Would You Wear a Used Wedding Ring?

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Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand is okay wearing a used wedding ring, but Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley and guest co-host Remy Ma question her decision. Would you wear a used wedding ring?

How Meghan Markle is breaking wedding tradition:

762 responses to “Would You Wear a Used Wedding Ring?”

  1. Glory Be To God Amen says:

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  2. Alson Hlatshwayo says:

    Wait am I the only one who thinks Jeamnie is fine fine God she beautiful

  3. Crystal Dixon says:

    I would only because people have financial issues. If I love you the ring is just a ring. Ring the companies make they only have so many rings.

  4. Dilveen Singh says:

    Chaiar Table Sit No Meeting No Bhass

  5. Little Black Star says:

    Sometimes I just can’t with Jeannie 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Camron Moody says:

    Loni looked beautiful in that brown cream top with the shoulder out 🙌🏾🤎

  7. Junkemail L says:

    My husband went to the pawnshop to buy my ring and I picked it out myself. I am happy I got it because we didn’t have to pay retail which is overpriced and I got a real gold and diamond for a fraction of the price.

  8. Shadonae Radix says:

    Tamera looks yummy 😍

  9. DrugTalkTV says:

    Ha ha ha, whether new ring or old ring, looking at divorce statistics it doesn’t really matter if bad juju is there, the attitude of the woman getting the ring on this show already determines the coming divorces.

  10. Mariandavecomplete green says:

    I could wear my mother’s ring, or my grandmother/aunt

  11. K Garcia says:

    I heard it’s bad luck.. even trying on someone’s engagement ring. Unless it’s passed down

  12. ineedhoez says:

    If my guy could get a great deal on a used ring, I’d go for it. If he bought a $30,000 ring at a pawn shop for five grand, oh hell yeah!!!! It can be used but new to us.

    Hell no to wearing a previous fiance’s ring. No way in hell. Sell it and use the proceeds to buy a new one.

  13. Ella Meda Ngalibali says:

    Dora the Explorer is that you?

  14. S.C Fitness says:

    My ex got me a ring from a pawn shop and lied about it that’s why he he ex I don’t want someone ring from a failed marriage that’s putting a hex on things heck I had a dream the ring turn black and I ended up kissing it anyways Iunno whose that belong to

  15. y0urlillyness says:

    Jeannie’s on that dope.. lol

  16. milie jones says:

    Helllllll no. I’d shove that ring own his damn throat.

  17. moroccansalma says:

    He should sell it, and get her one.

  18. Erika Store says:

    I’d just be thinking the whole time “this wasn’t for me though” I couldn’t accept it.

  19. Nova Greene says:

    I’m NOT wearing no Ex-rings..NO… I’m not taking no crosses with me

  20. Veee Varez says:

    Velma vibesss

  21. Liane Layman says:

    I would never wear a used ring. I want a new one even if it was $25.

  22. Daynisha V says:

    Absolutely not

  23. I am Meci says:

    No not the ex wife

  24. A Dose of Shy says:

    All she needs is glasses and the role on scooby doo is hers

  25. Annalisa Mondo says:

    Isn’t a ring a symbol of “our love”? So NO!! I don’t want your past love being part of present love. It’s symbolic.

  26. Graced with Beauty says:

    Well the ring is mine now!! Why be wasteful. It’s like where a family ring and the person never liked you are you going to turn the ring down and pon it??? Hell no. Jeannie is too deep for y’all sometimes.

  27. Lisa T-Wright says:

    0:02 Why do they have Jeannie lookin like a nail-tech?? 👀

  28. Angela Price says:

    No! Not that woman. Not an ex. Now if it belonged to his mother or grandmother or bought used ok.

  29. Jelena Jeanine says:

    Edna Mode jumped out

  30. Duds says:

    Is Jeannie okay upstairs?

  31. Amy Toedtli says:

    if it was a grandma or mom ring sure got it resize but if it was just a ex,s ring no no no but if he got reword when give it to me ok there it,s like new almost or at least meaning is gone and i would,nt care at all if he sold a ex ring to buy me a new one

  32. TyAna Wheeler says:

    Im sorry, when i read used ring I was thinking like thrift shop, or consignment shop. Or even a ring from pawn. Im okay with that lol. but hand me your ex wifes ring and you might as well consider me your 2nd ex wife. 😂😂

  33. b w says:

    Jeannie goes out of her way to disagree everytime I can’t😂😂😂

  34. Mari Molina says:

    Thumbnail had me thinking it was a Halloween episode 😂😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  35. Melanie Cifuentes says:

    Anyone else here a man say “it’s just a ring”

  36. awardwin says:

    First world problems from privileged gold diggers…sigh

  37. unknown unknown says:

    Jeannie is so shallow!!! Thank you for calling her out. There is controversy right now about Jeannie’s salary…if she wants to make more, stop being so shallow. More depth will give you deeper pockets.

  38. zion Stephen says:

    Yh…only if it’s a generation ring….

  39. Anita Lichter says:

    why does Jennie look like the kittle short girl on the Incredibles

  40. Bianca says:

    My first engagement ring was used. I’ve have two more since. Bigger each time. Married 5 years

  41. Tienenny Nguyen says:

    Lol Jeanie views on things are so weird I don’t know if I agree with it

  42. ALEX says:

    jeannie looks like a character from totally spies

  43. Khris Goodman says:

    I’m with Jennie

  44. Julia Arnold says:

    Unless it was his mother or grandmothers ring or something

  45. Kezia-Priscilla Valentine says:

    Jeannie I love her but she is making no sense here, literally contradicting herself

  46. NaturalDivineGoddess says:

    The Ring
    In The Family..

  47. Cc Silva says:

    No bad energies. Past is past but if someone has been for longest time still has nothing to do with your life or feelings have some dignity even if is a cheap ring you ain’t not 2nd place unless you start let him treat you like and no has not nothing to do with oh you got to be wealthy is about respect.

  48. Sweetvibes Sweet says:

    Jennie looks like dora😂

  49. Pampy93 says:

    I just clicked because I thought it was a Scooby doo themed episode 😂😂😂

  50. Tt jax says:

    Jeannie sound crazy. She don’t believe what she trying to say. SHe pushed hard to try & make that statement an opposed agreement lol. She kept contradicting herself. Tamera is right, he didn’t buy you nothing, he took it off another woman’s hand & said here lol…I don’t want no dead or alive grandma ring either. Her husband had meaning in that ring, & I don’t want no ghost haunting me my entire marriage after that ring lol…Hell his grandma probably was mean as the devil too. I don’t want that spirit to attach me lol…I want newness, so I can consecrate my own.

  51. Phycho Pink says:

    Seriously why didn’t anyone there tell her she looks like Velma? 😂

  52. Ava Fréear says:

    Scooby dooby doo

  53. May Moon says:

    He could have sold it and got another

  54. Kaelen Emslie says:

    What the Velma Dinkly is going on?

  55. Hettie Petra says:

    I don’t care, I just want someone who loves me.

  56. Angelica says:

    Love Tamara’s dress!

  57. Vanessa Grijalva says:

    To me, it’s just a ring haha I wouldn’t care at all! Great way to save money😂

  58. A G says:

    Jeannie is stupid lol

  59. I need 500 subcribers by October 11 says:

    All these people hating on Jeannie. Shut up

  60. Christina V says:

    Damn that is the first time in the history of this show that I disagree with Jeannie lol

  61. Sam Nicholson says:

    The only way I would be ok if a guy gave me another woman ring is if its like his grandmothers or something like that if its a ring that was past down in his family then ok I will take that ring

  62. Hadi Yazid says:

    It’s okay Jeannie. We Asians are behind you. There is nothing wrong to wear a hand me down. If I were a female, I don’t mind at all. Money for marriage is important.

  63. Leandria Rawlins says:

    Child, why is Jeannie looking like Edna from the Incredibles??

  64. Cameron Geer says:

    Y the hell does she look like velma?

  65. Lu l says:

    I don’t agree with Jennie here..

  66. sandy cheeks says:

    So what if it’s an heirloom that the ex gave back to him? Would you still not wear it?🤔

  67. Owen Auble says:

    Jeannie giving me Velma vibes I LOVE IT!!

  68. Samantha Rampaul says:

    used by an ex? nope.. That ring could cost all the money in the world but the thought of reusing just as seems cheap and disrespectful. I’d think it would be okay if maybe he sold it and bought a new one or had it remade/restyled if possible.. just put some genuine thought and make it unique to her because she is NOT your ex… she is someone new that you want something new with because if he didn’t want something new, he’d still be with the ex.

  69. M Watts- Riley says:

    News flash;

    We all do.
    64% of gold that we buy is recycled. Only less than 30% is newly mined metals.
    M. IL.

  70. nouni amiri says:

    jeannie be looking like dora the explorer 😂💞

  71. Kendricka Tanyae says:

    I don’t care at all

  72. Sabrina Siggers says:

    I personally do not want a wedding ring. It is such a materialistic thing which I’m not into all of that. In the event that he would try to give me a used ring, I can’t say that I would mind. It’s just a ring.

  73. jqueen says:

    Jeannie looking like ole girl off scooby doo.

  74. Fluffy Suga Kookies says:

    Velma who???

  75. Shaila Scott says:

    Velma can’t see without her glasses

  76. S G says:

    The ex wive no, the ex fiance no, vintage shop or something the YES! 100% agree with Tamera!

  77. Cliff Straham says:

    Ofcourse these ladies want men spend more money on them

  78. nightowl says:

    Only scenario where I think it’s okay to keep the ring is if it’s a family ring that’s been passed down for generations.
    Other than that, just sell the damn thing and buy a new one with the money. It’s not like I’m telling you to throw the ring away. Why are we even talking about wasting money?

  79. Jaida Taveras says:

    Bro just sell the damn ring and use the money to buy her a new ring

  80. Laurie Mirre says:

    I would rather have a one dollar ring that you chose for me than a 1000 dollars ring that you firstly chose for your ex, no thanks, if the ring doesn’t mean anything as Jennie said then a one dollar ring should be fine.

  81. Mo Mo says:

    Hand me down to someone else. Same thing if he sold it. Someone else would buy it for their partner. No meaning at all. Was it an engagement ring?

  82. Chris Torres says:

    Velma is out here without her glasses

  83. Brandy Mayo says:


  84. Jarrad Hajner says:

    Velma is shaking

  85. extrasophia h says:

    Jeanine ‘s hair

  86. antiisocial.s says:

    Jeannie looks like Velma XD

  87. Jemimah Ngu says:

    HELL NO! I am a whole other woman ok! U get me a new ring ok👏

  88. Tiyetta Daughter of a King says:

    Jeannie it is a such thing as being too cheap! I’m all for something free or even a bargain but you have to draw the line somewhere. just because you don’t want a good piece of jewelry to go to waste don’t mean you have to lower yourself and wear someone else’s ex’s ring. I mean if you don’t mind wearing it that’s fine I’m not judging but just saying it’s wrong. But the way you put it sounds not so good.

