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How many times can ya girl say “STUNNING” in one video?!
Hello there beautiful and welcome back! Today I am sharing my collaboration with Everly Rings! I am SO excited to finally talk about these rings with you guys because I cannot get over how beautiful they are!

The quality is there. The beauty is there. The price IS THERE!

Scroll below to the “VIDEO MENTIONS” section to see my discount code and the links to all the beautiful rings!

Moriah Robinson

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I started my lifestyle YouTube channel in June 2017, and it has been the best decision EVER! I wanted an outlet where I could share my tips and tricks for getting through life, and fell in love with shooting my wedding series along the way. From there, I was hooked! I married my best friend, Sam Robinson, on May 26th, 2018. We had the most perfect wedding and now we share a home and FIVE precious fur babies together. I am a commercial interior designer, and have a BFA in Interior Design. I am 23 years old and have lived in South Carolina my entire life!
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  1. Quit3Cut3 says:

    Their rings look so real! I want to buy one to use when I travel to leave my real rings at home. My hubby spent 15k (his choice not mine) on my rings and I’d be devastated if I lost them. That would be a nice ring to wear to work as well.

  2. Priscilla Delvalle says:

    So did the ring last? Is your finger green now? Did it tarnish and turn colors?
    Please provide honest feedback not a review based on free items.
    Please do an updated video. Thank you.

    • JeSsY says:

      Moriah Robinson can you make a 1 year update of the same ring?

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      I ALWAYS provide honest feedback, even if an item is free. In fact, I generally ask for more time to wear an item before reviewing than a company asks for since I want to make sure it’s a good product. I still stand behind EVERYTHING I said in this video because the rings are still beautiful & have held up perfectly.

  3. Ramie&Rosi says:

    is it real?

  4. Kayla Kasten says:

    How have your rings held up over daily use?

  5. London HippE says:

    if I wear it everyday wash my hands and run everyday errands, how do these rings hold up?

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      Mine have help up great! I take them off at night when I sleep though so I haven’t had many issues!

  6. Sophialee David says:

    New subscriber here! Thank you so much for doing the review. I too love stacking rings with my double halo cushion-cut Twisted shank engagement ring. The rings are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Titi Sevilla says:

    Ok and what is the name of the website ?

  8. Andry Chantel says:

    Do they ship overseas? So beautiful!

  9. Emily Thompson says:

    I literally love everlyrings… I bought the Lucia ring and the Vivienne band moments after watching this video and have gotten so many compliments on them. I take really good care of my rings—never sleep, shower, or exercise with them on. My Lucia ring has held up over the past few months, but my Vivienne band lost a few of its stones (around 5) not long after buying it and I wasn’t able to repair it. I’ve had a great experience with them so I’m not downing them or even frustrated that my ring didn’t hold up. Just simply wanted to let everyone know that you have to be super careful with the Vivienne band. But the Lucia ring is the freaking prettiest thing ever!

    Love your channel!!! 🌼

    • Moriah Robinson says:

      Thanks babe! I hate that some of the stones fell out! I definitely still love my bands!! So gorgeous


    I’ve seen these all over my Instagram – not getting married but that Blake one is sooo perfect 👌🏽 that so cool they collaborated with you channel

  11. Paige Spangler says:

    I’m also in SC! Born and raised 🙈 23 also 🙈

  12. Jesmy D'cruz says:

    Whats their return policy?

  13. Brittni Beeman says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these rings! They look so beautiful!! I am really wanting to get some to stack with my engagement ring! But I’m not sure which ones will look good! What do you recommend I do!?

  14. Lauren Rodriguez says:

    I’ve been looking for stackable wedding bands to match my engagment ring. Perfect timing for this video!! Just placed my order! 🙂 thanks for the promo code

  15. Karaskorner says:

    Very impressive review! Great job!

  16. rozmoz says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!!

  17. Diane N says:

    i love the name “everly”, it sounds cute!

  18. Anjelica Bonilla says:

    Wow, they look beautiful!! Thanks for the promo code 😘

  19. Pretty & Pigmented says:

    Are these real diamonds?

  20. Ashley 11:11 says:

    Love #1 wish it came in London blue color?

  21. Mira Herrera says:

    beautiful, thanks for sharing

  22. Miranda Pontarelli says:

    I’m curious why you went with a morganite stone. I work in a jewelry store in Maryland, and we recommend people not put morganite in everyday pieces because it loses its color so quickly. What made you go with that instead of a blush garnet or something with a similar color?

    • Ava says:

      Miranda Pontarelli as someone who works in a jewelry store what do you think about Moissanite? And generally how long do they hold up…do they get cloudy, or lose luster, etc?

    • Natalie Summers says:

      @Lisa Bell not exactly true, I own diamonds as well as moissanite. They are both fantastic, there is no such thing as fake diamond, only for close minded people who think highly of diamond (which I think it’s over priced and most are blood diamond anyway).

    • Kaitlin Trump says:

      I have a morganite wedding set. My sister worked at a jewelry store and study gems. And she’s never said anything about a morganite being a bad option for every day wear. The jewelry setting game is changing now a days. I think it’s unique when people go outside of diamond center for a color gem. 😍

    • Randi Michelle says:

      Miri _ is a pink sapphire good??? I know it’s night and day difference in price than getting a pink diamond. As the center stone

    • Jewels Edwards says:

      @Lisa Bell stop speaking for others . I got a diamond ring and I didn’t like it. My husband got me morganite because I WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Everybody has and is entitled to their own opinion 💓

  23. Pamela Tang says:

    SO simulated diamonds isn’t CZ?

    • Victoria Narcissus says:

      @Tiffany Pham Gosselin white zircon and white sapphire are natural gemstones and are not diamond simulants. Diamond simulants includes sworvroski (however you spell it) crystals, cubic zirconia and moissanite, because those are man made stones. Hopefully this clears up the confusion.

    • Tiffany Pham Gosselin says:

      Simulated diamonds includes CZ, white sapphire, moissanite, zircon etc. For the price you’re paying, I’m predicting that it is. 🙂

  24. Emily Ryann says:

    Your new rings are stunning! I’m obsessed with my moissanite engagement ring that my fiancé purchased from Etsy! I’m so glad we went with something more affordable.😍💍

  25. Brandy H.2426 says:

    I loved this video. I love stacking my rings and changing things up. I’m going to order some ASAP!

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