Testing My REAL vs FAKE Diamond Ring on Strangers!

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Testing My REAL vs FAKE Diamond Ring on Strangers! This video IS NOT sponsored!! Everything shown is linked below…just click SHOW MORE! I really hope you enjoy 🙂





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My REAL Diamond Ring Stats
Carat Weight: 2.5 Carats
Color: F Color
Cut: Excellent
Clarity: VS1



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904 responses to “Testing My REAL vs FAKE Diamond Ring on Strangers!”

  1. Naomi Renee Nieto says:

    Fake ring made the finger green

  2. Sara Greene says:

    The real one is way shinier

  3. Lalaaaaaaaa says:

    I guessed eight. And only because of how it shined in the light 🤷🏽‍♀️otherwise I might be like huhhhhh

  4. Ruby Vera says:

    Hahaha I was about to say why does the “fake ring” look more real and better than the “real ring” lol

  5. pinkyt67 says:

    The fake one is blue is it moissanite?

  6. Liz Puente says:

    TigerGem’s rings are worth every penny. I bought a set with my engagement ring and the wedding band and it’s the best purchase my Fiance and I could have made. No one can tell it’s fake and we spent less than $200.00 plus I got the exact style I have always wanted. I can’t justify making him spend thousands on a real diamond, I’d rather use that money for a vacation or something we can share together. If anyone was to ask if it’s real or fake it would be tacky so that hasn’t happened.

    • Crystal Casella says:

      Hello how long have you had the rings and how are they holding up? I have a lab created diamond it is 4 years old and now has some light scratches which I know is common in lab created I gems. We are thinking of replacing it.

  7. M.S.C ISLAND says:

    Plot twist the “Fake” one is actually the real one there are a lot of people who spend so much money on the “Real” one and then find out that it’s fake 😂

  8. Mariela Silva says:

    The fake diamond ring is good option when you have to travel somewhere dangerous, like some places in Asia or South America where you are not taking the risk bringing your real diamond.

  9. Andrea Elliott says:

    Can I have your Tiger Ring now that the experiment is done?! Lol

  10. Allie Sarah Moulson says:

    A simulated diamond is still a diamond, just born differently.

  11. Angela Kahn-Calhoun says:

    I knew immediately which one was real, but then again, I’m a diamond expert. I write appraisals for diamonds. The diamond reflects light in a totally different way then a cubic zirconium or mossainite.

  12. Baby Lu N Me says:

    I can see the contrast very well in her real diamond ring/heart and arrow. But i think most people just go for the one thats sparkling more. And yea i probably would just buy a moissanite (just because i want sth that last). Diamond is way too over price:)

  13. Bryan Avalos says:

    By fake does she mean is a different type of stone other than a diamond? Because a diamond is a diamond, whether is natural or lab grown. It has the same composition, so if both of them are diamonds what this video shows is that her original ring has impurities.lmao

  14. GracieGirl7 says:

    They are both Gorgeous!! Real or Imitation it’s in the eye of the beholder!

  15. Camelot says:

    This is exactly why replica watches and fake diamonds are so popular now.

  16. Zakey Peterson says:

    Your video is amazingly crisp

  17. Angel Babe says:

    These videos are fun but it’ll be better if you ask why they chose what they chose

  18. Janae Mitchell says:

    better to have a fake ring & a real man than to have a fake man and a real ring ! gosh people need to mind there buisness

  19. Alex Swarm says:

    I would have went to like Kay’s or something and asked them

  20. Brian Rollins says:

    Go to the hood an try this.

  21. John Ohorodnyk says:

    Your ring is beautiful…when did you size up?  I could tell from some of your past videos that your diamond was larger.

  22. Molly Edwards says:

    The bigger they get the cheaper they look

  23. Sallt e says:

    This company earn a lot of money, dont be fool. you can get this around 50 below. Just do your own shopping, dont be fooled like tigergem, and company that pretending selling high quality, you just making them rich.

  24. Baby Gang says:

    Them rings are to high for a fake one

  25. Rosal lumetta says:

    Does it matter?

  26. Night Owl says:

    Shea Whitney…….Simple way of finding out which one is real and fake. Blow on the stone, and if it gets cloudy and does not disappear quick, it is FAKE. If you blow on the stone and does not get cloudy or just slight, it will disappear quick and at most times it does not get cloudy. However, the one stone that comes close to a real diamond, is moissanite, because the hardness is close to a diamond. It will react just like a diamond, and when tested with diamond tester, it will test as diamond. YOUR BEST INVESTMENT IF YOU WANT A STONE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY AS A DIAMOND AND WILL LAST A LIFETIME LIKE A DIAMOND, IS MOISSANITE, AND HAS MORE BRILLIANCE THAN A REAL DIAMOND. IT WILL RETAIN ITS BRILLIANCE EVEN IT’S WORN DAILY, UNLIKE A CUBIC ZIRCONIA. IT WILL ALSO TEST AS DIAMOND WHEN TESTED WITH A DIAMOND TESTER, AND PEOPLE WILL BE CONVINCED IT’S REAL.

    CZ… not worth buying.

  27. Geraldine Trevarthen says:

    Lab grown diamonds aren’t actually fake. They are the same compound just made in a lab.

  28. Deneen Spidel says:

    I love bling. Diamonds and pearls. I just think I’d be able to tell.

  29. prettyravinglashtech says:

    Being the strategic person that I am I’d guess the one on your left hand is real because people typically don’t take their rings off 😂

  30. Imperiom says:

    Her white teeth makes me feel so uncomfortable !

  31. choctaw5050 says:

    Great test… enjoyed it. It is a good idea to wear the fake while traveling for safety.

  32. FashionIsMyPassionGirl says:

    Great video! 😁👍🏻 A fake ring is safe to wear on a vacation especially when swimming in the water. Not afraid to lose it. 😉

  33. Beauty Folse' says:

    It would a great video if you tried out some rings Or other jewelry from QVC called Diamondqiue 100 facet collection and see if your step dad notices a difference.

  34. Beauty Folse' says:

    Fake diamonds are actually a great idea. I remember having a terrible experience wearing my real diamonds. Let’s just say after you see a real documentary about Blood Diamonds……. I was around people who have unfortunately experience the trauma in the hurt behind them. Never knowing about Blood Diamonds, I was completely embarrassed. Even though I know it was not my fault but I still felt bad for wearing it around them if that makes any sense. If you’re into fake or even real just do you and be secure and happy in your purchase.

  35. TheBooty28 says:

    Usually fakes look too perfect. But most people cannot tell at glance. But I think in direct sunlight u can tell. Most guys do not know shit. Haha

  36. Angie Bethea says:

    You have so many good ideas about videos. Keep them coming and we’ll keep watching 👏😉💖

  37. Sheii•Grace says:

    You should’ve asked in different jewelers that would’ve be interesting

  38. Victoria Johnson says:

    I saw the tiger gems ad with some of Shea’s video in it and it says $50k vs $169 so I guess they revealed the cost of her ring which is very tacky (or they’re lying)

  39. daniela Guzman says:

    I have never understood the mainly western worlds obsession with diamond engagement rings. I’m Mexican and I rarely see people with engagement rings they usually wear simple gold bands if that. My grandparent have been married almost 60 years, and neither of them have ever really worn a ring or anything. Moral of the story don’t let something as trivial as a ring dictate marriage, people get big diamond rings all the time and get divorced even faster.

  40. Kylie Ann says:

    Pretty sure Shea and her husband got married young/fresh out of college, so how did homeboy afford a 2 carat engagement ring? 🤔

  41. me says:

    Seriously wish I knew about this website before we got my ring. Could have saved us $$ 👍

  42. Amanda Michelle says:

    PSA I bought a tiger gems, it faded in a week. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

  43. Elida M says:

    Wow! Shea you have a beautiful glow on you in this video!

  44. Kylie Tannenbaum says:

    Look how big my ring is poor people

  45. Karen Nevins says:

    Thank you sooo much for your honesty and hard work. I love that you did this. My mom actually through out my engagement ring wrapped in a tissue. I would definitely get one of these rings especially seeing how real it looked. Love always KAREN Long Beach NY

  46. Thathi Reed says:

    How many carats is your ring?😍😍😍

  47. Lori Durler says:

    That’s so cool

  48. Bendirval says:

    My wife’s ring is moissanite and it has a lot more fire and dispersion than a diamond. People always say it’s the sparkliest diamond they have ever seen. Saved us a lot of money when we got engaged, too. I wonder what these tiger gems simulants are.

  49. Bendirval says:

    Those guys won’t reveal what type of simulant they use…trade secret. That’s kind of annoying.

  50. Anthoni Hermanto says:

    I want to buy fake one for my mom and girlfriend…real diamond is unaffordable for me…I will be honest to them…
    So is the fake worth buy it?

