Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World | SUBSCRIBE to ALUX:

In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is the most expensive ring in the world?
What is the most expensive engagement ring?
What’s the world’s most expensive engagement ring?
Which celebrity has the most expensive engagement ring?
Most expensive diamond ring?
How much does an engagement ring costs?
How much should you pay for an engagement ring?
What’s the world’s costliest ring

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138 responses to “Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World”

  1. says:

    Hey Aluxers, What other “Most Expensive Video” should we do next?

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  2. Kyote 10 says:

    OF COURSE Mariah kept the ring! She’s to selfish to give something like that back, or to even sell it and give the money to charity

  3. Logan Sanderson says:

    35 carats? I thought they only went up to 24.

  4. Ramaslamdown C says:

    The most expensive ring:

    Saturn’s ring

  5. Angel of Destruction says:

    I thought prostitution was illegal

  6. Hidden Exit says:

    I was hoping for like filigree, celtic, elvish looking bands with the most intricate settings and diamonds that sparkle in every direction. But nahh, we get costume jewelry style. Bold & lame.

  7. Shyeshia Coldwell says:


  8. Lei Hyken says:

    Wow my Queen Mariah 🦋

  9. Buddha Fortune says:

    WTF is it even legal to marry 8 times lls

  10. Layla Green says:

    My diamond have to be blue can’t stand white diamond..

  11. Ali chudrue says:


  12. thalia quintero says:

    It doesn’t have to be DIAMOND 💍 💎

  13. larnette stunt says:

    wow ten million for a ring..absurd.

  14. Mario EdBright says:

    Well, JLO just got another of 4 million.

  15. Man Lil says:

    Obviously The guy didn’t find Mariah worth all that money…

  16. experiment bros says:

    0:8 / 0:13 not true

  17. Karine Asatryan says:

    perfect , thank’s 🤗

  18. Denise T says:

    Duh. So big that they lose their beauty.

  19. Mk Mimo says:

    For me the ring it just nothing but the happiness for my love once together at 4ever is the most expensive in dis world.

  20. Enzo Tatsuro says:

    Think of the creator of such a ring
    Trying not to F up

  21. Resmita Kunnel says:

    Less expectation less disappointment in life. Be content with what we have. Sound mind and sound health is the most precious things we can have in life.

  22. Catherine Malian says:


  23. Chris Thomas says:

    #2 information was also incorrect

  24. Chris Thomas says:

    Great Info, but terrible images

  25. Chakshu Chauhan says:

    Most Americans girls are gold diggers…they will always pick money with no insight of true love

  26. Tarkeema Lewis says:

    going to get another tattoo

  27. Stacey Vermilyea says:

    Three months salary? Is that salary before or after taxes?

  28. sanjeev chakravarty says:

    True love

  29. D- Mar says:

    Check out this diamond ring

  30. Happy Lady says:

    Wow, I can’t till I’m proposed to!!!💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

  31. Dumebi Okere says:

    This list needs to be updated

  32. Shar Roon says:

    These rings are ridiculous. I think its more beautiful when the stones are smaller. Why not buy a gift of a bracelet necklace ect instead if you need to show off.

  33. Carlos Kazungu says:

    Drips ov love from the heart fall vertically in btn the thighs where it becomes the strategic base for love…..rings becomes a handcuff that end You up To a death sentence…

  34. ALisON 's STudIO says:

    Bvlgari’s blue diamond ring is most beautiful ring…

  35. King Seth says:

    And none of the rings have blue sapphire. This video is a waste of time because sapphire is worth more than a diamond

  36. Atasha Vine P. Sambitan says:

    The biggest most expensive ring in the world belongs to Avril lavigne when Chad Kroger proposed to her it had 47 karrats. Although this was posted a year ago. Chad and Avril already broke up

  37. Erica Thomas says:

    To be honest with you I have a ring that was kind of expensive and it has a Spade with a skull in it the only special thing is it was built with stainable steel so that way it doesn’t rust or get dirty it’s built with special silver if any of you want to buy this ring there should be about two more in the Eastwood Mall at the jewelry stand.

  38. Kimmie says:

    The large rings look really tacky to me.

