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190 responses to “TRYING ON ENGAGEMENT RINGS | Shauna Louise”

  1. Keatan pillay 23 says:

    Hi… I’m from south Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  2. Anthony IRONS says:

    jezza “soo do u wanna watch…..”
    Looks down at shaunas…umm (area)
    “…..a movie?”👌😂😂😂😂

  3. Parwez Suleman Suleman says:

    eye problem dear to her!

  4. MST HD says:

    Jez was looking at shauna’s boosms

  5. Harry Green says:

    2:06 j is loving it

  6. The Best23 says:

    Did anybody come here after jezza proposed to her? I know I did.

    • Elenah K says:

      Hehehe… He is like,,, I have absolutely NOT asked the question.

      But I feel like Jez already knew he wanted to marry her

  7. Niki Cimpean says:

    love the blouse in the last minutes of the video. where is it from?

  8. Patrick Tilsley says:

    Why is the sales lady given them the biggest size possible

  9. Terri Dennison says:

    What does H size mean in America?

  10. Ross C says:

    Do you ever link where your clothes come from? Only reason I ask is loved the Addias top but can never find anything like that for my fiancé

  11. Christopher Lucas says:

    Maaaaan…..what are you waiting for young Jezza???? You’ve got a beautiful lady who obviously loves you a great deal! Get that ring like yesterday and pop that question!!!! Also…was just curious….what does Shauna do for a living? I mean….I know what J does. Just wanted to know what Shauna does?

  12. Mr Moon says:

    i love suits

  13. Asif Khan says:


  14. Imaan Goldsworthy says:

    Great video..thanks for including all of us in section’s of your life…I’m a huge fun of you guys…I love how brilliantly well you two are together…love from South Africa

  15. Kevin Thomas jr. says:

    😂😂😂😂 J got some serious butt hurt getting compared to a baby giraffe

  16. Abhi Jit 8 says:

    You both look so adorable together 💚

  17. Chris Cole says:

    Manchester, my home City for the last 12 yrs. Trafford Centre is the bank of my life tho, me and my girl were always there lol.
    I did LOL watching Jezza squirm in Hinds’ 🤣🤣🤣

  18. You Tube says:

    Nebraska 🙌🏽

  19. MrHustlerHD says:

    Please can I have an invite to the wedding 🎩 love you guys

  20. Met Met says:

    damn he was born same day nad month like me

  21. Salman Amer says:

    Hello Shauna first of all , jay is a lucky person for having you an amazing, smart and beautiful girl as a girlfriend . I hope the best for you two . and we’re looking forward for your next vlog , plz don’t make us wait longer 🙈

  22. Jack Pulatov says:

    I actually uses to be a supporter but not anymore, you never upload

  23. Ek Gaming says:

    Wheres the videos

  24. KEVIN sotunde says:

    Shauna you haven’t been uploading are you ok

  25. sunil kumar says:

    Shauna when u gonna upload?? we r all waiting!!

  26. Brawlers Ahoy says:

    Please upload another video, please I beg, please.

  27. Ray Zee says:

    Where did you guys go ? No more vlogs 😢

  28. CanesWalker 5 says:


  29. ImpeccableHD says:

    South Africa my country

  30. Kevin Stone says:

    Jezza is too funny man 😂😂

  31. Santeri says:

    Anyone else miss the videos? 😕

  32. SoulVale_TTV says:

    Lol not when it comes to rhinos😂😂😭

  33. Professor Enakhena Chris says:


  34. Sodosopalele says:

    You guys should do a try not to laugh challenge

  35. Abdullah Al Imran Shuvo says:

    Why don’t you go to jezza’s one of f2 videos…just to have a little fun…

  36. funny channel says:

    You guys are fun

  37. DZN MAKGIAN69 says:

    😍Shauna Louise😍💕💕💞💞💖💋👑❤

  38. CrazyFootball Jay17 says:

    You’re close to 100 thousand

  39. dara quinn says:

    The one with the one sills stone of diamond is the same on my mum has for her engagement ring

  40. Basheer Khaled says:

    Shauna are the new vids

  41. Dumisani Mjojo says:

    YES!!! GET IN! SUITS!!

  42. Emma Parsons says:

    can’t wait for you two to get married💍

  43. Dillon Meredith says:

    You just hit 82,000 subscribers! Congratulations!

  44. J Blagrove says:

    You have very strong morals and beliefs! Thats good to see. Im sure Jezza will put a ring on it at some point, he knows what hes got. Love the content!!

  45. Zachary Guy says:

    you two should get married

  46. David Adeleke says:

    Hmmmm 🤔🤔 Jeremy what are u planning…… I’m just saying something bigs going t happen

  47. Telephone says:

    Please stay a couple

  48. NeaFe4r Pix3l says:

    shauna is nice

  49. Antonio Salgado says:

    Tell me why potatoes are cute 🥔

  50. António Manuel says:

    you really made to be together and love each other! you are a such lovely couple!

