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ERMERGERD, did you guys know that Costco has fancy AF wedding rings??? Not even kidding, Costco just sold a ring that cost $400,000! So obviously Chris and I had to head there to try on all their wedding rings…and buy hummus, cheese, and literally everything else in the store. On the real, Costco has an AMAZING assortment of rings! Which style do you think we should pick????

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Edited By: Alex Tzavalas
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  1. faeefw fsfsFEW says:

    She looks like a young Rita Wilson!

  2. Gel&Jack Tanner says:

    I enjoy watching your video

  3. Gayle Earnhart says:

    Cute. couple.

  4. Gayle Earnhart says:

    That first ring looked terrific on him.

  5. Deanna Tonelli says:

    You guys are so damn goofy, you remend me of my boyfriend and I. ❤️

  6. Melody Juan says:

    They are super pretty

  7. echo.forever. says:

    What a doll. Her joy was radiating from every pore.

  8. Kono Dutch says:

    Do you wanna get wedding rings at costco?

  9. Marci Hunter says:

    You guys are too cute ❤

  10. Hope says:


  11. J F says:

    I am divorced. But when we got married, I had a simple set. A year later on my birthday my husband got me a new ring set from Sam’s club, I loved it and got tons of compliments..At a name brand jeweler it would of been 4xs as much. They had rings for any budget. I think the most expensive we saw was around 14k.

  12. Delilah Gillis says:

    Your friend that did engagement ring have him do wedding rings for both of you. Wedding ring goes on 1st. Then engagement ring last. Wedding day put engagement ring on right hand then when man & wife put engagement ring on Left hand.

  13. Bluekimchi Andrea says:

    I wear my engagement ring the European style, closer to my heart. Then my wedding ring. You can get them saudered together. Any ring updates? I went to a local shop in my town, ended up getting moissanite instead of diamond. Still cost me almost $3,000 for both engagement ring and band.

    • Joslyn Davis says:

      Oh wow! I didn’t end up getting a wedding band! But I used my grandma’s wedding band for the wedding and now I wear it on my middle finger. I just like the way the engagement ring looks by itself 🙂

  14. Oreo G. says:

    You must have annoyed the heck out of the costco emplyee

  15. skp191 q says:

    She looks old enough to be his mom

    • Joslyn Davis says:

      lol I keep noticing your comments! thanks for watching and commenting and for all of the COMPLIMENTS. You srsly crack me up!!!!!

  16. wiser now says:

    In Europe and most of the world does not wear wedding rings. I got an upgraded wedding ring after ten years of marriage. Now diamonds sit in safe after 18 years after divorce. I spend on vacation not jewelry. Times have changed

  17. A Little Wheiser says:

    Sorry last comment Sam’s Club ALSO has beautiful diamonds.

  18. A Little Wheiser says:

    Keep in mind you’re literally taking you own life in yours hands when you wear that much bling. It’s beautiful and will draw attention. Sad you have to think like that right? I live in a crime ridden criminal filled city.

  19. A Little Wheiser says:

    Costco has BEAUTIFUL high quality diamond rings. They’re gorgeous.

  20. Aqua Yogi says:

    Cosco seems a little pricey eh?

  21. Terri Wu says:

    every different woman react same to diamond ring.:D

  22. JAKIE.GRACE says:

    Legit good advice! Smart man lol

  23. 9999 says:

    It’s cool👍👍👍👍👍

  24. Messy Makeup says:

    Just buy a solid band ❤️💍

  25. BITCHY BITCH says:


  26. Jenn Popovich says:

    Not sure how this video came up on my feed but holy hannah this womans personality is grating. Acts like a damn child while easily circling 40. . . . . Not cute.

  27. XOXO Robyn says:

    I have a wedding band and a first anniversary band that matches the wedding band. Sometimes I wear them on each side of my engagement ring, some times I only wear my engagement ring and sometimes I only wear one if the bands. Just depends on what’s going on and how I feel.

  28. stacy ketner says:

    Your ring is beautiful!!! My husband and I have been married for 18 years, I lost stones out of my original wedding ring set a few years agoand my husband surprised me with a new ring that has the wedding band, engagement ring and 20yr ring all in one thick band, I love it but sometimes I’m scared to wear it to work so I bought a plain 0.5mm tiny band to wear. That size might work well with your engagement ring?

  29. Amy Baumgardner says:

    Not sure is something has answered this. But the wedding band goes closest to your hand then the engagement ring. If you do a third band (anniversary band) it goes on the other side engagement ring. I worked in the jewelry industry for a long time. When we explained how rings should be worn, we always referenced the engagement ring as the sign of commitment. The wedding band represents …suprise lol the marriage. The commitment is what protects the marriage, so there for wedding band goes closest to your heart.

  30. Courtney Mayo says:

    I never wear my wedding band and my engagement/main diamond together. I wear either or. Just cause I don’t care for them together and sometimes i wanna be a little flashy and sometimes i just want a basic band on.

  31. Brandi Stillings says:

    I got mine from Costco in Australia!! I’ve had it since February …. I absolutely love it!!

  32. hannah joyce garcia says:


  33. GMF GMF says:

    Just buy one here if you looking for VVS

  34. christine cervantes says:

    There was a study done on Costco rings vs. Tiffany rings and Costco came out ahead for quality!

  35. Terri Upton says:

    Go to your local goldsmith and have something original made. We spent less than $500 for both our wedding bands.

  36. Sonya Alsaigh says:

    Best thing to do is go to a non-popular jewelry store (like a real jeweler and not Kay Jewelers lol) and have them custom make a band to match your engagement ring (or similar, like bigger diamonds!) so it sits flush together. Hope that helps! Plus they have a lot more options to try on. 🙂

  37. Linda Rosenthal says:

    You do what you want to. If you’d rather have diamond earring, get them. I got my engagement ring after we had been married for seven years to go with my wedding band. So happy for you two.

  38. lizzy Church says:

    I’ve gone to a few stores looking at engagement rings and yes, some people wear their engagement ring as the wedding ring. Some stores also sell their rings like that but also have the option to stack rings

  39. SAHM says:

    Zaddy ring 😂😂😂😂

  40. Alva says:

    i love u so muchhhhhh

  41. Sheri Traenkenschuh says:

    My daughter who just got married didn’t want a wedding band with her vintage inspired engagement ring either. She loved her ring so much that she didn’t want anything taking away from it. She did take my mom’s wedding band for when she’s at home to wear by itself.

  42. 84tahlia says:

    “Who am I becoming?” 😂

  43. TD D says:

    Cost has good selection of diamond rings. Love their rings. All the rings my husband bought were appraised double!

  44. Isabel Lemus says:

    I wear my engagement ring as my wedding ring. I don’t need 3 rings to extra.

  45. Chloe Cahan says:

    My mom and dad have been married for 25 years and my mom has Two plain gold bands around her engagement ring and they’re attached so you can’t lose it.

  46. Joshua Dela Cruz says:

    Please try rings on Tifanny and Co.

  47. Hector Mares says:

    As someone who worked in the jewelry business for a few years, i found women would come in who originally jut wanted an engagement ring to get the band(s) because they kept getting asked “when the big day was.” It’s honestly a personal preference, but 9 times out of 10 people get an engagement ring and a band, some people just get bands. You do you!

  48. Cheryl Medeiros says:

    Costco has amazing quality diamonds. I actually tried on a Rolex at Costco. The first band looked nice on him, second one was too bulky. I think your engagement ring is gorgeous so I think your wedding band should be much simpler. For men I think the silicone rings work depending on occupation.

    • Cheryl Medeiros says:

      @Joslyn Davis they have amazing things there! Here in Hawai’i we have a style called Hawaiian Heritage jewelry depicting different Hawaiian plants and animals. Also I see a lot of man made gems in Costco.

    • Joslyn Davis says:

      oh wow I didn’t know they had Rolex at Costco!

  49. Her Soul Vacation says:

    I own the first chunky one you tried on. To be honest… and vulnerable, I used to have a $60K one, all bought from Costco. I couldn’t bear the fact to have so much money on a stone that has really no true value other than what the industry has given it. I was on an emotional breakdown and tried several rings from Costco online because they don’t carry rings above a certain amount at the store. I think $25k may be the max they carry now. Above that, one needs to order from the web site and UPS will have a secure delivery system for it. There was no other way to try the ring I wanted because there was no physical display. Suddenly, I could not exchange the rings anymore. Costco got tired of me and without an explanation that would go along with their customer satisfaction warranty, I could not benefit from it any longer. However, they did let me return the big ring and I put the money in investments instead. Now, I just have the band that you tried first and I still feel silly and feel that is superfluous. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE DIAMONDS, they are gorgeous… I just feel uneasy inside considering what I can do with that kind of money. Your solitary is gorgeous!

  50. mfriedrich2012 says:

    Don’t get married dude.

  51. Rachel Sande says:

    I got my wedding band at Fred Meyer 🤷🏼‍♀️ she was on sale too

  52. Robin Chuu says:

    Your camera won’t focus

  53. Domo and Ash says:

    Yo he kinda looks like my old math teacher…

  54. Regina P. says:

    wow costo has some good quality rings wtf ?

  55. Diana P. says:

    I got a Walmart engagement and wedding ring and couldn’t be happier with them

  56. Kris B says:

    So Jos if you are going to wear 1 wedding band with your engagement ring it goes on 1st then the engagement ring and if God forbid your husband dies you then wear the engagement ring then the wedding band it shows you r a widow. Also plenty of women dont wear bands, I have and engagement ring no band.
    My wedding advice would be dont fight if you get mad take a time out go and decompress for a min and when you can talk calmly that’s when you calmly discuss what the issue was. #2 would be dont hang out with ppl who fight a lot somehow that negativity can kind of wear off on you. #3 dont threaten divorce dont even joke about it because the more it is said the your brain becomes ok with the idea. These are just 3 very common issues I learned when I was studying to be a sex and relationship therapist . Oh 1 more dont wait until you have problems to see a therapist it is better to have the tools ahead of time.