  89. Dana Stirling says:

    I’m kinda with Jeannie

  90. tolu planB says:

    ok jeannie… are not being serious……..are you? 😟 it’s ok to be money conscious……but now you are being ridiculous.

  91. MzCaribbeauty says:

    did Jeannie just say “ling ling” an deD. 😂😂🤣🤣 out here looking like Velma and Dora d explora.

  92. Christy Louis says:

    Jeannie needs to stop. With her jinkies i can’t find my glasses faced ass

  93. Linzy Callahan says:

    adrienne don’t come for my good sis jeannie you stupid bitch

  94. Deborah McLean says:

    Is it just me or dose Jennie look like Victor from despicable me?😂

  95. Jackie Ayy says:

    You recycle my ring, I’m recycling YOU.

  96. Queen JassTV says:

    Lmao where do you come up with these things Jeannie!!! “If it’s pretty & it’s bomb ling ling is gonna put it on” 😂 loooove it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. Hash Francois says:

    What the hell is on Jeanies head

  98. Gessica Goncalves says:

    Why does Jeanie look like Dora the explorer?

  99. Arezen Davis says:

    Jeanie the only one who ever sound logical about things. Like dam if the ring i bought her was 10,000 and we didn’t work out it’s not like i can return it to the store. Either u gon wear it now as my new girl or u gon be lookin dumb askin everyday for a 15,000 ring cuz not only do u gotta have yo own, but it has to cost more. Women can be so materialistic sometime. It does not matter where a dam piece of jewelry comes from if u love me u love me. Not the things i buy for you…

  100. haneysha says:

    I agree with tam and adriene

  101. AnjaliComedy says:

    Wearing the ex’s ring?! Sounds like nonsense to me. Just sell it and buy her her own damn ring!!

  102. Kianna Anderson says:

    Tamera looks flawless in this clip 😍

  103. Stefano Gomez says:

    I wear my grandpas ring. It’s custom made & my grandma has expensive taste.

  104. jasmine arango says:

    Lil Kodak on da beat

  105. Phương Linh Trần Lê says:

    ‘’Depends on how big it is.’’
    Yup, she’s part Asian.

  106. Janielle Dunkley says:

    I agree with tamera, let the past stay in the past

  107. Janielle Dunkley says:

    only if it’s his apart of his family history like his mother or grand mother or even his great grandmother wore that ring and it meant something to them, not an ex

  108. Tao Naomi says:

    was she going for Velma look? lol

  109. Maleeha katib says:

    jeannie giving me major Velma vibessssss

  110. Antoinette Gross says:

    Not ex wife

  111. kyle triola says:

    I would not want to wear something that was from your ex cause if it came off of someone else that is a deal breaker so I agree with Tamera and Adrienne.

  112. Ruke o. says:

    Jeannie giving us Velma vibes🧡🧡

  113. mishie baniaz says:

    I thought it was only my Asian friend that was hella cheap I was wrong

  114. A̶s̶h̶l̶y̶ ̶ m̶o̶r̶a̶l̶e̶s̶ says:

    I cant decide velma or dora? Lmao

  115. Katherine Wilder says:

    I agree with Jeannie a lot of things but this one is a bust. When a guy bought an engagement ring or anything for an ex it was her in mind, what he thought was supposed to make her happy and how he wanted to provide for her. So to give that same ring to another woman, a symbol of a dead relationship is just not healthy and not fair to the new relationship or the person because no consideration was made for them. I don’t care how beautiful that ring is, it wasn’t purchased with me in mind and would rather be ringless than have a ring meant for another women. That is so cheap and not fair to me.

    Family rings are a different story because their a symbol of a new creation and how much he trust you enough to have his mother ring. That’s a lot of love and trust also it shows that he values you and want to create a foundation based on the one that his family grant him. Family rings are romantic because even though he didn’t consider design and etc, it had lots of meaning and work behind occurring the ring unless the family member was already dead and they didn’t have the ring but still very sweet.

  116. christine bolive says:

    Jeannie lookin just Velma! I lob it

  117. swagged mikha says:

    Jeanie rocking the Velma from Scooby-Doo look😂😂😂

  118. Yeliz Cetinkaya says:

    I would only except a second hand wedding ring if it was passed down from generations like his mothers ring or grand mother’s and great grandmothers but DEFINITELY NOT AN EX’s WEDDING RING……😑 that is just lazy to me tbh

  119. Madi Adams says:

    Jinkies VELMA

  120. Adetunde Babs’s says:

    Jeannie really…….. I have to give you the side eye on this one😒😒😒😒😒

  121. Thands TV says:


  122. Allie Hensel says:

    I love my used wedding ring! It is beautiful and I got a huge discount on it!!! It was from a stranger though. doesn’t bother me at all and nothing goes to waste. A bunch of people act petty.

  123. Zaqueen zhane ́ b says:

    if its vintage or heirloom sure some other women obviously not

  124. Dee phillips says:

    I’m with Tamera n Adrienne on this this 💯

  125. Token Vamp says:

    Remy Ma is gorgeous

  126. Kaci ._. Duhh says:

    Remy Ma should be a permanent host on the show😩

  127. Dana :-/ says:

    Oh hell no. Like get a different wedding band, he can reuse the diamond, though ideally I would like a new ring. :/

  128. Eleanor Johnson says:

    Jeanie looks like that character from scoby..Makes it work thoughhh

  129. S A says:

    jeannie is so cringe….callin herself ling ling .. girl

  130. CaringBangtan says:

    scooby doo by doo

  131. ramen without flavor says:

    Straight out of Scooby doo

  132. DiDi DiDi says:

    Oh hell nah. Not an ex. Maybe a family heirloom. NOT AN EX. Get that outta here

  133. Fatima Pastel says:

    If it’s been past down or something then ok but if it was your ex wife’s then hell no if I were to marry someone who was struggling with money issues then you don’t even have to propose with a ring but I will not take something that was once your ex wife

  134. Gabrielle Floyd says:

    This got me dead

  135. Simone Wynter says:

    If it’s a like a family heirloom, then i would… if not hellllll no!

  136. yuki cross says:

    Jeanie giving me velma vibes

  137. Dionne Jackson says:

    He needed to have sold the ring and used the funds to get her a new ring.

  138. sonnet Morrison says:

    passed down from family yes. another woman no

  139. m mar says:

    Jeanie it’s about pride worth and dignity! How much u value much u think u r worth! It’s nothing to do with money! I personally wants no leftovers from him or his wife’s past!!! End of story!!! U got to literally slow down a bit and think! U go a at a rate of one hundred miles a minute!!! Slow down! Get off from watever u r on!!!

  140. Caprice McFarlane says:

    Sorry… I’m not down with that.. I think it’s tacky

  141. Smeak says:

    That’s just disrespectful. Ain’t no man who truly wanna marry you bout to give you his ex-wife’s ring. He might keep the diamond from it but that’s it. He shoulda came correct and got her a new ring. Don’t give no woman a hand-me-down engagement ring. And why oh why did he still have her ring? That’s not somethin he shoulda kept after they divorced

  142. Jesus Diesel says:

    That voice is a killer😅

  143. Jesus Diesel says:

    Remy sis let’s manerpadercure each other sis that it😂

  144. Weekly Dose of Ash says:

    It depends if it’s like something that’s handed down through the family and everyone has had a successful marriage yes buttttt if it’s an ex or from a thrift shop no. I need to know the history behind itI don’t need any negative spirits on me!

  145. Bogus Bozo says:

    Yall saying Velma… I’m saying Dora ☕🐸

  146. Gaby says:

    He could’ve sold that ring and used the money for a new ring….

  147. Raquell Sykes says:

    Im with tamera anf addriene

  148. Kesandra Williamson says:

    Smh heck no. Tamera looks gorgeous

  149. geraldine pearson says:

    Maybe from a pawn shop or loved one
    But not from his previous relationship

  150. Kindrell Irby says:

    Jennie dinkley😂🤣😅

  151. Moise Picard says:

    I mean what if it’s a TEMPORARY used wedding ring?

  152. Sydney Hawkins says:

    I thought Jeannie was cosplaying as Velma from Scooby-Doo for a second.

  153. sasha junco says:

    Scoooby doooooo

  154. Niah Katheryn says:

    That hair…NO! I ain’t got to say which host y’all already know.

  155. Queen Enchantment says:

    I would wear someone else’s ring if I like it. And I’m wearing mine on my right hand ring finger. Srew tradition 🤷👑

  156. Shakira Chey says:

    If you think about it things come and go but people you love dont

  157. Adam Granger says:

    My mom before she passed away from cancer in 2016 told my dad that he could give her ring to his next wife if he chooses to get remarried

  158. Karlacamila Rodriguez says:

    And look who’s divorced now…. So much liberal thinking never ends well.

  159. laury Rodriguez says:

    Jennie looks like that girl from Scooby Doo

  160. susie894 says:

    So, can y’all let your guest speak?

  161. AURORA says:

    Jeannie and Velma 😂😂🧡

  162. MARS Universe says:

    Not the ex wife ring it carries energies no sis

  163. Ahmad Syaqiq Mat Isa says:

    Speak the truth Jeannie hahahaha

  164. Dre Baker says:

    I mean he’ll nahhhh because why would you give me a ring from your ex and why did you keep it therefore honestly if you still got it and you trying to give it to me then your not over him or her so with that being said the weeding is being called out until you tell me what you really want

  165. JohNathan Elizalde says:

    I don’t know why they acting like their not with used men lol their ex had them in bed at some point lol

  166. hihellohellow says:

    Want no beef with ex shits

  167. Nashua Ferrer says:

    Why is Jeannie looking like Velma (scooby doo)

  168. maddie says:

    Jeannie looks like Velma hahahaha

  169. L V says:

    I am loving the Scooby Doo Vibe Jeannie

  170. Apinayaa Sivapalan says:

    jeannie is giving me velma from scooby doo vibes😹😹

  171. CaramelGoddess __ says:

    I’m feeling it Jeannie just need the 👓 to complete the Velma look

  172. Brownwoman ofGod says:

    My answer would be no because that ring was a symbol of THIER love and memories. Give me a NEW ring!

  173. Chasity Freelove says:

    Not from an ex because when you buy a ring its with that person in mimd not me but if its like from a store at discount price or a family heirloom then cool

  174. alicia lax says:

    I just kept how Jeannie looked like Velma

  175. Nakayla Williams says:

    She kinda remind me the lady off scobby doo

  176. Alejandra Amezcua says:

    I can see Jeannie’s point. Sometimes it’s not about the material it’s about what it represents

  177. Nicole Villafuerte says:

    Personally I would have sell that ring from the ex and get a new one 🤷🏻‍♀️

  178. Natasha Loganathan says:

    That wasn’t ‘practical’. It was lazy. Getting another one is as easy as running a few errands. Sell that one & go pick out a new one. Easy. She put in more effort into winning that Oscar. Yet she is still procrastinating since 1984.