  51. PGxPRO says:

    You guys are the best ❤️

  52. Prince & Nita says:

    Loving your content Shauna, one thing I love about your channel is how consistently good your videos are. I can tell you truly put your all into it with the good editing and so forth. Keep it up 🙂 I’m also thankful for you because you’ve even inspired me and my girlfriend to start a channel too. Keep on inspiring!

  53. Mohamed Adan says:

    Shauna sorry about my last comment, i think we know that you tired of my compliments and didn’t like my comment but honestly, if i see you two get married then yh it wouldn’t be about the rings. Instead you both offer something much more valued than just a ring something glorious and bigger than a ring.

  54. Yash Vashistha says:

    Came across you for the first time on YouTube via F2 car video. This is the third video I am seeing your video. You are beautiful and genuine person. And I love to see the relationship you share with your boyfriend. 😊

  55. varun kasat says:

    When are you guys getting engaged?

  56. Stuart Benham says:

    U and jez are legends

  57. Baveshen Pillay says:

    I live in South Africa and If i see you’ll here i will literally lose my Mind!!! Professionally ofcourse

  58. Asianchick21 says:

    You are both so lovely together! Shauna you have a incredible body, do you mind doing a full work out vid?

  59. Lester Morillo says:

    whats your star signs?

  60. Shika.S Asukulu says:

    Hope you guys enjoy 💓 yourselves.

  61. Shadaab Nazurally says:

    nice video

  62. Orotech Dental says:

    Jezza bro u landed a Goldmine shes fully a diana in a world of kartrashians

  63. Ollie Leaning says:

    didnt know you could head down to Manchester from London??

  64. qasim sajjad says:

    Like my comment because you have to

  65. the official wally says:

    You two are the most beautiful couple I can’t wait for you two to get married! I really want to live in England, especially London one day. Love you Shauna! ❤️❤️

  66. Mark Webster says:

    Jez is too funny😂😂😂

  67. kimathi kirimi says:

    Great video Shauna it’s very authentic.

  68. Timmy Honeyford says:

    Harvey dies mike leaves rachel divorces mike

  69. Daniel Mechen says:

    Congrats on 80 k!

  70. Daniel Mechen says:

    Great vid

  71. Maria Christofi says:

    So nice to say these things at the end,Shauna amazing Job x

  72. Big boy gui says:

    Baby rhinos are adorable

  73. sunil kumar says:

    u never get bored watching these videos. so amazing!!

  74. fionn long says:

    Another hilarious video

  75. Tony N says:

    “She still got to win me over”…Boy u aint slick 😂

  76. Amir Sannin says:

    Sweet couple 👍👍👍❤😉

  77. Lucas Bolt says:

    Great vid!

  78. MrHustlerHD says:

    You guys should so get married ur both are so good together and funny keep it up 👍

  79. jerry says:

    This is beautiful 😜y’all check out this

  80. Usama Pathan says:

    Beautiful ❤😋

  81. Pubg Rameez says:

    I lOov ur guys chemistry. Plus the fun part. Ya it cannot be missed. J is amazing

  82. carayo 1 says:

    Aww u two are so cute xx

  83. Liam mason says:

    Hi shauna. Me again. I’m glad u like manchester. I’m from manchester and i miss it completely. Hope u had a wonderful time there and enjoyed MUFCs stadium. Hope u and Jay are happy. Great videos btw

  84. Papa Tunde says:

    Nice vid please continue with the brilliant work

  85. Aaishah Shaikh says:


  86. Steven O says:

    Good video again 😄

  87. Ayesha Allen says:

    My heart honestly jumped, I legit got butterflies at the title. You guys are so great together, can’t wait for you to get engaged ❤


    are u guys married or ur still dating?

  89. HakaMataFaka 1997 says:

    Hello everyone i hope youre well

  90. Ek Gaming says:

    Love your videos

  91. Florian Börner says:

    Laughed so hard at 3:07😂😂😂

  92. mcpapa990fc Cowman says:

    I’ve been over to Manchester before Christmas to watch a Champions League match. Man u vs CSKA MOSCOW. I came over from Ireland. Cracking trip

  93. mcpapa990fc Cowman says:

    Happy ever after. Hope u enjoy your wedding

  94. Callum Russell Music says:

    Brilliant video

  95. Dylan Simons says:

    You said Canada than said all the way out in america implying Canada is part of America but it’s not as a Canadian I take affence to this because I think America is awful please read this and correct your mistake

    • shifra72 says:

      Sorry Shauna misunderstanding. I understand it wasn’t a slip of the tongue. I just meant the other fan may have ‘perceived’ it to be. All the best. 😊

    • Jez & Shauna says:

      shifra72 😂 it wasn’t actually a slip of tongue, of course I know that America & Canada are two entirely separate places! The Kalahari Dream project sources their diamonds from South Africa & Canada, however there are only two jewellery retailers at the moment which are both located in America (Nebraska & Massachusetts). So that’s where the confusion came from. Hope you enjoyed your double!

