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407 responses to “WEDDING RING SHOPPING | Lydia Elise Millen”

  1. Valerie B. says:

    I think you inspire all the women that watch you to love themselves more. Some women can be bitter about your ‘first world problems’ as they call it, but ladies…if you believe that Lydia loves herself too much, you just don’t love yourself ENOUGH. The truth is, you deserve some ‘me time’. You deserve that beautiful dress. You deserve that handbag. You deserve that skincare. You deserve that lipstick. And what is even more important, you deserve to pursue your dreams. And you deserve a healthy relationship – with your partner, with your friends and family, and with yourself. It’s crazy how our society teaches us that we don’t deserve those things. It’s crazy how other people destroy our self esteem. And it’s crazy how we accept it. You really don’t need to be bitter about other women spending their money and especially about the amount because “it isn’t relatable”. It isn’t about being able to relate by being able to spend just as much. Buy that lipstick you want whether it’s 30£ or only 3£. Just acknowledge your self worth, and you will relate.

  2. Nicole Fujiwara says:

    Where is the wedding ring shopping??? Oh my god….you have a tiny diamond cleaned at Tiffany’s and your fiancé is eating cupcakes…omg…😳🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Nabanita Dey says:

    It’s almost no makeup look but…but…but…little eyeliner…😊

  4. indigo seven says:

    These videos warm my heart because it reminds me where you started and that inspires me so much, thank you Lydia x

  5. Jennifer Morris says:

    What a narcissist.

  6. Marla Kay says:

    How did you learn to do your makeup? That history would make a great video ♡

  7. annie says:

    LOL I loved when ali opened his mouth to show you that he finished the whole cupcake 😂😂😂

  8. Robespierrey says:

    I always get a really puffy face too, when I wake up! Haha.

  9. Michelle Unterluggauer says:

    does anyone of you guys know if she ever had a breast surgery??

  10. Sabrina Grace says:

    This comment is soooo late but I am so in love with the light grey jumpsuit

  11. Plain Sarah Jane says:

    Umm Hello! You are so beautiful! Falling in love with your channel 🙂

  12. marika laliashvilii says:

    love the nude nail polish. What’s the name and color? thanks

  13. Kustomkreationshop says:
  14. ncasibi aqui says:

    I love love the jumpsuit 😍😍 so flattering

  15. dreamb231 says:

    Lydia, I just want to say “I love love love your channel” 🙏❤️ you are just a normal gal, doing you, not pretentious or false, I love ur vlogs…was gutted we didn’t see u doing ur make up and hair as they r a favourite of mine when watching ur videos, anyhews, just keep doing what ur doing, love u guys xxxxxxxx much love from Wales xxxxxx

    …just watched the 2nd half of the video and saw u did ur makeup …YaY!! 👌😀👌

  16. Aisha Arshad says:

    What’s the name of the herve leger Dress 😭 can’t find it anywhere 😭

  17. miss rojin says:

    love your vlogs 😍😍 btw we need all a friendship like yours with carrie 🙌🏽

  18. Joyce Schotsborg says:

    “YOU HAVE TO KISS CATS JOYCE!” is what my father used to say when I kissed my Tommie sweetie. Lol you guys arr cute. And whats up with Ali showing off his delicious body….

  19. Kalliane Lima says:


  20. Sydney Bradfield says:

    Where is your flower earring from on your right ear? It’s gorgeous!

  21. Tara AmA says:

    I will do it next month inshallah 😍💍

  22. Næp Sæck says:

    I never seen anyone else check for spiders before❤️ That’s my life…

  23. Sona Soleil says:

    Lydia, when your Lumi is start meowing 🙀 my 🐯become crazy 😀 He is start meowing too hard 🙉 Than i need to calm down him with cuddles otherwise he will mark all my clothes 😂

  24. Næp Sæck says:

    The purple dress! My god😍

  25. Sara Moreno says:

    Keep the jumpsuit!! It’s amaazing😍

  26. Amber Leaf says:

    Please stop rubbing your face while you’re talking. It’s bad enough that you’re rambling, so don’t be painful to look at by constantly rubbing your face. (early part of the video)

  27. Michaela Fudges says:

    are those vests real fur, because that would be horrible!

