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692 responses to “Wedding Ring 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring Wunmi Toriola | Kunle Afod | Niyi Johnson”

  1. Toyin Taiwo says:

    Kunle afod and wumi are fantabulous on this movie…you guys are doing well


    The movie is interesting and well acted. Thanks for loading.

  3. Zion Media says:

    Wumi and Kunle wahala Dey ooooo make Una no kill person

  4. Terrell Jackson says:


  5. ABIBAT GIWA says:

    Wunmi Toriola is a banger! Who else could have interpreted this role so well! I haven’t seen! Keep it lit! I Love this🙌

  6. Alice Adenike Oogunleke says:

    Wow I really enjoy this movie
    So interesting great lesson to
    Learnt thanks for concluding

  7. Isiaka Omolade says:

    Interesting 👌😍😍

  8. Rasheed Taiwo says:

    Wunmi toriola my crush
    nice one

  9. Omobola Ashiata says:

    This Wunmi is madding
    She played her role well

  10. Bolanle Adewunmi says:

    Whaoo i really enjoy this movie soo intrest funny educate fantastic straight and forward 👌 i soo much love it god bless u guy’s more wisdom to u all 🤗lesson learnt kudos to u all crews and casts weldone all🤗👏💪💪

  11. Ajigeloye Temileye says:

    Gud job tanks for uploading

  12. Mutiat Toke says:

    I love this film like serious, kudos to you wunmi and kunle. ….wumi you will not kill me with laugh

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  13. Ayisat Yettymama says:

    I really enjoyed the movie. Very interesting, not all marriage re perfect we shld all pray for heart desire. But one more thing in yoruba movie. Why is it that when there’s problem the best option is baba lawo. Wah about pastor and Alfa. That part is too common tho. I learnt from the movie thx for uploading. Much love😍😍😍

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  14. adebola demilade says:

    D film is soo interesting and nice to watch when u are lonely

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  15. Rokeat A says:

    Very great lesson thanks for upload it

  16. Sheubarakat Jummy says:


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  17. Josephine Fidelis says:


  18. Josephine Fidelis says:

    I can’t stop laughing oh! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Josephine Fidelis says:

    AFOD abeg u no gonna kill me oohhh!😂😂😂😂handcuffs!

  20. Josephine Fidelis says:

    Thanks YorubaPlus for uploading PT2!

  21. Kenny Kate says:

    Very interested good job

  22. Ciana Lucy says:

    Romantic stunt go wrong…. 😂😂😂one of the best movie of the year..

  23. Mercy Favorite Boo says:

    😂😂😂😂 Aunty Wumi and kunle afod is clowns

  24. temilade adeniyi says:

    Haaa God were did they get this people from 😀😀😀😂😂I laughed from start to finish 💕🙏🏾God bless your hand works 💕you guys are the best ❤️❤️

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  25. Abiodun Khadijah says:

    kudos to kunle afod

  26. Sisi Shola says:

    Nice one😘😘😘😘😘

  27. linda daniels says:

    you really try

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  28. Ogunsola Waliu says:

    Good God

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  29. Green Greener says:

    I wish the stupid friend would have died, she almost killed four people because of a man smh Feeling angry or hurt is not even an excuse

  30. Hurla Yinka says:

    So interesting, kudos to KUNLE Afod, funny guys

  31. Endowed Enitan says:

    NYC 1 ,kudos to u

  32. Abdulsalam Barakat says:

    Wow,the movie s amazing It made love Yoruba movie the more
    The story writer did a very excellent job and Mr producer
    Kudos for the job well done

  33. victoria oloyede says:

    woa very interesting movie

  34. racheal nkwocha says:

    yeh!!! Kunle afod n wunmi will not kill prsn


    Nice movie, I really enjoyed it to the fullest

  36. Aramide Mide says:

    Nice movies💋💋💋💋

  37. Ree Rem says:

    very interesting very funny movie nd full of lessions ….thanks for uploading …..friends sha

  38. princess Bola says:

    Interesting movie keep it up kunle Afod a well movie weldone

  39. Adam Jemilah says:

    I can’t stop laughing kunle & wife

  40. Fatimah Yusuf says:

    OMG i can’t stop laughing bravo Guy’s dis movie was really really Amazing

  41. Afolabi Zaynab Dasola says:

    Hmmm what a movie 👌👌👌

  42. Felix Richy says:

    this movie make me love wunmi toriola and Kunle aford so much

  43. Fummie Tolu says:

    Wow very powerful and educative movie

  44. faith damola says:

    We humans will should let by gone be by gone

  45. Harder bola says:

    otafasoke de odo mori bobaye ori koroti o

  46. James Blunt says:

    Very interesting and educative……

  47. Haidy Ola says:

    Wow, very very very interesting

  48. Hannah Olusoga says:

    very nice movie. emotional. interesting. too much anger is bad let think about tomorrow
    thanks for uploading

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Hannah. We are glad you enjoyed the movie. We recommend you watch Jolade, Ibiayo, Apase, Sugbon Kan and Mama Razzy.

  49. Anuwamiri Ifeoluwapo Rukayat Trm says:

    Kudos 2u all,😕😘😘

  50. Omonaiye Moyinoluwa says:

    D best movie I have ever watched thanks Yorubaplus u are d best always giving us d best movies

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Omonaiye Moyinoluwa. We are glad you enjoyed the movie and we appreciate your love for Yorubaplus.

  51. Mutiat Damilola says:

    very very interesting movie more knowledge insha allah to d cast

  52. Danjuma Sule says:

    Good work Mr kunle afod you deserved an award for this

  53. Dunni Oni says:

    All these babalawo / juju tins. I tire o. Other than that, interesting, funny especially Afod and his very crazy wife.

  54. clara bekky says:


  55. Oluwatosin Temitope says:

    Last to gboriwole… Kudos to u all… 💋💋💋💋💋

  56. motunrayo oluwatomi says:

    eni to oun se ika ko ranti ola very interesting good jod keep it up thanks for uploading

  57. salaudeen fatimah says:

    This handcuff scene really cracked me up…..omg this movie is really interesting 😍😍👌💋tnks fr d upload yoruba hood

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Fatimah. We are glad we got your cracking with this amazing movie. However we are Yorubaplus.

  58. Olajumoke Salami says:

    I love this movie…. LMAO from the beginning to the end, kudos to the cast and crew u did a wonderful job….. God bless everyone Thanks for uploading ✋

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  59. oyekemi olarinre says:

    Best movie ever

  60. Waz Horlanray says:

    Wow, Afod nd others really tried ehh nd tanks 2 apata TV..

  61. Waliyah Abass says:

    Chai I love dis video.kudos

  62. 333AncientGates says:

    (Score: Excellent – 90%)

    The part 2 of this movie is more mature, consistent and interesting than part 1. It is an hilarious, entertaining and educative movie that forumites will really enjoy. All the cast were very impressive – exceptional performance from Wunmi Toriola

  63. God Bless American says:

    it funny thats only thin I enjoy; nice comedy

  64. Odun ayomi says:

    Sereke got me

  65. Aram Stee says:

    Nice movie, thanks

  66. Sexy Bb says:

    Interesting movie, great cast

  67. Iyunade Adeola says:

    Na God know where wumi get this ass 😀😀😀, lovely movie though

  68. Oniye says:

    This is a masterpiece……I love the twist towards the end, who would have thought a friend was behind the couples’ predicament? Thanks for the upload.

    • Yorubaplus says:

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  69. Korede Lorene says:


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  70. Adamolekun Aderonke says:

    Wow, very interesting movie, thanks for uploading the concluding part YORUBAPLUS

  71. Kemi Adenuga says:

    wat a movie
    thxx for diz Movie
    great lessons learnt

  72. Tobiloba Olusanya says:

    You Better Find that ring

  73. Kinkykoils says:

    Best movie I’ve watched till date.Everything was superb this movie should be the standard for nollywood. I just hated the music in some parts sha

  74. Salisu Ibraheem Baris says:

    Wao👍👏💗❤🙊… very intéressing and éducative movie….