  179. yasniely says:

    Gosh..I don’t care for Jeanine

  180. louisluv says:

    If its a passed down one then yes but i would not wear one from another wife/husband

  181. serenity lama says:

    *I would, to show off what his EX missed*

  182. alexis stevens says:

    If it’s from his ex no

  183. thiaeyes says:

    💕the out fits all you you wear.
    What’s the best way to revive your wwardrobe on and very very very tight budget

  184. healfactor says:

    is it a heirloom from his mom or grandmother that’s why? or just a random ex wife ring

  185. Senamile Buthelezi says:

    When you marry someone you are starting your new and unique journey which every person involved wants it successful, so why bring things that will constantly remind you with the experiences that are filled with regrets. I feel like if you are using your ex ring you are not honouring the new person and love in your life

  186. Jenna Hendrix says:

    I love how jeannie looks like Velma lol

  187. Thandeka Mabuza says:

    Loni is looking amazing ❤

  188. Ercilia Morales says:

    Hell nooo and you know why it is for you it would remind me of his ex

  189. Daisy M. says:

    Jeanie, that wig is 😝

  190. calistyle95 says:


  191. Joce Dough says:

    Why does she look like Velma

  192. Monday’s with Meghan says:

    I wouldn’t wear it not to be rude but just because he picked that ring out for her, it was picked out for her personality and he specially picked it out for her. I would want a ring in which fits my personality and etc…

  193. Pearlyn Oloyede says:

    Tamera’s stylist did great!

  194. Sariah Favors says:

    I’m like why do women care about a ring.

  195. it'sNomalanga _Zimvu says:

    maybe the ring is a family heirloom

  196. Saint Blair says:

    Sis y’all played yallselves getting Remy on the show

  197. Maria Acosta says:

    I would like it if it was passed down from a mom or grandma

  198. Pasta Tasha says:

    Nahhhh brand new booboo

  199. Danasjah says:

    Adrienne is trying to knock down any ideas that don’t agree with hers. 😶

  200. Demifan39 says:

    That sound like a lazy man to me. I would NEVER accept that ring and i don’t want that juju either i want to start of strong and wearing something you was giving your ex hell no. I would CONSIDER wearing like his grandmother ring or mother ring but even then i still would be like hmmm. I ALWAYS agree with Jeannie but this was all wrong

  201. Jen M says:

    Yesssss Jeannie is giving me -Anna winter how ever u spell her last name lol sry but yasssss Jeannie serve the kids biiitch lol

  202. miss Major says:

    I would I buy jewelry from the pawn shop and all of it used

  203. Annabelle Peterson says:

    He bought this ring thinking about her, in intention of having her for the rest of his life .

  204. Nic Nico says:

    This show is so fake

  205. Angelica Barrera says:

    I’m sorry but Adrienne’s outfit reminded me of author

  206. cerrismatic says:

    What if the ex’s ring was like his family heirloom?

  207. wlahakashaa says:

    velma.. is that’s scooby-dooby you?

  208. Sofia Isabel says:

    I love Jeannie!!

  209. Jay Lee says:

    Tamera looks scrumptious

  210. Natalier Roberts says:

    Is it just me or does the lady with the bantu knots remind anyone of crazy eyes from Orange is the New black???

  211. Sosmcs See says:

    No, no and no.
    I don’t want someone else’s bad luck in my marriage.

  212. Denea says:

    Jeannie is trying too hard to go against the grain.

  213. KoreanPolish*G-Man says:

    People are just not practical. Yes he could sell the ring and what get 50% back. I dont think so. These people forgot how much it cost for rings. It doesn’t matter if your rich or not. You dont waste money.

  214. Teresa Larken says:

    If it was a ring that was passed down from his mother or grandma or something of that nature then yes but if its his ex you might as well not waste your time

  215. That's Grace -Desan Watson says:

    jeannie looks like velma from scooby doobie doo. so cute. has on the orange sweater too

  216. That's Grace -Desan Watson says:

    jeannie dont play. lol

  217. That's Grace -Desan Watson says:

    i love the look jeannie

  218. S J says:

    When you choose a ring, you choose something that you think the woman/ man will love. You choose something that fits their personality and represents how you feel. Getting a hand me down from an ex is crazy! She deserved having a custom ring ti represent her, not the ex.. things that take time and thought are so much more special..

  219. Unicorn 101 says:

    Did Jeanie mean to look like Velma?

  220. Joanna Herodotou says:

    Exactly what Remy said if it was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s rings yeah!!!

  221. J2 Kzzz says:

    No. Done. End of story.

  222. Cola 9 says:

    I feel like if was one of your family’s members it would be okay but your ex partners no unless she died but still it sounds mean but if you care about me get me a new ring I don’t want to think about your ex all the time the old ring to the pond shop and get some money

  223. xsammyx101x says:

    1984…..what bad joojoo adrienne thats just ridiculous to say

  224. Alyssa De La Cruz says:

    Hell nah unless its like his mothers or like grandmother. If it was an ex’s no but a family yeah.

  225. Leo Brown says:

    My be a family member but a ex melt it into something new

  226. candi804 says:

    Jeanie looks like Velma and I have no fukin idea who face Remy is wearing 😩

  227. Maribel Aguilar says:

    I want the girls to post where they be getting their clothes from! They look amazing in this whole segment. They could even profit more from this

  228. Lauren Wykle says:

    jeannie is giving me Scooby-Doo vibes love you though 😘

  229. Franke says:

    WHY Is Velma on THE REAL?

  230. Created2 inspire says:

    Adrienne: “I don’t want that juju on my finger 🤣”

  231. Cynthia Cyprian says:

    Velma Mai

  232. jaleesamg says:

    People don’t seem to consider that it could have easily been a ring that has been in the family for a while…

  233. Joz says:

    everyone be attacking Jeanie but SHE BE MAKING SOME POINTS everything doesn’t have to be so dramatic it’s a item a material it’s not that deep, if it looks good i’m putting it on!!

  234. Hit E says:

    Ling Ling lol love Jeannie Mai

  235. monk3ysAn says:

    Let’s keep it real for a second, whoever buys the ring is the rightful owner. According to California law, every piece of jewelry that is bought rightfully belongs to the purchaser. legally, that is his ring!.

  236. monk3ysAn says:

    My first thought seeing Jeannie was like, “jenkies!”

  237. LaChele says:

    Uh uh, Imma need a new ring that’s intended for me and only me. I don’t wanna wear another woman’s ring. That’s doin’ too much. If the money’s funny then I’ll be patient and wait.

  238. krish tharu says:

    Jeannie 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  239. Onyinye Onyinye says:

    Shut up Jeanie

  240. Maha Kasem says:

    jeanie lmaoo <3 so me

  241. Leslie Reyes says:

    Why is Jeannie dressed like Velma?

  242. Elizabeth Timothy says:

    The guy is being truthful though he could have not told her it used to belong to his ex, so what then? Will you divorce him if you find out years later after marriage. Clearly it didn’t bother her and they seems to be happy together. Some people just pay too much attention to material things, whichis fair enough but it is not a deal breaker, some will not even wear family ring that belong to mother or grandparents. It is a choice, some don’t mind. Just like few years back Ade said once a cheater is always a cheater, yet she married one and seems extreamly happy whereas someone else won’t even dear to look at him. Life is about preference and choices.

  243. PersonaG34 says:

    U know, a lot of these same damn people who like “Remy so pretty, is the same damn people who said she looked like a man when she first came out” lol Just like freaking ciara

  244. Chau says:

    Nah you don’t want that negative energy from a relationship that didn’t work out to carry on into your own relationship. Especially for something as personal as a wedding band that is meant to symbolise that bond. Could have easily sold it and just got a new one

  245. Roger Fleming says:

    Honestly Jeanie is he drem women and man wants lol

  246. Francisca Nunez says:

    I would wear no body else ring. If they give a ring it have to be new.

  247. Alexia McFadden says:

    I love Jeannie’s personality but sis is L O S T when it comes to relationships. Smh

  248. Kamea Atwood says:

    Tamera looks so good! I’m loving her look 😍

  249. oluwole saadu says:

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    Jeannie’s hair is Bomb!!! 🔥🔥🔥✨

  251. ayeesha Abiola says:

    Adrienne why are you so upset it’s the real Jeannie was keeping it real

  252. TEDRA CHANEL says:

    A used ring? It’s a hard no for me!

  253. diamonte18 says:

    I’m wearing my birth mother’s wedding ring (she passed away a few years ago). It’s very meaningful to me.

  254. Saron Gebretatios says:

    Jeannie is giving me Velma Vibes

  255. Etsube Yitbarek says:

    Used ringgggggg! Hell Naw! No matter how small or big it is. Honey, if you can’t buy a new one then tie a string on my finger or something cause I am not wearing a used ring. That’s one of the ways you show women that she is special.

  256. Melissa Charles says:


  257. Noir says:

    Lemme ask the royal fans/correspondents on the table what they think of Kate Middleton ring because if I am correct it was Princess Diana’s engagement ring and look how that marriage ended…

  258. Carlitos Way says:

    Tamera’s buttcrack on her chest.

  259. Josephyne Olusegun says:

    No Jeanie. No

  260. Isabelle Joseph says:

    Jeannie byeeeee

  261. caremell says:

    It is okay if it is family ring generation to generation then why not ?

  262. Luchie says:

    Y’all here drinking aspirin for someone else’s headache

  263. Gloria Kab says:

    Jeannie is channeling her inner Velma

  264. Melissa Jackson Menny says:

    Their opinions are simply overlooking the fact that they’ve been together over 20 years so… seriously who cares.

  265. Courtney Inglis says:

    Hell nooo i would not accept that ring .. Thats so unthoughtful like he straight up just gave her his ex wifes ring like wth ? He couldnt sell it and use that money to give her a new one

  266. Juliana Marko says:

    No. If I’m so important to you, you can get me something new

  267. Pinky pink! says:

    Jeanne reminds me of lil tay 😂😂😂

  268. kyle triola says:

    I wouldn’t even keep something that belonged to my ex. And I’m with Adrienne and Tamera on this one.

  269. Khadija Ghafoor says:

    I never had an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Never asked and don’t care

  270. VONiiE8 says:

    Jeannie talking about “if you bought it for me, I’m wearing it” he didn’t buy it for you tho, sis. He bought it for his ex, she didn’t want it anymore, so he gave it to you. I just wanna know why he kept it so long 🤔😩

  271. Simply Levia says:

    First I don’t want anything from your ex. Second it depends on the size and style and don’t tell me who it’s from.

  272. DesignbyChesa says:

    Lol my parents have been together for 30 years & they don’t wear a ring.

