Should Men Wear Engagement Rings Too?

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  1. まDomicrush says:

    My parents friends got a tattoo ring

  2. Triciana faatiliga says:

    Who cares what people think. If i get my ring hell no i will not wear it unless as a chain why because it get lost

  3. Alecto 79 says:

    $700.000? For 1 ring?

  4. shellsings xo says:

    Loni wig is horrendous 😶

  5. Tress Braga says:

    Straight women who insist on men wearing engagement rings, too, are narcissists. This is a big red flag for the guy.

  6. Louie -Vincent Office says:

    Brandy was not into this topic she jus found it not anything to talk about!

  7. GLOW UP says:

    In my culture we have been wearing engagement ring for both the husband and the wife

  8. ParrisOTurner says:


  9. Janet Mecham says:

    My husband wore his ring when we were engaged. He was excited to put that thing on because he was very committed to me and wanted the world to know he had made his choice.


    No it’s women supposed to do

  11. Carlos Foska says:

    Well Indian men do wear engagment rings

  12. Will C says:

    I am a man and I literally did not know, until youtube randomly recommended me this video, that men also do not wear engagement rings. I thought both the bride and groom-to-be both wear rings during the pre- and post-wedding period.

  13. sam4lemar says:

    Loni girl that wig is not it 🙈

  14. Bianca says:

    Only women who have a truly good man loves to wear her ring…No matter how big the rock(s) are

  15. dannimajig says:

    in Arab culture men do wear an engagement ring

  16. MsLaratram says:

    Waouh, Loni is being very obnoxious here!

  17. MICAHISGOD says:

    Being a bachelor since Nickleback released “How You Remind Me” back in 2002, I think the idea of a woman giving the man she loves an engagement ring is a power statement and way to express her love and appreciation for him. Maybe such a gesture would make most men respect and honor the sacredness, beauty and honor of marriage a lot more, because according to marital statistics today, divorce is at an all time high. Everybody acting like marriage is a joke. A game mostly played by control freaks.

  18. MICAHISGOD says:

    😆… Loni Love is TOO REAL for television. You gotta love her!

  19. Kar3n says:

    I dont see nothing wrong with a guy if he wants to wear a ring. I would buy it.

  20. Kar3n says:

    I like jewlery. Butni wouldnt want a ring that cost a lot of money what if i loose it?i would like maybe a gold solid steady ring with maybe a nice stone. I would wear it everyday if i can. I always dreamt of having a ring.

  21. emily blanzy says:

    my dad doesn’t bc he is a carpenter and doesnt want it to get caught in a table saw or snagged while doing his work

  22. Kassidy says:

    I lost mine at work the second day I had it. No thank you. Not at work again ever.

  23. Natalia Joana says:

    I’m in the culinary field and only bands are allowed to be worn inside the kitchen. I always had to take my promise ring off so my now fiance proposed with a band so I could wear it at all times. I’m super in love with my ring.

  24. Knight Josephine says:

    Why are you guys not commenting on brandy’s simplicity????

  25. Vanessa Celedon says:

    I gave my man a ring after he proposed cuz I wasn’t going to have to play Beyonce’s if u liked it should of put a ring on it “I put a ring on it” 😉😛

  26. Linney លីននី says:

    I always love when loni called Adrienne “munchkin”. The cutest thing everrrr

  27. Tuti A says:

    Amal Clooney is totally right!

  28. Dar Alegria says:

    Why in the world was she styled so her bra straps show?? Low class.

  29. Toni- Kay Foster says:

    Im engaged and I wear my ring every single day and my fiance wears his as well❤️

  30. patricia lim says:

    I prefer the man to buy the rings for me and wore the ring with me. It show how much you mean to him ..I like that feeling.

  31. Arielle Nonette says:

    I never thought of the guy wearing an engagement ring too. I love that idea!

  32. Linda_Mbaly The SecretGeek says:

    I agree with Loni😂🤣😂

  33. laura ubiera says:

    crazy how Adrienne reminiscing on her old engagement and how she wants to remarry or get engaged and look at her now, all married and stuff😃

  34. Roena Skates says:

    This shows she was not raised in the sticks! People who are used to nice things opposed to people who discovered Wealth later!

  35. Sly Dakota says:

    Why is Brandi so beautiful??!! It’s downright inhuman! 😍

  36. Alexander - says:

    I love Brandy forever and always!!!!🙌🏽

  37. Defiantly Desiree says:

    Praise God there is somebody for everybody And I pray from the bottom of my soul that God sees me for who I am Flaws and ALL.

  38. quietconfidence TV says:

    Yes Adrienne! No Loni!

  39. Annita GG says:

    Loni sounded so ignorant with the lawyer thing. She’s a Human Rights Lawyer!!!!!

  40. Gabby S says:

    Yeah both

  41. Angelus Sarathiel says:

    I love Jeannie’s Vietnamese voice

  42. Pasta Tasha says:

    My boyfriend loves jewelry so he’s going to wear his wedding ring as soon as he proposes to me. Lol, so I’ll have to propose to him too lol

  43. Debb liles says:

    My hubs asked for one! & we have had our rings for 20+ years & love him more now than then because the life we have walked together🧡🦋🙏🌺🧡

  44. ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ says:

    Engagement rings on men are emasculating

  45. Blaq Betty says:


  46. Baby Rayla says:

    If he is ur man he should know what ring u want looney should have known her enuf to know naaa I will get her something small

  47. Jalisa M says:

    Brandy is my girl. Gorgeous and classy

  48. A New Love Official says:

    I think it’s really a great idea that a man should also wear an engagement ring, just to let his friends, family or work mates know that he is already engaged and other girls should back off LOL=)

  49. ChicaPhoto says:

    I don’t want a diamond ring. The marriage is the important part, a simpky ring to show other men that I’m taken, that would be enough. If I did wear a diamond, no blood diamonds.

  50. Kevin Nelson says:

    I have no tattoo’s at all no where straight up

  51. Alice Craz says:

    I would wear it but not on my finger or I would want another type of jewelry to feel connected

  52. Cathy and Adam says:

    Men should wear engagement rings! Ain’t no shame at all in that.

  53. ANELISA DINDI says:

    Very good Neo. But it’s not about equality, it’s about the reason for wearing it altogether

  54. Nicholas Bennett says:

    3:48 lani has me crying 😂😂😂😂

  55. Ashley Cassion says:

    My dad has one.

  56. Kahuura Doris says:


  57. New Naturel says:

    Tamera, nobody cares about your wedding ring lol

  58. Ryan Freer says:

    Your answer is at 4:20
    You’re welcome.

  59. Anny T says:

    My baby got us promise rings and then us both engagement rings and is 2 months wedding bans

  60. Maya Archer says:

    I’m not a fan of Loni’s comments she’s being facetious

  61. Tee Legacy says:

    when loni mouthed, “it ain’t 7OO,OOO dollars.”😭😭😂

  62. HowE Lee says:

    My husband wore his wedding ring during the engagement period. He said he couldn’t wait to wear it.

  63. Dee Jay says:

    Loni always says dumb things

  64. musicgal421 says:

    When we were looking for rings the jeweler said get a ring for YOUR lifestyle. I work with kids so I never wanted something flashy or something I could get snagged on things. My ring is perfect for me. It’s not about the size or carat it’s about the love behind it. But this is why you should go ring shopping with him so he knows exactly what you like. I wear mine proudly! Everyone asks about it and I can proudly say HE picked it on his own and thank the Lord I am in love with it! Not as much as my man lol but I do love it

  65. Agxng M says:


  66. Jessica MB says:

    I think so

  67. JohNathan Elizalde says:

    $700,000,00? Damn .

  68. ZowieFawn says:

    My husband insisted on wearing one. It was mine. He took and said he was wearing it. He even wanted to us it as his wedding band, but I surprised him with a nice one.

  69. Lissette Rodriguez says:

    When my husband proposed 3 days later I went n bought his engagement ring , it’s cute and he was super excited lol

  70. HayleyMariePlus3 says:

    I wear mine everyday and my husband wore his when we were engaged

  71. Zoha Ahmad says:

    Isn’t a man wearing an engagement ring already a tradition because all my family members who are men wear engagement rings.

