Woman’s post about her $130 wedding rings goes viral

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A Tennessee woman’s Facebook post about her wedding rings has quickly gone viral.

Last month, Ariel Desiree McRae shared a picture of the two rings she proudly wears, given to her by the love of her life.

“My husband doesn’t have a lot, neither of us do,” McRae said. “We scrape and scrape to pay bills and put food in our bellies.”

McRae said ahead of her wedding, she didn’t care about jewelry – she just wanted to marry her best friend. However, it meant a lot to her now-husband, Quinn, to buy her a ring.

The couple saved up enough money to purchase two matching sterling silver rings.

“That’s what sits on my ring finger, and I am so in love with them,” McRae said.

553 responses to “Woman’s post about her $130 wedding rings goes viral”

  1. Nina says:

    i don’t get why this is such a huge story. are people just that swept up by materialism that a cheap wedding ring is a big deal that deserves media attention?

  2. Lina Garibay says:

    Just go to a pawnshop then take it to a jeweler and have if cleaned. Or go on QVC, there Diaminique stones are gorgeous! I would have taken anything. But my hubby went out $3000. That may not be much to some but this was 1998 and is a beauty.

  3. mgtow sax says:

    Im a guy and I just bought myself a wedding ring so people can say im married and my wife travels alot. I just dont trust these modern women now a days and wish to remain single forever.

  4. Lakenya Carral says:

    I bought my 3 piece set from Walmart. Went there one day and the jewelry part of store was closed. I so when I returned the next day the set I had seen for $78 went on sale for $45 and my husband and best friend for 21 years still brags about our rings. And the stones still sparkle and hasn’t faded. And the love we have for each other still feels the same as it did when we first met. I’ll never replace my $45 ring for nothing. My marriage may be doomed if I did. Not taking the chance to find out.

  5. Lexi says:

    Get it right people: It’s called an ENGAGEMENT RING. Not a WEDDING RING. You get the wedding ring after you are MARRIED. You get asked for “your hand in marriage” with an ENGAGEMENT RING.

  6. manic_2018 says:

    It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should at least be pretty!

  7. Mohammed Mubashir says:

    Lower expectations

  8. 愛海安西 says:

    I don’t want to get married, but I wouldn’t mind if someone proposed to me with a damn 25 cent ring out of a machine.

  9. M Watts- Riley says:

    Poeplel are assholes.
    Glad I’m not one.

  10. Nat Terrazas says:

    Dimond rings are a business to get money out of you hell you can make any type of ring even out of bolts and still make it have value when a person gives it to you to signify how much they love u that’s what matters

  11. ✯ ecsassy ✯ says:

    My engagement ring was 10€ & bought online. It’s stainless steel with zirconia stones. And I absolutely adore it, because it’s a meaning of it, not how much it cost.
    I don’t want my man to be wasting 3 months of his work money on some ring I’d be afraid to put on (thieves, or it would break)

  12. A_Socialist_Channel says:

    Why even bother with a fake ring. Why not just buy a gold band — engagement rings are sexist

  13. surmon11 says:

    “they spent” Why is she buying her own engagement ring? Not saying the woman can’t buy him a ring but buying ur own?

  14. M Watts- Riley says:

    Darling darling. It’s the man next to you, every night and every morning, how your foot touched his, this is what will last. The Lord says Simplest love. Purest modesty, and self control. My rings and his are a total of 104$. Total, both! My wedding was 500$, with 14ppl. That was in 1989. It’s still us,. We two.
    M, IL.

  15. Justdelightful says:

    Lol..some people get these big old diamond rings!!!! But most of the time the ring is just full of sufferRings!!! which is misery!!! Instead of love and happiness!! In the marriage… But if people really love it each other it shouldn’t matter! if the rings don’t cost thousands of dollars🤑 etc. but I do like diamonds rings! and CZ rings! because you can change them up! so many of times without paying so much unecessary money if you want too?😁

  16. Living Life And Loving It says:

    My ring set was 65.00,one tiny diamond. That was 15 years ago this past week. I’m not into diamonds. 18 years later we have a nice home in the woods. Everything payed off, he retired and bought me a home,now that love,to give me security. Last 8 years I’ve had to take care of him, He’s had 2 strokes and now has copd stage 2,just dealt with phenomena. I’m true to my vows. Its not all about the good times, marriage is hard. It takes 2 to keep it going. looks fade,we get older, but our love shouldn’t die. look into his or her eyes,remember why you fell in love,it wasn’t a ring.

  17. Okie Rebel rock N roll Queen 92 says:

    My man said he’d buy me an onion ring 😆 he was joking but still funny ❤

  18. Joni Ray says:

    Me and my boo plan on matching tungsten rings for 29 dollars.

  19. Tomoko in 4k says:

    If I dont spend 130 on a date my gf will dump me…watch my videos

  20. Blue138UEF says:

    If you have a woman who complain about the engagement ring for not being big or expensive enough then you break off the engagement and leave her ass

  21. mamabear52941 says:


  22. JesusLovesYou says:

    Hahaha $130 for wedding ring! What a loser. Should be minimum $600 but really should be at least 3 x monthly salary. What a deadbeat

    • Yeti says:

      Another one duped by big corporations

    • Avvi Dream says:

      What is love to you? You can’t put a price on love. Material obsessions make for a larger concern later on in life. Was it her love you bought? Or earned? Being who you are is more than enough to win someone over. Putting a price on a ring for someone you claim to love is meaningless, and will end the relationship for what it’s supposed to be. True love is valued beyond anything this world has to offer. True love is worth more than anything in this world. A million dollar ring and an 80 dollar ring are both nothing in comparison to true love. Remember that.

  23. The LongRanger says:

    Save ur money for the divorce

  24. Tranquility says:

    I have a huge ring, and its gorgeous. Not bec of materialism but bec I fell in love with it, and I love gemstones. But we were smart, and paid very little, for high quality.
    We purchased from overseas. They have a large quantity, and you skip the middle man. So the savings are passed on to the customer. Thank you, Etsy!
    When you’re smart, you can have large without getting nailed financially😊

  25. Anthony Headrick says:

    Buy a refrigerator it will last longer than most relationships.

  26. let rat says:

    i can’t even afford a 70$ ring

  27. Tyesha Matthews says:

    My ring set $68. I love the man more than the ring.

  28. That Guy at Events says:

    These are so fucking stupid

  29. Trevor Stolz says:

    Old fashioned wedding bands. People only had diamonds at all once the industry got involved. In this rate of 50% divorce rate, it should be “no hymen, no diamond”. Statistics bare it out, the promiscuous both men and women have been, the higher the chance of divorce.

  30. Dawn Zaffuto says:

    Love is not about a ring. My ring cost less than 100$ we will be married in January for THIRTY awesome years. Don’t let anyone shame you about your rings, they see beautiful and what they represent is even far more beautiful than any ring ever could be! May you have many loving years to come!

  31. Elevating Dreams says:

    Diamonds are not rare anymore.

  32. Drew Jones says:

    My step mom and Dad got married with key chains

  33. mad max says:

    Um De Beers doesn’t what to hear this

  34. Ravi Mahil87 says:

    hate it 👎🖕

  35. Gem Stone says:

    PFFFFT Mine was on sale for 79$ and I picked it first, then looked at the price which sealed the deal!

  36. His Dudeness says:

    If you have to criticize someone because their ring was cheaply priced, you aren’t worth marrying

  37. ZeeC says:

    My waifu never asks for expensive gifts …

  38. Curious Rebel says:

    “Defend her rocks”

  39. Weddington jnr says:

    that woman is not a gold digger thats why she says so ,,, most women wont understand it because lol !!

  40. DEVlIIL says:

    Trust me us men don’t want to buy expensive rings, but we do cause we wanna look like we can afford something good for our lady

  41. becky gould says:

    It’s not a jewelry clerks place to decide how expensive the ring should be. And had no business ridiculing the customer. That’s bad business!

  42. Strawberry Puppy says:

    For 400$ tho she could of gotten a better looking ring tbh

  43. K B says:

    $130 is not cheap. If you love each other, then the price of a tiny material thing shouldn’t matter. People really need to stop obsessing over super expensive wedding rings.

  44. Necro says:

    1:15 not based on material yet u need a piece of paper thats says u together… dumbass muricans

  45. EbFilesX says:

    130? Overpaid.

  46. aricente says:

    I want to give my promised a meteor band

  47. A.B says:

    Let me give u women some good advice if he is struggling to pay the Bill’s & he gets u 100 dollar ring? Pretty clear u messed up for being with a guy who doesn’t know how to handle a women lol if it was a good who got u a 1000 ring I bet no women would say anything but yet if it’s a 100 dollar ring don’t be surprise when people r saying bad things cuz 9 out of 10 that cheap ring will change color lol plus your wife shouldn’t wear something cheap if the guy can only get u some cheap ring then u need a new husband cuz clearly the husband u r with is not good enough every women needs to be treated like a queen & have the best cloths that they want

  48. Super 🐧 says:

    16 and 20 years old?
    Is that legal?

