The History of Wedding & Engagement Rings

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Love is in the air this week! In this week’s episode, Natalie explains the history of how engagement and wedding rings started, and how the symbol of love made its journey from ancient Egypt to today’s most anticipated answer – “I Do.”

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48 responses to “The History of Wedding & Engagement Rings”

  1. Roxanne M. says:

    WHY SHOUT?!!!!! 🗣🗣🗣😬
    What has happened to the country?

  2. Freddie Stranger says:

    Wow. She is Super Gorgeous

  3. Dante Miller says:

    My engagement ring is an alexandrite bc it’s my birth stone and favorite stone. I hope I can pass it down generations to come 😁. I never thought of my self as a ring person but now I can see my self with out it.

  4. that fish girl says:

    Sources on information provided would have been awesome.

  5. The Prince says:

    It’s always from Egypt, birthplace of religion, the occult, philosophy and science, and art

  6. sash williams says:

    Did Adam and eve have wedding rings

  7. Faramund says:

    Rígsþula Stanza 23:
    Heim óku þá hanginluklu,
    geitakyrtlu, giftu Karli;
    Snör heitir sú, settisk und rifti;
    bjuggu hjón, bauga deildu,
    breiddu blæjur ok bú gerðu.

    Home did they bring | the bride for Karl,
    In goatskins clad, | and keys she bore;
    Snör was her name, | ‘neath the veil she sat;
    A home they made ready, | and rings exchanged,
    The bed they decked, | and a dwelling made.

    This is from 12th century Scandinavia

  8. Hornet Gaming says:

    The ring is still a shackle 😉

  9. Matina Jazmine says:

    Yes it’s always Egypt which is Africa .we were ahead

  10. WRO says:

    Some say the history of engagement rings was a promise to marry the woman. Since the woman was soiled by the man, if the man doesn’t marry her, she keeps the ring at least. Not very romantic.

  11. GrantKP says:

    it’s always the Egyptians haha

  12. boo bunn says:

    ok diamonds are a bit of a rip off and they can be a bit samey. but they are still very cool stones.
    place a big stone on your tongue and it’s ability to transfer heat will make it feel like a piece of ice. equally due to it’s carboniferous nature, a heated glowing hot diamond will combust in liquid oxygen dissolving into nothing but carbon dioxide. lets not forget we also have plenty of colored diamonds and i know none of you sniff at fancy color diamonds.

  13. Michael Mell says:

    If my future husband got me a wedding ring I would like it to be a ruby my birthstone

  14. Emma Brook says:

    2:35 wedding rings were banned or… band?

  15. Syreneei says:

    My mom her wedding ring doesn’t have diamond, it’s not even a something like a diamond and it’s green not a emerald and she also have a bracelet that is made of it and she says the bracelet if she wears it she gets like protected or something

  16. Syreneei says:

    I came from hellthyjunkfood

  17. Michael Harig Jr says:
  18. Daimyo Daemon says:

    Silver ring with aquamarine side stones to a Russian chromium diopside. Silver band is in Italian wheat style

  19. Hawkeye Stegosaurus says:

    Really interesting stuff here, I had no idea it was such a modern notion to wear rings

  20. Calla Bassett Bigg says:

    I have a really pretty engagement ring, it’s in the shape of a heart :3

  21. Verbigereando Channel says:

    You shout a lot, nice video anyway

  22. Lauren Colquhoun says:

    Would you unbox Rutile? TiO2? (small 2, not large)

  23. Christopher Martínez says:

    I love this channel

  24. Kage Song says:

    I initially proposed with a band of twine. Later my friend gave me a beautiful dark ruby to give to my (ex) fiance. The recipient has crushed my heart into a million pieces a few weeks ago..

  25. Ninja Hombrepalito says:

    In some places in, around 3,000 B.C., men gave their brides bracelets and a nose ring (usually the bracelets and nose ring were of gold). In early Roman Empire times (maybe not that early), in some places men gave their wives a necklace, with, well, like 800 dollars worth of decoration (equivalent currency in that time). And interestingly, lots of people today’s days wear their rings on a necklace instead of their finger. Which, I think a necklace is much better. Because, it doesn’t get in the way when doing things with your hands, it doesn’t make your finger thin and make you have to take the ring off every once in a while to wash your finger.

  26. Amos Suttelle says:

    I really think it should be the other way. If you’re single and looking you wear a ring. If you’re too young, married, or not looking you don’t wear a ring. Clears up allot embarrassment.

  27. Deborah Tansey says:

    Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a diamond engagement ring. She also wore white on her wedding day, which made both these items popular for brides.

  28. Roleplay Chic says:

    Guys, if you want to show how much you care with an engagement ring, get a ring of their birthstone. It’s much more thoughtful than a diamond.

    Unless of course their birthstone IS diamond.

  29. natslovebug says:

    My wedding ring is a sapphire, actually. 💙

  30. Fuzbrain says:

    Does anyone know why they’re still so popular? There are so many cooler rocks out there.

  31. DarthXerion says:

    My engagement ring belonged to my great great grandmother. It has a clear stone with an antique mine cut. But it isn’t a diamond! I love it and the story behind it.

  32. Mayur Arun says:

    And she is so beautiful 😍

  33. Mayur Arun says:


  34. Davi Van den Berg says:

    Have you noticed that ice sometimes has those air tubes inside it just like some stones with the cats eye effect, I speculate that ice can maybe have the same effect. I’m not a geologist but could you see if that is true?

  35. Deanna Jackson says:

    Diamonds are stupidly overpriced and a waste of money.

  36. James Robillard says:

    I just wish diamonds cost less.

    • Ninja Hombrepalito says:

      Like Grade A Under A says, don’t get diamond, get Moissanite.

    • natslovebug says:

      Look at created diamonds. They are larger, clearer, purer, and cheaper than diamonds out of the ground. You can also rest easier knowing there is no chance this was pulled from the ground by a dying child.

    • JohnSmith96 says:

      Search for the phrase “Diamonds are intrinsically worthless”. Build your case on that next time you go to a jewelry store.

  37. wanpakudanpu says:

    I wanna know which goofball jewelry company executive came up with the “rule” that people should spend two months salary on a diamond ring… and people actually accepted this!

    • Stephanie Egland says:

      wanpakudanpu this was also DeBeers. Another marketing campaign to jack up the price of one of the most common gemstones on the planet.

  38. Lore keeper XVII says:

    Don’t say it

    Edit: great episode had no idea the symbolism for the ring finger came from Egypt

    P.S. flapjacks (tried to be cool and say the word in Spanish turns out there the same word in both languages, rip me and my dumb humor)

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