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Testing Strangers Diamonds Public Interview. Wedding Rings Edition

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Testing strangers diamonds pt.3:

Outro Song:

Also want to shout out Unghetto Mathieu and Lavado for jumping in my video!

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  1. KEL AND P says:

    U a real one for dat‼️🚫🧢

  2. Selorm Dennis says:


  3. GamingWithDev For Life says:

    Thats ty brazy

  4. Kelsey Hudson says:

    Y’all hollering about the wedding ring doesn’t have to be real.. but if a man proposes to me and I have to wear a piece of jewelry for the rest of my life. I would hope it’s real 😒

  5. shanna 08 says:

    The sounds are killing me

  6. Its Nelly says:

    Lmaoooooooo omg the lady in the beginning she was going off about her husband. She said WHAT husband 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Kaya Janae says:

    100k youtube? My thing must be broke ;p

  8. Joe Mabaso says:

    Ain’t nobody gon tall about lil man @5:00😂😂

  9. Blakk Wiiidow says:

    LMAAOOOOO she said “lemi call him” . Hollering

  10. FR.Skynet says:

    0:10 he was in like 5 previous videos I just watched lmao that nigga stay at the mall

  11. LIVE From Bk says:


  12. mr bander says:

    Wooooooow!!! The wedding ring aint real!! Wooooow! Got damn! Eeeh😬🤦‍♂️

  13. Imtijung Yaden says:

    15:50 Cris Jenner just pass by😆

  14. Tamika Renéé says:

    The first one 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. itz naiyah says:

    At 5:46
    Why did I say yuh get in too it😕😂💀

  16. Magdala Petit frere says:

    The way the kid just pass by and look was funny

  17. Jayden Robinson says:

    He said the post office🤣🤣🤣

  18. king kg says:

    watch the ads all the way through he gets more money and can make more and better content that way. spread the word

  19. kaitlin_08 says:

    I find it so stupid when they test people that admit it’s fake. 🤦‍♀️
    It’s only funny when you catch people lying or someone that thinks it’s real

  20. Валера Я says:

    I didn’t get the laugh on 7th minute

  21. Lillian Hanze says:

    My guy probably just ended 5 marriages😭💀

  22. Aja Valdez says:

    omg 😭 that’s horrible

  23. Tamara Faircloth says:

    I got 100k on YouTube.
    Sees 48.3k at the time of watching. Clown.

  24. LaNija Brown says:

    The girl with the glasses and green locs was so chill she was my favorite

  25. Unbelievable Moments says:

    He said I’m pretty sure it’s a marble 😂

  26. Diamonique says:

    That poor woman!

  27. Cammy d says:

    bro LMFAOOO

  28. Provokezyyy says:

    What the intro tho

  29. ARMY_Linda 4814 says:

    That was the ungehtto Mathieu 🤣👏🏼

  30. Yan Sfor says:

    2nd lady is praying for me then lol. My husband when we were engaged he let me pick my engagement ring and I choose a cheap one. It’s a cute ring 😋

  31. Davy Brazell says:

    Folks trippin by taken it off too get tested smh

  32. TRINITY RENEEひ says:

    Out here ruining marriages and shit 😭😭.

  33. Holly Cline says:

    Why did this guy say he has 100,000 subscribers when he does not even have half that amount?

  34. YKTVwitTrinity says:

    when he turned up the tester 😂😂

  35. itzz.nevaeh ._ says:

    is it just me or is it when she said test my fingernail there was a boy in the background making faces 😂

  36. purpleDiva21 W says:

    10:11 did she not just say that one was fake and the other was real? Y’all are so green

  37. 413.thotty says:

    I’d only be bothered if they made it seem like they knew it was real Fr

  38. Taylor Odum says:

    That dude in the original sweater is always in these types of videos talking about cubic zirconium same outfit and all lol must be the one for him 😂

  39. Key says:

    It’s unghetto mathiu!

  40. Lessa Reeves says:

    I need an update on that woman 😂

  41. Sanyelis Reyes Alcantara says:

    Where my Dominicans at🇩🇴🇩🇴🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️????