  49. 124Nightwing says:

    Somebody I loved could propose to me with a plate of Jello and I’d still say yes

  50. Mikey Larsen says:

    I’d pay 40$ for one

  51. KiKi Queen says:

    Sad, I don’t even have a ring finger😓😭

  52. Guardian of Justice says:

    Wonderful story this is what about it’s about loving the commitment to love I wish them a long and healthy marriage so sad there people out there that measure love through material things
    I have my doctors lawyers many different professionals and they still have the same ring that they got engaged with and married with even though they have so much more money because to them it’s what it represent
    To them those little rings have more value than a 5-carat diamond
    My wife being one of them make your commitment about love and devotion

  53. ChesQ - says:

    the *wamen*

  54. insert name says:

    Do be a hoe, good life listen

  55. The Unknown says:

    damn she a keeper 👌

  56. Toxic Melody says:

    A lot of ungrateful bitches, society just uses rings and weddings to get more money out of your pocket. What is the point of a ring when you both know you love each other.

  57. Olivia Martin says:

    My best friend and I have been saying since middle school that, if we ever get married, our partner better not choose an overly expensive ring. Super glamorous, sparkly rings, in my opinion, are a waste of money (again, this is my opinion). If there exists a mood ring that will never tarnish or turn my skin green, I’ll be happy with that, lmao

  58. Aidan Murphy says:

    100 dollars is how much the diamonds in an average ring actually cost anyways. One company just has a monopoly on diamonds and inflates the prices to ridiculous amounts. They have warehouses overflowing with them. Diamonds are not rare.

  59. emanandchill says:

    yeah i’m not buying a $5000 ring, which is the average spent on a wedding ring. That’s just too much for something so small. You can buy a car for that price. To me, if she wants a $5000 ring, she’s not the one. You can buy soooo many things with $5000! You can go on a vacation together and create memories with that money.

  60. Mushroom Elm says:

    Marriage is a scam. Especially when you learn that one company controls the diamond sales, that there are more diamonds than you would think, that diamonds are virtually worthless and that those same people who mine them are the ones who coined marriages and the necessity to have diamond rings.

  61. Victor Soto says:

    Reading these comments makes me believe there are certainly some amazing women out there 🙂

  62. g is for gay says:

    If it’s getting a lot of attention how come I havent heard about it before I don’t think it’s viral

  63. PamVanVleck says:

    I worked as a jeweler for 3 years & in that time I discovered the most inexpensive rings had the strongest & most long lasting relationships. So many times I would sell an $8000 dollar set just to have an ungrateful bride exchange or a former groom have to return because it didn’t work out.

  64. G9 Ranjiplays says:

    woman only wants diamind rings, cuz they all are money hungry

  65. thatcher himself says:

    lol she made the picture while driving smh

  66. Carrie Moore says:

    It’s really pretty. I want a set that is completely different, and I told him I would refuse something expensive and ridiculously materialistic. If your woman cares more about how much it cost than how much you want to marry her and commit to her, kick her ass to the curb swiftly. Gold diggers are easily spotted as long as you have a spine and let your brain lead you instead of your other head.

  67. beastypie99 says:

    Diamonds are worthless

  68. Joshua Pastrana says:

    Why does the news focus on this if there is world wide problems going on

  69. Virokk Gaming says:

    He bought that ring from wish

  70. A.D. Jackson says:

    So everyone, even the newscaster, is just going to ignore and not read that a 16 yr old was married to a 20 yr old?!?! Holy statutory, smh.

  71. 200 iq rick and morty fan says:

    What about a ring pop

  72. Pickeledcoconut says:

    The fact that this is “news” is just so sad. You should all know that the cost of the ring is not really that important. It certainty will not carry a marriage??

  73. KonoHime says:

    Why tf is this in my recommended

  74. paddymills12345 says:

    I bought a 300 dollar ring but for the wrong girl…. Looked better than all these

  75. InAliensWeTrust says:

    Uhhhh….. Mine was like 10 bucks. I picked it out with him. I would not have it any other way.

  76. lylah seri says:

    So we’re just gonna ignore the 16 and 20 year old engagement? okay then…

  77. KremitDeFrog says:

    My wife’s the same way as this woman.. am I proud of the ring I got her? hardly.. but she wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world because that’s the ring I gave her and the sentiment is more valuable than the price of karat counts.. and that’s just one reason she’s a keeper.. if a woman refuses to marry because of the size of the ring, she doesn’t love the guy, she loves the guy’s wallet..

  78. KN Byam says:

    Yeah ok, try and give a woman cheap jewelry, she’ll spit in your face.

  79. Enrique Esparza says:

    Well what about a $10 ring?

  80. C says:

    In my mind this is one of the most romantic jestures I’ve ever heard of I can’t think of anything more romantic. A woman who doesn’t care about what other expect of her and cherishes that ring because it’s a symbol of their love rather than her using it as a status symbol is honestly heart warming to me. I hope I can be lucky enough to find a girl like this. Is a girl who complains about how expensive a gift you got them really the one?

  81. XxAnonymousBeastxX says:

    All those women are full of s ht

  82. RS1 says:

    Guys are so stupid buying girls jewelry. But I don’t mind, I just pawn it. 😉

  83. Sparky Bolt says:

    If someone were to propose to me, I would be more touched if I were given a blue feather. The blue feather is a proposal item in a game series I’ve played most of my life and being given one would show just how well my partner knows me.

  84. Beef Boss says:

    So no one is going to point out that one woman got married at 16 with a 20 year old

  85. LondonSpade says:

    It’s 2018, why didn’t the bride buy her husband a ring??

  86. Calvin Young says:

    If she wants you to go in debt to get her a ring I suggest you move on

  87. Steven SteveO says:

    This made the news because we live in a Materialistic world.

  88. SHarpyHaMMeR says:

    the second girl eye stare gives me the chills a bit……

  89. mellow m says:

    1:22 uh isnt lynn a girls name?

  90. Justin Beckman says:

    16 and 20 uh oh

  91. Mikael Altaïr Bruneau says:

    Oh god! I’m fucking crying.

    My ex said similar things & she cheated on me the whole entire time we were together 😭

  92. Mikael Altaïr Bruneau says:

    That’s a true woman

  93. Linda Bishop says:

    If she loves the ring thats all that matters.

  94. Knox says:

    Next up, on a slow news day, neighbor doesn’t cut his grass….

  95. Yutz says:

    if ur girl is crying about a ring because it was not expensive i would run away fast if i were you nobody wants a gold digger lol.

  96. Jon Bond 009 says:

    All this support till someone close to them get a big ass diamond and brag about it. Then every girl gonna want one too.

  97. Vapor Tight Bunghole says:

    The diamond industry is pure deception. They stock pile them and drive the price through the roof. Glad people are figuring it out.

  98. CynicalJester says:

    I’ll never spend over a thousand on a ring. Even a grand is pushing it.

    The girl gotta put the time in if she wants a nice ring plain and simple.

  99. Valerie Lain says:

    In most cases later on in the marriage the bride receives a bigger diamond.

  100. Ito Ke says:

    I plan on designing the ring myself. Doesn’t have to be diamond. Anyone can buy one, but can you make one?

  101. ESTE D says:

    Hahahahaha stfu marriage is not about the ring😂😂😂 no female trying to hear that mess.

  102. Maceon Fan says:

    Slow news day

  103. volcano hi says:

    She obviously does care about it or she wouldnt be posting about it.

  104. KOOKIE WITH SUGA& JUNG-FOOD -᷅_-᷄ says:

    Awwww, THAT IS SOO SWEET!!❤❤❗

  105. OrganicChemistry2 says:

    Just a Tom Leykis student passing by. Seeing what the hype is about

  106. SpeedHomeAttack says:

    You guys do know diamonds are worthless, only reason they cost a lot is because a company runs a monopoly on them. Keeping the price high and the demand low.

  107. Lonely Journey says:

    why don’t women buy US rings

  108. Alex Boricua says:

    My Fiancé was extremely happy with a less than a 100 dollar ring.. and to top it all she have told me REPEATEDLY!, EVEN WITH A LITTLE STRING (rope thingy) she will be happy.. imagine that .. The woman is the video is right.. it’s passion and love when u go to buy the ring..

  109. Zain Khan says:

    A recent artist said in his song, if love cost nothing why do we pay thousands on a diamond ring. Deep, our society needs some restructuring.

  110. Achoo choo choo says:

    The jewelry industry started this wedding ring stuff. Then they made people think it had to be big and expensive. A ring doesn’t keep a couple together and it sure doesn’t make someone stay faithful.

  111. Akash Kumar says:

    “All about what they represent, not about what they cost” Truest thing I’ve ever heard👌💯

  112. ASliceOfPoisonπ says:


  113. Justin E. L. says:

    Diamond engagement rings were and are just a huge marketing ploy by De Beers to make men buy over-priced shiny stones that aren’t even that rare nor of any real worth. I hate that I’m expected to buy one of these to marry a woman; it’s a poor investment and a careless and wasteful use of money.

  114. Arch says:

    *666 dislikes?*

  115. wolvie041007 says:

    There’s a tribe who value Condor feathers above any gems

  116. Mecrom says:

    There is blood in my heart

  117. Gas Silva says:

    I also got my wife a cheap💍ring,i couldn’t aford a expensive one but she loved it and never complain about it now I’ve upgraded to a expensive 💎 well not that expensive but yeah 👌 😬

  118. Mystic Mac says:

    There is absolutely no way to know if the diamond on your finger is a blood diamond. Unless you was there when it was extracted from the earth.

  119. SxG Infinity says:

    Lol I thought a $130 ring was a lot…

  120. cheese It says:

    So? My mom has a 100 dollar wedding ring. This is stupid.