  51. SkyeBright StarLight says:

    You should’ve switched them

  52. Mariah Fedosov says:

    I love this! I was considering $5000-$10,000 engagement rings at first. But the more I thought about it the more impractical it seemed, especially considering I have a tendency to lose things! I’m now considering tiger gemstones…if I end up getting one I’ll do a review on my channel as well! Check it out 💓

    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      Go for Charles & Colvard Moissanite. Moissanite is 9.25 on the hardness scale for durability. A diamond is 10. Its also naturally flawless, ethical and has more radiance (fire) than a diamond. Plus, you can amp up the size nicely with the amount you’ve considered spending for a diamond. My partner has just bought mine, which I choose and refused diamond and it’s a beautiful solitaire, 1.5 on Platinum. A good site in America is Fire & Brilliance.

  53. slyne307 says:

    Where’d you get your shirt from?😍 someone help me

  54. Darcilla Yang says:

    Super fun video! Can’t wait for more to come!

  55. A Better Me says:

    Hope they have your permission

  56. Elver Galarga says:

    Real vs fake tits next please

  57. Quoc Bao says:

    Both sucks anyway. Diamonds aren’t rare. De Beer made it rare and monopolized it. The world was fooled. Even Ruby is way rarer than Diamond.

  58. Wildlyiris says:

    You should have asked why they thought it was 2 vs 1

  59. Taylor Charbonneau says:

    I wonder if her stepdad would have chosen the real diamond if she had put it on the other hand.

  60. Muaz Abdi says:

    Wow your hair looks good

  61. pimpballer3 says:

    Her real ring is so cloudy…

  62. Ladida386 says:

    Tradition of engagement ring 💍 is overrated.

  63. sylvia candy says:

    You should have switched it it’s obvious yoir step dad was going to choose the engaged ring as the real

  64. Nicole Betancourt says:

    I’m getting Lisa Guerrero vibes from her

  65. frugalwitch says:

    Fake is more perfect looking

  66. the kingdom i call home says:

    Anybody else love her nails?

  67. GastroVulpes says:

    I visited a nice jewelry store the other day to admire engagement rings, diamonds, and other precious stones. The man who helped me was knowledgeable, patient, and answered all my curiosities. After viewing other stones… We came to the section with cubic zirconia diamonds -where you can interchange things and play around with casings. I went on to him about the rainbows, and didn’t know why those “diamonds” were so unlike the others in the store. After admiring other jewelry cases, I asked how far customizing can go and he explained what the case of “rainbows” were for, and finally said, “cubic zirconia.” Though I felt a little silly, I appreciated his tactfulness. He let me be free in the store, and answered all my questions well. Maybe he was entertained by my ignorance, but when he finally corrected me it was so subtle and kind.

  68. Marie 🍄 says:

    Simulated diamonds are real diamonds 🤦

  69. 終わり says:

    This proves 2 things. That there is a noticeable difference between the 2 and that most people don’t know what a diamond looks like.

  70. Megan Nicole says:

    I would be so happy and satisfied with the “fake” ring. If anyone is dumb enough to marry me they can give me a ring pop! lol

    • sarahspeaks144 says:

      Megan Nicole – I laughed when I read your comment and immediately thought that if anyone can see the REAL you, he will win a true treasure and enjoy the laughter for the rest of his days!

  71. 巧廚巧味人生Hao’s Life says:

    Seems fun!

  72. Dj Tanner says:

    Oh my God thank you so much for making this video! I can’t thank you enough! My boyfriend wants to spend all this crazy kind of money on a diamond. He says he can’t picture getting me anything else except for a diamond. I appreciate his feelings on the matter but I honestly can’t comprehend spending 6 to 10 grand on a ring that frankly I feel like I might actually drop down the sink or lose because I’m THAT kind of clumsy…. I feel like we can save that money and put it towards our dream wedding that we both want. I’m going to show him this video and pray that he feels the same way. Either way I will be so happy to marry the love of my life and if him spending his money on a diamond ring for me makes him feel best then I have no complaints about getting a diamond ring trust me. But I just really think that if no one can tell then who cares?! I have no problems lying and telling people if my ring is real or not. No one is going to use a monocle to inspect the thing

  73. Madeleine McConnell says:

    Moissanite is a great alternative to diamond as well! Not as cheap but way cheaper than diamond and its still a real gemstone and has a hardness second only to diamond so it should last a lifetime. Just if you’re in the market for a cheaper alternative, this simulated type may not last as long, not sure what the material they use for this fake one but cz tends to get cloudy over time

  74. William Nett says:

    Is 5 your normal size? I want to get one for my girlfriend. Her normal size is 5.5 in rings

  75. jana hogan says:

    You did this half assed,you did tell anyone what you ordered,is it CZ?, is it white Topaz?,is it Moissanite? What is it your comparing to your ring?,Moissanite has the same properties as a diamond and tests the same if a jeweler tests it and it’s D flawless and most people can’t tell the difference There are several grades of CZ if that’s what you ordered! the idea that you just call it “Fake” is uniformed on your part. There are also lab grown diamonds which are as gorgeous as the mined and the only difference is origin.

  76. Dani E says:

    what do you mean by fake girl we need details….diamonds arent the only gems that are “real”. Was it cz? White topaz?

  77. April Benson says:

    I dont see any point in buying a real diamond. They don’t hold their value and the fakes are prettier.

  78. Amanda VandeWalle says:

    I bought two. It looks and feels fake next to my wedding ring and they keep claiming they sent me an email with the return information, but it isn’t coming to me. They also make you pay to ship it back and charge you a restocking fee.

  79. ant wto says:

    Finally someone who does a proper test, buys a similar diamond but fake and asks the public for their reaction
    All the previous vids I’ve watched on fake diamonds they will either not show the ring properly or not put it to the test properly
    Good on you. and honestly the fake one looks almost as good as the real one so whoever made it did a good job

  80. crystalhaiku says:

    Diamond mining is expensive and it exploits people and the earth. People like you are brainwashed into thinking you need to spend thousands on this trinket that causes more harm than good.

  81. Marika Danika says:

    Super cute how you had your step dad guess too !

  82. Noah Ynclan says:

    News Flash:

    There is no difference between a mined diamond and a lab created diamond…. Only way you can tell the difference is the hardness. Thr carbon composite is exactly the same and…. The lab created is less prone to flaws because its done in a lab instead of leaving it up to nature.

  83. Garden Glory says:

    yes but the FAKE contrasts is very very minor and sometimes Even trained eyes are fooled at times. Yes, people don’t analyze that much and nobody cares either way-mostly they are envious of the beautiful rings. BUT that was an awesome video and comparison. so much fun. thanks.

  84. Garden Glory says:

    “its interesting”..NO its actually kind of sad.

  85. Garden Glory says:

    oh the rings look ideatical. that REAL diamonds must’ve cost a fortune over $30,000…had to be. its a huge huge diamond.

  86. Garden Glory says:

    wow..your hands are so beautiful.

  87. Embrace Grace says:

    Shea says it’s not sponsored yet Tiger gem is running an ad showing this clip 🧐 and out of all the other companies I wonder why she decided to test Tiger gems 🤨. I wish youtubers can be more transparent, it’s ok if you wanna make money just be upfront about it. Unsubscribed!

  88. Faylyn Hillier says:

    I would have guessed the right one only because I would assume that you would keep the real one on your ring finger.

  89. blueshoes915 says:

    When I got engaged, I got a little over a 2 carat ring. My brother must have thought my diamond was too big or something and actually asked (right in front of my fiancé) if it was real!!?! Sooo rude. I never thought anyone would have the audacity to ask that. If someone has the nerve to ask if your diamond is real, they are either jealous, have no social skills, or are an arse. Either way, who cares what they think. Diamonds are not rare and should cost way less than, say, a ruby anyway. So if you can’t afford an overpriced diamond, do not feel bad and get yourself a beautiful ring with whatever stone you can afford and flaunt your love. In the end, most people won’t notice the difference and if someone has the audacity to ask….just smile and say, “of course”. 😉💕

  90. sleclair says:

    This is fascinating, good to know!

  91. CaramelDiva7 says:

    Great Experiment and Experience ✅

  92. Nori San says:

    I don’t like the fact that she’s using the word fake lol. There are lab created diamonds and natural diamonds. Just because a stone is lab created doesn’t make it “fake”, it’s just not naturally found. Properties used to make lab created diamonds are the exact same properties found in natural diamonds….they’re just built in a lab.

  93. Janet S says:

    Hope this is another all about the money people, Most of us can’t afford $5,000. For a ring or purses or shoes!,

  94. Angel Roak says:

    What nail color are you wearing ❤

  95. Felicia Lamongi says:

    I’m not really into jewelry and I don’t really care about gold, diamond etc. But when I got my diamond engagement ring, I understand why women love it 😮 it sparks so gorgeously, moreover at places with dimmed light.

  96. Gina Kyriakopoulos says:

    She said she didn’t open it yet.. yet the bag was already opened and the seal was broken as well. Soooo.. no. Bye

  97. Racheal Alvarez says:

    I got this 💍 from this company and its pretty cheap looking. Save your money

  98. Ruthanne Scott says:

    I wonder if she knows how to talk without saying “like” or “actually”. I was interested in her experiment, but couldn’t get past her personality.

