Wearing a different WEDDING RING to see if my Husband Notices..

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Sorry we didn’t post yesterday..
We have been working on a BIG PROJECT we will be announcing soon!
We love you guys!!





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We love you Della Fam!!

624 responses to “Wearing a different WEDDING RING to see if my Husband Notices..”

  1. SADIE W says:

    Ur makeup lookes so nice at the start of the video!! Gorgeous! ❤️

  2. Katy Goodheart says:

    They should do some type a challenge like the no hands challenge or having a kid for the day or something or last to leave pool

  3. Nour Chaptini says:


  4. Richard Johnson says:

    Bella is so beautiful, Dallon your wife is beautiful

  5. K Y R A says:

    Della and jatie should switch houses for a week! That would be the best video ever, like if you agree

  6. Lauren Bridges says:

    We Ella bully Ella Emily belly belly belly Ella Mc

  7. Emily Smyly says:

    You guys are so cute, one of my favorite YouTube couples! Love ya so much! 😭😘

  8. KITTY KAT says:


  9. Anna Cooper says:

    I would love to be the winner love you Della fam

  10. Carisa Hoch says:

    HI DELLA VLOGS! My AirPods Entry: I already have followed both of your guys’ instagrams (I followed a long time ago btw) and I have been active by liking all the posts you guys post (my insta: carisa_hoch) and I already have subscribed and turned on post notifications on here (I did that a long time ago btw as well) and I have been active on here by liking and commenting on your videos daily! Hope I win! ❤❤

  11. Carisa Hoch says:

    Dallin’s eyes are super pretty OMG! I have blue eyes so when I’m under the sun my eyes do the same thing the color pops out so much! 😊😊

  12. Taneaka Frampton says:

    GET A DOG PEOPLE !!!!!!

  13. Kaitlyn Chartrand says:

    Loved this video!
    Ps. YouTuber here if anyone wants to subscribe:)

  14. Amy Saayman says:

    Yeah the prank just did not go through, but it’s always fun to watch u guys

  15. Millie Jensen says:

    LOVE U GUYS!!! I would rly love to win the giveaway……..I’m honestly the biggest Della fan and I literally watch your videos everyday! Can’t wait till u guys reach 1 million and just wanted to say #highstokelevels 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  16. della ikram says:

    hhahahaha so funny

  17. Amy Rose says:

    3:33 lol Bella tries to show the ring

  18. Presley Pierce says:

    #team Bella

  19. lil_grlyoutube BOSS says:

    You should have had a fist fight

  20. Lyla DeCoster says:

    #team Bella

  21. Zalia Hooker says:

    For those who are haters on the Della Fam arent real Members of the Della Family be nice to the Della Family my nan always says people only hate on u if there jelous ps #DellaVlogs #TeamDallin #Team Bella

  22. tala mneimneh says:


  23. BOXED says:

    Your teeth look sooo white I wish haha🤩🤩

  24. Lily-Ella Beale says:

    Team Bella.

  25. Malak Arada says:

    I love you re makeup

  26. Hannah Whinney says:

    Your makeup is so cute x

  27. James Anderson says:

    I was about to live on the streets and this website here saved me, *e z h i g h p a y .c o m*

  28. Sharon Dingle says:

    That’s like 5 dollars on Amazon 😂

  29. Sofia Dragusin says:

    VIDEO IDEA FOR BELLA: do the i missed my period prank

  30. Brad van zyl says:

    Can’t find the video on tik tok

  31. Hannah’s horsey Adventures says:

    I love your videos so much and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t watch your vids you are such an inspiration to me and a lot of other people

  32. Jeizalle Alaa says:

    Bella should do a prank saying that she wants to divorce

  33. Anwita Joshi says:

    #teambella sorry dallin love u too

  34. Melissa Tran says:

    airpod entry: i can’t find a good reason for me to want them enough because i am content with my earphones and asides the fact that this could be a need (instead of want) to someone else., but having them would be so nice and just so awesome. love you guys and your channel so much!