  28. Sweet Serenity says:

    No no on the Soy… it is killing ppl. google soy and rats studies

  29. Rosemarie Merrigan says:


  30. Danielle May says:

    When talking about the wedding do you just not mention any details about it to keep it as a suprise or are you not allowed to talk about them? Can’t wait to see the wedding photos or vlog. Your gorgeous btw 💖 xxx

  31. CarmenRalu says:

    You should try to get a lash lyft- makes a world of difference when applying mascara (instead of using your lash curler every time)

  32. emma enright says:

    ali is so hot…. lucky girl!

  33. Maya Khan says:

    Omg did she just say she was a size 4!!!!

  34. Kwok Chingman says:

    O~~i want to see your wedding ring💍how exciting😍

  35. aana jaana says:

    Who else was just looking at Ali when Lydia was showing the Liberty calendar. He’s adorable.

  36. K C_ says:

    You and Ali are such a gorgeous couple… and you look amazing in everything.. that third dress was soooo pretty !

  37. munchenbr says:


  38. Natalie Sen says:

    My 2nd time watching this-December better hurry up needed some Vlogmas 🙂

  39. Olivia Luedtke says:

    Please let us see how you are going to do seating and table decor and just general decor at your wedding!!!!!

  40. Jade K says:

    Where did you get your white tufted office chair?????

  41. Candy Welsh says:

    How come you stand on your tip toes all the time when you’re posing? Asking as a legit question, not a criticism!

  42. Khonny Sann says:

    Wow your nose is so big

  43. Ms Bird says:

    Ugh, Lydia is so cute, I want to put her on my keychain. Bless her, lol. I love your clothes! 🙂

  44. stephanie kozno says:

    Omg i love the gold jumpsuit, so stunning on you xx

  45. Jéssica Costa says:

    Caption in portuguese, please!

  46. Gisselle Gonzalez says:

    Lydia try to vacuum your car if you have a hand vacuum to get rid of the spider if it’s still there

  47. localluxuries says:

    Is there an update for your earrings?

  48. JessinhaOli says:

    Who else is here because of Renata Meins? 😀
    Quem está aqui por causa da Renata Meins?

  49. Alexia Juan says:

    Lydia a cool video would be to do the make up and hair of your friend Carrie.

  50. Linchen Love says:

    The link from the badgley mischka dress doesn’t work 🙁 can you send me another link or the full name of the dress ? I want to gift it to my mum

  51. Aurélie says:

    reiss jumpsuit looked so nice on you x

  52. Silk Scarf Aficionado says:

    Acne has come to Bicester! That is super exciting.

  53. The Pencil Skirt says:

    Wow, there’s so much to do planning a wedding

  54. Emma T says:

    I have the Liberty Advent Calendar too. So excited

  55. vsboy 25 says:

    Are people in the UK all so good looking.

  56. CaliSurfGirl says:

    I think its called topiary sculpting lol not sure x

  57. Gabi D. says:

    Um beijo do Brasil ❤

  58. Lidiane Fontenele says:

    Quem veio aqui por a Renata Meins!?

  59. Clothes Minded says:

    Oh my god Lydia!! What are you doing with your skin? Its glooowing!!!!!! ❤️❤️

  60. Paris Blues says:

    wow your skin looks well hydrated and young

  61. Susana Amaral says:

    Winter in England, meanwhile in Portugal today were 32ºC

  62. Evelyne Vuk says:

    Dear Lydia, which sunscreen do you use? Xoxo

  63. matilda933 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your long vlogs. It’s like a new episode of your favourite reality show but BETTER! xx

  64. Martina Schürch says:

    Thanks for ading a little bit of glamour to my life my dear 😍 love your videos ♥

  65. DayDreamer says:

    To bad you can’t keep the red one… ,.. i really like the furry gray one… i would probably return the other ones. Body suit looks also nice.

  66. DayDreamer says:

    That red dress is amazing,… of course I could never wear something like that. Pirce and not my size.

  67. Eider Casual says:

    Where are from your earing ? Please

  68. luxelablife says:

    My cat is super talkative too so I know what you mean with the meowing.

  69. Sara Namiq says:


  70. Skye N says:

    Would love to see an updated tanning routine! Great video as always Lydia. 😊

  71. MissiEmme says:

    so superficial sorry can’t watch you, no stile and no content

    • Jessica Ferreira Coury says:

      MissiEmme you’re not honest, you’re just bitter, rude and ignorant. It’s literally a channel about style, makeup, clothes etc. You came here knowing that, what did you expect? Brain surgery lessons? You’re a fool…

    • MissiEmme says:

      thank you for your ‘English’ lesson, I’d like to test your multi-lingual skills instead, I am sure you speak many languages LOL. I just think she is superficial and so her followers, I am not sure why this is rude, I’ve just been honest!