  99. Julia Ioana says:

    That’s because the fake one is way more beautiful!❤

  100. Carolina Leon says:

    I have this EXACT same ring & I bought it from Italo Jewelry! It is BEAUTIFUL I always get soo many compliments!

  101. Silver Lady says:

    The real gold is worth more than real diamonds , TAKE it to a pawn shop , they give u nothing for the diamond .

  102. R Brow says:

    Moissinite is the realest stone I’ve ever found. Never clouds up, ridiculously sparkly. I would love to visit this website to see if that is what that ring is. Either way, I highly recommend it. Great video!

  103. Amanda Pittar says:

    I always wear fake ones on holiday. That way I don’t worry about losing my rings or having them stolen. By the way, your nails are beautiful. Loved the video. Came upon this looking up mossinite.

  104. Ralph Bryant says:

    Can you GUESS, would you GUESS, what would you GUESS ??? Not an educated opinion in the group. Even a simple matter of deduction should tell you people do NOT wear engagement rings on their RIGHT hands. And comparing “rainbow dispersion” against “white color” ? Really ?

  105. Brandy Isadora says:

    She didn’t pick the same size rings. They chose the smaller one. Anyone would. They are only looking at the size. Duh.

  106. aetl100 says:

    Many years ago I bought a 5 stone “Diamonique” ring from QVC. At some point I asked my 20 year old daughter if she wanted it. She did and we took it to a professional jeweler to size it. I made a comment about it being fake and added a white lie that it was once my mom’s. The jeweler looked at it with her loupe and said, “No, this is real.”. I said no more. The jeweler was/is not a back street jeweler. It wasn’t the first time I had heard that a jeweler has mistaken Diamonique for the real thing.

  107. D C says:

    Such a fun video…

  108. babablacksheepdog says:

    I’m by no means an expert – quite the opposite – but looking at the 2 rings side by side I would say the real diamond looks sparklier (especially when you move your hand) and more of a clear colour, whereas the fake one looks whiter. I don’t know what this means in terms of jewel quality. I would assume sparkliness is a desired feature for a diamond, but I have no idea what the “ideal” or desired colour should be.

  109. Annie’s Home&Garden says:

    i’m going shopping at tiger gems now lol

  110. Melly Mel Love says:

    Weird, I just watched your video and then went on FB…
    A Sponsored “Tiger Gemstone” Ad popped up and had your video included.
    If they didn’t Sponsor you/pay you, I would be seeking my money now. The Ad makes it look like you’ll did a collaboration.

  111. Amy A says:

    Can your step dad do more videos?! We love him!!!

  112. Phi Do says:

    6:36 look at that face

  113. Diana L. says:

    This is fun to watch. Very original idea , great job. !!!

  114. Dollface8788 says:

    I think people would guess the smaller diamond is real! Haha

  115. Mae says:

    The question is how long does the simulated diamond last? I think moissanite would have been a better option.

  116. Rachael Smith says:

    Great video! The fake one did look pretty good. Your blouse is stunning by the way!! x

  117. braindamage says:

    If your diamond has less rainbow then a cz it’s not very good quality. A vvs1/2 DEF color will have more refraction then a cz. I personally like inclusions. Go with a moissanite. Twice the sparkle a quarter of the price and 100% conflict free/conflict free diamonds are UNETHICAL anyways. Your telling me a poor person dug up this 5,000$ rock for 25 cents the day they worked? Thank u, next!

  118. braindamage says:

    The real one has a nicer grey tone. Diamonds have that quality. The cz will be more white.

  119. Sarah Phillips says:

    This video is a huge ad LMFAOOO

  120. Gnolmu says:

    I was going to say your ring looks dirty! And then you washed it…bravo

  121. shortuguese says:

    I checked out the site and the rings were really nice, the only bad part is the rhodium plating will wear down and have to be re-plated pretty often, about every 1-2 years. These would be really nice for travelling though, or maybe as a promise ring or just nice jewelry to treat yourself but not wear all the time.

  122. Lori Nelson says:

    You are adorable!

  123. sparklingbeautybee says:

    Are you from Canada ?

  124. Anna Phelps says:

    I would love to see you test expensive shampoo versus a brand like Aussie and their inexpensive 3 minute miracle conditioner. Is it really worth the extra money to buy a salon or name brand???

  125. Bree says:

    After learning how absolutely unethical real diamonds are I’ll never buy one and hope they lose popularity. Fake or lab diamonds are a good choice if looking for that diamond without the horrible ethics behind the stone.

  126. iHeart187 says:

    It’s hard to tell with the naked human eye. But Cubic Zirconia will eventually get cloudy overtime. If you blow on it also stays fogged up longer. Well in my opinion anyway. ☺

  127. bel pet says:

    Simulated or lab grown?

  128. KATIE MARIE says:

    I would have guessed th real one because it’s on the left hand

  129. Michelle Sorenson says:

    Hey Sweetie. I am a GIA Certified Diamontologist. Where did you/your husband purchase your center stone from? Was it “GIA” certified? (Or certified through a different lab?) What “material” is the simulated stone? I’m just curious.One thing to note is that many ringings look beautiful right out of the box…. even “crystals.” So keep in mind that what the untrained eye sees is “bling” NOT the true characteristics of a “daily worn” natural diamond…. Some of the “lab grown stones” are amazing, however, they are not inexpensive and are not perfected enough to really pass the “real/simulant test.” Even Moissanite, which is BEAUTIFUL, is over $1000.00 for a stone your size, nor are they cut/faceted like a natural diamond. (The “table” of the stone is much larger with Moissanite.) You are such a doll and so FUN to watch!! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  130. Mindy Backen says:

    There are reasons besides not being able to afford a diamond for why people chose to not get a diamond. Just saying!

    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      Yes!! They’re not a smart investment. Pretty much said the same upthread. They a scam.

    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      Me too! 😍 Moissanite all the way. Naturally flawless and just, a great choice. Mine is 1.5 equivalent.

    • braindamage says:

      @S7R4 you can call yourself or anyone “poor” but it puts you down and you don’t know the number in someone’s bank account. Maybe they don’t agree with vertical emulation and conspicuous consumption/purchases. Please be kind to others regarding how they spend, especially yourself.

    • braindamage says:

      @S7R4 poor minded people want the diamond without thinking “why?” An affluent person would know there is no intrinsic value to a diamond, and if you want to sell it after your extremely lucky if you can get half your money back. Diamonds are a 1930s debeer monopoly marketing ploy. Environmental degradation, unethical buisness practices, and slave/child labor… naw I’m undermining that shit. My money is far FAR to valuable to pay into anything like that.

    • braindamage says:

      Thank you!!! When I was engagement ring shopping given my budget jewelers would say “oh you could get a diamond ” and I’d say yeah but it’s going to be a grain of sand! I went with a moissanite! 3.5 carats, a quarter of the price, TWICE the sparkle, and ETHICAL!!!! diamonds are a marketing scam, I’m chill on that.

  131. Emily Barrett says:

    The Cartier love bangle/bracelet compared to the fake one. Trust me very identical. Couldn’t tell them apart unless you know your real vs fake. Thanks for the videos and blinks. You are the most honest and fun youtuber I’ve encountered yet. Love all your vids they are helpful. I just added you on IG.

    Also Ebay have lots of replica designer purses that are hard to tell apart unless you have an eye for designers.

  132. Karaskorner says:

    This was so fun to watch!!!

  133. Gabby Bonbom says:

    This was a super cool video 🙂

  134. A2Z 101 says:

    You should take the fake one on vacation with you so as no to miss place or lose the real one.

  135. Minna Uyeda says:

    I have a one carat princess cut in 14 white gold, it was 99 in Honolulu. I wear it with my ten year anniversary diamond band, and nobody knows the difference. My real wedding set is yellow gold. I never wear my real set when going on vacation.

  136. ThePlay3000 says:

    people think diamonds sparks more, but they don’t

  137. plusaffectueux says:

    Young living is a predatory mlm pass it on

  138. Zeina Buns says:

    I think a reason a lot of people guessed the fake one as being real is because it was the smaller diamond of the two, and I think realistically you would think that if someone were to buy a fake engagement ring, they would would buy one that’s bigger and better than their real diamond one to kind of live out the dream of having a huge engagement ring (not that yours isn’t huge, obviously lol) I figure that’s what threw people off, and the hands you were wearing the rings on (fake one on ring finger)

  139. Talia Acevedo says:

    This is a great idea for traveling

  140. Noah’s World says:

    A real diamond won’t look as pure and sparkly as a CZ so usually the duller less perfect looking stone is the real diamond.

  141. Noah’s World says:

    Except she left her real ring on her left hand..

  142. Karen Juarez says:

    Real diamonds are blood stones. There is so much suffering because of real diamonds.

  143. Becky says:

    My ring came from tiger gems 😂 I have the oval solitaire. I love it. It was my dream ring but not crazy expensive.

    • E Dennis says:

      @Jaz B I bought a Jeulia ring second hand. The stones look really good, but there is some dullness to the setting where another ring rubbed against it for a long time.