  75. Kuye Aminat says:

    very lovely,lively and inspiring movie…kudoz to u all…wunmi toriola…too gbadun u sis..kip it up

  76. Omo Jesu funmi says:

    Good interesting movie thanks

  77. Oladejo Bimbo says:

    Wumi Toriola and mr Kunle iss a goal…


    Hmmmm… Lesson movie, I really enjoying it, even I lean from it, thanks Apatatv.

  79. Justin Muah says:

    Sereke…. 😂 😂.. This movie wedding ring made me evening

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  80. Oluremi Odus says:

    Hmmm…good story…best actors for each role…thanks guys for uploading!

  81. Nelly Nelly Vill says:

    Good job

  82. Adebadmus Cisi says:

    Nice movie

  83. Omolara dacostarica says:

    really enjoy it… Thanks for d upload

  84. ganiyu Abiodun says:

    Nice movie especially kunle and his wife made the movie more interesting both I & 2 u all did Well

  85. Nike Morakinyo says:

    Good job guys & thanks for loading in time God bless you all

  86. Bukky Becky says:

    Fantastic movie

  87. christana olayinka says:

    Nice film 👍👍👍👍

  88. O I says:

    For Ambassador Sunmola – Jagaban to have awarded 100% approved mark to this movie, truly it should be titled ‘movie of the year’!!!

  89. Jeebs Ola says:

    Won ti get Ademide and his wife honestly they made me laugh out loud. Towards the end I felt like crying, nice movie tho, welldone guys

  90. Bolanle Onagoruwa says:

    Wumi na sick lady😚😚😚😚

  91. Adeleke Tunde says:

    This concluding part is fantastic,, kudos to u all, nice movie with good ending.good of u yorubaplus

  92. Wonshebolatan Success says:

    Destiny can never be change

  93. Aljanat Sanni says:

    This is a great 🎥 with excellent themes. The themes are 🥇 Never betray a friend because when isun said what Demide was pretentious to Dewunmi, she wasn’t to go date him talkless of 👰 him. 🥈Always be conscious of what we do when we are extremely angry because if Dewunmi was conscious, she wouldn’t have voluntarily been used for sacrifice. 🥉 Men should not always want to destroy friendship which they are prone to doing it. As Dewunmi didn’t oblige to Demide, he shouldn’t have gone to Isun. Knowing fully well they are friends.That is why a man should always be careful between female friends. Taba ba elero wi, ka fabo fun adie yen na is applicable to this educative 🎥 because Isun should not have gone after Demide since she convinced Dewunmi not to date him. That also gives Demide the no go ahead to marry Isun knowing fully well the two women are best of friends. Dewunmi is also a bad friend because she was always there to sympathize with Isun and she is also the architect of her problems. May Allah not let me have this sort of friend like Dewunmi and Isun. I enjoyed it. It has messages for both men and women of our generation. I urge men never to send anyone or volunteer anyone for 💍💍. Another lesson is never to pretend because Dewunmi knowing fully well she is the culprit of Isun’s predicament, yet she is consoling her. Aseni gbani daro lomo ara aye. Ti won ba nse e, wa tu ma ba e daro. I have always said I as a person will never go for my sisters’ or friends’s men but the only reason I can go ahead is if I don’t know. But Isun knowing should have accepted Demide.

  94. Kemi Lawal says:

    Woooww very educative movie

    • Yorubaplus says:

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  95. Boke Boke says:

    Fantastic and educating

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  96. Ibikunle Ibironke says:

    Gr8 lesson learnt, kudos to the crew. Thanks Yorubaplus

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thank you for watching Ibironke. We are glad you learnt from the movie. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

  97. Adewunmi Aryike says:

    Wunmi toriola and kunle Afod had me rolling on the floor… welldone guys! I enjoyed every scene of this movie

  98. Aminat Adedoyin says:


  99. Rasaq Modupe says:

    I’m in love with this movie. Like wow! Kudos to you all, most especially Wunmi Toriola she gave her all.