  35. Natalie Hello says:

    Airpod entry
    Why because I haven’t had any iPhone products before and I lost my earbuds btw Love you guys ❤️

  36. Derek Spangler says:

    Team bella

  37. Lindsey Maiorani says:


  38. Kavya Kannan says:

    #TEAMBELLA hehehe

  39. The Noah Show says:

    How do you chose the AirPods winner?Do you dm them on insta or why do I comment here?Should I comment on insta?

  40. Linda Love says:

    There dso bad atvyt

  41. Linda Love says:


  42. Ella Calder says:


    Please can you do the getting car sick then randomly crying prank on dallin to get his reaction

    Please like a repost so that the message gets to her if you think this is a good idea!

    No hate please!!

  43. Ella Calder says:


    you should do a getting car sick then randomly crying prank on dallin to get his reaction

    Please like and repost so that the message gets to her if you think this is a good idea!

    No hate please!!

  44. Hailey Colegrove says:

    Bella should do a prank on Dallin that someone is inside the house(do this when he leaves) and tell him that you are hiding in a closet and they are in the room

  45. Philip Rapinoe says:

    I stopped my 9-5 because of this web-site here, *e z h i g h p a y .c o m*

  46. mieke steenkamp says:

    Can I pleasee get a pair airpods

  47. Ben Takamono says:

    Its my birthday!! Can I get an airpods now? Since Im a loyal subscriber?

  48. Muggles Gray says:

    Team DELLA

  49. Ella Sharp says:

    I think the surprise that there working on is a music video maybe??🤔🤔🧐 what do you think 💭 Or NEW MERCH!!

  50. Tiffany Mullan says:

    Your videos are always snacking! Best couple ever! And I’d love a chance to win!

  51. Comal Kaur says:

    dallin knows you too well hahahaha….so cute

  52. Eysel B says:


  53. Anonymous Person says:


  54. Chandrima Roy says:

    Bella you are looking so beautiful 😍

  55. Kara Clark says:

    Prank idea for Della Bella Should Facetime Katie with a black eye and tell her that dallan hit her To see her reaction (This is not a prank on dallan he will know) This is not my idea

    Copy and paste and recomment this so the Dallin and Bella see this⬇

  56. Kara Clark says:

    Can we just talk about bella’s make up like wow it’s freaking fire 🔥

  57. Christina Ostroski says:

    bella and addies ship name should be baddie

  58. ABIGAIL HOLMES says:

    #teambella not dalloin

  59. Suzita Pradhan says:

    I thought that they were already at 500k or 497k or smth did i miss something or did some ppl unsubscribe? And now there at 467k

  60. Nicole Streby says:

    Arizona looks amazing! I can’t wait for this secret project!

  61. Mckynlee Morales says:

    I want those air pods plz

  62. Piper Mills says:

    Do you live I Scottsdale AZ because I am here and I want to meat you so bad

  63. I Stan BTS and Ronda says:

    Bella you should do the girlfriend drunk prank
    Hi I’m charee kayle

  64. Kendra Lowery says:

    Play the winner of the AirPods what kind of AirPods are they are those the pros

  65. Naydene Flores says:

    Notification squad

  66. allison saffron says:

    Bella this is a great prank!! Everyone should be a subscriber! Bella “team Bella is the best”. You are so right!!! Also, your ring is gorgeous 😍 I love it! Way to do a fire prank! #teambellaforever #highstokelevels

  67. Personal Acc says:

    6:15 😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 & 6:23
    God bless everyone 🙏🏼💕✨ stay safe ❤️♥️💗😊☺️

  68. Creative Vlogs says:


  69. Macie Robbins says:

    I want to win that will be my dream

  70. Reva Pochampally says:

    # Della fam

  71. Andrea Verna says:

    You got some bad pits she said 😂😂 I love bella

  72. Andrea Verna says:


  73. Rosa Harrison says:

    I want a change to win the AirPod

  74. Carli Fahrenbruch says:

    What lake do u guys go to and where?!!??!??

  75. Sophia Schroeder says:

    I think the big project might be a new intro!