  57. sonny mtz says:

    Omg… U guys r sooo cool. First vd I watch from your channel. N it was awesome!!!

  58. Chelsea S says:

    if the wedding band crowds the engagement ring too much for your liking i’ve seen other people wear their band on their other hand!

  59. Emilie Feivelson says:

    You can always just add diamonds on the band off your engagement ring that’s what my mom did

  60. Tanner Kaplan says:

    Okay I am late to the party here but you are such a down to earth person and your positivity is so refreshing. I am so glad I found you and you bring a lot of joy (and laughs) to my day 🙂

  61. Crystal B says:

    I love the Costco rings

  62. jessicamart83 says:

    I only have my engagement ring. I didn’t like how any wedding bands went with it so I opted to to just wear it alone.

  63. Rose Po says:

    Look at all the security at the back tho haha

  64. Christina says:

    I love this! This is so fun & cute!

  65. Malena Tully says:

    Smaller diamond with good bling

  66. Anelly & Jacob says:

    Absolutely new to your channel love you already can’t wait for more content

  67. G G says:

    Get a simple gold band. I’ve been married almost 38years. It’s good luck! And doesn’t go out of style.

  68. G G says:

    She is so funny. Good luck to you both

  69. Janet Delgadillo says:

    Husband and I have been married 17yrs. We don’t wear our rings but I am thinking of getting a heart tattooed on my ring finger.

  70. zanger says:

    My engagement ring is from Costco. Best price and quality ever! If you find one on the website that you like, you can purchase it and have it delivered to the store to view and try on. If you don’t like it, you’re already at the store and can refund it right away.

  71. Sadiya S says:

    Its pretty but that ring doesn’t look like its worth 20K
    I wouldn’t even spend 10K on something like that

  72. Katie Weird says:

    Don’t get “trapped” by the sparkle. The style is most important. I chose mine 30 years ago and I still love the style (classy, not trendy), although the original diamond was enlarged. The style still matches ME!

  73. Jennifer Lundgren says:

    just get a simple band for when you are traveling or do not want to wear the stand up Diamond. Diamond earrings for your wedding day would be fantastic. There really are no rules any more. it took me several years to realize that my fingers are too short for more than one ring at a time. I also like variety, so I have the black hills ring we got married with, but also several high quality costume sets to change up.

  74. Themillenialhousewife says:

    Video idea: trying on amazon mens wedding bands. My husband’s is $20 so nice

  75. MountainsNC says:

    I hope they aren’t on commission cause you just wasted his time

  76. Helen Hendry says:

    I’ve been with my hubby 45 years. Put God First in your marriage. And your love for each other second. And everything else will fall into place. Never go to bed mad. Talk things out before sleeping. Never bring up yesterday’s faults. – Grandma of 5❤️

  77. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    Your husband is so cute, actually as a couple you both are!!

  78. Marilyn says:

    For some reason they remind me of Shakira and Pique. I bought my wedding ring also, and I also tried a $15,000 2 carat ring. I thought someone is going to chop my hand off just to steal it. No thank you. I rather buy another car.

  79. The Original BearBear says:

    Coffee bean good choice!

  80. Sherry Lyu says:

    This costco looks like the one we go in Miramar. Lol

  81. Veronica Juarez says:

    I love Costco jewelry. Have very nice things from there

  82. Laura Hale says:

    You guys are the actual cutest!! 🥰
    Definitely think you should get you wedding ring custom made from the same place Chris had your engagement ring, so they match and fit together. Love you Jos 😘

  83. Melissa Southard says:

    I knew this in the 90’s

  84. Wendy-lee Morris Sirrom says:

    Surely a wedding ring is a gold band. Well traditionally

  85. Aj Mitchell says:

    Just got married august 10th 2019. My husband picked my engagement ring by himself which I’ve been told is unusual these days cause people are always are surprised. Then we just got plain wedding bands due to costs and preference.

  86. Donush Stanczyk says:

    Here is some marriage advice: don’t go to bed mad and Always Communicate With Eachother. I Am Married 32 years this Past August 22nd.

    • Aj Mitchell says:

      This is how me and my new husband live. Never go to bed mad or upset even if it means staying up late to talk through stuff.

  87. Donush Stanczyk says:

    When you went to Costco how much are the cubic zirconia wedding bands

  88. Suzanne Aubin says:

    Definitely agree with other commenters! Get your band custom designed and will be of quality value not Costco!! On the plus side you’ll also save money and get a better quality product!

    Jeweller who specializes in custom designs.

  89. PinoyMD2020 says:

    Costco jewelry is cheap for a reason. The quality sucks. But the bottomline is you get what you pay for. No to Tiffany’s because you are paying for the brand.I would pay for a trip to go to the Diamond district in NYC. You would be surprise what you can get for your money. It ranges from a few thousands to whatever but there are lots of jewelers whose mark-up is only 20%. But at the end of the day, it is what makes you happy that you need to do.

  90. Giselle Joseph says:


  91. Julie Seaton says:

    They were so cute together love love!! And congrats on the the wedding and long and happy life together!!

  92. Cheryl Rosado says:

    My boyfriend bought me these beautiful canary diamond earrings from Costco and I absolutely love them..

  93. Gricel Rodriguez says:

    Go to James Avery for wedding bands!! Is she older than him?

  94. Ann Miller says:

    I have that 1st $4500 ring but I wear it alone

  95. Tina Villalobos says:

    Waiting for her to say🙌🏻 “Superstar”🙌🏻

  96. L LS says:

    You should get your family friend jeweler to make a matching band for your ring and a gold one for hubby! Make them meaningful!

  97. Jessie G says:

    You both are fun! I’m subscribed to yah!

  98. Ahlea says:

    Love a good Costco shop

  99. Katherine De Jesus says:

    It is so ridiculous how much people spend for engagement rings and wedding rings in this country! I got married 11 yrs ago and our total cost for the wedding was $6k. It was a beautiful wedding! I had everything I wanted, beautiful fresh waters, candles, lots of booze, great food, and closest friends and family.

    • Taylor says:

      Katherine De Jesus God. $6,000 for that little 11 years ago? You got ripped off, sweetie. lol I had a more expensive wedding two months ago for much cheaper, and. I got a lot more than you.

  100. Nat Terrazas says:

    My wife has hers in 18k gold band with a 3 carat Halo dimond ring so pretty

  101. Love Light says:

    My favorite diamond ring is from Costco. They have the best prices for top quality jewelry.

  102. Yona B says:

    I don’t know why but your in my feed. Just found you guys and I must say your awesome!! You two look genuinely happy. You look like your so kind and attentive to each other. Please stay that way. I love me some Costco also. Every time I go there I go straight to the jewelry section. But… I’m a Tiffany’s kinda girl. Anyway I just subscribed ❤️❤️..

  103. Stela J says:

    We don’t have an engagement ring (party/shower/etc) culture where I’m from. It is a very new thing, thanks to (in part) the spread of US culture trough media. So all the women in my family wear just the simple band (even my 30 year old family members), some have gold bands, some have silver, some have platinum, but they all have simple bands, no rocks. So watching you shop for very expensive sparklers on top of sparklers in a random store is a bit strange. But quite entertaining.
    P.s. Congratulations, and best of luck.

  104. chrissy pink says:

    Oh My Gosh are you at the Brandon Costco?
    I got the 1st “band ring” you tried on , love it. Keep them coming ❤️

  105. Megan McFadden says:

    I like mine by itself as well. So the engagement stays on the left hand ring finger and the wedding band stays on the right hand ring finger 🙂 I think this isnt very popular in North America but in other countries this is typical! 🙂

  106. ana rodriguez says:

    I actually got the same ring that you first tried on ($4500) I get compliments all the time and something like that can be passed on to your child one day. Good beautiful investment.

  107. Christina Goodwin says:

    I wear just my engagement 💍. Been married for 3 years now and honestly get what makes u happy and rock with it.

  108. Ana Lyn Tolentino says:

    I thought she is his mom….

  109. Jainam Shah says:

    If anyone is looking for wedding ring contact us at [email protected] we are one of the largest exporter of diamond and diamond jewellery to USA and Europe we also do custom orders.

  110. Brian Jones says:

    She lied.

  111. Fancy-Schmancy & Frugal says:

    My engagement ring came from Costco! ❤ My husband actually slid the ring on my hand in the Costco parking lot after we picked it out together. That was 7 years ago. We married a year later, and I still love my Costco ring to this day! Great quality diamonds at a much better price than typical jewelry stores!

    • Fancy-Schmancy & Frugal says:

      @Christian Thomas, yes. I am assuming you’ve never looked at the jewelry in stores like Costco or Sam’s if you are asking this question. My diamond is very real and of high quality. I’ve been wearing it for 7 years, and it’s just as sparkly as ever.

    • Christian Thomas says:

      Fancy-Schmancy & Frugal and it’s for sure a real diamond ?

  112. oyinade84 says:

    I love Costco jewelry and they have nice rings there. I have been eyeing their Italian gold hoop earrings for a while ( might treat myself this Christmas to it🥰).

  113. Shirin Shaikh says:

    She looks like his mom!!

  114. Rachel Carroll says:

    My cousin only wears one ring. She didn’t get an engagement ring, but she did get an engagement puppy then a wedding ring 😂

  115. Vicki Marlene says:

    Costco jewellery is fantastic. I bought a ring there and I’m super impressed.

  116. Megan Childers says:

    My ring is both.

  117. Cari D says:

    My engagement ring/ wedding band(s) were two thin wedding bands with pave diamonds on either side of the engagement ring. The preacher said it was his first time doing a wedding ceremony with FOUR rings. ♥️

    • Gianna Fakhourie says:

      I had 7 rings because I couldn’t make up my mind and my husband indulges me in my madness. The pastor also asked “what is all this?” when the time came to bless the rings because I wanted them ALL blessed! LOL

  118. Colby Roth says:

    My parents were looking for new wedding bands and I’d bought a $7 or $10 plain Tungsten band that my mom decided, hey, let’s get a thicker one for my dad and she could get a thinner one! About twenty bucks total and really durable. They eventually got some Celtic Tungsten ones, but the bands last a lifetime for me.

