WEDDING RINGS IN DREAMS – Find Out The Biblical Meaning Of Rings

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Whether you are married or not, there is always more to learn from marriage. Rings have symbolic meanings. In marriage, wedding ring is very important. For it is a symbol of joining man and woman together. Wedding rings represents power, bond, commitment, royalty, control etc. If you are not marry and you dream of wearing a golden ring, means marital commitment and breakthrough. It shows that you are mature for marriage – hook up. A dream about wedding ring for a single reminds you that time is no longer on your side and that you need to do the right thing or make adjustment. The Bible talks about love, trust, hope, patient.

As a child of God, you must have these attributes if want to have successful and Godly marriage. Wedding is one of the dreams of every single women because its connected to marriage. If it happens you are not happy with the ring, it’s a reflection that you are not happy in the relationship with the man. Also, it means you are likely to break up with him anytime soon. On the other hand, if you are planning to get married and a man wears you a ring, it means such a man has good plans for you. Just re;ax and be prayerful. If you see a stranger wearing you a ring, it means you will get marry to a total stranger. Be wise. Check the video for other dream symbols of wedding rings.

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1. 1. Every evil wedding ring on my finger, be removed by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name. ‎
2. Every power digging my wedding ring inside the grave, come out and locate me back, in the name of Jesus.
3. Any mouth of the wicked that has cursed my 4th finger from wearing my wedding ring, die, in the name of Jesus.
4. Let the hammer of the Almighty God smash every strange woman assigned to hijack my wedding ring, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every stubborn witchcraft wedding ring hindering the manifestation of my earth wedding ring, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Anoint your 4th finger with the blood of Jesus.
7. Choose a date/month for your marriage. And it shall come to pass in Jesus name.

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43 responses to “WEDDING RINGS IN DREAMS – Find Out The Biblical Meaning Of Rings”

  1. Health and Beauty Guidelines says:

    Thank you . Praise the Lord Amen 😇

  2. Sally Jalloh says:

    If u feel. u have a ring on ur finger wat that means u felt it in the spirit

  3. Neo Langa says:

    I dreamt people wearing rings except me. I was celebrating everyone. Please interpret Evangalist.

  4. Lilly Mumbi. says:

    @ Evangelist Joshua… Praise the Lord. I dreamed I he’d two rings I was wearing one and its was beautiful and fitting, the other one was in my handbag and its inner part where yu put in the finger was plastic the outer part he’d a big flowerish like (the outer part not plastic) and I was carrying my cratch-bag very well… The ring was inside. We were coming from church with some youths. Kindly assist to interpret my dream.

  5. nabukenya winfred says:

    I dreamt that I was sleeping and a strange woman came to steal my ring from my hand but heard her woke up before she took it and she ran away. Then in reality I woke up. Am not officially married and I have been with the man for 15yrs, we have children.

  6. jedi diah says:

    I recall a dream where i was given an oversized wedding ring by my then boyfriend.and i refused to wear it.

  7. Vanetta Baptiste says:

    I dreamt that I was in love with someone and his mother was trying to surprise me. She took me to her house and in the presence of another woman who I knew liked her son but the son did not notice, she showed me my engagement ring. I was happy but I never pur on the ring. I just continue doing house work

  8. Lianne Jones says:

    I dreamt I found a wedding ring and I put it on my thumb please tell me what that means somebody

  9. Gloria Williams says:

    I dreamed I was given an engagement ring, and I was very happy-I did not see or recognize the person giving me the ring

  10. دورثي كينيا says:

    Praise God pastor! More grace upon you for the good work. You are a blessing to us. I dreamed, that, l was wearing a wedding cown (dress) with red and white flowers in my hands , and l was standing before my pastor in his office, but I didn’t saw the man whom I was to wedd (marry)! The pastor was like talking to me, like giving advice, l was not hearing what he was saying but I saw how he was moving his hands as he talked! What is the meaning??

  11. Sunaina sophia says:

    Please anyone interpret this dream for me.

    I am in a long distance relationship with a man. I have gifted him a silver ring. I got a dream where he was returning the silver ring to me. I was sad broken ,walked away from there. Then came back , removed a golden ring that was on my ring finger and gave it to him (returning back) . I never had a ring like that. What does this mean.

  12. Advocate Nomhle Ngcobo says:

    I pray for restoration of my marriage and permanent removal of the evil veil that spells manipulation of my husband. He used to love, respect and cherish me at the beginning until the attack on my marriage. We have been apart for 7years.
    May God restore it to its beginnings and destroy the wasters and strange people in my marriage.