  76. Camille mille says:

    I really love u guys😘

  77. Gabriela Galindo says:


  78. ahuva remez says:

    Who else thinks that Bella should make her own song I bet it would be my favorite song Bella if u would see this make ur own song u have an amazing voice

  79. Natalie Burnham says:

    Team Bella!!

  80. Charlie Johnson says:

    I would love some air pods

  81. Jena Morain says:

    Prank idea for Della: Bella should FaceTime Katie with a “black eye” and say that Dallin hit her and see Katie‘s reaction. (This won’t be a prank on Dallin. He will know.) please like so Della can see this!. PS: This was not my idea it was Ania • so don’t come at me saying I try to steal her idea. She asked us to copy and paste this

  82. trainwithcarb says:

    im team bella

  83. Lindsay Boyce says:

    AirPods would be awesome to have! I wish they weren’t so expensive!

  84. Lindsay Boyce says:

    I am so so excited for this project!!!!

  85. K Jakubos says:


  86. Cara Scansaroli says:

    omg i think the surprise is that she is releasing a song and she is filming a music video!

  87. Marshellee Graham says:


  88. Lexie _ballerina says:

    Does anyone agree that it could be a music vid?? For Bella’s music? Why else would he be jumping in the water for a secret project??

  89. Lexie _ballerina says:

    Please let me winnnnnn! I’ve wanted to win for so long!!

  90. Newton_the_piggslimes says:

    Not my idea but prank idea for della: Bella should facetime Katie with a “black eye” and say it was Dallin and see her reaction .
    Please like, and repost so della can see

  91. Blair Marken says:


  92. Blair Marken says:

    I love y’all so much!! Can’t wait to find out what Bella’s secret project is!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  93. Rj Zeri says:

    I really love how dallin look at bella😍

  94. AceAarc says:

    I would like the airpods!! God bless 🙂

  95. Madison Sash says:

    Team dallin

  96. Sophia Morris says:

    I think their secret is a clothing line. Anyone else?? #bella

  97. Bella Kramer says:

    Bella should tell him that she is Pregnant to see hOw he Reacts

  98. Brielle Sherman says:

    bella: idk i might sell our wedding ring dallin: shut up you would never do that😂😂

  99. Bhoomi Kulkarni says:

    Love you so so much!! I’ve been wanting some AirPods!!

  100. Rema Luna says:

    woowww is the phone number real?

  101. nonya business says:

    Prank idea for Della: Bella should facetime Katie with a “blackeye” and say that Dallin hit her and see her reaction( this won’t be a prank on Dallin he will know) not my idea please copy and paste so Bella can see

  102. Haley Samuels says:

    Dallin don’t look happy in the relationship. He is always slacking off. And i think bella is jealous of jatie vlogs because they are literally the cutest couple on YouTube.

  103. Brinlee Murray says:

    Love you guys so much

  104. Holly Joy says:

    You guys are too cute💕 I have the worst luck, but I would love to be picked to win the giveaway😊

  105. Mike Enyart says:

    You guys need to do a challenge to see who can eat the most otter pops in 30 minutes

  106. Rachel A says:

    Big project! Excited for you to tell us the great news:) #highstokelevels #dellafam

  107. Daniel Knoblock says:

    I’ve texted dallin and Bella and they don’t reply.. hmm…

  108. devyn mae says:


  109. Laetitia Zamor says:

    #highstokelevels I would really love to win a pair of AirPods and I am following you both and della vlogs on Instagram and tik tok and I love you guys so much and my Instagram is laetitiazamor

  110. Kyleigh Sheffield says:

    His eyes r so pretty

  111. Trinity Alcala says:

    I totally want to win the AirPods!!!! 💛💛💛💛 #teambella #dellafam

  112. Lauren Telesmanic says:

    totally unrelated to this vid but, if u guys get a dog… i think u should get a yorkie and name it otter (since dallin loves otter pops loll) also # highstokelevels 💞

  113. Swanson brother’s Present says:

    Who else thinks Bella is a amazing singer

  114. Kaitlyn Garcia says:

    I feel like Bella is a nice person and rarely lies so that’s why it’s hard for her to lie

  115. Ella Dann says:

    Done!! #TEAMBELLA!!