  100. ola tope says:

    Pls stop speaking English

  101. Afolabi Omolola says:

    Whaoooo….. Lesson To Learn

  102. The Mask Lady says:

    wow……..this is deep,very educative,hmmmmm,what isun did is very bad but dewumi went to the extreme,e de ka fija ja fun olorun………very risky,u don’t let someone buy your wedding ring,GOD help us all from ota ile,AMEN,Thanks guys,this is super😍😍😍😘

  103. Durotola Ayoola says:

    Wawu!!! So when I taught this movie is just a comedy, this is a Weldon job. Interesting story and full of lessons. Thank God for the two couples life and as for Ademi and Tomi guess the beating and fight will stop after they did what they were asked to do hahaha.. I really enjoyed the movie. Thanks for uploading

  104. Adeola Ajayi erinle says:

    One has to be careful I love this movie

  105. Tife Grace says:

    🙌very interesting. Kudos to all the actors and actress especially Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Biola 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  106. Ajibola. A says:

    This movie got me rolling like i just had a wine with high percentage of Alcohol. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I enjoyed the movie. Don’t put asunder in their love family member 😁😁😁

  107. Adeola Ajayi erinle says:

    This is mind blowing….good job

  108. Mercy Anuoluwapo says:

    Ok this is the best of the best, big lesson learned, i laughed my ass out and felt emotional too. Kudos to all the cast and crew. We need more of this from the industry!!!

  109. Zainab Yusuf says:

    Very great lessons🙌💪👊✊

  110. Temmy Badmos says:

    Eko nla re ooo

  111. Nafisat Orelope says:


  112. Fikayomi Olateju says:

    The film is not only interesting , there is a great lesson in it

  113. Khaddy Olukosi says:

    This movie remain best at this moment 😂😂👏👏👏 abeg who’s is the producer?? he/she deserve bottle of beer 🙌🙌 thanks Yorubaplus…

  114. Yolha FKJ says:

    Interesting movie

  115. Temitope Busayo says:

    Wow a lesson for a ladies out their and men that can only start and they don’t have finishing….WEDDING RING is THE PERFECT movie to teach us all how to wait for our own man OR woman to marry GOD’S TIMING IS THE BEST….GLORY BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY THAY MAKES THIS POSSIBLE 💪🏽

  116. Fausa Subaru says:

    Nice movie 🤗👍👍👍👍

  117. Adeyinka Adebayo says:

    Well packaged movie

  118. Christopher gold says:

    Kunle Afod with wumi want to kill me with laugh 🤣🤣🤣 very interesting movie

  119. Remi A Johnson says:

    Mo beru eni toba hunje ISUN

  120. Olaleye Kofoworola says:

    Hmmm I love did moving

  121. Olaleye Kofoworola says:

    Hmmm I love dis move

  122. Taiwo Atanda says:

    Great job tutti

  123. Musbaudeen Adekunle says:

    Mmm. Allahu Akbar. Na man wey shit forget,man wey pack am no fit forget.. Bt,basewaye ko larari.. am speechless fah.
    😀😀😀can’t stop laffing. Mmmm, I kno of a couples,they fight alots but love themselves alots. Full of life lossons 😍😍

  124. Bilqees Olaide says:

    A very well interpreted movie
    Kudos to the casts&crews👍👍👍👌👌

  125. Aderibigbe Shukuraht Adetutu Ademidunsi says:

    Hmm omo see notifications
    But still am here
    Thanks for uploading part 2
    May God help every Matrimonial 🏠 home

  126. ola Wunmi says:

    This kunle and Toriola marriage seems familiar to me cos av seen it b4 lolz very funny bt no marriage is perfect though

  127. Ola Jummy says:

    Nice story……Kudos 🌼💐👍

  128. Omolade Olowe says:


  129. akinyoola Adejoke says:

    Dis best moive of de year the movie give a lot of lesson tanks for upload dis movie 👌👌👌

  130. damilola Adegunju says:

    Afod baba were

  131. temmy stillstandin says:

    Wowww.. I am it

  132. Anne Sodipe says:

    Beautiful ending. Hummnmm anger and bitterness can lead to dangerous decisions. Thank you Yorubaplus for sharing. God bless you all 😚😚😚😚😚😚

  133. Esther Odiete says:

    Very Interesting movie😃

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Esther. We are glad you enjoyed this amazing movie. Do stay with Yorubaplus for more exciting movies.

