Trying on Affordable Amazon Engagement Rings + Review

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Whether you want an affordable wedding ring set or just want one to travel with, Amazon has many options to choose from. Often times there will be discounts that you can apply to the rings.

Amazon Engagement Rings:

DYUNGQ 1 ct ring –

Lemon Grass ring –

EAMTI pave wedding band –

HAFEEZ Center pave wedding band –

Kingray Jewelry 1.5 carat circle halo bridal ring set –

AllenCoCo Rose gold halo ring –

AllenCoCo white gold halo ring –

Bamoer Twist rose gold eternity band –

Bamoer Twist white gold eternity band –

Newshe Jewerly 2.7 ct white gold round pear halo bridal ring set –

Newshe Jewellery white gold oval halo 3 piece bridal set –

Newshe Jewellery 1.7 ct princess cut white gold bridal set –

Gieschen Jewelers Amie 14k rose gold plated halo ring –

Gieschen Jewelers Crystal V 18k rose gold dainty ring –

Gieschen Jewelers Crystal V 18k white gold dainty ring –


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13 responses to “Trying on Affordable Amazon Engagement Rings + Review”

  1. A Fishes & Loaves Life says:

    I have a content creator question for you. What camera are you using as it adjusted nicely going between your face and the close ups of the rings?Also I looked at the video originally for ideas and may get one of the silver rings just to have one for the beach and pool days coming up. (That is a big “hopefully” if Florida does not get a second wave of this yuck). 🙏🏼 TY

    • SimpleCharmLiving says:

      Hello fellow Florida gardener! I just checked out some of your videos and subscribed 🙂 I use a Canon t6i and edit on iMovie. Sometimes it takes a bit for the camera to focus, but I trim it out on iMovie (thank goodness for the magic of iMovie! lol) Hope this helps 🙂

  2. jairene sereno says:

    Good show. Love how you mixed and matched them.

  3. Michelle Moore says:

    Thank you for the great video!

  4. Dacia Wagoner says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’m going to get the lemon grass one.

  5. Z Baby says:

    Great video! I just ordered the newshe 1.7ct one..I’ve gained a few pounds since getting married a few years ago and can’t fit my ring..this will do just fine until I slim down. Thanks!

  6. Jessica Cisneros says:

    Please do video sapphire ring Amazon.

  7. Ben JJ says:

    Nice channel! About to check some of your other uploads. Go and take a look at smzeus!! It’s a great tool to have when your trying to grow your social media or promote your videos!

  8. Debora Martinez Valencia says:

    super helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ordered one 🙂

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