Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week

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“What do you mean it’s on the wrong hand?”

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4,389 responses to “Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week”

  1. Sterna says:

    They should re title it *”people wear over sized wedding ring for a week”*

  2. The Aristocrat says:

    Anyone know what city this is in? Curious.

  3. rose smith says:

    doesn’t Zach have a girlfriend

  4. Midnight_ Lu666 says:

    Me in 2020 wondering if Zach’s date was with Maggie….his current girlfriend that he loves very much 🤣🤣

  5. Sophia Posadas says:

    i wonder what they do with the ring after there done filming

  6. Amelia Newson says:


  7. Color Less says:

    “I like myself a lot, that’s why I’m not married yet.”

  8. Vanessa Siemers says:

    3:23 Because their wedding ring fits.

  9. ZeroShock says:

    Jen is. She’s on here alot

  10. Emily Williams says:

    It’s 2020. Where’s Maggie

  11. Dia Gupta-Lemus says:

    The toilet thing was planned… why else would he be filming the bathroom bowl🙄

  12. 2touchme2 says:

    If the rings were properly fitted it wouldn’t be so bad.

  13. i am Stephen and housh plan says:

    Jen’s a lesbian and is top and you can’t change my mind

  14. Tara Tidoni says:

    2:30 When you wear a ring that actually FITS your finger it doesn’t become a burden while performing everyday tasks or get in the way…lol
    You can see how huge the ring is on the white guy with glasses finger, lol
    And the engagement ring goes om after the wedding band, even though it makes more sense the other way around…lol

  15. elle says:

    Then he met Maggie…

    • Niamh Duffy says:

      If you look at the date this was uploaded and Zach’s video revealing Maggie then he’s already dating Maggie at this point. 🙊🙊😂

  16. caitlyn vance says:

    for everyone saying that zach was going on the date with another girl, he and maggies 4 year anniversary was this past week meaning they were a few months into their reationship at this time. im too obsessed heheeh dont mind me.

  17. Madi Mags says:

    But was Zach’s date with Maggie? 👀

  18. Shadow Fox says:

    Zach lol

  19. Dorena LYW says:

    Wondering if zach was actually seeing his girlfriend during this time

  20. Bri says:

    Their rings were probably falling off because they didnt really fit

  21. MishyFishy says:

    Pro-tip for guys wedding rings: we got my husband’s on Etsy for about $80. Tungsten and rose gold. If he loses it, oh well, just get a new one cuz it wasn’t $500

  22. Bernardo Bila says:

    “But you’re weird, you would do that” 😹😹😹

  23. Katie Beth says:

    Zach you don’t take the ring off

  24. Anna W. says:

    I chewed up my dad’s wedding ring when I was two.

  25. Claire Elisabeth says:

    I have a fake engagement ring for when I travel and honestly 10/10. I get left alone, people are more respectful, and I’m even offered help more often. I’ll also wear it if I’m going somewhere I’m more likely to be heckled and the difference is magical. Obviously the reason is a bit infuriating, but it really is a big relief. But also having a ring that fits and doesn’t go flying is a big help for comfort.

  26. Aoki Mika says:

    I’d probably wear my ring on a necklace.. because it would get in the way when washing hands.. I dont think I would mind too much with other stuff (besides bathroom) if it’s the right size..

  27. Krystyn Alwood says:

    fingers swell up over time

  28. Jonathan Hodges says:

    He isn’t single now

  29. Oddballkane says:

    I got married and my wedding ring is a little tight but not hurting I can feel a pressure on my finger. It never gets in the way and after I became a mam it’s almost impossible to remove.

  30. Get Mad With Cad the Lad says:

    “Someone went to Vegas”

    That basically implies that the only way he would get married is if he went Vegas and did it. Lmao. 🤣😂😂😂😂

  31. Łäžÿ _łłãmá says:

    Jen marry me hehehe…please

  32. Amelia Green says:

    Nones gonna talk about the fact zach dropped his ring down the toilet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Shawn Frost says:

    U guys not married so u don understand the value and importance of wearing one.

  34. B Cortelyou says:

    99.9% of people are fake and self centered. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship with anyone.

  35. Marlin Roth says:

    Was this guy filming himself standing up peeing when he dropped the ring in the toilet? Why would he be filming at that moment?

  36. Charis Acham says:

    It probably would have helped if the ring actually fit….. just a thought

  37. Ben Padgett says:

    Let’s be honest, we all know Jen has had a few women slide up in her dms 👀👀👀

  38. Keadon Boze says:

    DE-RING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Dave Bro says:

    Sad mf

  40. SoughtThrone1 says:

    0:24 sounds like that one mexican dude laughing

  41. Adrianne Langlois says:

    I got engaged a couple months ago and the only times my ring ever gets removed is when I’m taking a shower, washing hands, or in massage class when I put it on my necklace

  42. Loretta Posey says:

    I have an engagement ring and I don’t wear it cause I can’t stand having anything on my fingers, the only jewelery I wear is necklaces and earrings but not very often. My ring needs to be resized again cause it’s slightly to big

  43. fuckin shit says:

    “I like myself a lot, so that’s why i am not married.”