  72. Lucy Aherne says:

    Ed Sheeran wears an engagement ring

  73. Ashanna Atkinson says:

    She should’ve worn the ring tbh. It’s like a slap in the face for someone to get u a ring and then u not even wear it

  74. Mee Mo says:

    okay something that bothered me… “she doesnt need a 7 million or whatever dollar ring, shes already known as George Clooney wife…” what??? No. She is already known as Amal, human rights lawyer. Her value is not in “whose wife she is” George didnt give her the respect she has, she did. And if we are going to go there, let’s be honest. George is the one who married up.

  75. Smeak says:

    If I drop 700k on a ring you need to wear it EVERYWHERE and show it off to EVERYONE. I don’t care if you dead and gone you betta be 6 ft under showin it to the other skeletons or somethin

  76. USFanlovesjiwoo says:

    I love wearing my ring.

  77. Julia Sandqvist says:

    In Sweden both men and women wear engagement rings. Then at the wedding the woman gets a new ring and depending on the couple the man gets one also

  78. Celia Harte says:

    loni a hater

  79. Sk Sk says:

    My husband wore an engagement ring!

  80. Trudy Wedderburn says:

    Why Loni look like Oprah ? 😂

  81. Ryan says:

    what dried up cunts what this show wtf? LOL

  82. entertain_me says:

    My fiancé is rocking his engagement ring 😍💍 our families were surprised at this, but, we’re not sticking to “traditional” 👊 lol

  83. Young Legend says:

    If I wear my ring …then I can’t hit on other girls !!

  84. Keia Love-Black says:

    I’ve always felt the whole flashy ring thing is overrated. I refused to allow my fiancé to go over a certain amount and later happily “downgraded” to something that I like for the design and symbolism versus the price. The big one with all the diamonds is put away and will probably be sold.

  85. Amaya Rodriguez says:

    Brandy is SO gorgeous

  86. Rhonda Baker says:

    I agree, men should definitely have engagement rings. It’s romantic and supports gender equality

  87. Etherl Melissa Sibanda says:

    Loni said it.

  88. Tori Janet says:

    Loni should hush

  89. amie kay says:

    With a 7 hundred thousand dollar ring that makes her so vulnerable to a robbery or an attack I would be scared to wear that ring

  90. Tere Gorgatelli Torena says:

    Here in Uruguay both men and women have engagement rings, the women tend to have the fancy engagement ring

  91. Stephy R says:

    My bf bought me a $400 promise ring and I still think it looks like it’s too much for me. 🤔

  92. CoCo Davis says:

    Anybody else remember when Moesha made fun of sister sister?

  93. Gwendolyn HJ Namases says:

    Loni look like Oprah here

  94. Shayna Dorsey says:

    Shoutout to Claire’s by Jeannie, one of my favorite stores

  95. alms baasha says:

    That’s interesting bc women mostly are the ones only wearing an engagement ring is bc it’s tradition for men to propose and we don’t know when that proposal will be. So the only way is to go get him one right after I geuss.. but like Adrienne said it can be like a promise ring thing too so yea it would be nice if men wore a ring too to represent they r engaged 😊

  96. NanCee Drew says:

    Adrienne is so traditional and fairy tale love like… I luv it.

  97. NanCee Drew says:

    him as her ring… that’s the most silliest thing. loni always needs to hush she trying to fill tamars shoes smh

  98. Siw Forsberg says:

    My fiance and I both have “promise rings” and I got an engagement ring. We both wear the rings everyday.

  99. Alejandra Vanessa Cedillo says:

    Loni looks cute, she does looks like Oprah Winfrey with that hair lol.

  100. Joanna A says:

    omg tamera quit trying to get them to look at that tired weak ass band you’re wearing put your hand down already. . annoying

  101. Laura McG says:

    How much was her ring?? God dam I would be terrified to let it out of my sight never mind ware it….

  102. O Fletcher says:

    engagement rings are pretty irrelevant. it is just another status symbol to me cause if ur really in love u wouldn’t need one to either show ur loved or to show off for someone. its pretty of course but people worry too.much about it

  103. A lonely college student says:

    “New tradition for guys to wear an engagement ring”??? My grandfather had one…

  104. A C says:

    Why hasn’t Brandy been added as the 5th cohost yet? Make it happen!!!

  105. tavaniablessings says:

    I want to wear my ring everyday because its to symbolize my marriage so no man can take me away from my boo

  106. rochelle thundercloud says:

    in some cases it is not wise or safe to flash really big jewels.especially real ones. what I would do is majorly insure the real stuff.lock it in a safe deposite box.after having costume jewelry made to look like the expensive stuff.wear the fakes .this way if you are robbed you are out maybe a few hundred dollars whereas if you get robbed for the real goods you may well be out millions.

  107. Halima B says:

    That’s interesting that this would be catching on now. Some cultures like the Middle Eastern culture, the men wear engagement rings too, both man and woman wear it on their right hand and when they marry they wear it on their left.

  108. Miriam says:

    Tamera’s necklace tho 😍!

  109. Emma Elisabeth says:

    Here in Sweden women and men are both wearing engagement rings

  110. Lexi Concha Sarabia says:

    I love this. My fiancé wears his all the time. It makes me feel like he wants people to know. That he may not be married but he damn sure is taken. 😍😃😀

  111. Tracy Locke says:

    I honestly feel like both men and women shouldn’t have any problems bout wearing their wedding rings. it shows they both honor their wedding vows, honor their marriage and it also lets everyone else know that my man is married to me.💍💍💍

  112. Cynthia Bales says:

    My husband wore a ring before we got married. He wanted to have a ring too, so we bought one for him early. ❤

  113. Lina Niño says:

    My God Lonny is so ignorant sometimes, is like she is Tamar’s replacement.

  114. applejuicyjuice says:

    I agree with George Clooney’s wife. Due to her job I think it appropriate for her to leave it at home. So maybe just keep the band on.

  115. Mason Perry says:

    Is it weird that I want to do a Engagement Necklace, and a Wedding necklace? I don’t really want to propose with a ring, I kind of feel like throwing out that tradition.

  116. Luci Dall says:

    both me and my fiance wear our rings,I bought him his and he has never taken it off since I gave it to him

  117. ADK 77 says:

    maybe it’s a blood diamond….

  118. krissy crossway says:

    Hell if you get judged for the kind of ring you have like that, then i can only imagine what people think of me. I recently took my engagement ring in to be re-sized, and the horrible woman behind the counter told me its “not worth wasting my money on”. Mind you its a gemvara ring. You design them yourself, and they’re very meaningful.(look up their website if you’ve never heard of it, its awesome.) My fiance saved his money and made it himself, with a little ruby inside it (to match my grandmothers ruby ring that i wear.) I love the ring. (he’s currently a recruit for the US Marines.) i thought it was perfect. Sterling silver, and very simple. I took my ring to another shop and told them what happened and they were mortified. It might not be a big gaudy ring, but it means something to me. Don’t tell me its a waste of my money. Its worth more than anything else I own because its from the person i love the most.

  119. B3llaBambin4 says:

    I feel like because of the friendship they have built up since the beginning of the show they can continue it with just the four of them. There is a real bond between them and I don’t feel they need to bring in a fifth person for the sake of replacing Tamar. I loved when they had her on the show but looking at the people they have had on since she left, they pretty much sit there until they are asked for their opinion or to comment. They look like they are being left out and that’s not intentional but it’s just because of the flow of the conversation and relationship the other girls have with each other and are used to. Is it just me?

  120. biancaaandrade says:

    i just realized american men don’t wear engagement rings and i am shocked…..

  121. Syd Slim says:

    My fiancé wears his wedding band. He was just too excited to wait. I think it’s so cute

  122. Jaiden Jerome says:

    I like Tamar but I’ve been watching some clips with her in them and the girls seem way calmer now..everybody isn’t trying to out talk each other to get a word in.

  123. Amora Gang says:

    Shut up LONI

  124. Rose Belizaire says:

    jeannie is too funny

  125. Bria Barrows says:

    yes men should wear their rings

  126. Venice Aguilar says:

    Omg 😲 I love Clair’s it so awesome

  127. Huckleberry Winn says:

    yes ,men should wear them

  128. wwenewyork says:

    Adrienne is giving me everything in this video 😍😍 hair , outfit , earrings , everything!