  39. len Genius says:

    All the worlds problems begin with diamonds. How can woman live with this hanging over them.

  40. Lindsay says:

    the ring shown for number 9 isn’t the one from onassis. its the one she received from JFK.

  41. rodittis says:

    Hate emerald or rectangular cut diamonds. It’s fitting that the biggest and ugliest stones are cut like this.

  42. Alexis Douglas says:

    But i love number 2

  43. Alexis Douglas says:

    I don’t like number 9

  44. skorpia g says:

    The krupp diamond ring has my name written all over it😁😘

  45. Alex Leal says:


  46. saruwatari ayumi says:

    They are big but the designs are ugly…

  47. Deanna Glory says:

    That was not Elizabeth’s engagement ring from Richard Burton. Her engagement ring was an emerald surrounded by diamonds from Bvlgari. Richard is buried in Céligny, Switzerland’. Elizabeth is buried in Los Angeles.GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

  48. Dunkaroos says:

    Diamonds that size don’t look beautiful. None of them are round brilliant cuts. They just look like big chunks of glass

    • La Ellie says:

      mrpicky510 Beyoncés, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Careys wedding rings are flawless. Rock on.

  49. Oleg Geraschenko says:

    True love only. Do a video on 15 terrible things money-obsessed people did please

  50. simbaliongard12 simbaliongard12 says:

    I went thet for my wife. I am only 11

  51. Drew A Rockwell says:

    You can do both if you smart and if I gril divorced or broke off the enhancement I would get the ring back

  52. Diamond and Gold Warehouse, Inc. says:

    Absolutely love ring #8! Emerald cut diamonds are very timeless and regal. Although, keep in mind they also show imperfections fairly easily. We love creating three stone emerald cut diamond rings for those brides who seek elegance and major sparkle in their engagement ring!

  53. Jerome Saura says:

    Woahhh mariah

  54. Saba Saba says:


  55. Baraka P says:

    These rings look stupid

  56. Henry Daya says:

    Mariah rock’s

  57. Jasmine says:

    melania trumps “ring” is definitely Kim Kardashian’s ring from Kris Humphries

  58. Juan Sebastian Dominguez says:

    resist implementation suggestion strategic peak automatic maintain obstacle plastic galaxy membership.

  59. Ess Jaaayy says:

    If you didn’t marry him give back the ring

  60. Yaros Snyder says:

    Funny fact non of these people stayed together for 1st marriage but spent a fortune of diamonds, love has nothing to do with how big the diamond has to be, I can spend 1k on a rind and have a very very long love life together with my wife and on the other spectrum someone has to spend millions on a ring to prove their love and split up few months or years after
    How sad

    • SCRAPPY PAYNE says:

      Yaros Snyder Beyoncé and Jay-Z still together and been dating almost 18 years and married for 10

  61. chempanda says:

    There are so many variety of stones now, the possibilities are endless and just because its not pricey doesn’t mean it’s not pretty.

  62. Spencer Chase says:

    Who the fuck cares about engagement rings? They’re a fucking waste of money

  63. Turquoise Chocolate says:

    15 things we don’t know about Floyd Mayweather

  64. Fay Goodwin says:

    Three months salary on an engagement ring is the modern etiquette norm? Didn’t De Beers famously state in the 90’s, how else can a months salary last a lifetime ? I know about inflation and moving with the times, but how have you gone from one month’s income to three as stated in this video?

  65. Ely Medina NAILS * says:

    Elizabeth Taylor married 8 times!!!!!!????? WTF. What part of marriage its not for you , you dont understand!!!!!!

  66. rebecca languelale says:

    Kate middleton engagement ring didnt make it to the list?



  68. Tayet4Buri says:

    Why marry for money? You can get that on your own if you are determined enough. If you marry, you have to share.
    When you marry, you marry for love. You marry because your life is considerable better with that other person in it.

    • Mystic Magic says:

      @Hail to the 7 EMPERORS of BANGTAN EMPIRE Marriage isn’t exactly a lifelong commitment. My parents are divorced, and I recognize they’re happier without each other. A divorce is just a breakup.