  44. Joshua Rivers says:

    Did you seriously just put the ring on your toe?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Ash Miller says:

    The size of the rings was ridiculous

  46. Moonlighter Galaxy gacha says:

    They don’t take it off they leave it on

  47. Jillian :x says:

    zack dropping the ring in the toilet is faked. You didnt record in the bathroom.

  48. mannat says:


  49. Ruth Weston says:

    the trick is to not take it off lmao

  50. Summer Gies says:

    Who else is watching this in 2019 with Zach and Maggie being together?

  51. Sze Ting Chan says:

    Zack looks like a friend I had from kindergarten, I’m pretty sure he liked me…he was at my tuition but then I switched classes cuz I was at the incorrect one

    Still learnt something from there :/

  52. Ada Escamilla says:


  53. Phoenix Rose says:

    I have my engagement ring in the box because I can’t wear it at my job. I forgot to take it off one day and now it’s missing a diamond

  54. Priscillathenoob says:

    Agreed about men to have a cheap wedding ring. I’ve spent $600 on three rings my husband lost, plus he spent 150 on one that he lost himself. So yeah the cheaper the better. Btw we found one of the three I bought him. Lol

  55. Olivia says:

    So was that date Maggie????

  56. Hurricane Katrina says:

    No one takes their wedding ring off to do all those things. They put it on and they just sorta leave it there

  57. Veronica Viljoen says:

    never take it off haha you get use to it got an engagement ring

  58. Kimberly Carter says:

    “This 15 year old Asian boy got married so young!”
    “This is the ring my first husband gave me before I leave him for our nanny.”
    *Jen is gold today!*

  59. Paige Holdridge says:

    I never take mine off except to cook/bake sometimes. Id lose it in a heartbeat I’m terrible at losing things.

  60. Sophia H. says:

    they couldve at least got them the right size

  61. Charity Stockstell says:

    I only take my ring off when I wash my hands or putting lotion on

  62. BV DL says:

    cars drifting: 0:23

  63. Gabriele Grudzjnskaite says:

    I hate rings they itch me

  64. Ashley Timm says:

    I thought the wedding ring is first, engagement on the outside.

  65. spleengrrrl says:

    I recently developed arthritis and can’t wear my ring. I’m really scared to search in my purse for it because I did take it off at work. I really hope it’s there. I do love my husband but I hate rings.

  66. WinterHarp 65 says:

    I’m not married but wear two rings they don’t bug me they actually have meanings to them

  67. alex ace says:

    Jen is type cute ngl lol

  68. ✯ ecsassy ✯ says:

    You hardly lose a ring when it’s sized correctly 😉

  69. Parker Tullis says:

    I don’t ever take my ring off. Like, never. Unless I’m showering, but that’s it.

  70. Antoinette Marlow says:

    I’m glad that Zach likes himself a lot – ’cause I like him a lot too!

  71. thepridelion says:

    How did she light her toe on fire?!?

  72. Luraa Lack says:

    I think they would have lost it less if they actually fit

  73. Jacqueline Amaral says:

    0:23 t-Rex has just been found

  74. Lizzybee says:

    “You take it off when you go to sleep…”

    Me: or- you don’t take it off?

  75. Let Me Sleep says:

    I was sitting here just trying to figure out why the heckaroonie were you all wearing them on the left hand for a good minute lol.

  76. Hope- Noelle Sapp says:

    my dad has never worn his

  77. Kiwi Studios says:

    Heres how to train to not loose a wedding ring, just wear a normal ring before

  78. DoubleRBOOKS says:

    Was the date with Maggie???

  79. Esther Yan says:


  80. Reina BeanTV says:

    In this video, Zach was with Maggie

  81. bellamy aube says:

    My step brother recently found help after a divorce with his wife. After he got this email here on youtube ” ([email protected] com)” , they were able to get back together using a love spell.. I’m now using same technique, trying to back my ex too

  82. Hiya! It’schip! says:

    “I get distracted by sounds easily, so sounds of things tapping of falling rlly annoy me.”

    *tap tap tap tap tap*

  83. Iiris Mäki says:

    “Who’s the lucky guy…?”

  84. Inez Gonzales says:

    This is how people keep there wedding rings mynoarentsnhave been married for 12 years and have never taken it off and it’s not huge and onnoqious (that’s what she said)

  85. Shelby Lynn says:

    Should’ve been fitted

  86. Larissa Nunez-Cerrillo says:

    When you realize that Zach’s date was with Maggie

  87. Dayanaa says:

    I would marry Jen

  88. Emily Goodrich says:

    I lose my regular ring all the time. When I watched this video I realized I lost my ring for a week.

  89. That Couch Potato says:

    Zack was l y i n g and it seems so obviously now????

  90. weird girl says:

    I’m from the future and I saw Zack had a girlfriend.. Its 2019

  91. LaviIshAnIdiot says:

    I luv jen -w-

  92. alison bent says:

    0:34 *”a lot of people are gonna be like wow this fifteenth year old asian boy got married so young”*

  93. Jenny Gilchrist says:

    “I have a date tonight”

    Was this the start of him and Maggie????