  273. MsRainbow Brite says:

    i heard a joke today …. I asked God for a bike; but i realised God doesn’t work that way so i stole a bike and asked God for forgiveness

  274. nicolprofittkh says:

    Society has made people believe that you need a ring. You don’t need a ring and that doesn’t make your marriage stronger or last

  275. Rudo Nhiwatiwa says:

    I love Jeanie with all my heart but she looks like she is from Scooby Doo. She looks cute though.

  276. Maria Eduarda says:

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  277. Kiza 1 of 8 says:

    NOOOOOOO I am with Tamera and Adrienne of this one for sure!!!

  278. Majesty says:

    I’m definitely with Jeannie on this one! If he’s willing and wants to marry you, take the damn ring!

  279. ukkugoodasfidem says:

    Not everyone is attached to things that way. Not everyone believes in “energies”. To some people a thing is just a beautiful thing and nothing more. Especially if you are frugal. Grow up. It’s her opinion.

  280. Aloha says:

    A family heirloom, yes.
    An ex’s ring, nooooooo. Sell it & use the money for MY ring. I deserve something of my own thats not attached to the memory of an ex.

  281. Tiffany says:

    If it works for you sure, but for an ex wife I don’t know about me

  282. sharane warner says:

    It’s yo ring now be happy and married.

  283. natalie rivera says:

    I can’t wear someone else ring that was your ex. Never 🙅🏼‍♀️

  284. Lindsey H. says:

    I agree with Adrienne. Keep the diamond, change the band! No one needs to know lol

  285. Crystal Lemus says:

    Omg is it me or does Jeanie look like Velma from Scooby Doo Lol

  286. Natinat says:

    So yall can take a used dick but not a used ring?
    lololol just kidding. Aint wearing my man’s ex wedding ring!!! How cheap and tacky?!

  287. Marveline B. says:

    Love Tamera’s hair and overall look!!

  288. Ishraga Ibrahim says:

    Adrienne is very stubborn and talks on top of everyone. Let Jeannie speak. Damn. You cant force your opinion on others by raising your voice!

  289. Juhwaira Syed says:

    Jeniannne is an idiot

  290. Adele Awuku says:

    I think Jeannie is not getting this. She’s talking about wearing her OWN jewellery that HER own ex bought her. Hunnaayy, the discussion is about wearing something that belonged to your current partners EX! 🙄

  291. Jolene Merritt says:

    This is so funny to me. I was married very early in my life and divorced fairly quickly. I still had the ring. Thinking I was doing something to help my household, I told my boyfriend if he ever wanted to propose take my old wedding set, trade it in and use the money TOWARDS a new ring. This suckah took the big stone out and put it in a new setting. When he proposed I was so excited, I didn’t even notice until he put the rest of the wedding set with no center stone back in my jewelry box. I was pissed but still so excited that I didn’t give him the cussing out he deserved. It’s almost ten years later so I guess I missed my chance. But I swear ‘fo God he betta get me a redo/do over ring for our anniversary. Lmao.

  292. Javi Ruiz says:

    Scooby dooh

  293. Javi Ruiz says:

    Oh hell no!

  294. Laoch says:

    Only clicked this because Jeannie was giving me major Velma from Scooby Doo vibes in the thumbnail.

  295. ashley sterling says:

    I can understand buying a “used” ring like from a pawn shop or something, and definitely a family heirloom, but not the ex wife and now me, nope… trade that in for another one or use the money to buy another ring….


    Jeannie looks like Velma from Scooby Doo.

  297. Angela West says:


  298. Tyra D. says:

    Jeannie made no sense lmao.

  299. Tyra D. says:

    That wig is a no Jeannie.

  300. SD Jack says:

    Jeannie you make no sense. Meaning means more than price. I am not about to wear my husband’s ex-wife’s ring! That’s insane!

  301. Geovanni Cruz says:

    Why does Jeannie look like Velma??!?! 😂😂😂

  302. Veronica Ivanova says:

    Jeannie contradicted herself so many times in this segment. I totally agree with Adrienne and Tamera. I think that an engagement or wedding ring is something your partner should think of when getting it for you, it is not for recycling.

  303. Alikeeya Smith says:

    If it was his mother’s or grandmothers I would but definitely not ex wife.

  304. Irina Mokan says:

    If it’s from his grandmother then ok but not from another women

  305. Grace Hernandez says:

    Jeanni you look amazing but that wig doesn’t look good on you I like when you let your natural hair show also tamera I would love if you showed your curls more y’all ladies look AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL IN MANY WAYS not trying to show shad on jeanni you look pretty just that wig doesn’t look good on you 😉

  306. mamaveros says:

    Out of repect for yourself..why settle for sloppy seconds! You are worth more..change the used ring up..put it in another setting n make sure it fits you!

  307. Linda Garcia says:

    Jeannie’s mentality to odd

  308. Kare Bear says:


  309. Marvelous Mimi says:

    Sorry Jeannie, I cannot agree with you on this one.

  310. Kristie Bach says:

    She sounds materialistic

  311. Ashlee Anokwuru says:

    Tam is looking gorgeous 😍😍

  312. Esaa bubbles says:

    I cant w jeanie and this damn wig/hair and really girl that damn orange sweater ill velma lookin asss

  313. Vanessa Williams says:

    Also when you buy a ring, you buy it for that person, what that person likes, you brought it for that person with the intention of marrying them. You planned a future with them.
    I personally wouldn’t wear it bc of that message behind it. It doesn’t feel right, it was made for me. He didn’t pick it with me in mind.

  314. IlikeAlotOfThings says:

    1985: “in 2018, there will be flying cars!”
    2018: *”ShOuLd YoU wEaR sOmEOnE’s EX’s WeDDInG rINgGgg?”*

  315. Jaylen Buchanan says:

    Remy Ma join the panel and leave LHH!

  316. Nicole Moore says:

    If it’s a family heirloom

  317. Nina Stone says:

    Sure!! My mother’s or grandmother’s ring

  318. Jaelynn Faniel says:

    Man love can make you do some crazy things but love anit making me wear my mans tarnished ring from his EX wife ill wear it from his mama or grandma but EX wife helll no

  319. Dani says:

    The only time this is acceptable is if it was a family heirloom and the ex gave it back after it didn’t work out. Other than that, if he actually BOUGHT that ring for the other girl, he need to BUY me one too. I’d take a less expensive ring before I wear hers. I don’t care how expensive it was, he better pawn it or something because it’s not going on my finger! 😤😤

  320. Janet Adebanwo says:

    they are still married though so

  321. Abbie Ruth says:

    Mine is a used ring. But in a different way. It was my husbands grandmothers ring and she gave it to him to give to the woman he deemed worthy of it. And he chose me. Its beautiful and means so much to me. I love his grandma and she said she is so glad he chose to honor me with her ring ❤

  322. ThePltsweet says:

    Don’t care how much the ring is worth, a dollar or a million dollars, nope naah, ain’t wearing it. Have it resized or whatever, not as the same.

  323. Angelina says:

    I will never wear a used ring. Africans will understand why…

  324. DIYwithHan {Han Thi} says:

    I would keep the diamond and trade in the setting for something new

  325. sgnls says:

    I wouldn’t do it but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it could bring them bad luck…they’ve been married for 20 years which is almost rare nowadays. I def dont want to hear it from A lmao

  326. Riah Singz says:

    Everyone isn’t the same!! Not everyone is stuck in the past.

  327. AB says:

    Why is Adrian so loud?

  328. Spirit2 Soul1 says:

    I’m with Tamera and Adrienne! I’m not wearing a ring meant for another woman. #pass 👋🏾

  329. Sarah Glass says:

    Jeannie I love you but this is the opposite of what you said exactly one day ago. In “Is a small engagement ring a deal breaker” you said that you would prefer a meaningful ring over the ring’s size. How would wearing a man’s ex’s ring be meaningful?

  330. Amanda Danielstad says:

    If it doesn’t matter to the couple, why should it matter so much to others?

  331. theEarthChildx says:

    Hell na

  332. 5th Best Carter says:

    My assumption is he bought that ring with someone else in mind. He said I love this person and this ring is a symbol of that love. Why would I want a regift?

  333. scorpio babe says:

    Tamera is a hot mama

  334. MimiMinion says:


  335. miss55apple says:

    Tamera what u wearing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  336. Cheryl Hines says:

    If it was a family ring, I would wear it proudly. I am saving my engagement ring for my son to possibly give to his future wife

  337. Sana A says:

    Jeannie is right and for girls who can’t wear another girl’s ring they insecure girls.

    • Sana A says:

      Young & Funny it’s insecure because look how vent out of shape you are over another ring. I don’t need to explain my views to you!

    • Young & Funny says:

      Sana A How are they insecure? Because they’re wearing a hand-me down ring from someone’s ex!? Like, why the hell do you still have that?

  338. Nkateko .F says:

    I ain’t wearing anybody’s ring period! Grandmother, mother… nobody! Its a new chapter why we bringing things from the past?

  339. V Lo says:

    This is silly. She said she was HAPPY he gave her that ring, so that’s it. I’m not going to get worked up over a man giving his fiance something she loves just because I don’t want it, especially when they’ve been married so long and she’s still in love with him. It’s a beautiful thing that is in no way marred by the ring.

  340. brooklynforever1990 says:

    Sure would, a family heirloom or from the pawn shop yup, but an ex no. And it has nothing to do with juju or thinking a material things will have an affect on my marriage. A ring is a personal symbol. A family ring represents something entirety different to me than ring you intentionally brought for another woman.

  341. laydeej2008 says:

    y’all got to remember Jeannie has mentioned that she grew up poor. some people really are just grateful for anything. everyone doesn’t have to agree with you. now, I personally wouldn’t want an ex wifes old ring..

  342. Broken Silence says:

    I personally wouldnt want an ex’es ring but I dont understand why the woman didnt have the ring resized so it could go on her weeding finger. Surely they had the money to do that.
    Getting a ring sized isnt that much money.

  343. JaNyla Charleswell says:

    Cousin Jeannie, Hello hunnny and pre Jesus Jeannie meet ling ling

  344. Tia J says:

    Is Tam wearing her freakum dress?

  345. Cherrena Catherina Melodina says:

    I dumped my wedding ring in the toilet LOLOL, cause he’s some piece of ish! 🙂

  346. Sinelisiwe Masemola says:


  347. TILLYVELL says:

    she wilding,
    i believe in recycling but shoo
    the ring really ! cmon lol

  348. Neil Keshvala says:

    Says the girl who praised heirloom rings. Ad been tripping over her own thoughts —.—

  349. kristalfan4life says:

    No screw that! I agree with tamera and Adrienne.

  350. bbygirlnextdoor says:

    giving me velma vibes jeannie from scooby doo love you

  351. italo latina says:

    I love Jeannie!! She’s different ❤

  352. Faith says:

    Haha I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking Jeannie looks like Velma.

