone doubt Hannah and Shane’s love. Shane’s head went back in the car as they turned, Hannah wasn’t even looking in Shane’s direction but she knew and with out even looking, automatically lifts his head. That’s love.

    • Debbie McAllister says:

      I agree. I also think there is some learned reflexive action there. When I used to drive around with my little sister, if I ever had to break hard, I would reach out with my right arm to make sure she didn’t lurch forward (yes, she wore a seat belt, but still, I did it). I used my arm as sort of a guard rail. Then, I realized I was doing that even when she wasn’t in the car with me. It was a reflexive action I did for many years after she stopped riding with me, and even now, 30 years later, I still do it from time to time, sometimes when other people are with me, and also when I’m alone. But, yes, I did notice that Hannah did that and I thought it was very thoughtful,considerate, and loving of her to instinctively anticipate and respond to his needs.

    • Beth Woodling says:

      I saw that too,they are awesome

    • Kendra says:

      Kate Paws, I couldn’t have said it better! You can see their love for each other, even in their smallest gestures ♥️

  558. Sage The Rage says:

    Was criteria the word you were looking for?

  559. Ashleigh Lee says:

    Me and my husband went for titanium rings. They have like a two tone effect and different types of pattern on the outside. And had them engraved on the inside. Then my then toddler now school age went through a phase of throwing things in the bin. She threw my wedding ring in the bin and I didn’t even realise. I take it off as I don’t like wearing jewellery when I’m doing housework even though the titanium is made perfectly to be strong. It was a great ring doesn’t bend easily and when it caught stuff it would scuff it 😂. The ring didn’t even scratch lol. But now I have no ring. But if I had to have another I would buy the same one

  560. grumpy granda says:

    A ring like that of your grand or great grand mother.

  561. Christian Baughn says:

    I think the word they were searching for is “specifications”

  562. Brianna Keogan says:

    The first two rings that Hannah tried on are beautiful and I think they suite her really well 😊

  563. Bubble And Friends says:

    Congratulations guys …god bless u both

  564. Vicki Manning says:

    Marry now with baby precious pup as attendant 🐆! Then have huge wedding party! Great idea , Guys! Shane, if you want diamonds, get diamonds, Dude.

  565. Dana W says:

    Could it be called a ring jacket

  566. Daniel says:

    Get the ring on the left with the shimmering matte look…

  567. Tammy English says:

    I loved the first one and you put it back on again … it looked good

  568. Tammy English says:

    I thought you wanted to be dazzled lol

  569. Rhoda Ferrantino says:

    “What do you envision?” maybe?

  570. Richard Stanerson says:

    My wife and I will be married for 45 years and we have matching simple gold bands.

  571. Tammy English says:

    You don’t need a mask … it’s BS on the mask …. but I guess with Shane you feel better

  572. Tracy & Scott W. says:

    Hannah, next year will be 25 years for me. Girl, I can tell you so much ring wise I went thru and hopefully save u some heartache. If you want to talk I’ll phone you or u me 🙂

  573. Whyte Buff says:

    I would have loved to do you a deal (I’m a fine jewellery designer) but based in the UK. Got any questions about diamonds or the rings just ask.

  574. nookam says:

    I’m happy for both of them. I wish them a lifetime of happiness. It wasn’t in the cards for me but I still strongly believe in marriage.

  575. patty woodworth says:

    The first one ,but on both sides ♥️

  576. Tammy English says:

    You could get those silicone ones lol

  577. Tracy Cox says:

    The first one was very pretty

  578. Mary Shields says:

    So sweet that Shane selected a ring like his Dad’s. Received my 5k bag yesterday, thrilled with the tshirt!

  579. Tracy Massie says:

    For Shane’s ring with a diamond set into the band would be called a bezel set

  580. Tammy English says:

    I think you should get married early too ,,, and do it big next year lol

  581. Mallory Kinder says:

    I have an engagement ring similar to yours and ended up going with a plain gold band that slightly curves around my center stone. I did like the crown one that you showed though!

  582. Cindy Villagran says:

    omg this is so hilarious…this is the same crap me and my husband discussed. I was also like “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT” lmao I loved the sets you showed Hannah. I don’t looooove my rings, but ya know my husband is pretty alright 😉 I plan on upgrading my rings later anyhow, it’s all good Hannah, don’t stress about it too much. I’m actually looking forward to upgrading my set so it’s like I get to do the shopping all over again in a few years (husband rolls eyes in the background). TWU WUV.