  94. Lucy Keller says:

    Listen, when I got married there was way more important things to spend money on. I got a cute, on the smaller side diamond band and I never take it off, only to have it cleaned. It just becomes part of you really. Men are differement because their knuckles are larger than the base of their fingers, so its tricky to get yhe perfect size. Just say in….lol

  95. Ross Hoy says:

    Once ring is fitted right you don’t notice it. I have never had to take mine off.

  96. Carolina says:

    The rings were just too big, that’s why they were so uncomfortable👅🙈

  97. Summer Green says:

    They should of sized them

  98. Feyishetan says:

    Jen: 1:18

    Me: *dies inside

  99. Abbey Smith says:

    i have a ring that i wear on my ring finger from my family and i loose it all the time, so you guys aren’t alone lol

  100. Maryam Alsaffar says:

    Seriously though HOW is Jen still single??

  101. XO says:

    “someone went to vegas” haha

  102. Mariana García R says:

    Zach started dating Maggie in March 2016…..HE AINT SINGLE HERE

  103. Mackenzie Newkirk says:


  104. Christina Landess says:

    “It didn’t change the amount of people who hit on me because no one hits on me.” I felt that in my bones, man.

  105. Fan Person says:

    At least get them the right sizes come on

  106. Katie Bordelean says:

    I have a black silicone ring.

  107. Fatty JC says:

    Poor jen

  108. Kep says:

    “It didn’t change the amount that people hit on me because nobody hits on me.”


  109. Heyimodd says:

    I love how Jen called herself a 15 year old Asian boy😂😂

  110. Alexis Alcala says:


  111. Brittney Benavidez says:

    De ring me 😂😂😂

  112. saajnoorpuri says:

    BUT ZACK HAD A SECRET GIRLFRIEND idek if he was in this video but this was made two years ago which is when she said he started dating maggie

  113. Emma Meier says:

    I wear rings all the time. You get used to them.

  114. Maryam Alsaffar says:

    I love Jen so damn much
    Girls car got towed the first day😂😂😂

  115. Philippa Robinson says:

    People don’t lose their rings because they never take them off

  116. Erin Noblezada says:

    The ring Zach had looks exactly the same with the ring my ex-boyfriend gave me so it’s awkward for me to watch this lol.

  117. NickeshaP says:

    How bout you guys kept loosing the rings cuz they didn’t fit

  118. Denisse Castillo says:

    I saw Jen and Zach, obviously I clicked immediately

  119. aglove275 says:

    I think it’s easier to lose when it doesn’t mean anything.

  120. Weirdo Wisdom says:

    I have a tiny scar in my face from when I was a baby and my mom scratched my face

  121. Heather Varblow says:

    Lmao zack in the beginning😂😂😂

  122. Amy May says:

    Those rings were way too big for their fingers! And Kelsey, I’m pretty sure the wedding band goes on the inside and the engagement right on top, so you had it right!

  123. Kyla Sanchez says:

    “It never changed the amount of people that hit on me because nobody hits on me.” Same

  124. Snatcher Zero One says:

    Okay ill be your first husband jen

  125. kim davBG says:

    The rings are rejecting them, lol

  126. Priya Shah says:

    Is the girl that Zach when on a date with Maggie?!!!????

  127. Tiana Mercier says:

    My dad only takes it off when he’s playing his drums😂

  128. Elizabeth Tran says:

    5:00 story of my life 😔

  129. Jazmine says:

    The ring has to fit guys

  130. Andovia212 says:

    What if that date was with Maggie? O.O

  131. Naomi Elizabeth de Wal says:

    My parents never ever take their rings off, probably cause their rings are really thin and aren’t that big

  132. Comic book Drama Kid says:

    Oh Zach is it Maggie?

  133. Mary Smith says:

    If it fits properly, you never take it off!

  134. ANN Dsouza says:

    When ring is so big it seems like she has a very rich boyfriend or something🤣🤣🤣

  135. Rodrigo Garcia says:

    Jen is Asian

  136. Marisa Durrett says:

    Maybe the rings should have been the correct sizes.

  137. Donna C says:

    Zack is not single anymore

  138. Maia Calabres says:

    the rings were too big

  139. Broken_turtle _girl says:

    Watching this after you have watched Zach’s secret… I don’t know how I feel about this

  140. Austin Wilwayco says:

    Zach had a gf during this video. Woooow

  141. McKenna Downs says:

    Dont forget, if you do get married, and have a wedding ring, the ring will fit your finger, unlike the ones used here.

  142. luis avitia says:

    I would smash the Asian one

  143. ivory Isaac says:

    Hey Zack is from the try guys

  144. Funny Gaming Girl says:

    The heck i wear a replica chat noir ring from miraculous for fun every day since i got it a year ago and i only lost it once.

  145. This person is a potato says:

    When you realise that Zach wasn’t single…

  146. Mia Waddell says:

    have these people…never worn rings before???

  147. Shivan Sagirma says:

    just realised Zach sound like a woman

  148. Chicken Ramen says:

    “No one to pick me up but I still have my engagement ring.”

    “Wow that fifteen year old Asian boy got married so young.”

    “This is the ring my first husband gave me before I left him for our nanny.”

    “It feels unnatural to eat fries with this on.”