  119. Jeiivy and Jeiivina says:

    My husband I got wedding rings real diamons real 14k gold at pound shop why go spent 2k 3k for wedding ring that’s not worth the price…….stores sell real $200 for 2k …….awesome people that want spent that money for something not worth that money…….but over all guys congrats. We not getting married yet but we did our research and found out my wedding ring cost 4k in kayjewels and only paid $400….if you dont believe me go watch Adam’s ruins everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  120. Broadway Lover says:

    I never wanted a wedding band, just my beautiful engagement ring.

  121. Claire Sturgeon says:

    My set came from Costco and it’s stunning! My hubby got so much more for his money then he would have anywhere else!!

  122. Amanda H says:

    At Sam’s club you can customize a ring.

  123. LauraNYC says:

    Those prices gave me a chest pain 🙉 go to 47 street in Manhattan for God sake !!!! Or just jewelry district in your neighborhood something like 47 street in Manhattan !!!!!! It’s not just a size of the stone most important COLOR and CLARITY!!!!!!!! I worked in diamond district so I know how much everything is marked up 🙉 mind boggling minimum by 75% to 95% !!!!! Costco looks like 200% !!! Man gold wedding band I can get you for 150$ tops gold !!!! Oy vey general public making Jewelers super rich !!!!! Btw Last tiny diamond wedding band you tried it on I can get you for 350-400$ tops !!!

  124. Angel Wilson says:

    What Costco is this? I want to give here

  125. Sandra Taylor says:

    Wow! She seems to be high maintenance! Good luck!

  126. Edwin Rivera says:

    Cotsco?!?!? Isnt there at least a mall with a Zales or Jared? Cotsco!?!?! Might as well gone to walmart.

  127. Amanda MacLeod says:

    My husband spent $12,000 just for my engagement ring

  128. famatta Liberia says:

    Love your ring

  129. Emily c says:

    You guys need to sort out your focusing.

  130. George C says:

    8:50 its not power going out at costco… for some reason they turn off the lights in some areas and turn it back on… i should ask why they do that .. when i find out i’ll tell you

  131. Lenialise Gomez says:

    That $20k ring is literally my dream engagement ring 😍

  132. Rocio Saldana says:

    Why not get the same Jeweler to design your wedding bands? I had my engagement ring designed and my wedding bands also designed. Then the wedding bands were fused around my engagement ring.

  133. Maria Rojo says:

    When I got marry on court we didn’t take ring nothing just a normal day on 2006 and 3 years ago we got married on church and we bought the ring we are so happy we are going to be 13 years together some people get expensive ring and they divorced less then a year

  134. Garfield 95 says:

    We got ours at Sears almost 25 years ago …was $400 for all 3 rings ……love doesn’t cost a thing lol the most beautiful gift is free… 2 each other

  135. AnneMarie Bliss says:

    Just wear your engagement ring! Why mess with the ring you love?

  136. Simone Schultz says:

    Comfort fit for most guys and daily wear so the diamonds don’t snag. Colored center stones are more popular.

  137. Ramla Irfan says:

    This funny I approve, and I’m taken bae to CostCo

  138. Deejea says:

    Sam’s clubs rings are amazing as well!!!!

  139. Sanara Bussue says:

    shop in the Caribbean its cheaper sms. visit Kay’s fine jewerly website, In st.kitts branch or which ever branch you prefer……. we do mail order 😉

  140. Justice Carter says:


  141. eclipsemoon2b says:

    The problem with going to Costco is that they cant answer your questions. They aren’t educated in jewelry. They don’t have many options in rings to show you. Why not go back to the person who made your engagement ring? Maybe they can help you out. Instead of buying from a discount club who know nothing . I hate seeing people not being helped and having all sorts of questions that places like this can’t answer. I was in jewelry for 13 years. And it bothers me that people go to these places that don’t specialize in what they’re looking for.

  142. Arica McArdle says:

    omg when you said “thats a good price for two rings, $4000” i almost died… my wedding band was less than 200 bucks and i feel like some people would still call that expensive! lol You go glen coco

  143. Karin R says:

    are the dudes standing in the background security so you don’t run off with the rings?

  144. Liz Jap says:

    I didn’t even care about real diamond wedding rings and wouldn’t make it a big deal if I have one or not.

    My husband proposed to me with a handmade ring out of a 10-peso coin in the Philippines. It was handmade in front of us by a talented ringmaker and that made it all special. The coin is made of copper and bronze. I always look at it everytime as we were in a long distance relationship even after the proposal. I can’t deny the fact that I wish it is sparkling or as nice as other engagement rings but my then fiance (now husband) never heard any complain from me. Cos I knew he’s not rich and maybe couldnt afford a diamond.

    But, come our marriage and we were reunited in the US, he surprised me with a diamond engagement ring and a wedding band with little diamonds on it as well! I asked how he afforded a diamond. He said he put it in layaway since last year so it been almost a year he been paying for it every payday. I just think that I am very lucky to have that kind of guy that even though he doesnt have money to buy a diamond right on, he was saving for it until he could afford it before our wedding day. It was all his idea and I think that’s how special I am for him. ❤️❤️❤️

  145. Heidi Labastida says:

    My husband bought my wedding ring at Costco. It’s just gorgeously beautiful and the price was great. I Love it.💓

  146. Sharann Bray says:

    It ain’t Tiffany.

  147. Arons Adventures says:

    lmao my aunt has that band

  148. Marnie Rily says:

    Hi Joslyn, I used to work for Costco. The $20,000 ring in the case is a fake ring. The real ring is locked up in the vault. (just in case of a smash & grab.)

  149. Sally Rose says:

    I totally agree, I think you should stick with just your engagement ring.

  150. Andrea Ramirez says:

    You guys are to sweet💖💖love your personality

  151. DaveThePlant says:

    isnt she 40 and hes 25?

  152. DaveThePlant says:

    looks like draw with jazza

  153. Lea Marie Tang says:


  154. Jennifer D says:

    First time I watch ur videos ! U guys are a cute couple
    The thing is alll the rings were out of focus tho …. couldn’t enjoy the video
    Still gave h a thumb up tho

  155. Norma Tible says:

    Cost has expensive rings!

  156. Kae Karee says:

    I’m married and I’ve only ever worn my engagement ring. It’s beautiful on its own. You could do the same Jos. You seem like a conscious, minimalist kinda girl. Do what feels right for you!

  157. beats4u2 says:

    I got my wedding band on Amazon, 3 days before the wedding….also they are curved bands that hug the band better.

  158. Lizzy G says:

    I only have an engagement ring, which is what we planned. My DH wanted to get a design that was fairly large, had to talk him down on diamond size because I have short stubby fingers, and large rings make them look terrible. 17 years now and still don’t regret it.

  159. Lydia Alexandra says:

    OMFG Wife of almost ten years here…..COSTCO IS IT!!!! Their CEO has a cap compared to other CEOS that do not. They buy land to farm humanely. This is the company to support! I have loved you since our college days, Costco! I LOVE YOU!!!

  160. LIVINGTHEAZ _LIFE says:

    My husband got my wedding ring from Costco. It appraises at 22,000. He paid less than half that

  161. Aari Dula says:

    Who the hell gets something from Costco to get jewelry? They don’t have warrants and wont do anything if it breaks that’s 100% stupid

    • oyinade84 says:

      @Aari: people who want to save money and get the best value for their bucks. It’s their $ and Costco offers 100% guarantee on all their merchandise. Your comment is just seeking attention for rudeness.

  162. LadyGertie2012 says:

    @joselyn: I think you and your fiancé should go back to whoever designed your engagement ring so that the band goes well with your engagement ring. Maybe they have something or can make something that compliments your engagement ring. So excited for you guys and love these wedding vlogs! Thanks for sharing with us viewers!! 🙂

  163. LadyGertie2012 says:

    Costco: the worst place to go for the zombie apocalypse. 😂

  164. Staci Mcdonough says:

    I only wear my engagement ring because it is so beautiful it just looked weird with another ring

  165. TheMkChannel says:

    When he said you can return the ring the first thing I thought of was if someone got divorced or something just break it and be like I don’t want

  166. Kim says:

    You guys are adorable!!! Remind me of my husband and I when we was getting married 28 years ago. I think you should do what you want.

  167. Kit Hill says:

    the stones in the rings in the cases at Costco are not diamonds, they are CZ. The rings that you order and pay for will come in as diamonds.

    • Erica Hernandez says:

      Kit Hill that’s good to know 😂 I remember my local Costco got their jewelry case robbed and they had to love it further away from the door.

  168. Nur Deanna says:

    My husband & I got married at the courthouse, wedding bands cost $20 each, 11 years marriage he wore his religiously while I don’t wear mine because I hate all jewelry! 3 kids later I still don’t wear my ring, my husband said he wore his to keep the others away, lol.

  169. Trisha Templer says:

    I only have 1 ring. You are suppose to wear the wedding ring closest to your heart & the engagement ring on top. You solitaire is so beautiful, I recommend a solid band of diamonds.

  170. Jlyn D says:

    OMGoodness… you set me back to 15 years ago. I bought my husbands hammered white gold wedding band from Costco. Beautiful memories and still going strong. Thanks for sharing this with us.💕💗💕

  171. Austin D says:

    joslyn-trying to figure out why your fly aways look like Morgan Freeman’s pubic hair..

    • Austin D says:

      @Joslyn Davis it isn’t that hard to put it together.. but i couldn’t even pay attention to the video with the flying grays..

    • Joslyn Davis says:

      Wow I didn’t realize you were so close with Morgan. Tell him I loved shawshank redemption!

  172. Ava says:

    New to this channel…how old are they?

  173. Prairielander says:

    My sister just wears her engagement ring as her wedding ring. It used to belong to her husband’s mother. She loved it so much and did not want to part with it.

