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Paras Fashions in Surrey BC – 304-8128 128th Street, Surrey BC Payal Business Centre …They don’t sell online yet, but if you live local to Vancouver make sure to visit their brand new store in Payal Business Centre
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92 responses to “Wedding Jewelry Shopping | keepingupwithmona”

  1. Chabbi Shabeeda says:

    Were this place? …
    Bcoz am getting mrrg Nov 1st..😋😍…nxt mnth…..2018

  2. Bharu Rathi says:

    place name pls

  3. sharez williams says:

    yes those were lovely on you

  4. nithya nithya says:

    Your very beautiful

  5. Sarah Stephanie Landry says:

    Gorgeous! But why wait to get married… you can rock these pieces to honour the Devi in you any time 🙂

  6. Christina Chris says:

    so everyone can try on earrings???? so gross if try are not clip ons

  7. Neha Panwar says:

    Its really very much pretty jewelry..

  8. Reena Bala says:

    Where are this shop

  9. Sukhjit Kaur says:

    👌👌👌👌app k jewelry is very so good

  10. Sam Jill says:

    omg love all the jewelry special the necklaces

  11. 2degucitas says:

    India invented the statement necklace

  12. Shahnila Aqeel says:

    so beautiful jewelry must check out

  13. Megha Gupta says:

    Where is this shop?

  14. Kriya Sharma says:

    That jewellery tho 💍

  15. Dr.Rashmii Sanjay says:

    Hi m ur new subscriber

  16. Missy Shiv ॐ says:

    Loved the jewellery <3 U look awesome! xx

  17. Jesspreet kaur Sangha says:

    loved it 💕

  18. Gur winder kaur h says:

    please thel me where is this shops

  19. Kaysha says:

    A lot of cute glittery jewelry
    That neckless at 4:44 suits you very well

  20. Rashida Fatima says:

    where is this shop?

  21. Zeeshan Romeo says:

    i m selling jwelry
    i have my page visit there only serious person oreder me
    its delivery free

  22. ampra display21 says:

    very good collections.
    visit:- Jewellery portal India, Best jewellery shop in India

  23. Blossome Kaur says:

    as always love watching ur videos, thanx so much for providing this info, i live in cali not canada 🙁 but still have a better idea about the prize tags now!! :):)

  24. aliya aila says:

    u are not so beautiful without makeup

  25. Priti M says:

    Khoobsoorat kinna hai aye store, jee kirda sara kuch lailoo. Amazing store.

  26. Priti M says:

    This is heaven for indians😍

  27. Alexandra Bogdanova says:

    perfect make up! You look so Cool!

  28. PlanetUbla says:

    Hi Mona l just love your video and I specially went to that shop and bought set and nose ring . I’m from Vancouver island (Duncan) …thanks dear

  29. Jaspreet Virk says:

    omg! such pretty jewelry..too bad i live in the UK 🙁

  30. Handsomedevil3 says:

    Omg gorgeous jewelry that they have I’m obsessed!!!!!!!

  31. Twinkle says:

    You’re lovely and look a bit like Sonakshi Sinha 🙂

  32. Rima Z says:

    Are the earrings clip ons? If not, they allow you to try on the earrings? I’m just wondering for hygiene purposes, etc

    • Mona Sangha says:

      +Rima Z No the earrings are not clip ons. We sanitized the earrings before and after trying for hygiene purposes and because I have sensitive ear lobes.

  33. IamWaruna says:

    O m g churiya galoreee😩😍 too bad i live in the netherlands😞

  34. Seidy Pinto says:

    Nice shop!

  35. zoolander says:

    They need to come to Toronto 😭😭

  36. Hansika Ama says:

    I was so excited for no reason 🙁

  37. Nitu Narang says:

    love love these paras jewellery vlogs :)) please make them delivery to singapore !!

  38. Nisha Gill says:

    my mom got so exited because she lives your jewllery and know she could fet some vecause the last location was to far 💍

  39. Bella G says:

    Hi Mona do you know if paras has a location in Toronto. thank you

  40. aqua says:

    jewelry gorgeous.