    Jen is the best

  149. Rai Anindya says:

    And now…..
    Zach have a girlfriend
    Kelsey have a boyfriend ❤️❤️

  150. I sEe YoU fRoM tHe WiNdOw *MAGIC* says:

    0:23 is that a T. rex I hear

  151. Earl Murphy says:

    I only take mine off when I get in the shower

  152. Sidney Jarillo says:

    My dad lost 3 wedding rings so my mom bought him one in downtown L.A. for $2. So far he hasn’t lost it. Although I was upset when he lost his Star Wars one.

  153. butterflyprincssus says:

    Who else volunteers to be Jen’s nanny? Lol

  154. Madeline Borski says:

    I would totally buy a ring to buy tons of takeout without getting judged

  155. xXDemkaBelikovXx says:

    as a married person, I must say this…. the ring NEVER come off… it’s on in the shower, its on when I cook, it’s on when I sleep…. you kinda just get use to it…. it also helps when the ring is the right size and not too big XD

  156. Mason Sauer says:

    It didn’t change how much people hit on me because no one hits on me~ Zach

  157. Marcia Graham says:


  158. Lucaas13 says:

    “It didn’t change the amount of people that hit on me because no one hits on me.”

  159. Danger Noodles says:

    I wish zach was here with the other try guys

  160. Brooklyn Forney says:

    And to think of it that Zack has had a girlfriend all this time. That’s why he had a blowdryer!!!!!!!!

  161. Jennifer Uribe says:


  162. Oracle says:

    “I lit my toe on fire”

    oKaY tHeN

  163. Morgan MOO says:

    My dad never took his ring off intill he divorced my mom then when he got merried to my step dad he got a new ring and never took that off

  164. I have A problem says:

    also idk this girl’s name but yea im lesbian now too

  165. Ella Bobbie says:


  166. ProxUrAimz says:

    Who tf wears rings like these? Wedding rings are usually just simple golden bands with maybe some engraving on them… Nobody wears diamonds the size of an eye everyday (unless they’re stupid rich) and the ones men wear just look like something you would usually find while plumbing

  167. Amy O'Sullivan says:

    Wait… Was Zach dating his girlfriend at this time?!?! (If you watched the try guys video you would know.)

  168. Barbara Von Eitzen says:

    Married over 52 years. Lost it once. You get the ring sized.Theres no meaning in your ring. And yes it takes time to get used to it. There’s no taking it off after the ceremony.

  169. courtney hoffmann says:


  170. AJ Asante says:

    Zach must have met his boo right after this. Awww

  171. Victoria says:

    Well Zack might not even be single in this video…

  172. aoife campbell says:

    Zach was going out with Maggie at this point🙂so cute

  173. Maxine Hanley says:

    Was Zach’s date with Maggie?!?!?!?!

  174. Brooke MacLeod says:


  175. MayfairLady says:

    Zac is so sweet! How could he be single?

  176. Ann Howard says:


  177. Emilia Ridler says:


  178. joelma Brandao says:

    Zach is not single

  179. LittleDucky says:

    Think Zach’s date was his girlfriend now?????

  180. Aj Ray says:

    Im here back again after zach reveals his secret. Ohh zach!

  181. Martina Basualdo says:

    wait was zach actually dating maggie here….?

  182. Jenna Ainsley says:

    “This is ring my first husband gave me before I left him for our nanny”

  183. whitmicheIe says:

    Why didn’t they get anyone’s ring size before this video???

  184. Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

    Zach you liar! You ain’t single! Lmao

  185. Mark Anthony Relao says:

    4:24 I wonder if he’s going out on a date with Maggie hmmm hahahahaha

  186. Allesandra Orozco-Newton says:

    When you realize this was Zach lying. 😛

  187. Amanda Yates says:

    Lol they lost their rings because they were way too big

  188. James Conner says:

    Was that Brendon Urie…

  189. Evett C says:

    I haven’t taken my ring off my two years am not sure I can get it off. My husband is on his second wedding ring. Married 4yrs.

  190. christina Delap says:

    I leave my ring on for just about everything!!!

  191. Patty Star says:

    “I like my self alot, that’s why I’m still not married” totally define me. Hahahaha

  192. Raniere says:

    couldn’t spend the pennies to get the fitted

  193. Briana Cunningham says:

    Having the rings not fit anyone is really the issue. Lame.

  194. chloe villazon says:

    I love how Zach’s eyes match his shirt in the beginning ☺️

  195. laylac says:

    Kelsey could get married but in this video she gives the single vibes. Not to say that lasts forever. I think that’s what people felt

  196. Harm C says:

    The rings are super loose, honestly I think if it was better fit it wouldn’t be as annoying

  197. ghostjoey3 says:

    I got married in September and both my husband and I have lost our rings. (They were simple silver bands) lol!

  198. Confident Af says:

    My mom lost her first wedding ring in a graveyard and they couldnt find it so they had to get her another one.

  199. L Rigby.x says:

    “I accidentally lit my toe on fire.”
    crew: WHAT?!?!

  200. lolapollina says:

    Safiyas face is my mood

  201. Guera says:

    OK like these ppl dont wear rings at all??? i love rings like i can do anything wearing them!!

  202. T B Cox says:

    Hello from adel

  203. Rose Kennedy says:

    The majority of their problems (if not the entirety of their problems) was because the rings were sized incorrectly. I’ve been wearing a ring for eight years now and I’ve only misplaced it a handful of times because it fits so well and I only really take it off in the bathroom.