  121. {S} avage says:

    1:36 who at first thought the finger was getting squeezed

  122. Rayhan_2k says:

    but why do people spend a truck load on such a useless thing, imagine 10 grand on a ring and it fails off. money well fuckin spent mate

  123. kindred hammer says:

    Imma make my wife nevermind paying for one

  124. Mrs. A. says:

    Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.

  125. Harry says:

    Some women like to marry guys who work at Mcdalnolds. What’s the big deal

  126. Lonely Whale says:

    i couldnt even get boyfriend 😢

  127. Miss Winter says:

    It’s beautiful, and I love her post.

  128. Rosh TUBE says:


  129. S S says:

    It’s not about the ring. My husband and I did tattoo rings.

  130. Mia M. says:

    The 💍 the 👗 the shoes 👠 the party , the cake 🎂 the honeymoon, the bills , no wonder people don’t want to get marry .. very expensive! Better to put a good down payment for a house 🏡.

  131. Elizabeth V says:

    Exactly what I think, what a waste of money for a stone

  132. Welcome To Trench says:


    My wedding ring was an actual ring pop.

  133. Sandoval Bruh says:

    For one if u buy diamonds ur pretty stupid as they are worthless

  134. Jacob Brasel says:

    Ehhh I understand that the ring isn’t everything but you need to make sure what your getting is decent quality. It’s supposed to last forever

  135. Iida Kumpulainen says:

    Love is free. Why should a piece of metal be expensive? And to some..that’s big money.

  136. MsLalaUsagi says:

    Listen, as long as the piece has some value and isn’t going to deteriorate if I wash my hands; then I’m all good. I wouldn’t want anything too expensive on my finger anyway, as I travel and don’t want to have to take off my ring in certain countries for safety reasons. HOWEVER, I’m not poor and I expected my significant other to be an equal. I have quite a lot to offer, so whoever was thinking of making me sign a legal contract that will *bind* me to them; they better show me what they’ve got. A $100 dollar ring will tell me you’re not financially stable enough to save. I have a good career, excellent credit and a chunky savings account; as well as a home(still paying the mortgage). So, I expected him to be doing just as well. I’m now married and the ring he presented me with used to be his great grandmother’s. He offered to buy me one if I didn’t like her ring, but I loved it. It’s beautiful and I feel honored to wear it everyday. It was appraised at 4.6k, but it’s because it’s a really old ring. Anyways, I don’t wear it when I travel(it’s too precious to lose), I just wear my wedding band. I would’ve preferred if the ring was worth less, so I could wear it everywhere, but I wouldn’t exchange it even for something worth 100 times more.

  137. Maria Cadena says:

    Nora I’m with you girl as long is doesn’t stain my finger im good also I have a small ring with a rock and when I wash my face I scratch my face with the rock imagine with a big rock I wold look like scar face LMOL 🤣

  138. Go Ham says:

    Blood diamonds are real

  139. Andrew says:

    I’d buy weed with that 130

  140. Lily Ochoa says:

    Wedding rings are supposed to cost more then 130 bucks wtf

  141. Thismomlovesmakeup says:

    My ring was $120 on clearance originally $350 my fiancé wanted to spend more but I refused. He knows that I would’ve taken any ring that he brought me as long as it was silver.

  142. pokelol97 says:

    ….so wtf is the reason it went viral….what is this useluss video lol..

  143. FlowerPower123 says:

    Disagree with you and I’m sorry.

  144. Sebastian Olivas says:

    Is this news or gossip?

  145. James Tyler says:

    Most woman are jealous that small ring has more meaning than any thousand dollar ring.

  146. クリスタルきみこ says:

    Lmao my wedding ring was 25$ and i love it, i was a little upset he even spent the 25, i love saving money

  147. Pisces says:

    I want a spider engagement ring from those 50 cent ring dispenser at stores

  148. Eric Whitehead says:

    Why do some people feel like money makes a situation better. If a person sacrifices, or is willing to do whatever it takes to make that other person happy safe and provide them with love that’s all you should need to make it in a marriage.

  149. Sarah M says:

    I think the ring looks nice, and the price is awesome. Jewelry is not something I care about either, so I’d totally take a ring like this, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to tell someone whose curious how much it cost.

  150. guitarhamster says:

    A baby bottle pop it is!

  151. This Guy says:

    If this don’t show the state of the world i just don’t know what would…. Here’s a modest person with morals…. Let’s point, stare and judge them.. Lol. Smh you did this to yourselves by creating social media.

  152. Patti Nova says:

    My ring was cheap but to me is priceless. Once I was with my fiance on holidays (I was young and stupid and went swimming with ring on) Ive lost my ring in sea and my boy found it there!!! He had to do some serious scuba diving!! Best boy ever 😍😍

  153. Jessica Cash says:

    My wedding set is right under $200 all together and my husband’s wedding band was $25. We also got married at the courthouse. Nice to know we’re not the only ones.

    • Danielle Fennell says:

      Nope your not. Married is married at the end of the day! Couthouse or “traditional wedding” it all leads to the same thing.

  154. sammiesvanity says:

    My fiancé gave me his grandmother’s ring and I have him my grandfather’s ring…. so not only did we not spend anything… we didn’t care about what the rings looked like… just cared that we each wear a ring that represents our love… my favorite love story had to be the count of montecristo… when his love of his life wore a string around her finger for him… that’s the kind of love I’m in to

  155. YAAMZA says:

    couldn’t relate more, my wife has a 14000$ ring and we have been together for 2 days, love is love my friends.

  156. 4th&20 says:

    Wait…..a 20 year old man proposed to a 16 year?

  157. John Connor says:

    The diamond industry wants you to spend 3 – 6 months salary on a diamond ring. They’ve brainwashed mainstream Americans into thinking you need a $30,000 ring to show someone you love them.

    • Tranquility says:

      Not only that, but they lose their value the second you buy them. Try selling it at a later time and you will get maybe $75.00 for it, regardless of what was spent on it.

    • King OWO Lion says:

      Now silver on the other hand… Wow if you only knew…
      But just to put it in perspective I’ll say this.
      About 90% of all silver ever mined has been destroyed through industrial use. While most the gold is sitting in vaults.
      Still, somehow, silver is cheaper than gold…
      We are being hoaxed all over.

    • King OWO Lion says:

      Diamonds are worthless. They’re as abundant as sand.

    • damok9999 says:

      for compressed carbon, the most abundant element on earth

    • C says:

      Actually it happened before that. A wedding ring was supposed to be expensive because it was a safe guard against the male divorcing. But you are totally right. Wedding rings are pointless diamonds are much more useful as a raw material to make specialized equipment.

  158. Fatimah X says:

    I got married fairly young…but even then my priorities were marriage…house…and possibly children…the ring honestly wasn’t as important…15 years, one child later, one house and investment property later…oh yes the ring had to be upgraded especially and we skimped and had a Vegas wedding…so to the women out there that want an expensive ring I completely understand that you want a huge token to show how much your man loves you or you want something to match your style…it does not make you a gold digger…no more than wanting a nice wedding or wanting expensive wedding gift does…with that said if you’ve been married long enough you realize that the real tokens of love are those memories and experiences that you have…and those things are truly priceless

  159. Synday says:

    damn how is that any relevant to my life dude why is this in my recommended

  160. SM Potts says:

    And there are also guys who buy a woman a cheap ring and themselves a monster truck.

    I remarked on an opal ring at a street fair I attended with my boyfriend in high school.
    Later I noticed he was eating his hamburger like a starving animal.

    I thought he was bored and wanted to get home. He had been very patient.

    He takes me home, but he’s back a few minutes later.
    He wanted to get home to get the cash so we could make it back to the fair in time to buy me the ring.
    He worked at a lumber yard after school and Saturdays.

    He would be embarrassed, and would NEVER be one of these guys who just LOVE stories like these and and defend how the cost is not important, meaning the cost of a CHEAP ring. He’d say, get a better job.

  161. Oscar Santiago says:

    130$?!?!??! Thats crazy she could get a way better looking ring

    • Sarah M says:

      It’s says in the description that she said that she didn’t care about jewelry and they both have little money. I think the ring she already has is pretty.

  162. Leah Garrison says:

    some people got these $400 rings so long ago, not worth as much now

  163. Foxton says:

    The issue I have is they look to small her poor finger

  164. Shining Sakura says:

    We spent a bit more on my ring (not a ton thankfully), but I am an artist and love designing things. We were also given an heirloom ring that sadly was in too poor of shape to use (it was on its last leg on the bottom) so we used the stones from it. Small diamonds and sapphires that belonged to my husbands grandmother.
    I didn’t care to brag to the whole world like many do these days for how expansive it was, more like how creative can I get with the lowest price point and a high quality ringsmith (that probably is just not well known yet in his career). It was fun that way for the both of us.
    We found a local lesser known family owned business and they showed they like going off the beaten path with what I was looking for (flowers, vines, leaves, etc…) and I gave them my Ideas and they delivered on them quite well. For me it was special and one of a kind. I get comments on it alot more than I thought.
    Sadly I had to make the hard decision to merge the two together before getting married or risk troubles with flowers surrounding the simple engagement ring in the middle. My family saw it as taboo, but in the end the two rings would have most likely have been merged later with a worse effect. Tis life. Now it doesn’t matter, it only did for 5 months.

