Top 10 Ridiculously Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Top 10 Ridiculously Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings
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These celebrities announced that they would be tying the knot in a big way, and with massive diamonds on their fingers! MsMojo presents the Top 10 Most Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings! But what will make the top spot on our list? Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, or Mariah Carey? Watch to find out!

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90 responses to “Top 10 Ridiculously Extravagant Celebrity Engagement Rings”

  1. stinky6958 says:

    Did anyone notice how dirty Paris Hilton nails were

  2. isabel chacon says:

    I like big rings, so I don’t see anything wrong with this if you can afford it…now, class has nothing to do with the size of your ring, but something much deeper…

  3. Daniella Dahoui says:

    Oooh! Can you do a video of the Top 10 engagement/wedding rings in movies 😀
    Like Elle’s pink ring from Legally Blonde 2, Bella’s ring from Twilight series, the Tiffany’s ring from Sweet Home Alabama, etc?

  4. Q Q says:

    These are all gawdy. And why do all famous people choose emerald cut diamonds? They are SO boring.

  5. Christie Angelie says:

    Blake’s is actually okay

  6. Kelli Kocha says:

    I love Melania’s second ring and Blake’s ring. How many times has Paris Hilton been engaged?

  7. Tanae Bailey says:

    I for sure thought they were gonna talk about Paris’ canary yellow ring

  8. derek flint says:

    Many celebrities actually don’t buy real diamond engagement rings or other “real” jewelry. Since they often look for image over cost, they can deter theft while still having a gawdy glam image! Using cubic zirconium can give you the image and still protect your wallet.

  9. Sarai Maciel says:

    The fact that the rings are shown looming to the side of the finger instead of in the middle is REALLY bothering me

  10. Anucirq says:

    Who were not surprised that it was Mariah’s ring #1?

  11. Rebecca Johnson says:

    I would want a pink diamond like Anna’s but not a fan of the design.

  12. Kyote 10 says:

    HOW TF does one even wear such rings? It would be heavy, snag on everything and I’d be terrified to wear it for fear of damage or loss. Not to mention how tacky they look. SMDH

  13. Patrica Wyer says:

    Makes mine look small and cheap, but at least it was given with love, not oh my god what will people think if is not big or expensive enough.

  14. J S says:

    Blake’s is by far my favorite! It still big but not too giant, after a certain size it doesn’t looks that good. Diamonds that big are suppose to go on the neck!

  15. Kailee Garcia says:

    Blake’s is the only one that isn’t too gaudy

  16. Kimba Chapman says:

    Hilton is such a giving person

  17. I hate you all says:

    Ahhhh did guys get rings after their divorce?

  18. Kelli Kocha says:

    Why does Paris keep getting engaged then breakup?

  19. Anne Sofie Jensen says:

    i bought myself a black diamond ring in december. It only cost me around 22 dollars 😂

    • Samsons Delilah says:

      Anne Sofie Jensen :
      It’s nice to hear that at least you get the privilege of getting them cheaper, well done.

    • Anne Sofie Jensen says:

      @Samsons Delilah sorry to hear that but I work as salesperson in a jeweler so I know it’s genuine 😊 we hold these crazy sales every year and a privilege of working in the shop is that we get first pick and we know what to look for 😜

    • Samsons Delilah says:

      Anne Sofie Jensen :
      My husband bought me a 2ct black diamond ring about 10 years ago then I got the same in pendant form 4 years ago. I took them to be valued and the jeweller took great pleasure in telling me that my husband had bought me two very expensive lumps of coal.

  20. Shernade Hosein says:

    Just my opinion… small, classic ,elegant rings looks way nicer than all these big rings. Some of these big rings looks tacky.

  21. Daniel McIntyre says:

    love our FLOTUS’ diamonds!

  22. Gorojana Goga says:

    Jaki selebriti, Tom Kruz bolje da opere usi, moze u njima repu da sadi hahahaaaaa fuj

  23. Matthew Cleveland says:

    I Like Anna Kournikova’s Engagement Ring

  24. Leia Sophia says:

    I love how envious people here are 😂

    • Samsons Delilah says:

      Leia Sophia :
      I’m not in the least jealous, my engagement ring wasn’t expensive when it was bought many years ago. It’s worth a whole lot more now than it was when it was new. I like mine better than any that I’ve just seen here.