  204. Adolf Hitler says:

    Glad these people are not breeding

  205. emma pierce says:

    I don’t ever take my ring off and I’m not even married I just have a ring

  206. Pika _boo says:

    How are they single? Half of them look cute!

  207. fu rrys scare me says:

    See’s Zach… oh make sense

  208. Red Curtis says:

    Zach’s a liar.

  209. mega lodon says:

    a selfish generation who will have to stand a terrible judgement for there narcissistic psychopath behavior

  210. Girly says:

    Lol so much drama for a ring. I am married and we never have worn wedding band. We didn’t do the ring exchange at the ceremony. You don’t need a ring to know your heart is taken ❤️

  211. Elizabeth Stillion says:

    “Its not the real blue box” 😈😈😈😈 doctor who refrence????

  212. Jasmine Ebora says:

    Is she desame Kelsey from “Single people get married for a week • Jen & Kelsey

  213. Miss Elaine says:

    Easy don’t take it off

  214. Adele Moravcov says:

    it bothers me so much to see that it doesnt fit lol also thats why they had so much trouble wearing it, especially the guys

  215. Shelsia Alcaraz says:

    Lol when the video starts I loved that part

  216. Sweet Seduction says:

    Is why am glad to have a metal collar, it doesn’t come off (except when was at hospital) and is big and heavy thus it’s hard to lose 😀

  217. Jorlyn Jorgenson says:

    Zach “i like myself a lot”

  218. A says:

    Lol who else came here after the try guys video where they answer questions and zachs not single anymore😂

  219. ARMENIAN_ ARMY_ says:

    My grandpa never takes off his wedding ring he has it on Always

  220. Julia Johnson says:

    “having the ring on didn’t change the amount of people who hit on me because no one hits on me “

  221. jung hobi says:

    zach… 😂

  222. Celtic Wind says:

    That blonde girl is so awesome, she seems like she has a strong sarcastic side to her and i love it

  223. Kearney O'Jacobs says:

    Real people with wedding rings can relate to nothing in this video.

  224. Tara Budke says:

    I’d marry Kelsey😂

  225. Charlotte Brackenbury says:

    i think your cute the lad who said you don’t hit on 😉

  226. Darmiwin - says:

    Wow this fifteen year old Asian boy got married so young!

  227. Lucy Harper says:

    “I feel like I’m in sweet home Alabama”

  228. Gaming with Gabby says:

    My mom doesn’t have the same ring from when my mom and dad got married because my dad keeps selling her rings

  229. alphabrenna says:

    Y’all couldn’t get the right size with all that buzzfeed money!?

  230. Jodie Bittner says:

    i have been married for a year always taking my rings off to wash my hands ! and dont worry forget to put them back on as well, noone even notices not even my husband !

  231. Norah Truong says:

    safiya’s face in the background

  232. Abbi Kk says:

    Safs face

  233. Cara Buker says:

    “I accidentally lit my toe on fire”

  234. Hodaya Dostri says:

    I ever takes off my rings

  235. •Flower Petal• says:

    Zack from the TRY GUYS 👓

  236. Lulu Miaw says:

    the ring toooo big

  237. Becky Warren says:

    I will never get married😥 Mr right hasn’t found me so I’ll die alone.😥

  238. Bunny Reign says:

    Lol we make sure our rings fot and we dont really take them off

  239. Cassie says:

    i kinda started laughing when zach said he had a date

  240. Auspin spa Massage says:

    I had a wet and rainy I lost it I husband went and bought me another one but sometime wedding rings don’t mean nothing you still get it all I am married and I still have my maiden name

  241. Sharon F says:

    Wedding band goes on first, making it closest to the heart. The engagement ring goes on after.

  242. Megan Owings says:

    No your wedding ring ALWAYS needs to be the closest to your heart

  243. Katie Beth Lanza says:

    I’ve been married for almost 6 years. I’ve never had a problem typing while wearing my rings. I think the video would have been better if each person had their rings properly sized.

  244. The Real Water Sheep says:

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  393. Lee Rea._ says:

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  447. John Doe says:

    A wedding ring defiantly got me hit on more. But I think it is because women hate other women the most and really want to destroy what other girls have.

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  457. Kalley McClure says:

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  472. V H says:

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  473. Autumn Queen Mangle Wild says:

    The ring goes on the left side to symbolize how close it is to your heart

  474. BuringTARDIS Manual says:

    The rings are way to big!!! I wear an ace ring (which was sold as a man’s wedding band), every day, when i sleep, when I shower, it only comes off when Im playing with it or doing ceramics.

  475. ɛƖƖıɛ ʂ says:

    It me myself and I to the day I die!

  476. Teresa McMurrin says:

    The wedding ring is on the inside, closest to the heart. The engagement ring is moved to the right hand for the wedding ceremony, then goes back to the left after, to ‘guard’ the wedding band.