  583. Tammy English says:

    Trent And Allie married a year earlier …. and they had a small ceremony… they are YouTuber’s too

  584. Tammy English says:

    I thought you postponed your wedding

  585. C C says:

    Hi again S&H
    Happy Shane found something he liked. Hope Hannah will find hers too.
    Always called what Hannah describe as ring guards. My personal favorites. One above one below the center stone. Can’t use them for every ring cut but with your round stone they would be perfect. I very much liked the sleek defined look of the separate individual rings.
    No matter what you choose it will be lovely. Thx as always for sharing.

  586. Lady Dragonfly says:

    Youre an adorable couple. Getting married is life changing. Youre not only marrying the one you love, but youre also marrying your best friend. When my husband proposed to me 30 years ago, he did not have much money, so we settled on plain gold bands. He has bought me various pieces of jewelry through the years which is fine. What really matters to me is the person wearing the ring. Take your time, think about what it means to you. By the way my husband and i will be celebrating 31 years of marriage in 2 months.

  587. Dee Wahlen says:

    Please do get married now

  588. jeffrey63031 says:

    I chose my first set and on our 25th Anniversary my husband proposed again and picked out that set…I love it more because he chose it and we renewed our vows!
    I am a widow now for a year and will always wear them.
    I loved the first set best but all were stunning!
    Hugs and love,Nana and papa ❤

  589. Delores Mascari says:

    Wedding band

  590. Catherine Watson says:

    The second ring…perfect💖

  591. Cora Casey says:


  592. Lynne Wright - Glzrbug says:

    You’ll know it when you see it.

  593. Evangeline Iyemura says:

    One beautiful way to make your ring unique is to add as the side stones- both of your birth stones. Then you will have Shane with you always. You can always drop your birthstone in his band as well. My friends did this and it was beautiful

  594. Ruth says:

    You two are so so sweet and wishes for a bright future with much happiness!♥️🌹♥️

  595. Beata Stopka says:

    THE WORD IS PREFERENCES!!!!!! hahaha why did i find myself screaming that at my computer at 1:37

  596. Laura Schneer says:

    The demand and silver wedding ring combined with your gold ring looks beautiful!

    Or you can go traditional with a band exactly like his next to your engagement ring.
    You will know when you see it.

  597. Julie Jones says:

    The more complicated the ring, the more challenging to clean/resize going forward.

  598. PageMonster says:

    Hannah: “I want…💎”

    Jeweller: “NOPE!” 🤣

    If I ever get married (unlikely now) I want a black tungsten carbide band with a single diamond.

  599. El Yeyo says:

    We know Shane be eatN it from the back

  600. Diane Thoroughman says:

    In 50 years you will love your ring because of all the memories associated with it. Good luck choosing Hannah.

  601. Robyn Allen says:

    Yeh Shane. This is so good 👍. We need some joy in this world 🌎 ❤ 😍 💜 ♥ You guys are soooooooo cute together.

  602. Natalie Fierce says:

    Congratulations on your wedding Hannah and Shane. I am one of your biggest fans. I have a disability myself. I love the way Hannah doesn’t look at Shane as your husband not just the guy in a wheelchair. My belief is disabled or not we are all people

  603. Verena Wilkening says:

    Plain thin and rounded platinum bands for both. None of us were into jewellery, and we wanted matching ones.

  604. Helen Williams says:

    I really loved the first ring you showed!!! Kinda vintage but it fits your personality perfectly. And its gorgeous!!!

  605. Patti E says:

    I vote ring set #2….Love it!

  606. Gigi Mimi says:

    Good job Shane. Gold is timeless and rounded will probably be more comfortable to wear. 👍

  607. Maria Fahlsing says:

    I wanted my ring to be very much not the norm and reflect who I am. My now-husband and I were at the mall one day and saw a store closing sign. We went in to look just for grins. About 30 minutes later, I walked out with a white gold engagement ring that has my birthstone (aquamarine) as the emerald-cut, raised center stone with a round black diamond on each side. The matching wedding band is also white gold with channel-set round black diamonds. I’ve been wearing it almost 9 years now and I still love them!

  608. Corina H says:

    I love how it’s just instinctual for Hannah to support Shane’s head. DEVOTION🥰

    • Candace Ortiz says:

      I know I thought that was so sweet!! It made me “awwwww!” My husband does something similar, whenever I lean back to talk to him if he’s pushing my wheelchair he just instinctively leans down and kisses my forehead. <3 you just can't beat true love.