    • Hello Gorgeous says:

      MissiEmme first of all, it’s spelled STYLE. And what kind of amazing, stylish, meaningful content are you creating on your channel?
      how would you feel if your ONE subscriber left you such a rude comment

  72. A_White says:

    Hi Lydia, Can I just ask please, what tools are your currently using to curl your hair?  It always looks so beautiful and put together, Thanks !

  73. Sara H says:

    the gold jumpsuit looked the best on you

  74. Wander Lust says:

    I just watch Lydia to get half as pretty and get a goodlooking bloke like Ali to ring me up 😉

  75. stefaani says:

    Watching your Vlogs is like watching Carrie from Sex and the Citys everyday life…<3

  76. Ramsha Raza says:

    Noooooooooooo oooo why did it end? ? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  77. misschristie says:

    I love how much you and Ali are such good parents to Lumi! It’s really sweet. Fur babies are amazing and deserved to be loved to the fullest 💕 thank you for encouraging people to love their pets thru your vlogs.

  78. anaїs lake says:

    my other 100% favorite uk vlogger charles dowding. like you lydia a perfectionist in flow. very cool if you cocreated a vid! he creates the most charming garden. >>

  79. TheInspireImagine says:

    Sooo looking forward vlogmas!

  80. H K says:

    I love this video! It’s got a haul, your workout routine, Ali, Lumi and Carrie, wedding planning and your makeup routine. It’s all I needed ❤️

  81. Caitlin Foley says:

    Les beiges is pronounced like “lay bej”

  82. CaliSurfGirl says:

    Im opposite lol i hate crunchy salad except for cucumber and onion but i cant stand crunchy lettuce, i buy leafy lettuce and take away the lettuce stalk, hate the stalks, the reason why i dont eat iceberg lettuce lol xx

  83. Erin Kirk says:

    The link for the Reiss jumpsuit is black and £150, is yours sold out? 😫

  84. Nichole Rochelle says:

    You always look so flawless!!

  85. Melissa Connolly says:

    Hi Lydia! I am so happy that I found your channel. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy followed by reconstruction. Needless to say it was a long recovery which enabled me to find awesome bloggers. You my dear are the cream of the crop! You are so lovely both inside and out and your radiant personality shines! Your positivity helped my positivity and now,one year later, am still cancer free and have 4 more years to go until I’m considered cured. You know what, I’m going to do it! As my dearest mother once said, “buy the shoes, buy the lipstick, buy the outfit”. Enjoy life and treat yourself. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and God Bless you both on your marriage. My husband and I have been married 27 years and enjoy all our moments together. Be blessed, be happy and please, please vlog, vlog, vlog! P.s. pet that Lumi for me😘

  86. Divine NB says:

    Keep the jumpsuit!!!!PLEASEEEE

  87. Tina Khristi says:

    Just love your videos😍 so happy that I found your channel.
    I will move to new house soon which will be totally empty, and was thinking so ask you can you do a house tour video? Really love your style and got so inspired from that.. and feel like I will definitely need your help 😁😘

  88. Lisa Karatsevidi says:

    Hi Lydia! Are you using any app, printed checklist or an actual planner to plan your wedding? If yes, could you please share them? I have my wedding planned for next September and have no idea how to start the planning.

  89. Katie Charlton says:

    Where are the grey knee high boots from ? Great video xx

  90. Oachkatzlschwoaf says:

    So funny how you repeat the words your boyfriend says. (E.g in the range rover)Love it 😀

  91. satash says:

    Can u do an updated tutorial on how u do ur hair plz ?!! 🙏🏼

  92. Oski Haddad says:


  93. Silver Ado says:

    Why the Need to have to hold a bag everytime showing an outfit!? 🙄🙄

  94. Ace ooo says:

    Hi Lydia. would you be able to do a blog or video on your workouts exercise and diet routine in the run up to the wedding. I am getting married and would love inspo. Loving all your videos especially involving us with your wedding planning. went to spacenk yesterday and alot of the makeup counter artists love your videos! 🙂

  95. Pwease Thanx says:

    Yay! You’ve made my night once again. Goodnight guys!