  353. MIKE says:

    We don’t really know the entire story. Could be a ring passed down through his family? Even if not, they have been married for over 30 years and it hasn’t been an issue. I feel like it’s a bit immature to demand something physical in order to be married to someone. What is more important, being with that person or a custom ring? She chose him and 30 years later they are still together. The same can’t be said about most women who do get the custom ring of their dreams lol. Placing that much sentimental meaning in an object that can be stolen or lost is foolish anyway.

  354. K O says:

    Jeannie lookin like Velma

  355. Kay Khamarnii says:

    Jeannie Baby yessssssss 🔥💁🏻‍♀️

  356. Chanel Wallace says:

    If it’s a familly heirloom yes… if it’s from another person nooo

  357. BriiSimming says:

    I’m sorry but Jeannie’s wig is kinda awful.

  358. Eseta Myree Lemanu says:

    Jeannie shut up

  359. Daniella says:

    Jeannie contradicted herself haha

  360. English Garden says:

    No way and Jeannie doesn’t even know what she’s talking about!!

  361. Dheiwnsvshsoeh says:

    i’m with you Jeanie💍.. I mean i got married a year ago. Me and my husband specifically chose not to get rings because we really dont care about them. Weird thing is when you tell people you are married they seem to care more about the ring you are or should be wearing.. then anything else. I really don’t care about material things.

  362. Nadia Johnson says:

    Personally I couldn’t do it because, to me, a ring is chosen for that person and means something to that person and most importantly, when u aren’t that person’s first, it is important to differentiate and experience different things and do different things the second time. The ring is the one thing that is new and meaningful to you two as a couple. I wouldn’t want to have to share one more thing with his past. But to some people, the ring just symbolizes a happy and prosperous marriage and the promise of a life time period (not necessarily to that specific person) so the ring isn’t as connected to his last wife and can therefore be reused

  363. Dania M says:

    jeannie looks like velma from scooby doo !

  364. shazza more says:

    Damnnn i love you jeannie!! You always keep it REAL

  365. Lora Hann says:

    Half of these comments are about Jeannie looking like Velma or Dora lol

  366. Courtney Smith says:

    No. Thanks for asking.

  367. DrinkmoreFiji D says:

    Too many people talking at once jeeezzzz lol

  368. Klaudia Arriera says:

    Sorry Jeannie I always agree with you but I would rather not wear a ring than wear something that belonged to an ex. I understand a family heirloom like you want to give me your mothers ring . That’s an honor to me. But I’d want to know that was a successful marriage she had and that we have her blessing. But I wouldn’t wear that ring everyday. I’d just keep it I’d treasure it. You gotta get me something for the everyday boo
    Lmao cheap people. Why you getting married if you don’t have a job & can’t afford a regular ring. It’s the symbol behind it not the price… anything meaningful will do.

  369. Nevolet says:

    If I liked the ring i could get passed who it belonged to earlier even if it were an ex. Plus we don’t know why he had the ring, i’m guessing the ring was an heirloom from his family so he got it back after the first engagement failed. So why not wear it for his new marriage? I would be ok with that.

    there is only 6 reasons i could come up with.

    1. She died – which i would not compete with, i would respect her and wear it.
    2. It was an heirloom from his family for generations – of course i would want to wear it.
    3. it cost an obscene amount of money – i would rather sell it and buy a cheaper ring in that case and we could travel or something fun for the rest of the money.
    4. The ex didn’t want the ring and gave it back – well this depends on how much i like the ring personally, bu i would prefer a new one.
    5. he is cheap and asked for the ring back, and is now trying to save money but not buying a new one – disrespectful and not very romantic, i would not like it at all. sell the old ring and buy me cheap one, make a ring yourself, anything would be better.
    6. the ring is a known extremly rare gem, worn by royalty or passed through rich people throughout history – yes i would probably wear it because the ring doesn’t stand for his ex anymore, but the history of the stone stands for itself.

  370. CHHXY Song says:

    i don’t think Jeannie understand the topic…? i mean it’s a wedding they’re talking about. and the entire video was Jeannie stepping off topic.

  371. annabelvb says:

    How about… if the ex-wife was given his family’s ring (imagine it’s a ring from his mother etc) – then when they broke up she returned it to him and he gave it to new wife?

  372. Cheesecake Fairy says:


  373. Ingrid Avila says:

    I’m totally digging Tameras look. She looks stunning head to toe😍😍😍

  374. Mena T says:

    Im with Adrienne and Tamera…..
    Jeannie aint making any sense lool

  375. Jason Larios says:

    Jeannie Mai looking like Edna Mode

  376. FeistyFrugal says:

    Jeannie was saying if her ex bought her something and they broke up, she would still wear it. They don’t be letting her talk like chill out y’all. Additionally, A ring is a ring the only reason I wouldn’t wear it is because I wasn’t the one he thought about while getting the ring. He meant it to be for the woman he was going to marry, according to her personality. So on the note, no thanks.

  377. Nicolas Gonzalez says:

    why jeannie look like velma from scoobi doo! lol love yall

  378. wwe creative says:

    There goes Jeannie always trying to stand out lol. Girl stop with your lies.

  379. Andy Dang says:

    lol when it 1000 ring u dont care let put few more 0 behind it then

  380. Fire Thoughts says:

    I was about to be like where’s Tamar?

  381. Jenna the keto Panda says:

    This happened to my mom. Turns out it was his mother’s ring and after he divorced his ex wife didn’t have the heart to keep the ring. Then after their 1 year my dad took it n sold it n got her a bigger nicer ring

  382. Fun With Dom says:

    Yassssss J Mai. Yass lol

  383. MedusaaMedusaa says:

    Jeannie giving Scooby doo vibes!

  384. SarahsDalyLife says:

    I think what they should do is ask these girls the sameee questions from the past seasons and see if they’d answer the same… Cuz I’m sure they will not.

  385. NDN AF says:

    Jeannie does look like Velma from Scooby doo! Orange shirt and everything! All’s that’s missing is the glasses!

  386. ViviannaReynoso says:

    1:44 Tamera 🙄 take a breathe and relax

  387. Diys Y says:

    Yes maybe remake it but it is a real waste of money however but hey if you wanna waste money and can’t get over the ex then do you boo 👻

  388. ShinbiBelldandy says:

    I wouldn’t want a ring from someone else because as Jeannie once said, that ring is a symbol of a covenant you’re establishing with another person. Now if it was a family heirloom, that’s entirely different. I would want my own ring & it doesn’t have to be expensive. My ex-husband gave me a $2,000 limit for an engagement ring & the one I fell in love with was less than $500. My diamond wedding band was $600. It didn’t work out & I pawned it all but the point is that I wasn’t a materialistic. LOL.

  389. Jameela Rosaé says:

    I don’t want your ex’s ring, nor ur mama’s ring, get me my own. I’ll take ur mom’s ring if it’s like the ring Harry gave Meghan after they got married. The thing about that ring is she doesn’t have to wear it everyday.

  390. Ndidi Ezeilo says:

    If the ring was a used band from his mothers ring then I actually wouldn’t mind that but an ex wife? NOPE

  391. Madison Turner says:

    Velma made it on the real

  392. Kendea B.S. says:

    Bruh I’m sorry but why does Jennie looks like derma from Scooby-Doo 😂🤦🏽‍♀️but still love you Jennie ❤️

  393. Owl_Lover says:

    No it’s bad luck…besides you didn’t buy it FOR ME!!!!

  394. Shana Medley says:

    Hey Velma! Where’s Shaggy and Scooby?

  395. Ashley No Last Name Given says:

    Tsk tsk tsk. Jeannie you can have all that old bad juju from the former relationship not working out. I’ll take new and frugal over used and expensive any day. That used crap has bad vibes attached to it ESPECIALLY if it was from his EX-wife, hello! Maybe Jeannie had that bad juju attached to her relationship… #JustMaybe

  396. Triana Bernal says:

    I agree with adrienne & tamera

  397. Adam Islam says:

    You won’t get a ring you look ugly

  398. Chastity B. says:

    No! He needs to cash that money in and purchase a new one! Okay!

  399. Leeli Likes says:

    It’s not just about bad juju, or being stingy , I wouldn’t want someone’s used wedding ring. You wear your ring on your hand, and and you probably don’t take it off all of the time. That ring was with the previous owner everywhere! Like, while they used the bathroom for example… I don’t want a used ring because of the ick factor…

    Also, it doesn’t have to be expensive if you can’t afford it, but I deserve more than a used ring. When someone picks a ring for their significant other, shouldn’t it be catered to that specific person and represent them. For, like, sentimental reasons and to show how much you know the person that you’re buying for and that you’ve paid attention to their likes and dislikes and tastes or style.

    To me, giving someone a used ring is kind of the same thing as going to a jewellery store and having a staff member pick something or anything out for you to make your job easier.

  400. Vitani B Mamba says:

    I agree with Jeanie

  401. Keekee says:

    It’s different if they were engaged but he didn’t marry her then yes I wouldn’t mind but if they got married nah I would not want it

  402. Andrea Far says:

    Old ass clip

  403. Promis Thomas says:

    Yeah not an ex, but someone else ya

  404. Queen Urs says:

    Would u replace and of the host I vote Jennie

  405. Hannie And jenzie says:

    Love Jeanie’s hair reminds me of katana from suicide squad

  406. Dee M says:

    Nah I’m good. It’s okay to want things for yourself & expect MORE from your partner ladies!!!

  407. Gloria Hoyte says:

    I love Jeannie, she always talks with sense, but Adrienne and Tamera,sound
    so stupid, a ring is a ring, clean it up and it’s like new again, your all too picky
    Adrienne remember you said already you would never like a man that was
    married before!! So I say to you never say never!!!

  408. MARIA FLOYD says:

    If you look at it we have all use and wear something that someone else had on when you try on clothes or jewelry then purchase it you don’t know how many bodies or fingers or even if someone returned the item so you cant say you would never because we all have.

  409. Mandi Arena says:

    They covered this topic before! This show won an Emmy!? Really!?!? 😡😡

  410. Inspector Gadget says:

    Lord have mercy Jeannie. Just no!!

  411. luvinfewd says:

    Who’s speaking over Jeannie at 3:00?

  412. Netshia Lamartiniere says:

    Hey Velma😂👋

  413. C. A. B. says:

    When I showed my boyfriend my engagement ring and wedding ring set from my first marriage, he took a picture of it and sent it to his brother as a joke. His brother didn’t see it as a joke and asked if he could buy it from me! He’s not from the US and Tiffany jewelry is not so easy to find there. I had thought about just having them made into a necklace, but why not let a woman (his then-girlfriend) who would really appreciate a beautiful ring get to wear it and love it the way I did?

  414. lifeisgolden41 says:

    Jeannie hold this L.

    This is perfect example of how Jeannie loves to talk just to hear herself talk, she constantly contradicting herself smh 🤦‍♀️

  415. A_Noelle says:

    For me, the exception here would be a family heirloom. Other than that, it’s a no. At the very least the stone would have to be re-set.