  116. sup fam says:


  117. Chloe says:

    What if the thing the thing that there working on a song for jatie vlogs wedding I don’t know but maybe

  118. Cadence Engelmann says:


  119. Jatiefam*Dellafam* Lover says:

    Her makeup lookes soooo good and her hair was awesome ❤️❤️

  120. Jatiefam*Dellafam* Lover says:


  121. 50K subs with no videos!! says:

    Prank idea for Della: Bella should FaceTime Katie with a “black eye” and say that Dallin hit her and see Katie‘s reaction. (This won’t be a prank on Dallin. He will know.) please like so Della can see this!. PS: This was not my idea it was Ania • so don’t come at me saying I try to steal her idea. She asked us to copy and paste this

  122. Thaina Saintel says:

    Prank idea for Della: Bella should FaceTime Katie with a “black eye” and say that Dallin hit her and see Katie’s reaction. (This won’t be a prank on Dallin. He will know.) Please like so that Della can see this!

    Not my ideA 🙈

  123. SarahandMatthew1 says:

    I want your your videos everyday everyday you post and I Blake When you do the pranks that’s really funny

  124. SarahandMatthew1 says:

    I would like to win the giveaway because I always wanted airpods for my birthday and my birthday is in 4 to 5 weeks

  125. Melody Greenwell says:

    I love how much Dallin and Bella love each other! 💗

  126. Ashton Hill says:

    I want to be the winner

  127. thegreenman5082 says:


  128. Kajay Lewis says:

    Were is team dallin u need to come back

  129. Vikky hallow says:

    DELLA: Why should you win Air pods?
    Me: I don’t have and I love you guys more than my friends🥰
    Ps- I would have said parents but I know they will not approve

  130. Kajay Lewis says:

    Bella should do the missing period prank on dallin to see how he reacts

  131. jade Howard says:

    I’m #𝚃𝚎𝚊𝚖𝙱𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊.

  132. jade Howard says:

    ilysm and Bella u look gorgeous

  133. Vikky hallow says:

    #Team Bella strikes again!!!!

  134. Kailee Murray says:

    Good job Bella👍😂❤️

  135. Mihaela says:

    did everything for the giveaway

  136. Bailey McCracken says:

    Bella should do a running away prank

  137. Chisom Azichoba says:

    Giveaway entry: I love watching your videos so so much and I have been here since 5k and I would love to surprise my friend with a birthday gift for being such a great friend I follow all the socials and even if I don’t win this giveaway I will still love your vids☺️☺️

  138. Amelie Johnson says:

    AirPod entry: Done
    Reason: because I haven’t been able to talk to my family and friends properly because I don’t have headphones (or a phone, only a laptop so audio only works on headphones) but my mum can’t afford to buy me any so would really appreciate it
    BTW: your videos are amazing

  139. Ernesto Hernandez says:

    team bella

  140. n nelson says:

    Pick me for the giveaway I love you so much

  141. Pippa XOX says:

    Love these guys a pure happy real couple God Bless You Both! ❣️

  142. Rowan Weitzel says:

    Prank idea for della:bella should ft katie with a black eye and say dallin punched her

  143. Limelight's Dream's says:

    Thank you guys for being the very best💕 I’m having one of the worst days I will ever have and u guys made it better thank you

  144. Eliane Camara says:

    You look gorgeous

  145. Emily Lopez says:

    She wears a freakin rock on finger 24/7

  146. Hickeycjlk says:

    Hello I want those air pods😂

  147. Ruthie Nya says:

    Literally love you guys so so much!!

  148. Lauryn Huntsman says:

    Teams Bella

  149. chancorinne says:

    please play the Never Have I Ever game

  150. BLAKEVLOGS says:

    I think the secret project is a song that Bella is making or made

  151. Keeley Findlay says:

    Tesm Della. ,love u guys xxxxx

  152. Ariella Kherrington says:

    prank idea: katie should facetime dallin saying she’s gonna call the cops because bella said he was being abusive to see how he reacts

  153. Jasmine G says:

    Done. I hope I really win the Airpods. I live in Phoenix Az

  154. Autumn Rose says:

    Prank idea for Della: Bella should FaceTime Katie with a “black eye” and say that Dallin hit her and see Katie’s reaction. (This won’t be a prank on Dallin. He will know.) Please like so that Della can see this!