  129. Vanessa Louis says:

    loni please shut up

  130. AmberRose T says:

    As long as your committed I don’t think rings matter.

  131. Dani Git says:

    I hate cheep Clair’s store!!!!!)

  132. Quincy Embry says:

    I can see brandy replacing Tamar that would be good

  133. Daylon Wright says:

    Brandi wanted to talk for so long!

  134. LEHTA ROBINSON says:

    Not feeling Brandy’s hair or vibe on this…This segment feels heavy like she didn’t really vibe with the co hosts or like she did not want to be there…

  135. juliahuliaa says:

    In my country men and and women both wear engagement rings 😀 Usually matching and simple and then the girl gets a fancy wedding ring 🙂

  136. Varsha Gopaulchan says:

    watching this now when jeannie admitted to losing her ring LMAO

  137. Candy_SR13 says:

    my boyfriend and I both have engagement rings and is the cutest thing when he tells his friends and strangers alike that we may not be married but by heart and on gods eyes we are….

  138. Lady Jade says:

    in my opinion I think if you get engaged you should always wear your ring because that would make your husband upset if one day he saw you without your ring he’s. gonna think something is up lol but I think these women worry about what other people might think about their ring and you shouldn’t even worry about that all you should worry about is the person I love gave me this ring and I should wear it everywhere I go because I love him and I want the world to know too by wearing this ring lol

  139. H. Lima says:

    Men here in Brazil wear engagement rings.

  140. Kanika Garal says:

    get ur man a ring then u ask him to wear it.

  141. Claus Zuhaus says:

    As a man, I am surprised that I never thoiught about this. I absolutely believe that both parties should wear a ring.

  142. xlnhhx says:

    Why is lonis hair like that ? 😂 I love her, but damn trying to look like Michelle Obama 💀💀

  143. Sam D says:

    My husband asked me if he could wear his wedding ring before we got married. It was the sweetest thing to see him so excited about this commitment, he wore it for almost a year and a half before we said our I dos.

  144. Dani Elle says:

    Hi Brandiiii!!!!

  145. Malika Zaiahna says:

    You can’t tell me Brandy don’t look gorgeous. I’m talkin skin suuuppa rich.

  146. Dulxbe says:

    Brandy AND The Real, um… yes!

  147. Ci Ci says:

    this was going as hell, where was the energy

  148. Sahra Alir says:

    God miss tamar barely watch this no more, can’t believe this bullshit! The real has officially disappeared in my eyes!! Fk this!

  149. Taylor Marie says:


  150. J Renee says:

    It’s not about how expensive the ring cost its about the meaning and symbolism behind it like Kate and Prince William even though it cost alot ALOT! Of money, it also had a beautiful symbolism

  151. Gabriela s says:

    I seent your nails Jeannie!! Found out we go to the same place with Hannah!! #modnailstudiocity

  152. Stephen Alston says:

    I don’t want an engagement ring but I would like an engagement watch. something classy, timeless, useful that I could wear everyday. then my wedding band when I do get married.

  153. Nicoleemariaaa says:

    My fiance and I both wear engagement rings and always have. I don’t see why just the woman should wear one. I love him having one too!

  154. Jai M says:

    U see how we NEED Tamar’s input to see a totally new perspective that leaves you smiling or LOL’ing. Not to take away from everyone else’s input at all. Only her input always left us with something NEW. SMH Iused to t LOVE this show but I stopped watching it when she had to take a leave. It felt so repetitious. Needless to say I’m sure it will spiral downward. I know I won’t be running in as much.

  155. Kiera Lerner says:

    I love jeannie’s Asian impersonations

    • Never lose sleep over the small stuff says:

      @Myronn Coleman I been all over SE Asia and still never really heard them speak that way. The way she mimics the Vietnamese accent is corny. One of my fav places in SE Asia next to Thailand and Loas. If you haven’t been I highly suggested you book a ticket and go on your next vacation time

    • Myronn Coleman says:

      Never lose sleep over the small stuff she’s the one who initiated divorce not him…

    • Myronn Coleman says:

      Never lose sleep over the small stuff if they aren’t first generation and don’t speak fluent English and don’t have an accent then most of them don’t sound like that….some speak in broken English since they don’t know some words in English but can still carry good conversation

    • Never lose sleep over the small stuff says:

      @wendy vendy it’s still tacky. When I was in Saigon they dont even speak like that. I never cared for her anyhow. Glad Freddie wised up and left her ass

    • wendy vendy says:

      Never lose sleep over the small stuff it’s not tacky, cause when Jeannie does her Vietnamese accent, it sounds exactly like her mom, and her mom is from Vietnam….

  156. semhar biniam says:


  157. Nicole Reign says:

    Posh and Becks did that in 98

  158. Ezra Rose says:

    They were auditioning her replacement while she was “sick” …

  159. Miriam Delgado says:


  160. Natalie Gavin says:

    I agree with Adrienne. I would wear mine proudly!

  161. RealTakerslady says:

    Child please, if I had a man put a $700,000 ring on it I’m wearing it every second of the day!

  162. ZizYoubizHERE says:

    wait wait wait… guys don’t wear their engagement rings?!?

  163. Shar Keisha says:

    Is it me or does brandy look like a black jeanie 😂

  164. Breanna Perea says:


  165. Victoria Searle says:

    I felt pretty alone when i wasn’t engaged anymore and thought people would see me as 2nd goods because i’d already been engaged untill I started to realize I wasn’t alone and there were people out there who went through the same thing. but about the ring 100% I would wear it every day, aswell as I’d get him an engagement ring he would wear every day. but we just like that 🙂

  166. CeCe Tyshay says:

    90’s flashbacks over here with Brandy & Tamera right next to each other lol

  167. Caroline nature says:

    didnt love the way brandy looked…js

  168. Ashon C. says:

    Loni so damn annoying in this episode.

  169. Jaspreet Dhaliwal says:

    I don’t wear my damn engagement ring everyday to work. I’m a nurse so I find its unhygienic I don’t want my ring getting dirty! And tbh jealous co workers always have to make a comment (mine isn’t huge by any means – 1.8 carat pear but for an average person yea it’s quite substantial). Also the fear of losing my ring is too real

  170. Mama & I says:

    the make up on Loni n brandy .. the lightning didn’t do justice at all

  171. AKAT1980 says:

    It really is impossible to make a woman happy.

  172. Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones says:

    I Been Engage💍 For 3 Years Now I Wear Mines Everyday Too And I Think Man Should Wear It Too Not Only Us Women

  173. Michelle Kristin says:

    NO! It’s bad enough corporations are scamming men into buying women engagement rings in the first place, now we want to have rings for men too? Engagement rings are a complete waste of money, you’ll be married soon enough, the wedding ring is the promise ring. Don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a ‘promise’ ring that is practically worthless after you buy it. It’s awful.

    • Rosa Mystica says:

      holley molley!I ‘ve found my long lost twin!Lmao I dont get the point of engagement rings girl!you said it best!it’s for commercial purposes smh so sad

  174. Gabriela Mia says:

    Brandi would have been a FANTASTIC Nina Simone… she is just stunning. LOVE the hair btw

  175. Saniel Myst says:

    wait…she not engaged no mo

  176. Jessica Smith says:

    Just saying but my dad doesn’t even have a wedding ring and my mom never wheres either of her rings. I think everybody looks at rings in a different way.

  177. Jay Crow says:

    Why is Brandy sitting there like she didn’t kill anyone?

  178. Pesi Belau says:

    i think indian man do wear engagement ring

  179. Dinas Dose says:

    Egyptian men actually do wear engagement rings

  180. Charlene Does Stuff says:

    Tamar needed to be in on this convo!!! me give a man an engagement ring? LIES!!!!

  181. Jordan Lindsey says:

    If I was engaged, I don’t think I’d ever take it off. No matter how flashy, it’s my way of showing my fiancé how much I love him

  182. Melissa World says:

    where was tamar ?

  183. Shanel Knight says:

    that accent kills me Everytime

  184. LibiB26 says:

    My mom wears her engagement ring and wedding band at all times and I want to do the same. It isn’t an accessory but a symbol of undying love, commitment and connectedness to another person. However I respect Amal’s decision not to wear it being a human rights lawyer and it may be appropriate in some cases not to wear it but to not wear your rings just because doesn’t make sense to me.