  609. Cōlin Flāhērty‘s Intern says:

    I thought you guys needed money☹️

  610. connie transference says:

    Hannah, the second ring is the one. You’ll see when you go back 🙂

  611. Yvonne Kass says:

    Ok I had the ring and ring wrap and a band. Think about this. Every time you need it sized, you have to pay for each band. It gets expensive. I also hated how they spun around. After 25 years, I redid my ring. It is all one piece now.

  612. Neighborhood Friendly Quadriplegic 83 says:

    Get the spider!! That is my advice!

  613. Tangie says:

    Hannah – your engagement ring is so pretty. My advice is go with a simple wedding band. Even a plain gold one. It will compliment your engagement ring and allow it to really shine!

    • cstar6 says:

      Plus, if you are unable to wear your engagement ring, you will still be able to wear the band and it won’t look odd.

  614. Francis Johnson says:

    I really wanted Shane to be bedazzled. 🤗🤗. I liked the third set , that’s just me . Anyhoo, you have time Hannah, don’t rush yourself. You are an adorable couple. ❤❤.

  615. Sonja Bryant says:

    My opinion I think your engagement ring would look beautiful in a ring guard with diamonds all around it.

  616. Hope P says:

    Dazzle me 🤪😂

  617. Nicole Praus says:

    Shane goes into the ring place and says Dazzle me !!! Bring me dazzle

  618. Cassiday says:

    Probably unpopular perspective but my fiance and I haven’t really looked at our rings as “forever” rings. We ordered ours on etsy for a fraction of what they would cost at a jeweler. We love what we picked but if we get new ones in 5 or 10 years from now it’s not a big deal. That took a lot of pressure off of making sure we made the right choice.

  619. T's channel says:

    The 2nd one looks beautiful and classic with your ring ❤️

  620. Golden Dawn says:

    I used to watch this channel out of curiosity about disability, now I watch it because you guys are hilarious! 🤣

  621. Marsha Hamann says:

    I love the haircut!

  622. 13thAMG says:

    I never noticed before that Shane has a tattoo.

    Hannah is only 24? Wow, that’s a lot of maturity for a 24 year old. I wish my daughter was that mature at that age.

    Rings are such a personal thing.

    Maybe look at some Italian and Turkish designers’ sites. They tend to be craftsmen of gold.

    Good luck. You’re both making an impact on the world.

  623. Painted Sparrow says:

    I picked for my weeding ring something classic. Noting trendy I tried to think of something timeless that I could have found in the 20s 40s 60s all the way to now. I did the same thing with my wedding dress because trendy change and I was also terrified to choose. I picked the safe route and I haven’t regretted it so far 🤗

  624. Ryansm9 says:

    Just go to Costco… they have great values on bling!

  625. Jc Verrico says:

    Maybe what ‘style’ of ring?

  626. djrezzio says:

    Shane Abt to drop a few racks on a ring.

  627. GG Simon says:

    Hi I am a male and I have a white gold wedding band that has 3 very small diamonds in it for the last 54 years

  628. Joanne Devine says:

    Elements of design?

  629. My cat pukes on everything says:

    I’ve had my ring 12 years. I spent so much time picking the perfect one for me. Life changed a lot and both of us live lives that don’t even let us wear them most times lol. The perfect ring, is the one that feels comfortable and goes along with your normal everyday life. I went flashier than I normally am just because I knew I was only doing marriage once and it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle at all. I end up wear a silicone ring 99% of time.

  630. Frances Cowling says:

    Go for the one you love.Simple.

  631. Kristen Stangl says:

    Shane’s face when you said you wanted two rings 🤣
    Also, my taste in jewelry has totally changed in the seven years I’ve had my ring. It can be really hard to know what you want until you actually wear it for a long period of time. So, my advice based on personal experience, if you’re not 100% set on one particular ring, don’t spend a ton on this one, and then upgrade for your fifth or tenth anniversary 😊

  632. Kathy Barth says:


  633. Wagon Breadth 11.3 says:

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    I was Shane in the thumbnail.

  638. Rickey Miller says:

    This was such a fun and enjoyable video, love you guys. Shane, I really like your haircut, it looks good on you and you wear it well. Hannah, ring advice: you don’t need any. You have a perfect idea of what you want, and when you see it, you’ll say, that’s it! By the way, my mother reset her rings and had double rings, one on either side of her engagement ring. Best wishes you two, looking forward to the next update. Rick

  639. Joyce says:

    I really loved the first one you had on. It had that little flared design toward your knuckle. I was not so excited about the other two because they just looked like too much. Just trying to help.