  155. Miranda Meallet says:

    You look so pretty bella

  156. charles hickey says:

    Video: Ends without Dallin eating six Otter pops at once
    Me:Confused screaming

  157. Star-Angeliah Cole says:

    In Jatie Vlogs, I seen Josh had received ‘Get Better Soon’ gifts & cards. What did you guys buy him?
    Did Dallin choose it?
    I thought you were the one’s that bought him a basket of doughnuts but his friend Chris did.
    Breaking his Shoulder/Collar Bone, then going into surgery & having stitches must be so painful.
    I had open surgery on my spine & had a Titanium cage, rods & screws inserted & it was hell & I have a high pain threshold!

  158. Maria Alhajjaj says:

    Bella the ring that dallin gave it to you it is fake so …………….

  159. Jenny Torres says:

    AirPods entry done ✅. Trying to win them for my sister!!😊🤞

  160. stephanie Noreiga says:

    For me it isn’t even morning it is literally night time only because I live in Trinidad🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

  161. Lana_xoxo says:

    8:40 I literally felt it when he hit his elbow

  162. Maya Mckeen says:

    I saw the tik tok Dallin made

  163. Hayley Rench says:

    I love you guys!! I’ve been watching you since before you it 100,000 subs!! Keep up the good work ❤️❤️

  164. Cara Hu says:

    “Tell them about your foot” -Bella 😂

  165. Marcus Jodhan says:

    # team Bella you go girl

  166. Cara Hu says:

    That’s why I’m team Dallin 😂

  167. Emily Sultana says:

    i love u guys so much


    You guys will reach 1 million one day, I know it! 🙂

  169. Shalom Gankon says:

    Can I pls get the AirPods

  170. Melissa Mendoza says:

    I got a ad on rings what a coincidence

  171. Athena Reum says:

    I would love to win the AirPods. I love you guys. Team Della for sure.

  172. jenni Ellwood says:

    me airepods please cant spell

  173. Tucker Bencus says:

    Please tell

  174. Ella.Dauntless says:

    Dellas intro is the one intro I NEVER skip! It’s so freaking cute🥺🥺😣

  175. Danzer car says:

    #Team Bella

  176. Angela W says:

    Absolutely adore you guys. So cute and respectful to each other. Always complimenting each other.

    Btw hit up Jack Brinkman. He is looking to do some collabs with other people.

  177. Sarah Decker Feit says:

    #team Bella

  178. Heather Precise says:

    Can’t WAIT for the SECRET PROJECT

  179. willy wonka fan12345 says:

    Can I please have the AirPods it would make my day so much. I do t have any earbuds because they broke and when I work out I wouldn’t have to deal with the wire. I feel like i deserve it I work everyday in the house to keep it clean and I help my mom a lot. If it’s not to trouble it would be a blessing if you could also give me a MacBook Pro for the future for my older sister because she is going into college and she needs one and my parents are struggling since this quarantine and I want to help them if you can please it would be a blessing

  180. Sydney says:


  181. Chenille Elliott says:

    #Team Bella

  182. Holly Craven says:

    I love you guys so much

  183. Kristen Fonseca says:

    Good job della

  184. Kristen Fonseca says:

    He got pranked

  185. Kristen Fonseca says:


  186. Malika Elshaer says:

    Hope❤ I can win!!!!!!🙏🙏🙏

  187. Ally Rise says:

    Yeah it’s hot, here is Chicago it’s like what 90 degrees

  188. Leah Hernandez says:

    if your team Bella 👇🏻

  189. Talia Eltayeb says:


  190. Fun with kids says:


  191. Maria Gerszewski says:

    Can’t wait for the revelation of the project. Great vid as always!