  96. navishkashah says:

    Hi ! What brush are you using for your blusher?

  97. Jessica Antoniou says:

    I’m so exciting for vlogmas !! I hope your doing it this year

  98. Kurapika Is My Husbando says:

    Ughh you two are couple goalss 😭 im sulking alone here and already getting bitter! Ugh

  99. sarah thaler says:

    Wat exactly does Carrie do 4 u? She is awesome and so sweet!

  100. DAM ITS B says:

    Was that nuggets on the salad?

  101. livii says:

    Is the guy suppose to buy the ring without you knowing or you can buy it together?

  102. Sorayah Haden says:

    I always get super excited watching you open packages as if I’m there with you or if they were for me! Lol!

  103. ItsMar says:

    Love your channel and videos so much ! 💓You’ve inspired me to create my own channel , would love if you guys checked it out and subscribed ☺️

  104. Tara Smyth says:

    Bet the calendar was a freebie! Sold out online already, only released yesterday. #sadface

  105. jjem94 says:

    “We are currently in the Range Rover” wow cringe

    • Sauleha A says:

      jjem94 hi there, the only reason she mentioned it is because there was a Spiderweb before and she couldn’t drive her car as she is afraid of spiders as most of us are 😊

  106. Stephanie Crystal says:

    Lydia omds today i was in superdrugs buying loreal and i accidently pressed bluetooth as i was watching one of your videos trying to find the loreal products u used and ur video was playing on all the speakers in superdrugs

  107. Honey Honey says:

    You’re pretty and you’re guy is cute and hot lol

  108. fedi brunori says:

    lovely the part with make up.. please do also a part with how you style your hair at home… it always look gorgeous… pleaseeee

  109. Julie Kostas says:

    Dress #1 is off the charts sizzling hot. Every gym visit was worth it to have a dress fit this way… Well done you! Enjoy all the beautiful clothes.

  110. Julie Kostas says:

    I LOVE when Lumie is in your videos. Such a sweet, beautiful creature and so affectionate.

  111. Lucy Chapman says:

    keep the D&G jumpsuit it is amazing xx

  112. Jo says:

    You and Ali are such a beautiful couple and I love how polite and sweet you are to one another.

  113. sophie ok says:

    what brand is the grey bathrobe you are wearing

  114. Melissa Marie says:

    I wish I could be quick with makeup I literally take 20 on my brows 😕 and your more than halfway done in 12 minutes

  115. jablum77 says:

    that dress is everything on you..

  116. Emily Kate says:

    By terry cc serum… #lydiamademebuyit

  117. Noerah Rafioeddin says:

    Love all the dresses on you

  118. Noerah Rafioeddin says:

    You need to keep the d&g jumper!!!!!!

  119. Carole Buckle says:

    Love all ❤️🇬🇧 it’s called topiary 👍x

  120. Jea viis says:

    Hi, I’m new blogger in this big world. Please support me and watch my video)

  121. Pepperless says:

    I like the wine dress

  122. McKenna Maughan says:

    Can you link your earrings please?? I love them!

  123. Eve Starling says:

    Why not see someone like the speakmans for your spider phobia it’s clearly a problem for you

  124. M N says:

    Annnnnnnd totally ordering those salts. Ugh my wallet hates me! But they sound amazing. Also going to buy some for my bestie for Christmas. Loved the vlog hun!


  125. Isabeau Brunner says:

    This gold Jumpsuit was gorgeous

  126. Lorette Hughes says:

    You’re so stylish Lydia. Anyone can buy clothes whatever price tag but we all wear clothes different. You know your body shape & you accentuate your best points. It’s not the clothes which look amazing, it’s you! You have a touch of class not everyone has & I admire your wardrobe even if I couldn’t pull the products off x

  127. Debbie Siu says:

    I meant to say this a few vlogs back but you are gorgeous without makeup so don’t feel like you need to apologize for not having any makeup on. Feel confident with your REAL self! 🙂

  128. gretchen says:

    Living vicariously through Lydia’s videos… while folding laundry! 👍🏼

  129. marisa skordili says:

    So obsessed with your vlogs!! Pleaseeeee make a video or in your vlogs about how you wave your hair, its stunning every time!

  130. Kyriaki Karali says:

    Boring, mediocre style btw

    • Jessica Ferreira Coury says:

      If you don’t have anything nice to say, you can always say nothing at all. Unless it’s constructive criticism, which is not the case here apparently.