    A lifetime of hopeful happiness is more important than than a huge expensive engagement ring that doesn’t matter after a divorce… or an expensive rental you have to return with a happy marriage that lasts.
    Do what you love within reason, just don’t spend the whole world to buy it, there be bills to pay after the fairytale wedding which hampers your future quite heavily. Try building a family or buying a home with $10,000 in debt to start out life….. sadly one regretful friend of mine did. Learned real quick I wanted to avoid that.

    Knowing that, we paid in cash for our wedding from money we saved beforehand. just over $3000 for everything including the reception, food, the ring, flowers, and silk dress with hand embroidery (I made myself), etc……you get the idea. We didn’t skimp on anything, we just got creative. Guests said it was the best reception they had been to so far, guess it pays to use what you have and make do. My kimono collection sure came in handy, my uncles christmas lights (for christmas light business) strung above like stars, and my mothers vintage glass party tray collection did as well for nice elegant touches.

  165. Caleb Carr says:

    The diamond industry just took a small hear hiccup.

  166. Mia says:

    :/ I don’t know what rings usually cost but $400 for a ring is too expensive..

  167. dallastaylor 547 says:

    Wow. I got a diamond when i got married. On my 10th anniversary hubby asked what is something really speacial i want. Immediately i said there is something i always wanted but didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I told him my dream wedding ring is a plain gold band. I got it, been wearing it for 16 years.

  168. Bill Lee says:

    If your gal will stay with you wearing a $130 ring you fight to the death to keep her no matter what.

  169. Jay Y says:

    NANIII?? Baka! Diamond is unbreakable “Does a pose”

  170. T H I C C says:

    If my gf laughs about someones ring, thats a reason for me to break up. Instantly. Not gonna waste my time with a person like that, no matter how much i love her

  171. MichiMind says:

    Human traditions

  172. Amanda Thammavongsa says:

    *ring ad starts before video*


  173. Vaccines & Islam destroy lives, Christ Saves Souls says:

    Consumerism is all that life is about most of the time. Look up who invented an engagement ring and then made it popular to have a diamond one! Money making scam of consumerism.

  174. Blado says:

    Slow news day

  175. Todd says:

    I would of spent $5 on a ring.
    American bitches just end up cheating anyways.

  176. Matthew Brough says:

    they look cheaper

  177. Clive The Führer says:

    If all Diamonds In the World came out to the market the Price would be under Sand.

  178. Kimberley Schoonhoven says:

    I had the big expensive diamonds too..didn’t keep my marriage going..l wanted those rings so bad…after so many years l didn’t notice them on my finger..go figure

  179. Alejandra Ramirez says:

    I agree 100%! Thousands of dollars for a wedding or engagement ring are not what’s important. My rings are worth $140 not diamond but I love them for the true meaning they have I’ve been Married 8 years to my high school sweetheart together for 16 years!

  180. Rise73 G says:

    Why the hell is this even news??? This is wasteful

  181. Jason Solis says:

    Who fucking cares what she had to say…this isn’t real news

  182. CHeEEEeeeEEe says:

    Settling for less is the norm. We’re basically 3rd world Americans. This won’t slide in an economy with the majority being successful people.

  183. LOADING... says:

    My parents wear simple wedding gold rings. They are stay together. Diamond is a curse in our culture.

  184. Bart Simpson says:


  185. Denise Nova says:

    I disagree. Yes, love itself of course isn’t about material things BUT there are certain circumstances and occaisons where you show how much your partner is worth to you and how much you are willing to spend on your partner. Easy as that. I don’t want cheap quality gifts and I want my partner to show me how much I’m worth to him. Not all the time but engagement rings or valentines are good examples. If I am the best to him then I also deserve the best things he can afford. Simple as that. I don’t want a poor partner.

    • Sarah M says:

      Ok, I understand. Sorry.

    • Denise Nova says:

      @Sarah M: It’s a personal preference. People are allouwed to have personal preferences, fetishes and a certain taste. Some people don’t like overweight partners. Some men only like women with big breasts. Some men only like really skinny girls. As long as you don’t insult anyone personally it’s okay to have a personal preference. My preferences for instance include a certain wealth and being able to afford things and a good education/intellect. These things are a turn-on for me. I don’t really care for his body and I don’t even care if he works out or not or if he has a little belly as long as he looks ok. He doesn’t even have to be “a beauty”. I’m turned on by personal traits, manner of speaking, being an extrovert, dominance, humour, sophistication, creativity etc etc…he also doesn’t have to be necessarily rich but as I go past my 30s and I’m planning on settling down I would like to have a partner who can affort a thing or two and nobody who lives on welfare and is struggeling.

    • Sarah M says:

      “I don’t want a poor partner”

      That’s shallow.

  186. Brandi Dupree says:

    My husband made my ring from wood… I like it.

  187. joe sheehan says:

    women are such greedy bastards, thats the problem. Men are cool w anything.

  188. nobody noname says:

    If i get married again i want a big diamond. Different strokes for different folks. That s all. I prefer men with money but its me. My preference

  189. Jess Ess says:

    Are they from Pandora? 😊💍

  190. Legal Eagles says:

    This made me feel good

  191. Ada says:

    That ring looks way too small for her finger though… It’s gonna cut off circulation

  192. black cat says:

    Are they trolling royal wedding

  193. Carolina Morán says:

    When american people realize after 70 years (maybe since 50s) that the ring price actually does not equal to the lover’s love price…and this became viral? Here in spain we use the same ring for wife and husband and people dont care about the price (maybe because of the f****up economy we all have lol

  194. Paranormal Freak says:

    I’m prob gonna get a ring out of a bubble machine

  195. Theresa Welker says:

    My engagement ring cost $36. My fiancee and I picked it out together

  196. Mending Wall says:

    Im not sure what to think of this. Love is not about money. Its ridiculous to spend more money on a ring than your house but at the same time I wouldnt be very cheap either. When Im married my husband should buy me a ring and I should buy one for him. I work full time and spend more on cabs, going out to eat, interview and date outfits and skincare products. My husband would be worth more than $100 and so am I. Its not about money, its the principle. If you spend more for your mattress than a ring, it shows how you feel about the person.

  197. Rebecca Torresan says:

    I insisted my partner get me a cheap ring as he was wanting an expensive one. I didn’t see the point as i don’t wear jewelery normally and i agree about it being about the message not the $$$$$

  198. scifigrl23 says:

    Virtue signaling at it’s finest.

  199. Soy Boy Ahoy says:

    Id take a cheap ring too, once you marry them then you share the debt. Better not dig yourself deeper. Lol.

  200. bighosre10 says:

    I won’t ever have this problem. Because I’m never getting married.

  201. opiumtea says:

    why is this news

  202. J Nug says:

    am I the only one wondering who lets a 16 year old and 20 year old get married??

  203. jaime santamaria says:

    They showed a more expensive ring?

    • jaime santamaria says:

      Sarah M it was kind of a statement I was making.. the point is it’s an inexpensive ring but they start showing other rings and the price starts to go up.. I find it irelavent to the story and difies the point.

    • Sarah M says:

      What makes you think that?

  204. Cosi Moto says:

    We gonna ignore that someone got married at 16? Lol

  205. Mark Wright says:

    Materialized world. We are obsessed with things but we can’t enjoy life without them and aren’t any happier when we find them.

  206. Karl Grissons says:

    We don’t even use rings to tie a marriage in the past. So why bother spend $12000 for a small diamond ring when you can get a lot more things that’s more meaningful than just a piece of jewelry? My parent’s wedding rings is made of Silver and Pearl.

  207. Bunker Sieben says:

    That diamond ring advert is stupid af. Diamonds are NOT rare.

    As for the lady’s ring: They look nice and are just a symbol. I read somewhere that couples that spend less on weddings stay together longer.

  208. Arnold J Rimmer BSC says:

    As long as the ring actually lasts a lifetime and isn’t mega cheapo, I don’t see why it should be expensive

  209. Chris Baker says:

    The good thing about a cheap ring is it leads to less debt and 80% of americans are fools with debt.

  210. Cat C says:

    I love my husband and my big ring! Lol

  211. Holy Creep Sauce says:

    My engagment ring was £55 and I love it, we picked it out together. I still wear it with my wedding ring which was my great grandmother’s wedding ring. It’s bent out of shape and I was told I could have it melted down to make a new ring from the gold. I said no way I was changing it, it fits in it’s oval way and is how she wore it throgh her life. I have no idea how much the gold value of it is and I don’t care. It doesn’t have any stones, it’s just a squashed gold band and it’s perfect.

  212. laura knapper says:

    My parents wedding rings were £25 for the pair and they’ve been married for 20yrs

  213. Jonathan Roy Chandler says:

    If I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money and time on finding the perfect ring for my future wife then I will! And I’ll beet the crap out of anyone who tries to make her feel bad that she’s wearing an expensive ring! It’s my choice how much I want to spend.

  214. Cara Calandra says:

    Huh I wouldn’t mind a harry bow ring.

  215. nessun dorma says:

    If the ring is a problem the ring is not the problem

  216. PoppyInJapan says:

    My bf proposed last month and the ring cost $30. I love it. I’m so happy he wants to get married!

  217. Q Speed Racer says:

    It’s perspective. If guy poor and users his last $100 for the ring that is more meaning full them a celeb with $500million in the bank making $30 million a year buying $5 million ring.
    I spent do much on my cars. If buy i $100 ring it says my cars mean more than her lol..

