Weight Loss, Diet And Type 2 Diabetes Go Hand And Hand.

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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Dennis DeLaurier, and I am a 77 year old Grandfather and a Diabetes survivor. First, there is no cure for this disabling disease that I know of, but in my case with weight loss and proper diet, I have been able to cause it to go into remission. Warning, it’s still there lurking in the background just wanting to get back in my life.

That’s the good news, and why I am offering my eBook “Kicking Type 2 Diabetes”. My book is about me spending almost the past 40 years fighting this disease. If you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, and would like to finally Kick it “Out of Your Life” like I did, then this is the book could be for you. If you are tired of blood sugar testing, trying all types of pharmaceuticals that may or may not work and finally using insulin, then there is hope. This little book is not about a cure for type 2 diabetes and is not offered as such.

What you will find out in my book is that there is no “Magic Pill” to magically cure your Diabetes. If there were I would be telling you about it right now as I have tried all of them. What I can tell you is if you follow what I have done, then you MAY have the same results that I had.

I suspect that you like me tried the protocols that you doctor prescribed. My doctors have been wonderful and have tried all he latest drugs and in my case none had lasting success. I am not selling pills, or some special fruit or berry from some far off country. My book is all about me and what I did and how my life change helped me. I seems that the help I got was that I changed my diet No not some fancy diet that never seem to work, but a lifestyle diet that anyone can follow. Finally this book is not medical advice and is actually a very interesting story about me and what I did. Your results if you decide to do what I did may very. As always, contact you Doctor on anything that may have have health implications.

July 22, 2020

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