    • Ms. D Dodson says:

      Kyriaki KT why did you feel the need to say something so rude? Did it make you feel better about yourself? The universe responds to negativity with negativity so I really hope that you realize that life is too short for negative energy. Hope that you have a more positive day

  131. D Gonzales says:

    You always inspire me to be the best version of myself all the time. Keep doing what you love Lyds. All the best!

  132. Ali Smith says:

    are those chicken nuggets on the salad?!!!

  133. melloe says:

    haha I got a bouncy ball for my cat but she’s afraid of it –____–

  134. Gabi Rose says:

    Lyd maybe ur pregnant cause u were out of breath for no reason! lol that was one of my first symptoms with my current pregnancy found myself taking deep breaths after saying a few words! Lol looking beautiful baby!!

  135. C A R O L S U M M E R says:

    Lydia you MUST try half-sundried tomatoes !!! Soooooo delicious !! 👌🏼👌🏼😋😋😋😘❤️

    • Gabi Rose says:

      C A R O L S U M M E R nooo I’m vegan too!! I’m gonna try that vegan version with fried tofu hmmmm thanks for the suggestion babe x

    • C A R O L S U M M E R says:

      Gabi Waitzman Oh noooo! But definitely try them when you’re in Europe! When I ate chicken (I’m eating only plant-based now for health reasons) I used to make a “Caesar” baguette sandwich: Caesar sauce, fried chicken slices, half sundried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese… 😋😋👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    • Gabi Rose says:

      C A R O L S U M M E R I hate those!! Maybe they make em different in America but the texture is so odd to me what do you have them with? Or recommend having them with?

  136. preservid says:

    Is Ali his formal name or is it a nickname. My G-G- Grandfather is Alfred and all is letters back in the early 1900s were signed Ali. I have always loved that name

  137. Dihn 3oood says:

    Lov and enjoyed the video
    But the title is about ring wedding and u did bot actually show the ring shopping

  138. HH Artistry says:

    I need to know where you found that robe. 😀

  139. Chronic Beauty says:

    Hi Lydia, Do you happen to remember where you got your makeup mirror in your office/makeup room? Its the one with the 3 attached mirrors…I have been looking for one just like that!… have got to keep the Herve Dress its absolutely stunning on you! Xx

  140. Chronic Beauty says:

    I ADORE that burgundy dress its stunning on you!!! You MUST keep it!!! Lydia it looks incredible on you! Xx

  141. Kellie Walton says:

    Lydia could you do a hair care routine please x
    Haha Ali its how you use it ha have a lovely weekend guys xx

  142. Liliana Manzoor says:


  143. Zoe John says:

    aw i went wedding ring shopping this week too!!! was so much fun !

  144. Julia Kim says:

    Does anyone know where the gray duffle bag in the back of the car is from?!

  145. J K says:

    Okay the gym session and Carrie pushing you and the music got me laughing so hard!!!! 😀 You guys are so funny!!

  146. Helena Nepembe says:

    When you were sitting on Ali💖💕💖

  147. Lulu Park says:

    You’re no longer friends with Claire?

  148. Caitlin G says:

    Love your videos Lydia, they bring some positivity to my day☺️

  149. Tamara Casselman says:

    What is the nail colour that ur wearing?

  150. Ribom Krd says:


  151. AURELIA VALLI says:

    Omggg all those dresses are stunningggg 😍😍😍

  152. Richelle Bozzy says:

    Remember the video you did on mind set and jealousy…I’m jealous of Carrie… Can I be best friends with you guys too!? All of the outfits looked fantastic- “keep ’em all”! Love you guys, love the vlogs!!!

  153. Chelsea Bilger says:

    Ali is so gorgeous and you’re so lucky, but you’re also so gorgeous and he’s so lucky…. basically you’re both so lucky😉😉

  154. Kim July says:

    You two are so cute!! You look gorgeous, Lydia!!😘❤️

  155. Inanna. J says:

    I love your vlogs Lydia! You have an incredible style which is similar to mine!😉⚘

  156. Myfanwy Bundock says:

    I can’t even get to the end of the video without saying how stunning you look in that jumpsuit 😍😍😍 wow!!!!!!

  157. Sumrah Divya says:

    I dont know why i like ur vlogs sooo much…even if it would be an infinite one..i would have still appreciated it…why girl why??😂😂well i guess this is how hardwork pays from mauritius😘😘

  158. ggaerrang says:

    I love watching your interaction with Ali. It’s just real and sweet.