  42. Bonnie Rabbit says:

    Stop putting your phone in your pocket and throwing in those other rings that aren’t even wedding rings. Tf. Stick to the subject.

  43. EditingTingz says:

    I rlly only like Unghetto Matthieu cause Otha ppl be hella rude when they find out its fake

  44. Elena Patricia says:

    5:08 who saw that boy?=))🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  45. kiyahh Love says:

    He gave her a fake ring

  46. Dasha says:

    she got it at clair you know we going on a trip.

  47. SillyWhiteDaddy says:

    He 🧢 say 100k and he tryna expose ppl 🤣🤣

  48. Skinny Versace says:

    It could be Crystal which is still expensive. Not all clear gems that aren’t diamonds are cv’s

  49. Hazulkar says:

    Asks stranger: “Is the diamonds real?”

    Stranger: “No”.

    *Tests the diamonds: IT’S FAAAAKEE!!!!

  50. Cherry Jones says:

    Mexican guy is so adorable 😫

  51. Yafavv._ blasian says:

    This nigga breaking up marriages😂

  52. savannah olsen says:

    He really said I have 100k on YouTube bish he only have 45k

  53. Indianna Ramon says:

    You gained a new subscriber this shit is fuunnyyyyy

  54. DatDancer Onna says:

    How Do You Make A Video To Someone Else Song 🤣

  55. Kelyn Gartei says:

    Your was so disrespectful to the black ladys👇😠

  56. Kelyn Gartei says:

    She said it’s gettin hot in here🤣😂👇 when she standin in whole store👇😂🤣🤣

  57. Kelyn Gartei says:

    This video was so funny LoL 👇👇😂

  58. Drucilla Bready says:

    the 3 lady one of the pics was wings from funnymike

  59. Jadalyn Anaya says:

    “Ima let y’all have a good day” 😭

  60. Makendria Mcclain says:

    At @5:18 the kid in the backround😂😂😂

  61. Jeffery Williams says:

    This nigga ruining marriages and shi😂😂😂

  62. Kea Tv says:

    5:01 peep ty brazy 😂😂😂but I’m most deft subscribing This was funny

  63. ucnhtmenow1 says:

    Claire’s don’t sell real shyt. Get that tester checked out mayne..

  64. ucnhtmenow1 says:

    6:05.. Why is her ring on the right hand though?

  65. wellisntitali says:

    Look like juice wrld

  66. Ange Xweteb says:

    Your such a liar on your yt chanel you have 41.9k

  67. KJ JEWELRY says:

    Claire’s sell diamond earrings now? I need to go there 😂😂

  68. KJ JEWELRY says:

    People telling them the diamond ain’t real and they still testing it

  69. KJ JEWELRY says:

    Her hand is ashy because that ICE on her hand almost broke the damn tester 💎💎

  70. KJ JEWELRY says:

    He’s out here trying to expose people and his earrings FAKE 🤣🤣🤣

  71. UniqueBeauty333 says:

    How u married for 10 years and don’t know ya ring fake

  72. Kyra Panton says:

    Rudeee for mocking her hands buh no cap they weren’t wrong😭😭😭

  73. Eli West says:

    Why he Cap about how many subscribers he had 😂

  74. alexbelt01 says:

    March* your girl wedding rig is fake o. I forgot you dont a wedding rig because you got no girl.

  75. Shown Ali says:

    Buy yourself a good phone or a mic by selling that ice tester 😂😂😂

  76. angie marie says:

    100 k followers on YouTube 😂 dude u only at 40k

  77. Tommy Reusse says:

    She really think she got diamonds on her nails?! lmao

  78. Kimberly says:

    14:56 they said copy and paste 😭💀

  79. Harmony Jones says:

    Bruuhhh the tip of her nail and her ring were the same scale I’m deadddd

  80. Stacy Castro says:

    You only have 40k umm

  81. Frost c: says:

    Crazy how unghetto Mathieu in the intro lol

  82. Jaenialyz _ 31 Queens says:

    What app is that. that yourself talking in

  83. Brooke Lefort says:

    I like how he said wedding rangs

  84. alan5150r 7 says:

    Dominican republic 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴✋

  85. E Lynn Hernandez says:

    The kid in the background when 2:25

  86. Eme Rose says:

    That second lady seemed so nice and fun🥺

  87. twinkiee says:

    “and dat shi moved mighty far”🤣

  88. Kirsy Figueroa says:

    Dam I feel like buying it to see if mine is real lol

  89. nillyboy motley says:

    Some of them women were hurt…lol

  90. nillyboy motley says:

    How security gonna come up and power trip like that…

  91. Shirley Abrego says:

    he said i got 100k on youtube.. no he don’tttt😭


    5:01 y brazy in da background

  93. Matthew Elledge says:

    You want to embarrass people but you never texted your ice

  94. Sam Luka says:

    your that guy that got tested at the mall but you where a fake ynw melly fan.

  95. Person Person says:

    That dude in the back🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Jonathan Kulik says:

    first one was funny


    He pull the diamond tester out like John wick


    I love how he payed homage and created original content

  99. Fuxk Luv says:

    “Hey it’s not about the money”
    “It’s about the love”💞
    Me: hell yeah preach 😂💯

  100. NaeePaysoo TV says:

    People being like “why they ungrateful” I mean they spouse lied to them thinking it’s real 🤷🏾‍♀️ If you giving me a fake ring tell me and we can save up for the real one. Don’t sit here and lie to me though.

  101. ac e says:

    this is so cringe. all them damn memes gomn. grow upppppppp

  102. 90s DancehallKid says:

    Bro out here breaking up relationship lol

  103. Jeremiah Joel Cabanas says:


  104. AlaysiaChardae says:

    When he turned it up “Ohhh theyyy reallll” I’m deadddd💀. Y’all know y’all voice sound like that when u fooling😭

  105. Layla Garcia says:

    5:00 that guys face tho

  106. Theophilus Akhere says:

    I dislike this presenter
    Go and learn more boi
    This shi*

  107. Oscar Alvarez says:

    The editing is annoying

  108. Jadelis Renovales says:

    You’re sopose to keep it steady and focuse so it can move cause another girl does it and it doesn’t work if you move a lot

  109. Drxxoy Gg says:

    U don’t have 100k

  110. SnazzyMXM3N says:

    4:59 look at the guy at the background lol

  111. Katelyn Sanchez says:

    5:58 now that’s how you represent D.R

  112. Jaylin Johnson says:

    So we gon ignore ty brazy?

  113. Tyler Oswald says:

    Whats the out to song cuz its way different than the link

  114. MUDSWAT says:

    8:35 ready light was not on. Small diamonds/chips are worth nothing more than fake diamonds. The tester goes short red if high quality fake or bad quality real. It shoots to the top if its high-quality diamonds. You can get a small quarter-sized pendant (maybe a little smaller) in 14k gold with real diamond chips for around $500+

  115. Taylar Monti says:

    5:00 brooo😂😂😂🤣😭

  116. Konrad konrad kucz says:


  117. Panda Dude says:

    What’s the intro song When they dance????

  118. Mathew Lazar says:

    10:05 tells him its fake then they dont show the real one that guys so stupid

  119. Icy. Avani says:


  120. Maria Adenekan says:

    So we not gon talk about homeboy in the back of the first one 😂

  121. Ballen1665 in Paradise says:

    Is it me or do SECURITY got her hand on her GAT (Flashlight)???

