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Happy Wish Wednesday! OMG I’m engaged! to a website called Wish 😆 No actually I really wanted to test out some of the wedding & engagement rings I found on Wish in hopes to find the best dupe to wear while I work! (I’m a dog groomer, it get’s messy) I have only done a few other jewelry wish items, so it’s your lucky day! 😊

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  1. canuck says:

    They advertise those stones as genuine…

  2. kenzokugirl says:

    Get your rings at HSN some are $ others are $$$ good thing you can do payments on it they sell anything you can imagine.

  3. Melodie Harman says:

    I died when she said
    “Oh yeah! That’s a bit sausage-y!”

  4. Melodie Harman says:

    You should check out a website called moderngents. They have stunning budget-friendly rings all under 100 bucks, and lots of people use them as travel/work rings. They also have silicone ones, and all their metal ones are sterling silver and won’t turn your finger green.

  5. Debbie Parker says:

    These wish rings are great for traveling then if something happens to ring on trip no great loss.

  6. Delisa Davis says:

    Some fit some don’t

  7. KawaiiKawaii Anime Girl says:

    Great video very fun

  8. Letisha Golding says:

    you look so beautiful awesome video

  9. Chanel Talou says:

    Wow you got some biggg fingers

  10. AllAboutHorses says:

    3 ring is the best

  11. youngchica20 says:

    Did it change color or turn your finger green?

  12. Patricia Peavy says:

    I love buying rings off Wish. Most of them are really pretty. Now I have to find that pink one lol. It looked really pretty. I’m a dog groomer as well! I was that scar in your finger and thought dog bite. I have a scar on mine almost that same place.

    • Claire Risper says:

      omg Patricia the struggle is real! My hands are so scarred! I have a horrible cat scratch too that left a nasty scar! The things we do for fur babies lol!

  13. Laurie says:

    The piano running alongside your monolog is seriously distracting. Hard to hear you over it. Ive bought LOTS of rings thru Wish, almost entirely Sterling Silver with the 925 mark. Only 2 have tested to be brass after all. They’re all beautiful.

  14. sede says:

    I’ve wondered about the Wish site, and appreciate your explanation today. Please lose the music as it detracts from your nice voice.

  15. Cynthia Nava says:

    If I’m a size 8 regularly, would getting a size 8 on wish work for me? Loved the rings you purchased ! Thanks xx:)

    • Cynthia Nava says:

      Claire Risper thank you gorgeous ❤️ much appreciated!

    • Claire Risper says:

      I think yes, you would be pretty safe ordering your regular size 8. Only one of the 5 rings wasn’t true to size, so I figure you have about at 80% chance of it fitting! Also, It’s been a while since I made this video and I am still wearing the pink square one! It hasn’t turned me green or anything! 😆 Thanks for watching!!!!

  16. Megan Sebastian says:

    You have a great sense of humor 😁 and I agree. Do what you want with regards to wedding rings!!:) you’re awesome. I loved the last pink One

    • Megan Sebastian says:

      That’s so true!!!! Oh my gosh! I’m so glad it hasn’t turned you green [email protected] Risper

    • Claire Risper says:

      Thanks! I have been wearing the pink one on my other hand for a couple weeks now and it has not turned me green at all! It may actually be real sterling silver! I guess you never know with wish lol!

  17. itskoda90 says:

    Im binge watching wish wenesday

    • Claire Risper says:

      hahahah yaaaas welcome!!!! Sometimes I catch my 3 year old watching them, when I tell him goodnight he says “Happy Wish Wednesday” and Ii basically die!

  18. Kelsey Knutson says:

    “Oooh yeah…that’s a bit sausage-y” 😂😂🤣 Great video! 👍🏼

    • andy andino says:

      Did any of the ring turn your finger green, or did they tarnish? I am trying a business venture with rings it’s been 3 years already and they haven’t tarnish or had any complaint from any customer I buy mostly titanium for free (just pay shipping) or for like 1.00 or so and sell then for 25.00 so far it’s been good but I’m always looking for opinions when people gets rings from wish. A lot of them say they are fake but no complaints yet. I buy some of them for myself and wear them almost everyday for the last 3 or 4 years and no green finger or tarnish.

    • Claire Risper says:

      The struggle is real.

  19. Paulina Greenlee says:

    Our 3 year anniversary was yesterday 😊 I lost my ring a year ago 😭 so after this video I went on Aliexpress and ordered few rings myself lol fingers crossed 😂 I love your videos ❤

    • Paulina Greenlee says:

      Thank you 🙂 Just yesterday I got lord of the rings ring/necklaces for my 8 year old ( Christmas stocking gift ) 😅 and it is way better quality than I expected 😁 Btw video idea Christmas stocking gifts or decorations wish haul ❤ if it would come on time 🤔

    • Claire Risper says:

      Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! So far I have been wearing the pink square one and my finger isn’t even green!!! Can’t believe what a good find they were!!!!! Thanks so much for watching, I hope you find a win from Aliexpress!!!!!!!

  20. Jaxx Life says:

    Wow I can’t believe the prices!!! Yeah my fave is the pink square one too x

  21. Rose C. F. Martinez says:

    I ALWAYS buy my jewelry at Wish, you can find some really nice real Sterling silver I also buy men and women watches and I have never had a problem with any of my jewelry purchases. I always look at people’s comments and their personal pictures and videos and how many stars from different ppl and thank goodness knock on wood it has never failed me. I have never bought clothing, shoes I have bought makeup and have found some really nice items. Have you bought shoes, house slippers, purses? I just bought a portable potty for car just received it yesterday it’s exactly like Wish split came with plastic bags u put over potty so kids can go potty in car take dirty bag toss it can also be used in top of toilet to be safe when out n about.

    • Lilli M says:

      Just click the blue review stars, right underneath the description to find the other reviews

    • BlueIndigoRadiance says:

      How on earth do you tell if it’s real silver? I bought a few things from there that are definitely not real silver. I would like to know what they actually are. I wish they would just be honest on there. Also, when I try to read reviews on there, I can’t figure out a way to get past the first handful of reviews–which are always like 5 stars. I can’t find anything to click on to go past that. Any tips?

    • Rose C. F. Martinez says:

      @Claire Risper you can find some really nice cheap watches Claire I just bought a dollar watch that looks like a Fitbit watch, bought my husband and myself different watches for one-two and three dollar watches some free with one dollar or two dollar shipping I never ever buy watch expensive my most expensive Wish watch is four dollars with two dollars shipping that the most expensive one I one the rest are cheap in price but look more expensive have a silcone watch in white with rhinestone on top it comes in different colors it’s well made for free two dollars shipping chk it out read reviews and look at ppls photos of items they purchase before buying anything.

    • Claire Risper says:

      omg watches are a great idea! It would make a great Wish Wednesday! I usually stick to the really cheap Wish items, but someday if my channel grows I will definitely be able to test out some more expensive items, I’m always looking at the shoes!!! We have a potty like that for our boat! I got it on Amazon though lol

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