  174. Diana K says:

    Hey if you don’t like to have two rings it is common to either just keep the engagment ring and have it act in the ceremony as the wedding band or (and i don’t know if its popular in US) sometimes woman will change their engagment ring to the other hand (right is it?) and put the wedding band where the ring was orginally. Either way, I feel like times changed and if you got a necklace or earing or whatever it would be fine, just have the engagment ring play the part of the WBand in the ceremony 🙂 if thats helpfull. Also in my opininion, with a ring as pretty as your I personally would pair it with a thin plain looking wedding band (no stones), so its not too much 🙂 but thats what I like, maybe try, see how you feel 😊

  175. Maddie Boudov says:

    My mom makes engagement rings and wedding rings and she usually recommends a simple wedding band, that simply matches the metal of your engagement ring so you can wear them together. She recommends this one so that you and your partner can both wear something of the same metal that acts as a physical representation of your love and commitment. And my parents both wear simple platinum wedding bands, both rounded and without any diamonds and my dads is just slightly wider than my moms and neither of them ever take them off. Hope this could give you some ideas. CONGRATS!!!!

  176. Jennie Christensen says:

    I have a very thin band of tiny diamonds with my engagement ring. I love it. We didn’t buy a set, we made our own from the same store.

  177. EYEoftheneedle says:

    That emerald cut diamond is my fav.. so stunning

  178. Alyssa-Michelle Tims says:

    You can get a Tiffany & co engagement ring for $11,000 I can’t imagine $20,000😱

  179. adrilechuga says:

    I like my engagement ring by itself too. Haha but I still wear my wedding band though 🤷🏻‍♀️🖤

  180. loraine says:

    Sooo you want a second diamond ring then…..(so fast) sure! — Shoulder shrug 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  181. jade vargas says:

    The first one for him and the last one for you

  182. Emily Mathena says:

    I just have my engagement ring and 2 yesrs later i still love that i chose to go wedding bandless. My finger doesn’t look so crowded lol just simple and beautiful.

  183. Mary Tanales says:

    My boyfriend and I shopped for engagement ring when we got bored and I fall in love with something in the mall which doesnt have a value. I don’t care how much my ring cost. Its all about the love. But when my boyfriend proposed he surprised me with a real white gold ring with a diamond since my future mom in law loves me so much that she doesn’t want me to have a ring with no value. He said I was worth it. Getting married in december.😭😭😭

  184. Michelle Belle says:

    I wear my engagement ring as my wedding ring. It’s just too chunky to put a band with, especially with my little fingers.

  185. Joan Pashinsky-Greve says:

    Omg never by jewlery from Costco and get a eye loop to see what your really getting you can’t see a dirty ring by eye see a real jeweler

  186. leeleechristmaslover says:

    We soldered my engagement and wedding band together. You want to do that so they wear as one ring.

  187. Warrior_of_Weekends says:

    You guys are such a beautiful couple!!

  188. Aimee Santana says:

    We were looking for a wedding ring, and I saw some beautiful rings that were way too expensive. But it was nice to try some on, but fun fact I found my ring in antique shop!! And I wear it as a wedding ring and don’t wear a wedding band either! By itself looks great!

  189. sweetheartcastle says:

    Girrrrrl those prices! My ring was only 400 and I love it!

  190. Vanessa Perez says:

    I just got engaged to my fiancé on the Fourth of July and I personally just like the engagement ring on its own. It’s so weird seeing matching bands.

    My engagement ring has a white gold band with tiny diamonds and want a simple plain white gold or yellow gold band to wear when I have kids or just want to be more minimal but it looks so weird with a plain band.

  191. Momma2thewilds says:

    Costco is a great place for rings. I think it’s a guarantee that it is worth 2 or 3 times more. Plus you get a bigger diamonds ladies Haha. My engagement ring is so pretty but I wear just the band most the time cause I have kids and I have scratched the kids up with it and I was getting a callus wearing it and driving alot…. a girl could have worse problems tho haha.

  192. Lourdes Rodz says:

    If u are pleased with only your engagement ring, why don’t get a plain wedding band.

  193. Lourdes Rodz says:

    That employee reminded me of Kanye

  194. Alisa Holverson says:

    I feel the same way—not super into getting a wedding band. Sometimes it just looks/feels better without it!

  195. Erika Gavino says:

    Low key go some where else haha

  196. AwesomenessBBG25 says:

    Some people wear their wedding band on their left hand and their engagement ring on their right

  197. kylie braun says:

    I just wear my engagement ring

  198. Sasha says:

    Free samples? You spent $416, you more than reimbursed them for the samples!

  199. boofale says:

    Where did you get the dangling earrings you’re wearing in this video? I’ve been looking for some exactly like them!

  200. estevens2011 says:

    With the number of ads I’ve had on this video I’m thinking Jos must have decided she liked that 20k ring! 😂😂 lol

  201. Eimer says:

    your video ideas are so great.

  202. Caillen Emily says:

    I don’t have the engagement ring yet but I have my wedding ring 😂It’s my great-great grandmother’s wedding ring that my grandmother had some diamonds put into. I have my promise ring, that’s like a V-shape, which will go on the top side of my engagement ring one day, and my wedding ring will go under that. I like wedding rings and have always known I’d wear one, but I know a lot of my American relatives who only wear an engagement ring.

    • Caillen Emily says:

      Exactly! I always knew I wanted a thin, rose gold band with a couple of little diamond on it like her ring and then for Christmas this year, I got her ring and I was blown away! It’s so special and I’ll treasure it forever! Thanks for replying, Joslyn, and congratulations again! You two are so cute together!

    • Joslyn Davis says:


  203. beautyizeasy says:

    Shout out to Des for being a cool Costco employee! You rock!

  204. That girl says:

    My dad got my mom’s rings from a pawn shop for like $275 I think maybe $175 for both, the diamond is cubic zirconia but the love each other so much and have been married for 24 (almost 25) years. Marriage isn’t about rings or the wedding it’s about living for God together, staying together and leaning for each other when things get hard. Life isn’t easy but when you have someone you love dearly helping you grow and you helping them grow it seems like a gift from God!♥️

  205. Heather Lomax says:

    Fun video

  206. L C says:

    Wedding band goes under engagement ring, close to your heart.

  207. Courtney Ann says:

    I’ve always loved my mom’s wedding ring that had a shadow band with two smaller diamonds on each side of the main ring that was her engagement ring 😁😁💛 I think my mammaw is the one who told me when I was younger that a “wedding ring” should have three “stones” for some old reason idkkk 😂 Love you Jos!!

  208. Mina Specht says:

    I’m a personal believer that you should do whatever feels right for you especially in your relationship which includes your wedding and marriage. So if you want to wear to just wear your engagement ring as your wedding ring, do so; both are a symbol of commitment anyways. I know lots of people who do. However, since I believe you and Chris are very grounded in your faith I want to let you know that many people who find a lot of meaning in the ceremony where the wedding band is blessed often get a small simple no gem band to have for the ceremony and keep safe somewhere special for the symbolism outside of wearing only the engagement ring for a wedding ring.

  209. Mina Specht says:

    Hot Tip (especially since y’all are so active): Platinum is beautiful but a soft metal so it doesn’t resist scratching or dents as well as a metal such as white gold. However, it’s less brittle and prone to bending so great for holding precious stones. Most jewelers would say platinum is great for an engagement ring because it often holds a jewel and gold for a wedding band since it resist scratching and won’t have anything sparkly to distract from a mark.

  210. Isa Caceres says:

    Gosh I loved your experience there!!! I’m going to Costco if I can ever find someone to marry me 😂

  211. Teresa M says:

    Their diamonds are actually quite great!

  212. VALERIA BAIRES says:

    I gonna be real. When I first watched ur channel I thought ur husband(bf then) look like Justin Timberlake

  213. Sweet Marrie says:

    You could just get a plain band that’s not as “loud” as those but is the same metal and size as your ring. Seems more your aesthetic anyway.

  214. Sydney DeJong says:

    I’m not super into diamonds but I love colored gemstones. My husband and i picked out a beautiful band and picked a tanzanite stone for the center. I love it so much that it’s my only ring. Do you girl. Who cares about the normal thing. It’s your ring, your wedding, enjoy it.

  215. Sweet Marrie says:

    My sister had her engagement ring and wedding band welded together. I think the proper term is sodered or something like that

  216. Stephanie Marie says:

    Nothing but overjoyed and excited for you Joslyn 🤗😭 you look even more happy than ever!! Congrats 😍💍

  217. Overwatch Teacher says:

    They bring me so much joy! They seem so perfect for each other!

  218. Sherrie Breier says:

    You put the band on top of the engagement ring. So the ring is closer to you, and the band sits on top. You wear the ring to your wedding and the band is what is added.
    However, to get something that matches your ring and feels like its apart you’ll probably have to go back to who originally made your ring and have them make one. I personally like the halo bands (your ring slides into the circle).

  219. I.A. Food Reviews says:

    It’s so nice that she thanked the worker

  220. opalsandbar says:

    he can get a tiny wedding band made that matches your ring but with no center stone

  221. Christina Delrio says:

    I don’t tell .. my story.😗😗😗 Myself thinking looking finding at “Costco wholesale” million enegment ring . Cooling !

  222. Alyssa G says:

    wring wraps are very cool ideas! They’re technically separate from the engagement ring but they encase together to look like one big ring! check it out.

  223. Friendly Giraffe says:

    The last one is actually so perfect!!

  224. Kaylee Wolfe says:

    Married 4 years and I’ve never had a wedding band, just my engagement ring 💍

  225. Jacob O'Leary says:

    Be honest Joslyn, are you marrying him for his Costco membership

  226. tine06kerbell says:

    I need to find me 1 of those.

  227. Chariti Hoven says:

    Joslyn Davis I absolutely adore you!!

  228. Tess says:

    Can’t wait for your wedding 😭😍🦞

  229. Dimitris Spyrtzis says:

    lowkey with those prices i much rather go to cartier buy two love rings and call it a day lol

  230. Julie Doria says:

    I don’t want a wedding band either! I’m just going to wear my engagement ring. We don’t have a lot of money so I don’t want to buy something that I don’t really feel like I need, just because it’s normal.