  122. Monica Castillo says:

    I paid $3000 for a ring that had real diamonds but when I tried to sell it I was given $60. Bought one for 300 and was given 100 sooo

  123. Paola Ruiz says:

    😂😂leave ur husband I’ll give u a real ring

  124. vMalik _soulrepo says:

    Him no mines real your isn’t

  125. Aye Anna says:

    Him: it’s about love not materialistic things
    Me: I agree
    My mind: I ain’t tryna be exposed either 😂

  126. Terriah Williams says:

    Oh this interesting

  127. Jay Calve says:

    Can I just fucking say Yh u might be testing ppl and all but don’t “have to” have diamonds to look good I mean Yh sure they really nice but there acc there for u to look nice init 🤣😭

  128. Hassan Maghraby says:

    My guy has 34k on YouTube and he’s saying he has 100k subscribers

  129. Martin Sleeknote says:

    the lady in yellow wow man bruv you killed it

  130. jeon luvまお says:

    Istg this dude I tall af

  131. Albert Taylor says:

    Why you trying to break people marriages up like that 😂😂

  132. Itsme _idiot says:

    You ain’t got 100k you have 34k

  133. Itoka Yeptho says:

    Destroyed 10 years relationship.

  134. VSCO Peppa Pig says:

    Tell me why I clicked on dis and a diamond add popped up?

  135. Nori Nori says:

    The First Lady 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣omg

  136. Simply Sammantha says:

    5:17 dude just Vibin

  137. Alyssia Baird says:

    Did anyone else see the boy in the back 💀 😂😂

  138. Adrian_h1 says:

    I like how he say he got 100k but he only got 30

  139. sedacia s. says:

    All these damn ads

  140. Rubaba Tabassum says:

    We not testing chains we testing People’s wedding rings😂🤣😂🤣

  141. DimDask says:

    Btw this is not a hate comment.

  142. DimDask says:

    Oh nah nah nah nah I got 100k on YouTube. Definetly not 33k at February 15th…

  143. DimDask says:

    Your AirPods look like fake..

  144. Brennan Beemer says:

    Intro song

  145. Mariah Periodt says:

    The girl in the yellow dem edits

  146. Berkley Mariah says:

    u have 33.4 k not 100 k

  147. Elif Altun says:

    subscribed then unsubscribed because yall are stupid and rude mannn

  148. jada says:

    my face the whole time he was roasting her hand😭: 😐

  149. Milan Hyman says:

    Callin ppl broke when nigga over here wit a iPhone 6

  150. Soph says:

    Youre so wrong. Doesnt mean its a CZ.
    It could be a real crystal, a different real stone or a moissanite.
    Doesnt mean its a CZ

    • Kaya Janae says:

      STIXZ B I never said CZ I said it’s more valuable shit then diamonds read.

    • STIXZ B says:

      Kaya Janae 😂CZ is not more valuable then diamonds thats a whole ass kap.

    • Kaya Janae says:

      they don’t know that cause clearly they rude asf and don’t know its more valuable stuff then diamonds. But i like watching the other guy cause he more cool and chill.

  151. Karen Rivera says:

    Broke ass btches be the most ungrateful

  152. Steven Arevalo says:

    You copied jaidencurls

  153. Michelle Diaz says:

    I’m subscribing just because he said from Montgomery 😂😂💖✌🏻

  154. J O S P H says:

    0:18 lil uzi twin

  155. Rosa Garcia Rivera says:

    I was like he look like he 18 and then he said I’m 18 I’m like omg I got it

  156. typical_Dana_The_Rat says:

    If you give him a wi-

    If you give him a RING


  157. rocksand rock says:

    Nah the First Lady that shit was funny😂

  158. Popeyes Biscute says:

    Ariel tiana and Makayla 😂😂 Makayla is my friends name and Ariel and Tiana😂😂are princesses

  159. Ummits_megs says:

    Ty Brazy!!! AYEEE💗

  160. Laure stadtmiller says:

    The little kid in the back doing a dance 😂😂

  161. beyonce otabil says:

    Who else’s saw ty brazy

  162. Hydro Pack says:

    My ningga put 9999999 ads on this vid

  163. Kayy206 says:

    If a ring dictate y’all marriage, y’all don’t love each other. That’s crazy smdh shouldn’t even be trippn like that.

    • Bridget R says:

      Nani Moniqueee its mot important to everyone tho 😬 the girl who was 23 w the 16 y.o. saying that if its fake and they both okay it’s fine, but if the girl think its real and he knows it aint, that’s when its a problem. if you care thats u but it’s not everyone.