    • Jaz B says:

      How long have you had it for? Does it keep well? TIA 🙂

  144. Yoshea Lux says:

    That was awesome!!! ❤️ your step dad knows! Wow! This was fun!!!

  145. Bella Abastta says:

    Is this test even fair? Is your real diamond the same color clarity as the fake? Because if not it’s not a fair test at all.. comparing a lab created chemically induced stone versus a natural dirt grown diamond that are not even on the same playing field is a true test at all.

  146. Julia Howe Wolfe says:

    I absolutely loved this episode and idea! I would love to see more along this line. For example real vs. fake designer handbags or shoes (as you mentioned) or real gold vs. fake/plated metals!? ♥️♥️♥️

  147. Kristal Ortiz says:

    lol I work at a jewelry store and i don’t know everything about diamond but I can definitely tell which is fake and real! Most are gonna go for the cleanest and the most shiny and flawless but that’s definitely not what diamonds are! They have birthmarks like us which make them unique and you always know it’s your diamond!

  148. Marissa says:

    Honestly, having purchased a diamond ring when I got engaged (my husband and I) I regret spending the money. It’s a complete waste to buy a real diamond. It’s a marketing ploy to convince women they need a REAL diamond. Save the money, get a big fat “fake” (what does that mean anyway?) stone and worry less about losing it. 😘

    • Food Enthusiast says:

      Marissa the only thing about buying a real one is that it does increase in value especially if it’s set on platinum. My wedding ring has been appraised at $30K and I know my husband definitely paid a lot less 24 years ago. 😬

  149. halasalready says:

    I’m all about the sparkle, so the fake one would be right up my ally.

  150. Dawn Chiaravalli says:

    Wow, you are interesting NOT! Find a real job.

  151. Miranda Morales says:

    Well you had the real one on your left hand

  152. KirstenGlae Parker says:

    Aren’t these actually real diamonds, but just man made instead of found in nature?? Maybe I’m thinking of a different stone, but there are real diamonds now that are man made, which are significantly cheaper. They look and wear just like other diamonds (because they ARE diamonds), they are just made in a lab instead of found naturally. They are more expensive than $200, but still a lot cheaper than traditional diamonds.
    I wish you had asked why they thought what they did…..

  153. Yesmean says:

    *I subscribed because of your gorgeous hair!* 😍

  154. Helena Santana says:

    The fake one sparkles more and that’s why people think it’s the real one

  155. Metanoia says:

    she should have asked some people who actually own diamonds rather than some who have never seen one apart from the ones in the shop window

  156. al eqs says:

    Maybe your husband bought a fake one…

  157. Lisa Andersson says:

    Plot twist: He actually bought her a fake diamond 💍 hahaha

    • KoKo Bunnyy says:

      ViXoZuDo all facts…most of the time when wearing my diamond 💎 my friends faux diamond aka conflict free think it was moissanite…anyways yes it outshined mines..certain lighting made my ring impressionable other times blah…diamonds are a big waste of money…although pretty I’ve seen non-diamonds put the real thing to shame

    • ViXoZuDo says:

      @E Dennis You just prove that you don’t know how a true diamond shine… the white sapphire have a white shine while the diamond is almost pure light (rainbow or pure shine)… doesn’t really matter how it’s cut… the material properties are not the same… both will shine, but each have a different kind of shine.

      Also, you just proved again that diamonds are a waste of money and 99% of the people can’t even notice the difference…

    • E Dennis says:

      @ViXoZuDo I got white sapphire earrings (JCPenney, sterling silver, $10 on sale) for Christmas for my dil, and the stones are cut so well that they shine like diamonds. It’s all in the cut.

    • ViXoZuDo says:

      naa, its a real diamond…

      Real diamonds have a more pure white reflection… Usually people don’t know that the moissanite (way better that CZ), have a double reflection and that cause to have more reflection and colors… for people that don’t know about diamonds, that looks sparky and better overall, so they choose those over the real ones…

      The only thing this prove is that the diamond are worthless and only stupid people waste hundred of dollars when you could purchase a moissanite ring for a fraction of the cost and 99% of the people wouldn’t even notice it…

    • Michaela Grace says:

      I was gunna say this LOL!!!

  158. Amanda Taylor says:

    I didn’t want a “real” diamond. I am a total klutz and I’d be terrified something would happen to it! Also, I prefer the sparkly rainbow!

  159. hilarys01 says:

    I have a lab created diamond from diamond nexus and love it ! I love the fact that it’s not a blood diamond !

  160. perfectly imperfect says:

    Some people might have guessed right because you are wearing it on the correct hand😅😂

  161. Ruoya He says:

    the thing is engagement rings are for you and your relationship, not for other people to judge if it’s real or fake… Just get whatever that makes you happy

  162. Rachel Calloway says:

    Hands down your ring is way more stunning. Interesting experiment to watch though

  163. Sarah D says:

    Diamonds with F colour have rainbow reflection. I’m guessing her real diamond ring just have a different colour to it. I.e. D colour 🙂

  164. Lunch Box says:

    so many things wrong with diamonds. overpriced. unethical. not even the best looking stone. over-marketed. not rare. everyone has one so it’s not even special. save your money. put it towards a car or a down payment for a house (or anything more useful than a ring). if your girl cries about not getting a diamond….she’s a vain, self-centered bitch you need to leave. people like that are the worst. it shows that she cares more about crap than having a financially stable life with you.

  165. Andrew Lee says:

    Here is a little tip for you ladies out there, if you have a diamond ring, do try to clean it at least once a month. Your hand creams and cosmetics can actually discolor your diamonds.

  166. GORSKA says:

    JESUS is the way the truth and the life no one come to the FATHER except through him. REPENT of yours ins he is faithful to forgive you.Jesus loves you. He changed my life he can do the same for you 🙂

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  170. Darrell Cassell says:

    The real question is, if you can rarely tell the difference , why do people spend so much money on engagement rings, and why does it matter? 🤔

    • Lalaaaaaaaa says:

      Well with my moms wedding ring she got it in like 2004 or something and she went to the beach I think I’m 2016 and they replaced it 🤷🏽‍♀️ she didn’t have to pay for a whole new ring it was much cheaper. And over time the fake ring you usually can’t shower with it. And CZ stone gets dirty REALLY fast.

    • LA LOMA says:

      A smart man will not spend more than what they make in one month of income on a ring. If the women gets upset about that then she’s not the one.

    • Raquel Barnes says:

      Diamond holds no value. They are worthless. I’m now married and own 3 lab created diamonds not cz even though they can be of great quality as well. Mine is at a 9 on a scale so pretty close when it comes to durability. You wouldn’t be able to tell. I actually was the one that told my spouse I did not want a real diamond. Nothing wrong for those that do but for me I refuse to let my spouse an absurd amount of money on something that is worthless. Not to mention the working conditions. We have been brain washed to think a diamond is this rare commodity and attach it to social status. Again nothing wrong if you want a real one but people are becoming more open minded and aware of what a scam the diamond business is.

    • Raquel Barnes says:

      Because we as a society have been brainwashed into thinking diamonds are rare and a commodity! When in fact they hold no value. We attach it to social status. Lab grown diamonds in a lot of cases are more durable than a real diamond and look like the real thing. People saying it isn’t have not done their research or educated themselves! When I told my now spouse I did not want the real diamond she was shocked! I own 3 lab created diamonds and you wouldn’t tell the difference. Mine is a 9 on a scale with a diamond being a 10. Way more economical. I wished the regular working folks would actually educate themselves before going into debt or breaking the bank for something that has no value!

    • Baby Lu N Me says:

      You can, if you know what a real diamond look like. The real one has better contrast and heart/arrow which no other stone can have.

  171. Muskaan Smile says:

    Because real one should’ve be on left hand 🙂 that’s why smart people said 2

  172. Makeuploverrrrr98 says:

    i live in Scranton,PA!

  173. Crystal L. says:

    My diamond ring is a 1.10 carat diamond solitaire in 10k white gold. Clarity is I2-I3, and the color is in the H-I range. I paid less than $500 for the ring. That was the only way I could afford a diamond ring of that size.

  174. g gardinet says:

    Absolutely loved this

  175. Shanara Blue says:

    You should have asked out of interest why they chose what they did , good video very interesting
    I believe a lot of celebrities use fake for insurance of the real piece of jewellery , hello Kim K wear fakes in future woman !! 😂 that is a stunning real diamond I must say !! So far I can spot fakes but I’ve not come across a high end fake if you know what I mean .

  176. The M Network says:

    As for me. I love the fake one lol. With so many divorces going on. I would rather wear a cheap ring and then after 10 years get a real one. That is just me lol

  177. Lifefullof grace says:

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  178. kinskins100 says:

    This is why I asked my boyfriend not to get me a real diamond. They’re proven to be SO overpriced for their true value. People shouldn’t go into insane amounts of debt over their love and want to get married. Real diamonds just aren’t worth it. The fake diamonds are almost as durable. The biggest thing is price though. It just baffles me that people judge people who can’t afford real diamonds when real diamonds are marked up just specifically because of the wedding market. If you like diamonds, go for it!! But we need to stop expecting people to buy overpriced diamonds and judging them when they can’t afford them. This video is good because it helps take some stigma away from “fake” rings.