  416. Vanessa Alvarenga says:

    The ring should have pawned for money to buy a new one

  417. Iva Bakovic says:

    Jeannie looking like Velma

  418. Ann Castellanos says:

    Jeannie be looking like the chic from scooby doo Vilma hell naw

  419. Joelle Davis says:

    Velma 🤣

  420. TheGreen Rose says:

    Sell it and get another….What the hell?! Never wear the ring of an ex

  421. Mahjabeen Tariq says:

    gene cum.on

  422. Laura Reynolds says:

    Jeannie, I love your style, but the wig has to go! I want to see avant garde and trendy on you!😍

    Loni, you have been stepping up your game! Looking delicious! 😋

  423. Salma Ibrahim says:

    Jeannie’s relationship with money is toxic and weird. How is it saving money to wear the ring of your husband’s ex wife? It’s his money! Sometimes her saving money ocd goes beyond reason or logic. I remember when she said her mother bought the family discounted caskets for Christmas in order to save money on future funerals. And she returned Freddie’s gifts to her to get the money back. Like… wtf??

  424. Jessica Thinks says:

    Tamera is looking so sexy.

  425. Heirnbell says:

    Like Jeannie, I’ll wear it as a regular piece of jewelry but the guy would need to have it redesigned if he wants me to wear it as a wedding/engagement ring.

  426. fair is fair says:

    Hell to the no in my Whitney Huston voice i dont care how big it is

  427. Maria says:

    Jeannie has been exhuding that post divorce righteousness vibe lately which is annoying af shut up man you always talk about Asian’s being superstitious yet you don’t give a f if your wearing another woman’s engagement ring? B please!

  428. pink Cherry World says:

    If my husband gave me his ex ring !!!he will be my ex

  429. Ivette Montecinos says:

    What if that ring was in the family for years??? Or it had deep meaning for the man?? Would you put your feelings aside to please your fiancé?? 🤨

  430. Chessissi says:

    I mean idk about a wedding ring BUT, my boyfriend found a necklace (locket with his pic inside) his ex gf made when he was cleaning some old boxes and he asked me if I wanted it or if he could throw it in the trash and my response was WELL ITS MINE NOW.


    Me and husband aren’t wearing rings. Some people can be so shallow.

  432. Denise says:

    I would never want to a ring that reminds me of my mans Ex! No shade to his past relationship however, I agree with Tam and Adrienne on this one.

  433. Raja says:

    Idk. Maybe.

  434. jazzybash1 says:

    If it was an heirloom but his ex wife, noooo!

  435. Camilla De La Vega says:

    Jeannie has no shame. #smh she does not think highly of herself to not want something that was meant for her.

  436. Ariel Nicole says:

    Tameras right ! N now Jeanie need to slow down …. girl Doin too much ! Hey if ur thing is ur not wastin nothin then go sell / pawn it n use the money towards something ….

  437. Ariel Nicole says:

    No it’s no fam ! Straight up . Only way if it came from his grandma n it was something special , that’s different .

  438. PureSparkles22 says:

    People are so goddamn materialistic

  439. TheMrsB13 says:

    If Jeannie’s not attached to the meanings of things, why doesn’t she still wear her wedding ring on a different finger?? 👀👀
    Because she knows good and well the meanings and intentions behind things do matter.

  440. Patrice Willams says:

    Well Adrienne how do u feel having another woman husband

  441. Lea A says:

    She said I don’t want that juju on my finger 😂

  442. Gigi says:

    Nooooooo!!!! that is straight disrespectful, change it do something different to the ring, I’m not a memory of ur ex.

  443. Nicole C says:

    Jeannie is giving major Velma vibes… Love it!

  444. Slaying.CoaCoa says:

    Jeannie looks like the girl from scooby doo 😂 love her

  445. 🕳 says:

    My ring has our initials as the band. Good luck regifting that

  446. Grey Xooo says:

    Okay Jeannie calm down

  447. Ash says:

    To each their own. At the end of the day, the marriage is more important than the ring. Their attitude towards the ring can bring new meaning to it. After all, there’s a reason his ex-wife no longer has it on.

  448. Jessica Garcia says:

    My fiance got my engagement ring from a pawn shop. It was exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the cost. Smart move! Plus it already fits me lol. So I guess it depends. 🤷

  449. MB says:

    What is Velma from Scooby Doo doing there?
    Nevermind! Just realized it’s Jeannie.😂😂😂😂

  450. mimi says:

    Omg can’t believe they asked Velma from scooby doo to come on the show?

  451. Olori says:

    Velma I thought you couldn’t see without your glasses

  452. Mamasita Dezz says:

    Jeannie reminded me of the evil lady from incredible

  453. Prettygirlcn5 says:

    Just No.

  454. Freya Sol says:

    Not an exes ring.

  455. Britney Waldron says:

    Tamera looks like a Goddess 😍

  456. Priscilla says:

    So she got an old used ring that didn’t even fit? Wtf

  457. Piiwee Piggy says:

    lol jeannie always wants to be different 😂 but she sticks with it tho haha

  458. TheCubanMafia97 says:

    I don’t believe in a ring carrying spirits unless it came from some cult. It’s just a wedding ring that didn’t work out

  459. Priscilla says:

    Why couldn’t he just sell the ring and give her a new one… that’s weird

  460. Rolonda says:

    Tam my lord 😍😩

  461. Kyla says:

    Come on its just a ring

  462. Belinda Joy says:

    I’m so shocked that Jeannie is on board with this foolishness….wow. What kind of woman would agree with this?

  463. LeeLee Alexander says:


  464. Mesha Statam says:

    I got my ring for $800 from a pawn shop. It’s gorgeous!!!!

  465. Muffinpie 207 says:

    I agree with Tamera and Adrienne on this one💯. Just the THOUGHT of me where something that was for his ex rub me the way frfr.

  466. Urhiness415 says:

    Women re-cycles dicks all the time 🤷🏾‍♀️

  467. Grayse Larios says:

    The only time I’d wear someone else’s ring if if it’s a heirloom of some sort. Or had very special meaning to it.

  468. Fatimah D says:

    They need a African girl on the table or Muslim idk.

  469. Amanda Steiner says:

    Jeannie’s being frugal is borderline stinginess… not very attractive.

    Hell… wedding rings should not be heirlooms to begin with!

  470. Marie Breton says:

    Jeannie looking like Velma from Scooby-Doo, but sooo rocking it!

  471. Sade_Ashley says:

    If it’s not an heirloom, I want my OWN ring!

  472. Shanelle M says:

    Meh, I wouldn’t care.

  473. va4life says:

    I would wear a used to ring. As long as it wasn’t from the X. If it was from a pawn shop or family heirloom I would wear it

  474. Aleia says:

    Jeannie stays trying too hard to be cool lol

  475. madison chris says:

    A ring is supposed to be custom- personal

  476. Annastacia Green-Malcolm says:

    Im not marrying a divorced person period

  477. esther 0100 says:

    Nope. there’s a madness in u if u think u can give me a ring that once belonged to someone else. I’d constantly be thinking am I not worth a new ring or about that ex.

  478. mariyaa111 says:

    I think Jeannie’s divorce is really affecting her. She is usually the voice of reason, but in this clip she sounds totally different than her normal self. I get that she jokes a lot about Asian people wanting to save money, and get discounts, and reuse things or whatever, but to sit here and act like it’s perfectly normal to wear someone’s ex wife’s wedding ring because you need to save money is ridiculous.

  479. Sirama says:

    I don’t feel comfortable wearing a piece that you gave to your first wife. For me, the ring is a symbol that you were committed to building a life with THAT PERSON. I don’t need to look rich, I just care about the meaning of that ring. Just give me a band!

  480. Janadia Stewart VLOG says:

    His ex wife tho? Sussss no way

  481. Melissa Officinalis says:

    Idc pawn it and get a different ring. I don’t care how frugal I am. I still have my set and I’d be damned if my ex tried to give it to someone else. You know what i went through for that?! 😂 my spirit will follow that ring and haunt the new relationship, I’m alive but I’ll figure out how 👻

  482. Josephine Williams says:

    No, bad juju.. not I

  483. David Flores says:

    I agree with Jeannie, it’s just a ring!! If I like it I’ll wear it, if it’s not my style of ring then let’s make it into something better. Adrian and Tamara are ridiculous! It’s not that critical!! Get over yourselves!

  484. V W says:

    A lot of yall got ex’s rings and don’t even know it. You don’t know how many women he proposed/married you before you. Background check doesn’t tell you everything.

  485. umi bashir` says:

    Jennie reminds me of scoopy doo🤣😂😂 velma

  486. Zohra Lamarti says:

    She said ling ling. 😂

  487. Cate Rudinskiy says:

    I like that Jeannie has unique points of view.

  488. Hlengiwe Zungu says:

    I would wear it np if it’s worth a lot of money. If it’s haunted no thanks coz I’m no wearing bride of Chuckie’s ring

  489. Schehrazad Aviya says:

    An heirloom is the exception because its priceless. My ex proposed with a ruby that belonged to his mother. He was just a kid when she gave it to him before passing away and he kept it since. The sentiment deeply touched me and I felt honored. However, an ex-wife’s ring? Don’t play yourself, don’t even propose. Sorry ladies, y’all lying.

  490. lil heartling says:

    I am okay with it if its from his family member and they had a good marriage

  491. bianca ncee says:

    And can you imagine running in to his ex. She be looking at your finger like “those are my leftover B****” Hell no unless she is dead, get me a new damn ring. I’m with Adrienne sell it and get a new one

  492. Darrell Moss says:

    I feel like Tamera wear her ex’s earrings? No?

  493. Jennifer says:

    If it’s a family heirloom then I would rework the ring and add to it.

  494. Juju Nunya says:

    OH HELL NAW!!!

  495. Dangelyn says:

    Jeannie my beautiful Velma take several seats 💺 on this one boo. But get up for the next segment 😘

  496. checkersssss9 says:

    I know someone who proposed with his grandmother’s ring, but then they ended their engagement before they ever got married. And now he just proposed to his new fiance with that same ring. I know it was special to him because it is a family heirloom, but I don’t think I would want to be proposed to with the same ring you gave your first fiance… Heirloom or not!

    • Amanda Steiner says:

      checkersssss9 I know right?! Wedding rings should not be heirloom anyway… they are too personal. A necklace or brooch yes, not a wedding ring.

  497. Kat A. says:

    I honestly wouldn’t care. It’s just an object. People need to get past their insecurities and superstitions.

  498. Paula Gabriele says:

    Jeannie is so materialistic that hurts.

  499. Jasmine H says:

    So Jeanie if you don’t care then don’t wear a ring at all.