  185. SuperBubblyme says:

    My boyfriend bought me a promise ring and I wear it everyday because when we’re apart I have a piece of him with me always. I can understand feeling a little unsure about it at work and knowing you don’t really NEED to be wearing it , but I guess I love the idea of wearing it and what it symbolizes

  186. D. Mrls says:

    😂😂😂😂 brandy shaded tf out Adrienne … she said oh u was engaged lmao. she knew she was

  187. GloballyBlack says:

    No people in the UN don’t all come from humble beginnings lol. They get paid very well. It’s just not the place to wear flashy things. At a UN reception however you can ;).

  188. mimmistar1313 says:

    in sweden and in denmark men and women have an engagement ring when they get engaged

  189. kitty4lifesk1 says:

    So as per the standard, is the engagement ring worn after he pops the question and then removed and replaced with the wedding band? If so, when is the (usually more expensive) engagement ring worn after marriage?

  190. Annie C says:

    Who wants to buy a man an engagement ring?

  191. More ThanMusic says:

    I agree about men wearing engagement rings. Got engaged last year and gave my fiance a simple silver band for his b-day just so other women know he’s taken…he loves that I claim him 🙂

  192. Leo De Goddess says:

    FOH i respect Amal and what all the ladies are saying but, I will never remove my ring.

  193. Zoey Sosa says:

    When my Future husband ask me to marry him, I Wont take it off at all

  194. Codename Diva says:

    THey alll look to perfection. Just beautiful classy women

  195. Asha Sheera says:

    Brandy is a boring guest.

  196. stephanie mccollum says:

    I love links hair though

  197. Yolanda Johnson says:

    I love all of them. Love the show

  198. Thay Accioly says:

    Over here in Brasil it is normal the man buy a set of two rings, his and hers, right hand, when you two marry, left hand.

  199. Migdalia Rivera says:

    I absolutely LOVE this topic!! After my fiance proposed to me, I started wearing my ring every day. Not right away but shortly after, He actually bought himself a ring for him to wear and he wears it every single day. I love the fact that he wears it and that he loves to wear his ring. It does bring a different feeling. 🙂

  200. Connie Martin says:


  201. Danial K says:

    Guys will wear it , buy them a 700,000$ ones or show them an example of someone of such act … adios mothafuckazz

  202. House Davis says:

    I hate hate HATE Loni’s stupid ass..everybody’s right except her all the time

  203. Maria Robinson says:

    Do you feel like you don’t belong in this world? Do you feel different? I understand, there is a reason. In my last post, I mentioned how we can hear God talk to us in our thoughts once we develop a relationship with Yahweh. After reading Matthews 21:22, which says that our prayers will be answered if we have faith, I asked God to talk to me. I begged Him. A little while later, one morning upon waking up and opening my eyes, I heard a voice in my thoughts. He said, “I’m here to tend to your spiritual needs.” That was last year, at this point, I hear His voice throughout the week, and it’s been like that for the past year. At times I’ve heard the words “makeshift reality” and “dream sequence” in my thoughts whenever I think about my weird balance between the spiritual and physical realms. It’s my new normal, and I am adjusting to the fact this world is a training ground, getting us prepared for our true home. Yes, our physical world is concrete and authentic in an Earthly sense, but it is a parallel universe coinciding with Heaven. After experiencing divine/prophetic dreams, the interference of angels, supernatural healing, awareness of the enemy, and hearing God speak in my thoughts, I look at the world as a beautiful design. Earth is a wonderful display of God’s artwork, His genius, His love, gentleness, and adoration for us. And we are His most prized creations.

    Each one of us, whether we acknowledge Him or not, have His love. He began to talk to me when I was living the homosexual lifestyle, and at the time, I was facing termination from my job. So He made me feel a love that washed away all guilt that the world placed on me, and He showed me that disappointments, and even death, lose their sting in comparison to the utopia He brings to your spirit and LIFE. That showed me that number one, the world does not know Him. The enemy is using the church (not all, just some) to turn people away from God. He doesn’t care who you are, who you love, what you’ve done, He’s just waiting on you to stop listening to people, so you can listen out for His voice.
    All you have to do is believe in Jesus and His sacrifice and you go to Heaven. Don’t you think that it is odd, that the most popular message attached to Christianity tells people that they go to Hell because of what they have done, or who they love? The Bible says that satan is the father of the Earth. It also stated that he was known for his intelligence. He uses his intelligence and knowledge of the scriptures to spread confusion among those who love God; unknowingly, and with pure intentions, they misinterpret the Bible and tell people that they won’t go to Heaven because of their actions or due to who they love. The Gospel in the Bible says that ALL WHO BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST WILL GO TO HEAVEN. If our actions and lifestyles governed salvation, then JESUS DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. The whole reason He died was to save us from our flaws, because we will always fall short in some way. He was crucified to make us blameless.
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    OAN: Today when I woke up, I heard, “Millennium”. I’m excited…..after researching what it meant in the Bible, I’m like a child waiting on Christmas Day. Jesus is coming back. I hope I don’t have to be too patient lol. Facebook: Maria Simone

  204. Acacia Magee says:

    I thought men got engagement rings 2

  205. Pedro Guida says:

    Men in Brazil wear engagement rings too. In fact, they are usually simple matching bands, for men and women.

  206. ayana says:

    SHE IS IN A RESPECTABLE CAREER!!! To become a human rights lawyer of that calibre is to become the anti thesis of Hollywood. Believe me nobody in her work gives a rats ass about George Clooney and she doesn’t want those around her to be associated with the contentiousness and ridiculous over the top nonsense Hollywood has to offer.

  207. Iben Sofie K says:

    In Norway men wear engagement rings. 🙂

  208. rosy khan says:

    I thought guys did wear their engagement ring :/

  209. Devika Blake says:

    love Brandy but I miss my tae tae

  210. Tatienne J says:

    I’m so late I always thought men wore engagement rings too…

  211. Fee _ says:

    Brandy looked so uncomfortable the entire show. If she didn’t want to be a guest host she should not have agreed. She was being snobbish with attitude and acting as if she is beyond these ladies. Didn’t even contribute to the conversations. Girl bye.

    • Fee _ says:

      That makes sense but that is not the case with Brandy. She is not like this at all. She is very much loud, outspoken and social. She even has hosted shows and I’ve seen her show out.  She’s been in the limelight all her life anyways. She definitely was uncomfortable here and totally out of her zone, she displayed straight disinterest and I’m pretty certain she will not return as a host.

    • Caroline O says:

      +Fee _
      Wow, you remind me of kids in school that always thought I was ‘better than everyone’ because I never spoke because I had anxiety and was terribly shy and self-conscious. Why do you have to judge her as ‘snobbish’, and having ‘attitude’ that she thinks she is ‘beyond these ladies’ because she wasn’t as forthright as them? That isn’t always the excuse, it seems in this life that if you don’t have a ‘loud mouth’ you’re seen as having an attitude, gees!

  212. Schehrazad A says:

    Yeah no. My ring stays on.

  213. Bertha Lovejoy says:

    i love that tamera has old classic values because now days “i like the idea that im his” would be attacked by “feminists”

    • Ariel H says:

      She also said she likes the idea of a new tradition where people know “Adam is hers ” by also wearing a ring, that would be attacked by “traditionalists”.

  214. Teapot S says:

    1. I miss Tamar, glad she’s back and healthy, but miss her on every show. 2. I think it’s so incredibly humble of Amal being a human rights lawyer to remove her ring when at work. She is an independent woman when fighting for justice that truly matters in the world, not a hollywood trophy wife assigned to her ring. I think it’s an awesome move.

  215. mfriedrich2012 says:

    Don’t get married. It’s just not worth it. Look at this sewage. Demand that men spend 6 months salary to buy off the blood, sweat, death and suffering of African children and for what? So he can be fleeced of everything in the end. Say no.

  216. Danusa E. says:

    in Brazil both use engagement ring .

