Woman Loses Finger When Wedding Ring Gets Caught On Fence

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24 responses to “Woman Loses Finger When Wedding Ring Gets Caught On Fence”

  1. timmy 900 says:


  2. awwn2007 says:

    This is why I’m going to be single

  3. Eric Smith says:

    I watch theses cringe things and so do others but when other watch this they hate them selves here’s a note :

    I love you all even if your born with a bad disease your beautiful never commit suicide !

    This comes from the mind of the heart ❤️

    Ur not ugly ur so pretty even if a boy hates you or a girl or enemies or friends ignore them and stand up for yourself !

    God loves you so do I even others love you if they bully you they love you because they are only listening to their brains not their hearts but if you commit suicide then they won’t get a chance to say sorry

  4. suzuki chan says:

    Thank god wedding rings are worn on the 4th finger.

  5. bompee flute says:

    She’s my cuzzin

  6. Heck Night says:

    Hopefully her neck don’t fall off next lol I’m just playing

    Hopefully she’s ok

  7. ꧁DLC_PR016꧂ says:

    Female assassin

  8. Harry Dyckenhaand says:

    Chelsea can get the weenie… she’s cute af.

  9. Steph Belle says:

    Why did she jump down

    • 「GraceTendo」 says:

      she was stuck and she unfortunately didn’t know what to do. she thought her ring would just pop off but her finger caught act and just… was gone. so that should explain your question

  10. clikkie x says:

    This is why I don’t wear rings

  11. Peter Addison says:

    why could they not reattach it?

  12. DMG DIALOVECJ says:

    She was my old cheer coach. I love u Chelsea I miss u!!

  13. Juan Mendoza says:

    I pray to god she doesnt get it stuck again and coke

  14. PROFESSORツ says:

    thats crazy XDD

  15. Brittany Rozenberg Hollander says:

    It’s an engagement ring not a wedding ring

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