  159. mbbmichal says:

    love love your vlog 🙄I enjoyed the make up part..your skin is AMAZING..

  160. carmelatte says:

    You are such a lovely couple <3

  161. Ragasaan says:

    That’s great. Congrats !

  162. nani ka says:

    Please do makeup tutorials in vlogs more often again, missed them 😉

  163. Nirmal Khalid says:



    The most gorgeous and sweet girl in the UK💜🌹

  165. Laura Mac says:

    another great vlog, loved the red dress it looks sooooooooooooo good on you! 💕😊

  166. Kelsey Nakken says:

    Lydia if you do sell your Reiss Gilet let me know!! I have been trying to hunt one down ever since last season when you wore this one!! I would love to have it!!! xoxo

  167. Jo Cannon says:

    Your vlogs always (always) make me feel better about life. Actual Millen Magic 😉

  168. Helena Nepembe says:


  169. Erana Breitmeyer says:

    What an abrupt end! LOL. I did a double take – usually Ali tries to sign off for you. Hehe… Loved all of those outfits!

  170. MsElinaBeautyFan says:

    LOL, the gym action 🤣🤣🤣

  171. O H says:

    ”Size doesn’t matter”
    “Yeah you just have to deal with it”
    I lost it 😂😂

  172. Measiam says:

    Hair tutorial please! It looks more stunning in every new video xox

  173. Emily E says:

    Lydia! Obsessed with your vlogs! Brilliant content! xx

  174. Jetcat A says:

    Ali is a hot boy for British standards so I get that, and with a bit of marital polishing or Lydia dominance he’d be a fab husband

  175. Emily Adams says:

    loved this video lydia! Xx

  176. peachezz83 says:

    Hahaha I love you guys. You are so beautiful and the both of you are so funny 😉

  177. Mo Kamali says:

    I can’t eat salad that I make too. Don’t know why.

  178. Tinchen1997 says:

    Ali looks gorgeous in this vid 😛
    Would’ve loved to see more of your ring shopping/wedding planing, but I hope you’re saving it for later 😀

  179. Aisling Meyler says:

    Omg the first dress on you, so stunning!!! Love when you get packages and show them/try on so exciting!!!

  180. Lizzie Weavers says:

    lydia i am so with you on the salad thing…

  181. Miriam Gonzalez says:

    Lydia has theee most lovely eyebrows! I do have a question for you, Do you feel like your nose has changed after you got that little change done on it? I might try that on myself. Sending lots of Love from Los Angles CA!

  182. Tingeling says:

    Ahhhhh, Lydia, that x-mas calendar from Liberty….omg. They don’t ship outside the UK, I’m so gutted every year….buhuuu!

  183. Tamar Chetrit says:

    Hey Lydia, can you do a video on how you style your hair after a shower ? Thank you (:

  184. Julia Noëlle says:

    the burgundy dress is f*cking beautiful on you

  185. Charlotte Sinclair says:

    hahaha please tell me those are chicken nuggets on your salad?!

  186. Laura Benson says:

    Absolutely love how you show us how everything looks on!

  187. May Yang says:

    Your fiancé is so handsome!! Can he stand in the back of all of your videos without a shirt?? My goodness!!!!

  188. HH says:

    Does anyone know where Lydia’s robe from? thankssssss

  189. Sarah Gill says:


  190. angelica says:

    Damn lashes!

  191. Zeynep Yarimdag says:

    This cat is everything !! my fave

  192. Nora Csiszar says:

    So wonderful Lydia and Ali 🙂 The wedding will be lovely because of you and the love that you share!

  193. Anna I says:

    D&G jumpsuit is beautiful but its not a keeper, the legs look silly. Waaay to wide for you darling

  194. AlinaNeaga says:

    girl, dont show us Ali without t-shirt, you want us to die or what 🙂

  195. Stacy Hurd says:

    Oh my gosh, every thing you tried on looks amazing on you! Great video!!! Xoxo Stacy

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    • Laura Crosby says:

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    • Rhonda Coiner says:

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    • Victoria Wilson says:

      Eleanor Chadwick preach🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Some people are so sad and clearly have something missing from their lives to actually take the time to make/post on a hate forum about someone they not only haven’t met but who hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Haters gonna hate as they say! We love you Lydia ❤️

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