  217. afro symphony says:

    boy if i was george clooney i would be mad as hell…like loni said everybody knows u are married to george clooney so wth plus she wears verrry expensive clothes too, so will she start shopping her corporate clothes from like tesco just so ppl dont think she is rich

  218. afro symphony says:

    omg brandyyyyyy!!!!! i am such a huge fan of her

  219. Gloria LinFamily says:

    nope only women I like the old standard I ain’t buying no man a ring

  220. Tapered Natural says:

    I used to think that men should wear engagement rings too, until I spoke to my married guy friends about it. While men (generally) look for women without a ring to potentially wife up, some single women see a man wearing a ring and go after him, because they see a “good man” who can provide them security and stability. It’s sad, but true. Many of my guy friends have told me that more single women have thrown themselves at them after they were married (wearing a ring) than when they were not.

  221. M Taylor says:

    Lmao at Loni…”George Clooney would become a whole different type of person.” lol Whooo

  222. Ruby Briseño says:

    I love my fiance & I will most definitely wear & show off the engagement ring he worked so hard to get me. idc about other people judging or their opinions

  223. Alexandria says:

    If I found a 700k ring I would pun it right away

  224. Kendra Washington says:

    I agree I wouldn’t wear my expensive jewelry

  225. Melanie Perez says:

    I think humble is the wrong word.. modest? I could be wrong.

  226. BriBear0611 says:

    Then he picked the wrong ring for her personality. The ring was chosen to impress hollywood

  227. tweety's life says:

    Why are black americans are so obsessed over the price of an engagement/wedding ring. Does love has a price? Yes it does, but the price is beyond materialistic things. Everyone knew the price for a ring, but no one knew the price for love. Thats why so many women are single today because all they though about is what the man can offer, but what can the woman offered to the man? I think when a man offer a woman a ring, he should not speaks about the price. I feel the society would be such a better place if we all learnt the essential of life and love.

    • Rosa Mystica says:

      @tweety’s life girl,they don’t hear you.u iust preached.some people even take loans for the ring!who am I kidding?personally,am not married yet and lemme tell you,a ring is among the things I care the least about.I feel like I will tell my bf “bring that ring money over hurrr boy.we can do more important things with it.such as feed hungry children and stuff.” But again,money is people’s first love here in the US

    • tweety's life says:

      Ok, well i should say americans. Thanks megacadette55 for clearifying this. Guys, i was just saying this by what i have seen and on the tv and media. We are here to learn from one another, and maybe learn about different culture. For example, when a person here got a wedding or engagement ring, when someone ask if they can see the ring, it’s mostly if it’s pretty or no. It is so intimate here that people think no matter the price if a man or woman offer their significant other a ring, it is already a hugh symbol. Only an imidate friend or relatives would ever ask the price, and i doubt they would, where in some american society, reality shows, talk shows, family reunions etc, each time i saw someone said it looks expensive. I think marriage lost it’s true value in american society because eventhing became a show, big ring, big wedding big receptions etc. Badgalriri, sorry if you feel i generalize everyone, i was just talking for people who looks like me, but yes i should say some.

    • Rosa Mystica says:

      not just black’s all Americans.white and blacks.they are so obsessed with rings that’s why the divorce rate here is crazy!they are more into materialistic thingz than marriage itself

  228. Latanya Rodgers says:

    Yes I believe that men’s should wear there engagement ring

  229. Say Say says:

    I am not engaged and I got my self an expensive ring and I wear it all the time
    I would never take mine of

  230. Dani Rican says:


  231. Emerald W says:

    Rings mean nothing if you’re not sincerely committed

  232. Jessica Moreira says:

    Here in Brazil, people use yellow gold wedding bands and that’s it! Both partners have matching bands and wear it 24/7. Removing the band usually means you don’t want people to know you’re married and is not seen in a very positive way. Also the wedding band you exchange as the wedding is usually the same one that you use when you propose (which I don’t really like). If a girl is very lucky or the fiancé is wealthy, maybe she gets a engagement ring, but it’s not very common.

  233. Erika Hall says:

    Beyonce doesn’t wear her wedding ring everywhere bc she feels as though that’s personal and that’s for her but she has the tattoo to represent

  234. Kuhrizma Clemons says:

    In my opinion, you don’t need a ring to represent your love. Your love represents your love. No need for a materialistic object to prove it.

  235. brownsbaker says:

    brandy just sat there ,, barely said some

  236. Sydnee Kiara says:

    Here comes rambling Jeannie .

  237. MyAssefa says:

    So apparently in the US guys don’t wear no Engagement Rings? o.O So it’s just the ladies wearing a Ring? Hmm But isn’t that the meaning of being Engaged? That you Exchange a symbol that represents your love and it goes both ways! At least that is what Engagement rings stand for where i’m from… I thought that was international^^

  238. Meri Desiree says:

    Men doesn’t wear engagement rings? I would like my man to do it.

  239. Gabe Quirino says:

    A day after my dad put a ring on my mom, mom went ahead and got an engagement ring for my dad. I always thought it was supposed to be like that when I was a kid.

  240. High Maintenance Minimalist says:

    Please fire Loni!

  241. Reemo kh says:

    Listen Honey in the end of the day she is a georg clooney wife ppl

  242. Wwe evolution 2019 says:

    Yes!! otherwise women are gonna be chasing other womens men!

  243. sasukefroupie says:

    I never wanted an engagement ring because I don’t like rings to begin with. I don’t wear jewelry often and if I do it is usually a pair of earrings. So when my husband proposed w/ a ring anyways (it’s tradition I can’t break tradition <--- his words) and I never wore it, my MIL would really be in her feelings about it. There is no real significance to the diamond ring, and our wedding was literally a year and half after the engagement so what was the point of the engagement ring? We got gold wedding bands, (because that is what I wanted for my wedding band since I was 14) so I couldn't stack my real band over the engagement ring. Plus, diamonds lose value over time. I really don't get the point of engagement rings.

  244. Alma Palma says:

    Where is tamar????

  245. Simmy says:

    Adrienne isn’t engaged anymore???!

  246. Kollette Van says:

    Wouldn’t it be more humbling if she sold that $700,000 to feed the poor or something productive instead of the ring just sitting pretty somewhere doing nothing. The Clooney’s R too rich they probably don’t even have dust for the ring to collect. What use will she have for the ring if she hardly or don’t ever wear it? All that $$$ could surely help the less fortunate.

  247. Donnisha Dawson says:

    Yes they should.

  248. King AndMoreKing says:

    Brandys expressions are funny. Like she don’t know exactly what to say lol

  249. Mohteshim Abbasi says:

    i like funny, funny is nice and quick and witty. loni seems ignorant at times not funny

  250. shygirlTJ186 says:

    I always thought a man should wear an engagement ring. Why should everyone know I’m taken but not you?

    • Sammy dial says:

      Tress Braga Lmao who cares if it’s not romantic. Being a feminist is just basically knowing ur worth🤷🏽‍♀️. I would do the same .

    • Ritha Makuzulu says:

      @Tress Braga no she not. i’m not a feminist and also think like that

    • Tress Braga says:

      You’ve spoken like a true feminist … and that’s not necessarily a good thing in a romantic relationship.

  251. Jessica Williams says:

    Brandy’s been engaged twice??

  252. Crowned Zay says:

    700k?? I hope they were exaggerating because thats wayy too much just for some finger bling

  253. Rachelle Nicole Joseph says:

    What is with that mop Brandy wearing on her head??

  254. Streetwear Meets Classy! says:

    This makes me like George wife even more

  255. Rose Veatupu says:

    We’re from the Pacific Islands and every single married couple, men and women wear their rings all day everyday. I think it’s very cool and beautiful. It has always been a tradition for us since our island was found and the people of that time build it.

  256. Scarlet Kitten says:

    Brandy’s Complexion is so beautiful. She looks sunkissed and her hair is everything~ <3

  257. Meeda ZM says:

    engagement rings for men are everything

  258. M.E. Lee says:

    Adrianne talks too effin much.

  259. nabunyam says:

    Wow, Loni so dumb and ignorant. “Still criminals”. Lol.

  260. ItsYaGirlZari says:

    yes! i love brandy! 💕🙌😀


    wait….Adrian ain’t engaged no more?

  262. PinkRose Rosales says:

    Should Men Wear Engagement Rings Too?