  218. sweetboo1022 says:

    My parents have been married almost 50 years and neither one of them wears a wedding ring. they really never have and there’s been only true love and happiness in their marriage. they both feel like they don’t need to prove to anybody who they love or anything. the idea of a wedding ring is kind of silly if you ask me

  219. Gairuntee says:

    Only in Atlanta would this make the news. Wow yall

  220. huge brain says:

    *16 and 20*

  221. Brad says:

    Does a Haribo count?

  222. MedGrower710 says:

    i hope all these happily married people know how good they have it…

  223. Braník 12 says:

    100$ could feed 10 or more hungry chilren around the world and they say it’s nothing.

  224. Fishnetfreud says:

    I never understood the appeal of diamonds. What is so special about them?

  225. Nouf Alramisi says:

    Is it really $130 🤔
    Sorry, but It looks like it’s already dead

  226. IngoPagels says:

    toy ring for 1$…

  227. Let Me Summarize says:

    That ring is ugly af

  228. Khánh Trương says:

    My mom doesn’t even wear it

  229. last one_o1 says:

    Love is all about money! for some, If you don’t have it cya fucking later!

  230. erika o.cano says:

    It’s never about material things, I hardly wear my ring and we just celebrated our 24 years. It’s about the commitment we made to be together and grow old together.

  231. Patricia Ochoa says:

    Generally price does not matter. however, I bought my loved ones jewelry that I saved for because llife is short and I wanted them to have the memory of someone who said they cared giving them something that cost something. Thought, money meaning and sacrifice. I don’t mind a man giving me a ring that is not expensive. However,within reason and considering priorities , I expect my future husband to want to give me something nice. I also would not want to buy a ring for my husband that has no value. Balance is necessary in this . because I have also been extreme in giving and received little. I say give from your heart like you care ,both men and women, its nice to feel special we all like nice things even if we are not materialistic.

  232. BAE10 says:

    1:32 At 16 and 20 years old?

  233. Phiphi LaRue says:

    I have a $60 ring tattoo.

  234. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made says:


  235. dawn zeraus says:

    My engagement ring was $10 and, and my wedding ring was $50 (30yrs ago) I was so ignorant then I even ask what is for engagement ring, because I didnt even know that there is and required a ring. So happy about it.

  236. Anon says:

    Diamonds can be burned and turn into nothingness. I forgot that show where the guy burned a real and fake, the real diamond disappeared to nothing while the fake one was just tough af lol

  237. Beebee 22 says:

    Diamond is not forever by the way.Also who care how much ur ring is. If u dont care, no one will care

  238. Mr Cooper says:

    It’s not about the amount it costs but the heart behind it. If all a man has for a ring is $500 and spends $500 on a ring and another man has $10000 and spends $1000 on a ring, who gave more? The first man, because he gave 100% of all he had because of his love for her, rather than the 10% of the second man.
    Look at the heart, not the price.

  239. princess Bre says:

    My husband could propose to me with a ring pop and id be happy just to be married and happy

  240. no po says:

    Acting like $180 for a ring isn’t expensive lol

  241. Jinxes Vixen says:

    If we can afford to get a smart phone worth $800 and up we can definitely afford a decent ring. Simply resell the phone and buy the ring.

  242. Yellow Sounds says:

    I’m a little surprised that all people act like they found a new thing saying with diamondes don’t show love’s amount

  243. Where Love Blossoms says:

    Actually the Tradition for the Engagement Ring is supposed to be budgeted based on the Fiance 1 Months Wage..

  244. Jennifer Marie says:

    I’ve been divorced. If there was a next time around, I’d want one that was a) not from a pawn shop though it wasn’t a big deal when I was 18, b) reflected my partners income. I’m with a man in his 40s who is fairly established and earns good income, plus he is into gemstones as a hobby/interest so I’d expect some kind of decent size/quality diamond. Though if he got sick and couldn’t work or something terrible happened then I would marry him if he put a cheezel on my finger.

  245. LeviHan Shippa says:

    So the lesson is……
    The cheaper the ring, the better the marriage?

  246. BabiGurlDaQueen says:

    America is fucked up on so many levels

  247. TheDorianTube says:

    I lived long enough to witness common sense being sensational and worthy of the news. I’m done here. lol

  248. Duy Le says:

    too bad diamond is forever, not her marriage

  249. Ironfrog5002 Kim says:

    I totally agree. My wedding ring was only 25 dollars from target. I get smeared from my husbands cousins saying she would not excerpt a ring under a 1000 dollars. I proud of my ring. It was in the ceremony. To this day it’s the only wedding ring I own.

  250. lovely A says:

    Seriously? If the love of my life proposed to me with a ring from a gumball machine I’d say yes in a second. It is the meaning behind it, not the cost that matters. Also, people should do their research on where these diamonds for their rings come from, I bet they wouldn’t want them if they did.

  251. Corey a says:

    Humble is hard to come by these days

  252. natalie hidalgo says:

    I got my wedding ring for 125 at a pawn shop. For me, it represented that even though someone else had a marriage fail, I could try to keep ours. It was like a redemption for the ring. Sadly, my husband wanted me to keep my pre-children body and left me with two amazing boys a mother could ever want. I might have gained 40 pounds in motherhood, but I lost 180 the day he left.

  253. Abel Alomari says:

    Fucks five lol

  254. top kek says:

    Rings and jeweles are really not that valuable even diamonds can be baught for cheap as hell on wholesale sites don’t see why people still think a diamond means anything I would rather pay for a thousand Doller purse or even a watch atleast one let’s you hold things and the other tells you time I can see how a nice designer ring could be a bit pricier but nothing that Warrents more than a thousand extra dollars jewelery in general is hilariously over valued.

  255. Chris614 says:

    The reel winners here when you spend thousands of dollars on a diamond ring: The jewelry companies!

  256. Princess Corvus says:

    “Only” 130$?! It’s expensive in my pov.
    My hubby couldn’t even afford a ring but he promised me to give one later (and he did, a cheap but cute one).
    I agree with the message though. It’s not about the money. The character and whole person is much more important.
    And I think it’s sad that this is even something people need to talk about. It should be normal.

  257. Miles Davidson says:

    Why is she being praised for not being a stick up bih??

  258. lovenothate says:

    Wow, and I’m thinking my $4000.00 set was cheap 🙁

  259. Rebecca Adams says:

    If you love somebody it does not matter if the ring came out of a quarter machine. I didn’t even want an engagement ring. I’m more than happy with my little sterling silver ribbon band, 30 bucks from Walmart.

  260. Kendal says:

    Why is this Facebook cringe in my recommended

  261. Priderice Rice says:

    diamonds is one of the biggest marketing scam

  262. Damien Meano says:

    Me: “Babe what flavor ring pop do you want”

  263. Behilue Hile says:

    I live with my hubund 26 yers now we have one child he never put ring in my finger I don’t no why I bought my self ring

  264. Alex Skye says:

    I can never understand jewellery. It’s only valuable because we say it’s valuable. And it’s only valuable because we can potentially sell it again for money.

  265. True2Live says:

    Eh, there’s a boundary here. If your man makes 100k a year and buys himself a $2,500 suit, but proposes to you with a ring less than $250….I’d run away as fast as you can

    Now if your man is barely making it by and spends over $500 to buy you a cute yet beautiful ring, he’s a keeper

    This is all circumstantial.

    • Yeti says:

      You’re still wrong
      The price of the ring doesn’t actually mean anything
      You don’t need a ring at all to propose if you really don’t want

  266. The Don says:

    How many million dollar Hollywood celeb rings went down the sewer? Ain’t about money.

  267. sav says:

    it’s sad how materialistic our generation is.

  268. loli dragon uwu says:

    Just give me a mood ring

  269. Tracy Armstrong says:

    We were students. No engagement ring at all. I bought our two very simple bands for the wedding.

    Four years into the marriage, he bought me my “engagement” ring.

    36 years later, I know that I’m the luckiest woman alive to be married to this amazing man and father.

    I do a lot of gardening, so I rarely even wear my diamond anyway. His love and care are all I’ve ever needed.

  270. 07speeding says:

    8/10 Females are so money hungry, thats why this made the news (the outrage!)

  271. thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    You could run whole villages were people that are actually starving with some of ring prices out there. We as a wealthy society need to do better with our money and actually help people who are in dyer need. I’m not saying just to give to charity, but help others learn to get the basics for life. If you just give you end up crippling them in the long run. Let’s just do better.

  272. Dinkleburg says:

    Men don’t owe you anything. Keep that in mind. A $130 ring is $130 more than you’re spending on your man.

  273. Sidrah Khan says:

    Honestly, I think it’s an attractive quality in a man when he lives within his means. Now days you get girls getting £5000 rings and struggling to pay rent. Superficial life.

  274. Go Away says:

    This is news?

  275. Jennie Todd says:

    If it isn’t about the cost…then why mention the price?? Who cares? It’s a trap xD

  276. Spastic Teacher says:

    My wife and I struggle to make ends meat but I wanted her to have the best ring I could get so I was able to put a clearance set on lay-a-away it took me 10 months to pay for it and the moment I paid it off, I took her to a park and proposed. It was a diamond ring set and she is the love of my life and the mother of our beautiful son. She deserves everything I can give and more.

  277. lol says:


  278. Dave chappelle says:

    A good guy can give cheap rings, but the guy is shitty I expect a big rock.

  279. Romey Siamese says:

    Got her beat, my wedding band was $99.