  231. Kate Butterworth says:

    You should get a custom ring that fits round your engagement ring 💍

  232. Madison Beaty says:

    Does anyone else feel like Des is literally Kanye west?

  233. HoneyandAshley says:

    Emerald cut diamonds are my favorite. Zales has a great variety of rings. It would be a good place to test out rings. There really are no rules when buying engagement rings / wedding bands etc. Its more common to have nontraditional wedding rings now (coloured stones or multi stones/ halos etc) some people wear just the bands (more common in social service / health field- taking gloves on and off can often get caught on ring’s claws – the things that hold the diamonds or stones in; leading to ripped gloves or damaged rings …. ), others just an engagement ring. It’s really personal preference. Having insurance or a protection plan is critical. Gold wears and over time the claws wear down leading to lose stones etc (I’m saying etc alot. Please don’t hate me). Platinum is your best bet in terms of wear, gold is actually quite malleable (in pure state. Thus one of the many reasons why it is mixed with other alloys, besides cost… etc 😂) i could go on forever. Ideal pick the ring you want and will enjoy and make sure you have some sort of protection plan on it (for general maintenance and repairs) diamonds when exposed to chemicals, hard water and more will discolour over time. So take it off when you’re showering or doing the dishes. Fact, most stones are lost when wearing your ring to bed. The claws catch on sheet or blankets. So don’t wear them to bed.

  234. SpiffyMcSnazzy says:

    If you like your engagement ring and want to wear it all the time, don’t get a wedding band! I personally want a band so I don’t have to wear a diamond all the time (makes me nervous) and then the engagement ring can be for special occasions.

  235. Monica Baker says:

    Get a plain silver band without diamonds

  236. Anna Mitchell says:

    I’m getting married in 2 months and don’t want a wedding band! I love my ring alone I feel like bands sometimes take away from the beauty of the ring!

  237. mysunshine andme says:

    I wear just my engagement ring without a wedding band because it has two rows of small diamonds on the band and two halos around the pear shape diamond. I love it as is and opted out of a band.

    And… we bought it at Sams Club. I fell in love and couldn’t find anything to compare. I get a lot of compliments from people that see it.

    Tip for any engaged or newly engaged read the policy from the store to keep the warranty. Some require cleaning once a year to keep up the warranty.

  238. Timber V says:

    I dont wear a wedding band! I have my engagement ring and a silicone ring for work

  239. Steven G says:

    The first ring Chris tried was a zaddy ring, for sure

  240. L Catt says:

    I really love the simplicity of my plain band with my diamond ring. Gives you the married look without taking away from the other ring.

  241. Hannah Winters says:

    Both my sister and I only wear our engagement rings. I also know a number of woman that only wear their engagement rings. If you like your engagement alone than just wear that!

  242. lestrange says:

    I watched the whole ad before this video to help Joslyn out , but it was an ad for silicone rings and it talked about the terrifying injuries you can get from metal rings. “Ring Avulsion” where it rips all your skin and muscle off your finger. And now, every large ring she tries on, I just can’t help thinking “that’s going to catch on something and tear her hand off”. That’s what I get for watching the ad!

  243. yea yea says:

    is costco like sams club? i’ve never been to a costco but idk

  244. Kyla Scholtz says:

    Loooooooooved the third one you tried on ♥️

  245. Liberty S. says:

    I think that maybe you would like the wedding ring better if it “connects” with your engagement ring. So they looks like one piece although they are two. My aunt did that and it looked really good because when u looked at her finger it looked like one ring with just a little wider band. (she had a really thin band for her wedding ring that “locked” into place under the big diomand) Maybe the reason why u like it by itself is because it looks like your wearing two completely different rings instead of them melding together? I don’t know how to explain it any better but if u ask a jeweler they will know what I am talking about 😂 it’s a pretty common thing. And FYI u don’t need a wedding ring it’s just if you want one maybe this info will help

  246. Sandyandi says:

    I wear just my engagement ring, usually. My husband and I got cheaper wedding bands for the ceremony because we were kinda broke at the time, and stopped wearing the bands after a while. It really is all about your own preference, and I suppose the symbolism of what the ring means to you, or how much value you have in the ring.

  247. Alexa Ramos says:

    I don’t wear a wedding band! I have a petite hand like you and felt like a wedding band next to my engagement ring overpowered my finger and detracted attention away from how perfect my engagement ring is ❤️💍❤️

  248. Charlotte Zimmerman says:

    TBH i would’ve watched a full costco shop/haul vid too

  249. Sarah Tudor says:

    Seriously Costco is awesome. I had a friend get her wedding rings from Costco and her diamond came out 10 years later and they still replaced her diamond.

  250. alyssacorrente says:

    did you take your conch piercing out?

    • Joslyn Davis says:


  251. Reem El-Rayyes says:

    Go back to the same jeweller who did your engagement ring and they can make a simple one (or whatever style you’d like) to make one that’s cohesive/goes with your pretty engagement ring! 🙂

  252. laurNsG says:

    you could do what mila kunis did and she got her wedding band from an etsy shop

  253. TheMeghan99 says:

    What I’ve seen a lot of people do is wear just their wedding band on their left hand and their engagement ring on their right hand.

  254. Naura Atika says:

    The last one look the best i guess, though you can do wedding earrings too no?

  255. Mummy Moo says:

    I say go to the person who made your engagement ring and get them to design a ring that goes around your engagement ring so its one piece 😁 that what im doing when i get married as i like the cohesiveness x

  256. Jessprays says:

    Love this video! Some cultures wear the wedding band on the other ring finger and match their husbands band 🙂 it’s nice too

  257. Emily Isaacs says:

    I decided that I didn’t want a wedding ring and that the engagement ring was more than enough, so yes, some women do just wear their engagement ring. But to each their own!

  258. BecBoops says:

    If you go with a wedding band definitely keep be similar to the engagement ring. Thin and simple.

  259. Real Salica says:

    You are so cute together. ^_^ ❤️❤️❤️ You should look around , it is for the rest of your life 😉

  260. Laura P. says:

    Yes, you can just wear your engagement ring. My husband gave me a “pre-engagement/promise” ring (simple celtic heart design) on our first dating anniversary (Nine years ago). We’ve been married for 6 and a half years, and I wear that ring most of the time.
    Best wishes to you, Jos!

    • Laura P. says:

      @Joslyn Davis Thanks! I’ve really been enjoying your wedding related videos (especially the dress shopping)!
      This ring shopping video has me thinking about asking my husband to get my wedding ring fixed (four small diamonds had fallen out). Maybe I’ll start wearing it again. lol.

    • Joslyn Davis says:

      OH WOW! that’s amazing congrats on your marriage 🙂 XOXOXO

  261. Maria Fuentes says:

    What does he mean by saying, don’t test him? Like in which way? My English is ok but not so great on expresions

  262. Christina LaMarco says:

    I ❤ you guys!! I had no idea Costco had jewelry like that 🥰

  263. Gissela Gallegos says:

    Can we talk about how hot her fiancé is? Like DAMN GIRL! YOU’RE SO BLESSED! Plus he’s so sweet! This was the first time I’ve seen him

  264. becky pollock says:

    if that ring WAS $20,000 and it wasn’t a typo on costco’s part then why the hell was it not in a more securely locked case then rest?!yikes!

  265. Jeniffer Lindvall says:

    I only wear my engagement ring. Its a vintage ring gifted from my grandmother, so nothing really looked right with it so went ahead and just saved the money for the wedding. Its been 7 years and I have no regrets

  266. Kathleen Haskins says:

    I did not get a wedding band. I felt my ring was big enough that I did not need an extra band. Our jeweler did say that it is tradition to get each other a gift for the rehearsal dinner. I will say my husband got me diamond earrings. Haha 🥰

  267. Jessica Hickey says:

    I like small and simple

  268. Lauryn Bryant says:

    I work at Costco!!!! I support!!!!

    Edit: SHE LIKED MY COMMENT!!!! 😭😭❤️

  269. Brittany Arguin says:

    I felt the same way about my engagement ring. I didn’t want a band at first but I am really glad that I did end up getting one. Once I found one that complimented my ring it just looked great and I loved it. Try a ring guard maybe? You can do whatever you want…no wedding band works too!

  270. Tracy A says:

    I wanted a gorgeous engagement ring but refused to let my hubby spend $5k on a ring. That’s absurd! After much research, I found out about Moissanite rings. My thrifty heart fell in love! They are a small step below diamond strength but they are just as stunning! I got a beautiful 1.5 carat engagement ring that looks like it should be 10k but the hubby paid for $1,500! And my matching wedding band only cost $500.

  271. Jace Cruz says:

    The amount of wedding ring adds I’m getting 😂😂 so cute

  272. Mary Blair says:

    With your ring (which is GORGEOUS by the way) I’d go with a really thin band, either with the same size diamonds as the ones on the band on your engagement ring, or just simple white gold/platinum. Love a pavé band with tiny diamonds, it’s simple but beautiful. I don’t know why I’m giving this advice but I love jewelry lol

  273. Kennie loo says:

    I wanted to just keep my engagement ring for my wedding ring too. I didn’t want anything extra. But my hunny surprised me and got another band that complemented my ring. I think it is worth spending some time hunting for the right one. As for Chris, y’all might be more simple than this but I got my husband’s wedding ring on!!! They have a huge selection of really cool unique rings with a lot of different materials and inlays. If you don’t find somethin they already produce, they do have an option to build your own. Very nice people. And we are totally obsessed with the ring he got!

  274. Ruffdogg21 says:

    Oh hey Jos, it’s me— but you already know. I like how excited you are about the wedding. Congrats again. This video was aiight. You guys are a great couple—even tho one of you looks like a bird. (Carly and Erin voice) Byeeeeee

  275. Bridger Bauman says:

    Joslyn can pull off Costco better than I can pull off Gucci

  276. erin briley says:

    Both my engagement ring and wedding band are from Costco. They have more choices online for Costco.
    Also some of my friends that have unique style rings only wear their engagement ring. Point is you can do whatever you want!