  263. JackieJacks says:

    Am i the only one who thinks George Clooney is overrated?

  264. Keisha • says:

    I always agree with Tamera 💚

  265. ChanceInDior says:

    brandy is a beautiful woman ,

  266. What A Time To Be A Douche says:

    you bitches is boring in these comments

  267. Chanel says:

    Shiid ima wear my big ring

  268. Stephie Y says:

    Loni is soooo rude. You have no clue what her ring costs.

    Who watches this show for Loni? I truly feel that she is replaceable and there are women who could bring that comedic element without being so guarded and critical.

  269. Brianna Wilson says:

    Loni is SO DAMN LOUD

  270. utubemoi says:

    Do people really know the origin of these engagement rings? Check College Humor the truth about engagement rings. I do not get the hype around rings. The most important thing is the commitment between two people.


    did she say $700,000

  272. Hala says:

    In my country guys wear engagement rings, I’m surprised they don’t in the USA 😮

  273. Sosmcs See says:

    Why t they just now talking bout Amal taking off her ring? This is old news

  274. thelastDAN says:

    I love Brandies skin tone and glow

  275. Dora says:

    Surprisingly, I loved my simple wending band more than my engagement ring.

  276. C.J Canady-Robbins says:

    Yes. I would love to wear my engagement ring. I just needs a man

  277. gemiiadvdanca says:

    Where is Tamar?

  278. Kapriatta-Katice says:

    I’m wearing my ring. He wearing his. Point blank period

  279. MyForeign Lifestyle says:

    Y’all need to have Jennifer Beals on here as a guest co-host!!

  280. Sheda Benitha says:

    loni is pissing me off!
    just stop it! what you mean your ring wasn’t 700k?
    have “you” had one?….

  281. M. Agca says:

    Wait hold on, guys don’t wear engagement rings in the US?

    • Christopher Brown says:

      Katie.Clifford that’s not gender roles; that’s societal focus on the woman and what she got out of it.

    • SunShine B. says:

      +M. Agca I was just about to comment on this as well. I was quite surprised that when my now husband proposed to me the rings came in a set and he put his on too when I said yes. I was like wait, you get to wear one too so other women know your off the market. He was like that’s normal here in Germany.

    • M. Agca says:

      @Katie.Clifford That’s crazy… in Europe men wear their engagement rings too

    • Katie.Clifford says:

      no they don’t. stupid gender roles

  282. Anisha Renee says:

    Now how does that work for men? because women usually get double rings: engagement ring and wedding band. so if a man gets an engagement ring, doe they get another ring as their wedding band? or will the engagement ring turn into the wedding band?

    I really don’t care if a man wears an engagement ring. I wear mine. and now that I’m married, some days I’ll just wear the band.

  283. N. R. V. says:

    Don’t give me a ring, if you wanna get married give a key, the key to the home you want to build together, romantic and practical. rings are cut but I prefer a roof over my head.

  284. doreen jose says:

    In Finland men do wear engagement ring😀

  285. Benedicta D. says:

    As a human right lawyer, Amal is aware of the issue with diamonds around the word, many times are product out of exploitation. I feel this is the reason why she doesn’t wear it.

  286. Keith B says:

    I wonder why Adrian isn’t engaged anymore

  287. Jennifer says:

    neither my mother or grandmother wore their engagement or wedding bands often. i think they saw it as a way of their husbands taking ownership over them (but not in a good way). they enjoyed their independence as well as their unions with their partners. i somehow feel the complete opposite. i freaking love jewelry, the more the merrier. my boyfriend gets me a new promise ring every year, although i honestly dont know how he would feel about wearing one himself. i live in the south though, many guys still think it’ll make them do i say this…feminine.

    • lady rodriguez says:

      Every couple is unique because of where the come from and the things they value. That’s what makes finding someone who thinks like you or accepts you is so beautiful. What may be for some won’t be for all 🙂

  288. Shonette Armstrong says:

    Am I the only one who found it weird that of all days, today Tamera didn’t wear her engagement ring?! not shading at all but I have noticed the size difference in hers to Tia’s. Tia’s husband designed her’s personally & it’s huge.

  289. Some One says:

    Why’s Adrienne wearing a ring on her left ring finger?

  290. Tiffany Matsvai says:

    Loni throwing some shade at Adrienne there 😱 “your ring wasn’t $700,000 munchkin” . 🐸☕️

  291. MusizJunky says:

    I’m sorry the show chemistry is better without Tamar. I can’t deny it anymore damn it, I love her so much!

  292. Justin Unloc’d says:

    I love Jeannie is this clip. Especially at 4:24 haha

  293. joseph robinson says:

    I’m just keeping it real if a man doesn’t wear his ring he’s secretly planning to cheat point blank and the same goes for females

  294. ModestyandCoffee says:

    my fiance wear an engagement ring too and it’s cute 😉

  295. Quella Me says:

    I loooove that you guys are mixing it up!! Thank God there is no squeaking voice today; ) Love Brandy!! please come back soon!!

  296. Sienna Petrova says:

    Its official Adrianne is dating someone.. At 4:45 when they were talking about a Cartier love ring, Brandi said “and the bracelet too” and Adrienne showed her the/a bracelet.. Mmmhhh 👀💅

  297. Chrysta Mclaren says:

    I agree with Tamera and Adrienne

  298. Melanie-Jude Dawson says:

    You would have to amputate that ring off my finger. I would never take it off.

  299. Beni Falcone says:

    I’ve had enough of Loni. #ByeFelicia

  300. bobik212 says:

    You know its true when Tamar isnt there and Jeannie is sayin something Adrienne is like yes girl thats true but when Tamar is there Adrienne is throwing weird faces like what you are talking about… and also if Tamar is there I feel Jeannie is nervous while speaking like shes waiting to hear NOOO no LIEEES 😀 just sayin :/ Btw Loni is looking good

  301. Jorguino Savio says:

    Brandy looks like kung fu master. I love her

  302. AlwaysAmeera says:

    As soon as my fiancé proposed to me he showed up with his own engagement ring and I just noticed he was wearing it one day and it was the sexiest thing ever! I love him so much! But I think that it is wonderful when I man decides to break tradition to showcase his love for his significant other. It is beautiful.

  303. Maria C says:

    Why would men have have to buy everything and women just receive? I mean I get it he’s the man but who decides that the man proposes, buys the ring, always pay for both, have the car, pay for the house/apartment, ALWAYS? Jeannie’s face when she asked if she’d have to buy his ring made me a little annoyed to be honest. No, he should buy for his own ring?? Lol like really? I mean I get it if that’s who you both are, you think the man does most work, sure. But that it’s automatically expected and that men who doesn’t do all of that all the time are seen as less than a man who loves doing it… Idk women scream about equality but apparently only in some cases…

    • Serena T. says:

      I laughed when she mentioned equality. I was thinking, “Equality doesn’t mean forcing someone to wear a ring.”

      If a woman wants to see her man wear a ring, she better pay for it.

    • lady rodriguez says:

      That’s just the material side of it. Women don’t just receive both people are giving themselves as a life partner. Anyone who is going to keep count of gifts or gestures in a relationship should never get married. It should be a selfless act and done out of pure love not resent.

    • Maria C says:

      Btw I’m a feminist.

  304. immi's snow globe says:

    The way people feel about rings is the way i feel about the idea of receiving a chocker 😛

  305. Wakil Coleman says:

    “I don’t know how much it cost Loni !” LIES every body knows you do Adrienne Bailon.

  306. Vanesa C says:

    Hey guys! Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m from Spain) men wear wedding rings when they get married in America. Don’t they? I don’ t know about the men engagement ring… But here in Spain when you get married both the husband and wife were matching bands…(excuse my bad English)

    • lady rodriguez says:

      It’s traditionally the same here but you will find some couples who don’t wear any rings due to personal beliefs or it may not be ideal for their work or lifestyle.

  307. vybz974 says:

    I’m feeling the show has better energy without Tamar ! … Just my opinion

  308. G Joseph says:

    “Amal is not the only one slipping her engagement ring off because would you actually like your man to be slipping one on?” @3:51 Jeannie what?

  309. Sarah says:

    No Loni, they aren’t criminals. You sound so incredibly disrespectful….