    • Marchelle says:

      @Nani Moniqueee preach, because if he couldn’t afford a real ring at the time, he could of easily said it, he cant afford it right now, and would buy when when he gets the money, instead of making the women he supposedly love think something that it’s not, cuz if u lie about something as little as that, what else would u lie about becuz it hurt the person u love in the long run

    • st ann gal says:

      Fr. Ppl be real materialistic but the hissy gotta be honest too

    • ChIcKeN NuGgEt says:

      @Princess Ale the ring is not in any way the “most important part” of the marrige period.

    • Nani Moniqueee says:

      i can see whyd they be mad tho… a wedding ring is the most important part of the marriage.. so for it to be fake says something about the relationship kinda

  164. Tray Frakes says:

    Y u got to do wings like that

  165. Nat says:

    The 3rd girls eyelashes helllla stiff & crusty AF 🥴

  166. Aivreee Yooo says:

    When he was tryna explain cz had me gone🤣🤣

  167. XX Reyez says:

    march: “i GoT hUnnId K “

    march yt : *32.2k*

  168. Legend_lover says:

    Omg was that taji 😂😂😂😂

  169. harlyYT says:

    Dat shit fake

  170. Asha and Solange says:

    I’m dead

  171. Vezal says:

    5:00 Whats his Mission?🤔😂

  172. Jocelyn Rodriguez says:

    Your into be hella lit tho

  173. aestheticc - says:

    15 adds hehe

  174. Lizbeth Alvarado says:

    I counted 14 ads 😩😩

  175. Damian Flores says:

    What do you use to edit bruh ??

  176. Raleigh Mitchell says:

    How they gon test the fake one and not the real one

  177. Monica Mistry says:

    Is that perimeter mall?

  178. Adriana Knox says:

    He needa stop putting his damn phone in his pocket !!!☹️

  179. Josie says:

    CEO of putting 14 adds in a 17 minute video😭

  180. Nueen Merajul says:

    You not even testing some of them right

  181. Diana Matei says:


    • Diana Matei says:

      @March I’m free to comment what I want, u know?
      That’s what I saw n how I saw all this things. I’m sorry if I “hurt” u with my comment, but idk

    • March says:

      Well you have to understand not everyone is you. The people I’m around know me well and that’s why viewers should keep some comments to themselves because they don’t know what’s going on the other side of the camera

    • Diana Matei says:

      @March From this angle it doesn’t seem like that.
      I don’t want to be mean or sum, but if I would be filmed and then the creator put some sounds n images that it seems like he make fun of me I would be mad

    • March says:

      I do it for entertainment. It’s all love behind the camera

  182. Beary Playz says:

    Um what’s up with the guy in the back

  183. Vanessa Tellez says:

    Why does it put a necklace *expensive* ad before I watch these fricken videos like if this happens to u

  184. itz_em4 says:

    he a younger j
    uice wrld

  185. Leilanys Rivera says:

    “What husband”🤣🤣🤣

  186. blizgis muaaa says:

    6:57 wow, clap clap clap, you are so rasictic

  187. brandi myers says:

    The way they talk about “materialistic” things and then when they are fake they laugh at the people….how messed up dude.

  188. Amzaaa3 Amzaaa says:

    Lol 😂😂 the First Lady

  189. Stw_jr says:

    Did y’all seee you brazy

  190. Choco Bᴜɴ_Bun says:

    Bro u said u ain’t getting married

    Then u tell this last gurl to get with u 😂

  191. Anna Banana says:

    He dosnt have 100k onyt

  192. Laken Owens says:

    i seen ty brazy in the video walking

  193. K 254 says:

    The amount of ads🥱

  194. JD Crimson says:


  195. Brooklyn M says:

    13 ads in a 17 min video

  196. Mamtha Paul says:

    8:00 the one in black is 16yrs old… 🙄🙄 Dafaq.. 😒

  197. chloe elizabeth says:

    3:02 why didn’t he do the Diamonds on the ring

  198. Melanie Pelagio says:

    5:00 Lmaoo 😂 tha boy tho

  199. Jazmine Squad says:

    The girl from clairs but subscribe to me .