  277. Noemi De La Torre says:

    My moms wedding band and her engagement ring interlock. Like it came in a set and they lock together and I think it’s so pretty.
    Also I work at Kohls and they have simple, gold wedding bands for men that are pretty affordable. I also recommend the Vera Wang wedding bands for you. Those are super pretty and dainty I think will go really well with engagement rings you already have.
    Weddings bands are literally my favorite part of working in the jewelry department. It’s so cute seeing men get so stressed about finding the perfect ring. I love it.

  278. Jena Dunn says:

    Check out Etsy! They have some really affordable unique rings. 💍

  279. Life By Hannah says:

    I wear a VERY think, diamond wedding band that costs $100 from Walmart against my engagement ring. And to be honest, unless you look for it, you can’t really see it.

    My friend just wears her engagement ring because she has a custom ring.

    To each their own, but I personally love knowing that one ring I took as a promise, and another proves it’s happening

  280. Olivia Morrow says:

    I would just like to say I got an ad during this video that said “we believe more is more” and I think it’s meant to be

  281. Karen S says:

    Too cute. So Exciting!!💝

  282. LaurasThinspiration says:

    We got our wedding bands at WAL-MART!! Then on our 1yr anniversary he got me another band, so I have three stacked. Luckily I have long fingers! I also got all three rings fussed together, definitely helps when taking them on and off. My husband ended up getting a silicone ring from Qalo since he works with machines.

  283. xochitl andrade says:

    “Send me the link” 😂😂😂😂

  284. PinkDiamond7777777 says:

    8:53 Years And Years…

  285. Brooks says:

    also a makeup routine would be great 🙂

  286. Brooks says:


  287. Ally says:

    Honestly I didn’t know until recently that people have 2 rings! My mom has always only had a wedding ring and that was it. I think it gives so much more meaning to the one ring. I really don’t understand the need of 2 rings. feel like its all marketing…

  288. Deb says:

    How fun! My hubs lost his wedding ring the first week after we were married…so off to Costco that night…and bought a nice band for him. I like the thin wedding bands the best with your pretty diamond!

  289. Mine NOTurs says:

    id say

    “tatoo rings”

    -(but thats just me ..iLIKE ink)-
    Spinner Ring
    ooooh *or* those uhm silicone .or whatever they are called
    -idk . im simple-

  290. Rocco Maniscalco says:

    Loved it!!!!

  291. Cara Quinn says:

    Jos you would look so cute with a nose piercing!!

  292. Ainslee Rangel says:

    So as far as rings (been married 3 years) traditionally it’s the pretty one and one or two bands but it’s all personal preference! If you only want to wear one without a band then do it or wear a set. I personally love my set! 😊💕

  293. Shelley Broyles says:

    Marriage advice (unsolicited):
    Love is a choice, you choose to love, or you choose not to love.
    When life gets hard, and it will, continue to choose to love. And when those hard times come remember that time heals all wounds of the heart. And, if you want those wounds to heal without a scar, kneel together often in prayer sharing vocally your love for one another.
    So happy for you two!

  294. Shelley Broyles says:

    I’ve been married for 28 years, and only wear my wedding rings (any ring) when I leave the house. We have a crystal love heart ring holder where it lives.

    • E Dennis says:

      Me, too. I hate wearing jewelry at home because I can’t relax that way. Except earrings. I wear earrings most of the time.

  295. AmieSara says:

    I just got an engagement ring with a fancier band that’s a little thicker and then didn’t add an extra wedding band. This day in age anything goes.

  296. Lyka Enriquez says:

    Coming from someone who’s lost a couple of wedding bands, get the earrings!!! 😅

  297. Twisted Frannie says:

    I actually wear a small diamond cluster ring as my wedding ring….bought it from a guy in my apartment building that sold weed,lol for $20.00.
    Seen him in the lobby and he asked us if we wanted to buy it….we said yes!!
    I have a diamond ring and wedding band that my husband bought me later on but I still wear this one EVERYDAY ❤

  298. Kelly Lowrey says:

    you should get your wedding ring custom made at the same place as your other ring. both my mom and my sister have a big rock like you as an engagement ring and then a smaller band that fits to the wedding ring so it looks like one ring instead of 2, my sister just has one below and then my mom has 2 one on top and one below but they are both shaped to the engagement ring so the rock in like cradled.

  299. marco polo says:

    Joslyn be like: I’m getting married💁‍♀️

  300. Ashley G. Man says:

    All my ads were engagement ring ads 😂

  301. Nicole Knox says:

    I love Costco so much and always sneak peeks at the jewelry case 😍 one day!

  302. Teri Spring says:

    I’ve always heard that if you put the diamond closest to your heart it means you married for money and if you put the band 1st it means you married for love. But I actually wear a thin plain band then my engagement ring and then another thin plain band. The bands actually help me feel like my engagement ring is on more securely. My engagement ring is 73 years old (passed down from great grandma) so I want to make sure it is very safe on my finger.

  303. Sydney Kong says:


  304. Sydney Kong says:


  305. Sydney Kong says:

    why i go to costco at all is to eat the samples

  306. Elianna Chroniger says:

    My engagement ring is so fricken sparkly that I decided I wanted just a plain white gold band! My future FIL made it for me and it’s so simple, I love it! Also, I plan to wear my band outside my engagement ring!

  307. unoriginal.uniqueness says:

    I never got why people buy rings when they get married. I mean, they can do whatever they want and I’ll be happy for them, but I would prefer to spend my money on something else

    • unoriginal.uniqueness says:

      @Mine NOTurs I think people like to have something to symbolize their union, but I’m just not that kind of person…

    • Mine NOTurs says:


      (if there comments aftr this _explaining as to WHY people get rings_ .. .TO EACH THEIR OWN)

  308. Maribeth Ollerman says:

    Closer to the heart for wedding band.

  309. Zack Munson says:

    My friend who got married had a similar engagement ring to yours and she ended up getting a different ring set for her wedding ring because she thought it would be too much to add to her engagement ring. She kept her engagement ring in her jewelry box after the wedding and for their first wedding anniversary her husband had the diamonds in her engagement ring made into a necklace.

  310. Nicole Bolt says:

    We got my band from Noemie, they have very pretty dainty bands!

  311. Heather Emerick says:

    I think im onmy going to wear my engagement ring for my wedding band i dont wear jewlery and i do hair so i dont need all that extra stuff lol

  312. Tracie Irene says:

    I wasn’t planning on having 2 separate rings, but the engagement ring I got was a little too big, and was unable to be resized because of the pattern. So I bought a set of wedding bands from etsy so my husband and I match with a blue ring in the middle of our rings. I wore that outside of my engagement ring to hold it on, but the engagement ring was getting snagged on everything. So now I wear the band on my hand and the engagement ring on my necklace.

  313. Amanda Jane says:

    You guys are literally the cutest together!!! You remind me of me and my husband…always being silly and just having fun….I was like you and don’t want a wedding band as I love my engagement ring so much but I fell in love with the look of just a plain platinum wedding band with my ring and now I couldn’t imagine not having one… something to think about mabye. Love all your content. Happy shopping 🥰🥰

  314. Wambli Jackson says:

    I loveeee ring shopping .!!! I’m married I got me a ring but wasn’t the ring I truly wanted but I love it so much and then my husband said he wanted to upgrade my ring and I told him what one I wanted and he said next year it’ll be alll mineeee .!!! I told him I love the ring I have now but I just thank him my husband so much for any thing he gives me .!!

  315. Johanna Jaramillo says:

    I just love your relationship!!! You guys remind me of my relationship with my husband (also named Chris).

  316. Jennie Lauber says:

    My wedding band is a thin band of diamonds on a rose gold band. My engagement ring is the main event on my finger. It’s a cushion cut peach Morganite with diamonds surrounding it

  317. Oliver's girl says:

    I don’t wear a wedding band I suffer from eczema and jewellery makes it’s worse. I got a tattoo ony wedding finger. I’ll never lose it which is very likely to happen with me lol. I think you should have what makes you happy Joslyn if that means you don’t have a traditional wedding band then go for it 😊

  318. MrsAriann says:

    Jos, the issue with these Costco rings is that they don’t fit the shape of your ring and are a little too bulky for your dainty ring and slim fingers. My engagement ring is from Helzberg, and my wedding band is “custom” from a jeweler at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (every February). The jewelrer is Briol at Arat Jewelry in LA. The wedding band is curved to fit my engagement ring, and I selected it from what they had and they custom made it for my size AND refinished and resized my husband’s yellow gold band which was handed down from the family. Both were $500 total and half the price of the matching wedding band for my engagement ring. I would highly, highly, highly recommend checking out antique/vintage jewelers or even reputable pawn shops or estate sales. Much more eco friendly, environmentally friendly and wallet friendly! My husband has a yellow gold ring with a brushed finish, and they’re hard to find right now because everything else is so trendy. My ultimate suggestion would be the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, if you’ve never heard of it- it’s basically the world’s largest gem show and you can find an amazing deal through them.

  319. shaee_ butta_7.31 says:

    We all expect invitations 💕 our parents are getting married, we wanna be there 😝❤️

  320. Josie Cisneros says:

    You can also wear your engagement ring on one hand, and wedding band on the other. I’ve seen many people do that. 🙂

  321. Yesenia says:

    The ring doesnt matter and dont worry if you just have the one ring, my parents got rings from Walmart and are still happily together:)

  322. Cassie Hill says:

    Im am so happy that y’all went to An off best place to look at rings. I think most of the time we get swept up in the main stream hype that you have to get rings from a fancy jewelry store. I am so happy you showed other options and you did it seriously. Thank you!! Y’all are seriously the best.

  323. Nikkiwn says:

    I loved my engagement ring by itself. I planned on eventually adding a band when I found something I loved. 15 years later still have just the one ring.