    • Candace Ortiz says:

      that first one was my fave too, it really looked like a tiara for the engagement stone and it was totally stunning!

  640. Katelyn Sciacca says:

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    I love you guys!! Hannah, your engagement ring is so beautiful i would suggest something that enhances your engagement ring and not cover it up. 🙂 have fun picking one !

  645. dmgboots says:

    I would get actually married this year and then have the party next year. Can’t wait to see Shane be dazzled.

  646. L C says:

    Why wait if you love each other just get married now and have the reception later….the best thing to do

  647. Linda Kay Holevas says:

    Hannah, I had the same problem you are having, I couldn’t decide what kind of ring I wanted. There were waaaay too many choices! I looked at magazines, I looked at what my friends were wearing, etc. & I kept being told that “I’ll know it when I see it”, but I still had problems making up my mind. To finally solve my indecisiveness, I told my fiance to choose it for me & surprise me! (Sorry, Shane!) Outcome: I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better ring for myself, I absolutely loved what he chose for me & knowing it came from his heart, made it that much more special. I was a wedding planner for 8 years and I would always tell my brides and grooms that in the end, it really doesn’t matter what your ring looks like, or if your wedding day is perfect, what matters is the love that you share and your commitment to each other ❤

  648. Ms Skoob Campbell says:

    How about plain diamond bands on each side of your engagement ring. Simple and highlights bigger diamond!?!?!

  649. Софи says:

    I love you guys.
    From Russia with 💛

  650. Nina Busche says:

    I love Shane’s humor. He is SO funny 😂

  651. Mary J. says:

    My husband and I got the same ring( a wedding band ) like Shane’s…his is wider than mine. I like it, it goes great with the engagement ring. Also why do some people wear their wedding rings on the right hand I believe they go on the left hand, that’s how I wear mine on the left.

    • Laura Biegel says:

      Mary J, I believe the left is correct. I was always told the engagement and wedding rings go on the hand closest to your heart. ❤😊

  652. jani j says:

    I love that 2nd ring. Its beautiful.

  653. Melissa Carpenter says:

    I have a little advice for after the wedding. Have the rings soldered together. That makes them one ring, and less likely to slip or get lost.

  654. marlies vrakking says:

    Nadine Kieft in Amsterdam has a beautiful collection of rings just look on her side.Doesn’t matter that its far away I think.But really for many people with a different taste there is something in it .Or ask your boyfriend to go to a goldsmith an than he can surprise you on your wedding day with a ring.

  655. juja says:

    My husband chose the rounded gold band too…same reason.. it looked like the one his dad and grandpa had… ☺️

  656. manxkin says:

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  660. Paradise Lost says:

    Hannah, just have a local jewelry maker custom make your ring. It’s really not much more expensive to just design your own ring (sometimes even cheaper). Just look at online jewelry stores to get an idea of what you want. Often it’s better to buy the main diamond at a wholesaler, pawn shop or many gold buying stores have some available. The markup on jewelry is huge so always negotiate the price.

  661. Squeak Code says:

    I know nothing about rings (in fact I thought both had to be matching/the same haha) but I hope you find the one that calls to you!

  662. Diane E says:

    A lot of women get their diamonds reset after awhile. I had a very 80’s engagement ring in yellow gold. Not that long ago I got a new setting in platinum which is more my taste now. Our tastes change over the years so just get what you love now and don’t worry about the future!

  663. Junbug says:

    I was a diamond consultant and designer for many years. here is what i can tell you. dont pick a modern setting, it will go out of style. you have a classic style engagement ring so pick a classice style split band. so, an example of that is, a claw setting, which is those little tips u had to get fixed , they are called claws. if you have a claw setting another claw setting set of split bands with always look good and remain timeless. so the first set or that kind of desinge is perfect. u could go for a flat diamond band either side but make sure u ask them for channel set bands. what that means is that the diamonds are set into the band and its a lot sturdier than ones that are just on the band slightly raised. that setting style tend to rub on the engagement ring and cause problems later on. so, what do we have left. we have the matching split band, claw set half round diamonds aprox 10 points each. which is about what u had on number one OR you could have a pair of channel set diamond bands using matching 10 point diamonds in the channels. you could try the princess cut diamonds which are square but for them to look really good for a long time, you need to go super high colour and clarity and therefor price and i dont personally see the value in that. your engagement ring diamond is a round, brilliant cut. so, why not have the same shape in your wedding rings. one final thing. and you dont have to do this. the idea of split bands is, one on the wedding day and the other on the first anniversary. just saying. hope this helps. oh i forgot to say DONT go for the setting of number two. u saw how the dimond are set sort of like a path on the bad. these dont wear welll over time, the dull really easy and fall out with the slightest knock. its called pave’ setting. stay with channel or claw set. x

  664. MARY says:

    i love the part at 0:36!