  13. Nelly Wanyanja says:

    I dreamed in ship with one of celebrate in my country and she was in the other side bt I was opposite with her kids sleeping on beds what does it mean

  14. Loren Maconi says:

    Evangelist I dream that I received a letter from pat Robertson,when I open it no word written only picture of people face.I hope you can give the iterpretatio of those dream.thank you

  15. Noncedo Mbixane says:

    Good day evangelist
    I have a dream wearing a ring in finger and I try to take it out it was so tied and painfull at end I take it out when I woke up my finger was bend and painfull . I m 48 yrs only dissapointment no marriage.
    Can you help me with this dream.

  16. Flora Soledad says:

    Amen and Amen so powerful

  17. Josepha Muturi says:

    Praise God? What is the meaning of dreaming of silver ring.

  18. Lucy Kiiru says:

    Thank you very much man of God May God bless you. you’re opening my inner spirit

  19. Thobile Mngomezulu says:

    What does it mean to polish your own ring and polish another brethrens ring, also polishing it

  20. I am that I am says:

    Hello Evangelist Josh, where is the PayPal link?

  21. Carol Foster says:

    I am in a relationship with a man but in my dream i see a engagement ring on my finger and he is trying to hide my finger with the engagement ring but i see it already what is the meaning of that dream

  22. shamie chengeta says:

    Dreaming of chosing & buying a wedding ring.

  23. Tonia Onas says:

    Pastor what about dreaming about gold wedding ring

  24. RIME PETER says:

    Praise the lord, man of God, thanks to the lord for having someone like you in my life, l have being Dreaming alot of Dream, but being wondering it’s meaning, but at now am so grateful to understand how it’s means, more grace a servant of most Highly God ❤🙏

    But help me to understand this Dream, I Dreamed my death mother inlaw who died long time, he came with a white peac of cloth and covered it on my head, a necklace she tied it in my neck on it’s fee a picture of Jesus, and a ring, she wearied it in my finger, and a pot of cooking food and she disappeared, plz help me to understand it 🙏

  25. MISHCA says:

    Please Pastor, what does my dream mean? My ring finger was itching. No other finger. Just my ring finger on my left hand.

  26. Dani Daniela says:

    Beautiful golden ring was showen to me in the dream. Just that. The same ring I was admiring in the shop. What is the meaning?

  27. Denied Wesley says:

    God bless you and all.

  28. Yanick Burrell says:

    What if the ring is beautiful cloth ring instead of metal, in the dream

  29. Jane Njenga says:

    I bind any demonic rings plot against me en our house in Jesus mighty Name

  30. Shana Mct says:

    Hello please help me interpret this Dream – I was at my mom’s childhood neighborhood (ghetto) and some girls were trying to belittle me. Then a huge diamond ring appeared on my finger. A limousine came with my husband in it (a celebrity) and the girls that were belittling me could not believe their eyes. When I got inside the limo I took off the ring and put it in a cup holder. The limousine got significantly smaller than it looked on the outside which made me uncomfortable.

  31. philippa fowler says:

    I dreamed I got married but we didn’t have wedding rings. What is the meaning…

  32. chelsea reid says:

    postor i am 15 years old girl from the caribbean i had a dream that every moring before going to school i was giving people money then i saw a celebrity in my dreram

  33. Babera Ape says:

    I am getting into 40 years but I’m not married pray for me

    • Anna J says:

      @Babera Ape, please pray for yourself first and foremost. Covering you in prayers, trusting you’re doing alike for yourself.Blessings.God loves you

    • Anna J says:

      @Vaber Ape, please pray for yourself first and foremost. Covering you in prayers, trusting you’re doing alike for yourself.Blessings.God loves you

    • Babera Ape says:

      I dream when I am eating food sometime meet snake chasing

  34. tuff gang08 says:

    LORD JESUS as I took up back my wedding ring today after taking it off for 4 months now, thank u for bringing me to this PRAYER LORD, I have been through so much LORD, but as I put my wedding ring back on today by the sound of this PRAYER LORD I pray for PEACE LOVE and salvation in my MARRIAGE. Please LORD I need my marital BREAKTHROUGH BREAKTHROUGH LORD JESUS. Please open the eyes of my HUSBAND Marlon Lewis LORD, please LORD any EVIL altars fighting AGAINST my MARRIAGE shall DIE DIE DIE in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS. Amen thank you JESUS🙏🙏🙏

  35. Being A Good Human Being Brings Great Things says:

    Thank you

  36. Being A Good Human Being Brings Great Things says:


    • Omotoso Bukola says:

      Please sir,l dreamed that golden ring is in my hand and I wanted to by the second one, to complete engagement and wedding rings,and l have married already with children

    • Omotoso Bukola says:

      Please sir,l dream that l was holding golden ring

  37. Queen Israel says:

    By the reason of this prayer today whosever that are standing Against my marriage fall dawn and die in Jesus name..I received my marriage breakthrough in Jesus name Amen

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