  477. Got Ur Nose! says:

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    I love Buzzfeed.. nothing to say about any other video…. buuuuttt it’s pretty obvious this challenge was a fail because no one actually kept the ring on… even for a little bit! Lol

  490. Lindy Ropp says:

    I’ve been wearing a promise ring since thirteen which is the same size as the girls rings and it’s not hard. You just get used to it. Also they need to stop taking the off and getting better fitting ringS

  491. Lorenz Tucay says:

    Zach: no one hits on me …
    Me: give me a visa, i’m going to live with you and i’ll be your wifey 💙❤

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    When you don’t want ppl to hit on u just wear a ring

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  507. Isawthe Sign says:

    I never wear my ring… It gets in the way. I lose it… It’s just not something I can wear every day. My hubby is getting me a super tiny plain band to wear but I may still not wear it lol

  508. Destiny Payne says:

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    ME, in the background against a wall like a cartoon character trying to get someone’s attantion: “I’M HEREEEE!!”

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    “Single looks best on me”
    Best quotes 👏👏👍👍

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  532. Phlimbob says:

    If the ring is something you or a loved one buy or if the ring has real value, sentimental or monetary, then you will care more if it gets lost or falls off. And if the ring fits, you won’t lose it as easily and it won’t get it the way of work.

  533. Brian Leister says:

    Are those people retards?

  534. Starr Kidd says:

    Zach looks more attractive with a wedding ring on?? He should wear more rings

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    Could be because their rings ACTUAL FINGER!! Also not a lot of people take their rings of that much, I only take it off before the shower.

  536. アンバー 이앰버 says:

    They really should have gotten the rings sized because it just irritated me the whole video

  537. Evelin Aa says:

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  541. Raya Xx says:

    Uh I hit on you Zach.
    Well in my head. 🙊

    I have a friend who legit got a wedding band (I think a few actually) from Walmart that looked exactly like the one he had and his wife never found out. Well probably after the divorce but who knows.

  542. Finbar Buckley says:

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  545. Ava Morstatter says:


  546. Jocelyn L. says:


  547. Audrey Sosa says:

    The traditional thing is the wedding band goes closest to your heart. But, you can do it however. Also, you don’t actually have to take it off all the time. Haha. You can wear it while you wash your hands and work out. You get used to it.

  548. CrazyCheeseGaming says:


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  552. Eliza Jardine says:

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  580. Gaunter O’Dimm’s Spoon says:

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  581. Blissterz AJ says:

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  582. Lilly Knight101 says:

    Well tbh the only time I take my rings off is to take a shower lol but the best thing to do is GET YOUR ACTUAL RING SIZE RIGHT!!! Just saying XD

  583. Eli Beeli says:

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  584. Abby Byars says:

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  585. lai nightwalker says:

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  586. Vivid YellowVelvet says:

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    WE DO!!!!

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    Me: …No you don’t.

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  600. Lisbeth Rivera says:

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  601. Kelsy Soriano says:

    I’ve never taken off my rings (I’m not married) but I have two rings I’ve never taken off even to sleep,shower,wash dishes and even going to rides without losing my rings I only take them off to play with them or show any one who wants to see them

  602. Erin Bear says:

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  603. Frank the Weatherman says:

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  604. Itsyagurl says:

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    It’s easier to wear something like this when you’ve got an actual emotional connection to it and what it stands for!

  606. Caro White says:

    Cause people buy the size of your finger so it won’t fall off

  607. Alexis Garcia says:

    their rings were sized so incorrectly, and also Zach baby you don”t take the ring off to wash your hands you just wash your hands with the ring on

    • D G says:

      @UltimaViolet I’m not married and I agree

    • Kiko Ma says:

      Yes, you SHOULD take it off for washing your hands. But honestly no one does this…

    • UltimaViolet says:

      You absolutely should take off your ring to wash your hands, among other activities. Wears out the rhodium much faster, and if it has loose diamonds, they can fall out and go down the sink.

    • Just_AutumnYT says:


    • Lee Almonte says:

      I’m a married woman and I still don’t know how other women go about their days doing all of this with giant f-cking diamonds on their rings… I lost my engagement ring about a year after I got married and just never replaced it. Seemed like a mistake too expensive to make twice, so I just walk around with my wedding band.

  608. Izzy Cast says:


  609. Melissa Huff says:

    The band goes on inside. It’s pose to be closest to ur heart.
    U took it off cause u couldn’t type?? 😂😂
    Why does none of these fit.

  610. Danielle says:

    Its ridiculous how they act as if its impossible to do the simplest of tasks with a wedding ring on. I don’t have a problem accomplishing any of these tasks.

  611. Danielle says:

    “Why are there two”….seriously?

  612. dbzcupcake says:

    How useless are these guys to not function with a ring on? I wear four every day and go to work just fine. Typing with a ring is easy if it fits (I’ll give Zack a pass since his ring seems big for him)

  613. Marci Haught says:

    Jen…I absolutely love you!!! You are my favorite person to watch in these videos. I’d like to see you and Eugene swop styles for a day. Please.

  614. Jessamyn Rose says:

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  615. Jessamyn Rose says:

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  616. Liv Gilliam says:

    I’ve worn three rings on my left hand on my ring finger for six years and I’ve had none of these problems

  617. thunder nomis says:

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  618. Paige H says:


  619. Liljana Petrova says:

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  620. Daraokaprilia Siregar says:

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  621. His Babygirl says:

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  623. Christopher Sorensen says:


  624. Christopher Sorensen says:

    1:57 Omg That’s so funny 😂

  625. NoWrongLife says:

    They’re a bit big, though, aren’t they? They aren’t supposed to just fall off

  626. Vanessa Mccaleb says:

    If the rings actually fit, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal!!!