  665. knottiegirl27 says:

    Hannah, your have access to MILLIONS of rings online…go look at them.

  666. SusanS. Radio Collectiv says:

    get some costume jewlery rings that are like $5. wear them around for a day or two at a time and find out how you feel about different styles. rings look great on the counter but don’t always wear well. Then you’ll be armed with info for the real jeweler and can narrow down some things. You could always get a little tattooed ring too.

  667. Amanda Williams says:

    Hannah you’ll know your ring when you see it try another shop!

  668. Ms Skoob Campbell says:


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  674. jani j says:

    Hello there.. 💯😀 Sending you Love, Hugs and Positivity…

  675. Bryn Bailey says:

    This is not helpful at all, but I liked the simpler one that was the same on top and bottom, like simple diamond bands. I like jewelry that I can feel comfortable with different outfits and different situations. II wear the same necklace and ring everyday because I don’t want to deal with choosing jewelry every day lol. Did that help? 🙂

  676. Trina Wiggins says:

    Ring number two. That is my vote.

  677. Heather Allio says:

    I had the same thing happen to one of my prongs on my engagement ring, then one other time one of the prongs bent slightly, so they went in and replace the prongs with platinum prongs because platinum is so much stronger. My wedding set is gold and I do have A band with diamonds on it on each side of a solitary engagement ring. Just the tip though if you continue to have that problem with your progress on your engagement ring chipping off or bending ask if they might be able to switch them to platinum. I’m actually going to be coming up on my 25th wedding anniversary on July 1!

  678. Scotty Bear says:

    My husband and I have plain matching white gold bands but his is slightly wider than mine.

  679. Therese Blass says:

    You don’t have to have all could have an emerald set with diamonds or sapphire set with diamonds. Maybe you need more color pizazz.

  680. Jojoliinchen X says:

    From what I’ve seen and heard around me people are very happy with simpler ones or people wish the rings weren’t as “extra” because sometimes they don’t like to see it every day. So I would suggest something that you would wear with a fancy dress but also with a hoodie and shorts and it would look like you chose this ring for this specific purpose but it looks like that with everything you wear

  681. Debbie O'Brien says:

    Shane you look handsome with your short hair and tan plus your personality and great sense of humour. Hannah is a very lucky lady xx

  682. Marina Riquelme says:

    Guys I wish you all the best for the future and all the happiness in the world 🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  683. Jeanette H. says:

    Hannah, keep looking until the ring speaks to you.

  684. Janet Palin says:

    Your love shines so bright and you bring such joy into our lives during these troubled times. Wishing you dazzling good fun finding your rings!!

  685. Catlady003 says:


  686. Heather Kandt says:

    I upgraded my ring at out 10 year anniversary:)

  687. Mercy S says:

    i think the word you were thinking of in the beginning mightve been “envision” like what do you want it to look like, what do you want the ring to look like 👍

  688. Paula Royce says:

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  689. Aier Atu says:

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    I love that Shane and Hannah do their best to treat each other like just regular couples, but sometimes I wish that Hannah would be more selfless. I don’t see much proof of that. And I’m not talking about caring for Shane because she chose that. I’m talking about that selflessness that couples do for one another when they are in love and become a couple. Outside of care giving for Shane, what does Hannah do for Shane as a couple about to marry that lets him know she wants him to have all his dreams too? If Shane wants a ring, then it should be what ever the hell he wants and not what will make Hannah’s ring look better. If Shane asks for the camera to be in a certain angle then out of hundreds of videos…why not let him have a say instead of insisting the view he picked is rude or dirty or disrespectful? Honestly, as a viewer and subscriber I don’t give a crap if the AC unit is visible in the background. For me, that always distracts me from the video topic or focus. All Shane wants is to turn on the camera and talk to folks, but Hannah is always concerned about the camera angle and what can be seen because of appearances. That stuff should be figured out way before you start rolling. I get that part of their ‘act’ is including the funny banter and challenges so they show how authentic they can be, but it does get old. And I wish they would grow in that regard and present more evolved content. Believe me, people love you guys.