  280. Aries says:

    You know what you can easily loose a ring and it can be replaced but too loose someone that you’re in love with, now that’s something that can’t be replaced. You are not going to be crying or going through some heartbreak cause you lost your ring as much as you would be if your loved one left you or passed away… Any material can be replaced so it doesn’t matter if the ring cost $50 or $100 doesn’t matter, a ring is not going to be there for you in your time of need but your love one will be there.

  281. Justin Case says:

    He got a good one. 😁

  282. Prabnoor Singh says:

    My mom gave away the original wedding ring that my dad gave her because she thought it was ugly and useless

    she brought herself her own wedding ring that’s has a big dimond on it but still doesn’t wear it …..

  283. Tyler Wells says:

    I can one up all these fake women my wife doesn’t even have a ring we have been together since 2011 got married around 2013 and still currently together in 2018 with a court house marriage it’s called loyalty if any women I marry needs a fancy 100 dollar ring I’ll go get some sea weed and dry into a circle marriage isn’t about fascism and fancy body ornaments don’t benefit my future I have loyalty not royalty

  284. CMTC says:

    Mature older females understand true romance these new chicks under 30 prefer 3+ kids & child support lol

  285. Pika Chu says:

    It makes me sad that this is big news

  286. Lily maclean says:

    i wish my gf would give me a ring

  287. Technologue Tech Homemade says:

    Fucks 5

  288. Baby Purn says:

    Ones who says its not about diamonds couldn’t afford them lol

  289. Mugen says:

    Do other women actually care about this stuff? Imo, spending more than a hundred bucks on a piece of jewelry is so wasteful. Y’all don’t need diamonds. It’s just a shiny rock. Put that money towards a down payment on a house. Be frugal and wise with your money. Money problem is the number 1 cause of divorce in this country, you know.

  290. You Mad Bruh says:

    I bought a 5$ ring from Walmart. Wish me luck guys

  291. To Da moon says:

    N the size is matter

  292. Mrhyperboss says:

    Why do I hear fucks 5 😂

  293. Chantal S says:

    Imo 400 dollars is still a lot

  294. iTonyC says:

    There’s more to life then materialistic things.

  295. Judge Judith Sheindlin says:

    I would try and get a ring a little bit steeper in price. That’s just me. But I myself would not want an expensive ring because I will damage it working, and would most likely misplace it.

  296. Nisterror says:

    Good, stop wasting money on rings. Wedding rings are one of the biggest scams. Expensive rings are only good for the jewelry stores.
    The real investments we should make are our loyalty, love and respect for the other person.

  297. Dave BB says:

    My parents.
    Cheap ring.
    59 years happy

  298. Dave BB says:

    this is a woman who will be rich with happiness!!!!!!!!!

  299. dreamerdragon says:

    even rings worth 10000 or more, don’t guarentee a happy ending.

  300. Epic Sanchez says:

    She’s just trying to get sympathy donations

  301. 070719 says:

    Me and my husband don’t have ring and 10 years later we still happy

  302. Latnlvr says:

    My wedding ring is a custom made ring my wife gave me before we were even married. I took it as my wedding band cause the ring was given to me by her out of pure love. It meant more to me than a new store bought ring with no meaning. Pretty sure she only paid about $75.

  303. william deng says:

    there cannot be true love in a world consumed with lies.

    but she is right, its not money dat matters

  304. Fresco L says:

    Well to be fair…. that $400 ring 27 years ago would be $750 today…

  305. Bushra N says:

    That’s still a lot of money though for a ring😅.. in some currencies that’s not very cheap.

  306. Georgia moore says:

    Makes me laugh how some people base the love in the relationship on the size of the diamond or price of the ring, why the hell does that matter?! If your other half wants to spend the rest of your with you!! Isnt that what should matter? If you care about the size of the diamond or price your very fucking shallow and dont deserve that persons heart!

  307. Brian *brewski b* keating says:


  308. Nine Waves says:

    Diamonds aren’t even rare, they are just kept locked away to drive up prices.

  309. ][/][elina• says:

    Are North Americans realising this just now?
    Who cares about the ring… Lol. The man doesn’t have to give you any rings. He just have to want to marry you, and maybe both get some cheap ring to celebrate and to know they’re married as a symbol but that’s about it. Some people tattoo them instead of using rings.

    We don’t have that tradition in my country, but my boyfriend is a foreigner and he got me one… And told me it was actually resl when i thought it was a diamonds snd sapphires imitation.

    I really don’t care, I didn’t need a ring, but I got one and it was pretty.
    That’s why men don’t give them to you… Because women DEMAND them.

    That’s awful, very cheap, low key, and materialistic.

    You should be happy because you both want to marry, not because of an expensive ring.
    Only in America… The rest of the world we just get silver or gold rings and that’s all. If the guy gets you an engagement one is s HUGE detail, because he DOESN’T HAVE TO.

    I can’t believe this news in 2018.

    Judging a woman for her cheap ring, lol. She’s probably happier than all the women with the most expensive rings ever.
    Look at Lady Di. All the best jewelry, a princess, was never happy or loved by her husband.


  310. Brooke Alexandra says:

    Yeah, but with one of those last posts, I don’t think it’s reasonable for a sixteen-year-old high school girl to be engaged to a grown man. However, that’s just my opinion.

  311. gabbie or something says:

    i know fox is a national joke but can you get an actual person to manage the audio because the inhaling into the mic is actually killing my ears

  312. Light Yagami Did Nothing Wrong says:

    Maybe he should have gotten her a bigger ring


    So this lady get in the news when people buy cheap ones all over the world not like it’s a new thing people do !!!

  314. Vanesaa Gonzalez says:

    I rather have a guy give me something then nothing at all.

  315. Yvie Smith says:

    1:35 16 & 20 yrs old? Howwwww????

  316. ανεμοδαρμένο γατί says:

    Why diamond rings? They are sickenly expensive. I find simple golden rings a much better and classier option.

  317. Esmeralda Rodriguez says:


  318. Lauren says:

    Who cares as long as you have a loving husband???

  319. Aurora ' says:

    IDC about the ring because I don’t wanna get married 😅

  320. sahye says:

    Nah i need that $10,000 ring. Asian family Gotta save face ya know.

  321. Muy Mirw says:

    so tacky

  322. Daimeng Shao.Kapraun says:

    My husband is spending money on house, car, health insurance,retirement fund, childcare,vacation,etc. And yes if you are super rich, buy the most expensive diamond.

  323. Shrimp Dance says:


  324. Nico Antonio says:

    Diamonds are intrinsically worthless

  325. redhot says:

    Can’t be or buy happiness she’s got it all

  326. Ka Ge says:

    I feel lonely now 😩😭

  327. Riki says:

    I am trying to stir up a storm but I want to know something. I am all good when the wedding ring is $100 or whatever amount the guy can afford… I am okay because it is all about love and it is about two people in love. My question is… if today I get a $100 ring but few weeks later he buys something expensive for himself for luxury, should it not bother the me? Wouldn’t it make you feel like he probably just doesn’t want to spend it on you? I am supposed to realise that he probably wants it real bad but.. should not he love me enough to be able to sacrifice? Am I wrong in wishing that my partner will sacrifice his happiness ? I am mean should I refuse an expensive ring? No. Would I love it if he does it willingly? Ofcourse. So… lol

  328. Yasmin Garcia says:

    Mine is 90 dollars and i love it…

  329. Nadine Vital says:

    Do we need a news story to tell us that? Smh. If so we are in trouble as a society.

  330. AmY* YmA says:

    Give me a box of ring pops…I’m a happy woman!😁 (yea, a box… so I could eat them all but one. lol)

  331. Uh haha says:

    *fucks five*

  332. a m says:

    Mine was tiny as hell n my man bought me a 1500$ ring ..but then I laughed n said “this is not worth that much ,take that ring back n get me a 200$ ring that I actually like.and the rest we can split”.but that’s just me. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but so is shopping for clothes n purses n shoes. 10 years 29 he’s 33

  333. Crni Covek says:

    All of these revelations are fricking obvious

  334. armani ii says:

    My bea gave me a ring pop💀

  335. mr 9620 says:

    Ok so where was the mean comment at?

  336. Andrew Vapes says:

    The old bitch flexing with her 400$ ring lul

  337. Vogue Vibes says:

    Marrying for the right reasons

  338. Lysanne says:

    Still a lot for just a ring youknow

  339. Summer Skull says:

    You can make diamonds out of peanut butter and pencil lead. Would rather invest the money in something worthwhile.

  340. Mike says:

    Wrong!! Wedding rings should the cost more than 10K, and over 100k if you really love the person

  341. scorpiomafia101 says:

    My ex fiancé need to see this for wanting to have 40000$ ring lol

  342. Juan Rodriguez says:

    Where is the feminist! Thots be hating this rn !

  343. Crafty Lady Linda says:

    People are so materialistic. It’s sad.

  344. Scarlett Phoenix says:

    My ring cost 70 dollars. My friends rings cost thousands of dollars. 2 years later, I’m still married. And all of them are divorced.

  345. The Atlos says:

    Man, lots of people waste money on rings… diamonds… wtf… they are just fucking stones and metals. What you will do with them? They have magical powers? “Oooh my god!! He just gave me an expensive ring that coast enought to get someone’s life fixed! He spent decades of thousands of dollars on a stone when people in the world are starving and animals are getting tortured… IT S SOOO ROMANTIC!!” If you find a girl who wants expensive gifts, leave her. She doesn t have nothing in her brain and heart

  346. The Atlos says:

    “Only 100$”… well it s still alot. For me even a simple cheap silver ring is good.