  200. yanelli nieves says:

    where’s there so many ads

  201. Its Me says:

    The First Lady like I’m had out and go kill my husband for giving me a fake ring
    Lol 😂

  202. Alexander Cornelius Lakjær Perez says:

    The wid ain’t even good quality and then you put that many ads in the wid,,,, man com on

  203. Gg Butterflie says:

    Its funny how this ladys dont even knw if they rings are the real deal , if they was my momma they wouldnt get fooled 😂

  204. Not Cool looks says:

    0:37 is how you know that’s a gold digger

  205. Shylane Gonzalez says:

    He said he got 100k but he really has 31k 😂

  206. FieryGhost69 says:

    He said 100k😂

  207. LZCUBE._ says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    March:I have 100k on youtube💀

  208. kaseddie brooks says:

    he needa stop putting it back in his pocket. can’t hear shit

  209. Lomarzanai McKissick says:

    Aye! Dominican Republic in the park 🇩🇴

  210. Leah Waters says:

    This guy talkin ghetto

  211. l0v3ly says:

    I mean i wouldn’t mind if a ring is real or fake idc I just care to have a boyfriend. I’m not showing love to a damn diamond materialistic material tf.

    • l0v3ly says:

      lunsiondaddy homeboy tf

    • lunsiondaddy homeboy says:

      Yes i understand but if a guy want to keep a woman who real really love he should get a real ring not fake at 1st i may tell her like babe this is not real yet but i promise later i will change it to real one so she we no

  212. Elgin Gamer26 says:

    I’m from the Dominican republic

  213. Kaylicious Tingz says:

    4:40 she really mad😭 that marriage gone 5:30 LMAOOO 😂😂😂

  214. Heres the Tea says:

    Y these black ppl have the whitest names and speak white but these lightskin ppl be talkin black

  215. Heres the Tea says:

    Bruh where yall be gettin dis shi

  216. Grace Garcia says:

    You didn’t test the ring wrong

  217. amen hotep maat says:

    Women marry for stability ( money )

  218. KristenBenzo101 says:

    Unless this ain’t his main channel I don’t see the 100k subscribers lol

  219. BandzzB 7 says:

    U ain’t got 100k

  220. BandzzB 7 says:

    That brown guy was sooo nice, the guy with a passed down ring🙏🏼

  221. Isis Cole says:

    Breaking up people marriages 😆 LOL that’s some messed up stuff

  222. Rocio Turcios says:

    15:25 those lashes are to big sisss

  223. Katty Martinez Estrella says:

    Loved this 😍💋

  224. Techy says:

    How many ads do you have

  225. Kristyn says:

    Nobody gonna say anything bout @TY brazy walking in the back at 5:00 😂😱🚶🏽‍♂️

  226. kyla bee says:


  227. Jonine Ockhuis says:

    5:15 , y’all see Ty Brazy in the back 😂🤪❤

  228. Demon Wrld says:

    He only got 30k not 100k 🤣🤣

  229. RealGabriela says:

    son got 30k ogey

  230. You gots to do better says:

    Did he say Montgomery

  231. WizzyGetem says:

    Corny 🤢🤮

  232. Keaton Loucks says:


  233. Valentino Dean says:

    Your shit move mighty far😂😂

  234. Zy’s Gaming! _ says:


  235. Fidel JImenez says:

    bruh dont even know how to use the diamond tester lmao

  236. qavent says:

    7:42 nigga her hands small asf😭

  237. Joshua Medina says:

    The kid tho 😂😂 5:16

  238. Green Gema says:

    What are these ads tho

  239. Beverly Smith says:

    Gold diggers that’s why I have these women ain’t got nobody

  240. ayeshanicolesmith says:

    I got 14 ads but I mean get cho coin homie

  241. April Hernandez says:


  242. Adriana Belle says:

    Who else saw breezy 😍

  243. Arieyana Skye says:

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