  627. sigh824 says:

    Did that guy at the beginning… wash that ring before he dried it?

  628. Alexis says:

    Okay my dad has a wedding ring tattoo(nearly lost a finger at work), my uncles ring is too small so he cant take it off, and my grandpas ring is so small he needs to go get it cut off! (he hasnt taken it off since he was married at 18

  629. Chelsea Jackson says:

    The man that dropped the ring
    In the toilet did it on purpose because why would he be recording the toilet

  630. Karlijn S says:

    I feel like this video would have worked better if they’d tried to have people hit on them to see if people would still do so with the wedding band on. Or if they had done so with people in a committed relationship, then people would think they got engaged and it made sense.

  631. Paul D says:

    they could have at least got rings that fit

  632. Alexis says:

    It is clear that Zach dropped the ring in the toilet on purpose. Unless he was about to film himself urinating. But okay.

  633. narmaK says:

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    Its too big, hence the annoyance😂😂😂 get a divorce people

  635. Amélie Poirier-Lachaine says:

    They were way too loose

  636. Hui Lim Chee says:

    heart broke a little when zach said he have a date ~

  637. Cat Animations says:

    Zack you dont take off the ring for anything. You keep it on for your whole life

  638. CosmicKiwi says:

    Just gonna say, if I was older and like knew him I’d totally date Zach lol

  639. Dinah Rex says:

    Jen is so adorable 💕

  640. awkwardsity says:

    I don’t get why people struggle so much with rings? Like I’ve been wearing two rings on my right hand for four years and it was only awkward for like two days. I actually have the most issues with other people complaining that they hurt or scratch when I hold hands or stuff but it’s never been like really clunky or easy to lose but then I only take them off when I shower. I actually feel naked when I’m not wearing my rings. Idk but like I don’t see why people struggle a single much as they do with them

  641. Old Friend says:

    Zack omg it’s the left hand knew that since I was born

  642. Aarya Louise says:

    “DE-RING ME!” gave me LotR vibes

  643. Bathing•In•Lavender says:

    OMG THAT NOISE SHE MADE AT 0:23 Idk why I’m laughing so much at that 😂

  644. Sara says:

    how to not lose your ring, you dont take it off

  645. Mahina Barritt says:

    SAFIYA 😍😭

  646. Firestarly1 says:

    Surprisingly when my boyfriend gave me a promise ring, the idea that someone special to me gave me the accessory made me very consciousness about taking it off and since we were going out in high school and already gave each other promise rings, I had so many looks, but having a ring on any ring finger (right or left) the guys backed off 😉 keep in mind that if anyone important to them gave them something with meaning, priorities would flip

  647. Mika Whittney Porter says:

    I NEVER take mine off. Occasionally for the shower.

  648. GibWit says:


  649. Naturallyposh31 says:

    So dramatic

  650. Isabella Noa says:

    Married people neverTake the ring off

  651. Kenzie says:

    U can’t really lose ur ring cuz it actually fits ur finger

  652. Matty Loughrige says:

    Because they never take it off😂

  653. Jody Paredes says:

    The wedding ring goes on the bottom because it’s closet to your heart.

  654. Quang Nguyen Lam says:

    3:30 faaaakeee how can someone drop the ring and the same time take a video

  655. username123 says:

    if she is trans she has boobs!

  656. username123 says:

    soooo, jen is gonna be lesbian or is she transgender

  657. nakhla1000 says:

    “Someone went to Vegas”😂

  658. Ingemar Johnsson says:

    Whenever you get to wear the proper thing I guess you´ll buy a properly sized one not just a novelty thing as now and it will work better.

  659. Hello Perla says:

    I would hit on Zach.

  660. All Round says:

    I don’t remember my parents wearing their rings ever

  661. P101erla says:

    Jen is so hot😍

  662. Servicepitbull says:

    I where 5 rings (I’m 13)

    One of them being a big as fidget ring (don’t know what it is LOOK IT UP)

  663. Peyton Henry says:

    I’m a simple person.I see Jen and Zach,I click.

  664. AM Productions says:

    Everyone at buzzfeed is gay

  665. Macy Fox says:

    Zach: I’ll never let you out of my sight again
    *Drops it in the toilet*
    Zach: I just dropped it in the toilet

  666. Every Other Person says:

    My dad dropped his wedding ring down the back of a radiator and it’s been there for 2 years because it’s way too much effort to take the radiator off the walls

  667. Jess Greenley says:

    I really feel like the ring being dropped in the toilet was so fake, like why would he be filming the toilet in the first place.

  668. Boss Kenzie 23 says:

    You never take it off silly

  669. greengal111796 says:

    Jen is so hilarious omg

  670. Hugo Lockwood says:

    they should have got rings that fit

  671. Izzy Branum says:

    this is the ring my husband gave me before. I leave him for our nanny lol! XD

  672. Maria Garcia says:

    Fell in toilet after said never said he would never let it go

  673. nimco says:

    can i just marry zack already

  674. Alveera Aly says:

    Zach!!!!!! marry me!!!!!!!