  134. Temidayo Yetunde says:

    So hilarious..Kudos to Kunle Afod and Wumi Toriola

  135. MsAlIisVanity says:

    Kudos. Entertaining movie. And good ending.

  136. Aishat Omobolanle says:

    interesting nd true

  137. Temi Tope Gold says:


  138. Bunmi Farina says:


  139. Bunmi Farina says:

    FYI 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍸🍼🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍭🍦🍦🍦🍦🍧🍦🍦🍦🍰🍡🍦🍨🍬🍰🍰🍡🍧🍨🍧🥛🍺☕🥂🍾🎂🎂🍷🍯🍯🍷🍹🍰🍫🍡🍥🍯☕🍬🍬🍬🍵🍵🍵🥛🍫🥛🍫🍫🍯🍫🍪🍬🍵🍼🍭🥛🍭🎂🍭🍪🍧🎂🍫☕🍼☕🍼🎂🍵🎂🍬🍬🥛🍫🥛🍫🎂🍭🎂🍬🎂🍬🍧🍪🍧🍪🍡🎂🍫🍫🍰🍫🍰🍬🍶🍡🍭🍬🍫☕🍹🍵🥛🍧🍪🍧🍪🍰🍺☕🍼☕☕🍻🍼🥂🍰🍶🍭🍰🎂🍫🍡🍡🍤🥛🎂🍿🍵🍫🎂🍫🍰🎂🍰🍰🍤🥛🥛🥛🥛🍼☕☕🍰☕☕🍰☕☕🥛🍯🥛🍪🥛🥛🍼🍪☕☕🍵🍻🍻🍼🍶🎂🍮🎂🍮🍨🎂☕☕☕🍰☕🍰🍵🍰☕🍰☕🍰☕🍰🍰☕🍬🍰🍭🍥🍬🍥🍬

  140. Bunmi Farina says:

    Hi I’m ARIKE OLOGE🥃 just kidding 🤣😊😀😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😊😀😀😊🤣😊😊🤣🤣🤣😀😀😁

  141. Pretty Mopsin says:

    Very interesting movie….. Kudos to the cast and crew

  142. Folasade Promise thickbarbie says:

    Oh my God I’m short of words, this firm is very fucking interesting, this movie makes me love wunmi and my very own uncle kunle More. Best movie of the month oooo

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Thickbarbie. We are glad you enjoyed every bit of this movie and we are also glad you rated it as the best movie of the month.

  143. balogun774 says:

    wow wow what a very interesting movie

  144. Nwakeze Gloria says:

    Wow very interested thanks for uploading

  145. Bimposhvilla oluwaseun says:

    Omg….I can’t laff alone….this girl don mad ooh …Wumi Toriola

  146. jumoke onifade says:

    I really enjoyed watching.

  147. pretty blessing says:

    Nice and interesting movie full of lessons👍👍Thanks to the producer an the crew👍love it😍😍

  148. Ajibola Ariyibi says:

    Waohhhh interesting movie….wunmi,kunle afod,niyi and biola did well.Very educative…

  149. Ademakinwa Nafisat says:

    nyc movie

  150. Mdjelly Bola says:


  151. Akingboye Kemi says:

    This movie is interesting
    Learnt that at times we should just let shit go and accept fate.

    Today is pregnant we have no idea of what it might deliver tomorrow.

  152. victoria adekanmi says:

    This movie is waaooooo, 👌👌👌👌. It’s well scripted n good storyline. U guys have done a gr8 Job,kudos. Thanks and GBU for uploading

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Victoria. We are glad you enjoyed this amazing movie and God bless you too. We appreciate you at Yorubaplus.

  153. Nickigold Omotoyoxi says:

    Wahoo😍😍😍 Wat a lovely 👌 concluding part 🙏….
    So interesting movie 🎥 nd lesson learned
    Kudos to all the Crew 👌👊💯 great job done and thnks 2 #yoruba+ 4 uploading 👍👍👍

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Omotoyoxi. We are glad you enjoyed every bit of this movie. We also appreciate you at Yorubaplus.