  310. Mary T says:

    Brandy was reminding me of Tiny in this clip lol….but I guess it’s hard to jump in & voice your opinion.

  311. Melanin Michele says:

    Tamera really wanted everyone to pay attention to that wedding band she wore 😩😂😂

  312. Kimberley Henry-Atkinson says:

    There are certain topics in Girl Chat I wish Tamar was there for… THIS is one of them! Lol

  313. Joyce Graham says:

    Adrienne did take her engagement ring off though. There were episodes where she didn’t wear it. I remember her saying that in a clapback segment.

  314. TheDiamondsAesthetic says:

    I’m afraid of marriage as a whole. I’ve been with my man for 6 years now (since I was 17, now turned 23 on New Years) and I feel like marriage often causes relationship failure one you go from long time boyfriend and girlfriend to spouses. Lord knows if my relationship ends, I’m not gon look for another one, cause I can’t deal with starting over and going through douchebag after douchebag along the way.

    • TheDiamondsAesthetic says:

      @Melissa Smith Plus, I’m hella petty. Meaning, that if marriage ruined my relationship,I’d either go lesbian or stay forever single, cause I can’t even with starting over again. #PettyQueen

    • TheDiamondsAesthetic says:

      @Melissa Smith Yeah, we’ve lived together for 4 years now. Thank God he ain’t ready for marriage and neither am I. I feel like marriages often ruins good relationships, especially when you’re young, cause the commitment thatcomes with marriage is sometimes too much for young couples to deal with.

    • Melissa World says:

      +Diamonnádé King why do it feel like marriage u guys live together? I’m 24 as well and have been with my boyfriend since I was 22..and we have been living together since I was 23..and lawwwwd I know i feel married too lol

    • TheDiamondsAesthetic says:

      @lady rodriguez I probably won’t get married till I’m 30. I just turned 23 2 weeks ago and I feel like until I’m 30, I won’t be ready for marriage.

    • lady rodriguez says:

      Marriage should be something that a relationship evolves into naturally. Some people want to get married for the attention or the status of maturity they think it’ll bring, or even just because they’ve been together a long time but those are wrong reasons. You’re smart for kickin back and enjoying your relationship the way it is now. My man and I were together 8 yrs before we married and I’m glad I waited to grow up a little too. I honestly think if we would’ve married when I was 23 it wouldn’t have lasted but because we gave each other freedom to grow without life long commitment hanging over our heads I feel that at 29 I am prepared for the forever of marriage and that we will make better parents then we would’ve made in early 20s as well.

  315. Lee Bro says:

    I can’t wear jewelry, so if I ever got engaged and the person bought a ring, I’d have to put it on a necklace cause that’s the most amount of accessories I can wear. A necklace or a bracelet lol.

  316. CSpan1993 says:

    Brandy is a boring guest host. don’t ever bring her back.

  317. Jade Passmore says:

    lonis comment was just ignorant nd rude!

  318. calmvoice44 says:

    I don’t think so, it depends on their job. For example if they’re in an office, yes they should. If they’re a carpenter or somebody who does a lot of manual labour then no. I worked in a warehouse one christmas and a guys ring got stuck in a machine. He lost most of the skin on his finger. He’s fine now. I also think it’s got to do with preference however after work they should put their ring back on. In my family most men wear their rings, my dad however couldn’t afford a ring for himself when he was getting married so he has no ring. I think if your husband is flirtatious make sure he wears his ring. If you know your husband never takes his ring of and you spot him ringless, thats a clear red flag. The only time a guy takes his ring of without a valid excuse is when he’s cheating. The operative word being VALID.

  319. runrockwater says:

    ewww buying a guy an engagement ring no thank u

  320. Ilwaad Y says:

    Loni just spews nonsense when she talks. She never has anything fundamental to add to the conversation… “she around criminals” wth the woman is a human rights lawyer. For someone who went to college she has absolutely no common sense

  321. Ramirez says:

    Damn right men should wear their ring too, if im going out there being claimed as a married women then my fiance or husband is going out there being a taken man! shoooot no sneakyness here hunny! lol

  322. Ibitola Adesuyi says:

    How does human rights equal criminals?

    • Don K says:

      That is how the rich people see the less fortunate?

    • Josh S says:

      Ibitola Adesuyi well I hope she’s fighting for men’s rights, women be PRIVLEDGEd

    • Ibitola Adesuyi says:

      @Eva Achiek Correct, but the way loni said it, she clearly meant in a like a defense attorney lane. It just shows lack of understanding

    • Achol Achiek says:

      +Ibitola Adesuyi I get what you’re saying…however, human rights law has a criminal aspect to it particularly when dealing with people who’ve committed grave human rights abuses such as genocide, ethnic cleansing, unjustified war e.t.c. it’s just usually at an international level and you’re usually dealing with countries or individuals with immense power. They can still be prosecuted as criminals, just on an international level. But nah, Loni a damn mess. I am sure Amal isn’t worried about her ring being stolen but more along the lines of what Jeannie said, she’s supposed to be a human rights lawyer fighting for often impoverished and mistreated people, she can’t go around with a 700K diamond and then try to empathise with those she’s trying to help. Humility is a huge part of her line of work so, leave that rock at home girl.

    • G Joseph says:

      +Ibitola Adesuyi girl Loni is a mess

  323. Reggie George says:

    Where the hell Tamar at ?

  324. Seble Maru says:

    wait is Adrienne not engaged anymore

  325. Da’shaun Thompson says:

    Brandy said you were engaged it’s like everybody in the audience got quiet.

  326. Ana elizaveth says:

    wow. that ring is worth both a nice car and house😩😩

  327. Robyn Dae says:

    I feel like when Tamar is not there, Adrienne and jeannie have a certain bond. When Tamar is there, adrienne disregards her and goes right back up tamar’s ass.

  328. you heard says:

    adrienne wants to get married so bad lool dont worry boo he’s out there somewhere

  329. This Anonymous says:

    I have a 2 carat diamond with a pave halo and band. I’ll be damned if someone tries to make me feel uncomfortable for wearing something my husband chose specially for me. He also wore a band our entire engagement. People at his work gave him a lot of flack for it, which never made sense to me.

  330. sAv Productions says:

    Tamera’s nice color is nice! Is it metallic gold?

  331. jcspiritfilled says:

    Am I late? Why isnt Adrian engaged anymore? she seemed really happy…

  332. lookather100 says:

    “You were engaged”….did Brandy just low key SHADE Adrienne? lmbo

    • Haley W says:

      lookather100 no..she just asked if she was engaged. Everything isn’t “shade” and “tea” these people are grown, just my opinion tho

    • Jason Derolo says:

      I get asked that too when I tell people I was engaged before. Its shocking for some people.

  333. Jalen A says:

    loni crazy kmsl talking about adrienne ring. she brings humor to the table

  334. Chastity B. The Entrepreneur says:

    Loni was annoying here.

  335. Paulette Campbell says:

    Does anyone else feel that girl chat is being Rushed I just feel like a lassies and it was more raw and they really got deep into their feelings but the season it’s kind of rushed topic to topic I still love it though.

  336. l1lunk0wn says:

    The irony. A human rights lawyer wearing a $700K ring. I guess she never had to handle a blood diamonds’ case…

  337. Valerie Antoine says:

    Loni tried it.

  338. Bertha Kitt says:

    I don’t respect Jeanie not wearing her ring, I don’t care what anyone says her and Freddy must be going through some ish…

    • lady rodriguez says:

      Just like every person is different so is every couple. Its harsh to judge what is between 2 people especially man and wife. Some people have huge wedding and others got to city hall, some people love their rings as symbols and reminders and some don’t need them to feel the love and commitment because they carry it in their hearts and as long as they both know it’s there it doesn’t matter how it might seem or what others may think. Ring or no ring my husband is my husband and I am his wife, nothing’s going to change it

    • Bertha Kitt says:

      Lmao she always has an excuse though however, I do like her as a person she’s cool.

    • definelily says:

      +neverdat1994 she said she’s getting it cleaned right now

    • Alana Gibbs says:

      +neverdat1994 she didn’t say she doesn’t always wear it. and just cause she don’t sometimes, that doesn’t automatically mean she and her husband are having problems. And if they are, that gives her a valid reason not wear it sometimes so there is nothing not-respectable about that, assuming that a complete stranger’s respect or lack thereof towards her is even relevant, which it is not.