  347. Lynn Navarro says:

    Why do i like these type of videos so much👀👀

  348. Persephone Black says:

    I could get a $100 or less ring and still be happy that I have the man I love in my life. ♡

  349. AJ says:

    I much rather have a cheaper ring for two reasons.

    1) If i lose the ring, I won’t be losing several grand worth of money. So no stress there.

    2) I much rather use that extra money for my dream wedding and honeymoon (which is a destination wedding).

  350. Reemster L says:

    How is this news.

  351. Letti Straka says:

    For me even if it was a $0.25 ring out of a gumball machine I would have been happy because that just shows me that the love of my life wants to spend his life with me as well.

  352. Be Safe says:

    Not news

  353. El Angel says:

    I’m giving my wife a funjan chip as a ring it’s about 1.78

  354. Angie Charb says:

    I knew my whole life I didn’t want a stone in my ring. I remember being scratched too many times by my mom’s because the setting stuck out too much. My husband bought my ring (stainless steel plain band) on Amazon for 12 dollars 4 years ago.

  355. skrrt skrrt says:

    1:35 16 and 20 years old… hmmm.

  356. Aplus_Nerd says:

    If I ever get married I’m giving my wife a ring pop

  357. Headpfones says:

    It’s all because of the Debeer diamond company. They spent years, years, and years of advertising to get people to think that if you’re not willing to spend the equivalency of the down payment on a new car for a ring then you’re just a cheep piece of dirt.

  358. Headpfones says:

    I absolutely love her rings they are beautiful

  359. jubed0ll says:

    $100.00 from a pawn shop. Absolutely in love with my ring, and am proud to show it off!

  360. Kit Hand says:

    My engagement ring was £5

  361. Tommy McCarthy says:

    Well diamonds aren’t worth anything. If you guys want a good read, read up on the history of diamonds. Did you know the minute you walk out of the ring store that ring you bought is worth 3/4 of the price you paid for. Meaning the value of the ring drops.

  362. Maya Thompson says:

    Honestly, I’d take a ring made out of wood

  363. flo says:

    The ones who have a disrespectful comment are single and or divorced

  364. Drew Rycerz says:

    I put an onion ring on my girl.

  365. Skylar Legman says:

    I always tell my boyfriend that he could propose to me with a ring pop and I’d still bawl my eyes out and say yes lol. Love isn’t about the price tags. It’s about the emotional bond between each other.

  366. TheModernHeretic 777 says:

    I gave my fatass gf onion rings and she loved it

  367. Veronica Jackson says:

    mine were only two hundred … for a set… we couldn’t afford a lot so i chose a beautiful set from Sears i loved the set…. money doesn’t dictate the power of love behind the rings! you can have the most expensive ring but in end i was very happy with my set from Sears! its not the cost of rings its the meaning and vows to each other that seal he deal!

  368. Mr Iridium says:

    Sponsored: “Shop cheap engagement rings”

  369. Anthony Martinez says:


  370. t_from_da_LB 1500% says:

    Dang I should of bought one like that lol I paid 12k 😂😂😂 could of got a car and a ring at the same damn time 😭😭

  371. FaeriMagic says:

    Rings are sweaty. I want a personalized ring tattoo.

  372. Pull Up says:

    I wouldnt be with a woman long enough to engage them and them turn me down because it wasnt expensive enough, i would know if they were worth it or not before i gave it to them, however i would try very hard to gain the money to afford a beautiful ring for the woman i loved, im also only 19 and a guy who has never even had a girlfriend because im too uncomfortable to be able to communicate my feelings to people soooo… my affection for people is pretty strong but ill never even get to show anybody that affection because i get too uncomfortable

  373. Chunji천지 says:

    Respect for all these women!

  374. Eric 3 says:

    Big diamond rings were just a money making ploy by diamond companies. It worked.

  375. Hannah Young says:

    I told my husband that I’d be upset if he bought me an expensive ring, but he wanted to make sure the diamond was real. So he bought my rings on craigslist (wedding and engagement ring) for 200 dollars. We tell everyone how much they cost! We are so happy that we didnt have to make payments or empty out our bank account for something so easily lost or damaged.

  376. T.E.W. says:

    Im confused. If this is the case, and I really hope it is, then why do women always put the pressure on getting an expensive ring? Mixed message.

  377. Bernieriz Collazo says:

    BEAUTIFUL story!

  378. JAYMES Fairless says:

    Me and my husbands wedding rings are 8.97 we buy them at walmart, as in present tense…
    Social Security Disability doesn’t pay much, The rings are a symbol… We exchange new sets every year. It works out well!

  379. Benji Glo says:

    Wtf is this really american news

  380. Dr. Hartman says:

    If you really love your bitch, you make your wedding ring

  381. Anna Anthony says:


  382. Tyler Pearson says:

    Diamonds themselves were very rare if ever used in wedding rings until recent history. The tag line A diamond is forever and the propoganda and restrictions making diamonds seem rare and valuable beyond there true worth brought us here. When compared to other stones diamonds are more common and tbh don’t look as nice. If there was a demand for non diamond wedding rings many would see the true beauty of what’s really out there.

  383. X Z says:

    I would like a pretty nice ring ,

  384. X Z says:

    Primmadonna girl 🎶🎶✨✨♥️♥️

  385. Harsh Hinduja says:

    I’m just 19yrs old so this might sound dump but if I get the opportunity then I would like to ask the question with a ring I made with my own hands (yea there are YouTube videos for it but the process is slow and hardworking)

  386. C L says:

    My wife didn’t want a diamond on her wedding ring. When I told them that at the store they all just acted like I was poor and “maybe one day” I could come back and get her that big diamond. They just couldn’t conceive of someone not wanting a diamond ring.

  387. Ryan Renn says:

    honestly I got my favorite ring for thirteen dollars from a pawn shop that’s all I need

  388. TheOneTheOnly W says:

    You know engagement rings and all that was a trend designed by Jewelers to sell more rings right?

  389. Craig Willis says:

    Be nice if more women could be like this and not being snobby. Houston women are horrible and fake. Just saying.

  390. soartdeco says:

    ppl always want extravagant things, especially in relationships

  391. Jimin 4life says:

    I don’t need a diamond all i need is 1,000,000 in my bank account. Xoxox

  392. KawaiiKat says:

    Honestly Im the one convincing the bf if we ever got married I dont want an expensive ring!! He says hes the one who buys it so he chooses, but honestly I rather use the money to change my entire wardrobe or something. Open a savings account. Make that money last!

  393. Marco Mark Productions says:

    People are still getting married? K

  394. Draw fun says:

    I have 90 dollar Ring! Do you believe?

  395. Gondu Sumfin says:

    Where’s my ring pop?

  396. Name says:

    Why did this go viral? Surely she’s not the first woman to do this lol..there are plenty of women out there with cheaper wedding rings and i’m sure they’ve posted about them…I’m more impressed with her nails tbh

  397. Lorromire says:

    how the hell is this news worthy

  398. Lauren Jones says:

    A ring of metal, dress, fancy wedding dress, etc isn’t what getting married or being married is about. Save that money for a house or for a once in a lifetime honeymoon if you don’t want a house. Best viral message I’ve seen in years

  399. bww2745 says:

    wish my ex wife was the same as described in this video…btch.

  400. lenny Blunden says:

    When women figure out that life isnt about material possessions then they’ll be better off in life.

  401. Dalonghair says:

    True love isn’t about diamonds but marriage isn’t about true love.

  402. Lewis T. says:

    Obviously she’s not a gold digger ..

  403. Ben Dover says:

    Gents, watch and learn. $100 is more than enough. It’s the thought that counts. Lol

  404. coasteys coasteys says:

    men are practical

    women are materialistic

  405. Mia says:

    Cosmo gave Wanda a chewed up pen cap as a wedding ring and they’re still married. 💯

  406. VanT says:

    I would be fine with a rubber band, I wouldn’t care, I would care about the love of my life

    Even tho I don’t have any yet

  407. Cody Chow says:

    Tiffany & Co’ disliked this video.

  408. Mike Danielz says:

    130.00 wedding ring means 2 things. #1 shitty job. #2 financially irresponsible(can’t save).. yeah, good choice… Maybe after he sells his Jordans he will have enough to ……… nevermind

  409. neo geo says:

    It’s a fucking Ring who cares…

  410. twes619 says:

    No no no, love is about buying a Conflict Diamond and knowing some child was beaten and arms were chopped off in Sierra Leone while mining for your ring.

  411. Stefano Giliberti says:

    And that’s folks is how I lost 2 minute of my life. WTF youtube why you recommend me this garbage

  412. Kimberly Santos says:

    You can have wedding rings that cause 20 dollars only in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  413. Paris Smith says:

    I could have a ring made of wood and I’d still be happy

  414. SLUMONE says:

    I spent almost 4 grand on my wife’s n my rings thank you very much

  415. I probably won’t see your reply. says:

    Anyone else catch that lady with the $400 ring said her husband was 20 and she was 16…27yrs ago…that’s not that long ago

  416. Bonita Neng says:

    Yes!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Def agree! Just like me. It’s not about the price or size of the diamond/s.

  417. justin polotan says:

    this a real one right here. wish we had more of her.