  192. Sharon Dingle says:

    A Kim K moment 😂

  193. katheren skillin says:

    Such white teeth

  194. Casey Daniels says:

    Love you guys so so much💜❤️

  195. Maddie R says:

    Prank idea for Bella

    Making sure dallin is here

    Ok now that its only Bella you should get into an argument and ask for a divorce

  196. Sharon Dingle says:

    Haha he knew she loves her ring way to much 😂

  197. Cara Hu says:

    I want to be the AirPod giveaway winner please!

  198. D I Y Gavin says:

    Who else thinks the Della fam is the best!!!! And who else thinks a beagle will fit the Della fam or a Corgi

  199. Bella Hershey says:

    I think the surprise is a song or singing related w/ Bella. Like so they see😁😁😁 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  200. Elliot Hathaway says:


  201. Elliot Hathaway says:

    Bella lookin hella cute 2day 🥵

  202. Priscilla Ayman says:

    Done: 💖💖💖

  203. Sharon Dingle says:

    Everytime I watch your videos, I grab my OTTER POPS, and I’m like…. IM READYY!!!!😂

  204. Ella Edney says:

    AirPod entire done ✅

  205. Lily G says:

    I am seriously so proud of how far they have come and how far i know they are going to go!! they are so amazing :))) we gotta get to 1 million!! della fam strong 💪🏻 #highstokelevels

  206. v amp says:

    i love Bellas makeup

  207. Lois Phillips says:

    AirPod entry – done! I have been a subscriber since 89k and recently made a fan page on insta❤️ (@_dellafam and I also posted the ss of when I subbed) Dallin and Bella have helped so many through so much – including me! They made long days happier and funner and made me laugh even when I was ill or in pain! I just want to say thank you for everything they do and I will forever love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

  208. tinnley pidgeon says:

    I really need those AirPods! I have headphones but they always fall off my head. Please help me!!

  209. Leonor Reynoso says:

    Guys I just got my. I know that this isn’t nothing compared to the video but I just got it and I’m starting to get crab

  210. Abigail Ovalle says:


  211. Camdyn Ramser says:

    # team b

  212. Abigail Ovalle says:


  213. Fatima Khan says:

    Whenever I eat otter pops I always think of Dallin

  214. ansley maddox says:

    1:29 i am not team bella. eww. i am team kellaaaaaaaa!!! 😂😂😂

  215. Olivia Feucht says:

    entry: you guys always talk about being here before you hit 1m but i have been here since before 100k!! i’m your biggest fan and it would mean so much to me if u see this!💕

  216. Susan Lin says:

    It’s not a vlog if dallin’s hair isn’t crazy

  217. Nikki Frances says:

    I have a feeling your secret project is a music video…of Bella❤️❤️🎶📹

  218. MultiBeast says:

    Bella: So nice
    Makeup: Boom, beauty


  219. Danielle Bennis says:

    Love your hair at the beginning bella you should wear it like that more often

  220. Kayla Christine says:

    Della and jatie should switch houses for a week! That would be the best video ever, like if you agree

  221. Kaylin Nichole says:

    Bella you are so beautiful!! And please do a Tie-dye tutorial!! 💜

  222. Lila Jackson says:


  223. Beth-louise Parker says:

    Prank idea bella should do a black eye then call katie saying dallian gave you the black eye but dallin can be in on the prank(not my idea)xx

  224. Ranita Ariyibi says:

    Who else can’t wait for July 26th 🤫 🤫 🤫

  225. Lacey Huffman says:

    Those are my favorite ice waters orange mango

  226. Jenna Rivera says:

    Such a great idea Bella!! Love y’all 💗

  227. Rahaf Mahsan says:

    It’s good prank idea selling your wedding ring

  228. Mr Skyh1gh says:


  229. Alyssa Stoddart says:


  230. sonny Eleanor is cool says:

    38 mins in sorry

  231. Vanessa Nkhwashu says:

    Love from South Africa #bella#dallin#dellafam

  232. Carmen Dunning says:

    To be honest I would say that I want them but I feel that saying that is rud but I did follow you guys on Instagram but I haven’t posted anything because I just got it but can’t wait

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      / /
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     ( (ヽ
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