  695. April Griffin says:

    I’ve always loved claddagh rings. We had been married about 6 months when I found a set of claddagh wedding rings with sapphires (my favorite stone) and my husband bought the set for me. I am giving my original engagement ring to my oldest granddaughter for her 18th birthday. You can always upgrade later.

  696. Lin Sykes says:

    Erm Im pretty sure that the wedding ring goes on the left hand not the right, or maybe thats just how we do things over the water in the UK!!!!!!!

  697. Becky Greene says:

    Hannah, you’re makeup is on point, boo, and you need to let us in on your beauty routine! Also *HUGS* for ya both!

  698. Anna Bogart says:

    I like the first wedding ring you showed with your diamond. just in case you need my opinion lol

  699. Ariel McNeil says:

    Whenever I can’t decide what I want to eat, I assign each restaurant/food to one side of a coin. Sometimes I find that when the coin flips to a certain side, I’m a bit disappointed by the result, so I choose the food assigned to the opposite side of the coin. You could always try the same with the rings! It’s definitely a much bigger decision than what you want to eat, but if you’re cool with being loose with the decision, it would be neat to try it

  700. Paula Royce says:

    Enhancer is now what they call the band the engagement ring sits in

  701. Sara Laughin says:

    Sorry screenshot

  702. Ms Ra says:

    Is clear wedding rings are very different in US to UK. The rings you showed would not be understood as wedding rings here. We might call that an eternity ring (two in fact) or just a pretty ring. Always a simple band no stones. Like Shane’s.
    They were very pretty tho.
    You’ll know when you know, like the dress <3
    I sort of hope you'll still get married as planned. Big party later <3 xxx
    Ps. Loving your lockdown hair do Shane xxx

  703. Sara Laughin says:

    Look up rings online, Screencast a few and take the pics to your next appt.

  704. Andi Korpel says:

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  705. DG Reed says:

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  707. Amanda Davis says:

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  708. Brenda Hawks says:


  709. Deborah OReilly-Christensen says:


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    So….you may want to pass it on as a family heirloom …..choose what speaks to you so you can tell the story when you do.

  711. Adrienne Gonzales says:

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  714. Kaiya Click says:

    Shane is a true comedian! I love following your journey. Let me say this to anyone who dislikes the videos, it costs absolutely nothing to mind your business. Just show support for your fellow man. And if you can’t, just move on…

  715. Stephany Vazquez says:

    I love you both! You guys are amazing❤❤❤ never miss any of your videos

  716. Colton Morgan says:

    Hannah just relax look at rings and have fun the one you were supposed to have will speak to your heart you will know right away without a doubt the same way you knew Shane was the man for you also it is important to remember at this time that the wedding band is a symbol of love not only for yourself but your love for Shane so if the ring remind you have your love for yourself or Shane you could be the one the answer to your question is only important if you ask the right questions listen to your heart and ask the right questions

    • Colton Morgan says:

      Also the way you will know you’re asking the right questions is the questions will come from your heart not your head in this situation

  717. Jessica Carrillo says:

    The second ring really showcased your diamond beautifully! That would be my choice for sure!!

  718. Kirsten Carlson says:

    Something to consider is getting a plain single band that can also be worn alone. This comes in super handy when I’m concerned for any reason about wearing my engagement ring. Could be that I don’t want it to snag, or maybe I don’t want wear while traveling or maybe I want to be less flashy. Whatever the reason is, if you get something that is attached or has to be worn with your engagement ring, you don’t have any options. I’m sure you’ll figure it out! Good luck to you guys! ❤️

  719. Sophie Kotomski says:

    The first and 2nd one were beautiful on you. You said you wanted it to wrap around your diamond – so 2nd one. Keep it simple, true to your style and lifestyle. In 30 years, you can always change it up. Enjoy!

  720. Kendra Chandi says:

    You guys are so adorable lol. It reminds me of my hubby and I choosing our rings 😂 we went with white gold and his has diamonds embedded in the band.

  721. Amanda K says:

    I love the cut to Hannah’s face when Shane said he picked his ring out because he could see his own reflection 🤣🤣

  722. Keith Weller says:

    its cute how much he wants a diamond.
    get him one!!!!! or at least a diamond earring

  723. Shelly Bradbury says:


  724. Bama Girl wehunt says:

    I used to work in Jewelry Store and I liked the second one it showed. A diamond band on each side was beautiful with ur solitaire. Its ur choice though.