  25. Claire Indigo says:

    Why are people mad about the money it’s their money. If you want small ring it’s your choice but for me after a certain size it gets ugly

  26. Pam Lane says:

    She took him for a ride

  27. April Foote says:

    Why would you want to wear a ring that big

    • E Dennis says:

      Obviously you’ve never seen a big diamond in person. They’re so sparkly and brilliant that you could signal jet planes in the sky with those things. They’re mesmerizing. There’s a reason why big gems have been the cause of murders throughout history – like they say, some people would kill for one.

  28. pip pop says:

    Loool almost all were huge emerald cut diamonds that look like costume jewelry 😂 I know I want some class instead of size for my ring but to each their own I guess

  29. Simone Apolinário says:

    Ridiculo e nao poder ter😩😘

  30. booboobrinn says:

    The rings all look like they came out them machines x

  31. Tanya Garcia says:

    Team kim

  32. La Ellie says:


  33. Alex Leal says:


  34. YoYo says:

    Kims first ring that Kanye gave her at the stadium is by far my favorite… So pretty.

  35. YoYo says:

    #6… That’s when I lost my lunch… *VOM*

  36. Simone Apolinário says:

    Wow, i love diamonds

  37. Tiny Cook says:

    Why is everyone complaining.. if my man can afford n does not give me a big stone i would definately have my doubts.. if hes not spending on me where else is his money going.. 🤔

  38. savannahsmiles says:

    The Princess Kate Diana Ring Is The Best !!! Even Though It Was Not In The List ❤️❤️❤️

  39. bheatz1 says:

    Is anyone else shocked how poorly Paris Hilton takes care of her nails? All the other women have beautiful manicures but Paris’ nails just look unkempt. That’s surprising to me.

  40. Jen _29 says:

    Jesus Christ these rings are worth so much tf I understand it’s an engagement ring but that money could be used for better things. Pretty sure my moms engagement ring was only $1200

  41. Suzette1122 says:

    A separate list on beautiful royal engagement rings should be made !

  42. Franklin Warner says:


  43. IceMaster972 says:

    6:07 Surely the ring is the center of attention here

  44. Amanda W. says:

    J Lo’s pink one

  45. Rcj. Queenie says:

    I never really liked engagement rings, super huge stones don’t really look pretty to me.

  46. Cadillac Deville says:

    After a certain size….the rings look tacky. No matter how “pretty” it looks.

    • Empress Sparrow says:

      And let’s be honest they’re not practical. Unless you’ve got people you hire to do everything for you anything above 2 carats is going to get in you’re way, will snag on everything and you’ll bump it on stuff a lot. My engagement ring is a gorgeous 2 carat emerald cut but it’s just to impractical so now I have to downgrade to something practical for everyday wear.

    • Andrey Greenidge says:

      @Samsons Delilah nah tacky

    • E Dennis says:

      Some if the stones just look like glass to me. I wish there better photos of some of them. The way some of these women are so coy about them, maybe they ARE a bit embarrassed.

    • Samsons Delilah says:

      Cadillac Deville :
      They don’t look tacky, just a little bit ostentatious.

  47. Don't Fall Autumn says:


  48. SarahTennyo says:

    Yeah, there’s a point where having a ginormous stone on your finger starts looking like a ginormous boil on your finger.

  49. RayaDarling says:

    I don’t know why people are mad about how much money people spend on their engagement rings. It’s NOT your money.

  50. Korean Top News says:

    Song Joong Ki revealed to be Song Hye Kyo’s fan since childhood

  51. Sadiya says:

    Kate Middleton ring is the only one I really like:)

  52. kingnish says:

    the hell’s this?

  53. maxine chan says:

    Kim’s got stolen from Paris.

  54. Heidi Unruh says:

    oh third

  55. Lady Asriel says:

    I hate these gaudy rings. Every time I see them I immediately think ‘costume jewellery’! They look cheap and yet cost hundreds of thousands, or more. Boggles the mind. As they say, you can’t buy class.

  56. Heidi Unruh says:

    hi yall😝

  57. Panos Saoulis says:


  58. Betsabel says:

    First to comment

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