    • shifra72 says:

      Hello Dylan

      I too am Canadian and as a Canadian I know that we are thick skinned enough to not be offended by a perceived slip of the tongue.  Let’s focus on the point of this video… light hearted fun from a great and playful couple.   Now I”m off to Tim’s for a double double. 😀

    • Jez & Shauna says:

      Dylan Simons no the diamonds are sourced in Canada & South Africa. But the two retailers which sell the engagement rings are in America. Borsheim’s & Long’s jewellers.

  96. Kadz Kadz says:

    Watch bulletproof on channal 4

  97. Niko Omilana says:

    Great video

  98. Elliott Honey says:

    Hi love the vids,keep up the good work and don’t let anyone tell u differently cuz to over 70 thousand of us your funny and entertaining.

    • shifra72 says:

      @GTFO GTH Do you feel better now that you spewed your filth? Your opinion has been shared but is not valued here.

      Now please live up to your name and GTFO or GTH… your choice!

    • Jez & Shauna says:

      Elliott Honey thanks Elliott that’s really kind & much appreciated 🙏🏼, all of your opinions are the only ones that matter anyway ☺️💓

  99. JordanWilliams_1998 says:

    Loved the reaction to buses in Manchester. Got so hyped tho since I’m from Manchester and support United 😂 great vid

  100. lzv8 says:

    Who else thought the fireplace was just a fire on tv😂

  101. James Boateng says:

    Shauna and Jezza are ment to be together forever

  102. Hasan H says:

    Hey Shauna are you or Jezza on Snapchat? Wicked video as always! 🔥

  103. Miguel Francees says:

    Ohh Just just the best Youtuber ever.😍

  104. Rosie says:

    I love you so much xxx

  105. Ihtisham Hussain says:

    Love the video 💕😂

  106. Jesse Venter says:

    Shauna you and Jezza are absolutely gorgeous together❤ You guys are the perfect couple that almost everybody dreams of💛 Shauna please go get a ring in South Africa, the best jewelry shops are in South Africa. Shauna loved it💙

  107. Melese Wuerku says:

    i have healthy envy

  108. Yeet incognito says:

    Jezza is such a troll 😂😂

  109. Aziz Rangwala says:

  110. Agil Varghese says:

    Buddy u better hurry up and ask her hand fam !!! Good luck mate

  111. Abdulmajid Issa says:

    Great vid as always

  112. 4LI BO55 says:

    I hope I come across to both of you because I’m a massive fan of both of you. I live in Manchester

  113. sadeem says:

    Amazing vid never give up

  114. Colin Myburgh says:

    Like youre content 👌

  115. Taylor 07 says:

    Are you getting married wow ! Congratulations!

  116. Michael Hubbard says:


  117. Chris Van Zyl says:

    My favourite ❤

  118. Abdul Faqih says:

    Nice 👍❤

  119. Ubi says:

    Good video bless up 😎😻

  120. Shah_ZA says:

    Good luck to all of us who are writing exams

    Cause i am stressed tho damm

  121. Isaacmh 14 says:

    Wassup Shauna👋

  122. Reginald Authentic says:

    You guys are the best!!

  123. The Bangladeshi Savage says:

    Watching your videos make me so happy, keep up the good work ❤

  124. Oswin Dsouza says:

    Great video and i have a question for you who will win the world cup??😅

  125. BizonFury says:

    “Jay and his business partner billy” there like best friends 😂😂

  126. Elias Ali says:

    Love it 😍

  127. Roxanne Fernandes says:

    The one at 9:16 was so gorgeous! and also you guys look so cute together!

  128. tsterrr says:

    ello random person scrolling threw the comments section hope u had a nice day:)

  129. Hanna Akinso says:

    love this video xxx

  130. AN MEDIA says:

    Awesome vlog 😉

  131. Bilal Khan says:

    ❤like my comment. Im sad because ive got an exam tomorrow😂

  132. insta Norwen says:

    Pleas do holiday vlog

  133. MDCpro says:

    HMMMMM is this a beginning of a life long commitment

  134. fahad sharif says:


  135. Sam Robinson says:

    good vlog to take peoples mind of exams

  136. Abdul Bakare says:

    Love your videos, keep up the good work! ❤️

  137. BluTackBro :p says:

    Great vid Shauna! 🙂

  138. Colin Myburgh says:

    Smart 🤣😍😍

  139. Asian OMG2.7 says:


  140. Kian Gandhi says:


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