  500. Girl says:

    Jeannie sound CRAZY on this video … actually since after the divorce…

  501. Helia lamster says:

    If its pretty then who Cares? What u choose its someone else’s choice in the universe too so u aijt as uniq as u think u r

  502. Girl says:

    Adrienne sounds really crazy these past two seasons. Actually since Tamar left. 😒😒

  503. jyn88 says:

    If it’s really nice and expensive I would accept it as a ring to wear casually/fashionably but not wear it as a wedding ring. Maybe I would get the ring customized and wear it on a different finger. I would expect a new ring or heirloom to wear on the wedding finger.

  504. Etosha Johnson says:

    only if it’s passed down from the mom or grandmother then I want a upgrade…

  505. juslitome says:

    As an Asian, what I would’ve done is keep the ex’s ring, but make him go buy another one for me 😝. So now I’ll have two rings to play with!

  506. Trinity Royal says:

    Jeanie is killing the Velma look. You go girl!!!!

  507. Simply Kimberly says:

    Jeannie looks like that one girl from Scooby Doo

  508. Kayla Burse says:


  509. np says:

    Lmao I cannot focus on the actual content of this vid while looking thru the comments 😂😂 I had to rewatch cuz I wasn’t hearing a word any of them said

  510. Petty *Princess* says:

    I guess if you was wearing your grandmothers ring or something it’s ok but not an ex partners cast off 💍

    • kaysbaby88 says:

      Petty *Princess* that’s what i did. my ex was the reason i called off our engagement. he wasn’t acting like a husband; i felt like he put a ring on me to keep me at arm’s length and run around like he was still single. so i kept the ring and let him keep the streets. he threatened to take me to court. i looked up the laws in my state, it varies. you don’t have to give it up unless you received it on a holiday, just know your local legislation. this was 8 years ago so things may have changed. i wear it on my right hand, got a ring guard for it to change it up. it was gifted to me so it is mine sucker!

    • Taylor Johnson says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Petty *Princess* says:

      Fatnorth759 I was joking I know you cannot keep a family heirloom 😄

    • Petty *Princess* says:

      checkersssss9 Solution to that is once you offer up the ring wedding or not I’m keeping it 😃💍

    • checkersssss9 says:

      I know someone who proposed with his grandmother’s ring, but then they ended their engagement before they ever got married. And now he just proposed to his new fiance with that same ring. I know it was special to him because it is a family heirloom, but I don’t think I would want to be proposed to with the same ring you gave your first fiance…

  511. Gabrielle Ivie says:

    I feel like this you don’t put new wine 🍷 and a old wine bag I’m not your ex or your pass get me a new ring because it’s not being picky it’s having morals I’m not saying the new ring has to cost more but I’m a new woman new chapter

  512. awkwardnshy says:

    It could be a ring from the family

  513. Cooking Delight Recipes 😊 says:

    You are looking amazing Jeanie! I’m excited for you as you embark on your new life journey

  514. Yeni Taylor says:

    Velma!!! 😩😍😍

  515. Kayla Cortes says:

    My engagement ring is a preowned ring from Helzberg Diamonds (where I work) and I LOVE it! So with the preowned discount and employee discount we scored an AMAZING deal! So bring on the preowned stuff! Haha but I don’t think I mind it because I don’t know who it came from. Hehe I like to think the couple traded it in for an upgrade 😉

  516. Joy Kaiza828 says:

    Yeah like a mothers ring or a grandma rings.

  517. Binh Nguyen says:

    Why are these hosts talking over one another? That’s not attractive. I like all their opinions though. Just one at a time.

  518. It's Eboni says:

    I wouldn’t care.

  519. Ocean lights says:

    That wig is a no no 😂😂

  520. Abrarius Ghazal says:

    Jeannie got tht velma scooby doo vibe …

  521. Sick Pens Vlogs says:

    An ex’s ring…. that was personal to and for her so naw… ima pass.

  522. Jim Pavlou says:


  523. Kassandria says:

    I only would wear it if it was something sacred to my husband. Like a legacy being passed down, I wouldn’t mind. Because I know he’s trusting something special to him to me ❤️

  524. Janet Johnson says:

    Never … sell it and give me a new one.

  525. Kairo says:

    But that body you riding been worn out by his ex too
    I’m sleep though ☕️

  526. Jessica Jeyanthiran says:

    The producers of this show should tell the audience to hold their applause until the end of the show or until the end of each segment instead of allowing them to clap when one of the hosts says something they like. It seems to me that the host are saying things that would get an applause instead of saying how they really feel. The hosts always pause when they think they said something 🔥🔥 or relatable because they’re waiting for people to clap. It’s also distracting. Just an opinion

  527. Stones & Roses says:

    Velma , did you lose your glasses again? 😂

  528. Jennifer Dozier says:

    What if you got a ring that yes was his ex’s wife’s ring BUT before that, it was his mom’s ring?

  529. xxglamxx101 says:

    Tamera looking like Snack!

  530. JulySummers says:

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with Jeannie on this one. I don’t care if the new ring only costs $100-200 dollars, GET ME A NEW RING, FAM! I don’t want no recycled commitment.

  531. cesar martinez says:

    I would say it’s fine if the rock is large enough and they replace the band itself. And just keep the rock.

  532. Busisiwe Kgwedi says:

    Hell no! I’d sell it and buy another one

  533. Cara Dorsett says:

    Lonnie’s stylists are getting it right this season. She has been slaying!

  534. Biblical Quotes says:

    So Adrienne is saying that even if a ring was passed on for generations in the family she would still refuse.

  535. ACEYish says:

    what about an heirloom?

  536. A'ndrea Murphy says:

    N that’s why she’s gettin a divorce 😒

  537. Nikki Mirhosseyni says:

    If it came from someone important in his life (mother, grandmother, dead previous wife, etc) or it was vintage and has a story, then yes. Previous wife from divorce, no.

  538. Ms. Moses says:

    I wouldn’t accept getting a ring from a guy who got it for his ex.

  539. Teana ThatsAll says:

    Jeannie is channeling her inner Velma today for sure.

  540. Flutterby 84 says:

    I wouldn’t just because that ring represented a different love and that should be respected. I’d rather have no ring.

  541. Demetrius Smalls says:

    I feel like Jeannie really wanted the other girls to agree with her. Lol she was on her own with that one.I know she claims to be cheap. But some other woman’s ring that’s pushing it. Passing down a ring just shows you getting lazy and don’t want to work as hard for the second marriage. I would kindly give that ring back….

  542. Ivonne Gee says:


  543. Goleelee B says:

    The hair the color of the sweater Jeanie hunnnaaaay. Everyone looks great!

  544. Maila Ch says:

    Jeannies whole life and concept of life revolves around money … and i know its because growing up she didn’t have it, so she learned to appreciate it , but the last 20 episodes ive watched jeannie has something to say about finances or money .. like it controls her life and lifestyle, butt… whatever works for her.

  545. Mohamad Ghazali says:

    Jeannie don’t be too cheap.. I’m Asian too but I need a new,bigger more expensive ring than his ex! Maybe that’s the reasons I got ain’t yet!

  546. Ty Monae says:

    I usually always agree with cousin Jeannie! She be preaching but not today lmao. Tamara and Adrienne are right (to me), if shes happy with the ring then ofc thats wonderful and thats all that matters. But realistically for my husband to give me the wedding ring he spent time picking out and spent money on for his ex wife and i just can’t take that. Ring wont go to waste if you sell it or melt it into something else but just wearing something he picked out for the woman he used to love idk i cant get with it

  547. Monay says:

    I think if it was your grandmother or mother or the of the ex-wife passed away then I would take.

  548. Mehzy Jav says:

    That’s why I like Jeannie… you can count on her to keep it real!

  549. jana says:

    couldn’t he sell it and buy her a new one with the money?

  550. cutieeven7 says:

    Sigh… Eyeroll. If you take the man that’s an ex what does a ring mean?

  551. Heyitstori says:

    Plus the fact that he bought it with another woman in mind like when he bought it he wasn’t thinking about you he was thinking about her and what she would Like so I think it’s lazy to give her the same exact ring there are so many ways you could work with it and make into something else with you in mind he could sell it and buy a new one he could get the stones put on a different ring and rework it or melt down the metal and create a new shape to put the stones into etc

  552. Enedina Gonzalez says:

    Jeanie is so annoying

  553. Brittany Krystine3 says:

    Eww not hes ex wife. The only way i could think of it being ok is if it got the set changed & blessed

  554. Patience K says:

    Jeanie girl bye lol I love you but if he can but his ex an expensive looking ring why can’t get you your own 😂😂😂

  555. Esther M says:

    And Tamera said she don’t know how to be be sexy. Girl you looking like a full course meal!

  556. immi's snow globe says:

    Jeannie you’re being stubborn now…you know thats bs

    • Mk says:

      The fact that you all haven’t realized that it is their JOB to have differing opinions to keep topics interesting is sad….

    • V Lo says:

      @Alisha: But the thing is, he knew who HE was marrying and she said she loved it, so… “lack of effort” “making her feel like she’s runner up” etc. hold no water here. The real point is just that a man should know who he’s marrying, because in the end, she’s in a happy marriage while we all sit and talk about how bad the ring choice was 33 years into their marriage…

    • laydeej2008 says:

      how is she being stubborn? just because you may not agree to something doesn’t mean everything has to . some people really just don’t care, and that’s perfectly fine.

    • Aiisha Dyer-Fletcher says:

      I think it bothers me because of the lack of effort. The last thing you want to do is make your woman feel like she’s runner up or second best or the consolation prize. You could have simply returned, pawned, exchanged, or sold the ring (the choices he had were bountiful). Like who recycles gifts of that calibre? He must have EXTREMELY poor judgement or is teetering on the fence of being extremely frugal or CHEAP AF!!! To each their own but this MOST DEFINITELY COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ME… he would have had me all the way F*CKED UP!

  557. Nolo R says:

    People these days care more about material things than the marriage itself

  558. Breanna Nouveaux says:

    It’s always about what women have to compromise on. Meanwhile men get to dream about their size 2 super model, cook, full time sex, launderer, etc. Smh

  559. Zulaikha Alizadeh says:

    Is that Adrienne’s real hair?

  560. Didintle Mokale says:

    Jeannie what the Scooby-Doo is going on?

  561. Adam Granger says:

    Is this an old episode

  562. Amy Gibbs says:

    I’m a no… a no thank you but a no none the less

  563. ps says:

    When are they going to talk about royal wedding… And Mel b lying

  564. Yanique Thompson says:

    I swear sometimes Jeannie just says stuff to say stuff.

  565. musicgal421 says:

    I would NEVER wear a ring from an ex. Agree with Tam if it was passed down from generations ok awesome! But an ex hell naw! I’m worth more then that

  566. jami s -Jamila says:

    I think it’s sweet when guys give their family’s heirloom wedding rings to their fiances.