  179. Megan Hagerman says:

    My engagement ring is from tiger gems. They are beautiful 🙌

    • Brianna Cortez says:

      I’m also wondering how well the ring held up? I have read some mixed reviews on them.

    • KoKo Bunnyy says:

      Megan Hagerman 👋 hello that’s wonderful…do they scream fake or look 👀 close to the real thing? How’s your rings holding up…my FH ordered me two from modern gents and I came across tiger gemstone after the fact.

  180. rb 2tor says:

    Had soo much fun on the video. So where did u got your real ring?

  181. black beauty says:

    Thanks for this beautiful video😍 can you keep us updated how long the ring stay up before changing color or it doesn’t change color?

  182. FitnFabulyss says:

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  183. Bonnie Cameron says:

    Does she have white nail polish on her teeth?

  184. Joz says:

    Fun video, but i think you should take it a step further and get the feedback from the people you’re talking to and find out the reason they made their choice.

  185. Just Danny says:

    Should have asked them reasons behind their choices

  186. alexandra says:

    You should’ve asked why they thought 1 was real

  187. Goose says:

    After spending over $13k on my first engagement ring (yes, I paid for it, don’t ask.. It wasn’t supposed to work that way, it was supposed to just go on my credit). I’ve decided this time around that I’m probably going to go a different route. Possibly a morganite.

  188. Diane Washington says:

    I, just cant see my self spending thousands of dollars on a marketing scam, when I can get moisanite which looks just as or even more beautiful than a diamond, and for a fraction of the price.

  189. Kathrine Ann says:

    My husband and I got married at 20 and were (and still are 😂) totally broke. Both my engagement and wedding rings are fake. And I love them both. So sparkly.

  190. Lauren Ciampi says:

    I never wanted a real diamond. I have a diamond eternity band I wear 24/7 but then I purchased a few Diamonique wedding rings to wear next to it and I get compliments all the time!! Not a single person has ever thought it was a fake! (I highly recommend traveling with a simulated diamond instead of your real one).

  191. Joanna R says:

    Over two carats? Dayum.

  192. ChevyLina says:

    I’d probably accidentally end up wearing the fake one forever 😂

  193. Sharon Tackett says:

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  194. Sharon Tackett says:

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  197. Elizabeth Owsley says:

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  198. Aimee Jackson says:

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  199. Mila Ingham says:

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    There are so many different diamond alternatives.
    Qvc diamonique. Moissanite ect!!!!!! Loved this

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  201. Gabby Sanchez says:

    Ooohhh try with a Moissanite too!

  202. Elle says:

    Many people don’t know that diamonds actually exhibit less fire (“rainbow effect” Shea was describing) than CZs and moissanites. However, the flip side is that someone used to the typical brilliance of a diamond can tell a stone is fake because there’s too much fire.

    • Anne Davis says:

      A moissanite isn’t “fake.” Wtf

      I want a moissanite precisely because it HAS more sparkle. If someone can tell it’s a moissanite I’m going to be excited someone knows there are prettier alternatives to diamond out there.

    • Mikiansmom on the right says:

      Yes, a real diamond usually has natural inclusions, that’s why they don’t have as much fire or brilliance as a cz would. I have a couple of rings that are cz and I love them. I mix them with my real diamonds.

  203. Melanie Dielmann says:

    I’d love that my kid won’t wear her Gucci dupe belt because she is afraid people (kids) will know it’s fake.😆 I told her well a kid shouldn’t have a $450 dollar belt when they are still growing. In my humble opinion! So seeing a real vs fake would be amazing!!! Both of those rings are gorgeous. It awesome that we have options now days!

  204. LauraNYC says:

    Waste of money for piece of glass number 1 and 2 both glass !!!!!!! And we are destroying our earth 🌍 🙄

  205. San Ng says:

    Simulated diamond rings are great alternatives. They’re inexpensive and just beautiful.

    • Raquel Barnes says:

      I disagree. You have to do your research and know the source. I’ve had both high quality cz and lab grown. I currently own 3 lab grown diamonds that are not moissanite. Mine is a 9.25 on the mohs scale. I’ve banged mine so many times not one scratch. You couldn’t tell them apart from a diamond. My friend has one and actually mine has a lot more fire she ended up ordering one as well and uses that more than her real ring. While I agree that moissanite are amazing . Lab grown diamonds that arent moissanite can be extremely durable and very high quality. I’ve had mine for 4 yrs now. Just as beautiful as the 1st day I put it on my finger. Just again know your source do lots of research.

    • Camelot says:

      @Anne Davis Lab grown diamonds are still diamonds. However, to brainwashed diamond lovers they would be considered fake.

    • Anne Davis says:

      @Camelot are lab-grown diamonds “authentic” to you?

    • Camelot says:

      @Anne Davis Very true and much more expensive than CZ and other cheaper alternatives but much less than authentic diamonds.

    • Kaitlyn Cantu says:

      Kait i’ve actually had a tiger gemstones ring that i wear every single day for 3 years and it still looks absolutely brand new! no wearing off of the plating, no loose or lost stones. they are simulated diamonds, so similar to lab grown yet still much cheaper

  206. Ms Lagah says:

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  207. seanzscorpio says:

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  208. Lisa Radcliffe says:


  209. Lisa Radcliffe says:

    You were indirectly showing your ring off and insulting other people at the same. Not Nice.

    • Emé Bentancur says:

      Lisa Radcliffe why did you watch a video called “my real ring vs a fake ring” if you didn’t want to listen to someone talk about their real ring?

  210. Lisa Radcliffe says:

    Shea Whitney, Your video was good, But over all VERY MATERIALISTIC.

  211. SweetD x3 says:

    A good diamond will show a rainbow of colors… as it should 😉

  212. jtxp says:

    Would have been good to hear why they thought their option was the real ring

  213. Rebecca Anderson says:

    My fiancé and I went with moissanite vs a diamond. Loved this experiment!

  214. Ruby Blue says:

    It’s just Cubic Zirconia – you can get that cheaper elsewhere. I have other CZ that has held up much longer.

  215. Ruby Blue says:

    These rings look good when you first get them but a month, six months later, they are a cloudy mess. They heavily filter their reviews on Etsy, IG, and FB. My ring was missing stones when it showed up, that isn’t uncommon. It looks awful now.

  216. Carolyn Giles says:

    So basically support the horrible diamond industry and still have a ring that is said to be fake almost everytime? Haha no thanks lol. But either way I’m all for people to do whatever they want.

  217. George Biju says:

    Good video. Nowadays gemologists find it difficult to distinguish between synthetic or simulated diamonds and natural diamonds since some companies produce pure carbon diamonds that resembles natural diamond characters of color, carat, cut and clarity. Is it worth buying an expensive natural diamond and some one show their simulated diamonds worth half price and they are both pure carbon.

  218. Gloria Salsman says:

    People have done this before, not the first

  219. Alexandra Annosier says:

    Did you know that diamond is like the cheapest stone because it’s so saturated but people still spend so much money on it. People pay more than it’s worth because the idea behind it 🤷🏾‍♀️ watch Adam ruins everything diamond rings.

  220. Amanda Liu says:

    I think the diamond simulant on Diamond Nexus are closer to real diamond, only more perfect than most of the real diamond rings. And they have very luxurious packaging too. Shea you should ask people the reasoning behind people’s pick. Would be interesting to see. But such a great video thanks!!!

  221. Kay Alva says:

    Of course 2 is real, why would u put a fake ring in your left? Real ring always in right hand.

  222. Tania Tiana says:

    Their diamonds (tiger gems)are diamond simulants, not lab created diamonds. Therefore the price is so cheap)) The lab created diamonds are actually quite expensive.

  223. Lora Fulton says:

    Great video idea!

  224. Kevin Lo says:

    Haha I can see that you know nothing about diamonds and why your test subjects said number 1 was real.

  225. joanne chiang says:

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  226. 13V says:

    No agenda, but you have a link in your description!? You’re a LIAR. And bonus, you basically just proved to us that your an idiot for buying a sht ring. Lol.

  227. 13V says:

    Idk why this stupid sht is in my freed, but girl needs to get a real job. BORING!!!!!!!!!!! AF. And get a clue, cubic isn’t a new thing. 😬

  228. Tania Tiana says:


  229. LaDivinaLover says:

    CZ isn’t “fake” it’s simply different. Zircon is a naturally occurring substance and it’s rarer than diamond when naturally mined. Cubic Zirconia is just man made zircon. It’s like calling a greenhouse grown orange a fake apple. It objectively makes no sense. This nonsense has been continually perpetrated by the Diamond industry in order to brainwash people into wasting money on a rock. I’m just saying. Besides, Everyone knows that diamonds don’t actually have the value that is placed on them. Its artificial…

    • Victoria Mae says:

      Zircon isn’t the same stone as cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a man made diamond stimulant. Zircon is an entirely different gemstone.