  41. Tanya Khan says:

    I really thought u were gonna get married 😕

  42. Shara Niya says:

    hi Mona,! OMG I am from,Singapore love your vlogs BTW what lip colour are you wearing you look gorgeous bae .✨
    hope you would reply!!!!!

    • Mona Sangha says:

      +Shara Niya Hi thank you! I was in a rush when I did my makeup this day and mixed 3 different MAC lipsticks, I don’t remember which ones now. Sorry I wasn’t much help

  43. Gurdeep kaur says:

    do you get paid to advertise paaras?

    • Mona Sangha says:

      +Gurdeep kaur No I do not get paid to advertise Paras. I shared this video as a favour to my favourite jewelry store. As a business owner I think its important to help other businesses grow.

  44. Just Jeevz says:

    They have some gorgeous pieces!

  45. Kristen says:

    I wish I could just buy everything in the store lol xD So many gorgeous pieces!! ^-^

  46. H K says:

    what lashes are you wearing ? 😍

  47. KarasunoCrows says:

    i liked the last piece. i like kundan too and coin should try indian tribal jewelry(esp of north east india) someday. when are u going to marry? *winks*

  48. Jyoti Rai says:

    Love your videos Mona! Keep it up 👍could you possibly do a tutorial on a everyday simple makeup look. Also what would be the best moisture to wear underneath makeup for oily skin any suggestions? ? please and thank you 💙

  49. Naomi Dsylva says:

    Do they ship to the Uk by any Chance? Omg Mona you look stunning! But then you always do x

  50. Amen Panesar says:

    Great vlog…you need to come on my podcast and talk about the MUA culture

  51. Zeereborn says:

    I’m obsessed watching your vlogs… that jewelry woah I’m in love. ps. love when you say names of stuff. I’m Mexican-American from California…wishing I was you lol 🙂

  52. Nadia Ishaq says:

    It just stopped? Nice jewelry

  53. JennyHarshi says:

    U r looking so gorgeous 🙂
    welcome back from vacation dear. Now gonna rock your vlogs. God BlessLOve from Mauritius

  54. vanglady vang says:

    Love your videos. what’s the price for the nose ring or studs ?

  55. san simi says:

    I was having such a horrible day and ur vlog literally made my day. I can’t thank you enough. Your vlogs are my fave!!!

  56. Hardeep Kaur says:

    Damn they have such gorgeous jewelry! I live in New York but if I ever visit there I would love to go to their store! Do they ship to the USA?

  57. Noor Pataria says:

    U r getting married 😮🤗🙌🏼

  58. Ashi Javid says:

    i love your videos. Please do more makeup tutorials as well! btw im obsessed with the lipstick your wearing which one is it?

  59. Kiran J says:

    O M G , you make me want to move to Surrey! There are literally no Indian jewelry/ clothing stores in Toronto.

  60. officefan says:

    dang girl how you gon play us like that?? thought you were getting married. All those pieces were gorgeous on you!!

  61. Alyssa Joe says:

    I frikkin love your videos Mona!!!! So exciting!! Especially the Indian dress ups. Love it!!! Quick question, when you started bridal makeup, how long was your course to learn. And also did you buy all the products from start or started with drug store makeup first.

  62. Jas Dhatt says:

    Omg ur making me want to shop there! The prices seem really good, too bad I am T.O.

  63. Tiff Saud says:


  64. Sukhvinder Kaur says:

    i love you

  65. Parabhjot Kaur says:

    What lashes were you wearing?

  66. Brownbeautysimor says:

    omg this is so pretty … loved d blog…

  67. sandraa says:

    i am LIVING through this video

  68. GamingWithMus says:

    oh this is news to me. congrats!

  69. randeep chhina says:

    I love ur vlogs!!

  70. Adventures With Amy says:

    Gonna go check it out asap!! 😍

  71. 1tictactoe1 says:

    From the title, I thought you are getting married lol

  72. Elisha Love says:

    wait she is getting married

  73. Kariprincess says:

    First comment .. So happy to hear your voice , n u r so beautiful.

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