    But someone who he was previously engaged to…. Maybe reshape the diamond and fit it to a different band or something…. But not the same exact ring

  567. CELINE ADOBEA says:

    hahhah exaactly Jeannie 🙌🏾 people be soo attached to physical/material things when not even our physical bodies last forever 🦋

    • Lia IB says:

      Okay but jeannie wasnt going against materialism, she was going for it, she said that if its pretty and it costs money she doesnt care

    • Ruru Home says:

      I’d wear a $20 ring from Claire’s before I wear a million dollar ex’s ring. Now if you don’t know what to do with that thang, I can go pawn it off and ball on that money (or invest it in good growth mutual funds LOL).

    • Zora Mathews says:

      Katherine Jennings yeah I mean if anything, Jeannie was the one being materialistic saying she’d only accept the ring because she’d accept anything expensive if it’d make her look good “in the streets”

    • Katherine Jennings says:

      A woman isn’t being materialistic if they don’t want a ring that his ex wore. If money was real tight I would accept a 100,400 , 500 dollar ring or no ring instead matching tattoos of each other initials on the ring finger over wearing a ring that was on a past lovers finger.Its the thought that counts and they’re isn’t any real thought behind giving the woman you want to marry a ring that has negative history . I couldn’t disagree more with your statement.

    • Yazmin Frances says:

      she didn’t know what the heck she was saying lol

  568. Parker Lion says:

    No ring is better.

  569. Cassandra Daniels says:

    If it’s from a grandmother or it’s passed on from generation to generation .. I would be absolutely grateful 😩😊.. but if it’s from a ex wife .. no way

  570. Roro says:

    Tamera is lookin’ fine as helll! 😍

  571. Stef with an F says:

    He couldn’t have just sold it?

  572. Shanice Almeida. says:

    Tamera is SERVING LOOKS here!! From head to Toe 😍 👌

  573. kelvianna epperson says:

    No!! Not from another woman but a heirloom is really nice

  574. zAli says:

    he could have easily sold it and used that money to buy another ring. Just seems disrespectful to recycle gifts esp something as big as this

  575. You Tube says:

    If it’s expensive then I’ll take it and keep it so I can pawn it off. But never wear it.

  576. King says:


  577. Jos & Rob says:

    Who’s gonna tell Jeannie she looks like Dora with this hair?? Lol no shade nothing but love for you girl 😂😘💖

  578. Carol Grace Luposo says:

    Yaaaaas Tamera, looking gorgeous😍😍😍

  579. stanbalo says:

    The husband of Frances does not have an ex wife accdg to wiki

  580. R A says:

    Adrienne’s probably thinking that if she wears Israel’s ex-wife’s ring, he would produce children outside of this marriage.

  581. Applehead Lover says:

    Louder for the people in the back… Back benchers…
    It doesn’t matter.. I repeat it doesn’t matter just wear the ring

  582. Savannah Riel says:

    Jinkies lol

  583. from space says:

    Tamera on fleeeeeek as always 👌😍 #girlcrush #perfect #princess #seriouslyhowcansomeonebesogorgeous?

  584. Tiffany Anthony says:

    Tamera is beautiful

  585. Rachael Vaughan says:

    What if it’s a ring that was passed down in his family? I think there’s some exceptions but every girl is different

  586. jinx xo says:

    I don’t care about recycled rings, just don’t be recycling old ass clips

  587. Veronica mesinita says:

    Ay Jeanine, don’t be cheap girl……don’t let the guy know that you are fine with used and hand me down stuff, that makes your man look and sound cheap

  588. Kay X says:

    Jeannie, u take the L on this one

  589. Bonita Pinolera says:

    This clip is from a whole month ago.. on jeannies instagram she put a video of her and tamera dancing in these exact outfits.

  590. Sonia Rena says:

    I’m trying to get a good look at Tamera’s bun, I like that!

  591. Xenia D says:

    Loni looks BOMB AF

  592. MrsValentina007 says:

    My husband gave me a used ring. I don’t care. We’re together for almost 9 years, and it’s always been about our love. Not a materialistic thing

  593. Live life just a little says:

    Jeannie you’re not that poor

  594. Lulama Njuza says:

    Lol Velma made no sense!

  595. awsin jah says:

    Jennie luks lik dat girl from scooby doo😍

  596. Ruby Menjares says:


  597. Curlee Fryyy says:

    Everything has intention, feelings/thoughts, and juju/karma on it, so that’s gonna be a hell to the no from me! Think, that ring was intended to be a token of their love, and the ex is probably like “I wonder what he did w that ring, *I hope* this, this, and that…” that’s gna manifest, in my opinion. If the ex didn’t want to keep the ring, he should pawn it.

  598. Safa Slote says:

    I wouldn’t accept it! No matter how big the ring is, the ring is a representation of your love for each other, not someone else’s!

  599. Shanea Young says:

    Idc what nobody says Jeannie Mai is the best on this show..❤️

  600. Liz eth says:

    I thought Jeannie was going to start dancing to scooby doo papa😂 ….. I WOULDN’T be wearing a used ring at all! I would prefer a ring from Wal-Mart, to be honest! But that’s just me!! 🤷

  601. From Singing To Soccer says:

    The only problem I see with a used wedding ring is the germs aspect of things. That is right on someone’s skin. It soaks up alot of sweat.

  602. Bad Bitch Mia says:

    Now Jeanne turns into Ling Ling wants her bling bling lol

  603. Zariaeda 007 says:

    If it was from a pawn shop or something like that yes I would. If it was from the guys ex fiancee then NO

  604. HowE Lee says:


  605. Where You Been Syn says:

    My X asked me why do I still wear the engagement band she gave me and I told her, it’s just at ring at this point, it has no meaning not tie to her anymore. And I loved the ring.

  606. Alicia Sierra says:

    I just clicked to see Tamara, she is glowing😍

  607. Shay91 says:

    If a man gives you a used wedding ring, he doesn’t give a damn about you AT ALL.

  608. Krystal H says:


  609. Haddassa says:

    Jeannie, sit down, you are a liar..

  610. kikilicious99 says:

    Remy does not like Jeannie. Everytime she is on the show i get that vibe from her.

  611. Touraya says:

    Hell nah. I’m with Tamera and Adrienne on this one. I sure as hell ain’t wearing your ex’s ring. A hand-me-down ring? Might as well call it a hand-me-down relationship. Plus I agree with Adrienne, I’d rather have an inexpensive ring (or maybe something that’s meaningful, like his grandmother’s ring for instance) than a more expensive ring that belonged to his ex wife.

  612. alexia gordon says:

    JEANNIE MAIII looool u have lost in this discussion

  613. anonymous q says:

    “if its pretty and its bomb ling ling is gonna put it on”?

  614. lilian makori says:

    If I like it then why not. It’s a glorified pressurized piece of carbon. It ain’t that deep.

  615. ashley theard says:

    it’s just a ring, unless her name is on it or aggravated

  616. Priya Samaroo says:

    Velma is that you ??

  617. Hayley Steele says:

    I see Americans doing this a lot on TV, saying ‘Asians do this’ or ‘you must be Asian then’, as if Asian is one big race! I guess they mean Asian Americans? Because people in China/Japan/Laos/wherever do not in any way consider themselves similar, and their daily lives bear no resemblance to each others. Americans are weird man.

    • carlytaco1 says:

      I agree! Shes reinforcing the stereotype when it cant be used to represent all asians

    • Yasmin Sayeed says:

      LM Sweetiepie let’s not forget about the Africans still living in Africa , I hate that they describe black people as just African Americans

    • NYCzora says:

      Hayley Steele I love Jeannie but she has an annoying habit of speaking for all Asian people. She should just speak for herself and her family

    • LM Sweetiepie says:

      Hayley Steele that’s the same with black people, when they really mean African Americans. They are very different to Africans (and Caribbeans) and British- Africans

  618. serenityq26 says:

    used?? lol its a ring not underwear. cant be “used”

  619. LM MG says:

    Jeannie is getting annoying nowadays!

  620. misuzu9254 says:

    Depends on who the ring came from. If it was a family heirloom like from from a mom/grandma/other females then ya. But an ex, idc how big the ring is or small, but I would really feel bad for the ex, their marriage and it’s just bad karma. As an Asian, I don’t really believe carrying that karma.

  621. Destiney Lewis says:

    loooool Bling Ling.

  622. alexia gordon says:

    Gtfo, bout it belonged to his ex wife. I’m me and she is she. What value does that ring have to me, what about OUR love does that symbolize. I’d pawn it tho c:

  623. eeikochan says:

    When the queen of thinking too deep tells you you’re going too deep

  624. August Moonlight says:

    Helllllll noooooooooo, objects have energy attached to them. He’s already showing he’s cheap and attached to his ex.

  625. Leopard Kind says:

    Loving the way Loni hair looks!

  626. Golden Yonis says:

    Jeannie doesn’t make any sense in this video. 🙄

  627. its_pamzii says:

    Amara la Negra and Remi Ma keep coming back 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  628. caramel king200000 says:

    Remy Ma ….. 12 Years A Sla.ver Azz !!!

  629. jonny davis says:


  630. Merlin-Hans Hiiekivi says:

    but what said ring is hairloom n shiet

  631. Nadège Mefoumane-Esther says:

    I would say sell the ring and buy it a new one

  632. Lebeko Matabane says:

    I mean I think it depends on the value they (any couple) place on materialistic things. For some people it may matter, some people it does. Clearly we can take the message here to be whatever that personally works for you, run with it since more than 30 years on, they’re still kicking it and doing it.

  633. Dee Palin says:

    Yes Tamera I totally agree 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  634. Nadège Mefoumane-Esther says:

    Jeannie is not being real

  635. blu velvet • 28 hours ago says:

    broke boiiiii

  636. Cheyenne Marie says:

    Jeannie’s giving me Velma vibes in this

  637. Shauneil Snell says:

    Jeannie is slaying this Velma from Scooby Doo vibe 🔥🔥

  638. np says:

    Velma Dinkley is back!! (Love it tho haha)

  639. ATOZ ! says:

    Scooby doo where are you

  640. Maryam says:

    Jeannie looks like Sad from the movie “Inside out”! 😍😂

  641. Myronn Coleman says:

    I honestly wouldn’t want to give my woman a ring that I put on another woman before her… like that’s laziness… if you love your woman then you should give her something that shows how he recognizes her worth !!! Come on now thats dumb

    • Aj Plays says:

      right? i told my ex to keep the ring cause i dont want it anymore lmao but for my next fiance ooh baby that ring is going to outshine the exs ring like nothing,

  642. Na'Kyah Marie says:


  643. ADU says:

    CheckOut my channel. Stay tune for many more

  644. Meekaeel Martin says:

    Nope Nah I ain’t having it , NO WAY

  645. Ronnie Deon says:

    Yes if I was a heirloom yes y not

  646. Connie R says:

    loooove love love jeannie with this hair!!

  647. Myronn Coleman says:

    Shoutout to homegirl that said ” it depends on how big it is ” 😂😂😂

  648. Jeannille_Music says:

    Loni is my fav and always will be love you giiirls yaaass bihhhh
    This story is crazzzzzzzy

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