  230. Andrea Miklasz says:

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  231. lilibeth salazar says:

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  238. Somebody Somewhere says:

    Diamonds have color, while the fake one looks really white or translucent, so the fake one would sparkle more. The way a real diamond reflects the light is waaay different than a fake one. Difficult to describe but it almost reflects the light in tiny little pieces all at once while the fake one has bigger light reflections and it’s more eye catching .i am no expert but I have seen plenty of diamonds in stores and the way diamonds reflect light is really special. Also as mentioned diamonds do have color if you look closely even with a naked eye.

  239. Semper Fidelis says:

    The difference between a so-called real diamond ring and a so-called fake diamond ring is time. In addition, the fake diamond rings are better quality than the majority of the real diamond rings that people wear, which have inclusions and faults. Why not get yourself a man-made diamond ring that is absolutely flawless compared to a so-called real diamond ring that has all kinds of inclusions and doesn’t refract the light properly.
    but the North American way seems to be that the more money you spend on something is apparently showing the much better quality it is. Well that’s not true.

    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      Well said. ♥ I’ve gone for a Moissanite engagement ring. Naturally flawless, ethical, you can get much more carat equivalent for your money and it’s 9.25 on the hardness scale, almost as much as a diamond’s 10. De Beers monopolised diamonds and the slogan, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” was a marketing campaign set up, to make men feel like they had to buy a diamond ring, and spend at least a months salary on one. I got the choice and I’m happy I didn’t get a diamond. I love the look of it, since Moissanite are so similar, but with all said, that’s why I didn’t choose one.

    • E Dennis says:

      @Zipporah GOSPEL COVERS Nevertheless, the real diamond ring probably cost $20,000+, where the Tigergem ring was less than $200. You could buy a new fake diamond ring every 6 months for the rest of your life and still not spend that much money. Or, buy one on ebay for $10-$20. I have a list of several sellers who sell such good fakes that my jeweler sister-in-law thought they looked real. She was amazed, and a little put out. 😂

    • Zipporah GOSPEL COVERS says:

      Yes this is true of synthetic diamonds. However the fake ring she has on here is not a synthetic but a simulator diamond ring meaning it is not made up of the same material of a natural/synthetic diamond.

    • Diane Washington says:

      Semper Fidelis

      Exactly, I agree with you 200%

    • ellimusicqueen says:

      Semper Fidelis Thank you! I think it is so silly to spend thousands when you can get the same think for a fraction of the price.

  240. Eileen Hathaway says:

    A nice add to the video would have been to ask them why they picked one over the other.

  241. Quin says:

    Love it but I would have swapped hands just because you have your wedding ring on your ring finger. I would have picked it based on that alone.

  242. TheAnnieG07 says:

    I think people chose the fake one based on the fact the fake stone looks smaller than your real diamond does and people assume the fake one would be larger.

  243. Phoebe Chan says:

    Goes to show how many people have no idea about diamonds. So really no point asking for real diamonds. They’re blood diamond anyway. Just get man made diamond.

  244. Norma Casto says:

    👍🏼next time try this with moissanite !!!vs diamond !!

    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      The thing is, Moissanite isn’t “fake” anything. It’s created in a lab, yes, but is not trying to be a diamond.

    • E Dennis says:

      @ChelseaSpeak3 The Tigergems website doesn’t say, which they would if they were moissanites, and moissanites are a lot more expensive than Tigergems charges. According to Weddingbee, Tigergems are very high quality cubic zirconia.

    • ChelseaSpeak3 says:

      from her description it almost sounds like the fake one is moissanite. She said they’re almost identical except the fake one had more rainbows refracted and that’s a classic moissanite trait.

    • braindamage says:

      @Anne Davis I think people would prefer the moissanite not knowing. I used to think diamonds were THE sparklest rock until I started searching for what I really wanted for my engagement ring. Tbh you can spot a moissy from across the room, a diamond -mined or created, or cz… you can’t! I’ve came across others who have a moissy and don’t want to admit it. I’m like…. smh!

    • Anne Davis says:

      Moissanite would win

  245. musicgal421 says:

    Can’t do Payless anymore 😭 haha but would love to see more comparisons!!

  246. Agne says:

    It would be interesting to see how fake one looks after some time of use (one year?), if you can clean so easily as your real one 😄 And then ask people which one is fake which one is real and see if result are the same 😃

  247. Anna Rose says:

    My goodness this is so superficial. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  248. Jen Rich says:

    Real diamonds can also have rainbow colors reflect depending on how much blue fluorescence they have. My diamond is also over 2 carats, D in color but has high blue fluorescence. High or low blue fluorescence in a diamond is really a just a personal preference. Just because a stone throws the rainbow colors doesn’t mean it’s not real however they will also have that silver gray tone. That being said I would always pick the stone that had more silver and white. If I were to recommend a fake I’d want it to be in real gold and not sterling. Check out Birkat Elyon for some amazing fakes. I’ve not seen one in person but I’ve been tempted to order as an extra for overseas travel.

  249. Sassy Sandra says:

    Yes do real expensive vs very inexpensive shoes clothes bracelets even real silver vs fake silver or real gold vs fake gold I would so watch love the comparison and what ppl think I to have a large diamond ring but do to dwelling a lot I switch between my real and my fake and no one ever noticed lol

  250. Evelyn Glick says:

    Is your ring, set in platinum or white gold? Fake rings have a shine that’s not real. Gold is the same way.

  251. Evelyn Glick says:

    I Love real diamonds. Fake is Fake! Your stone looks oval, but you said it’s round.
    Beautiful either way!

  252. Michelle Meyer says:

    I am going to be getting engaged soon. I’ve never been married and I’m older………with that being said if this was 10 years ago I would’ve never considered getting a fake ring. But…..(even before your video) I’ve totally changed my opinion on this subject. I love jewelry, fashion, design….I also love being able to switch it up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fake one. You can’t tell the difference. I enjoyed this video……good job!!!!!!

  253. Clurr says:

    I’d be interested to hear their reasons why they thought whichever one was real or fake

    • Maret Villa says:

      It’s the sparkle as she said. Real diamond reflection manifest in various shades of gray. If you see rainbow reflection, that’s either fake or very low quality.

  254. Samantha Frawley says:

    I wonder if the lighting played a role cuz more people got it right in the mall than in the parking lot! Hmm

    • Lunch Box says:

      it just shows that you need perfect conditions to be able to tell… at the end of the day, they look the same and that’s all they do… which is to sit on a finger and look pretty. it’s such a waste of money to buy diamonds.

  255. Kable says:

    I’ve been a jeweller/gemologist for over 6 years now. Moissanites and lab created stones have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because of their price range and quality. A moissanite has the same properties as a diamond so it’ll test as a diamond on a diamond tester. However, they have a much higher reflective index than a diamond (even if the color and clarity is high on the scale). They sparkle with all colours of the rainbow. Lab created diamonds are much more expensive than a moissanite, with its price leaning more towards a diamond. But it’s lab created. Cubic zirconia’s get dirty and cloudy very very quickly. It doesn’t matter how gummed up a diamond is, it’ll still have a bit of sparkle, whereas a cubic goes cloudy.

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    Fun video idea! It’s a nice change from the “trending” videos we see over and over!! Would love to see more!

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    Diamond rings are such a big deal in the US, it’s not like that at all where I live.

    • grey salt says:

      Same. Gold is given more importance where I live. ✨

    • Eleonore Bon says:

      Gisela Perez • the Netherlands, people do buy diamonds, but it’s not a big deal, and the average amount spent is much lower than in the US. It’s also not that common to ask to see the ring when someone is engaged.

    • Gisela says:

      That is interesting. Where do you live?

    • Eleonore Bon says:

      Norma Casto • Unlike gold, diamonds lose their value the moment you step out of the shop. Unless you have some sort of rare historical diamond. But still, they can be very nice. Although I prefer old-fashioned diamonds that are cut in the old way, less sparkly.

    • Norma Casto says:

      Eleonore Bon because women’s in US (not every women!!!)
      Brainwashed with Diamond ring !
      Diamond is so expensive when you wanna buy it
      But if you want to sell it suddenly not expensive anymore
      It’s not rare at all! Overpriced and lots of blood behind the diamond industry !!
      Smarter women’s buying a Moissanite ring more brilliant than diamond , almost hard as diamond very durable for every day wear !! but less expensive !!!And the most important conflict free

  258. Oshara says:

    Well it depends on the quality of the diamond you are comparing a fake with! A fake is made to look like a perfect diamond. What are the specs of the real diamond?

  259. diA goddess says:

    Blouse ???

  260. Katelynn Hope says:

    I only buy fake rings. Real silver, so it doesn’t turn my finger green. That way i can try out all different styles 😂

  261. Katherine Yip says:

    Hi Shea! I suggest you to get an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

    I used to clean my ring with a soft toothbrush with just liquid soap but it doesn’t get underneath the prongs (the base of the diamonds).

    With the ultrasonic cleaner, I just put my jewelry in with a small amount of cleaning white vinegar. After the cleaning cycle has finished, wipe/polish it with a good jewelry cloth. (Also good for cleaning glasses etc EXCEPT PEARLS!)