  725. Shelli Hayden says:

    Hey y’all. Great choice. My husbands first wedding band was brushed (matte). The brushed wears off and i had to get it redone. Every time you fix the ring you are taking off the gold so I don’t do it anymore.

  726. Life is Random says:

    When she said he had difficulty picking between silver and gold then said ‘but my ring is gold’ did she just revel that they have both picked there wedding rings?

  727. ChiaraBells says:

    You should get like a pillow that you can easily pull over Shane’s headrest for the car rides so you don’t have to keep holding his head/pushing it forward

  728. Kimberlyn Salmon says:


  729. Carmen Serra says:

    So what were those rings called that you wanted where they go around the engagement ring?

  730. Lynda Alderton says:

    The round edge wedding rings are usually known to be more comfortable.

  731. ivey ivey12 says:

    Hannah try to get something that isn’t too tall that sticks out raised from the ring because it’s going to snag on so much you need to look for something that is comfortable to wear everyday that you don’t constantly have to be in fear of scratching it or bumping it, simplistic is more sensible and desirable because you want something that you don’t have to constantly be focused on or scared to damage, don’t worry you’ll find what you want 🙂💍👍

  732. Lynne Jeoffroy says:

    You will know the right one as soon as you put it on. You won’t walk away wondering if it’s the right one.

  733. MeowRayz says:

    What does shanes tattoo behind his ear mean?
    if theyve spoken about it before i dont know.

    • Chrissy Bouchat says:

      Sita Johnson no, it’s a tattoo not related to his injections. He talked about it before

    • MeowRayz says:

      @Sita Johnson ahh that makes sense. i thought it kind of looked like a sideways cross so i thought it might mean something.

    • Sita Johnson says:

      I assume it’s just a marking for where he used to get his injections, but it looks super cool. I know cancer patients often have to get tattoos over where their targeted radiation spots are, because it has to be done at the same spot every time. And I imagine the injections – being somewhat risky and extremely precise – would require the same thing.

  734. susan millican says:

    NEVER heard of anyone wondering if they would like theor ring in 50 years!! No matter what ring you pick out, it will forever be your wedding ring. Looks dont matter!

    • Tina Kirslis says:

      I know lots that upgrade their rings some every year. It’s not something I’ve ever done but a lot do

  735. ldodson52 says:


  736. Gopex says:

    You will be missed Shane …
    2020 R.I.P. [eaten by a spider]

  737. kerryloutrevor says:

    You two look so excited it’s lovely

  738. Penny Sue says:

    The second bands was beautiful ,really complimented your engagement ring ❤❤ In my opinion

  739. Shelly Bradbury says:


  740. DeLana Bills-Jones says:

    A wrap

  741. Daan Elzen says:

    🎵dazzle me, dazzle me, dazzle me with gold🎵

  742. Doddsmountain says:

    To be honest, I don’t actually wear my wedding ring anymore. It’s way too small, I’m too broke to make it bigger, and I used to work in a field where having rings on was dangerous. I didn’t even pick out my wedding ring, my inlaws bought it for my husband to give to me. I do still love the ring and hopefully will be able to wear it again, but for now when I do wear a ring it’s a rubberized one that won’t rip my finger off if it gets snagged. Just remember that a ring is only an object, but your love for each other is much much more than that and much much more important.

  743. BlueBelldancer says:

    You can always have 2 rings, a plain gold band which is durable and difficult to damage, or a fancy one that in my experience gets damaged easily with daily use.

  744. Serena Speca says:

    You are amazing ♥️♥️

  745. IRISH Wolf says:

    The Blessing of the Rings

  746. Tara Flowers says:

    I believe it’s called an interlocking ring set.

  747. L B 1122 says:

    I have exactly what Hannah just described Back when I got it , it was called a wedding band with a wrap and my Engagement ring was in the middle….

  748. Manuel G says:

    So great to see 🙂
    Reminds me of my wife and me, when we picked our wedding rings 2 years ago.
    And, the advice we’re able to give you:
    Spoiler: The “matte” will go “shiny” after one week of wearing 😉
    (we’ve chosen “matte”)… this choice is only pretense 😀
    But it doesn’t matter now, they’re ours and it’s ok if they change over time. Like the life itself 🙂

  749. Deelinda Stimac says:

    You can change your rap to down the line

  750. kavita deva says:

    Hanna when you see the right ring you WILL just know it.