  154. T Baby says:

    This Kunle and his wife won ya were gan ni o

  155. Shade Owa says:

    very interesting

  156. Oluyede Shade says:

    My love for did film eenh!! I can’t just stop laughing. Yorubaplus is da bomb👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Shade. We are glad you enjoyed the movie. Yorubaplus is Wow about ur comment on the channel. We appreciate you.

  157. Elizabeth Abosede Sanni-Adesina says:

    Very interesting. Kudos.

  158. Eniola Martins TV says:


  159. Oyegbata Timilehin says:

    It has a good ending , lesson to learn for every one

  160. Oyegbata Timilehin says:

    It has a good ending , lesson to learn for everyone

  161. Oyegbata Timilehin says:

    Yoruba + u too much , kudos to all dat participate

  162. Kemi tony says:

    Nice movie hmm dis life

  163. Olorunnade Mercy says:

    Interesting movie. Wunmi toriola is bomb😁 Kunle afod🔥,thankyou for uploading good job.

  164. Soladoye Olalekan says:

    Who else comment b4 watching
    Tanks 4 d uploading 👍👍

  165. Owoloku Bankoleola olawale says:

    What a great job very very intresting kudos 💯👍✌️

  166. Fatokunbo Sarah says:

    hmmm, so interesting and it also serve has a lesson to all betrayers friends and those that didn’t have heart of forgiveness

  167. Parenting Pal says:

    What I love most about the movie is that Dewunmi wasn’t shamed … made to go mad or die in the typical Nollywood way. I love the fact that everyone involved knew the part they played and all learnt from the lesson and most importantly forgave each other. Thanks for sharing

  168. RUTH O ELEGBEDE says:

    Nice movie

  169. Jesutetede Ruth says:

    hmm this is so lovely intresting film of this march, is totally clear, there are lots of lesson to learn especially we ladies, thanks for upload

  170. Haby BS says:

    Very entertaining…#Wunmi Toriola Dope

  171. Olatunde Omowunmi says:

    wow interesting, cnt stop laughing,gud job


    Dis movie is a must watch for everyone wow Wat a great movie kudos to all d cast n crew uncle kunle and Wunmi u guys are just a clown… Nice movie

    • Yorubaplus says:

      Thanks for watching Adeyeye. We are glad you enjoye,d this amazing movie and please help share with all your’ friends.

  173. Abiodun Olamide says:


  174. Christine God bless Me says:

    I love this movie 😚😚😚

  175. Omolara Angel says:

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    • Aljanat Sanni says:

      Olufunto esther true but at the same time she is teaching people who do this act to their friends that there’s punishment for every bad thing

    • Olufunto esther says:

      That was true that wat they did was bad but if u are to react to every wrongs done to you.things will get worst. She could have just walk away and let God judge.that mine view

    • Aljanat Sanni says:

      Olufunto esther true but what Demide and Isun did were also wrong. Fisiro ara re, to ba se pe iwo ni, what would you have done

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      Thanks for watching Beautiful me. We appreciate your comment and we also thank you for your continued loyalty to Yorubaplus.

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    Whosoever that’s does evil will regret at d end.. Thanks God the sacrifice didn’t requires human blood..
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    Job well-done to all crew..
    Thanks for uploading

    • Aljanat Sanni says:

      Mayowa Adeola yes even sisters. Because a sister can do that too but I have always said I wouldn’t date my sisters’ or friends’ men talkless of marrying them except if I was unaware they were an item and I hope I get that in return too.

    • Mayowa Adeola says:

      Aljanat Sanni hmmmmmmmm
      Sis that’s thru no one to be trusted except God

    • Aljanat Sanni says:

      Mayowa Adeola don’t blame Dewunmi alone. Isun and Demide too are faulty because Isun telling her that something is bad, she going behind her back is bad and Demide knowing fully well that they are best of friends shouldn’t have gone near anyone of them. But she took it so far ni. O to ko binu sugbon ibinu ye ko poju ni

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      Thanks for watching Mayowa. We appreciate your deep comment.

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      Thanks for watching Olugbenga Odus. We are glad you enjoyed every bit of this hilarious and amazing movie. Happy weekend from all of us at Yorubaplus.

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