  418. Matt G says:

    I made our rings out of 2 silver quarters while I was stationed over seas. Married when I got back and have been together going on 18 years. Only a fool would put a price on love.

  419. BABY HAZEL says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a inexpensive ring.

  420. Jay R says:

    Diamonds are not rare and are not worth that much. It was the De Beers company who instilled that the slogan “a diamond is forever” (created by copyrighter Mary Frances Gerety in 1948) and the symbolism that a diamonds size is related to how much a man cares for his lady.

  421. Crazy.Journey.Again says:

    They scrape by but yet she has her nails done. And a shitty job at that. This was not viral btw. Y’all need to learn what viral means.

  422. Phoebe shirasawa says:

    Gold diggers wont agree to this

  423. Liv Ocampo says:

    hell give me a ring pop for all I care, marriage is so much more than a overpriced rock on a band.

  424. codgodsniper hah says:

    Real people right there, that commitment means everything. Ring means nothing

  425. Paula P says:

    What an ungratefull Person!! You dont even deserve nothing!! Its not on the price its all about Love happiness. I cant even believe she posted this viral!!! Poor man!!

  426. hailey nicole says:

    my moms wedding ring is $25 from walmart

  427. FAT GZ Yezziirr says:

    Much love and happiness to all the people that are not in to all that fancy stuff and are in to just real LOVE 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  428. Mandy Mariposa says:

    If simple is your style more power to the groom for knowing his wife’s taste. If she works in fashion or loves antique style I hope the groom would know if they want tattoo rings that is their choice. My fiancé worked over time and asked friends to help him pick a ring I would love. He knew my style and someone criticized its size as big and tacky & I didn’t care as long as we are happy & know what works for us.

  429. Bella Bee says:

    If a ring is pretty and it suits me, I don’t give a damn about the price. It could be 80 bucks for all I care. I agree with this lady.

  430. axebel says:

    I can’t even get a candy machine one…so stfu!! Dang the ungratefulness!!

  431. Crazy_crys says:

    Any ring would make me a happy woman ❤ im a simple person.

  432. Khadija Suleyman says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah all the way I like your hair 😁

  433. Animetrash Trash says:

    I like it…

  434. Amy Duong says:

    130 dollar ring isn’t expensive?

  435. bruh man says:

    Shoot im going to make a paper ring and give my girl that! Of recycled paper, because I care for the earth

  436. Barely Here says:

    If a man proposes to me with something less than a ring pop then I’ll reject him. Diamonds are nice and all but you can eat ring pops.

  437. mojo says:

    Looool my engagement ring cost 43 bucks we bought it in a swapmeet our wedding bands cost 50 for the both of us. Weve been together for 9 yrs married for 2 yrs. Bestfriends and lovers

    We rather spend our money for investments and travelling

  438. milkdesu says:

    Only 130$??!! 130 is a ton!! Dang when people are married they rich as HECK

  439. speedy Thunder says:

    Y’all see those wings ads? 🤔😂😂💀

  440. Man Cave Sports TV says:

    More women need to listen to this. It’s about love I got my wife a $200 ring, but on our 10 year anniversary, I bought her a $10,000 ring. That’s what love is about. Each other.

  441. KrobTheGreat 1 says:

    Why is this news?

  442. Sarah H says:

    Why do people care??

  443. x0xTHLover4Lifex0x says:

    I mean the message is cool and all…but sterling silver tarnishes. Just forgoe the ring entirely if the love is all that matters.

  444. MAIN CREWS## BigChange says:


  445. jomie orbino says:

    Yup!!its the thought that counts that’s women

  446. Jurnee Mae says:

    The concept is beautiful but was the lady married at 16 years old to a 20 year old?

  447. Jaw Breaker says:

    I bought my bitch a 100,000,000 dollar ring y’all broke

  448. seraphic ava says:

    It’s the thought not the cost.

  449. Honey_BooBoo says:

    Men who buy their women big diamond are insecure.

  450. KayZKat says:

    My engagement ring was a $40 Walmart ring. It had my birthstone and I loved it. My wedding band was only $45. It’s about love, not the money. 🙂

  451. Robbi Rose says:

    if you can source blood diamonds you can get some really good deals.

  452. Kevin Pickford says:

    If my girlfriend doesn’t except a candy ring pop then I’m kicking her out.

  453. Isaac Kamau says:

    Well I’ve got money for the ring and now I just need the girl. Hello… anyone? Lol

  454. Nurul Asyariah says:

    In malaysia and indonesia, we prefer gold ring compare to diamond. Its much more valuable as the price increase with time. On the other hand, diamond its expensive but the price market will drop over the time.

  455. Sophie Woo says:

    She’s so right! Love is doesn’t mean money! As long as your happy

  456. Tiffany Kinsel says:

    Right the bigger the ring ensures happiness and that he will stay faithful and they will last forever….what the hell ever ladies.yall keep believing that

  457. Tiffany Kinsel says:

    That’s awesome..,..

  458. lynx lot says:

    Most people are waking up how worthless diamonds are now.

  459. Nux Lee says:

    16 and 20 years old though?? that’s a bit wrong

  460. Supreme_Jamari says:

    As long as mines is real……..

  461. Tebk says:

    Most women are gold diggers sadly, its really nice and refreshing to see a women who doesn’t care about money 🙂

  462. Dana says:

    Gimme the cash instead of buying an expensive ring 💁🏻‍♀️

  463. R6-D2 says:

    -My wife makes me wear a ring on my dingaling- What a beautiful story.

  464. horrorvictim says:

    I met a woman who had a tattoo around her finger as a wedding ring, said she prefered it ’cause she’s always losing things.

  465. jeff davis says:

    Diamonds are worthless,

  466. Eben Serrano says:

    How tf is this news?…

  467. pink flame says:

    if she wants cheap ,good ….i had a cheap ring and he was cheap as fck the whole marriage even when he had the money ! if that’s her level and what her man can afford great ! nothing is wrong with that ,but just because she has a wal mart ring doesnt mean she is some saint of love! the sec..he makes real money he is going to dump her ass for a younger woman and but her a 6k ring on lol

  468. Make Them Meow says:

    Idc give me a ring from the dollar store and I’d cherish it with all my heart <3

  469. Alex the Hun says:

    Diamond companies hoard as many diamonds as they can which makes people think they are rare and more valuable. Which is not true. People who spend thousands on a piece of rock are in my opinion idiots.

  470. Alexa Smith says:

    Who cares ? But on a side note my ring is HUGE 😛 just like my mans dick

  471. Sylvia S says:

    Going on thirty five years of marriage with $146.00 dollar rings. It’s the love and not the value of the rings that matter.

  472. Hamza Faison says:

    I want her

  473. Mr3344555 says:

    We scrape and scrape just to put food in our bellies…. You’re in the fucking U.S, you aren’t scraping. You made bad decision that got you where you are. Africans are scraping yet don’t get food in their bellies. People are weird.

  474. Blaster says:

    To be honest, 400 dollars are A LOT, for a damn metal ring.

  475. Donnely Wilson says:

    Love this video

  476. Tay W says:

    That is exactly what is wrong with today’s society, everyone is always worried about what the next person is doing instead of making sure everything is ok in their life. As long as she is cool with it , than that’s all that matters. I would have to say that this is one of the times where size doesn’t matter but the meaning behind it makes all the difference. Congrats to her!

  477. Jon B. says:

    Mine was $5

  478. LanceDaPsycho says:

    Quarter machine plastic rings.

  479. Ethan Rodriguez says:

    true… but my ex. was a bitch… i gave her a love ring to show i appreciate her..but she threw it in my face and said much does it cost… it looks cheap… from there on…i knew the bitch wasnt for me…

  480. Hebrew Sistar says:

    If he cannot afford a better quality of ring that will not rust, he definitely cannot afford me.

    • Hebrew Sistar says:

      Alex the Hun ….I don’t charge by the hour. I charge by the decades. At least 100K/year with a career, beautiful home, vehicle and the ability to produce. If you cant do this, there is no ring.

    • Alex the Hun says:

      Imdaboss YouTube Channel How much do you charge for an hour?

  481. egg leaf says:

    if i meet the right person they could buy me a damn ring pop, it really doesn’t matter smh

  482. Dawn Garcia says:

    My engagement ring was my wedding ring and it cost $15. It was my favorite style and my birthday

  483. Exotic Daydream says:

    Lol we’re going to ignore the 16&20 thing huh 😂

  484. Luis Knight says:

    cause all bitches are exactly the same all are golddiggers theres only 2 or 3 woman in the world that think like this

  485. mst3kanita says:


  486. kristy earnshaw says:

    Lol chances are he liked that ring the most over the others and the price didnt matter lol

  487. DipN2it Creations says:

    Just give a man that truly loves me, I don’t need a ring💜💜💜

  488. Fred Nichols says:

    She must be from outer space. That kind of woman doesn’t exist lol

  489. Cassandra Williams says:

    totally agree its not about the value its about the love and respect for each other the ring is just a cymbal if the love and says that I’m no longer available right on girl you’re awesome

  490. Bryon Drill says:

    Thats sweet… can not take this stuff w you when you pass away!

  491. XxPrincessBooxX says:

    I would have been happy with a ring pop.

  492. Prettyfox says:

    Just wait when they have a kid😈

  493. WellSh.t says:


  494. Nicholas Ferrara, Esq., Realtor says:

    I want a new lambo.

  495. Khyla Tv says:

    Hell nah

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