  262. Gothic Princess says:

    The band on yours is also slightly wider/thicker

  263. Justdelightful says:

    Lol..and this is why you don’t need to break the bank just for a blood diamond ring!..they both look nice.😁

    • Jessica Frias says:

      @Anon Mous actually created gems last just as long, are just as strong and less likely to crack since they don’t have any impurities that happen in the natural gems.

    • Mara Burton says:

      Anon Mous moissanite is just as durable. White sapphire also comes close in terms of durability, and it looks even closer to a Diamond than moissanite, as it’s not as clear/sparkly.

    • Seleena Baxley says:

      That’s why when my husband and I talked about a ring for myself we wanted to go the best route possible. We chose a lab made diamond and the white gold was repurposed from an old ring. Three years later and this ring still looks amazing and I always get compliments. I’ve taken it to the beach, I wash my hands with it, I do dishes, and look after two children. Not one stone has fallen off and the gold still looks really nice. We were actually at Kay yesterday for a cleaning and the jeweler couldn’t even tell without tools. My ring cost 500 alone. Not including the wedding band which was another 500. That ring was bought from a mom and pop shop and was previously owned so kinda thrifted if you will.

    • Anon Mous says:

      Felecia Settles i think durability is why people go for diamonds

  264. Victoria Bond DeLucca says:

    What type of monitor is that??

  265. Bonny Stokes says:

    I think it’s important to note since you said a couple of times that it’s a great option for people who can’t afford a diamond…it’s also a great option for people who don’t want to waste 10k plus on a diamond.

  266. S Bradley says:

    My real diamond ring reflects a lot of rainbow color especially in dawn/dusk lighting 🤷 so I would say the fake one is a really good choice. I don’t know what kind of stone is used but I know with man-made diamonds they’re actually much cleaner and purer than Earth mined diamonds, because all the conditions are controlled. I’ve also heard CZ looks nicer when compared against a natural diamonds but I’ve never tried that out myself.
    You’re ring is beautiful by the way.

  267. AnitaRose says:

    What kind of computer monitor is that?

  268. Adelina Guler says:

    This is a fun experiment, but psychologically regardless of how the rings look like, people are more likely to choose number 1 over number 2

  269. Natalia Dávila says:

    Designer bags!

  270. Oogle at Luxury says:

    It shouldn’t really matter if other people can tell it’s a diamond or not. The benefit of a diamond is the durability. The overpriced cz you bought will get scratched and chipped really easily whereas your diamond should hopefully last a lifetime

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    hi shea, i really enjoyed your video. Just a suggestion tho, please check your audio settings when filming. the treble is too loud so the sound is a bit tinny. that’s all. keep it up tho! might buy one from tigergems. lol

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    OMG the fake ring was still so expensive I know it’s a fake Diomond but it is still a really nice ring looks good quality as well

  274. Remi J says:

    AGS ideal cut will give you alllll the whites and rainbows that’s why cut is king with diamonds

  275. Wendy Dong says:

    I always wear identical fake wedding ring set when travelling and keep real ones at safer 😎

  276. Jacqueline Homs says:

    It might actually be something psychological, since people think the fake one might be bigger because otherwise it would’ve been way too expensive? And the best way to see de difference between fake and real diamonds is that real diamonds sparkle way prettier in candlelight.

  277. catherine valli says:

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  278. Blonde Ambition says:

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  280. Rachel Demeree says:

    I think that if you did this again, you should ask them why they chose 1 over 2. I bet a lot of them made their decision based on size. People generally do not expect a diamond to be very big so because the fake one was slightly smaller, I bet that’s the main reason they chose 1!

  281. Natalie says:

    I’m getting one of these to wear at work so guys won’t talk to me

  282. Elsa B says:

    Funny video!! I know some people in Mexico they get a fake ring to wear everyday because of insecurity on streets #notproud

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    • Chiara MacLellan says:

      Yes!! Completely monopolised and by De Beers. They’re a scam. They decrease. Significantly in value after purchase and they’re neither rare or precious. Moissanite for me all the way! ♥

    • Jessi B. says:

      Bella Abastta Everything Runa said. Also you have no proof if your Diamond was humanely mined. People died mining diamonds. A lot of people. There’s no guarantee or proof that your diamond didn’t have a death toll trying to get from the mine to the jewelry shop. Hence the common name of “Blood Diamond”

    • RunaSaeunn says:

      Many new mines were discovered at that time and European financiers feared that the discovery of new mines would increase the supply of the gem and will result in it becoming a semi-precious gem. Hence De Beers, in 1888, became a merged institution (cartel) which controlled most of the production and distribution and perpetuated the illusion of scarcity of diamonds. This illusion helped them in stabilizing the prices of the gem.

    • Bella Abastta says:

      layna Cav How so?

  288. always glam by Jen says:

    I wish you would’ve asked why they chose what they did. To me i think everyone chose the fake one because your real one just looked too nice for it to be real.

  289. Linnéa U. says:

    Thank god that diamond rings don’t are a thing/tradition in my country. We use wedding bands where one is plain metal (the engagement ring) and one can be adorned with small diamonds or stones (the wedding ring). The american ones are almost like a weapon haha

  290. ShuBabe Facey says:

    You should have asked them why they choose

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  297. Pink Plantagenny says:

    The other option are lab created diamonds, which are fully real, but lower cost and don’t come with human rights atrocities.

  298. Catherine Hove says:

    You were so right! I am a Jeweler and CZ stones are made of mostly glass and will give off a rainbow when in lights, but diamonds will always shine their clarity which is mainly white in color!

  299. Mary5Sunkissed says:

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  301. Felisha Everett says:

    My actual wedding ring is a cubic zirconia. I told my husband don’t buy a real diamond because it’s a waste of money.. which was proven here lol. I get compliments all the time on my ring and no one knew it was cubic zirconia until I told them

    • Felisha Everett says:

      Also, we got my ring from Berricle. I have since gotten a few so I can switch out my ring whenever I get bored of one and so forth. I’ve actually lost a few…I have a toddler…and again I am so glad my husband didn’t buy a real diamond lol

  302. Corinne Rose says:

    *💖 This is a great video. I create videos too if you want to check them out. I just recently uploaded a video. Keep up the great work. 💖*

  303. Tamra Browning says:

    I bought an “engagement” ring off of Amazon just because I thought it was so beautiful it was $12 ans everytime I wore it people thought it was real and would always say “What ever man gave you that ring must really love you!” It’s a CZ stone and its stainless steel so it doesn’t turn my finger green…..even if a man bought it for me i would’nt even care that it was $12 that way I don’t have to freak out too much about losing a $1,000+ ring

  304. DYR0225 says:

    I work with jewelry, and the BEST alternative is moissanite. A DIA hardness is 10, and a moissanite is a 9.2. And a moissanite has more brilliance than a DIA.

    • DYR0225 says:

      @SydLovesLacey Thanks!

    • SydLovesLacey says:

      The best alternative is actually Amora. It’s better than moissanite, you’ll have to look it up.

    • Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking says:

      Miguel Gonzalez it’s more of a starburst cut than a normal cut I promise my best friend is a jeweler and says she knows instantly if it’s a moissanite because of the way it’s cut. They’re very pretty don’t get me wrong lol just obvious it’s a moissanite

    • Miguel Gonzalez says:

      @Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking Baloney lol

    • Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking says:

      DYR0225 my 3ct from TigerGems looks more like a real diamond than my sisters moissanite does. The way they cut moissanites isn’t the same as diamonds so you can tell they’re not a diamond in an instant.

  305. Nancy Comtois says:

    I loved my ring until I lost it…still think about it to this day 😒

    • Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking says:

      Nancy Comtois this is why I told the hubby NOT to spend $80k on my ring. I got one of the tiger gems 3ct rings so if I lose it I can just order another. Also, bought a new car with the money instead-it’s harder to lose a car 😉 lol

  306. Nancy Comtois says:

    Spoiler they’re both fake ! Lol 😋

  307. LeilaLamb says:

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  311. Sharon Hughes says:

    Final thoughts, diamonds are such a waste of money 😂

    • Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking says:

      Sharon Hughes EXACTLY! Lol so overrated. I have the 3ct round from TigerGems and get way more compliments on it than my mom does on her real one lol and we used the $80k he would’ve spent on a silly ring to get me a new car! Woot woot!

  312. Marvellous Melie says:

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  313. Melly B. says:

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  314. Elizabeth Smith aka elizabethpaintshernails says:

    This was a great video! I wonder if the diamonds were the exact same size, if that would impact the results. I think people choose the fake one bc it was smaller, thinking, ‘I bet the smaller stone is real.’ And your ring is GORGEOUS!

