Top 10 Engagement Rings 2015

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We’re counting down our top engagement rings for 2015.
Did your engagement ring make the list?


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54 responses to “Top 10 Engagement Rings 2015”

  1. Sonya Best says:

    The yellow one

  2. Chazz Ram says:

    Top ten govt rings…

  3. Reflections - Tania Rao says:

    This was mine 🤗❤️

  4. Dragana Perisic says:

    Divno je i čarobno 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. 꽃토끼 says:


  6. Мегафон Мегафон says:

    i like

  7. Maina Sundhar says:

    Last ta image ring rate Ena pls soluga

  8. Mini Me says:

    I liked the 6th and 8th ring

  9. Raquel Guzman says:

    Beautiful 😍 Gorgeous and we are still Engaged,😍

  10. Jeanette Jones says:

    Nice rings but to. High boo.loveyou.

  11. Marie Iacullo says:


  12. Jeanette Jones says:

    babe I love all the ring s my size 8

  13. Stellarit says:

    Rings with diamonds or moissanites?

  14. Raquel Guzman says:

    Our Engagement😍😍😘🇲🇩🇨🇴😀 I love the rings Beautiful

  15. Marwa Ahmed says:


  16. A. Salmon says:

    I’d rather buy a car.

  17. Enday says:

    Beautifully done! Do you mind if I use this video in a project of mine?

  18. Anush Bidla says:

    very nice rings

  19. Shunte Graves says:

    That’s very pretty
    I think that is pretty nice

  20. Mario Arias says:

    Totally impractical for daily wear lol.

  21. Greg Hammond says:

    Thanks for the help!

  22. Catherine Miller says:

    To bad you don’t have a size 4

  23. Marie Iacullo says:

    I love the heart one.

  24. Tranquility says:

    Today you can tell what the hot trend is, tons of women have the square rings. Be original ladies, you can choose a ring with color to it, like a gem other than a diamond😊🌷

  25. exoticlonghair says:

    no cabe duda que aqui hay rameras que cobran en efectivo, otras con regalos, otras con tarjeta de credito, y las peores y mas viles son las que cobran con anillos de diamante, como la mujerzuela del video, que aunque sea una modelo esta poniendo un pesimo ejemplo; increible que a las mujeres desde que somos niñas nos enseñan que vendernos, denigrarnos y prostituirnos recreativamente sea visto como algo bueno, cuando en realidad es algo bastante malo; con razon la institucion del matrimonio y las esponsales estan siendo destruidas y estan desapareciendo, gracias a estas “costumbres”. : (

  26. zak dd says:

    you all have terrible tastes. These rings suck

  27. shy potato says:

    im in LOVE with the halo engagement ring!!! 😮

  28. Kenturay Jewelry says:

    So nice video

  29. Keffington Bear says:

    They all look like plain rings with big rocks attached… where is the artistry (other than the gem cutters work); the first seven rings are plain and boring; and only ring number 1 showed some real design…. Top ten lists really are just a cheap way to get views.

    this should be a “top ten mass-produced & Replicated designs of 2015” list

  30. gazebo46 says:

    I remember when wedding rings use to be yellow gold.  Why is it now all white gold?  Beautiful rings, btw!

  31. Atiia Diamonds says:


  32. Sheri Soltes says:

    Lovely video in every way. I would love to see all the rings on women’s hands, please.

  33. Sharon Priya says:

    Halo is beautiful…😍

  34. MALOU SANANO says:

    Number 7 and fav number 8,,All beautiful,4,6.2

  35. chrisg45 says:

    Oooh, my favorite was the Kenya one!

  36. Benito Alfaro says:

    lve 5 6

  37. Marie K says:

    I love all , especially 1 and 6.

  38. Carlee Tannehill says:

    This is absolutely a very elegant, exquisite way your company is making rings,. It’s sooo hard to choose just one!

  39. Tania Bernardo says:

    I liked numbers 1, 3, 6 very beutiful and number 8

  40. litoboy5 says:


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