  751. Kathleen Logan says:

    Choose the one that speaks you.

  752. kaotichippo says:

    Shane purchased a polished gold beveled ring….if anyone likes it and walks int a store and is asked for their “desires”! teehee! Also, Shane you can also consider a back up ring in silicon! THey’re felxible and a nice back up when you are swimming or have swollen fingers!

  753. susan millican says:

    Shanes head is absolutely perfectly shaped!

  754. Pamy H. says:

    I really love how you two love each other! Clearly, I’m way more romantic than i thought.

  755. Tina Kirslis says:

    I love the one that had the pointy band because I love different things. The other looked like everyone else’s and like it was meant fir an older woman. Take your time make sure you love it. Even if you end up upgrading in the future you will still be wearing it for a while. The one with the two different bands showcases your diamond the other just overwhelms it. I’m laughing at Shane we will be married 38 years in November. My husband picked me up to go pick out our wedding rings, and he was so quiet like there was something wrong. We then pull into the jewlers and he is like we have to talk. I’m thinking is he going to break up with me at the jewelers while we are supposed to be picking out our wedding rings? ???? Yep that is how much of an off mood he was in. He says before we go in I know we are supposed to match and I want you to be happy . I was like ok your killing me what is wrong? He said I know I want you to have what you want and you want diamonds in your ring. but I have to put my foot down and say I refuse to wear diamonds!!!!i swear at this point I was so convinced he was breaking up with me in the jewelers parking lot because he was so serious!. I just wanted a diamond band and he thought he had to match and get a band full of diamonds! I said ok duly noted you put your foot down, I also said remember that because it’s probably going to be the last time you tell me you are putting your foot down lol

  756. Super Stylist says:

    I would get the same design as your engagement band because it matches and you may take your engagement ring off when you have kids or it may bother you. If you get a ring guard you can’t wear it alone.

  757. Ron&Tammi McAfee says:

    My husband and I still have our Original wedding rings…. we just celebrated our 36th anniversary.

  758. Mm Korns says:

    I couldn’t stop staring at the 1st ring. The others paled in comparison. Good luck finding your ring Hannah!! Congratulations to you both!!

  759. Thomas King says:

    I’m not a diva. i just want a simple gold ring … forged in Mount Doom. (Oh and a wife).

  760. A P says:

    That first ring you showed was perfect!

  761. Deelinda Stimac says:

    Rap my rap is my husband’s birthstone emerald and diamond is mine so that’s the main ring .

  762. LH Shnailed says:

    Dazzle me😂

  763. kaotichippo says:

    So, did you buy a ring guard or “jacketed” style?! What style?

  764. TheGraceCraig says:

    I love wedding rings but I don’t want one lol. I have a lot of joint problems and anything on my fingers causes a lot of pain, even wearing gloves in the winter is uncomfortable. I might get a necklace instead, I’m only 22 I have some time to decide though haha

  765. Bjarnehall says:

    That hair style suits Shane very well. Great mistake. 🙂

  766. fghjkl ghjkl says:

    Hannah , same as Shane , simple classic wedding ring, it will last in time , never gets old fashioned

  767. AriesGirl VirgoMoon says:

    Hannah if you’re not nuts about any of the ones you saw, you probably haven’t seen it yet. I’d keep looking.

    • wingsonwater says:

      Yes, I thought the ones she showed were fine but not, like, great. Of course I might have different taste but I thought they didn’t complement her engagement ring well enough.

  768. Tammy tatar says:

    Shane. Hair. Looks. Nice. U. Should. Keep. It. Like. That.

  769. shoshanna fachima says:

    It is always a joy seeing you both.i am sure you will find the most beautiful ring that best suits you Hannah and Shane picked a classic design
    Love you both

  770. Christine Latham says:

    Hannah – The first ring you tried on was GORGEOUS (the curved, yellow gold one). You could do one on each side of your engagement ring and it would be very much one of a kind.

  771. Emily Casper-Kelley says:

    I really liked the half flower looking one you showed

  772. brightpurpleviking says:

    Been married for thirty years and after all that time my recommendation is to buy a comfort band separate from an engagement ring. There will be times where diamonds will be impractical (or unsafe to wear) and there might be times where you might have the potential to lose a stone. Also when you have a baby you might accidentally scratch the baby with diamond prongs and will want to just wear a nice band. I often just go with my beautiful smooth comfort band and put my diamond away. Also when cleaning and gardening! Life gets messy and beautiful. Congratulations!!