  324. Karissa Ramdeo says:


  325. Vanessa says:

    Lol at you asking Chris if you’re getting coffee as if the answer isn’t already yes 🤣. Coffee is life !

  326. Clara Leach says:

    my mom only wears one ring so do whatever you want girl

  327. Natalee Petty says:

    Really I personally don’t think they match but really they are very pretty. Hope you find one you really like!!

  328. Emily Myrick says:

    I got married in june. We went to Costco for rings and struck out, BUT we did get our flowers from Costco. Big fan.
    We got my ring from etsy with my engagement ring. We got his ring(s) from Amazon. So much cheaper.

  329. GC QLDRGIRL Persistent Pain Warrior says:

    Desmond looks like Kenya West.

  330. Shannon Dougherty says:

    I agree with you! I want just an engagement ring, the wedding ring is kinda just an extra uneccessary ecpense

  331. Divya Sasidharan says:

    Omg women have to have 2 diamond ring coz they r getting a man? How n when did this happen in history? Some royal ass started it? 🤣🤣🤣
    This is beyond my brain can comprehend 😂😂😂

  332. Maverick Moses says:

    Honestly never understood the whole “engagement ring” vs “wedding band” thing. Haha. Is that something that’s relatively new? I’ve only ever really been exposed to women wearing their engagement ring as their wedding band. So much so, that I never even call it an engagement ring, it’s always just been a wedding ring in my mind… So to answer your question Joslyn, I don’t think it’s weird at all to only want the one ring… My mom only had the one ring, though I guess now that I think about it, it might just be a new thing to have two because I see younger couples with both, but never any older couples. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t know… Haha. Basically all this to say, I don’t think it’s weird to only want the one ring because my brain still thinks it’s weird to have both rings. 😂

    • Mine NOTurs says:

      arent there SETs you can buy
      engagement _with_ wedding band *S*

      -like 2puzzle pieces and ring for husband (idk if explaining right)-

  333. deanna says:

    You def don’t need a wedding band. These days people can do wtf they want. No rules. Do it your way!

  334. Jim W says:

    Costco run: Jos is thinking wedding rings and Chris is Artichoke dip and blocks of cheese. The two of you are a perfect pair 😊 This was great. The one ring that was smaller and matched your band looked the best.

  335. alphabrenna says:

    5:23 Just buying mah paper towels

  336. Caffeine Queen 💖☕️ says:

    Like this if you’re watching in bed with no pants on!!!

    Small YouTuber here 💕appreciate any support

  337. JulieMy432 says:

    Some wear their engagement ring on the left hand, and when they get married they switch it to the right hand, and doesn’t get a wedding band :3

  338. Brittany Brown says:

    costco actually has some really crazy gaudy and huge diamond rings. maybe it’s just me but the bigger the ring the less elegant i think it is.

  339. c4arla says:

    Guys do the traditional matching gold bands

  340. Sam Mich says:

    Hey Jos, you should look into having the jeweler who did your engagement ring make your wedding ring. I wasn’t really into wedding rings either when I tried them on in stores. I felt like they were chunky and took away from my engagement ring. The jeweler who made my engagement ring made a thin band that is flush to my engagement ring. It looks like more of an extension of what I already had instead of a bulky second ring

  341. Tara Wade says:

    Joslyn you and Chris look so much in love and I hope you both find a wedding rings you both love your both so amazing

  342. MaryJane80 says:

    Her ring is dainty so like that guys wife’s idea with two thin bands on each side of the engagement ring would be good

  343. respectable_ink says:

    Nothing says marriage like ring shopping and free samples. 💁🏼‍♀️

  344. Alissa Beechler says:

    I suggest getting a wedding band and wearing it on a different finger! Your engagement ring is so pretty on it’s own!

  345. Alexandria says:

    living for the employee who helped you guys out. he seems so nice.

  346. Rebecca Darran says:

    i have been married for nearly 3 years and i only wear my engagement ring as i didn’t want to take away from the opal in the ring instead we exacted bracelets and him a torc (a metal band Viking style)

  347. Sara Djerfi says:

    My mum doesn’t wear her wedding band anymore as it doesn’t fit and only brings out her diamond ring if she’s going somewhere, she actually gave the ring my dad proposed with to my sister (it’s a gorgeous gold ring with intricate details around the black stone). My dad has a solid gold band that he’s hasn’t taken off once since they got married 25 years ago. Also my mum never wore her “new” engagement ring and wedding ring together, it was mostly just her wedding ring alone or her diamond ring, I’ve never seen her wear them together

  348. Paulima Bean says:

    I would just wear my engagement ring as my wedding ring tbh

  349. Lana Gooch says:

    I have both an engagement ring and a wedding band and I don’t wear the two together, but only because both can’t fit on my finger and it be comfortable. Lol I prefer to wear my engagement ring lore because it’s prettier. 🙂

  350. Kira says:

    Up until 2 years ago my husband had a black stainless steal ring I got for $50 at Walmart. He bought a ring set from his uncle for me from a relationship that needed before they got engaged. I have since fallen in love with jewelry shopping on Etsy and bought him an up grade ring and he has bought me 2 additional plain gold bands. I’m not allowed to wear my engagement ring at work because I would with food.

  351. Kassie Kee says:

    I worked in the jewelry biz for 7+ years and all I’ll say is be careful buying name brand jewelry at Costco. Costco is not an authorized jeweler for certain watch companies in particular, such as Tag Heuer, and the watch co. refuse to repair them because of where they were purchased. If you want to be certain that warranties and repair work can be done, I’d suggest going to a jewelry store for the best customer service. For me, it’s not just about how pretty the ring is, but how easy it would be to repair and how high maintenance the setting will be. It’s more than just the purchase, you want to be sure you’re taken care of after the fact. There’s my 2 jewelry cents 💗

  352. Amy Francis says:

    You could try a really thin diamond pave band under your engagement ring? Like a super skinny one x

  353. Leslie Living on a Budget says:

    You two are the cutest! 😍😍

  354. Lauren Esquivel says:

    My husband thought his real band felt heavy and too weird for his “everyday” attire since he’d never really worn rings before. So we got the Qualo silicon ring and he wears that constantly. And I don’t care if he loses it or damages it because it was $20!

  355. Synthya Puckett says:

    You should try going to an actual jeweler and they can give you more information on like buying warranties and stuff. I think it would give you more options. ❤️❤️❤️

  356. Honeybee says:

    I like having both my engagement and wedding band. I feel like people don’t know you’re married and just think you’re engaged

  357. Alicia Mizzi says:

    Joslyn I just got engaged and Iam not buying a wedding ring…I love my engagement ring I want to wear it forever. My fiance got me a ring made from meteorite.

  358. Megg Blackwell says:

    Lots of people I know just wear their engagement rings and not a band. They love their ring so why take away from it!!! (But i mean diamond earrings wouldn’t hurt lol)

  359. TwstdGypsy says:

    You guys are just beyond beautiful and make me smile! Much love xx

  360. Giovana Donati says:

    My mom wears her engagement ring as her wedding ring! It looks so pretty alone! 🙂

  361. Pheriba Lopez says:

    My maternal grandparents didn’t/don’t wear wedding rings because it didn’t make sense since my grandpa was a carpenter and my grandma was a hairdresser.
    My husband and I are kind of young, so we had no money when we got married last year. We did a court house wedding in Las Vegas because you can do everything same day and on the weekend. He had just gotten a job and was on probation, so he couldn’t take a day off during the week to go get married. That’s why Vegas. We drove there and back in one day. My mom gave my husband the wedding bands that my dad gave her to propose to me with. That set of rings belonged to my great grandmother on my paternal side. I wear a ring from the 20s! When we are better off, my husband is going to make me a custom set. What’s more scary than losing an expensive ring is losing a family Heirloom…. at least it’s scary to me Dx

  362. Sam JP says:

    I wear my wedding ring and then wear my engagement ring on the same finger but other hand. X

  363. TheSongwritingCat says:

    Get your earrings! I hate wearing rings though so I’m not a great person to ask. My ideal is a twisted vine or a rope band so there’s visual interest but it doesn’t get in the way when you’re doing things with your hands.

  364. MichelleK says:

    great job on another vid Jos! still so excited to see you two get married! my mom has her wedding ring bonded with her wedding band you can do that sometimes.Also my parents have a regular cheap band they wear when they do sports or anything that they don’t want to ruin their real rings. I think your fiance looked good with the first ring he tried on,I agree the second one seemed a bit thick. Can’t wait to see what you guys get! keep up the good work! <3

  365. Dan G says:

    The rings were nice but … I think you should get a simple band or diamond band that will compliment the engagement ring. Save the tennis bracelet or earrings for an anniversary. It’s like “fetch”, I don’t think you’re going to be able to make that a thing.

  366. Ev Maybury says:

    Do people in America get different wedding rings from their partner?

  367. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    You should totally check out ring wraps. They’re basically rings that include a space for your engagement solitaire and just add more diamonds on either side. Plus, you can get them soldered together so you don’t risk losing one.

  368. DoneDyl says:

    Drinking game, binge watch all of Joslyn’s videos and drink every time the drone shot from the engagement plays.

  369. DoneDyl says:

    You guys are such a cute couple. Adding y’all to the short list of favorite YouTube couples with Jenna & Julien and Shane & Ryland

  370. Vanessa says:

    Desmond gives me Kanye vibes

  371. rabbit2918 says:

    Relationship goals You are so perfect together❤️

  372. Heather Dunn says:

    I bought my husbands wedding ring on Amazon. It’s tungsten and it has a beautiful claddagh engraved in it and I think I only paid about $40 for it. 💕

  373. Chiara 88 says:

    Joslyn, how is that possible that everytime I watch one of your videos I think “wait!! That is actually me if caffeine would work on me!!”
    Cause I drink like a shit ton of coffee but it doesn’t work for me… but if it would work I’ll be the fat and way less cool version of you!!