  675. JayJayJc Luv says:

    I ship Kelsey and Eugene IDK why…

  676. Bethany posts Random crap says:

    People don’t loose there rings bc they don’t take there rings off to sleep or go to the gym or wash your hands

    • shae says:

      JJR Your ring shouldn’t be damaged from washing your hands, and it shouldn’t slip off from it either. If it is damaged it’s probably cheap, and if it’s slips off you have the wrong size

    • Kiko Ma says:

      The risk of the ring falling into the sink is much, MUCH higher if you take it off! A well fitting ring does not slip off the finger because of soap.

    • Digby Dooright says:

      True. And they’re also not the size of hoola-hoops.. ;p

    • JJR says:

      So much wrong with this comment, you do take your ring off when doing anything that can deform the ring. You are to take off from washing your hands, to reduce the risk of it falling down the drain when your hands are slippery. If you work out, are doing heavy lifting, labour in general, or just cleaning the house with chemicals.

      A diamond (or sapphire in my case) is indeed very hard, but not indestructible. It can chip, you can wear out the metal, even crack or worse, chip the stone. ESSENTIALLY IF THE RING HAS A HUGH SETTING

    • Lafayette and Peggy says:

      Bethany Allen Vlogs I was about to say that

  677. Swarnali Dasgupta says:

    It was so irritating to watch the ring actually does not fit them it’s obvious to lose a ring of wrong fit 😒😒😒

  678. laney orchard says:

    A ring, is basically just a cockblock on your finger.

  679. CelticWolf55 says:

    It was weird when I first got my engagement ring. Kept getting in the way and felt weird. But now i feel weird without It on. I always take it off before washing my hands and also usually when i eat wet or greasy food so it doesnt get gross. I would also never wear it swimming for fear of losing it. If it is sized correctly for your finger, they are really comfortable and i find myself fiddling with it all the time. And trying to take it off when your fingers are swollen is a nightmare.
    As for the engagement or wedding band first thing, it’s a personal preference thing

  680. RianoKAI says:


  681. Liv Walker says:

    And then you have people like my friend Jonathan who is so excited to be married that he literally goes up to strangers and shows them his ring and tells them that he just got married😂😂

  682. ridenutube says:

    Did anyone notice that the title said people instead of pepole

  683. Alejandro Alatorre says:

    Zach: “It didn’t change the amount people hit on me because nobody hits on me…”
    Zach….i hit on you, i hit on you. 😍 #TeamZach

  684. Speed Draw Queens says:

    My mom lost her wedding ring for a year

  685. Kaio Eastwood says:


  686. Goodwill Owl says:

    Overall.. the wedding ring is like a lot of responsibility.. Anddd I don’t like responsibilities… 😂😂😂

  687. Alex says:

    DERING ME!!!!

  688. Mikayla Brown says:

    Zach reminds me of logic 😂

  689. emily says:

    4:25 “so…I have a date tonight…” THAT MEANS HE ISN’T SINGLE.

  690. Jess Estevane says:

    I’m sure that it’d be easier to wear a ring if it was the proper size for your finger

  691. hana parsons says:

    Zach and Ned are like complete opposites

  692. Miranda Carpenter says:

    Wrong,when you get married the band is put on after engagement ring,after you are married the band goes on first than the diamond!

  693. Karina Aleman says:

    A wild Safiya appears in the background

  694. Katie Joe says:

    Wedding ring goes on the the inside not outside. “Closest to the heart.”

  695. sediamond says:

    My mom literally never takes her ring off

  696. Tay Tay says:

    Haha I am always wearing my ring (its a nomral ring hah because i am not engaged oder married.. I am 13😅) I am wearing it when I go to sleep, when I am washing my hands. All. The. Time 😂

  697. Hans Banana says:

    Sometimes wedding rings don’t stop men from hitting on you. I have my engagement ring and wedding band on all the time. And I still get cat called. One memorable cat call was when I was 7 months pregnant and I got whistled and yelled at by a guy saying “hey beautiful how you doin?” Like what the actual fu*k. I didn’t know how to respond to that. Because it was pretty damn obvious that I’m married and pregnant 😅😧

  698. P. Coense says:

    wedding ring goes inside and the engagement outside

  699. Julie Hernandez Reyes says:

    Why can I relate to Jen

  700. MLS says:

    K but…I’m trying to buy Jen’s ring. Where it at?

  701. Jonna K says:

    My parents were married 32 years before my mother died. They didn’t wear rings. You do not need a ring to remind you that you are married. Marriage is a commitment. You honor and love your partner with or without an ring. All that said, rings do look pretty.

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  740. Jessica W says:

    I had an engagement ring on my hand for a year and a half. . . once its the right size, you never take it off; it’ll be physically difficult to take it off. Zach, you were doing it wrong. That sucker never leaves your hand– that’s how you don’t lose it! This is why you’re single af :p

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  755. Emmy Heikes says:

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    In the vagina of a cow….

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  790. L J says:

    My husband use to work in the oil field, and now works for a clean up crew when natural disasters happen, and he eventually had to switch to the silicon rings cuz his kept breaking. Those I think are the best for men and women who scared to lose their rings.