  315. Savanna Desmarais says:

    Yesssssss, I love this idea for a series! You’re awesome! I’ve been watching your channel for a year and I’m a big fan!!! Keep up the awesome content, love you!!!! ❤️

  316. Mamamia says:

    Real diamonds are actually not rare at all but these jewelry companies make you believe they are and upcharge people sooo much. De beers are scam artists. Once you buy a diamond ring it’s incredibly hard to make anywhere near what you paid for it, so in the end it’s not a good investment. Granted most people aren’t trying to resale their rings, but there are many other gems and crystals that are cheaper and worth way more! Anyways I loved this video, it was very different and goes to show the average person would never know! I like the idea of buying a cheap everyday ring to wear ♥️

    • Jennibeans25 says:

      Agreed! If you cant resell it for what you purchased it for (or more), it is only sentimental, not a good investment.

    • foxiefair123 says:

      @Sydney R He’s right. My ex was a jeweler and a pawnbroker, and he said the same thing.

    • Sydney R says:

      I work in a jewelry store and I can tell you first hand that you will never get back the money you paid for a diamond back no matter the size. A lot of people think of it as a investment but really it depreciates over time. Diamonds whole sale are way cheaper than what consumers actually end up paying.

    • Bella Abastta says:

      Educate yourself

    • Bella Abastta says:

      Not true at all! People don’t just markup the diamonds for fun … they have value. Think about how that beautiful semi flawless diamond took time to grown naturally in the ground and then someone had to dig it out and identify it polish it cut it set it … its process

  317. Mandy V says:

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  319. sw33tki33es17 b says:

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  321. Anna R says:

    Love this video, btw simulated means lab made, they do fall under the catagory of diamond. TJC is very good at explaining this. but they are both very nice just with very different price tags. love your videas Shea you are so fun to watch.

  322. Nicole smiles says:

    Why didn’t you ask anyone why they thought the fake ring was real? I really want to know why they thought that.

  323. Dajana Milosavljevic says:

    What do u mean by fake? Just because it is another gemstone it doesnt make it fake? Other gemstones have their own charactheristics that make them beautiful and on which they are valued. OR is the stone actually a bijouteri ring? In that case it is made to look like a diamond and can be called fake.

  324. Kathleen Woods says:

    Good idea with comparing real vs fake items.

  325. Susie Q says:

    You can tell if a diamond is real or not by how “perfect” it is. If it looks perfect, chances are it isn’t real. Also, I would be way to scared to do this with how people can be!! I’d be scared someone would rip my ring off my finger and run lol

  326. Jeanne Bissell says:

    The real one has facets! It looks much better.

  327. ohhitstheshizz says:

    I think a few things were at play here,

    Personally I would’ve picked #2, simply because it was on your left hand.

    I think the reason a majority of the people picked #1 is because their eyes are drawn to THEIR left first.

    A little mind trickery.

  328. Dream Bee ASMR says:

    I ordered this exact ring and just received it and I must unfortunately say I’m very disappointed. The center stone is rather large but I personally could see that it looks fake, it did not give the look of a real diamond. My Swarovski rings looked better in quality when I compared the ring. The band is rather thin as well. I do know this is a simulation stone but for the price of this ring I’ve seen better quality fake diamond jewelry. I really wanted to LOVE this ring due to your review of it and it’s a pretty ring but maybe just not for me. Maybe I just need to purchase a smaller size stone as it may not look so fake. I am returning this ring to Tiger Gems. TFS.

  329. Celina Le says:

    can you do a video on how you clean your rings? love your videos btw!

  330. janki patel says:

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  331. Jill Maurer says:

    As a fine jewelry designer I found this to be such an interesting video! Fake diamonds and lab created diamonds have caused such a dilemma within the jewelry industry. The biggest concern is that as they get better and better they may collapse the value of diamonds.

    • Jill Maurer says:

      @Kelsey Carroll Agreed. To each their own!

    • Kelsey Carroll says:

      @Jill Maurer I prefer things like real estate and a new car. But to each their own.

    • Veg Vixxxen says:

      Well diamonds are virtually worthless in the end anyway thank DeBeers for making the profit to begin with lol

    • Jill Maurer says:

      @Kelsey Carroll It’s all about supply and demand. Some of us love beautiful treasures from the earth and are willing to pay for them.

    • Kelsey Carroll says:

      I mean, I think it’s kinda dumb putting an outrageous price tag on something that came out of the dirt…. so maybe that’s why people aren’t buying diamonds as much, because it’s just a glorified rock.

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    • Glam Farmhouse Wooodworking says:

      Agnes Mittakova I was thinking this as well. I had a client (I woodwork) who saw my 3ct TigerGems ring and said her goal was to get a ring like mine for their 30th wedding anniversary. She lived in a 5million dollar house. I live in a 300k house. Talk about a compliment!

  335. Alexandria Michelle says:

    100% can tell the difference

  336. Saba Sabina says:

    I never wanted a real diamond. Waste of money and possible to get blood diamonds. I instead ordered a custom made real rose gold setting with a CZ. It was cheap even being custom made. And the jeweler has the 3D model, if it ever gets stolen or lost, I can order exact copy.

  337. Dani Halling says:

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  338. Banana Pancakes says:

    This is such a fun video Shea!
    I recently just got engaged and I had picked out my “fake” diamond engagement ring and I absolutely adore it.
    I wanted something big and beautiful but without the ridiculous price of a diamond so I went with moissanite and I get compliments on it every single day, from guys and girls!
    I love how it looks! If you’re feeling anxious about the price of diamonds, go for moissanite, they are just as beautiful!!

  339. SARAH FORREST says:

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    EDIT: also as a nurse, I don’t worry about wearing my man made diamond.

  354. John Smith says:

    I’m thinking CZ is sparklier…at the beginning but it starts to cloud with time which a diamond will not do. Why don’t you try with moissonite and see what happens.

  355. nina nelson says:

    If you were not being paid by the company of the fake ring…then why are you saying their name over and over and over. I dont buy it. I feel you are being paid by Tiger. The fake one is./…you!

  356. Patricia Newton says:

    I recently helped my friend end an engagement/cancel a wedding *sad :(* but when we tried to exchange/sell the rings back, all of the professionals we spoke with said that the rings depreciated 40-60% the second you walk out of the retail store. WHAT! A few months old, never worn. 🙁 We are still shocked and trying to decide how to handle it.

    • User. says:

      Diamonds don’t hold their value, it’s the gold that does. I’ve sold the diamonds from my ex through Facebook marketplace or similar places cause I could get a higher return from people than the jewelry

  357. Randi Bass says:

    But, it would be more interesting to ask WHY they chose what they did.

  358. Hank and Rex says:

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  359. Bryan Aguirre says:

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  360. RomanTheSamoyed says:

    I would have automatically said 2 because of course you would wear your real wedding ring on your ring finger! Lol

  361. Alexis Hill says:

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  362. Brittany Sutterfield says:

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    Amazon has a great dupe under daisy rose

  363. Kanori W says:

    Love these videos from you. So fun to watch. People tend to go toward the rainbow sparkle thinking it’s real. Actually that’s what should give it away that’s it’s a fake. A true diamond lover will know the sparkle has a different fire to it. 🙂

  364. D. D. says:

    Great video and concept, but I wish you had asked the people why they chose the one they did, particularly the one who guessed correctly.

  365. Madison Bell says:

    Looking at it your real ring looks bigger than the fake one. That’s probably why so many people chose the fake one!

  366. Lorraine Joseph says:

    You helped me a lot with this. I am trading my moms ring for a new ring. It is called growth diamonds. It was a thing 35 years ago. And my mom goes with me to trade the old ring for the new one. There was am action when you trade the old for the new one and the new one is more expensive you get the money back. Let say it is 500 dollars and you want one for 1000 you get that money back from the new one. And you can start fresh with an new diamond. And go more up. I also bought earrings. I had some old gold. And with this point system you got more money so i did and got the earrings what normally 2 days of food costs. So i want to try that with the rng but this time get money back or invest in new weddingrings. Ours are so bad.

  367. Shelly Lake says:

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  368. sahra ahmad says:

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    • Kristen Varghese says:

      sahra ahmad I’m pretty sure she actually talked about it in either her last video or two videos back!

  369. Yachy Ivy says:

    I actually own a Tiger Gemstone ring! I bought one of theirs because of the reviews and it’s VERY similar to my real engagement ring. It’s perfect for me to wear when I travel, have a night out, go with swimming, etc. I highly recommend them!

  370. Mpompadour says:

    Cubic Zirconia has come a LONG way since when it was first introduced sometime in the 1970s. The material today is much, much better. If you want to see some knock out CZ jewelry set in sterling or gold vermeil, go to JTV and check out their Bella Luce line. The prices are GREAT!

    • Mpompadour says:

      @Annie May McNeely Yea, if you buy something that is big as a biscuit. That’s tacky, I agree. But they have a lot of beautiful jewelry in normal, believable size stones. Don’t knock it until you try it.

    • Annie May McNeely says:

      Mpompadour bella luce is tge most godawful,tacky crap

  371. Larissa Bauer says:

    Loved loved loved this video! You are so inventive with your ideas. How do you come up with so many killer videos? I relate so well to you and love that you are my age. Please do more of these! Do a real versus fake bag video.

  372. Tara W says:

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  373. Meyli says:

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