  339. Man Man says:

    Hell y’all

  340. ingrid macielo says:

    In Brazil men wear engagement rings

  341. I am so free. says:

    replace tamar with brandi. tamar is annoying, loud, and obnoxious

  342. thiagobailon says:

    I live in Brazil and here both (the man and the woman) waer a ring for both engagement and marriage.

  343. fireflylite1 says:

    Is loni dumb?? Shes a human rights lawyer she doesnt defend criminals, she defends people who have BEEN wronged not the other way around

  344. KD Moss says:

    I totally agree with Mrs. Clooney’s view on her ring. It’s a bit much for a human rights lawyer. It can be quite distracting in my opinion.

  345. Marie Booster says:

    Omg Loni is so funny! I agree with Adrienne, I would wear my ring everyday too. I wish Tamar was there for this conversation❤️ and BEST BELIEVE my husband will wear a ring!! Pleaseeee he can’t get off THAT easy!

  346. Lulu says:

    What happened to Adrienne and Lenny !?

  347. shanchip1 says:

    is adrienne not engaged anymore?

  348. Tywanna Grice says:

    could any1 imagine Tamar saying “Child my ring go everywhere I go, I love the fact my man broke the bank on my rock tehehehe, so taking it off is a no no”??

  349. Gabrielle Haynes says:

    Loni’s face at 3:50 lmao

  350. Tywanna Grice says:

    ohhh loni that was SHADYYYYY!!

  351. Markayla Carson says:

    Wait why was a 7 carat ring $700k??? that’s $100k a carat!! I’m confused on why it cost that much when you can get one carat for $3k?

    • Jaspreet Dhaliwal says:

      Also 7 carat solitaries are much rarer then a 1-2 that’s why

    • Jaspreet Dhaliwal says:

      Cut, quality must be impeccable. And when a ring is from a large commercial brand I.e Tiffany their prices are jacked up much higher then market value

    • The Samantha Edit says:

      Cut, color, clarity, as well as carat weight, plus the metal that it’s set in. A 7 carat round cut diamond ring that’s S2, set in palladium is NOT going to be the same as a 7 carat VVS1 cushion-cut diamond ring set in platinum.

    • Adia says:

      Yeah I’m sure if it was a $700k ring, they didn’t buy it from your average mall jewelers. It was probably a custom design or a one of a kind as well.

    • traci brown says:

      Also certain metals cost more than others. If hers was platinum or white gold, rather than sterling silver then it’d cost more

  352. Gabrielle Haynes says:

    I respect amal’s decision not to wear a huge ring to her job. Depending wear I go I might not wear mine. & I think a man should have an engagement ring because they can still walk around & have girls looking at them like they’re single but once they see that ring, they’ll know

  353. Haïlié Sélassié says:

    Tamar was not here today and you could feel it it the athmosphere. Jeannie can be herself when her bully is not there.

    • Majestic says:

      Tamar can go as fake Show off. The way she talks, moves her hand, facial expression. The show is not different without her.

    • Ddahrab _23 says:

      Haïlié Sélassié Y’all hating waaaaaay too much

    • Grace Leopold says:

      Camreon Kelley you people are so in denial. watch ALL the videos – whenever Jeannie says something tamar disagrees… she found Jeannies picnic date idea lame but adriennes circus idea cool? Lol.

    • itzy says:

      Haïlié Sélassié I wouldn’t call Tamar a bully, not at all. But it is true that when Tamar is not there (and now to) she is more herself and more open

    • Camreon Kelley says:

      She doesn’t bully her. Quit making a beef that wasn’t there.

  354. ; says:

    totally agree.

  355. Lauren says:

    I’d be weary because Im afraid if I wear a big ROCK on my hand somebody gon knock me in the head and take it.

  356. Raquel O'neal says:

    The part that they left out was that Amal feels bad wearing hers because she is a civil rights attorney (correct me if I’m wrong) and she does not want to be rocking that kind of ice around people who sometimes are not able to afford that kind of luxury. I think it is very humble of her and she is being conscious of her work. When you work with others who have less than you, it seems arrogant to show off like that. I applaud her for that, she has plenty of time to wear that ring socially and at home with her husband.

  357. I'm Rick Jame$, BITCH!!! says:

    marriage is a waste of time and money cause sooner or later youre gonna get bored with your partner and desire something new and fresh and thats why so many couples end up cheating

  358. Shaz123 says:

    I LOVE Brandy on the panel!

  359. Jordan Taylor says:

    This felt so dull for some reason…

    • virginia geschwindner says:


    • lexi219 says:

      @hanna said
      Nah, there were definitely dull conversations when she was there, and tons of great conversations when she wasn’t. Her talking over people, smacking her lips, and screaming “Lies you tell!” gets kinda old after a while.

    • hanna said says:

      No Tamar

    • lexi219 says:

      +Jordan Taylor Yeah, not only did they all agree way too easily (which rarely happens), but Loni’s dumb jokes fell flat, and then Brandy added absolutely nothing to the conversation. They should have edited this convo before airing because it was super dull.

  360. PureSparkles22 says:

    i’m slightly obsessed with amal

  361. Cynthia B says:

    Tamera looks so pretty omg!

  362. Hey Tamia says:

    @Natna bruh 😂

  363. Shrutika Ondich says:

    Loni sounds dumb

  364. Natna says:

    shout out to Latoya Forever

  365. Enjinks says:

    Are engagement and wedding rings the same ? Because if it’s not, I think it would be better to save some money rather than also get your man a ring…

  366. BroChelsea says:

    You can tell Brandy isn’t a fan of the show since she didn’t know Adrienne was engaged. haha

  367. البندري says:

    there is no such a thing as big ring

  368. Michie Oo says:

    Loni………. “Your ring wasn’t 700k munchkin” 😂😂😂😂 …….and lol at Brandy asking if Adrienne was them. Women should be able to make comments about certain things and not feel some type of way because I’m sure they weren’t intentionally trying to be smart.

    • Melissa World says:

      +AUser0000001 sometimes friends joke with each other with no offense intended that’s actually the best friendship to have

    • AUser0000001 says:

      I don’t think Brandy meant anything by her comment towards Adrianne , but Loni is rude and her comment was uncalled for. I bet no ring that Loni has ever owned cost as much as Adrianne’s old engagement ring. I also think its dumb that she always refers to her as “munchkin” lol…I know Adrianne doesn’t care and its not a big deal but I bet if everybody went around calling Loni’s overweight butt “big mamma” I bet it would get on her nerves after a while.lolololololol!

    • DEE J says:

      +Divine Fox EXACTLY

    • Divine Fox says:

      Tbh,I kinda think she felt some type of way about Loni’s comment, but immediately let it go b/c it’s not that big of a deal to get “upset” about.

    • Michie Oo says:

      @Jamy’ron Jones well that’s on her if she felt some type of way.

  369. Katherine .Cooper says:

    Tamera just dying for someone to tell her they love her ring hahaha “hey guys but look at meeee”

    • Alana Gibbs says:

      +Chastity B. The Entrepreneur tamera doesn’t come off as insecure to me. she actually has a generally confident presence about her. maybe she just really likes showing off her ring. lots of women do.

  370. Nicky M says:

    Loving tamera’s look

  371. Akirra Raheem says:

    When my husband engage to me, I’m going to proudly wear mine😂😂 just saying

  372. Shay91 says:

    Men who refuse to wear their wedding ring are sneaky to me. I believe they want to appear single and cheat on their wife.

  373. Book Bag says:

    My parents don’t wear their rings. I would wear it only so guys wouldn’t try anything. I wont make my husband wear it because if he wants to cheat, he can just take it off. I think the fact that you are married is important, not the ring.

  374. rosegoldedges says:

    you can tell A misses her ring and being engaged. she was really happy when she wore the ring on the show.

  375. Sydney D says:

    Interesting. Male engagement rings….

  376. Your fav says:

    this story is sooo old

  377. ~•Oreolillyxoxo•~ says:

    I love this video! I agree with George Clooney’s Wife!

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