    • Hail to the 7 EMPERORS of BANGTAN EMPIRE says:

      Preach!!! I just don’t understand for those people who get marry just for the sake of money and other something else. I don’t understand too that some people don’t value and don’t know what marriage is. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and the one of the most important thing ever in love and relationships. Marriage is a serious thing.

    • James Grey says:

      Tayet4Buri 💯🙌🙌🙌

    • Yvette Bailey says:

      Tayet4Buri You put it perfectly. And I am the 1st to post a like and a comment on what you posted. Bless you for having some sense about you.

  69. しゆうこう says:


  70. Marianna says:

    Proves expensive doesn’t mean pretty…buck ugly IMO

    • I am no one says:

      Some of them are okay… though I’m not into large diamonds… a 1 carat round diamond would always be my favorite, classic and timeless.

  71. Gloo Jaam says:

    Shut the fuck up bitch beyonce is not queen of pop bitch

  72. Hanad Farah says:

    Hey Alux, can you please do one of Mariah Carey? Richest diva in the world 😀

  73. Vaibhavi Khadge says:

    jennifer and marc anthony ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. Mo Fahad says:

    sc: mo_fahad99

  75. Emoji Dog says:

    Beyoncé the queen of pop no way
    Princess of r&b

    • Kira Khelly says:

      Emoji Dog Actually the “Princess of R&B” is Aaliyah. Beyoncé is an amazing artist but that is not her title. Google “Princess of R&B” and Aaliyah will appear.

  76. Lertrangwal Klaychumsaeng says:

    The next is F1 career..

  77. Darius Brule says:

    can you do a video on what appreciates

  78. Martin Evan says:

    Someone Tell Anfisa.

  79. mxt mxt says:

    Seriously, they look bad. These rings don’t look that good. I guess big stones are hard to integrate in beautiful designs.

  80. Bamarah says:

    What a waste of money… especially since most people don’t marry nowadays.

  81. Caligula Magno says:

    Where’s my queen?

  82. YEVY TIVER says:

    if any of you wanna join our young entrepreneur group and wanna share your ideas ,influence each other and lastly (maybe create project) drop your email then I’ll send you the link

  83. SmackItUp-FlipIt-RubItDown says:

    Do a list of “Most Expensive Divorces” and “Most Expensive Weddings”…

  84. stewart onieze says:

    TOTAL MADNESS. Marriages that doesnt last. only for gold diggers

  85. Abdul Rahman says:

    publish top 10 buisness ideas

  86. Jeevan Bhandari says:

    make video on ratan Tata

  87. YourEntrepreneurJourney says:

    Gucci Mane proposed to Keyshia Kaoir with 25 carats..will marry 10/17/17

  88. adrian tepes fahrenheit says:

    If the worth of a diamond has the power to make the woman you love fall for you,honestly this is not a high price.

  89. Rishabh Kapse says:

    True love is my only goal. Next video on Mercedes-Benz please.

  90. Ammar Faiz says:



    Ha!!! If we’re not meant to be I’m definitely gonna get my ring back!!!!

    • Shar Roon says:

      biggybtoussaint If the girl breaks it off she is supposed to give it back. If the guy does she gets to keep it. Not saying that there is anything wrong with her giving it back to be a little more gracious unless she neefs to cover wasted wedding expenses.

  92. Sanketh G says:

    most expensive things the Queen Elizabeth possess.

  93. Jonathan Bajomo says:


  94. Efren Ortiz says:

    Can you imagine when President Trump ordered the ring? *Trumps voice* It must be the most beautiful ring ever and the biggest, it has to be the biggest most beautiful ring ever made.

  95. chula chalupa says:


  96. Shadan says:


  97. Jayesh Patil says:

    what’s engagement anybody can explain

    • Ely Medina NAILS * says:

      JAYESH Patil. A man who asks his girlfriend to marry him, does it with a ring as a gift to his girlfriend this way they are officially getting married ….. this one it has a diamond on it , now a days there are thousands of kinds of engagement rings, some are not really expensive, some like these ones are expensive……..

    • Usuf App says:

      a ring given by a man to a woman when they agree to marry. lol

  98. Jayesh Patil says:


  99. Ramin Udash says:


  100. priyanka gautam says:


  101. King Shobhit says:


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