  374. Summer Bell says:

    When my fiancé and I first got engaged we used a whopping $60 we earned working a job together and bought a set from modern gents which I LOVED BUT a few months later, the rose gold plating started wearing off even though it was guaranteed not to. I was at my mom’s house and she was like “you can have my original engagement ring from your dad or I have a lot of other’s from Grandma Dora”. I go to her bathroom and she pulls out this gorgeous vintage gold square Ruby(not real) ring. It was love at first sight. Low and behold, it was the very first ring my great grandfather gave my great grandma who then gave it to my mom when she turned 16. I was extremely close to my great grandma when she was alive. It was absolutely meant to be. Plus, my grandma has a gold and Ruby band that matches really well so that’s taken care of and has special family value. I still have the set we bought to wear on the honeymoon because I am NOT risking anything happening to this set. We’re getting married Nov 9.

  375. Gigi says:

    Hi everyone, I’m here to give you some
    BTS of this video! As we all know, I am the actor that plays the role of “Joslyn Davis” the filming process for this video was extremely low budget, as you can tell. The character actor that played “Costco employee” was incredibly kind and endearing. I myself had a very difficult time remember my lines bc the script was changed on us last minute. I am not proud of this video, but the producers just wanted something out.

  376. Dana Melina says:

    Both my wife and I got our rings off Etsy, she got my engagement ring for and then a year after when we got married we contacted the jewelers to make a custom band that fit into the engagement ring. It’s a very thin silver band. We love ours and spent like $200 on each, I don’t trust myself to have expensive jewelry.

  377. Natascha Smith says:

    Cutest couple ever 🥰❤❤❤

  378. Desire Love says:

    Chris is perfect for you

  379. Alexis Lucero says:

    You should look at Etsy. That is where Mila kunis bought her’s.

  380. Cherry Beeghly says:

    Our rings were made by a family member to match. My husband’s is just wider. I wear my diamond band engagement ring everyday, but still got a simple wedding band, which we used in the ceremony, incase I don’t want to wear diamonds all the time or later in life (Mom’s advice because she didn’t like to wear her solitaire while gardening or teaching kids).

  381. TheGirlWithout says:

    I loved this 🙂 I think the slim diamond band looked really dainty and classy with Joslyn’s engagement ring 🙂

  382. Chelsy Lynn says:

    None of the rings fit with the ring….like it’s not made to be and fit together properly. I would either get one made from the same place but people do not always get a second ring unless it comes with one lol

    • Chelsy Lynn says:

      @MrsAriann I know. Doesnt matter the brand but none of those were made for the shape of her ring. I have my wedding ring and they were made for each other whether or not they are by the same brand. Brand doesnt matter. But thank you for clarifying my paragraph lol

    • MrsAriann says:

      You don’t have to have a band that’s made specifically for your ring. You can get any type of band but one that just fits the shape of your ring. All of the rings Jos tried just don’t fit the shape of her ring.

  383. Emily Scott says:

    also be sure to check out some local Jewelers (support local) and they will be super helpful on answering all the questions and unknowns! 🙂

  384. Maria Ayala says:

    Soooooo cute you 2 😍😍. Congratulations!!!

  385. osuguy1984 says:

    You two are so adorable! Love getting to watch your journey together 💖

  386. Pinky654 says:

    Yesssss!!!!! I can’t wait until the wedding comes!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I love the ‘Wedding Journey’ on your channel!!!

  387. Allie Ryan says:

    You should get a shadow band! It forms around the diamond of the engagement ring and looks less like two individual bands and more like an extension of your engagement ring!

    • Aqua Yogi says:

      They move around too much

    • Brian Marty says:

      That is what we are going to do

    • Donna Burner Slone says:

      I’ve always heard it called a “Jacket” It is ring that is made to go on top & bottom of the engagement ring & you slide the engagement ring down in the middle of the jacket.

    • corrie Jennings says:

      That’s how mine is and after my wedding I had them soldered together 💍

    • Zozo B says:

      Yeah this is what my mum and aunt have! I don’t necessarily know if I’d call it a shadow band, but they got their wedding bands (which are plain gold – so no extra bling) fitted to form around their engagement rings, engagement ring going on the finger first, then band.

  388. Ashley Randall says:

    My cousins did not get wedding rings. She kept her engagement ring and got fancy shoes instead of the wedding ring, and he got golf clubs.

  389. Loly Hernandez says:

    I thought all the rings were beautiful but I’m like you jos i like simple not to over the top things especially jewelry im sure what ever rings you guys choose will be beautiful 😉😘

  390. Chelsey says:

    We bought my husband’s wedding ring from Sam’s Club and have never regretted it!!

  391. Alexandria says:

    “i want a zaddy ring” iconic

  392. Lois Thompson says:

    Cool video!

  393. Shanna P says:

    I’ve been married for almost 20 years. We bought our rings at JC Pennys! I think we spent $200 on just gold bands. I don’t even wear my rings! I wear a simple solitaire diamond ring that was made from a necklace my husband gifted me on our 1st valentine’s day as a couple.

  394. A R says:

    “Be direct with your husband. Don’t test him” – Des
    Some actual good marriage advice.

    • Frankie Frank says:

      Desmond was awesome!

    • A R says:

      Joslyn Davis he was great!!!
      Btw, congrats!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are amazing. I cannot wait to see the wedding.
      Also, it really doesn’t matter where you get your weddings rings from. As long as you guys like them, you got a good deal (no need to be extreme with the price), you get a warranty, and you’re happy with your decision. These are a symbol of your love. Not your wallet or a brand name.
      And, your love is beautiful. So wherever and whatever you choose will match that.

    • Joslyn Davis says:


  395. Brittney Lee says:

    I only have an engagement ring and no band. I dont care for the bands. This way I also feel less guilty for hoping I get an upgraded ring for our anniversary someday 😘 But I do love my ring on its own!

  396. Siobhán K. says:

    I like the 5 stone ring!!! 2 carats is a class size when you just want to wear your band and not your engagement ring!! I say go big or go home. thats is the saying I believe.x

  397. Carolina Solis says:

    696 views 90 likes 15 comments
    Hellooooo early squad!

  398. DoubleEmA says:

    I just want my engagement ring as my wedding ring!! I think they look so dainty and pretty alone!☺️

  399. Taylor Kyes says:

    YES! Women wear their engagement rings as wedding rings all the time! I work as a wedding planner in DFW and I see that all the time. I also just got engaged and am going to only have my engagement ring… Many women walk down the aisle with their engagement ring on and then put their wedding band on during the ceremony, some women walk down without and put both on during the ceremony, and some just put their engagement ring back on during the ceremony! It’s COMPLETELY up to you and your preferences, like everything at your wedding!


  400. Michaela Fore says:

    I dont wear a wedding band! So, here’s the tea. My husband and I got married 7 years ago. We were living in an apartment we couldn’t afford and we were dead broke the weeks leading up to our wedding. With our last $50 (7 days before the wedding) we went and bought a wedding ‘set’ and a band for him from Walmart for a grand total of about $45. I wore that set until we were better off. Now, I sport just an “engagement” style ring, with black diamonds. I’ve considered getting two super cheap 1-2mm bands and having them sauntered together so its still technically one ring. But right now im content with my one ring and have been for about 4 years. Also, i still have my walmart set. Its safely tucked away even though its monetary value is basically 0. It means the absolute world to me. Whats amazing is wedding rings are nothing more than a symbolism for whats already in your heart. Tbh you dont need a ring to prove anything.

    • Ging Moon says:

      Michaela Fore aww thats really nice ❤️ when my husband and i got married we didnt have much as well. i was 22 and he was 24. we both wanted just to be able to live together but our families are super conservative and wouldnt allow us to be live in partners so they volunteered a wedding for us. i thought it was ridiculous and my husband was mostly confused at the time and just said yes to everything so we went on with it. we thought it would be like a courthouse simple wedding but both our families are catholic church supporters so we ended up with a 300+ guests at a church and events place wedding 😂 4 years later and now we have a 2yr old girl. every couple and wedding is different and i love knowing the backstory 😍

    • Aqua Yogi says:

      @Ging Moon love…

    • Itsladybugstory says:

      I’m only wearing silver band from pandora it’s sufficient for me, you are right no need to prove anything

    • Michaela Fore says:

      @Ging Moon We completely intended on a courthouse wedding. No friends, no family, just us. My Great Aunt had a fit over that. She insisted she host the entire thing. So she did. All I was responsible for was picking my dress, the date, and the rings. And she still paid for it ALL. (Except the rings) Still VERY grateful for that. And honestly even if we hadnt gotten married we would have still been broke. Being “broke” only made us stronger in the end. Our story is very unique and in the end probably wouldnt work for most people. In hindsight it does sound irresponsible. But for us; it wasnt.

    • Ging Moon says:

      Michaela Fore i love the idea of having 2 rings sauntered together 👍 i personally like having a thinner band. i had my 4mm reduced to 1.9mm because i have short slim finger. our local goldsmith only charges 10-15$ for commission

  401. Emma Grace says:


  402. Jazmine says:

    Can’t wait to watch this l, I just watched the spy video on your shared channel and when you talked to the Spanish man on the walkie talkie had me in stitches

  403. Brianna Johnson says:

    Yesterday I went and looked at wedding rings with my friends and I don’t even have a boyfriend 😂.

  404. alexa eden says:

    I just cant wait for your wedding vlog

  405. orangebelle says:

    Chris would be a HOT DAD!

  406. Alyssa Burns says:

    I love the wedding content! My husband became really good friends with a local jeweller so I was lucky enough to pick out my wedding band to fit my eccentric (large oval peridot) engagement ring AND get a family discount 😉

  407. Nicholas Angel says:

    Hey Jos, I still haven’t gotten my wedding invite in the mail… Weird! I know! Anywho, love youuuuu ❤️

  408. Grace Dunsford says:

    Early crew ❤️❤️

  409. Jothe Krishnan says:

    First one here.. Eeeepppp.. Love you guys so so much..😍😭❤️

  410. david jackson says:

    Couple goals 🙂

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